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0x0004B8 to 0x00068F (01D7) = Letter Graphics (unused)                      (1BPP)
0x030F16 to 0x031AF5 (0BDF) = Letter Graphics                               (4BPP MSX/MD/WSC)
0x023740 to 0x0278BF (417F) = Copyright screen Graphics                     (4BPP MSX/MD/WSC)
0x02B0DA to 0x02EF59 (3E7F) = Scooby and Shaggy Graphics                    (4BPP MSX/MD/WSC)


0x000100 to 0x00018E (008E) = Some Copyright text (unused)                  (Legacy ASCII)
0x008A90 to 0x008AA0 (0006) = "Limbo" (debug text)                          (Legacy ASCII)
0x008AA2 to 0x008AB2 (0011) = "Player Inventory" (debug text)               (Legacy ASCII)

0x01897D to 0x0189A0 (0024) = "PLAY BLAKE'S HOTEL"                          (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x0189A4 to 0x0189C7 (0024) = "PLAY BLAKE'S HOTEL"                          (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x0189CB to 0x0189F0 (0026) = "PLAY HA HA CARNIVAL"                         (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x0189F4 to 0x018A19 (0026) = "PLAY HA HA CARNIVAL"                         (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018A1D to 0x018A32 (0016) = "SOUND  TEST"                                 (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018A36 to 0x018A4B (0016) = "SOUND  TEST"                                 (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018A67 to 0x018A8C (0026) = "START BLAKE'S HOTEL"                         (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018A90 to 0x018AB5 (0026) = "START BLAKE'S HOTEL"                         (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018AB9 to 0x018AE4 (002C) = "CONTINUE BLAKE'S HOTEL"                      (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018AE8 to 0x018B13 (002C) = "CONTINUE BLAKE'S HOTEL"                      (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018B17 to 0x018B22 (000C) = "CANCEL"                                      (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018B26 to 0x018B31 (000C) = "CANCEL"                                      (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018B4D to 0x018B68 (001C) = "START CARNIVAL"                              (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018B6C to 0x018B87 (001C) = "START CARNIVAL"                              (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018B8B to 0x018BAC (0022) = "CONTINUE CARNIVAL"                           (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018BB0 to 0x018BD1 (0022) = "CONTINUE CARNIVAL"                           (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

00018BD5 to 0x018BE0 (000C) = "CANCEL"                                      (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
00018BE4 to 0x018BEF (000C) = "CANCEL"                                      (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018C0B to 0x018C1A (0010) = "CONTINUE"                                    (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018C1E to 0x018C2D (0010) = "CONTINUE"                                    (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018C31 to 0x018C48 (0018) = "QUIT MYSTERY"                                (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018C4C to 0x018C63 (0018) = "QUIT MYSTERY"                                (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018C83 to 0x018C96 (0014) = "SOUND TEST"                                  (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018C9A to 0x018CAD (0014) = "SOUND TEST"                                  (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

00018CD4 to 0x018CE3 (0010) = "CONTINUE"                                    (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
00018CF1 to 0x018D00 (0010) = "CONTINUE"                                    (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

00018D18 to 0x018D2F (0018) = "QUIT MYSTERY"                                (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
00018FC6 to 0x018FDD (0018) = "QUIT MYSTERY"                                (LOWER BLOODY TILES)

0x018F69 to 0x018F86 (001E) = "NO! DONT DO IT!"                             (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
0x018F8A to 0x018FA7 (001E) = "NO! DONT DO IT!"                             (LOWER BLOODY TILES)    

00018FAB to 0x018FC2 (0018) = "QUIT MYSTERY"                                (UPPER BLOODY TILES)
00018D3D to 0x018D54 (0018) = "QUIT MYSTERY"                                (LOWER BLOODY TILES)    

0x02FE50 to 0x02FE56 (0007) = "Shaggy"                                      (Legacy ASCII)
0x02FE57 to 0x02FE5D (0007) = "Scooby"                                      (Legacy ASCII)
0x02FE5E to 0x------ (0001) = 00                                            (Legacy ASCII)
0x02FE5F to 0x02FE9E (003F) = Commands (pull, take, open, use, give, etc.)  (Legacy ASCII)
0x02FECC to 0x02FFF3 (0127) = Bad command dialogue and other commands       (Legacy ASCII)
0x02FFF4 to 0x030013 (001F) = Empty space (20)

0x030096 to 0x0300C7 (0032) = NORMAL"  TAKE LOOK OPEN PUSH EAT"             (UPPER MENU TILES)
0x030116 to 0x030147 (0032) = NORMAL"  TAKE LOOK OPEN PUSH EAT"             (LOWER MENU TILES)

0x030196 to 0x0301C7 (0032) = NORMAL"  GIVE TALK SHUT PULL USE"             (UPPER MENU TILES)
0x030216 to 0x030247 (0032) = NORMAL"  GIVE TALK SHUT PULL USE"             (LOWER MENU TILES)

0x030396 to 0x0303C7 (0032) = WHITE"  TAKE LOOK OPEN PUSH EAT"              (UPPER MENU TILES)
0x030416 to 0x030447 (0032) = WHITE"  TAKE LOOK OPEN PUSH EAT"              (LOWER MENU TILES)

0x030496 to 0x0304C7 (0032) = WHITE"  GIVE TALK SHUT PULL USE"              (UPPER MENU TILES)
0x030516 to 0x030547 (0032) = WHITE"  GIVE TALK SHUT PULL USE"              (LOWER MENU TILES)

0x030696 to 0x0306C7 (0032) = RED"  TAKE LOOK OPEN PUSH EAT"                (UPPER MENU TILES)
0x030716 to 0x030747 (0032) = RED"  TAKE LOOK OPEN PUSH EAT"                (LOWER MENU TILES)

0x030796 to 0x0307C7 (0032) = RED"  GIVE TALK SHUT PULL USE"                (UPPER MENU TILES)
0x030816 to 0x030847 (0032) = RED"  GIVE TALK SHUT PULL USE"                (LOWER MENU TILES)

0x14199D to 0x145EB0 (4513) = Text From Blake's Hotel                       (Legacy ASCII)
0x1AF330 to 0x1B3500 (41D0) = Text From Ha Ha Carnival                      (Legacy ASCII)
0x1F7080 to 0x1F7490 (0410) = Sound test text                               (Legacy ASCII)
0x1F74A6 to 0x1F74E8 (0042) = All characters in decending order


0x00C3F0 to 0x00D3EF (0FFF) = Unknown
0x1F74E9 to 0x1FFFF0 (8B07) = Empty space filled with FF

Bloody Letters Tiles Table (UP-DOWN)

A = 057C-0597 B = 057D-0598 C = 057E-0599 D = 057F-059A
E = 0580-059B F = 0581-059C G = 0582-059D H = 0583-059E
I = 0584-059F J = 0585-05A0 K = 0586-05A1 L = 0587-05A2
M = 0588-05A3 N = 0589-05A4 O = 058A-05A5 P = 058B-05A6
Q = 058C-05A7 R = 058D-05A8 S = 058E-05A9 T = 058F-05AA
U = 0590-05AB V = 0591-05AC W = 05B7-???? X = 0592-05AD
Y = 0593-05AE Z = 0594-05BF ! = 0595-05C0 ? = 0596-05C1
0000 SPACE

Menu Letters Offsets Table (UP-DOWN NORMAL WHITE RED)

0000 SPACE

Internal Data for Scooby-Doo Mystery (Genesis)

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