Slam Dunk Gakeppuchi no Kesshou League

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Slam Dunk: Gakeppuchi no Kesshou League
Slam Dunk splash screen.png
Internal Name GB SLAM DUNK
Region Code Japan
Type not Color GB
SGB Support Yes
Cartridge Type ROM+MBC1
License Code 0x42 0x32
ROM Size 2MBit (256KB)
ROM Checksum 0x11
SRAM Size None
Header Checksum 0xCE54
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General overview

Slam Dunk is the first Gameboy game inspirated by the homonymous manga (created by Takehiko Inhoue). Its plot follows the anime's, as it interrupts right before the National Tournament. The game features two modalities:

  • Story mode (using Shohoku)
  • 1P vs CP

Four basketball teams are available, which are the best four teams in Kanagawa prefecture:

  • Shohoku
  • Ryonan
  • Shoyo
  • Kainan





Known Dumps

  • Slam Dunk - Gakeppuchi no Kesshou League (J) [S]
  • Slam Dunk - Gakeppuchi no Kesshou League (J) [S][b1]