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Affects of the Alchemy Crash to a Player


Usually there are only up to 2-3 spells active, because the game limits how many can be cast:

  • The boy has an internal cooldown on opening the ring menu after using alchemy
  • Bosses have some kind of internal cooldown
  • Only 8 alchemy spells per type can be active at any given moment
    • Projectile type alchemy (like Flash and Fireball)
    • Animation type alchemy (like Crush and Acid Rain)

But there are known ways to circumvent these limitations:

  • Opening the boys ring menu as the dog can be done once per frame (Also known as 8cast, because the same spell can be cast up to 8 times)
  • Bosses cast their spells regardless of the limit (Which can lead to a crash, if 8 spells of that type are already active)
    • Magmar casts at a certain damage threshold Heat Wave, which is an animation spell
    • Aquagoth randomly casts Lightning Storm and other spells, which are animation spells
    • Verminator randomly casts Acid Rain and other spells, which is are animation spells

Additional facts:

  • The 2x8 alchemy slots aren't cleared once the spell has been resolved, they are just flagged as inactive (Leaving the game overrides all memory with zeros, though)


Once the game tries to put the 9th alchemy spell in a slot the game somewhat freezes:

  • The game no longer progresses states
    • User inputs are blocked
    • Spell projectiles stop moving
    • Enemies stop moving
  • The music keeps playing