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[Index] [0000~00A2: [SOM1-JUMPS] [Jumps ahoy! Oh boy, oh boy!] [2A68~2A79: Menu Window Icon/Feature Pointers] [3297~33B4: Screen Button/Overlay Effect Pointers] [33B5~33CF: Screen Info Message Pointers] [33D0~33EF: Status Screen Status Message Pointers] [4530~??: Some kinna stat updater] [45D6~??: Boss Stat Handler?] [5DBB~5E69: Message Pointers]

[Up here we have the emulation mode NMI area, eh? Huh.] [Current theory is that this exists as a simpler way to muck around with a lot of sensitive shit.] [Remember, addresses are in Little Endian order]

C0/0000: 4C8000 JMP $0080 ;(Jump 1)[Complete?] C0/0003: 4C8300 JMP $0083 ;(Jump 2)[Complete?] C0/0006: 4C8600 JMP $0086 ;(Jump 3) C0/0009: 4C8900 JMP $0089 ;(Jump 4) C0/000C: 4C8C00 JMP $008C ;(Jump 5) C0/000F: 4C8F00 JMP $008F ;(Jump 6) [Accessed by Event Command 1F] C0/0012: 4C0064 JMP $6400 ;(Jump 6-0) C0/0015: 4C0364 JMP $6403 ;(Jump 6-1) C0/0018: 4C0038 JMP $3800 ;(Jump 3-0) [$0018 in C1 and C2? What?] C0/001B: 4C0338 JMP $3803 ;(Jump 3-1) [Accessed as bank JSR from 731A] C0/001E: 4C0638 JMP $3806 ;(Jump 3-2) [Not accessed in this bank?] C0/0021: 4C0938 JMP $3809 ;(Jump 3-3) [Not accessed in this bank?] C0/0024: 4C0C38 JMP $380C ;(Jump 3-4) [Not accessed in this bank?] C0/0027: 4C0F38 JMP $380F ;(Jump 3-5) [Not accessed in this bank?] {Enemy Skills} C0/002A: 4C1238 JMP $3812 ;(Jump 3-6) [Accessed as bank JSR from 7256] C0/002D: 4C1538 JMP $3815 ;(Jump 3-7) [Not accessed in this bank?] C0/0030: 4C1838 JMP $3818 ;(Jump 3-8) [Not accessed in this bank?] C0/0033: 4C1B38 JMP $381B ;(Jump 3-9) [Not accessed in this bank?] C0/0036: 4C1E38 JMP $381E ;(Jump 3-A) [Accessed as bank JSR from 7A33, 7C24, 7DFB, 7F0E] C0/0039: 4C2138 JMP $3821 ;(Jump 3-B) [Not accessed in this bank?] C0/003C: 4C2438 JMP $3824 ;(Jump 3-C) [Not accessed in this bank?] C0/003F: 4C2738 JMP $3827 ;(Jump 3-D) [Accessed as bank JSR from E03E] C0/0042: 4C2A38 JMP $382A ;(Jump 3-E) C0/0045: 4C2D38 JMP $382D ;(Jump 3-F) C0/0048: 4C1164 JMP $6411 ;(Jump 6-10) C0/004B: 4C1464 JMP $6414 ;(Jump 6-11) C0/004E: 4C1764 JMP $6417 ;(Jump 6-12) C0/0051: 4C2064 JMP $6420 ;(Jump 6-13) [Accessed by Event Command 1E] C0/0054: 4C3C38 JMP $383C ;(Jump 3-10) C0/0057: 4C3F38 JMP $383F ;(Jump 3-11) [Accessed by Event Command 36/37] C0/005A: 4C4238 JMP $3842 ;(Jump 3-12) [Accessed by Event Command 1F] C0/005D: 4C4538 JMP $3845 ;(Jump 3-13) [Accessed by Event Command 1F] C0/0060: 4C4838 JMP $3848 ;(Jump 3-14) C0/0063: 4C4B38 JMP $384B ;(Jump 3-15) C0/0066: 4C4E38 JMP $384E ;(Jump 3-16) [Accessed by Event Command 1F] C0/0069: 4C5138 JMP $3851 ;(Jump 3-17) C0/006C: 4C5438 JMP $3854 ;(Jump 3-18) [Related to Boss Command 13/Boss Weapons] C0/006F: 4C5738 JMP $3857 ;(Jump 3-19) [Accessed by Event Command 1F] {But is it never called?} C0/0072: 4C5A38 JMP $385A ;(Jump 3-1A) [Accessed by Event Command 1F] C0/0075: 4C9B00 JMP $009B ;(Jump C1) C0/0078: 6B RTL


C0/0080: 4C400E JMP $0E40 ;(Jump 1 [1]) C0/0083: 4C2C01 JMP $012C ;(Jump 2 [1]) C0/0086: 4CF71B JMP $1BF7 ;(Jump 3 [1]) C0/0089: 4CC900 JMP $00C9 ;(Jump 4 series) C0/008C: 4CBA00 JMP $00BA ;(Jump 5 series) C0/008F: 4C971D JMP $1D97 ;(Jump 6 series) C0/0092: 4C1301 JMP $0113 ;(Accessed from: 57D0, 7EAE, 7FC1) C0/0095: 4CBF0E JMP $0EBF ;[Accessed from something related to Magic Rope and Flammie Drum] C0/0098: 4C6310 JMP $1063 C0/009B: 5C1800C1 JMP $C10018 ;(Jump C1 series) [Bank jump, not touching this one.] C0/009F: 4CA500 JMP $00A5 ;(Minijump) [Goes to the flurry of pushing just below] C0/00A2: 4CB900 JMP $00B9 ;(Minijump 2) [Skips to the second RTL at $00B9]

[] C0/00A5: 8B PHB [Push Bank Register] (Minijump) C0/00A6: DA PHX [Push X] C0/00A7: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator] C0/00A8: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/00A9: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/00AB: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/00AD: A97E LDA #$7E ;[Load #$7E] C0/00AF: 48 PHA ;[Push Accumulator] C0/00B0: AB PLB ;[Pull into Bank] C0/00B1: 202410 JSR $1024 ;[Jump Sub. to ] C0/00B4: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/00B5: 68 PLA C0/00B6: FA PLX C0/00B7: AB PLB C0/00B8: 6B RTL

C0/00B9: 6B RTL

[Native mode NMI is far down at 100, but for some reason it's in the middle of a lot of shit. Is it unused?]

C0/00BA: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status](Jump 5 series) C0/00BB: C220 REP #$20 C0/00BD: 8F5AA27E STA $7EA25A C0/00C1: A90700 LDA #$0007 [Load #$0007] C0/00C4: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/00C5: 5C971DC0 JMP $C01D97 [Ditto: Jump 6 series]

[What's up with this place?]
[Jump 4 series (cleansed)]

C0/00C9: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/00CA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/00CC: A900 LDA #$00 [Load 0 into Accumulator] C0/00CE: 8FFD1900 STA $0019FD C0/00D2: 8FF6CF7E STA $7ECFF6 C0/00D6: AF12A27E LDA $7EA212 C0/00DA: 0910 ORA #$10 C0/00DC: 8F12A27E STA $7EA212 C0/00E0: 20AA0F JSR $0FAA C0/00E3: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/00E5: 8F1F0100 STA $00011F C0/00E9: A906 LDA #$06 C0/00EB: 22971DC0 JSR $C01D97 C0/00EF: C220 REP #$20 C0/00F1: AF13A27E LDA $7EA213 C0/00F5: C90707 CMP #$0707 C0/00F8: F014 BEQ $010E C0/00FA: 20D50F JSR $0FD5 C0/00FD: AF3CA27E LDA $7EA23C C0/0101: 220F00C2 JSR $C2000F C0/0105: AF5AA27E LDA $7EA25A C0/0109: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/010A: 5C0C8000 JMP $00800C [Standard Shit]

C0/010E: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/010F: 5C1000C1 JMP $C10010

[] C0/0113: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/0114: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0116: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/0118: AF62A17E LDA $7EA162 C0/011C: C902 CMP #$02 C0/011E: F045 BEQ $0165 C0/0120: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0122: 8F62A17E STA $7EA162 C0/0126: 8F101D00 STA $001D10 C0/012A: 8039 BRA $0165

[Important enough to be second on the jump series list.] C0/012C: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status](Jump 2 series) C0/012D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/012F: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/0131: AF62A17E LDA $7EA162 C0/0135: C902 CMP #$02 C0/0137: F02C BEQ $0165 C0/0139: A902 LDA #$02 C0/013B: 8F131D00 STA $001D13 C0/013F: AF101D00 LDA $001D10 C0/0143: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/0145: F018 BEQ $015F C0/0147: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0149: 8F101D00 STA $001D10 C0/014D: AF70A17E LDA $7EA170 C0/0151: C951 CMP #$51 C0/0153: F007 BEQ $015C C0/0155: AD121D LDA $1D12 C0/0158: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/015A: F003 BEQ $015F C0/015C: 20E10F JSR $0FE1 [Checking 1] C0/015F: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0161: 8F62A17E STA $7EA162 C0/0165: 8B PHB C0/0166: 0B PHD C0/0167: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/016A: DA PHX [Push X (#$0000) onto the stack] C0/016B: 2B PLD [Pull top sixteen bit value (#$0000) off of stack and into direct page register] C0/016C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/016E: 48 PHA [Push A (#$00) onto stack] C0/016F: AB PLB [Pull top byte (#$00) off of stack and into data bank register] C0/0170: A529 LDA $29 C0/0172: 2907 AND #$07 C0/0174: 8D051D STA $1D05 C0/0177: C907 CMP #$07 C0/0179: D006 BNE $0181 C0/017B: A901 LDA #$01 C0/017D: 8F62A17E STA $7EA162 C0/0181: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0183: EB XBA C0/0184: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/0187: 2902 AND #$02 C0/0189: F003 BEQ $018E C0/018B: 829100 BRL $021F C0/018E: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0190: 0C041D TSB $1D04 C0/0193: AD031D LDA $1D03 C0/0196: AC011D LDY $1D01 C0/0199: 48 PHA C0/019A: AB PLB C0/019B: AF70A17E LDA $7EA170 C0/019F: C97D CMP #$7D C0/01A1: D006 BNE $01A9 C0/01A3: 220009CC JSR $CC0900 [Bank jump, not touching this one.] C0/01A7: 8076 BRA $021F C0/01A9: C900 CMP #$00 C0/01AB: D017 BNE $01C4 C0/01AD: B90000 LDA $0000,Y [Related to event scripting?] C0/01B0: C97D CMP #$7D C0/01B2: D006 BNE $01BA C0/01B4: 220009CC JSR $CC0900 [Bank jump to aforementioned place.] C0/01B8: 8065 BRA $021F C0/01BA: C950 CMP #$50 C0/01BC: 9019 BCC $01D7 C0/01BE: C960 CMP #$60 C0/01C0: 9002 BCC $01C4 C0/01C2: A953 LDA #$53 C0/01C4: 48 PHA C0/01C5: 38 SEC C0/01C6: E950 SBC #$50 C0/01C8: 0A ASL A C0/01C9: AA TAX C0/01CA: A97E LDA #$7E C0/01CC: 48 PHA C0/01CD: AB PLB C0/01CE: 68 PLA C0/01CF: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/01D2: FCDA10 JSR ($10DA,X) [Jump to pointer table crap] C0/01D5: 8048 BRA $021F C0/01D7: A900 LDA #$00 C0/01D9: 48 PHA C0/01DA: AB PLB C0/01DB: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/01DE: 2980 AND #$80 C0/01E0: F00B BEQ $01ED C0/01E2: C220 REP #$20 C0/01E4: AFD5A17E LDA $7EA1D5 C0/01E8: 8D011D STA $1D01 C0/01EB: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/01ED: A900 LDA #$00 C0/01EF: 8F5DA17E STA $7EA15D C0/01F3: A901 LDA #$01 C0/01F5: 1C041D TRB $1D04 C0/01F8: A904 LDA #$04 C0/01FA: 1C001D TRB $1D00 C0/01FD: A980 LDA #$80 C0/01FF: 2C001D BIT $1D00 C0/0202: F01B BEQ $021F C0/0204: 1C001D TRB $1D00 C0/0207: 1C041D TRB $1D04 C0/020A: AF87A17E LDA $7EA187 C0/020E: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/0210: D00D BNE $021F C0/0212: A920 LDA #$20 C0/0214: 1C041D TRB $1D04 C0/0217: 1C121D TRB $1D12 C0/021A: A901 LDA #$01 C0/021C: 1C101D TRB $1D10 C0/021F: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0221: 8F131D00 STA $001D13 C0/0225: 2B PLD C0/0226: AB PLB C0/0227: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/0228: 6B RTL

[IMPORTANT to events] C0/0229: BB TYX C0/022A: E8 INX C0/022B: AF031D00 LDA $001D03 C0/022F: 8B PHB C0/0230: 48 PHA C0/0231: AB PLB C0/0232: BD0000 LDA $0000,X [Related to event scripting?] C0/0235: AB PLB C0/0236: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0238: EB XBA C0/0239: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/023C: 0A ASL A C0/023D: AA TAX C0/023E: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/0242: C907 CMP #$07 C0/0244: F005 BEQ $024B C0/0246: FCC410 JSR ($10C4,X) C0/0249: 8015 BRA $0260 C0/024B: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/024E: D005 BNE $0255 C0/0250: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0252: 8D62A1 STA $A162 C0/0255: 9C6FA1 STZ $A16F C0/0258: FCA810 JSR ($10A8,X) C0/025B: A920 LDA #$20 C0/025D: 20FA0F JSR $0FFA C0/0260: 60 RTS

C0/0261: 208B0D JSR $0D8B C0/0264: A904 LDA #$04 C0/0266: 8D6EA1 STA $A16E C0/0269: C220 REP #$20 C0/026B: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/026E: 8D8EA1 STA $A18E C0/0271: A28064 LDX #$6480 C0/0274: AD6FA1 LDA $A16F C0/0277: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/027A: F003 BEQ $027F C0/027C: A28065 LDX #$6580 C0/027F: 8E8CA1 STX $A18C C0/0282: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/0285: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/0288: 0A ASL A C0/0289: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/028C: 0A ASL A C0/028D: 0A ASL A C0/028E: 0A ASL A C0/028F: 0A ASL A C0/0290: 38 SEC C0/0291: ED73A1 SBC $A173 C0/0294: 8DA2A1 STA $A1A2 C0/0297: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/029A: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/029D: AA TAX C0/029E: BD4FA2 LDA $A24F,X C0/02A1: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/02A4: EB XBA C0/02A5: 4A LSR A C0/02A6: 8D78A1 STA $A178 C0/02A9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/02AB: 20C305 JSR $05C3 C0/02AE: A949 LDA #$49 C0/02B0: 20FA0F JSR $0FFA C0/02B3: 9C86A1 STZ $A186 C0/02B6: 9C6DA1 STZ $A16D C0/02B9: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/02BC: 60 RTS

[Referenced in pointer table below] C0/02BD: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/02C0: 4A LSR A C0/02C1: 6900 ADC #$00 C0/02C3: 1A INC A C0/02C4: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/02C7: AEA2A1 LDX $A1A2 C0/02CA: 8EA0A1 STX $A1A0 C0/02CD: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/02D0: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/02D3: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/02D6: C901 CMP #$01 C0/02D8: D00A BNE $02E4 C0/02DA: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/02DD: C905 CMP #$05 C0/02DF: B003 BCS $02E4 C0/02E1: 203504 JSR $0435 C0/02E4: A900 LDA #$00 C0/02E6: EB XBA C0/02E7: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/02EA: C901 CMP #$01 C0/02EC: F007 BEQ $02F5 C0/02EE: C905 CMP #$05 C0/02F0: F003 BEQ $02F5 C0/02F2: A902 LDA #$02 C0/02F4: EB XBA C0/02F5: EB XBA C0/02F6: 0C86A1 TSB $A186 C0/02F9: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/02FB: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/02FE: 207804 JSR $0478 C0/0301: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/0304: C905 CMP #$05 C0/0306: 9004 BCC $030C C0/0308: BB TYX C0/0309: 203504 JSR $0435 C0/030C: 207F0D JSR $0D7F C0/030F: C220 REP #$20 C0/0311: A98001 LDA #$0180 C0/0314: 8F181D00 STA $001D18 C0/0318: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/031B: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/031E: 3A DEC A C0/031F: 0A ASL A C0/0320: AA TAX C0/0321: BF0211C0 LDA $C01102,X [Loads table below] C0/0325: 8F061D00 STA $001D06 C0/0329: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/032B: A907 LDA #$07 C0/032D: 20FA0F JSR $0FFA C0/0330: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/0333: C904 CMP #$04 C0/0335: D00D BNE $0344 C0/0337: AEA0A1 LDX $A1A0 C0/033A: CA DEX C0/033B: CA DEX C0/033C: 8EA2A1 STX $A1A2 C0/033F: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0341: 8D86A1 STA $A186 C0/0344: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/0347: 60 RTS

[Referenced in pointer table below] C0/0348: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/034B: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/034E: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/0351: C901 CMP #$01 C0/0353: D018 BNE $036D C0/0355: AD6FA1 LDA $A16F C0/0358: F009 BEQ $0363 C0/035A: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/035D: C903 CMP #$03 C0/035F: B00C BCS $036D C0/0361: 8007 BRA $036A C0/0363: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/0366: C905 CMP #$05 C0/0368: B003 BCS $036D C0/036A: 203504 JSR $0435 C0/036D: AEA0A1 LDX $A1A0 C0/0370: DA PHX C0/0371: AD6FA1 LDA $A16F C0/0374: F009 BEQ $037F C0/0376: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/0379: C903 CMP #$03 C0/037B: B00C BCS $0389 C0/037D: 8007 BRA $0386 C0/037F: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/0382: C905 CMP #$05 C0/0384: B003 BCS $0389 C0/0386: 201304 JSR $0413 C0/0389: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/038C: 4A LSR A C0/038D: 6900 ADC #$00 C0/038F: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0392: AE82A1 LDX $A182 C0/0395: 8EA0A1 STX $A1A0 C0/0398: 9C6DA1 STZ $A16D C0/039B: 9C71A1 STZ $A171 C0/039E: 204C04 JSR $044C C0/03A1: AD6FA1 LDA $A16F C0/03A4: F009 BEQ $03AF C0/03A6: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/03A9: C903 CMP #$03 C0/03AB: 9010 BCC $03BD C0/03AD: 8007 BRA $03B6 C0/03AF: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/03B2: C905 CMP #$05 C0/03B4: 9007 BCC $03BD C0/03B6: 201304 JSR $0413 C0/03B9: BB TYX C0/03BA: 203504 JSR $0435 C0/03BD: FA PLX C0/03BE: 8EA0A1 STX $A1A0 C0/03C1: 207F0D JSR $0D7F C0/03C4: C220 REP #$20 C0/03C6: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/03C9: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/03CC: 3A DEC A C0/03CD: 0A ASL A C0/03CE: AA TAX C0/03CF: BF0211C0 LDA $C01102,X C0/03D3: 8F061D00 STA $001D06 C0/03D7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/03D9: AD6FA1 LDA $A16F C0/03DC: F026 BEQ $0404 C0/03DE: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/03E1: C902 CMP #$02 C0/03E3: D005 BNE $03EA C0/03E5: A901 LDA #$01 C0/03E7: 0C86A1 TSB $A186 C0/03EA: C220 REP #$20 C0/03EC: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/03EF: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/03F2: 3A DEC A C0/03F3: 0A ASL A C0/03F4: AA TAX C0/03F5: BF1211C0 LDA $C01112,X C0/03F9: 8F061D00 STA $001D06 C0/03FD: A98001 LDA #$0180 C0/0400: 8F181D00 STA $001D18 C0/0404: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0406: A907 LDA #$07 C0/0408: 20FA0F JSR $0FFA C0/040B: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/040E: 60 RTS

C0/040F: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/0412: 60 RTS

C0/0413: C220 REP #$20 C0/0415: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/0418: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/041B: 0A ASL A C0/041C: 0A ASL A C0/041D: 0A ASL A C0/041E: 18 CLC C0/041F: 69F000 ADC #$00F0 C0/0422: 8DA0A1 STA $A1A0 C0/0425: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0427: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/0429: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/042C: A901 LDA #$01 C0/042E: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0431: 207804 JSR $0478 C0/0434: 60 RTS

C0/0435: A920 LDA #$20 C0/0437: EB XBA C0/0438: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/043B: C903 CMP #$03 C0/043D: D003 BNE $0442 C0/043F: A960 LDA #$60 C0/0441: EB XBA C0/0442: EB XBA C0/0443: 9E0094 STZ $9400,X C0/0446: E8 INX C0/0447: 3A DEC A C0/0448: D0F9 BNE $0443 C0/044A: 9B TXY C0/044B: 60 RTS

C0/044C: C220 REP #$20 C0/044E: A90004 LDA #$0400 C0/0451: 18 CLC C0/0452: 6D78A1 ADC $A178 C0/0455: AA TAX C0/0456: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0458: 20D004 JSR $04D0 C0/045B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/045D: EB XBA C0/045E: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0461: F014 BEQ $0477 C0/0463: C220 REP #$20 C0/0465: A90004 LDA #$0400 C0/0468: 18 CLC C0/0469: 6D78A1 ADC $A178 C0/046C: AA TAX C0/046D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/046F: 20D004 JSR $04D0 C0/0472: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0475: D0D5 BNE $044C C0/0477: 60 RTS

C0/0478: AD86A1 LDA $A186 C0/047B: 8D6DA1 STA $A16D C0/047E: AEA0A1 LDX $A1A0 C0/0481: BF6A71C7 LDA $C7716A,X C0/0485: 18 CLC C0/0486: 2A ROL A C0/0487: 2A ROL A C0/0488: 2A ROL A C0/0489: 2903 AND #$03 C0/048B: 4D6DA1 EOR $A16D C0/048E: 8D6DA1 STA $A16D C0/0491: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0493: EB XBA C0/0494: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0498: 48 PHA C0/0499: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/049C: C905 CMP #$05 C0/049E: B004 BCS $04A4 C0/04A0: E8 INX C0/04A1: E8 INX C0/04A2: 8002 BRA $04A6 C0/04A4: CA DEX C0/04A5: CA DEX C0/04A6: 8EA0A1 STX $A1A0 C0/04A9: 68 PLA C0/04AA: C220 REP #$20 C0/04AC: 38 SEC C0/04AD: E91000 SBC #$0010 C0/04B0: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/04B3: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/04B6: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/04B9: 0A ASL A C0/04BA: 0A ASL A C0/04BB: 0A ASL A C0/04BC: 18 CLC C0/04BD: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/04C0: 0A ASL A C0/04C1: 0A ASL A C0/04C2: 0A ASL A C0/04C3: 0A ASL A C0/04C4: AA TAX C0/04C5: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/04C7: 20D004 JSR $04D0 C0/04CA: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/04CD: D0A9 BNE $0478 C0/04CF: 60 RTS

C0/04D0: A900 LDA #$00 C0/04D2: EB XBA C0/04D3: AD6DA1 LDA $A16D C0/04D6: 0A ASL A C0/04D7: C220 REP #$20 C0/04D9: DA PHX C0/04DA: AA TAX C0/04DB: 68 PLA C0/04DC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/04DE: FCFA10 JSR ($10FA,X) C0/04E1: 60 RTS

C0/04E2: AA TAX C0/04E3: A908 LDA #$08 C0/04E5: EB XBA C0/04E6: BF80D0D2 LDA $D2D080,X C0/04EA: 990094 STA $9400,Y C0/04ED: BF81D0D2 LDA $D2D081,X C0/04F1: 990194 STA $9401,Y C0/04F4: 2D71A1 AND $A171 C0/04F7: 190094 ORA $9400,Y C0/04FA: 991094 STA $9410,Y C0/04FD: A900 LDA #$00 C0/04FF: 991194 STA $9411,Y C0/0502: E8 INX C0/0503: E8 INX C0/0504: C8 INY C0/0505: C8 INY C0/0506: EB XBA C0/0507: 3A DEC A C0/0508: D0DB BNE $04E5 C0/050A: 18 CLC C0/050B: C220 REP #$20 C0/050D: 98 TYA C0/050E: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/0511: A8 TAY C0/0512: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0514: 60 RTS

C0/0515: C220 REP #$20 C0/0517: 18 CLC C0/0518: 690E00 ADC #$000E C0/051B: AA TAX C0/051C: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/051E: A908 LDA #$08 C0/0520: EB XBA C0/0521: BF80D0D2 LDA $D2D080,X C0/0525: 990094 STA $9400,Y C0/0528: BF81D0D2 LDA $D2D081,X C0/052C: 990194 STA $9401,Y C0/052F: 190094 ORA $9400,Y C0/0532: 991094 STA $9410,Y C0/0535: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0537: 991194 STA $9411,Y C0/053A: CA DEX C0/053B: CA DEX C0/053C: C8 INY C0/053D: C8 INY C0/053E: EB XBA C0/053F: 3A DEC A C0/0540: D0DE BNE $0520 C0/0542: 18 CLC C0/0543: C220 REP #$20 C0/0545: 98 TYA C0/0546: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/0549: A8 TAY C0/054A: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/054C: 60 RTS

C0/054D: AA TAX C0/054E: A908 LDA #$08 C0/0550: EB XBA C0/0551: BF80D0D2 LDA $D2D080,X C0/0555: 202A0E JSR $0E2A C0/0558: 990094 STA $9400,Y C0/055B: BF81D0D2 LDA $D2D081,X C0/055F: 202A0E JSR $0E2A C0/0562: 990194 STA $9401,Y C0/0565: 190094 ORA $9400,Y C0/0568: 991094 STA $9410,Y C0/056B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/056D: 991194 STA $9411,Y C0/0570: E8 INX C0/0571: E8 INX C0/0572: C8 INY C0/0573: C8 INY C0/0574: EB XBA C0/0575: 3A DEC A C0/0576: D0D8 BNE $0550 C0/0578: 18 CLC C0/0579: C220 REP #$20 C0/057B: 98 TYA C0/057C: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/057F: A8 TAY C0/0580: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0582: 60 RTS

C0/0583: AA TAX C0/0584: C220 REP #$20 C0/0586: 8A TXA C0/0587: 18 CLC C0/0588: 690E00 ADC #$000E C0/058B: AA TAX C0/058C: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/058E: A908 LDA #$08 C0/0590: EB XBA C0/0591: BF80D0D2 LDA $D2D080,X C0/0595: 202A0E JSR $0E2A C0/0598: 990094 STA $9400,Y C0/059B: BF81D0D2 LDA $D2D081,X C0/059F: 202A0E JSR $0E2A C0/05A2: 990194 STA $9401,Y C0/05A5: 190094 ORA $9400,Y C0/05A8: 991094 STA $9410,Y C0/05AB: A900 LDA #$00 C0/05AD: 991194 STA $9411,Y C0/05B0: CA DEX C0/05B1: CA DEX C0/05B2: C8 INY C0/05B3: C8 INY C0/05B4: EB XBA C0/05B5: 3A DEC A C0/05B6: D0D8 BNE $0590 C0/05B8: 18 CLC C0/05B9: C220 REP #$20 C0/05BB: 98 TYA C0/05BC: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/05BF: A8 TAY C0/05C0: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/05C2: 60 RTS

C0/05C3: A900 LDA #$00 C0/05C5: EB XBA C0/05C6: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/05C9: AA TAX C0/05CA: DA PHX C0/05CB: BF6171C7 LDA $C77161,X C0/05CF: C220 REP #$20 C0/05D1: 0A ASL A C0/05D2: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/05D5: 0A ASL A C0/05D6: 18 CLC C0/05D7: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/05DA: A8 TAY C0/05DB: A2E001 LDX #$01E0 C0/05DE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/05E0: 20FC0D JSR $0DFC C0/05E3: A900 LDA #$00 C0/05E5: EB XBA C0/05E6: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/05E9: AA TAX C0/05EA: BF5971C7 LDA $C77159,X C0/05EE: C220 REP #$20 C0/05F0: 0A ASL A C0/05F1: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/05F4: 0A ASL A C0/05F5: 18 CLC C0/05F6: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/05F9: A8 TAY C0/05FA: A2E801 LDX #$01E8 C0/05FD: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/05FF: 20FC0D JSR $0DFC C0/0602: C220 REP #$20 C0/0604: 68 PLA C0/0605: 0A ASL A C0/0606: AA TAX C0/0607: BD3EA2 LDA $A23E,X C0/060A: 8FE40700 STA $0007E4 C0/060E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0610: 60 RTS

C0/0611: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0613: EB XBA C0/0614: AD5EA1 LDA $A15E C0/0617: 0A ASL A C0/0618: AA TAX C0/0619: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/061D: C907 CMP #$07 C0/061F: F005 BEQ $0626 C0/0621: FCD010 JSR ($10D0,X) C0/0624: 8003 BRA $0629 C0/0626: FCA410 JSR ($10A4,X) C0/0629: 60 RTS

C0/062A: AD97A1 LDA $A197 C0/062D: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0630: AD96A1 LDA $A196 C0/0633: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0636: 800C BRA $0644 C0/0638: AD7DA1 LDA $A17D C0/063B: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/063E: AD7CA1 LDA $A17C C0/0641: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0644: AD6BA1 LDA $A16B C0/0647: 4A LSR A C0/0648: 8D63A1 STA $A163 C0/064B: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/064E: 4A LSR A C0/064F: 9001 BCC $0652 C0/0651: 1A INC A C0/0652: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0655: A21801 LDX #$0118 C0/0658: ADF8CF LDA $CFF8 C0/065B: F003 BEQ $0660 C0/065D: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/0660: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0663: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0666: AD64A1 LDA $A164 C0/0669: C901 CMP #$01 C0/066B: D006 BNE $0673 C0/066D: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0670: 4A LSR A C0/0671: B00E BCS $0681 C0/0673: A21801 LDX #$0118 C0/0676: ADF8CF LDA $CFF8 C0/0679: F003 BEQ $067E C0/067B: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/067E: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0681: C8 INY C0/0682: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0685: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0688: D0CB BNE $0655 C0/068A: AD97A1 LDA $A197 C0/068D: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0690: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0693: CE63A1 DEC $A163 C0/0696: D0B3 BNE $064B C0/0698: AD57A1 LDA $A157 C0/069B: 8D7DA1 STA $A17D C0/069E: AD56A1 LDA $A156 C0/06A1: 8D7CA1 STA $A17C C0/06A4: EE5FA1 INC $A15F C0/06A7: 60 RTS

C0/06A8: 203F19 JSR $193F C0/06AB: 9C5FA1 STZ $A15F C0/06AE: A900 LDA #$00 C0/06B0: 9C70A1 STZ $A170 C0/06B3: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/06B7: 2910 AND #$10 C0/06B9: 48 PHA C0/06BA: D00D BNE $06C9 C0/06BC: C220 REP #$20 C0/06BE: AF011D00 LDA $001D01 C0/06C2: 1A INC A C0/06C3: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/06C7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/06C9: 68 PLA C0/06CA: 29EE AND #$EE C0/06CC: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/06D0: 9C5FA1 STZ $A15F C0/06D3: 9C5CA1 STZ $A15C C0/06D6: 9C6FA1 STZ $A16F C0/06D9: 60 RTS

C0/06DA: C220 REP #$20 C0/06DC: AF141D00 LDA $001D14 C0/06E0: AA TAX C0/06E1: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/06E3: 9E0000 STZ $0000,X C0/06E6: EE5EA1 INC $A15E C0/06E9: 60 RTS

C0/06EA: AD6DA1 LDA $A16D C0/06ED: D059 BNE $0748 C0/06EF: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/06F2: C901 CMP #$01 C0/06F4: D01E BNE $0714 C0/06F6: AF111D00 LDA $001D11 C0/06FA: 0908 ORA #$08 C0/06FC: 8F111D00 STA $001D11 C0/0700: AF041D00 LDA $001D04 C0/0704: 0905 ORA #$05 C0/0706: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/070A: AF121D00 LDA $001D12 C0/070E: 29DF AND #$DF C0/0710: 8F121D00 STA $001D12 C0/0714: AF031D00 LDA $001D03 C0/0718: C8 INY C0/0719: 8B PHB C0/071A: 48 PHA C0/071B: AB PLB C0/071C: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/071F: AB PLB C0/0720: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0722: 208B0D JSR $0D8B C0/0725: 48 PHA C0/0726: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0728: 8D6DA1 STA $A16D C0/072B: 68 PLA C0/072C: 8D66A1 STA $A166 C0/072F: 18 CLC C0/0730: 6D64A1 ADC $A164 C0/0733: 8D68A1 STA $A168 C0/0736: EB XBA C0/0737: 8D65A1 STA $A165 C0/073A: 18 CLC C0/073B: 6D63A1 ADC $A163 C0/073E: 1A INC A C0/073F: 8D67A1 STA $A167 C0/0742: EE6CA1 INC $A16C C0/0745: EE6CA1 INC $A16C C0/0748: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/074B: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/074E: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/0751: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0754: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/0757: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/075A: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/075D: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0760: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0763: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0766: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0769: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/076C: D0EC BNE $075A C0/076E: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0771: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0774: CE63A1 DEC $A163 C0/0777: F02B BEQ $07A4 C0/0779: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/077C: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/077F: AD67A1 LDA $A167 C0/0782: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0785: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/0788: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/078B: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/078E: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0791: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0794: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0797: D0EC BNE $0785 C0/0799: EE65A1 INC $A165 C0/079C: CE67A1 DEC $A167 C0/079F: CE63A1 DEC $A163 C0/07A2: D03B BNE $07DF C0/07A4: 9C0094 STZ $9400 C0/07A7: A20094 LDX #$9400 C0/07AA: A00194 LDY #$9401 C0/07AD: C220 REP #$20 C0/07AF: A91F00 LDA #$001F C0/07B2: 547E7E MVN $7E,$7E C0/07B5: A9FF00 LDA #$00FF C0/07B8: 8D0E94 STA $940E C0/07BB: A20049 LDX #$4900 C0/07BE: 8A TXA C0/07BF: 8F061D00 STA $001D06 C0/07C3: A92000 LDA #$0020 C0/07C6: 8F081D00 STA $001D08 C0/07CA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/07CC: A907 LDA #$07 C0/07CE: 20FA0F JSR $0FFA C0/07D1: EE5EA1 INC $A15E C0/07D4: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/07D7: 3A DEC A C0/07D8: 3A DEC A C0/07D9: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/07DC: EE68A1 INC $A168 C0/07DF: 60 RTS

C0/07E0: ADF8CF LDA $CFF8 C0/07E3: F014 BEQ $07F9 C0/07E5: A904 LDA #$04 C0/07E7: 8D5EA1 STA $A15E C0/07EA: A900 LDA #$00 C0/07EC: EB XBA C0/07ED: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/07F0: AA TAX C0/07F1: AD1BA2 LDA $A21B C0/07F4: 9D4FA2 STA $A24F,X C0/07F7: 804A BRA $0843 C0/07F9: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/07FC: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/07FF: 48 PHA C0/0800: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/0803: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0806: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0809: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/080C: 48 PHA C0/080D: A22001 LDX #$0120 C0/0810: DA PHX C0/0811: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0814: FA PLX C0/0815: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0818: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/081B: D0F0 BNE $080D C0/081D: 68 PLA C0/081E: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0821: 68 PLA C0/0822: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0825: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0828: A22081 LDX #$8120 C0/082B: DA PHX C0/082C: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/082F: FA PLX C0/0830: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0833: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0836: D0F0 BNE $0828 C0/0838: EE5EA1 INC $A15E C0/083B: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/083E: 3A DEC A C0/083F: 3A DEC A C0/0840: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0843: 60 RTS

C0/0844: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/0847: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/084A: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/084D: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0850: 20360B JSR $0B36 C0/0853: EE66A1 INC $A166 C0/0856: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0859: F03F BEQ $089A C0/085B: AD68A1 LDA $A168 C0/085E: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0861: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0864: 201D0B JSR $0B1D C0/0867: CE68A1 DEC $A168 C0/086A: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/086D: F02B BEQ $089A C0/086F: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/0872: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0875: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/0878: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/087B: 20360B JSR $0B36 C0/087E: EE66A1 INC $A166 C0/0881: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0884: F014 BEQ $089A C0/0886: AD68A1 LDA $A168 C0/0889: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/088C: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/088F: 201D0B JSR $0B1D C0/0892: CE68A1 DEC $A168 C0/0895: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0898: D003 BNE $089D C0/089A: EE5EA1 INC $A15E C0/089D: 60 RTS

C0/089E: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/08A1: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/08A4: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/08A7: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/08AA: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/08AD: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/08B0: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/08B3: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/08B6: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/08B9: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/08BC: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/08BF: EE5EA1 INC $A15E C0/08C2: 60 RTS

C0/08C3: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/08C6: C902 CMP #$02 C0/08C8: F00D BEQ $08D7 C0/08CA: A02C00 LDY #$002C C0/08CD: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/08D0: 9E009C STZ $9C00,X C0/08D3: E8 INX C0/08D4: 88 DEY C0/08D5: D0F9 BNE $08D0 C0/08D7: 9C5EA1 STZ $A15E C0/08DA: 9C6DA1 STZ $A16D C0/08DD: 9C70A1 STZ $A170 C0/08E0: AF041D00 LDA $001D04 C0/08E4: 8980 BIT #$80 C0/08E6: D00D BNE $08F5 C0/08E8: C220 REP #$20 C0/08EA: AF011D00 LDA $001D01 C0/08EE: 1A INC A C0/08EF: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/08F3: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/08F5: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/08F9: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/08FB: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/08FF: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/0902: C902 CMP #$02 C0/0904: D005 BNE $090B C0/0906: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0908: 1C87A1 TRB $A187 C0/090B: 202C0F JSR $0F2C C0/090E: 60 RTS

C0/090F: A902 LDA #$02 C0/0911: 8D6EA1 STA $A16E C0/0914: A2009C LDX #$9C00 C0/0917: 8E9BA1 STX $A19B C0/091A: 9C0094 STZ $9400 C0/091D: C220 REP #$20 C0/091F: A9FF06 LDA #$06FF C0/0922: A20094 LDX #$9400 C0/0925: A00194 LDY #$9401 C0/0928: 547E7E MVN $7E,$7E C0/092B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/092D: 20BA09 JSR $09BA C0/0930: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/0933: C901 CMP #$01 C0/0935: F003 BEQ $093A C0/0937: 206809 JSR $0968 C0/093A: A90F LDA #$0F C0/093C: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/0940: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/0943: ADF8CF LDA $CFF8 C0/0946: F01A BEQ $0962 C0/0948: A900 LDA #$00 C0/094A: EB XBA C0/094B: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/094E: AA TAX C0/094F: BD4FA2 LDA $A24F,X C0/0952: 8D1BA2 STA $A21B C0/0955: A904 LDA #$04 C0/0957: 9D4FA2 STA $A24F,X C0/095A: A905 LDA #$05 C0/095C: 8D5CA1 STA $A15C C0/095F: 208B0D JSR $0D8B C0/0962: A920 LDA #$20 C0/0964: 20FA0F JSR $0FFA C0/0967: 60 RTS

C0/0968: A900 LDA #$00 C0/096A: EB XBA C0/096B: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/096E: AA TAX C0/096F: BF6171C7 LDA $C77161,X C0/0973: C220 REP #$20 C0/0975: 0A ASL A C0/0976: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/0979: 0A ASL A C0/097A: 18 CLC C0/097B: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/097E: A8 TAY C0/097F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0981: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/0984: 5A PHY C0/0985: 20FC0D JSR $0DFC C0/0988: A900 LDA #$00 C0/098A: EB XBA C0/098B: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/098E: AA TAX C0/098F: BF5971C7 LDA $C77159,X C0/0993: C220 REP #$20 C0/0995: 0A ASL A C0/0996: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/0999: 0A ASL A C0/099A: 18 CLC C0/099B: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/099E: A8 TAY C0/099F: A20800 LDX #$0008 C0/09A2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/09A4: 20FC0D JSR $0DFC C0/09A7: 7A PLY C0/09A8: A21000 LDX #$0010 C0/09AB: 20FC0D JSR $0DFC C0/09AE: C220 REP #$20 C0/09B0: A91F7C LDA #$7C1F C0/09B3: 8F160600 STA $000616 C0/09B7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/09B9: 60 RTS

C0/09BA: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/09BD: 8C99A1 STY $A199 C0/09C0: A00094 LDY #$9400 C0/09C3: C220 REP #$20 C0/09C5: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/09C8: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/09CB: EB XBA C0/09CC: 4A LSR A C0/09CD: 18 CLC C0/09CE: 6980D0 ADC #$D080 C0/09D1: AA TAX C0/09D2: A90800 LDA #$0008 C0/09D5: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/09D8: A90F00 LDA #$000F C0/09DB: 547ED2 MVN $7E,$D2 C0/09DE: 98 TYA C0/09DF: 18 CLC C0/09E0: 6D99A1 ADC $A199 C0/09E3: A8 TAY C0/09E4: AD73A1 LDA $A173 C0/09E7: 3A DEC A C0/09E8: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/09EB: D0EB BNE $09D8 C0/09ED: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/09EF: A900 LDA #$00 C0/09F1: EB XBA C0/09F2: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/09F5: AA TAX C0/09F6: BD4FA2 LDA $A24F,X C0/09F9: C220 REP #$20 C0/09FB: EB XBA C0/09FC: 4A LSR A C0/09FD: 18 CLC C0/09FE: 6980D4 ADC #$D480 C0/0A01: AA TAX C0/0A02: A90800 LDA #$0008 C0/0A05: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/0A08: A90F00 LDA #$000F C0/0A0B: 547ED2 MVN $7E,$D2 C0/0A0E: 98 TYA C0/0A0F: 18 CLC C0/0A10: 6D99A1 ADC $A199 C0/0A13: A8 TAY C0/0A14: AD73A1 LDA $A173 C0/0A17: 3A DEC A C0/0A18: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/0A1B: D0EB BNE $0A08 C0/0A1D: BB TYX C0/0A1E: A9FF00 LDA #$00FF C0/0A21: 9D0E00 STA $000E,X C0/0A24: A98048 LDA #$4880 C0/0A27: 8F061D00 STA $001D06 C0/0A2B: A91001 LDA #$0110 C0/0A2E: 203619 JSR $1936 C0/0A31: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0A33: 60 RTS

C0/0A34: 208B0D JSR $0D8B C0/0A37: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0A3A: 8D66A1 STA $A166 C0/0A3D: 1A INC A C0/0A3E: 8D68A1 STA $A168 C0/0A41: EB XBA C0/0A42: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0A45: 8D65A1 STA $A165 C0/0A48: 1A INC A C0/0A49: 8D67A1 STA $A167 C0/0A4C: A22001 LDX #$0120 C0/0A4F: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0A52: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0A55: A22081 LDX #$8120 C0/0A58: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0A5B: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0A5E: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0A61: A22041 LDX #$4120 C0/0A64: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0A67: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0A6A: A220C1 LDX #$C120 C0/0A6D: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0A70: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/0A73: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/0A76: C901 CMP #$01 C0/0A78: D012 BNE $0A8C C0/0A7A: A903 LDA #$03 C0/0A7C: 8D5CA1 STA $A15C C0/0A7F: AD96A1 LDA $A196 C0/0A82: 8D65A1 STA $A165 C0/0A85: AD97A1 LDA $A197 C0/0A88: 3A DEC A C0/0A89: 8D66A1 STA $A166 C0/0A8C: 60 RTS

C0/0A8D: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/0A90: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0A93: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/0A96: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0A99: A22001 LDX #$0120 C0/0A9C: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0A9F: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0AA2: A22081 LDX #$8120 C0/0AA5: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0AA8: CE57A1 DEC $A157 C0/0AAB: AD57A1 LDA $A157 C0/0AAE: 8D66A1 STA $A166 C0/0AB1: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0AB4: F063 BEQ $0B19 C0/0AB6: A22081 LDX #$8120 C0/0AB9: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0ABC: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0ABF: A22001 LDX #$0120 C0/0AC2: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0AC5: CE57A1 DEC $A157 C0/0AC8: AD57A1 LDA $A157 C0/0ACB: 8D66A1 STA $A166 C0/0ACE: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0AD1: F046 BEQ $0B19 C0/0AD3: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/0AD6: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0AD9: AD68A1 LDA $A168 C0/0ADC: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0ADF: A22001 LDX #$0120 C0/0AE2: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0AE5: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0AE8: A22081 LDX #$8120 C0/0AEB: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0AEE: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0AF1: AD57A1 LDA $A157 C0/0AF4: 8D68A1 STA $A168 C0/0AF7: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0AFA: F01D BEQ $0B19 C0/0AFC: A22081 LDX #$8120 C0/0AFF: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0B02: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0B05: A22001 LDX #$0120 C0/0B08: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0B0B: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0B0E: AD57A1 LDA $A157 C0/0B11: 8D68A1 STA $A168 C0/0B14: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0B17: D003 BNE $0B1C C0/0B19: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/0B1C: 60 RTS

C0/0B1D: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/0B20: CE57A1 DEC $A157 C0/0B23: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0B26: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0B29: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0B2C: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/0B2F: CE57A1 DEC $A157 C0/0B32: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0B35: 60 RTS

C0/0B36: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/0B39: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0B3C: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0B3F: CE57A1 DEC $A157 C0/0B42: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0B45: 20BD1B JSR $1BBD C0/0B48: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0B4B: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0B4E: 60 RTS

C0/0B4F: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/0B52: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0B55: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/0B58: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0B5B: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0B5E: 1A INC A C0/0B5F: 1A INC A C0/0B60: 4A LSR A C0/0B61: 9001 BCC $0B64 C0/0B63: 1A INC A C0/0B64: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0B67: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0B69: EB XBA C0/0B6A: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/0B6D: C220 REP #$20 C0/0B6F: 0A ASL A C0/0B70: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/0B73: 0A ASL A C0/0B74: 0A ASL A C0/0B75: 0A ASL A C0/0B76: 0A ASL A C0/0B77: 38 SEC C0/0B78: ED73A1 SBC $A173 C0/0B7B: AA TAX C0/0B7C: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0B7E: DA PHX C0/0B7F: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0B83: EB XBA C0/0B84: E8 INX C0/0B85: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0B89: E8 INX C0/0B8A: EB XBA C0/0B8B: 9B TXY C0/0B8C: AA TAX C0/0B8D: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0B90: BB TYX C0/0B91: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0B94: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0B97: D0E6 BNE $0B7F C0/0B99: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0B9C: 1A INC A C0/0B9D: 1A INC A C0/0B9E: 4A LSR A C0/0B9F: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0BA2: 9002 BCC $0BA6 C0/0BA4: CA DEX C0/0BA5: CA DEX C0/0BA6: CA DEX C0/0BA7: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0BAB: 4940 EOR #$40 C0/0BAD: EB XBA C0/0BAE: CA DEX C0/0BAF: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0BB3: CA DEX C0/0BB4: 9B TXY C0/0BB5: AA TAX C0/0BB6: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0BB9: BB TYX C0/0BBA: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0BBD: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0BC0: D0E5 BNE $0BA7 C0/0BC2: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0BC5: 1A INC A C0/0BC6: 1A INC A C0/0BC7: 4A LSR A C0/0BC8: 9001 BCC $0BCB C0/0BCA: 1A INC A C0/0BCB: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0BCE: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0BD1: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/0BD4: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/0BD7: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0BDA: FA PLX C0/0BDB: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0BDF: EB XBA C0/0BE0: E8 INX C0/0BE1: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0BE5: E8 INX C0/0BE6: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/0BE8: 9B TXY C0/0BE9: EB XBA C0/0BEA: AA TAX C0/0BEB: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0BEE: BB TYX C0/0BEF: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0BF2: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0BF5: D0E4 BNE $0BDB C0/0BF7: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0BFA: 1A INC A C0/0BFB: 1A INC A C0/0BFC: 4A LSR A C0/0BFD: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0C00: 9002 BCC $0C04 C0/0C02: CA DEX C0/0C03: CA DEX C0/0C04: CA DEX C0/0C05: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0C09: 49C0 EOR #$C0 C0/0C0B: EB XBA C0/0C0C: CA DEX C0/0C0D: BF6971C7 LDA $C77169,X C0/0C11: CA DEX C0/0C12: 9B TXY C0/0C13: AA TAX C0/0C14: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0C17: BB TYX C0/0C18: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0C1B: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0C1E: D0E5 BNE $0C05 C0/0C20: 9C71A1 STZ $A171 C0/0C23: 9C72A1 STZ $A172 C0/0C26: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/0C29: 60 RTS

C0/0C2A: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0C2D: 4A LSR A C0/0C2E: 9001 BCC $0C31 C0/0C30: 1A INC A C0/0C31: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0C34: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/0C37: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0C3A: AD65A1 LDA $A165 C0/0C3D: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0C40: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0C42: EB XBA C0/0C43: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/0C46: C220 REP #$20 C0/0C48: 0A ASL A C0/0C49: 0A ASL A C0/0C4A: 0A ASL A C0/0C4B: 18 CLC C0/0C4C: 6D71A1 ADC $A171 C0/0C4F: AA TAX C0/0C50: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0C52: BF5972C7 LDA $C77259,X C0/0C56: E8 INX C0/0C57: EB XBA C0/0C58: BF5972C7 LDA $C77259,X C0/0C5C: EB XBA C0/0C5D: AA TAX C0/0C5E: DA PHX C0/0C5F: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0C62: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0C65: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0C68: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0C6B: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0C6E: A21801 LDX #$0118 C0/0C71: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0C74: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0C77: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0C7A: AD64A1 LDA $A164 C0/0C7D: C901 CMP #$01 C0/0C7F: D006 BNE $0C87 C0/0C81: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0C84: 4A LSR A C0/0C85: B012 BCS $0C99 C0/0C87: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0C8A: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0C8D: A21801 LDX #$0118 C0/0C90: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0C93: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0C96: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0C99: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0C9C: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0C9F: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0CA2: D0CA BNE $0C6E C0/0CA4: C220 REP #$20 C0/0CA6: 68 PLA C0/0CA7: 48 PHA C0/0CA8: 490040 EOR #$4000 C0/0CAB: AA TAX C0/0CAC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0CAE: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0CB1: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0CB4: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0CB7: AD56A1 LDA $A156 C0/0CBA: 8D65A1 STA $A165 C0/0CBD: CE63A1 DEC $A163 C0/0CC0: D003 BNE $0CC5 C0/0CC2: 828200 BRL $0D47 C0/0CC5: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0CC8: 4A LSR A C0/0CC9: 9001 BCC $0CCC C0/0CCB: 1A INC A C0/0CCC: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/0CCF: AD67A1 LDA $A167 C0/0CD2: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/0CD5: AD66A1 LDA $A166 C0/0CD8: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/0CDB: C220 REP #$20 C0/0CDD: 68 PLA C0/0CDE: 490080 EOR #$8000 C0/0CE1: AA TAX C0/0CE2: DA PHX C0/0CE3: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0CE5: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0CE8: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0CEB: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0CEE: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0CF1: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0CF4: A21801 LDX #$0118 C0/0CF7: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0CFA: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0CFD: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0D00: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0D03: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0D06: AD64A1 LDA $A164 C0/0D09: C901 CMP #$01 C0/0D0B: D006 BNE $0D13 C0/0D0D: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/0D10: 4A LSR A C0/0D11: B012 BCS $0D25 C0/0D13: A21801 LDX #$0118 C0/0D16: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0D19: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0D1C: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0D1F: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/0D22: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/0D25: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/0D28: D0CA BNE $0CF4 C0/0D2A: C220 REP #$20 C0/0D2C: 68 PLA C0/0D2D: 490040 EOR #$4000 C0/0D30: AA TAX C0/0D31: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0D33: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0D36: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/0D39: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/0D3C: AD56A1 LDA $A156 C0/0D3F: 8D67A1 STA $A167 C0/0D42: CE63A1 DEC $A163 C0/0D45: D003 BNE $0D4A C0/0D47: EE5CA1 INC $A15C C0/0D4A: EE71A1 INC $A171 C0/0D4D: EE71A1 INC $A171 C0/0D50: 60 RTS

C0/0D51: 9C5CA1 STZ $A15C C0/0D54: 203F19 JSR $193F C0/0D57: 9C70A1 STZ $A170 C0/0D5A: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/0D5E: 29FA AND #$FA C0/0D60: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/0D64: AF101D00 LDA $001D10 C0/0D68: 29FC AND #$FC C0/0D6A: 8F101D00 STA $001D10 C0/0D6E: C220 REP #$20 C0/0D70: AF011D00 LDA $001D01 C0/0D74: 1A INC A C0/0D75: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/0D79: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0D7B: 202C0F JSR $0F2C C0/0D7E: 60 RTS

C0/0D7F: C220 REP #$20 C0/0D81: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/0D84: 8F081D00 STA $001D08 C0/0D88: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0D8A: 60 RTS

C0/0D8B: 8B PHB C0/0D8C: A9C7 LDA #$C7 C0/0D8E: 48 PHA C0/0D8F: AB PLB C0/0D90: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0D92: EB XBA C0/0D93: AF62A17E LDA $7EA162 C0/0D97: 0A ASL A C0/0D98: AA TAX C0/0D99: BD4771 LDA $7147,X C0/0D9C: EB XBA C0/0D9D: BD4871 LDA $7148,X C0/0DA0: A8 TAY C0/0DA1: BD5371 LDA $7153,X C0/0DA4: 8F1A1D00 STA $001D1A C0/0DA8: BD5471 LDA $7154,X C0/0DAB: 8F1B1D00 STA $001D1B C0/0DAF: AF62A17E LDA $7EA162 C0/0DB3: C902 CMP #$02 C0/0DB5: D00B BNE $0DC2 C0/0DB7: C220 REP #$20 C0/0DB9: A90005 LDA #$0500 C0/0DBC: 8F1A1D00 STA $001D1A C0/0DC0: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0DC2: AF70A17E LDA $7EA170 C0/0DC6: C951 CMP #$51 C0/0DC8: F01B BEQ $0DE5 C0/0DCA: C220 REP #$20 C0/0DCC: BD4D71 LDA $714D,X C0/0DCF: 8F69A17E STA $7EA169 C0/0DD3: BD4171 LDA $7141,X C0/0DD6: 8F96A17E STA $7EA196 C0/0DDA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0DDC: BD3571 LDA $7135,X C0/0DDF: EB XBA C0/0DE0: BD3671 LDA $7136,X C0/0DE3: 8007 BRA $0DEC C0/0DE5: BD3B71 LDA $713B,X C0/0DE8: EB XBA C0/0DE9: BD3C71 LDA $713C,X C0/0DEC: AB PLB C0/0DED: C220 REP #$20 C0/0DEF: 48 PHA C0/0DF0: 98 TYA C0/0DF1: EB XBA C0/0DF2: 8D63A1 STA $A163 C0/0DF5: 8D6BA1 STA $A16B C0/0DF8: 68 PLA C0/0DF9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0DFB: 60 RTS

C0/0DFC: 8B PHB C0/0DFD: A9D2 LDA #$D2 C0/0DFF: 48 PHA C0/0E00: AB PLB C0/0E01: A906 LDA #$06 C0/0E03: EB XBA C0/0E04: B980DB LDA $DB80,Y C0/0E07: 9F020600 STA $000602,X C0/0E0B: EB XBA C0/0E0C: E8 INX C0/0E0D: C8 INY C0/0E0E: 3A DEC A C0/0E0F: D0F2 BNE $0E03 C0/0E11: AB PLB C0/0E12: C220 REP #$20 C0/0E14: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/0E17: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/0E1A: 0A ASL A C0/0E1B: AA TAX C0/0E1C: BD3EA2 LDA $A23E,X C0/0E1F: 8F040600 STA $000604 C0/0E23: 8F140600 STA $000614 C0/0E27: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0E29: 60 RTS

C0/0E2A: EB XBA C0/0E2B: 48 PHA C0/0E2C: 9C98A1 STZ $A198 C0/0E2F: A908 LDA #$08 C0/0E31: EB XBA C0/0E32: 0A ASL A C0/0E33: 6E98A1 ROR $A198 C0/0E36: EB XBA C0/0E37: 3A DEC A C0/0E38: D0F7 BNE $0E31 C0/0E3A: 68 PLA C0/0E3B: EB XBA C0/0E3C: AD98A1 LDA $A198 C0/0E3F: 60 RTS

C0/0E40: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status](Jump 1 [2]) C0/0E41: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0E43: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/0E45: 8B PHB C0/0E46: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0E48: 48 PHA C0/0E49: AB PLB C0/0E4A: A930 LDA #$30 C0/0E4C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0E4E: 9E001D STZ $1D00,X C0/0E51: E8 INX C0/0E52: 3A DEC A C0/0E53: D0F9 BNE $0E4E C0/0E55: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0E57: 8D1A1D STA $1D1A C0/0E5A: A97E LDA #$7E C0/0E5C: 48 PHA C0/0E5D: AB PLB C0/0E5E: A06012 LDY #$1260 C0/0E61: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/0E64: 9E0090 STZ $9000,X C0/0E67: E8 INX C0/0E68: 88 DEY C0/0E69: D0F9 BNE $0E64 C0/0E6B: 208D0E JSR $0E8D [Go to subservient subroutine] C0/0E6E: A2009C LDX #$9C00 C0/0E71: 8E9BA1 STX $A19B C0/0E74: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0E76: 8DC6A1 STA $A1C6 C0/0E79: A906 LDA #$06 C0/0E7B: 8D61A1 STA $A161 C0/0E7E: A20800 LDX #$0008 C0/0E81: A907 LDA #$07 C0/0E83: 9D4EA2 STA $A24E,X C0/0E86: 3A DEC A C0/0E87: CA DEX C0/0E88: D0F9 BNE $0E83 C0/0E8A: AB PLB C0/0E8B: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/0E8C: 6B RTL [Finish up and get out of this hellhole.]

[Subroutine subservient to the previous code block. Not called by anything else.] C0/0E8D: A908 LDA #$08 C0/0E8F: 8D75A1 STA $A175 C0/0E92: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/0E95: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/0E98: DA PHX C0/0E99: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0E9B: EB XBA C0/0E9C: BF6171C7 LDA $C77161,X C0/0EA0: 0A ASL A C0/0EA1: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/0EA4: 0A ASL A C0/0EA5: 18 CLC C0/0EA6: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/0EA9: AA TAX C0/0EAA: C220 REP #$20 C0/0EAC: BF82DBD2 LDA $D2DB82,X C0/0EB0: 993EA2 STA $A23E,Y C0/0EB3: FA PLX C0/0EB4: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0EB6: C8 INY C0/0EB7: C8 INY C0/0EB8: E8 INX C0/0EB9: CE75A1 DEC $A175 C0/0EBC: D0DA BNE $0E98 C0/0EBE: 60 RTS

[Zeroes out a LOT of things! Called as part of the use of the Flammie Drum?] C0/0EBF: 48 PHA C0/0EC0: 8B PHB C0/0EC1: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/0EC2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0EC4: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/0EC6: A97E LDA #$7E C0/0EC8: 48 PHA C0/0EC9: AB PLB C0/0ECA: AD96A1 LDA $A196 C0/0ECD: 8D7CA1 STA $A17C C0/0ED0: AD97A1 LDA $A197 C0/0ED3: 8D7DA1 STA $A17D C0/0ED6: A22201 LDX #$0122 C0/0ED9: 8E7EA1 STX $A17E C0/0EDC: 9C5CA1 STZ $A15C C0/0EDF: 9C5DA1 STZ $A15D C0/0EE2: 9C5EA1 STZ $A15E C0/0EE5: 9C5FA1 STZ $A15F C0/0EE8: 9C6DA1 STZ $A16D C0/0EEB: 9C60A1 STZ $A160 C0/0EEE: 9C70A1 STZ $A170 C0/0EF1: 9C81A1 STZ $A181 C0/0EF4: 9CD0A1 STZ $A1D0 C0/0EF7: 9CA4A1 STZ $A1A4 C0/0EFA: AF101D00 LDA $001D10 C0/0EFE: 29FE AND #$FE C0/0F00: 8F101D00 STA $001D10 C0/0F04: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/0F05: AB PLB C0/0F06: 68 PLA C0/0F07: 6B RTL

C0/0F08: AF62A17E LDA $7EA162 C0/0F0C: C902 CMP #$02 C0/0F0E: F01B BEQ $0F2B C0/0F10: C220 REP #$20 C0/0F12: AF011D00 LDA $001D01 C0/0F16: 1A INC A C0/0F17: 8DD1A1 STA $A1D1 C0/0F1A: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0F1C: AF031D00 LDA $001D03 C0/0F20: 8DD3A1 STA $A1D3 C0/0F23: AF62A17E LDA $7EA162 C0/0F27: 8F88A17E STA $7EA188 C0/0F2B: 60 RTS

C0/0F2C: 8B PHB C0/0F2D: A97E LDA #$7E C0/0F2F: 48 PHA C0/0F30: AB PLB C0/0F31: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/0F34: C902 CMP #$02 C0/0F36: D01F BNE $0F57 C0/0F38: AD88A1 LDA $A188 C0/0F3B: 8F62A17E STA $7EA162 C0/0F3F: 208B0D JSR $0D8B C0/0F42: 203F19 JSR $193F C0/0F45: C220 REP #$20 C0/0F47: ADD1A1 LDA $A1D1 C0/0F4A: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/0F4E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/0F50: ADD3A1 LDA $A1D3 C0/0F53: 8F031D00 STA $001D03 C0/0F57: AB PLB C0/0F58: 60 RTS

C0/0F59: A951 LDA #$51 C0/0F5B: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/0F5E: AD87A1 LDA $A187 C0/0F61: 2901 AND #$01 C0/0F63: D018 BNE $0F7D C0/0F65: A904 LDA #$04 C0/0F67: 8D5EA1 STA $A15E C0/0F6A: 801A BRA $0F86 C0/0F6C: A950 LDA #$50 C0/0F6E: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/0F71: AD87A1 LDA $A187 C0/0F74: 2901 AND #$01 C0/0F76: D00E BNE $0F86 C0/0F78: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0F7A: 0C87A1 TSB $A187 C0/0F7D: 20080F JSR $0F08 C0/0F80: A902 LDA #$02 C0/0F82: 8F62A17E STA $7EA162 C0/0F86: 60 RTS

C0/0F87: 20080F JSR $0F08 C0/0F8A: A902 LDA #$02 C0/0F8C: 8D62A1 STA $A162 C0/0F8F: 209919 JSR $1999 C0/0F92: 208B0D JSR $0D8B C0/0F95: 203F19 JSR $193F C0/0F98: A953 LDA #$53 C0/0F9A: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/0F9D: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/0FA1: 0904 ORA #$04 C0/0FA3: 29BF AND #$BF C0/0FA5: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/0FA9: 60 RTS

C0/0FAA: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/0FAD: 7400 STZ $00,X C0/0FAF: E8 INX C0/0FB0: E00001 CPX #$0100 C0/0FB3: D0F8 BNE $0FAD C0/0FB5: 8B PHB C0/0FB6: A97E LDA #$7E [Load #$7E into A] C0/0FB8: 48 PHA [Push A (#$7E) onto stack] C0/0FB9: AB PLB [Pull #$7E off stack and into bank register] C0/0FBA: A20006 LDX #$0600 C0/0FBD: 9EFFDF STZ $DFFF,X C0/0FC0: CA DEX C0/0FC1: D0FA BNE $0FBD C0/0FC3: A28000 LDX #$0080 C0/0FC6: 9EFFCB STZ $CBFF,X C0/0FC9: CA DEX C0/0FCA: D0FA BNE $0FC6 C0/0FCC: A901 LDA #$01 C0/0FCE: 85D9 STA $D9 C0/0FD0: 8D00E0 STA $E000 C0/0FD3: AB PLB C0/0FD4: 60 RTS

C0/0FD5: A980 LDA #$80 C0/0FD7: 208F00 JSR $008F C0/0FDA: 1E0022 ASL $2200,X C0/0FDD: 0400 TSB $00 C0/0FDF: C360 CMP $60,S

[Lesse. Accessed from a series 2 jump...] C0/0FE1: 8B PHB C0/0FE2: A97E LDA #$7E C0/0FE4: 48 PHA C0/0FE5: AB PLB C0/0FE6: 22BF0EC0 JSR $C00EBF [Zeroing subroutine] C0/0FEA: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0FEC: 8D62A1 STA $A162 C0/0FEF: A950 LDA #$50 C0/0FF1: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/0FF4: 226310C0 JSR $C01063 [Checking 2] C0/0FF8: AB PLB [] C0/0FF9: 60 RTS

C0/0FFA: 8B PHB C0/0FFB: EB XBA C0/0FFC: A900 LDA #$00 C0/0FFE: 48 PHA C0/0FFF: AB PLB C0/1000: EB XBA C0/1001: 48 PHA C0/1002: 0C121D TSB $1D12 C0/1005: 68 PLA C0/1006: EB XBA C0/1007: AD051D LDA $1D05 C0/100A: C907 CMP #$07 C0/100C: F010 BEQ $101E C0/100E: AF87A17E LDA $7EA187 C0/1012: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/1014: D008 BNE $101E C0/1016: AF62A17E LDA $7EA162 C0/101A: C901 CMP #$01 C0/101C: F004 BEQ $1022 C0/101E: EB XBA C0/101F: 0C041D TSB $1D04 C0/1022: AB PLB C0/1023: 60 RTS

[Preparation of some variables] C0/1024: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1026: AE8702 LDX $0287 C0/1029: 9E0000 STZ $0000,X C0/102C: C220 REP #$20 C0/102E: 8A TXA C0/102F: 8F141D00 STA $001D14 C0/1033: AD8902 LDA $0289 C0/1036: 8F161D00 STA $001D16 C0/103A: A9FF07 LDA #$07FF C0/103D: 9D2200 STA $0022,X C0/1040: A96800 LDA #$0068 C0/1043: 9D2B00 STA $002B,X C0/1046: 9E3200 STZ $0032,X C0/1049: A97A01 LDA #$017A C0/104C: 9D9A00 STA $009A,X C0/104F: 9E9C00 STZ $009C,X C0/1052: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/1055: 9D9E00 STA $009E,X C0/1058: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/105A: 9D0B00 STA $000B,X C0/105D: A9CA LDA #$CA C0/105F: 9DA200 STA $00A2,X C0/1062: 60 RTS

[Endpoint in the Jump 2 series] C0/1063: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1065: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/1069: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/106D: 8F121D00 STA $001D12 C0/1071: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/1072: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1074: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/1076: 8B PHB C0/1077: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1079: 48 PHA C0/107A: AB PLB C0/107B: A23605 LDX #$0536 C0/107E: 9EFF9B STZ $9BFF,X C0/1081: CA DEX C0/1082: D0FA BNE $107E C0/1084: AF041D00 LDA $001D04 C0/1088: 0944 ORA #$44 C0/108A: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/108E: 9C87A1 STZ $A187 C0/1091: 22BF0EC0 JSR $C00EBF [Zeroing subroutine] C0/1095: AB PLB C0/1096: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/1097: 6B RTL [Get the hell out of here]

[Pointer table to subroutines above! Called at C0/131E] C0/1098: 6102 C0/109A: 4803 C0/109C: 4803 C0/109E: 4803 C0/10A0: 4803 C0/10A2: A806 C0/10A4: DA06 C0/10A6: C308 C0/10A8: 6102 C0/10AA: BD02 C0/10AC: 4803 C0/10AE: 4803 C0/10B0: BD02 C0/10B2: BD02 C0/10B4: 4803 C0/10B6: 4803 C0/10B8: BD02 C0/10BA: 0F04 C0/10BC: 510D

[Subroutines called at C0/130F] C0/10BE: 2A06 C0/10C0: 3806 C0/10C2: A806 C0/10C4: 0F09 C0/10C6: 340A C0/10C8: 8D0A C0/10CA: 4F0B C0/10CC: 2A0C C0/10CE: 510D C0/10D0: EA06 C0/10D2: E007 C0/10D4: 4408 C0/10D6: 9E08 C0/10D8: C308

[A bunch of incoherent gibberish, but actually a pointer table?] C0/10DA: 2902 [Subroutine important to events] C0/10DC: 1106 [] C0/10DE: FF12 [] C0/10E0: 1A11 C0/10E2: 1A11 C0/10E4: 1A11 C0/10E6: 1A11 C0/10E8: 1A11 C0/10EA: 1A11 C0/10EC: 1A11 C0/10EE: 461A INC A C0/10F0: 1A11 C0/10F2: 1A11 C0/10F4: 6C0F C0/10F6: 590F C0/10F8: 870F C0/10FA: E204 4D05 1505 C0/1100: 8305

[Some table read at C0/0321 and elsewhere] C0/1102: 8064 C0/1104: 8065 C0/1106: 8066 C0/1108: 8067 C0/110A: 8068 PLA C0/110C: 8069 BRA $1177 C0/110E: 806A BRA $117A C0/1110: 806B BRA $117D [Some table read by...some subroutine far above?] C0/1112: 8065 BRA $1179 C0/1114: 8066 BRA $117C C0/1116: 8069 BRA $1181 C0/1118: 806A BRA $1184

[] C0/111A: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/111E: 2940 AND #$40 C0/1120: F011 BEQ $1133 C0/1122: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/1126: 29BF AND #$BF C0/1128: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/112C: A952 LDA #$52 C0/112E: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/1131: 800B BRA $113E C0/1133: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1135: EB XBA C0/1136: AD5DA1 LDA $A15D C0/1139: 0A ASL A C0/113A: AA TAX C0/113B: FC0C1A JSR ($1A0C,X) [Reads table below] C0/113E: 60 RTS

C0/113F: AF041D00 LDA $001D04 C0/1143: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/1145: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/1149: 20B816 JSR $16B8 C0/114C: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/114F: 60 RTS

C0/1150: 206416 JSR $1664 C0/1153: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/1156: 60 RTS

C0/1157: 206316 JSR $1663 C0/115A: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/115D: 60 RTS

C0/115E: 20B915 JSR $15B9 C0/1161: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/1164: 60 RTS

C0/1165: 202C16 JSR $162C C0/1168: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/116B: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/116E: 8E73A1 STX $A173 C0/1171: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/1174: 60 RTS

C0/1175: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/1179: C907 CMP #$07 C0/117B: F039 BEQ $11B6 C0/117D: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/1180: D015 BNE $1197 C0/1182: 203114 JSR $1431 C0/1185: 20A013 JSR $13A0 C0/1188: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/118B: AD5DA1 LDA $A15D C0/118E: C908 CMP #$08 C0/1190: F018 BEQ $11AA C0/1192: CE5DA1 DEC $A15D C0/1195: 8013 BRA $11AA C0/1197: 207914 JSR $1479 C0/119A: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/119D: 20A013 JSR $13A0 C0/11A0: AD5DA1 LDA $A15D C0/11A3: C908 CMP #$08 C0/11A5: D0F6 BNE $119D C0/11A7: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/11AA: A966 LDA #$66 C0/11AC: 0F041D00 ORA $001D04 C0/11B0: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/11B4: 8014 BRA $11CA C0/11B6: C220 REP #$20 C0/11B8: AF141D00 LDA $001D14 C0/11BC: AA TAX C0/11BD: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/11BF: 9E0000 STZ $0000,X C0/11C2: 20CB11 JSR $11CB C0/11C5: A957 LDA #$57 C0/11C7: 20FA0F JSR $0FFA C0/11CA: 60 RTS

C0/11CB: A906 LDA #$06 C0/11CD: EB XBA C0/11CE: AD81A1 LDA $A181 C0/11D1: F007 BEQ $11DA C0/11D3: C903 CMP #$03 C0/11D5: F003 BEQ $11DA C0/11D7: A908 LDA #$08 C0/11D9: EB XBA C0/11DA: EB XBA C0/11DB: 8D75A1 STA $A175 C0/11DE: 48 PHA C0/11DF: AC89A1 LDY $A189 C0/11E2: A20094 LDX #$9400 C0/11E5: 203512 JSR $1235 C0/11E8: C220 REP #$20 C0/11EA: AD89A1 LDA $A189 C0/11ED: 18 CLC C0/11EE: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/11F1: A8 TAY C0/11F2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/11F4: 68 PLA C0/11F5: 8D75A1 STA $A175 C0/11F8: 203512 JSR $1235 C0/11FB: 205712 JSR $1257 C0/11FE: C220 REP #$20 C0/1200: AD81A1 LDA $A181 C0/1203: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/1206: 0A ASL A C0/1207: AA TAX C0/1208: BF361AC0 LDA $C01A36,X [Table below] C0/120C: 8F061D00 STA $001D06 C0/1210: BF3E1AC0 LDA $C01A3E,X [Table below] C0/1214: 8F081D00 STA $001D08 C0/1218: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/121B: 8F181D00 STA $001D18 C0/121F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1221: EE81A1 INC $A181 C0/1224: A904 LDA #$04 C0/1226: CD81A1 CMP $A181 C0/1229: D009 BNE $1234 C0/122B: 9C81A1 STZ $A181 C0/122E: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/1231: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/1234: 60 RTS

C0/1235: A910 LDA #$10 C0/1237: EB XBA C0/1238: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/123B: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/123E: E8 INX C0/123F: C8 INY C0/1240: EB XBA C0/1241: 3A DEC A C0/1242: D0F3 BNE $1237 C0/1244: 20DB14 JSR $14DB C0/1247: C220 REP #$20 C0/1249: 98 TYA C0/124A: 18 CLC C0/124B: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/124E: A8 TAY C0/124F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1251: CE75A1 DEC $A175 C0/1254: D0DF BNE $1235 C0/1256: 60 RTS

C0/1257: C220 REP #$20 C0/1259: AD81A1 LDA $A181 C0/125C: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/125F: 0A ASL A C0/1260: AA TAX C0/1261: BF3E1AC0 LDA $C01A3E,X C0/1265: 18 CLC C0/1266: 6D89A1 ADC $A189 C0/1269: 8D89A1 STA $A189 C0/126C: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/126E: 60 RTS

C0/126F: 9C5DA1 STZ $A15D C0/1272: 9C6DA1 STZ $A16D C0/1275: A20090 LDX #$9000 C0/1278: 8E89A1 STX $A189 C0/127B: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/127F: 8980 BIT #$80 C0/1281: D01B BNE $129E C0/1283: 2901 AND #$01 C0/1285: F021 BEQ $12A8 C0/1287: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/128B: 29FE AND #$FE C0/128D: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/1291: AD6BA1 LDA $A16B C0/1294: 4A LSR A C0/1295: 3A DEC A C0/1296: CD80A1 CMP $A180 C0/1299: D00A BNE $12A5 C0/129B: 8D80A1 STA $A180 C0/129E: A909 LDA #$09 C0/12A0: 8D5DA1 STA $A15D C0/12A3: 8018 BRA $12BD C0/12A5: EE80A1 INC $A180 C0/12A8: 9C70A1 STZ $A170 C0/12AB: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/12AF: C907 CMP #$07 C0/12B1: D00A BNE $12BD C0/12B3: A909 LDA #$09 C0/12B5: 8D5DA1 STA $A15D C0/12B8: A953 LDA #$53 C0/12BA: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/12BD: 60 RTS

C0/12BE: 9C5FA1 STZ $A15F C0/12C1: 9C5EA1 STZ $A15E C0/12C4: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/12C8: 0950 ORA #$50 C0/12CA: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/12CE: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/12D2: 2980 AND #$80 C0/12D4: F014 BEQ $12EA C0/12D6: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/12DA: 293F AND #$3F C0/12DC: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/12E0: A95A LDA #$5A C0/12E2: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/12E5: 9C60A1 STZ $A160 C0/12E8: 8006 BRA $12F0 C0/12EA: 9C70A1 STZ $A170 C0/12ED: 202C0F JSR $0F2C C0/12F0: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/12F4: C907 CMP #$07 C0/12F6: D003 BNE $12FB C0/12F8: 202213 JSR $1322 C0/12FB: 9C5DA1 STZ $A15D C0/12FE: 60 RTS

[Referenced by pointer table] C0/12FF: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1301: EB XBA C0/1302: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/1306: C907 CMP #$07 C0/1308: F00A BEQ $1314 C0/130A: AD5FA1 LDA $A15F C0/130D: 0A ASL A C0/130E: AA TAX C0/130F: FCBE10 JSR ($10BE,X) [] C0/1312: 800D BRA $1321 C0/1314: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1316: 8D6FA1 STA $A16F C0/1319: AD5CA1 LDA $A15C C0/131C: 0A ASL A C0/131D: AA TAX C0/131E: FC9810 JSR ($1098,X) [] C0/1321: 60 RTS

C0/1322: AF131D00 LDA $001D13 C0/1326: F010 BEQ $1338 C0/1328: C220 REP #$20 C0/132A: AF141D00 LDA $001D14 C0/132E: AA TAX C0/132F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1331: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1333: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/1336: 8003 BRA $133B C0/1338: 203C13 JSR $133C C0/133B: 60 RTS

C0/133C: C220 REP #$20 C0/133E: AF141D00 LDA $001D14 C0/1342: AA TAX C0/1343: BD0000 LDA $0000,X C0/1346: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/1349: D052 BNE $139D C0/134B: AF161D00 LDA $001D16 C0/134F: A8 TAY C0/1350: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1352: A22800 LDX #$0028 C0/1355: A908 LDA #$08 C0/1357: EB XBA C0/1358: B90100 LDA $0001,Y C0/135B: 38 SEC C0/135C: E998 SBC #$98 C0/135E: 9F000800 STA $000800,X C0/1362: B90200 LDA $0002,Y C0/1365: 9F010800 STA $000801,X C0/1369: B90300 LDA $0003,Y C0/136C: 9F020800 STA $000802,X C0/1370: B90400 LDA $0004,Y C0/1373: 9F030800 STA $000803,X C0/1377: C8 INY C0/1378: C8 INY C0/1379: C8 INY C0/137A: C8 INY C0/137B: CA DEX C0/137C: CA DEX C0/137D: CA DEX C0/137E: CA DEX C0/137F: EB XBA C0/1380: 3A DEC A C0/1381: D0D4 BNE $1357 C0/1383: AF000A00 LDA $000A00 C0/1387: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/1389: 8F000A00 STA $000A00 C0/138D: A9AA LDA #$AA C0/138F: 8F010A00 STA $000A01 C0/1393: AF020A00 LDA $000A02 C0/1397: 092A ORA #$2A C0/1399: 8F020A00 STA $000A02 C0/139D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/139F: 60 RTS

C0/13A0: 20FD13 JSR $13FD C0/13A3: EE81A1 INC $A181 C0/13A6: EED0A1 INC $A1D0 C0/13A9: AD6AA1 LDA $A16A C0/13AC: CD81A1 CMP $A181 C0/13AF: F01C BEQ $13CD C0/13B1: ADCEA1 LDA $A1CE C0/13B4: 8980 BIT #$80 C0/13B6: F009 BEQ $13C1 C0/13B8: 297F AND #$7F C0/13BA: CDD0A1 CMP $A1D0 C0/13BD: F00E BEQ $13CD C0/13BF: 803B BRA $13FC C0/13C1: 297F AND #$7F C0/13C3: CDD0A1 CMP $A1D0 C0/13C6: D034 BNE $13FC C0/13C8: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/13CB: 802F BRA $13FC C0/13CD: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/13D1: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/13D3: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/13D7: AD97A1 LDA $A197 C0/13DA: 8D7DA1 STA $A17D C0/13DD: AD7CA1 LDA $A17C C0/13E0: 1A INC A C0/13E1: 1A INC A C0/13E2: 8D7CA1 STA $A17C C0/13E5: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/13E8: C220 REP #$20 C0/13EA: AD7EA1 LDA $A17E C0/13ED: 0A ASL A C0/13EE: 0A ASL A C0/13EF: 0A ASL A C0/13F0: 18 CLC C0/13F1: 690040 ADC #$4000 C0/13F4: 8D8CA1 STA $A18C C0/13F7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/13F9: 207C19 JSR $197C C0/13FC: 60 RTS

C0/13FD: AD7DA1 LDA $A17D C0/1400: 8D57A1 STA $A157 C0/1403: AD7CA1 LDA $A17C C0/1406: 8D56A1 STA $A156 C0/1409: AE7EA1 LDX $A17E C0/140C: DA PHX C0/140D: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/1410: FA PLX C0/1411: E8 INX C0/1412: EE56A1 INC $A156 C0/1415: DA PHX C0/1416: 20C01B JSR $1BC0 C0/1419: FA PLX C0/141A: CE56A1 DEC $A156 C0/141D: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/1420: E8 INX C0/1421: 8E7EA1 STX $A17E C0/1424: AD57A1 LDA $A157 C0/1427: 8D7DA1 STA $A17D C0/142A: AD56A1 LDA $A156 C0/142D: 8D7CA1 STA $A17C C0/1430: 60 RTS

C0/1431: 206A14 JSR $146A C0/1434: 205014 JSR $1450 C0/1437: C220 REP #$20 C0/1439: AD8CA1 LDA $A18C C0/143C: 8F061D00 STA $001D06 C0/1440: AD8EA1 LDA $A18E C0/1443: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/1446: 18 CLC C0/1447: 6D8CA1 ADC $A18C C0/144A: 8D8CA1 STA $A18C C0/144D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/144F: 60 RTS

C0/1450: C220 REP #$20 C0/1452: AD89A1 LDA $A189 C0/1455: 18 CLC C0/1456: 692000 ADC #$0020 C0/1459: 8D89A1 STA $A189 C0/145C: A92000 LDA #$0020 C0/145F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1461: 203619 JSR $1936 C0/1464: A910 LDA #$10 C0/1466: 8D8EA1 STA $A18E C0/1469: 60 RTS

C0/146A: A902 LDA #$02 C0/146C: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/146F: AC89A1 LDY $A189 C0/1472: A20094 LDX #$9400 C0/1475: 20C614 JSR $14C6 C0/1478: 60 RTS

C0/1479: A938 LDA #$38 C0/147B: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/147E: A00090 LDY #$9000 C0/1481: A20094 LDX #$9400 C0/1484: 20C614 JSR $14C6 C0/1487: C220 REP #$20 C0/1489: A91049 LDA #$4910 C0/148C: 8F061D00 STA $001D06 C0/1490: 18 CLC C0/1491: 69C001 ADC #$01C0 C0/1494: 8D8CA1 STA $A18C C0/1497: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/149A: 8D8EA1 STA $A18E C0/149D: A98003 LDA #$0380 C0/14A0: 203619 JSR $1936 C0/14A3: A90090 LDA #$9000 C0/14A6: 8D89A1 STA $A189 C0/14A9: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/14AC: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/14AF: C90200 CMP #$0002 C0/14B2: D00C BNE $14C0 C0/14B4: A2004F LDX #$4F00 C0/14B7: 8E061D STX $1D06 C0/14BA: A90002 LDA #$0200 C0/14BD: 203619 JSR $1936 C0/14C0: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/14C2: 9C81A1 STZ $A181 C0/14C5: 60 RTS

C0/14C6: A910 LDA #$10 C0/14C8: EB XBA C0/14C9: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/14CC: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/14CF: E8 INX C0/14D0: C8 INY C0/14D1: EB XBA C0/14D2: 3A DEC A C0/14D3: D0F3 BNE $14C8 C0/14D5: CE71A1 DEC $A171 C0/14D8: D0EC BNE $14C6 C0/14DA: 60 RTS

[Initialize from $00 up to before $10 with zeroes, eh?] C0/14DB: C220 REP #$20 C0/14DD: A90800 LDA #$0008 C0/14E0: 9E0000 STZ $0000,X C0/14E3: E8 INX C0/14E4: E8 INX C0/14E5: 3A DEC A C0/14E6: D0F8 BNE $14E0 C0/14E8: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/14EA: 60 RTS

C0/14EB: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/14EF: C907 CMP #$07 C0/14F1: D006 BNE $14F9 C0/14F3: 200F04 JSR $040F C0/14F6: CE5CA1 DEC $A15C C0/14F9: 209E15 JSR $159E C0/14FC: 201A15 JSR $151A C0/14FF: 202115 JSR $1521 C0/1502: EE5DA1 INC $A15D C0/1505: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/1508: C901 CMP #$01 C0/150A: D00D BNE $1519 C0/150C: 206809 JSR $0968 C0/150F: AF041D00 LDA $001D04 C0/1513: 0920 ORA #$20 C0/1515: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/1519: 60 RTS

[] C0/151A: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/151D: A90E LDA #$0E C0/151F: 8005 BRA $1526 C0/1521: A01000 LDY #$0010 C0/1524: A90E LDA #$0E C0/1526: 48 PHA C0/1527: 203915 JSR $1539 C0/152A: C220 REP #$20 C0/152C: 98 TYA C0/152D: 18 CLC C0/152E: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/1531: A8 TAY C0/1532: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1534: 68 PLA C0/1535: 3A DEC A C0/1536: D0EE BNE $1526 C0/1538: 60 RTS

C0/1539: A908 LDA #$08 C0/153B: 8D75A1 STA $A175 C0/153E: AE82A1 LDX $A182 C0/1541: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/1543: 38 SEC C0/1544: F90094 SBC $9400,Y C0/1547: 48 PHA C0/1548: 3F80D4D2 AND $D2D480,X C0/154C: 190094 ORA $9400,Y C0/154F: 990090 STA $9000,Y C0/1552: E8 INX C0/1553: C8 INY C0/1554: 68 PLA C0/1555: 3F80D4D2 AND $D2D480,X C0/1559: 190094 ORA $9400,Y C0/155C: 990090 STA $9000,Y C0/155F: E8 INX C0/1560: C8 INY C0/1561: CE75A1 DEC $A175 C0/1564: D0DB BNE $1541 C0/1566: A908 LDA #$08 C0/1568: 8D75A1 STA $A175 C0/156B: C220 REP #$20 C0/156D: 98 TYA C0/156E: 18 CLC C0/156F: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/1572: A8 TAY C0/1573: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1575: AE82A1 LDX $A182 C0/1578: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/157A: 38 SEC C0/157B: F90094 SBC $9400,Y C0/157E: 48 PHA C0/157F: 3F80D4D2 AND $D2D480,X C0/1583: 190094 ORA $9400,Y C0/1586: 990090 STA $9000,Y C0/1589: C8 INY C0/158A: E8 INX C0/158B: 68 PLA C0/158C: 3F80D4D2 AND $D2D480,X C0/1590: 190094 ORA $9400,Y C0/1593: 990090 STA $9000,Y C0/1596: C8 INY C0/1597: E8 INX C0/1598: CE75A1 DEC $A175 C0/159B: D0DB BNE $1578 C0/159D: 60 RTS

[] C0/159E: A00094 LDY #$9400 C0/15A1: A900 LDA #$00 C0/15A3: EB XBA C0/15A4: AF4EA27E LDA $7EA24E C0/15A8: AA TAX C0/15A9: BF4FA27E LDA $7EA24F,X C0/15AD: EB XBA C0/15AE: A900 LDA #$00 C0/15B0: C220 REP #$20 C0/15B2: 4A LSR A C0/15B3: 8D82A1 STA $A182 C0/15B6: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/15B8: 60 RTS

C0/15B9: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/15BC: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/15BF: A920 LDA #$20 C0/15C1: 8D76A1 STA $A176 C0/15C4: A90C LDA #$0C C0/15C6: EB XBA C0/15C7: B90090 LDA $9000,Y C0/15CA: 9D0494 STA $9404,X C0/15CD: 9D0594 STA $9405,X C0/15D0: E8 INX C0/15D1: E8 INX C0/15D2: C8 INY C0/15D3: EB XBA C0/15D4: 3A DEC A C0/15D5: D0EF BNE $15C6 C0/15D7: E8 INX C0/15D8: E8 INX C0/15D9: E8 INX C0/15DA: E8 INX C0/15DB: E8 INX C0/15DC: E8 INX C0/15DD: E8 INX C0/15DE: E8 INX C0/15DF: CE76A1 DEC $A176 C0/15E2: D0E0 BNE $15C4 C0/15E4: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/15E7: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/15EA: A920 LDA #$20 C0/15EC: 8D76A1 STA $A176 C0/15EF: C220 REP #$20 C0/15F1: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/15F4: 9D0094 STA $9400,X C0/15F7: 9D0294 STA $9402,X C0/15FA: 9D1C94 STA $941C,X C0/15FD: 9D1E94 STA $941E,X C0/1600: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1602: A90C LDA #$0C C0/1604: EB XBA C0/1605: B90090 LDA $9000,Y C0/1608: 1D0294 ORA $9402,X C0/160B: 9D0294 STA $9402,X C0/160E: B90090 LDA $9000,Y C0/1611: 1D0694 ORA $9406,X C0/1614: 9D0694 STA $9406,X C0/1617: E8 INX C0/1618: E8 INX C0/1619: C8 INY C0/161A: EB XBA C0/161B: 3A DEC A C0/161C: D0E6 BNE $1604 C0/161E: E8 INX C0/161F: E8 INX C0/1620: E8 INX C0/1621: E8 INX C0/1622: E8 INX C0/1623: E8 INX C0/1624: E8 INX C0/1625: E8 INX C0/1626: CE76A1 DEC $A176 C0/1629: D0C4 BNE $15EF C0/162B: 60 RTS

[] C0/162C: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/162F: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/1632: A920 LDA #$20 C0/1634: 8D76A1 STA $A176 [Loop counter] C0/1637: - A90C LDA #$0C C0/1639: -- EB XBA {Using B for some kind of counter?} C0/163A: B90090 LDA $9000,Y C0/163D: 2A ROL A C0/163E: 1D0494 ORA $9404,X C0/1641: 9D0494 STA $9404,X C0/1644: B90090 LDA $9000,Y C0/1647: 4A LSR A C0/1648: 1D0494 ORA $9404,X C0/164B: 9D0494 STA $9404,X C0/164E: E8 INX C0/164F: E8 INX C0/1650: C8 INY C0/1651: EB XBA C0/1652: 3A DEC A C0/1653: D0E4 -- BNE $1639 C0/1655: E8 INX C0/1656: E8 INX C0/1657: E8 INX C0/1658: E8 INX C0/1659: E8 INX C0/165A: E8 INX C0/165B: E8 INX C0/165C: E8 INX C0/165D: CE76A1 DEC $A176 C0/1660: D0D5 - BNE $1637 C0/1662: 60 RTS

C0/1663: 60 RTS

[Compressed letter/number sprite handling subroutine?] C0/1664: ADCEA1 LDA $A1CE C0/1667: 297F AND #$7F C0/1669: D012 + BNE $167D C0/166B: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/166F: C905 CMP #$05 C0/1671: F00A + BEQ $167D C0/1673: 20CD13 JSR $13CD C0/1676: A907 LDA #$07 C0/1678: 8D5DA1 STA $A15D C0/167B: 803A ++ BRA $16B7 C0/167D: + A920 LDA #$20 C0/167F: 8D76A1 STA $A176 [Store into LoopCounter] C0/1682: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/1685: 9B TXY C0/1686: - BDA4A1 LDA $A1A4,X C0/1689: E8 INX C0/168A: DA PHX C0/168B: C220 REP #$20 C0/168D: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/1690: 38 SEC C0/1691: E98000 SBC #$0080 C0/1694: 0A ASL A C0/1695: 0A ASL A C0/1696: 8DC7A1 STA $A1C7 C0/1699: 0A ASL A C0/169A: 18 CLC C0/169B: 6DC7A1 ADC $A1C7 C0/169E: AA TAX C0/169F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/16A1: A90C LDA #$0C C0/16A3: -- EB XBA C0/16A4: BF00DCD2 LDA $D2DC00,X [Bank $12, eh?] C0/16A8: 990090 STA $9000,Y C0/16AB: C8 INY C0/16AC: E8 INX C0/16AD: EB XBA C0/16AE: 3A DEC A C0/16AF: D0F2 -- BNE $16A3 C0/16B1: FA PLX C0/16B2: CE76A1 DEC $A176 C0/16B5: D0CF - BNE $1686 C0/16B7: ++ 60 RTS

[Text Code Processing!] {DTE} C0/16B8: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/16BB: A980 LDA #$80 {Spaces-filling loop?} C0/16BD: - 9DA4A1 STA $A1A4,X C0/16C0: E8 INX C0/16C1: E02100 CPX #$0021 C0/16C4: D0F7 - BNE $16BD {} C0/16C6: AD6AA1 LDA $A16A C0/16C9: 38 SEC C0/16CA: ED81A1 SBC $A181 C0/16CD: 8DCAA1 STA $A1CA C0/16D0: 9CCEA1 STZ $A1CE C0/16D3: AD031D LDA $1D03 C0/16D6: AC011D LDY $1D01 [Text pointer?] C0/16D9: 8B PHB C0/16DA: 48 PHA C0/16DB: AB PLB C0/16DC: A20000 LDX #$0000 {} C0/16DF: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/16E3: 2980 AND #$80 C0/16E5: F003 + BEQ $16EA C0/16E7: 82C600 BRL $17B0 {} C0/16EA: + B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/16ED: C8 INY C0/16EE: C97F CMP #$7F [] C0/16F0: D003 + BNE $16F5 [] C0/16F2: 82BB00 BRL $17B0 [Handles line breaks?] {Non-line breaks} C0/16F5: + C9D3 CMP #$D3 C0/16F7: B014 + BCS $170D C0/16F9: C980 CMP #$80 C0/16FB: B02E ++ BCS $172B C0/16FD: C95F CMP #$5F C0/16FF: 902F +! BCC $1730 {< #$D3, < #$80, >= #$5F ?} C0/1701: DA PHX C0/1702: C220 REP #$20 C0/1704: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/1707: 38 SEC C0/1708: E96000 SBC #$0060 C0/170B: 800A +@ BRA $1717 {DTE Table Reading Section} {>= #$D3} C0/170D: + DA PHX C0/170E: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1710: 29FF00 AND #$00FF [AND Accumulator with #$00FF] C0/1713: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/1714: E9C300 SBC #$00C3 [Subtract #$00C3] {< #$D3, < #$80, >= #$5F ?} C0/1717: +@ 0A ASL A [Shift Left] {Mult. by 2} C0/1718: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/1719: BF9972C7 LDA $C77299,X C0/171D: 8F73A17E STA $7EA173 C0/1721: FA PLX C0/1722: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1724: 20C717 JSR $17C7 C0/1727: AF74A17E LDA $7EA174 C0/172B: ++ 20C717 JSR $17C7 C0/172E: 80AF BRA $16DF {< #$5F} C0/1730: +! 48 PHA C0/1731: AF12A27E LDA $7EA212 C0/1735: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/1737: 8F12A27E STA $7EA212 C0/173B: 68 PLA C0/173C: 38 SEC C0/173D: E953 SBC #$53 C0/173F: 9031 + BCC $1772 C0/1741: C90A CMP #$0A C0/1743: B02D + BCS $1772 C0/1745: 48 PHA C0/1746: C905 CMP #$05 C0/1748: B00A ++ BCS $1754 C0/174A: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/174E: 0908 ORA #$08 C0/1750: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/1754: ++ 68 PLA C0/1755: C220 REP #$20 C0/1757: 48 PHA C0/1758: 8A TXA C0/1759: 8F73A17E STA $7EA173 C0/175D: 68 PLA C0/175E: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/1761: 0A ASL A C0/1762: AA TAX C0/1763: FC221A JSR ($1A22,X)

C0/1766: C220 REP #$20 C0/1768: AF73A17E LDA $7EA173 C0/176C: AA TAX C0/176D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/176F: 826DFF BRL $16DF

C0/1772: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/1776: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/1778: F021 BEQ $179B C0/177A: 29F7 AND #$F7 C0/177C: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/1780: AFD3A17E LDA $7EA1D3 C0/1784: 8F031D00 STA $001D03 C0/1788: 48 PHA C0/1789: AB PLB C0/178A: C220 REP #$20 C0/178C: AFD1A17E LDA $7EA1D1 C0/1790: 1A INC A C0/1791: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/1795: A8 TAY C0/1796: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1798: 8244FF BRL $16DF C0/179B: 88 DEY C0/179C: 801C BRA $17BA

[] C0/179E: FA PLX C0/179F: AFC6A17E LDA $7EA1C6 C0/17A3: D015 BNE $17BA C0/17A5: A900 LDA #$00 C0/17A7: 8FC5A17E STA $7EA1C5 C0/17AB: 1A INC A C0/17AC: 8FC6A17E STA $7EA1C6 {Handle line break, if arriving from far above?} C0/17B0: AFCEA17E LDA $7EA1CE [] C0/17B4: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/17B6: 8FCEA17E STA $7EA1CE C0/17BA: AB PLB C0/17BB: C220 REP #$20 C0/17BD: 98 TYA C0/17BE: 8D011D STA $1D01 C0/17C1: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/17C3: 9CD0A1 STZ $A1D0 C0/17C6: 60 RTS

[Sub] C0/17C7: 8B PHB C0/17C8: 48 PHA C0/17C9: A97E LDA #$7E C0/17CB: 48 PHA C0/17CC: AB PLB C0/17CD: 68 PLA C0/17CE: 9DA4A1 STA $A1A4,X C0/17D1: E8 INX C0/17D2: EECEA1 INC $A1CE C0/17D5: ADCAA1 LDA $A1CA C0/17D8: CECAA1 DEC $A1CA C0/17DB: AB PLB C0/17DC: 3A DEC A C0/17DD: D024 BNE $1803 C0/17DF: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/17E3: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/17E5: F0B7 BEQ $179E C0/17E7: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/17E9: 29F7 AND #$F7 C0/17EB: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/17EF: C220 REP #$20 C0/17F1: AFD1A17E LDA $7EA1D1 C0/17F5: 1A INC A C0/17F6: A8 TAY C0/17F7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/17F9: AFD3A17E LDA $7EA1D3 C0/17FD: 8F031D00 STA $001D03 C0/1801: 809B BRA $179E C0/1803: 60 RTS

[01: ] C0/1804: C220 REP #$20 C0/1806: A99E09 LDA #$099E C0/1809: 8FD5A17E STA $7EA1D5 C0/180D: 200A19 JSR $190A C0/1810: 60 RTS

[02: ] C0/1811: C220 REP #$20 C0/1813: A96408 LDA #$0864 C0/1816: 8FD5A17E STA $7EA1D5 C0/181A: 200A19 JSR $190A C0/181D: 60 RTS

[03: ] C0/181E: C220 REP #$20 C0/1820: A90008 LDA #$0800 C0/1823: 8FD5A17E STA $7EA1D5 C0/1827: 200A19 JSR $190A C0/182A: 60 RTS

[04: ] C0/182B: C220 REP #$20 C0/182D: AF021D00 LDA $001D02 C0/1831: 8FD2A17E STA $7EA1D2 C0/1835: 98 TYA C0/1836: 8FD1A17E STA $7EA1D1 C0/183A: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/183D: 48 PHA C0/183E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1840: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1842: 48 PHA C0/1843: AB PLB C0/1844: C220 REP #$20 C0/1846: 68 PLA C0/1847: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/184A: 0A ASL A C0/184B: 0A ASL A C0/184C: 8D99A1 STA $A199 C0/184F: 0A ASL A C0/1850: 18 CLC C0/1851: 6D99A1 ADC $A199 C0/1854: AA TAX C0/1855: A92FA2 LDA #$A22F C0/1858: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/185C: A8 TAY C0/185D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/185F: 5A PHY C0/1860: A90C LDA #$0C [Used as loop counter] C0/1862: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/1865: EB XBA C0/1866: BD00CC LDA $CC00,X [Character name] C0/1869: 992FA2 STA $A22F,Y C0/186C: E8 INX C0/186D: C8 INY C0/186E: EB XBA C0/186F: 3A DEC A C0/1870: D0F3 BNE $1865 C0/1872: 992FA2 STA $A22F,Y C0/1875: 7A PLY C0/1876: 60 RTS

[00: Dummy] C0/1877: 60 RTS

[05: ] C0/1878: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/187A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/187C: 8FD4A17E STA $7EA1D4 C0/1880: C220 REP #$20 C0/1882: 60 RTS

[06: ] C0/1883: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/1886: C8 INY C0/1887: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/188A: 8FCEA17E STA $7EA1CE C0/188E: 8F73A17E STA $7EA173 C0/1892: 60 RTS

[09: ] C0/1893: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1895: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/1898: C8 INY C0/1899: 20FB18 JSR $18FB C0/189C: 60 RTS

[07: ] C0/189D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/189F: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/18A2: C8 INY C0/18A3: 48 PHA C0/18A4: 20FB18 JSR $18FB C0/18A7: A900 LDA #$00 C0/18A9: EB XBA C0/18AA: AFD4A17E LDA $7EA1D4 C0/18AE: AA TAX C0/18AF: 1A INC A C0/18B0: 8FD4A17E STA $7EA1D4 C0/18B4: 68 PLA C0/18B5: 9FD7A17E STA $7EA1D7,X C0/18B9: 60 RTS

[08: ] C0/18BA: 98 TYA C0/18BB: 8FD5A17E STA $7EA1D5 C0/18BF: AF001D00 LDA $001D00 C0/18C3: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/18C5: 008F BRK #$8F [DANGER] C0/18C7: 001D BRK #$1D C0/18C9: 00DA BRK #$DA C0/18CB: 5A PHY C0/18CC: AFD4A17E LDA $7EA1D4 C0/18D0: 29FF AND #$FF C0/18D2: 00A8 BRK #$A8 C0/18D4: AFCEA17E LDA $7EA1CE C0/18D8: 29FF AND #$FF C0/18DA: 0048 BRK #$48 C0/18DC: 3A DEC A C0/18DD: AA TAX C0/18DE: BFA4A17E LDA $7EA1A4,X C0/18E2: 29FF AND #$FF C0/18E4: 00C9 BRK #$C9 C0/18E6: CC00F0 CPY $F000 C0/18E9: 0368 ORA $68,S C0/18EB: 8002 BRA $18EF C0/18ED: 68 PLA C0/18EE: 3A DEC A C0/18EF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/18F1: BB TYX C0/18F2: 9FD7A17E STA $7EA1D7,X C0/18F6: C220 REP #$20 C0/18F8: 7A PLY C0/18F9: FA PLX C0/18FA: 60 RTS

C0/18FB: 8B PHB C0/18FC: 48 PHA C0/18FD: A97E48 LDA #$487E C0/1900: AB PLB C0/1901: 68 PLA C0/1902: 8DCEA1 STA $A1CE C0/1905: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/1908: AB PLB C0/1909: 60 RTS

[] C0/190A: C220 REP #$20 C0/190C: AF021D00 LDA $001D02 C0/1910: 8FD2A17E STA $7EA1D2 C0/1914: 98 TYA C0/1915: 8FD1A17E STA $7EA1D1 C0/1919: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/191C: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/191F: 0A ASL A C0/1920: 18 CLC C0/1921: 6FD5A17E ADC $7EA1D5 C0/1925: AA TAX C0/1926: BF0000CA LDA $CA0000,X C0/192A: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/192E: A8 TAY C0/192F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1931: A9CA LDA #$CA C0/1933: 48 PHA C0/1934: AB PLB C0/1935: 60 RTS

C0/1936: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/1937: C220 REP #$20 C0/1939: 8F081D00 STA $001D08 C0/193D: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/193E: 60 RTS

C0/193F: A21049 LDX #$4910 C0/1942: AF051D00 LDA $001D05 C0/1946: C907D0 CMP #$D007 C0/1949: 0DA2A0 ORA $A0A2 C0/194C: 65AD ADC $AD C0/194E: 62A1C9 PER $E2F2 C0/1951: 01F0 ORA ($F0,X) C0/1953: 03A2 ORA $A2,S C0/1955: 9065 BCC $19BC C0/1957: 8E8CA1 STX $A18C C0/195A: A22201 LDX #$0122 C0/195D: AD62A1 LDA $A162 C0/1960: C902D0 CMP #$D002 C0/1963: 03A2 ORA $A2,S C0/1965: E0018E CPX #$8E01 C0/1968: 7EA1AD ROR $ADA1,X C0/196B: 97A1 STA [$A1],Y C0/196D: 8D7DA1 STA $A17D C0/1970: AD96A1 LDA $A196 C0/1973: 8D7CA1 STA $A17C C0/1976: 9C80A1 STZ $A180 C0/1979: 9C5DA1 STZ $A15D C0/197C: 9C81A1 STZ $A181 C0/197F: 9C86A1 STZ $A186 C0/1982: A20090 LDX #$9000 C0/1985: 8E89A1 STX $A189 C0/1988: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/198B: 8D93A1 STA $A193 C0/198E: A9688D LDA #$8D68 C0/1991: 5B TCD C0/1992: A1A9 LDA ($A9,X) C0/1994: 48 PHA C0/1995: 8D9FA1 STA $A19F C0/1998: 60 RTS

C0/1999: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/199C: A904A2 LDA #$A204 C0/199F: 0000 BRK #$00 [DANGER] C0/19A1: EB XBA C0/19A2: BD6ACC LDA $CC6A,X C0/19A5: 9936A1 STA $A136,Y C0/19A8: E8 INX C0/19A9: C8 INY C0/19AA: EB XBA C0/19AB: 3A DEC A C0/19AC: D0F3 BNE $19A1 C0/19AE: 22DB54C7 JSR $C754DB C0/19B2: 20C719 JSR $19C7 C0/19B5: C220 REP #$20 C0/19B7: A9E0A1 LDA #$A1E0 C0/19BA: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/19BE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/19C0: A97E LDA #$7E C0/19C2: 8F031D00 STA $001D03 C0/19C6: 60 RTS

C0/19C7: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/19CA: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/19CD: A906 LDA #$06 C0/19CF: EB XBA C0/19D0: B936A1 LDA $A136,Y C0/19D3: C8 INY C0/19D4: C900 CMP #$00 C0/19D6: D00C BNE $19E4 C0/19D8: A980 LDA #$80 C0/19DA: 9DE0A1 STA $A1E0,X C0/19DD: E8 INX C0/19DE: EB XBA C0/19DF: 3A DEC A C0/19E0: D0ED BNE $19CF C0/19E2: C8 INY C0/19E3: EB XBA C0/19E4: EB XBA C0/19E5: 88 DEY C0/19E6: 1A INC A C0/19E7: EB XBA C0/19E8: B936A1 LDA $A136,Y C0/19EB: C8 INY C0/19EC: 18 CLC C0/19ED: 69B5 ADC #$B5 C0/19EF: 9DE0A1 STA $A1E0,X C0/19F2: E8 INX C0/19F3: EB XBA C0/19F4: 3A DEC A C0/19F5: D0F0 BNE $19E7 C0/19F7: 9EE0A1 STZ $A1E0,X C0/19FA: 9B TXY C0/19FB: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/19FE: BF6A7BC7 LDA $C77B6A,X C0/1A02: 99E0A1 STA $A1E0,Y C0/1A05: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/1A06: E8 INX C0/1A07: C8 INY C0/1A08: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/1A09: D0F3 BNE $19FE C0/1A0B: 60 RTS

[] C0/1A0C: 3F11 5011 C0/1A10: 5711 C0/1A12: 5E11 6511 EB14 7511 8B11 6F12 BE12 C0/1A20: FF12

[] C0/1A22: 7718 C0/1A24: 0418 C0/1A26: 1118 C0/1A28: 1E18 C0/1A2A: 2B18 C0/1A2C: 7818 C0/1A2E: 8318 C0/1A30: 9D18 C0/1A32: BA18 C0/1A34: 9318 [Table 1] C0/1A36: A065 0067 8069 C0/1A3C: 006B [Table 2] C0/1A3E: C00000 CPY #$0000 C0/1A41: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/1A43: 01C0 ORA ($C0,X) C0/1A45: 00

[Pointed to in massive pointer table] C0/1A46: A9 BRK #$A9 [DANGER] C0/1A47: 00EB BRK #$EB C0/1A49: AD60A1 LDA $A160 C0/1A4C: 0A ASL A C0/1A4D: AA TAX C0/1A4E: FCB71B JSR ($1BB7,X) C0/1A51: 60 RTS

C0/1A52: A20300 LDX #$0003 C0/1A55: B5D8 LDA $D8,X C0/1A57: 2980 AND #$80 C0/1A59: D004 BNE $1A5F C0/1A5B: CA DEX C0/1A5C: D0F7 BNE $1A55 C0/1A5E: E8 INX C0/1A5F: CA DEX C0/1A60: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1A62: EB XBA C0/1A63: 8A TXA C0/1A64: 0A ASL A C0/1A65: AA TAX C0/1A66: 8E82A1 STX $A182 C0/1A69: 9C00A2 STZ $A200 C0/1A6C: 20551B JSR $1B55 C0/1A6F: 9C01A2 STZ $A201 C0/1A72: EE60A1 INC $A160 C0/1A75: 60 RTS

C0/1A76: 20961A JSR $1A96 C0/1A79: 60 RTS

C0/1A7A: 8B PHB C0/1A7B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1A7D: 48 PHA C0/1A7E: AB PLB C0/1A7F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1A81: 0C041D TSB $1D04 C0/1A84: AB PLB C0/1A85: A902 LDA #$02 C0/1A87: 1C87A1 TRB $A187 C0/1A8A: 9C60A1 STZ $A160 C0/1A8D: 9C70A1 STZ $A170 C0/1A90: A951 LDA #$51 C0/1A92: 8D70A1 STA $A170 C0/1A95: 60 RTS

C0/1A96: E210 SEP #$10 C0/1A98: 22008000 JSR $008000 C0/1A9C: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/1A9E: AE82A1 LDX $A182 C0/1AA1: B543 LDA $43,X C0/1AA3: D007 BNE $1AAC C0/1AA5: A902 LDA #$02 C0/1AA7: 1C87A1 TRB $A187 C0/1AAA: 8022 BRA $1ACE C0/1AAC: EB XBA C0/1AAD: AD87A1 LDA $A187 C0/1AB0: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/1AB2: D01A BNE $1ACE C0/1AB4: EB XBA C0/1AB5: C980 CMP #$80 C0/1AB7: 20CF1A JSR $1ACF C0/1ABA: C940 CMP #$40 C0/1ABC: 20F11A JSR $1AF1 C0/1ABF: C902 CMP #$02 C0/1AC1: 20201B JSR $1B20 C0/1AC4: C901 CMP #$01 C0/1AC6: 203B1B JSR $1B3B C0/1AC9: A902 LDA #$02 C0/1ACB: 0C87A1 TSB $A187 C0/1ACE: 60 RTS

C0/1ACF: D01F BNE $1AF0 C0/1AD1: 48 PHA C0/1AD2: C220 REP #$20 C0/1AD4: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/1AD7: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/1ADA: 1A INC A C0/1ADB: 0A ASL A C0/1ADC: 18 CLC C0/1ADD: 6DD5A1 ADC $A1D5 C0/1AE0: 8DD5A1 STA $A1D5 C0/1AE3: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/1AE7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1AE9: EE60A1 INC $A160 C0/1AEC: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/1AEF: 68 PLA C0/1AF0: 60 RTS

C0/1AF1: D02C BNE $1B1F C0/1AF3: 48 PHA C0/1AF4: AED5A1 LDX $A1D5 C0/1AF7: 8B PHB C0/1AF8: AD031D LDA $1D03 C0/1AFB: 48 PHA C0/1AFC: AB PLB C0/1AFD: BD0000 LDA $0000,X C0/1B00: 1D0100 ORA $0001,X C0/1B03: F018 BEQ $1B1D C0/1B05: C220 REP #$20 C0/1B07: AFD5A17E LDA $7EA1D5 C0/1B0B: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/1B0F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1B11: AF60A17E LDA $7EA160 C0/1B15: 1A INC A C0/1B16: 8F60A17E STA $7EA160 C0/1B1A: 20AF1B JSR $1BAF C0/1B1D: AB PLB C0/1B1E: 68 PLA C0/1B1F: 60 RTS

C0/1B20: D018 BNE $1B3A C0/1B22: 48 PHA C0/1B23: 20551B JSR $1B55 C0/1B26: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/1B29: 3A DEC A C0/1B2A: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/1B2C: D004 BNE $1B32 C0/1B2E: ADD4A1 LDA $A1D4 C0/1B31: 3A DEC A C0/1B32: 8D00A2 STA $A200 C0/1B35: A8 TAY C0/1B36: 20551B JSR $1B55 C0/1B39: 68 PLA C0/1B3A: 60 RTS

C0/1B3B: D017 BNE $1B54 C0/1B3D: 48 PHA C0/1B3E: 20551B JSR $1B55 C0/1B41: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/1B44: 1A INC A C0/1B45: CDD4A1 CMP $A1D4 C0/1B48: 9002 BCC $1B4C C0/1B4A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1B4C: 8D00A2 STA $A200 C0/1B4F: A8 TAY C0/1B50: 20551B JSR $1B55 C0/1B53: 68 PLA C0/1B54: 60 RTS

C0/1B55: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/1B58: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1B5A: EB XBA C0/1B5B: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/1B5E: AA TAX C0/1B5F: BDD7A1 LDA $A1D7,X C0/1B62: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/1B65: BDD8A1 LDA $A1D8,X C0/1B68: 38 SEC C0/1B69: ED73A1 SBC $A173 C0/1B6C: A8 TAY C0/1B6D: 9C74A1 STZ $A174 C0/1B70: AD80A1 LDA $A180 C0/1B73: C220 REP #$20 C0/1B75: EB XBA C0/1B76: 4A LSR A C0/1B77: 18 CLC C0/1B78: 694400 ADC #$0044 C0/1B7B: 18 CLC C0/1B7C: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/1B7F: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/1B82: AA TAX C0/1B83: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1B85: BD019C LDA $9C01,X C0/1B88: 4908 EOR #$08 C0/1B8A: 9D019C STA $9C01,X C0/1B8D: BD419C LDA $9C41,X C0/1B90: 4908 EOR #$08 C0/1B92: 9D419C STA $9C41,X C0/1B95: E8 INX C0/1B96: E8 INX C0/1B97: 88 DEY C0/1B98: D0EB BNE $1B85 C0/1B9A: AF041D00 LDA $001D04 C0/1B9E: 0944 ORA #$44 C0/1BA0: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/1BA4: 60 RTS

[] C0/1BA5: 48 PHA C0/1BA6: A906 LDA #$06 C0/1BA8: 8008 BRA $1BB2

[] C0/1BAA: 48 PHA C0/1BAB: A904 LDA #$04 C0/1BAD: 8003 BRA $1BB2

[] C0/1BAF: 48 PHA C0/1BB0: A905 LDA #$05 C0/1BB2: 20D229 JSR $29D2 C0/1BB5: 68 PLA C0/1BB6: 60 RTS

C0/1BB7: 521A EOR ($1A) C0/1BB9: 761A ROR $1A,X C0/1BBB: 7A PLY C0/1BBC: 1A INC A C0/1BBD: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/1BC0: 8B PHB C0/1BC1: 5A PHY C0/1BC2: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1BC4: 48 PHA C0/1BC5: AB PLB C0/1BC6: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1BC8: EB XBA C0/1BC9: AD56A1 LDA $A156 C0/1BCC: 3A DEC A C0/1BCD: C220 REP #$20 C0/1BCF: 0A ASL A C0/1BD0: 0A ASL A C0/1BD1: 0A ASL A C0/1BD2: 0A ASL A C0/1BD3: 0A ASL A C0/1BD4: 6D57A1 ADC $A157 C0/1BD7: 0A ASL A C0/1BD8: 18 CLC C0/1BD9: 69009C ADC #$9C00 C0/1BDC: A8 TAY C0/1BDD: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/1BE0: 48 PHA C0/1BE1: 8A TXA C0/1BE2: 490020 EOR #$2000 C0/1BE5: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/1BE8: 68 PLA C0/1BE9: 29FFDF AND #$DFFF C0/1BEC: AA TAX C0/1BED: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1BEF: 7A PLY C0/1BF0: AB PLB C0/1BF1: A944 LDA #$44 C0/1BF3: 20FA0F JSR $0FFA C0/1BF6: 60 RTS

C0/1BF7: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status](Jump 3 [2]) C0/1BF8: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1BFA: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/1BFC: 8B PHB C0/1BFD: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1BFF: 48 PHA C0/1C00: AB PLB C0/1C01: 20BE1C JSR $1CBE [Beyond series crap] C0/1C04: 201A1C JSR $1C1A [Go to the subroutine just below] C0/1C07: AD051D LDA $1D05 C0/1C0A: C907 CMP #$07 C0/1C0C: D004 BNE $1C12 C0/1C0E: A95A LDA #$5A C0/1C10: 8002 BRA $1C14 C0/1C12: A95E LDA #$5E C0/1C14: 1C041D TRB $1D04 C0/1C17: AB PLB C0/1C18: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/1C19: 6B RTL [Take me away from this awful place!]

C0/1C1A: AD051D LDA $1D05 C0/1C1D: C907 CMP #$07 C0/1C1F: F053 BEQ $1C74 C0/1C21: AD111D LDA $1D11 C0/1C24: 2908 AND #$08 C0/1C26: F003 BEQ $1C2B C0/1C28: 20751C JSR $1C75 [Post_Beyond] C0/1C2B: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/1C2E: 2940 AND #$40 C0/1C30: F042 BEQ $1C74 C0/1C32: A22058 LDX #$5820 C0/1C35: AD111D LDA $1D11 C0/1C38: 2901 AND #$01 C0/1C3A: F00B BEQ $1C47 C0/1C3C: A20058 LDX #$5800 C0/1C3F: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/1C42: A20094 LDX #$9400 C0/1C45: 8006 BRA $1C4D C0/1C47: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/1C4A: A2009C LDX #$9C00 C0/1C4D: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/1C50: AE1A1D LDX $1D1A C0/1C53: 8E7543 STX $4375 C0/1C56: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1C58: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1C5A: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/1C5D: A918 LDA #$18 C0/1C5F: 8D7143 STA $4371 C0/1C62: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1C64: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/1C67: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/1C6A: 29BD AND #$BD C0/1C6C: 8D041D STA $1D04 C0/1C6F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1C71: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/1C74: 60 RTS

[Post_Beyond] C0/1C75: AF87A17E LDA $7EA187 C0/1C79: 2901 AND #$01 C0/1C7B: D005 BNE $1C82 C0/1C7D: A960 LDA #$60 C0/1C7F: 1C041D TRB $1D04 C0/1C82: A940 LDA #$40 C0/1C84: 1C041D TRB $1D04 C0/1C87: A908 LDA #$08 C0/1C89: 1C111D TRB $1D11 C0/1C8C: C220 REP #$20 C0/1C8E: A22058 LDX #$5820 C0/1C91: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/1C94: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/1C97: 8F00907E STA $7E9000 C0/1C9B: A90090 LDA #$9000 C0/1C9E: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/1CA1: AD1A1D LDA $1D1A C0/1CA4: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/1CA7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1CA9: A909 LDA #$09 C0/1CAB: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/1CAE: A918 LDA #$18 C0/1CB0: 8D7143 STA $4371 C0/1CB3: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1CB5: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/1CB8: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1CBA: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/1CBD: 60 RTS

C0/1CBE: AD111D LDA $1D11 C0/1CC1: 2904 AND #$04 C0/1CC3: F003 BEQ $1CC8 C0/1CC5: 20521D JSR $1D52 [Beyond_1] C0/1CC8: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/1CCB: 2902 AND #$02 C0/1CCD: F00E BEQ $1CDD [Just return if conditions aren't met] C0/1CCF: 20DE1C JSR $1CDE [Beyond_2] C0/1CD2: 20241D JSR $1D24 [Beyond_3] C0/1CD5: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/1CD8: 29F5 AND #$F5 C0/1CDA: 8D041D STA $1D04 C0/1CDD: 60 RTS

[Beyond_2] C0/1CDE: AD051D LDA $1D05 C0/1CE1: C907 CMP #$07 C0/1CE3: D03E BNE $1D23 C0/1CE5: A00094 LDY #$9400 C0/1CE8: AE061D LDX $1D06 C0/1CEB: A902 LDA #$02 C0/1CED: 48 PHA C0/1CEE: DA PHX C0/1CEF: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/1CF2: AE081D LDX $1D08 C0/1CF5: 8E7543 STX $4375 C0/1CF8: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1CFA: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/1CFD: A918 LDA #$18 C0/1CFF: 8D7143 STA $4371 C0/1D02: 8C7243 STY $4372 C0/1D05: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1D07: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/1D0A: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1D0C: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/1D0F: C220 REP #$20 C0/1D11: 68 PLA C0/1D12: 18 CLC C0/1D13: 6D181D ADC $1D18 C0/1D16: AA TAX C0/1D17: 98 TYA C0/1D18: 18 CLC C0/1D19: 6D081D ADC $1D08 C0/1D1C: A8 TAY C0/1D1D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1D1F: 68 PLA C0/1D20: 3A DEC A C0/1D21: D0CA BNE $1CED C0/1D23: 60 RTS

[Beyond_3] C0/1D24: AD051D LDA $1D05 C0/1D27: C907 CMP #$07 C0/1D29: F026 BEQ $1D51 C0/1D2B: AE061D LDX $1D06 C0/1D2E: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/1D31: AE081D LDX $1D08 C0/1D34: 8E7543 STX $4375 C0/1D37: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1D39: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/1D3C: A918 LDA #$18 C0/1D3E: 8D7143 STA $4371 C0/1D41: A20094 LDX #$9400 C0/1D44: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/1D47: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1D49: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/1D4C: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1D4E: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/1D51: 60 RTS

[Beyond_1] C0/1D52: AF111D00 LDA $001D11 C0/1D56: 29FB AND #$FB C0/1D58: 8F111D00 STA $001D11 C0/1D5C: A24074 LDX #$7440 C0/1D5F: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/1D62: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1D64: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/1D67: A20094 LDX #$9400 C0/1D6A: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/1D6D: 20811D JSR $1D81 [What the hell is this shit?] C0/1D70: A24075 LDX #$7540 C0/1D73: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/1D76: A909 LDA #$09 C0/1D78: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/1D7B: A20095 LDX #$9500 C0/1D7E: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/1D81: A20001 LDX #$0100 C0/1D84: 8E7543 STX $4375 C0/1D87: A918 LDA #$18 C0/1D89: 8D7143 STA $4371 C0/1D8C: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1D8E: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/1D91: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1D93: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/1D96: 60 RTS

[An important juncture, or?] C0/1D97: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status](Jump 6 series) C0/1D98: 8B PHB C0/1D99: 0B PHD C0/1D9A: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1D9C: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/1D9E: DA PHX C0/1D9F: 48 PHA C0/1DA0: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/1DA3: 5A PHY C0/1DA4: 2B PLD C0/1DA5: AFFE1900 LDA $0019FE C0/1DA9: 8F1FA27E STA $7EA21F C0/1DAD: 201029 JSR $2910 C0/1DB0: 205529 JSR $2955 C0/1DB3: 22BF0EC0 JSR $C00EBF C0/1DB7: 68 PLA C0/1DB8: 48 PHA C0/1DB9: 201E28 JSR $281E C0/1DBC: 68 PLA C0/1DBD: C220 REP #$20 C0/1DBF: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/1DC2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1DC4: AA TAX C0/1DC5: BF602AC0 LDA $C02A60,X C0/1DC9: 7A PLY C0/1DCA: 8F02A27E STA $7EA202 C0/1DCE: 8C2BA2 STY $A22B C0/1DD1: 48 PHA C0/1DD2: 201029 JSR $2910 C0/1DD5: A910 LDA #$10 C0/1DD7: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/1DDA: 20A628 JSR $28A6 C0/1DDD: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1DDF: EB XBA C0/1DE0: 68 PLA C0/1DE1: 0A ASL A C0/1DE2: AA TAX C0/1DE3: FC7A2A JSR ($2A7A,X) [...interesting]

C0/1DE6: A981 LDA #$81 C0/1DE8: 8F004200 STA $004200 C0/1DEC: 203029 JSR $2930 {V-Blank Loop 1} C0/1DEF: - AF124200 LDA $004212 [Load PPU Status] C0/1DF3: 2980 AND #$80 [AND with #$80] {V-Blank Status} C0/1DF5: D0F8 - BNE $1DEF {V-Blank Loop 2} C0/1DF7: -- AF124200 LDA $004212 [Load PPU Status] C0/1DFB: 2980 AND #$80 [AND with #$80] {V-Blank Status} C0/1DFD: F0F8 -- BEQ $1DF7 {} C0/1DFF: 20941E JSR $1E94 C0/1E02: 20D928 JSR $28D9 C0/1E05: 20D11E JSR $1ED1 C0/1E08: AD01A2 LDA $A201 [Load FrameCounter?] C0/1E0B: 1A INC A [Increment Accumulator] C0/1E0C: 8D01A2 STA $A201 [Store into FrameCounter?] C0/1E0F: C904 CMP #$04 [Compare with #$04] C0/1E11: D009 + BNE $1E1C C0/1E13: 9C01A2 STZ $A201 C0/1E16: 20D92B JSR $2BD9 [] C0/1E19: 20062B JSR $2B06 C0/1E1C: + AD0AA2 LDA $A20A C0/1E1F: 2901 AND #$01 C0/1E21: F0CC - BEQ $1DEF C0/1E23: AD10A2 LDA $A210 C0/1E26: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/1E28: F006 BEQ $1E30 C0/1E2A: 8D02A2 STA $A202 C0/1E2D: 4CCA1D JMP $1DCA C0/1E30: 201029 JSR $2910 C0/1E33: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/1E36: C90A CMP #$0A C0/1E38: F009 BEQ $1E43 C0/1E3A: C903 CMP #$03 C0/1E3C: F005 BEQ $1E43 C0/1E3E: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1E40: 20D229 JSR $29D2 C0/1E43: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1E45: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/1E48: 208127 JSR $2781 C0/1E4B: 20AD25 JSR $25AD C0/1E4E: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1E50: 1C0AA2 TRB $A20A C0/1E53: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1E55: 8F004200 STA $004200 C0/1E59: C220 REP #$20 C0/1E5B: AD1DA2 LDA $A21D C0/1E5E: 8F020100 STA $000102 C0/1E62: AD1BA2 LDA $A21B C0/1E65: 8F000100 STA $000100 C0/1E69: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1E6B: A901 LDA #$01 C0/1E6D: 8F051D00 STA $001D05 C0/1E71: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1E73: 8F62A17E STA $7EA162 C0/1E77: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/1E7B: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/1E7F: AD1FA2 LDA $A21F C0/1E82: 8FFE1900 STA $0019FE C0/1E86: AFF6CF7E LDA $7ECFF6 C0/1E8A: F004 BEQ $1E90 C0/1E8C: 2200D0C7 JSR $C7D000 C0/1E90: 2B PLD C0/1E91: AB PLB C0/1E92: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/1E93: 6B RTL

C0/1E94: A902 LDA #$02 C0/1E96: 2C0AA2 BIT $A20A C0/1E99: F012 BEQ $1EAD C0/1E9B: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/1E9E: C905 CMP #$05 C0/1EA0: D008 BNE $1EAA C0/1EA2: 208220 JSR $2082 C0/1EA5: 209E27 JSR $279E C0/1EA8: 8003 BRA $1EAD C0/1EAA: 20AD25 JSR $25AD C0/1EAD: A904 LDA #$04 C0/1EAF: 2C0AA2 BIT $A20A C0/1EB2: F017 BEQ $1ECB C0/1EB4: 205B1F JSR $1F5B C0/1EB7: A91E LDA #$1E C0/1EB9: 8F212100 STA $002121 C0/1EBD: AD2DA2 LDA $A22D C0/1EC0: 8F222100 STA $002122 C0/1EC4: AD2EA2 LDA $A22E C0/1EC7: 8F222100 STA $002122 C0/1ECB: A906 LDA #$06 C0/1ECD: 1C0AA2 TRB $A20A C0/1ED0: 60 RTS

C0/1ED1: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/1ED4: C904 CMP #$04 C0/1ED6: D024 BNE $1EFC C0/1ED8: CE9FA1 DEC $A19F C0/1EDB: D01F BNE $1EFC C0/1EDD: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1EDF: EB XBA C0/1EE0: 20181F JSR $1F18 C0/1EE3: BD039C LDA $9C03,X C0/1EE6: 4930 EOR #$30 C0/1EE8: 9D039C STA $9C03,X C0/1EEB: E8 INX C0/1EEC: E8 INX C0/1EED: E8 INX C0/1EEE: E8 INX C0/1EEF: 88 DEY C0/1EF0: D0F1 BNE $1EE3 C0/1EF2: A90A LDA #$0A C0/1EF4: 8D9FA1 STA $A19F C0/1EF7: A904 LDA #$04 C0/1EF9: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/1EFC: 60 RTS

C0/1EFD: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1EFF: EB XBA C0/1F00: 20181F JSR $1F18 C0/1F03: BD039C LDA $9C03,X C0/1F06: 0930 ORA #$30 C0/1F08: 9D039C STA $9C03,X C0/1F0B: E8 INX C0/1F0C: E8 INX C0/1F0D: E8 INX C0/1F0E: E8 INX C0/1F0F: 88 DEY C0/1F10: D0F1 BNE $1F03 C0/1F12: A904 LDA #$04 C0/1F14: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/1F17: 60 RTS

C0/1F18: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/1F1B: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/1F1D: F004 BEQ $1F23 C0/1F1F: A903 LDA #$03 C0/1F21: 8004 BRA $1F27 C0/1F23: AFFE1900 LDA $0019FE C0/1F27: 0A ASL A C0/1F28: AA TAX C0/1F29: BF582AC0 LDA $C02A58,X C0/1F2D: 48 PHA C0/1F2E: BF592AC0 LDA $C02A59,X C0/1F32: A8 TAY C0/1F33: 68 PLA C0/1F34: AA TAX C0/1F35: 60 RTS

C0/1F36: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/1F39: A08000 LDY #$0080 C0/1F3C: C220 REP #$20 C0/1F3E: A9F8F8 LDA #$F8F8 C0/1F41: 9D009C STA $9C00,X C0/1F44: E8 INX C0/1F45: E8 INX C0/1F46: 9E009C STZ $9C00,X C0/1F49: E8 INX C0/1F4A: E8 INX C0/1F4B: 88 DEY C0/1F4C: D0F3 BNE $1F41 C0/1F4E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1F50: A02000 LDY #$0020 C0/1F53: 9E009C STZ $9C00,X C0/1F56: E8 INX C0/1F57: 88 DEY C0/1F58: D0F9 BNE $1F53 C0/1F5A: 60 RTS

C0/1F5B: 8B PHB C0/1F5C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1F5E: 48 PHA C0/1F5F: AB PLB C0/1F60: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/1F63: 8E0221 STX $2102 C0/1F66: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1F68: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/1F6B: A904 LDA #$04 C0/1F6D: 8D7143 STA $4371 C0/1F70: A2009C LDX #$9C00 C0/1F73: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/1F76: A97E LDA #$7E C0/1F78: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/1F7B: A22002 LDX #$0220 C0/1F7E: 8E7543 STX $4375 C0/1F81: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1F83: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/1F86: AB PLB C0/1F87: 60 RTS

C0/1F88: A980 LDA #$80 C0/1F8A: 1C0AA2 TRB $A20A C0/1F8D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/1F8F: 8D0CA2 STA $A20C C0/1F92: EB XBA C0/1F93: 9C01A2 STZ $A201 C0/1F96: 60 RTS

C0/1F97: C220 REP #$20 C0/1F99: A90040 LDA #$4000 C0/1F9C: 8F162100 STA $002116 C0/1FA0: A90004 LDA #$0400 C0/1FA3: 8D91A1 STA $A191 C0/1FA6: A900FC LDA #$FC00 C0/1FA9: 8D94A1 STA $A194 C0/1FAC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1FAE: 20C825 JSR $25C8 C0/1FB1: A920 LDA #$20 C0/1FB3: 8F212100 STA $002121 C0/1FB7: A2E0FB LDX #$FBE0 C0/1FBA: 8E94A1 STX $A194 C0/1FBD: A22000 LDX #$0020 C0/1FC0: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/1FC3: 20F725 JSR $25F7 C0/1FC6: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/1FC9: A908 LDA #$08 C0/1FCB: 8D76A1 STA $A176 C0/1FCE: A908 LDA #$08 C0/1FD0: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/1FD3: 5A PHY C0/1FD4: 205A20 JSR $205A C0/1FD7: C220 REP #$20 C0/1FD9: 68 PLA C0/1FDA: 18 CLC C0/1FDB: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/1FDE: A8 TAY C0/1FDF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1FE1: CE71A1 DEC $A171 C0/1FE4: D0ED BNE $1FD3 C0/1FE6: C220 REP #$20 C0/1FE8: 98 TYA C0/1FE9: 18 CLC C0/1FEA: 69C000 ADC #$00C0 C0/1FED: A8 TAY C0/1FEE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/1FF0: CE76A1 DEC $A176 C0/1FF3: D0D9 BNE $1FCE C0/1FF5: C220 REP #$20 C0/1FF7: A90048 LDA #$4800 C0/1FFA: 8F162100 STA $002116 C0/1FFE: A90008 LDA #$0800 C0/2001: 8D91A1 STA $A191 C0/2004: A90090 LDA #$9000 C0/2007: 8D94A1 STA $A194 C0/200A: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/200C: 20CC25 JSR $25CC C0/200F: 60 RTS

C0/2010: 8B PHB C0/2011: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2013: 48 PHA C0/2014: AB PLB C0/2015: A20042 LDX #$4200 C0/2018: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/201B: C220 REP #$20 C0/201D: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/2020: A00200 LDY #$0002 C0/2023: 5A PHY C0/2024: A00800 LDY #$0008 C0/2027: BF30DAD2 LDA $D2DA30,X C0/202B: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/202E: E8 INX C0/202F: E8 INX C0/2030: 88 DEY C0/2031: D0F4 BNE $2027 C0/2033: A00800 LDY #$0008 C0/2036: 9C1821 STZ $2118 C0/2039: 88 DEY C0/203A: D0FA BNE $2036 C0/203C: 7A PLY C0/203D: 88 DEY C0/203E: D0E3 BNE $2023 C0/2040: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2042: A981 LDA #$81 C0/2044: 8D2121 STA $2121 C0/2047: A00600 LDY #$0006 C0/204A: A23000 LDX #$0030 C0/204D: BFC0DBD2 LDA $D2DBC0,X C0/2051: 8D2221 STA $2122 C0/2054: E8 INX C0/2055: 88 DEY C0/2056: D0F5 BNE $204D C0/2058: AB PLB C0/2059: 60 RTS

C0/205A: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/205D: A904 LDA #$04 C0/205F: 8D75A1 STA $A175 C0/2062: A908 LDA #$08 C0/2064: EB XBA C0/2065: BFE577C7 LDA $C777E5,X C0/2069: 990090 STA $9000,Y C0/206C: E8 INX C0/206D: C8 INY C0/206E: EB XBA C0/206F: 3A DEC A C0/2070: D0F2 BNE $2064 C0/2072: C220 REP #$20 C0/2074: 98 TYA C0/2075: 18 CLC C0/2076: 693800 ADC #$0038 C0/2079: A8 TAY C0/207A: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/207C: CE75A1 DEC $A175 C0/207F: D0E1 BNE $2062 C0/2081: 60 RTS

C0/2082: A22001 LDX #$0120 C0/2085: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/2088: A2F061 LDX #$61F0 C0/208B: 8E8CA1 STX $A18C C0/208E: 20BA23 JSR $23BA C0/2091: A918 LDA #$18 C0/2093: 8F212100 STA $002121 C0/2097: A2A4A1 LDX #$A1A4 C0/209A: 8E94A1 STX $A194 C0/209D: A21000 LDX #$0010 C0/20A0: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/20A3: 20FB25 JSR $25FB C0/20A6: 60 RTS

C0/20A7: DA PHX C0/20A8: 5A PHY C0/20A9: 8B PHB C0/20AA: 48 PHA C0/20AB: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/20AC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/20AE: A97E LDA #$7E C0/20B0: 48 PHA C0/20B1: AB PLB C0/20B2: AF104200 LDA $004210 C0/20B6: AD0CA2 LDA $A20C C0/20B9: 1A INC A C0/20BA: 8D0CA2 STA $A20C C0/20BD: 2903 AND #$03 C0/20BF: D01D BNE $20DE C0/20C1: AD0BA2 LDA $A20B C0/20C4: 1A INC A C0/20C5: 8D0BA2 STA $A20B C0/20C8: 48 PHA C0/20C9: 8F0D2100 STA $00210D C0/20CD: A900 LDA #$00 C0/20CF: 8F0D2100 STA $00210D C0/20D3: 68 PLA C0/20D4: 8F0E2100 STA $00210E C0/20D8: A900 LDA #$00 C0/20DA: 8F0E2100 STA $00210E C0/20DE: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/20DF: 68 PLA C0/20E0: AB PLB C0/20E1: 7A PLY C0/20E2: FA PLX C0/20E3: 40 RTI

C0/20E4: 48 PHA C0/20E5: AFE0FBC7 LDA $C7FBE0 C0/20E9: 8D0090 STA $9000 C0/20EC: AFE1FBC7 LDA $C7FBE1 C0/20F0: 8D0190 STA $9001 C0/20F3: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/20F6: A00200 LDY #$0002 C0/20F9: A90A LDA #$0A C0/20FB: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/20FE: A906 LDA #$06 C0/2100: EB XBA C0/2101: BFC0DBD2 LDA $D2DBC0,X C0/2105: 990090 STA $9000,Y C0/2108: E8 INX C0/2109: C8 INY C0/210A: EB XBA C0/210B: 3A DEC A C0/210C: D0F2 BNE $2100 C0/210E: C8 INY C0/210F: C8 INY C0/2110: CE71A1 DEC $A171 C0/2113: D0E9 BNE $20FE C0/2115: 68 PLA C0/2116: 202F21 JSR $212F C0/2119: A900 LDA #$00 C0/211B: 8F212100 STA $002121 C0/211F: A20090 LDX #$9000 C0/2122: 8E94A1 STX $A194 C0/2125: A24000 LDX #$0040 C0/2128: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/212B: 20FB25 JSR $25FB C0/212E: 60 RTS

C0/212F: C904 CMP #$04 C0/2131: F004 BEQ $2137 C0/2133: C905 CMP #$05 C0/2135: D031 BNE $2168 C0/2137: A20C00 LDX #$000C C0/213A: A00200 LDY #$0002 C0/213D: A906 LDA #$06 C0/213F: 5A PHY C0/2140: EB XBA C0/2141: BFC0DBD2 LDA $D2DBC0,X C0/2145: 991890 STA $9018,Y C0/2148: 992890 STA $9028,Y C0/214B: E8 INX C0/214C: C8 INY C0/214D: EB XBA C0/214E: 3A DEC A C0/214F: D0EF BNE $2140 C0/2151: 7A PLY C0/2152: A22400 LDX #$0024 C0/2155: A906 LDA #$06 C0/2157: EB XBA C0/2158: BFC0DBD2 LDA $D2DBC0,X C0/215C: 991090 STA $9010,Y C0/215F: 992090 STA $9020,Y C0/2162: E8 INX C0/2163: C8 INY C0/2164: EB XBA C0/2165: 3A DEC A C0/2166: D0EF BNE $2157 C0/2168: 60 RTS

C0/2169: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/216C: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/216F: A91C LDA #$1C C0/2171: 8D76A1 STA $A176 C0/2174: A910 LDA #$10 C0/2176: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/2179: 209121 JSR $2191 C0/217C: CE71A1 DEC $A171 C0/217F: D0F8 BNE $2179 C0/2181: C220 REP #$20 C0/2183: 8A TXA C0/2184: 18 CLC C0/2185: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/2188: AA TAX C0/2189: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/218B: CE76A1 DEC $A176 C0/218E: D0E4 BNE $2174 C0/2190: 60 RTS

C0/2191: 9E0094 STZ $9400,X C0/2194: 9E1094 STZ $9410,X C0/2197: B90090 LDA $9000,Y C0/219A: C8 INY C0/219B: EB XBA C0/219C: A904 LDA #$04 C0/219E: EB XBA C0/219F: 4A LSR A C0/21A0: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/21A1: 7E1094 ROR $9410,X C0/21A4: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/21A5: 7E1094 ROR $9410,X C0/21A8: EB XBA C0/21A9: 3A DEC A C0/21AA: D0F2 BNE $219E C0/21AC: A904 LDA #$04 C0/21AE: EB XBA C0/21AF: 4A LSR A C0/21B0: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/21B1: 7E0094 ROR $9400,X C0/21B4: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/21B5: 7E0094 ROR $9400,X C0/21B8: EB XBA C0/21B9: 3A DEC A C0/21BA: D0F2 BNE $21AE C0/21BC: E8 INX C0/21BD: 60 RTS

C0/21BE: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/21C1: A91C LDA #$1C C0/21C3: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/21C6: A910 LDA #$10 C0/21C8: EB XBA C0/21C9: BF80D8D2 LDA $D2D880,X C0/21CD: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/21D0: E8 INX C0/21D1: EB XBA C0/21D2: 3A DEC A C0/21D3: D0F3 BNE $21C8 C0/21D5: CE71A1 DEC $A171 C0/21D8: D0EC BNE $21C6 C0/21DA: 60 RTS

C0/21DB: 9C98A1 STZ $A198 C0/21DE: 202722 JSR $2227 C0/21E1: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/21E4: C903 CMP #$03 C0/21E6: D000 BNE $21E8 C0/21E8: 209322 JSR $2293 C0/21EB: A902 LDA #$02 C0/21ED: 2C12A2 BIT $A212 C0/21F0: F007 BEQ $21F9 C0/21F2: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/21F5: 227959C7 JSR $C75979 C0/21F9: 208127 JSR $2781 C0/21FC: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/21FF: C905 CMP #$05 C0/2201: D004 BNE $2207 C0/2203: 227061C7 JSR $C76170 C0/2207: A25020 LDX #$2050 C0/220A: 8EC7A1 STX $A1C7 C0/220D: 20CF23 JSR $23CF C0/2210: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/2213: C907 CMP #$07 C0/2215: D006 BNE $221D C0/2217: A28421 LDX #$2184 C0/221A: 8EC7A1 STX $A1C7 C0/221D: 204324 JSR $2443 C0/2220: 208529 JSR $2985 C0/2223: 20AD25 JSR $25AD C0/2226: 60 RTS

C0/2227: 9C81A1 STZ $A181 C0/222A: A9C7 LDA #$C7 C0/222C: 8F031D00 STA $001D03 C0/2230: 8B PHB C0/2231: 48 PHA C0/2232: AB PLB C0/2233: C220 REP #$20 C0/2235: A95000 LDA #$0050 C0/2238: 8F17A27E STA $7EA217 C0/223C: AF0DA27E LDA $7EA20D C0/2240: A8 TAY C0/2241: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/2244: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/2248: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/224A: AB PLB C0/224B: 9CC5A1 STZ $A1C5 C0/224E: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2250: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/2253: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2255: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/2259: 205423 JSR $2354 C0/225C: C220 REP #$20 C0/225E: AD17A2 LDA $A217 C0/2261: 48 PHA C0/2262: 0A ASL A C0/2263: 0A ASL A C0/2264: 0A ASL A C0/2265: 18 CLC C0/2266: 690060 ADC #$6000 C0/2269: 8D8CA1 STA $A18C C0/226C: ADCEA1 LDA $A1CE C0/226F: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/2272: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/2275: 68 PLA C0/2276: 18 CLC C0/2277: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/227A: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/227D: 8D17A2 STA $A217 C0/2280: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2282: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/2285: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/2288: 20BA23 JSR $23BA C0/228B: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/228E: 2901 AND #$01 C0/2290: F0C1 BEQ $2253 C0/2292: 60 RTS

C0/2293: 9C63A1 STZ $A163 C0/2296: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/2298: 8F031D00 STA $001D03 C0/229C: C220 REP #$20 C0/229E: 9CA0A1 STZ $A1A0 C0/22A1: AD0FA2 LDA $A20F C0/22A4: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/22A7: C9FF00 CMP #$00FF C0/22AA: D003 BNE $22AF C0/22AC: 4C5123 JMP $2351 C0/22AF: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/22B2: 0A ASL A C0/22B3: 18 CLC C0/22B4: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/22B7: AA TAX C0/22B8: BFB633C0 LDA $C033B6,X [Load Screen Pointer[Bank]] {Don't even give a fuck, let the next thing erase the first byte} C0/22BC: 8F021D00 STA $001D02 C0/22C0: BFB533C0 LDA $C033B5,X [Load Screen Pointer[Address]] C0/22C4: 8F011D00 STA $001D01 C0/22C8: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/22CA: 9CC5A1 STZ $A1C5 C0/22CD: A901 LDA #$01 C0/22CF: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/22D2: A900 LDA #$00 C0/22D4: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/22D8: 205423 JSR $2354 C0/22DB: C220 REP #$20 C0/22DD: AD17A2 LDA $A217 C0/22E0: 48 PHA C0/22E1: 0A ASL A C0/22E2: 0A ASL A C0/22E3: 0A ASL A C0/22E4: 18 CLC C0/22E5: 690060 ADC #$6000 C0/22E8: 8D8CA1 STA $A18C C0/22EB: AD0AA2 LDA $A20A C0/22EE: 291000 AND #$0010 C0/22F1: F01F BEQ $2312 C0/22F3: 68 PLA C0/22F4: AA TAX C0/22F5: 18 CLC C0/22F6: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/22F9: 8D17A2 STA $A217 C0/22FC: ADA0A1 LDA $A1A0 C0/22FF: 1A INC A C0/2300: 8DA0A1 STA $A1A0 C0/2303: 290100 AND #$0001 C0/2306: D028 BNE $2330 C0/2308: 8A TXA C0/2309: 18 CLC C0/230A: 691400 ADC #$0014 C0/230D: 8D17A2 STA $A217 C0/2310: 801E BRA $2330 C0/2312: 68 PLA C0/2313: 18 CLC C0/2314: 693800 ADC #$0038 C0/2317: 8D17A2 STA $A217 C0/231A: ADA0A1 LDA $A1A0 C0/231D: 1A INC A C0/231E: 8DA0A1 STA $A1A0 C0/2321: 290100 AND #$0001 C0/2324: F00A BEQ $2330 C0/2326: AD17A2 LDA $A217 C0/2329: 18 CLC C0/232A: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/232D: 8D17A2 STA $A217 C0/2330: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2332: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/2335: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/2338: 20BA23 JSR $23BA C0/233B: EE63A1 INC $A163 C0/233E: AD63A1 LDA $A163 C0/2341: C910 CMP #$10 C0/2343: D005 BNE $234A C0/2345: A910 LDA #$10 C0/2347: 1C0AA2 TRB $A20A C0/234A: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/234D: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/234F: F081 BEQ $22D2 C0/2351: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2353: 60 RTS

C0/2354: A920 LDA #$20 C0/2356: 8D6AA1 STA $A16A C0/2359: 20B816 JSR $16B8 C0/235C: 206416 JSR $1664 C0/235F: 206316 JSR $1663 C0/2362: 206623 JSR $2366 C0/2365: 60 RTS

C0/2366: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/2369: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/236C: A920 LDA #$20 C0/236E: 8D76A1 STA $A176 C0/2371: 208723 JSR $2387 C0/2374: 208723 JSR $2387 C0/2377: C220 REP #$20 C0/2379: 8A TXA C0/237A: 18 CLC C0/237B: 692000 ADC #$0020 C0/237E: AA TAX C0/237F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2381: CE76A1 DEC $A176 C0/2384: D0EB BNE $2371 C0/2386: 60 RTS

C0/2387: 20AD23 JSR $23AD C0/238A: A906 LDA #$06 C0/238C: EB XBA C0/238D: B90090 LDA $9000,Y C0/2390: 9D0094 STA $9400,X C0/2393: 9D0194 STA $9401,X C0/2396: B90690 LDA $9006,Y C0/2399: C8 INY C0/239A: 9D1C94 STA $941C,X C0/239D: 9D1D94 STA $941D,X C0/23A0: E8 INX C0/23A1: E8 INX C0/23A2: EB XBA C0/23A3: 3A DEC A C0/23A4: D0E6 BNE $238C C0/23A6: C8 INY C0/23A7: C8 INY C0/23A8: C8 INY C0/23A9: C8 INY C0/23AA: C8 INY C0/23AB: C8 INY C0/23AC: 60 RTS

C0/23AD: A904 LDA #$04 C0/23AF: 9E0094 STZ $9400,X C0/23B2: 9E2C94 STZ $942C,X C0/23B5: E8 INX C0/23B6: 3A DEC A C0/23B7: D0F6 BNE $23AF C0/23B9: 60 RTS

C0/23BA: C220 REP #$20 C0/23BC: AD8CA1 LDA $A18C C0/23BF: 8F162100 STA $002116 C0/23C3: A90094 LDA #$9400 C0/23C6: 8D94A1 STA $A194 C0/23C9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/23CB: 20CC25 JSR $25CC C0/23CE: 60 RTS

C0/23CF: AE0DA2 LDX $A20D C0/23D2: E8 INX C0/23D3: E8 INX C0/23D4: E8 INX C0/23D5: E8 INX C0/23D6: 8B PHB C0/23D7: A9C7 LDA #$C7 C0/23D9: 48 PHA C0/23DA: AB PLB C0/23DB: BC0000 LDY $0000,X C0/23DE: A920 LDA #$20 C0/23E0: EB XBA C0/23E1: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/23E4: F01B BEQ $2401 C0/23E6: C8 INY C0/23E7: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/23EA: C8 INY C0/23EB: C8 INY C0/23EC: 9F00907E STA $7E9000,X C0/23F0: 1A INC A C0/23F1: 1A INC A C0/23F2: 9F40907E STA $7E9040,X C0/23F6: EB XBA C0/23F7: 9F01907E STA $7E9001,X C0/23FB: 9F41907E STA $7E9041,X C0/23FF: 80DD BRA $23DE C0/2401: C8 INY C0/2402: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/2405: F02D BEQ $2434 C0/2407: C8 INY C0/2408: EB XBA C0/2409: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/240C: C8 INY C0/240D: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/2410: C8 INY C0/2411: C8 INY C0/2412: EB XBA C0/2413: EB XBA C0/2414: 9F00907E STA $7E9000,X C0/2418: 1A INC A C0/2419: 1A INC A C0/241A: 9F40907E STA $7E9040,X C0/241E: 1A INC A C0/241F: 1A INC A C0/2420: 48 PHA C0/2421: A920 LDA #$20 C0/2423: 9F01907E STA $7E9001,X C0/2427: 9F41907E STA $7E9041,X C0/242B: 68 PLA C0/242C: E8 INX C0/242D: E8 INX C0/242E: EB XBA C0/242F: 3A DEC A C0/2430: D0E1 BNE $2413 C0/2432: 80CE BRA $2402 C0/2434: AB PLB C0/2435: 0920 ORA #$20 C0/2437: EB XBA C0/2438: C920 CMP #$20 C0/243A: D002 BNE $243E C0/243C: A950 LDA #$50 C0/243E: AA TAX C0/243F: 8EC7A1 STX $A1C7 C0/2442: 60 RTS

C0/2443: AE0DA2 LDX $A20D C0/2446: E8 INX C0/2447: E8 INX C0/2448: 8B PHB C0/2449: A9C7 LDA #$C7 [Load #$C7] {Bank Byte} C0/244B: 48 PHA C0/244C: AB PLB C0/244D: BC0000 LDY $0000,X C0/2450: A9F7 LDA #$F7 C0/2452: 2F0AA27E AND $7EA20A C0/2456: 8F0AA27E STA $7EA20A C0/245A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/245C: EB XBA C0/245D: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/2460: F02B BEQ $248D C0/2462: C8 INY C0/2463: 48 PHA C0/2464: 2980 AND #$80 C0/2466: F00A BEQ $2472 C0/2468: A918 LDA #$18 C0/246A: 0F0AA27E ORA $7EA20A C0/246E: 8F0AA27E STA $7EA20A C0/2472: 68 PLA C0/2473: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2475: F00C BEQ $2483 C0/2477: 48 PHA C0/2478: A920 LDA #$20 C0/247A: 0F0AA27E ORA $7EA20A C0/247E: 8F0AA27E STA $7EA20A C0/2482: 68 PLA C0/2483: 291F AND #$1F C0/2485: 3A DEC A C0/2486: 0A ASL A C0/2487: AA TAX C0/2488: FC682A JSR ($2A68,X) [Jump Sub. to...} C0/248B: 80C3 BRA $2450 C0/248D: AB PLB C0/248E: 60 RTS

C0/248F: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/2492: C8 INY C0/2493: C8 INY C0/2494: C220 REP #$20 C0/2496: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/2499: C8 INY C0/249A: C8 INY C0/249B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/249D: 5A PHY C0/249E: A8 TAY C0/249F: 8B PHB C0/24A0: A97E LDA #$7E C0/24A2: 48 PHA C0/24A3: AB PLB C0/24A4: 8C63A1 STY $A163 C0/24A7: 8C6BA1 STY $A16B C0/24AA: AD0AA2 LDA $A20A C0/24AD: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/24AF: F01F BEQ $24D0 C0/24B1: C220 REP #$20 C0/24B3: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/24B6: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/24B9: 0A ASL A C0/24BA: 0A ASL A C0/24BB: A8 TAY C0/24BC: 8A TXA C0/24BD: 99E0A1 STA $A1E0,Y C0/24C0: AD6BA1 LDA $A16B C0/24C3: 99E2A1 STA $A1E2,Y C0/24C6: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/24C8: EE00A2 INC $A200 C0/24CB: A920 LDA #$20 C0/24CD: 1C0AA2 TRB $A20A C0/24D0: DA PHX C0/24D1: 205625 JSR $2556 C0/24D4: 20E324 JSR $24E3 C0/24D7: 207625 JSR $2576 C0/24DA: A940 LDA #$40 C0/24DC: 1C0AA2 TRB $A20A C0/24DF: FA PLX C0/24E0: AB PLB C0/24E1: 7A PLY C0/24E2: 60 RTS

C0/24E3: DA PHX C0/24E4: C220 REP #$20 C0/24E6: A92220 LDA #$2022 C0/24E9: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/24EC: 9D4090 STA $9040,X C0/24EF: E8 INX C0/24F0: E8 INX C0/24F1: AD0AA2 LDA $A20A C0/24F4: 290800 AND #$0008 C0/24F7: D005 BNE $24FE C0/24F9: 203325 JSR $2533 C0/24FC: 8003 BRA $2501 C0/24FE: 202325 JSR $2523 C0/2501: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/2504: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/2507: C220 REP #$20 C0/2509: A92260 LDA #$6022 C0/250C: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/250F: 9D4090 STA $9040,X C0/2512: 68 PLA C0/2513: 18 CLC C0/2514: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/2517: AA TAX C0/2518: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/251A: CE63A1 DEC $A163 C0/251D: CE63A1 DEC $A163 C0/2520: D0C1 BNE $24E3 C0/2522: 60 RTS

C0/2523: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/2526: 29FF AND #$FF C0/2528: 000A BRK #$0A [DANGER] C0/252A: 8E73A1 STX $A173 C0/252D: 18 CLC C0/252E: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/2531: AA TAX C0/2532: 60 RTS

C0/2533: ADC7A1 LDA $A1C7 C0/2536: C220 REP #$20 C0/2538: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/253B: 1A INC A C0/253C: 1A INC A C0/253D: 9D4090 STA $9040,X C0/2540: 1A INC A C0/2541: 1A INC A C0/2542: E8 INX C0/2543: E8 INX C0/2544: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2546: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/2549: D0EB BNE $2536 C0/254B: C220 REP #$20 C0/254D: 090020 ORA #$2000 C0/2550: 8DC7A1 STA $A1C7 C0/2553: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2555: 60 RTS

C0/2556: C220 REP #$20 C0/2558: DA PHX C0/2559: A92020 LDA #$2020 C0/255C: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/255F: E8 INX C0/2560: E8 INX C0/2561: A92420 LDA #$2024 C0/2564: 209625 JSR $2596 C0/2567: A92060 LDA #$6020 C0/256A: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/256D: 68 PLA C0/256E: 18 CLC C0/256F: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/2572: AA TAX C0/2573: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2575: 60 RTS

C0/2576: C220 REP #$20 C0/2578: DA PHX C0/2579: A920A0 LDA #$A020 C0/257C: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/257F: E8 INX C0/2580: E8 INX C0/2581: A924A0 LDA #$A024 C0/2584: 209625 JSR $2596 C0/2587: A920E0 LDA #$E020 C0/258A: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/258D: 68 PLA C0/258E: 18 CLC C0/258F: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/2592: AA TAX C0/2593: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2595: 60 RTS

C0/2596: C220 REP #$20 C0/2598: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/259B: E8 INX C0/259C: E8 INX C0/259D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/259F: CE64A1 DEC $A164 C0/25A2: D0F2 BNE $2596 C0/25A4: AD6CA1 LDA $A16C C0/25A7: 8D64A1 STA $A164 C0/25AA: C220 REP #$20 C0/25AC: 60 RTS

C0/25AD: C220 REP #$20 C0/25AF: A90058 LDA #$5800 C0/25B2: 8F162100 STA $002116 C0/25B6: A90008 LDA #$0800 C0/25B9: 8D91A1 STA $A191 C0/25BC: A90090 LDA #$9000 C0/25BF: 8D94A1 STA $A194 C0/25C2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/25C4: 20CC25 JSR $25CC C0/25C7: 60 RTS

C0/25C8: A9C7 LDA #$C7 C0/25CA: 8002 BRA $25CE C0/25CC: A97E LDA #$7E C0/25CE: 8F744300 STA $004374 C0/25D2: C220 REP #$20 C0/25D4: AD91A1 LDA $A191 C0/25D7: 8F754300 STA $004375 C0/25DB: AD94A1 LDA $A194 C0/25DE: 8F724300 STA $004372 C0/25E2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/25E4: A901 LDA #$01 C0/25E6: 8F704300 STA $004370 C0/25EA: A918 LDA #$18 C0/25EC: 8F714300 STA $004371 C0/25F0: A980 LDA #$80 C0/25F2: 8F0B4200 STA $00420B C0/25F6: 60 RTS

C0/25F7: A9C7 LDA #$C7 C0/25F9: 8002 BRA $25FD C0/25FB: A97E LDA #$7E C0/25FD: 8F744300 STA $004374 C0/2601: C220 REP #$20 C0/2603: AD94A1 LDA $A194 C0/2606: 8F724300 STA $004372 C0/260A: AD91A1 LDA $A191 C0/260D: 8F754300 STA $004375 C0/2611: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2613: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2615: 8F704300 STA $004370 C0/2619: A922 LDA #$22 C0/261B: 8F714300 STA $004371 C0/261F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/2621: 8F0B4200 STA $00420B C0/2625: 60 RTS

[] C0/2626: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/2629: C8 INY C0/262A: C8 INY C0/262B: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/262E: C8 INY C0/262F: 5A PHY C0/2630: A0C777 LDY #$77C7 {Bank 7: Grey Round Button} C0/2633: 8F98A17E STA $7EA198 C0/2637: 202B27 JSR $272B C0/263A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/263C: 8F98A17E STA $7EA198 C0/2640: 7A PLY C0/2641: 60 RTS

[Four Button Cross Spread] C0/2642: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/2645: C8 INY C0/2646: C8 INY C0/2647: 5A PHY C0/2648: A00377 LDY #$7703 [Load #$7703 into Y] {Bank 7: YXBA Cross Spread} C0/264B: DA PHX C0/264C: AFFE1900 LDA $0019FE C0/2650: 1A INC A C0/2651: A2FFFF LDX #$FFFF C0/2654: E8 INX C0/2655: E00300 CPX #$0003 C0/2658: F004 BEQ $265E C0/265A: D5D9 CMP $D9,X C0/265C: D0F6 BNE $2654 C0/265E: B5EE LDA $EE,X C0/2660: 2903 AND #$03 C0/2662: F003 BEQ $2667 C0/2664: A06577 LDY #$7765 [Load #$7765 into Y] {Bank 7: ABXY Cross Spread} C0/2667: FA PLX C0/2668: 202B27 JSR $272B C0/266B: 7A PLY C0/266C: 60 RTS

[...why the hell are these...this seems a bit wasteful] [D-Pad Icon] C0/266D: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/2670: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/2671: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/2672: 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/2673: A0AF76 LDY #$76AF {Bank 7} {D-Pad Icon} C0/2676: 202B27 JSR $272B C0/2679: 7A PLY C0/267A: 60 RTS

C0/267B: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/267E: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/267F: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/2680: 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/2681: A0E376 LDY #$76E3 {Bank 7} {Shoulder Button Icon} C0/2684: 202B27 JSR $272B C0/2687: 7A PLY C0/2688: 60 RTS

C0/2689: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/268C: C8 INY C0/268D: C8 INY C0/268E: 5A PHY C0/268F: A0D176 LDY #$76D1 {Bank 7} C0/2692: 202B27 JSR $272B C0/2695: 7A PLY C0/2696: 60 RTS

C0/2697: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/269A: C8 INY C0/269B: C8 INY C0/269C: 5A PHY C0/269D: A0F576 LDY #$76F5 C0/26A0: 202B27 JSR $272B C0/26A3: 7A PLY C0/26A4: 60 RTS

C0/26A5: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/26A8: C8 INY C0/26A9: C8 INY C0/26AA: 5A PHY C0/26AB: A0D177 LDY #$77D1 {Bank 7: C0/26AE: 202B27 JSR $272B C0/26B1: 7A PLY C0/26B2: 60 RTS

[] C0/26B3: BE0000 LDX $0000,Y C0/26B6: C8 INY C0/26B7: C8 INY C0/26B8: 8B PHB C0/26B9: A97E LDA #$7E C0/26BB: 48 PHA C0/26BC: AB PLB C0/26BD: 5A PHY C0/26BE: A03800 LDY #$0038 C0/26C1: A904 LDA #$04 C0/26C3: 8D78A1 STA $A178 C0/26C6: DA PHX C0/26C7: A904 LDA #$04 C0/26C9: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/26CC: DA PHX C0/26CD: 98 TYA C0/26CE: 5A PHY C0/26CF: 20FC26 JSR $26FC C0/26D2: 7A PLY C0/26D3: C220 REP #$20 C0/26D5: 68 PLA C0/26D6: 18 CLC C0/26D7: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/26DA: AA TAX C0/26DB: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/26DD: 98 TYA C0/26DE: 4904 EOR #$04 C0/26E0: A8 TAY C0/26E1: CE71A1 DEC $A171 C0/26E4: D0E6 BNE $26CC C0/26E6: C220 REP #$20 C0/26E8: 68 PLA C0/26E9: 18 CLC C0/26EA: 690001 ADC #$0100 C0/26ED: AA TAX C0/26EE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/26F0: 98 TYA C0/26F1: 4904 EOR #$04 C0/26F3: A8 TAY C0/26F4: CE78A1 DEC $A178 C0/26F7: D0CD BNE $26C6 C0/26F9: 7A PLY C0/26FA: AB PLB C0/26FB: 60 RTS

C0/26FC: EB XBA C0/26FD: A904 LDA #$04 C0/26FF: 8D75A1 STA $A175 C0/2702: DA PHX C0/2703: A904 LDA #$04 C0/2705: 8D76A1 STA $A176 C0/2708: A926 LDA #$26 C0/270A: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/270D: E8 INX C0/270E: EB XBA C0/270F: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/2712: EB XBA C0/2713: E8 INX C0/2714: CE76A1 DEC $A176 C0/2717: D0F1 BNE $270A C0/2719: C220 REP #$20 C0/271B: A8 TAY C0/271C: 68 PLA C0/271D: 18 CLC C0/271E: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/2721: AA TAX C0/2722: 98 TYA C0/2723: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2725: CE75A1 DEC $A175 C0/2728: D0D8 BNE $2702 C0/272A: 60 RTS

[Related to icon interpretation/placement?] C0/272B: B90100 LDA $0001,Y C0/272E: 8F74A17E STA $7EA174 C0/2732: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/2735: 8F73A17E STA $7EA173 C0/2739: AF74A17E LDA $7EA174 C0/273D: 8F76A17E STA $7EA176 C0/2741: DA PHX C0/2742: AF73A17E LDA $7EA173 C0/2746: 8F71A17E STA $7EA171 C0/274A: B90200 LDA $0002,Y C0/274D: 9F00907E STA $7E9000,X C0/2751: B90300 LDA $0003,Y C0/2754: 0F98A17E ORA $7EA198 C0/2758: 9F01907E STA $7E9001,X C0/275C: E8 INX C0/275D: E8 INX C0/275E: C8 INY C0/275F: C8 INY C0/2760: AF71A17E LDA $7EA171 C0/2764: 3A DEC A C0/2765: 8F71A17E STA $7EA171 C0/2769: D0DF BNE $274A C0/276B: C220 REP #$20 C0/276D: 68 PLA C0/276E: 18 CLC C0/276F: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/2772: AA TAX C0/2773: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2775: AF76A17E LDA $7EA176 C0/2779: 3A DEC A C0/277A: 8F76A17E STA $7EA176 C0/277E: D0C1 BNE $2741 C0/2780: 60 RTS

C0/2781: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/2784: A03605 LDY #$0536 C0/2787: 9E009C STZ $9C00,X C0/278A: E8 INX C0/278B: 88 DEY C0/278C: D0F9 BNE $2787 C0/278E: A20008 LDX #$0800 C0/2791: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/2794: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2796: 990090 STA $9000,Y C0/2799: C8 INY C0/279A: CA DEX C0/279B: D0F9 BNE $2796 C0/279D: 60 RTS

C0/279E: A904 LDA #$04 C0/27A0: 8D75A1 STA $A175 C0/27A3: A0C158 LDY #$58C1 C0/27A6: 8C73A1 STY $A173 C0/27A9: A08291 LDY #$9182 C0/27AC: 8C94A1 STY $A194 C0/27AF: C220 REP #$20 C0/27B1: AD73A1 LDA $A173 C0/27B4: 48 PHA C0/27B5: 8F162100 STA $002116 C0/27B9: A97800 LDA #$0078 C0/27BC: 8D91A1 STA $A191 C0/27BF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/27C1: 20CC25 JSR $25CC C0/27C4: C220 REP #$20 C0/27C6: 68 PLA C0/27C7: 18 CLC C0/27C8: 692000 ADC #$0020 C0/27CB: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/27CE: AD94A1 LDA $A194 C0/27D1: 18 CLC C0/27D2: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/27D5: 8D94A1 STA $A194 C0/27D8: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/27DA: CE75A1 DEC $A175 C0/27DD: D0D0 BNE $27AF C0/27DF: 60 RTS

C0/27E0: 8B PHB C0/27E1: A900 LDA #$00 C0/27E3: 48 PHA C0/27E4: AB PLB C0/27E5: A905 LDA #$05 [Mode 5] C0/27E7: 8D0521 STA $2105 [BGMODE - BG Mode and Character Size] C0/27EA: A948 LDA #$48 [#%01001000] C0/27EC: 8D0721 STA $2107 [BG1 Tilemap Address & Size] C0/27EF: A958 LDA #$58 C0/27F1: 8D0821 STA $2108 C0/27F4: A964 LDA #$64 C0/27F6: 8D0B21 STA $210B [BG1 & 2 Chr Address] C0/27F9: 9C0F21 STZ $210F [BG2 Horizontal Scroll] C0/27FC: 9C0F21 STZ $210F C0/27FF: 9C0621 STZ $2106 [MOSIAC - Screen Pixelation] C0/2802: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/2804: 8D1021 STA $2110 [BG2 Vertical Scroll] C0/2807: 8D1021 STA $2110 C0/280A: A930 LDA #$30 C0/280C: 8D3021 STA $2130 [Color Addition Select] C0/280F: A913 LDA #$13 [Enable BG1/BG2/OBJ] C0/2811: 8D2C21 STA $212C [Main Screen Designation] C0/2814: 8D2D21 STA $212D [Subscreen Designation] C0/2817: A902 LDA #$02 C0/2819: 8D0121 STA $2101 [Object Size and Chr Address] C0/281C: AB PLB C0/281D: 60 RTS

C0/281E: 48 PHA C0/281F: A97E LDA #$7E C0/2821: 48 PHA C0/2822: AB PLB C0/2823: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2825: 8F004200 STA $004200 C0/2829: A900 LDA #$00 C0/282B: 8F0C4200 STA $00420C C0/282F: 9C0BA2 STZ $A20B C0/2832: 9C0AA2 STZ $A20A C0/2835: 9C11A2 STZ $A211 C0/2838: 9C7BA1 STZ $A17B C0/283B: A905 LDA #$05 C0/283D: 8F051D00 STA $001D05 C0/2841: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2843: 8F041D00 STA $001D04 C0/2847: 8F121D00 STA $001D12 C0/284B: 8F001D00 STA $001D00 C0/284F: A910 LDA #$10 C0/2851: 0C12A2 TSB $A212 C0/2854: A980 LDA #$80 C0/2856: 8F002100 STA $002100 C0/285A: 8F152100 STA $002115 C0/285E: 20971F JSR $1F97 C0/2861: 20E027 JSR $27E0 C0/2864: 20BE21 JSR $21BE C0/2867: 206921 JSR $2169 C0/286A: A22004 LDX #$0420 C0/286D: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/2870: A20060 LDX #$6000 C0/2873: 8E8CA1 STX $A18C C0/2876: 20BA23 JSR $23BA C0/2879: 201020 JSR $2010 C0/287C: 68 PLA C0/287D: 20E420 JSR $20E4 C0/2880: C220 REP #$20 C0/2882: AF020100 LDA $000102 C0/2886: 8D1DA2 STA $A21D C0/2889: AF000100 LDA $000100 C0/288D: 8D1BA2 STA $A21B C0/2890: A9A720 LDA #$20A7 C0/2893: 8F010100 STA $000101 C0/2897: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/2899: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/289B: 8F030100 STA $000103 C0/289F: A95C LDA #$5C C0/28A1: 8F000100 STA $000100 C0/28A5: 60 RTS

C0/28A6: A901 LDA #$01 C0/28A8: 8F004200 STA $004200 C0/28AC: A980 LDA #$80 C0/28AE: 8F002100 STA $002100 C0/28B2: 9C00A2 STZ $A200 C0/28B5: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/28B7: 8D10A2 STA $A210 C0/28BA: A980 LDA #$80 C0/28BC: 8D0AA2 STA $A20A C0/28BF: C220 REP #$20 C0/28C1: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/28C4: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/28C7: 0A ASL A C0/28C8: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/28CB: 0A ASL A C0/28CC: 18 CLC C0/28CD: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/28D0: 690A78 ADC #$780A {Pointer to menu text pointer table in bank 7} C0/28D3: 8D0DA2 STA $A20D [Some kinna pointer for text processing, at least, for bank 7] C0/28D6: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/28D8: 60 RTS

C0/28D9: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/28DC: C900 CMP #$00 C0/28DE: D01E BNE $28FE C0/28E0: AD03A2 LDA $A203 C0/28E3: 0D04A2 ORA $A204 C0/28E6: D010 BNE $28F8 C0/28E8: AC13A2 LDY $A213 C0/28EB: C8 INY C0/28EC: C00807 CPY #$0708 C0/28EF: D00A BNE $28FB C0/28F1: A901 LDA #$01 C0/28F3: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/28F6: 8006 BRA $28FE C0/28F8: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/28FB: 8C13A2 STY $A213 C0/28FE: 60 RTS

C0/28FF: AF124200 LDA $004212 C0/2903: 2980 AND #$80 C0/2905: D0F8 BNE $28FF C0/2907: AF124200 LDA $004212 C0/290B: 2980 AND #$80 C0/290D: F0F8 BEQ $2907 C0/290F: 60 RTS

C0/2910: AF12A27E LDA $7EA212 C0/2914: 8910 BIT #$10 C0/2916: D017 BNE $292F C0/2918: A90F LDA #$0F C0/291A: 48 PHA C0/291B: 20FF28 JSR $28FF C0/291E: 68 PLA C0/291F: 8F002100 STA $002100 C0/2923: 3A DEC A C0/2924: 3A DEC A C0/2925: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/2927: D0F1 BNE $291A C0/2929: A900 LDA #$00 C0/292B: 8F002100 STA $002100 C0/292F: 60 RTS

C0/2930: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/2933: F005 BEQ $293A C0/2935: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2937: 20D229 JSR $29D2 C0/293A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/293C: 48 PHA C0/293D: 20FF28 JSR $28FF C0/2940: 68 PLA C0/2941: 8F002100 STA $002100 C0/2945: 1A INC A C0/2946: 1A INC A C0/2947: C90F CMP #$0F C0/2949: 90F1 BCC $293C C0/294B: 20FF28 JSR $28FF C0/294E: A90F LDA #$0F C0/2950: 8F002100 STA $002100 C0/2954: 60 RTS

C0/2955: 8B PHB C0/2956: A97E LDA #$7E C0/2958: 48 PHA C0/2959: AB PLB C0/295A: AFFE1900 LDA $0019FE C0/295E: 0A ASL A C0/295F: D001 BNE $2962 C0/2961: 1A INC A C0/2962: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/2965: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/2968: B5D9 LDA $D9,X C0/296A: 297F AND #$7F C0/296C: CD73A1 CMP $A173 C0/296F: F009 BEQ $297A C0/2971: E8 INX C0/2972: E00300 CPX #$0003 C0/2975: D0F1 BNE $2968 C0/2977: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/297A: 8A TXA C0/297B: 8D20A2 STA $A220 C0/297E: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2980: 8D21A2 STA $A221 C0/2983: AB PLB C0/2984: 60 RTS

C0/2985: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/2988: C909 CMP #$09 C0/298A: D018 BNE $29A4 C0/298C: AFFE1900 LDA $0019FE C0/2990: D012 BNE $29A4 C0/2992: A26800 LDX #$0068 C0/2995: A01400 LDY #$0014 C0/2998: A914 LDA #$14 C0/299A: 9D0090 STA $9000,X C0/299D: 9D4090 STA $9040,X C0/29A0: E8 INX C0/29A1: 88 DEY C0/29A2: D0F6 BNE $299A C0/29A4: 60 RTS

C0/29A5: A957 LDA #$57 C0/29A7: 8D009C STA $9C00 C0/29AA: AFFE1900 LDA $0019FE C0/29AE: 8D019C STA $9C01 C0/29B1: A20200 LDX #$0002 C0/29B4: DA PHX C0/29B5: A26063 LDX #$6360 C0/29B8: 8E8CA1 STX $A18C C0/29BB: A28001 LDX #$0180 C0/29BE: 8E91A1 STX $A191 C0/29C1: A2C000 LDX #$00C0 C0/29C4: 8E99A1 STX $A199 C0/29C7: A901 LDA #$01 C0/29C9: 8D71A1 STA $A171 C0/29CC: FA PLX C0/29CD: 22965DC7 JSR $C75D96 C0/29D1: 6B RTL

C0/29D2: AA TAX C0/29D3: 8B PHB C0/29D4: A900 LDA #$00 C0/29D6: 48 PHA C0/29D7: AB PLB C0/29D8: 8A TXA C0/29D9: C220 REP #$20 C0/29DB: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/29DE: 0A ASL A C0/29DF: 0A ASL A C0/29E0: AA TAX C0/29E1: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/29E3: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/29E6: A904 LDA #$04 C0/29E8: EB XBA C0/29E9: BF342AC0 LDA $C02A34,X C0/29ED: 99001E STA $1E00,Y C0/29F0: E8 INX C0/29F1: C8 INY C0/29F2: EB XBA C0/29F3: 3A DEC A C0/29F4: D0F2 BNE $29E8 C0/29F6: AB PLB C0/29F7: 220400C3 JSR $C30004 C0/29FB: 60 RTS

C0/29FC: DA PHX C0/29FD: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/2A00: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/2A03: BD90CF LDA $CF90,X C0/2A06: E8 INX C0/2A07: C901 CMP #$01 C0/2A09: D001 BNE $2A0C C0/2A0B: C8 INY C0/2A0C: E00800 CPX #$0008 C0/2A0F: D0F2 BNE $2A03 C0/2A11: 98 TYA C0/2A12: FA PLX C0/2A13: 6B RTL

C0/2A14: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/2A17: A904 LDA #$04 C0/2A19: EB XBA C0/2A1A: BFCB6030 LDA $3060CB,X C0/2A1E: 48 PHA C0/2A1F: 290F AND #$0F C0/2A21: C901 CMP #$01 C0/2A23: D001 BNE $2A26 C0/2A25: C8 INY C0/2A26: 68 PLA C0/2A27: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/2A29: C910 CMP #$10 C0/2A2B: D001 BNE $2A2E C0/2A2D: C8 INY C0/2A2E: E8 INX C0/2A2F: EB XBA C0/2A30: 3A DEC A C0/2A31: D0E6 BNE $2A19 C0/2A33: 6B RTL

C0/2A34: 0213 COP #$13 C0/2A36: 0F000214 ORA $140200 C0/2A3A: 0F000207 ORA $070200 C0/2A3E: 0F0002A4 ORA $A40200 C0/2A42: 0F00020C ORA $0C0200 C0/2A46: 0F00020D ORA $0D0200 C0/2A4A: 0F00020E ORA $0E0200 C0/2A4E: 0F0002A3 ORA $A30200 C0/2A52: 0F000112 ORA $120100 C0/2A56: 02FF COP #$FF C0/2A58: 1008 BPL $2A62 C0/2A5A: 3008 BMI $2A64 C0/2A5C: 5010 BVC $2A6E C0/2A5E: 0004 BRK #$04 [DANGER] C0/2A60: 0307 ORA $07,S C0/2A62: 0904 ORA #$04 C0/2A64: 0605 ASL $05 C0/2A66: 0001 BRK #$01

[Window Edit Notes] Breakpoint 4 hit (1). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6c] A:0004 X:0004 Y:75ac S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V:132 H: 502 Breakpoint 4 hit (2). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6e] A:0006 X:0006 Y:75af S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V:148 H: 398 Breakpoint 4 hit (3). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a76] A:000e X:000e Y:75b2 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V:154 H: 782 Breakpoint 4 hit (4). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a76] A:000e X:000e Y:75b5 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V:158 H: 102 Breakpoint 4 hit (5). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a76] A:000e X:000e Y:75b8 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V:161 H: 826 Breakpoint 4 hit (6). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6a] A:0002 X:0002 Y:75bb S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V:165 H: 146 Breakpoint 4 hit (7). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6a] A:0002 X:0002 Y:75bf S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V:167 H: 854 Breakpoint 4 hit (8). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6a] A:0002 X:0002 Y:75c3 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V:170 H: 158 Breakpoint 4 hit (9). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a68] A:0000 X:0000 Y:75c7 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIZc V:172 H: 866 Breakpoint 4 hit (10). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a68] A:0000 X:0000 Y:75cc S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIZc V:178 H: 974

[Controller Edit Notes] Breakpoint 4 hit (1). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a74] A:000c X:000c Y:75d2 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V: 40 H:1010 Breakpoint 4 hit (2). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6e] A:0006 X:0006 Y:75d5 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V: 43 H: 942 Breakpoint 4 hit (3). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6a] A:0002 X:0002 Y:75d8 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V: 49 H:1286 Breakpoint 4 hit (4). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6a] A:0002 X:0002 Y:75dc S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V: 52 H: 630 Breakpoint 4 hit (5). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6a] A:0002 X:0002 Y:75e0 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V: 54 H:1298 Breakpoint 4 hit (6). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a6a] A:0002 X:0002 Y:75e4 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIzc V: 57 H: 642 Breakpoint 4 hit (7). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a68] A:0000 X:0000 Y:75e8 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIZc V: 59 H:1310 Breakpoint 4 hit (8). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a68] A:0000 X:0000 Y:75ed S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIZc V: 67 H: 190 Breakpoint 4 hit (9). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a68] A:0000 X:0000 Y:75f2 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIZc V: 73 H: 876 Breakpoint 4 hit (10). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a68] A:0000 X:0000 Y:75f7 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIZc V: 80 H: 158 Breakpoint 4 hit (11). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a68] A:0000 X:0000 Y:75fc S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIZc V: 86 H: 844 Breakpoint 4 hit (12). c02488 jsr ($2a68,x) [c02a68] A:0000 X:0000 Y:7601 S:01d5 D:0000 DB:c7 nvMxdIZc V: 92 H:1350

[Table JSR'd to at C0/2488] C0/2A68: 8F24 C0/2A6A: 2626 C0/2A6C: 4226 [Four Button ABXY Spread] C0/2A6E: 6D26 [D-Pad Icon] C0/2A70: 7B26 [Shoulder Button with A] C0/2A72: 8926 [Shoulder Button with A] {Again?} C0/2A74: 9726 [Small Controller Icon] C0/2A76: A526 [Slider Bar] C0/2A78: B326 [Checker Board]

[Jumped to by...] C0/2A7A: A92A C0/2A7C: B32A C0/2A7E: AE2A C0/2A80: A42A C0/2A82: 9F2A C0/2A84: BD2A C0/2A86: C22A C0/2A88: 9A2A C0/2A8A: 902A C0/2A8C: 952A C0/2A8E: B82A

C0/2A90: 22FD62C7 JSR $C762FD C0/2A94: 60 RTS

C0/2A95: 220463C7 JSR $C76304 C0/2A99: 60 RTS

C0/2A9A: 223C63C7 JSR $C7633C C0/2A9E: 60 RTS

C0/2A9F: 22E36BC7 JSR $C76BE3 C0/2AA3: 60 RTS

C0/2AA4: 220050C7 JSR $C75000 C0/2AA8: 60 RTS

C0/2AA9: 222952C7 JSR $C75229 C0/2AAD: 60 RTS

C0/2AAE: 227852C7 JSR $C75278 C0/2AB2: 60 RTS

C0/2AB3: 227352C7 JSR $C75273 C0/2AB7: 60 RTS

C0/2AB8: 22AF52C7 JSR $C752AF C0/2ABC: 60 RTS

C0/2ABD: 22FD5FC7 JSR $C75FFD C0/2AC1: 60 RTS

C0/2AC2: 22AB6DC7 JSR $C76DAB C0/2AC6: 60 RTS

C0/2AC7: 20881F JSR $1F88 C0/2ACA: 6B RTL

C0/2ACB: 20DB21 JSR $21DB C0/2ACE: 6B RTL

C0/2ACF: 20361F JSR $1F36 C0/2AD2: 6B RTL

C0/2AD3: 205B1F JSR $1F5B C0/2AD6: 6B RTL

C0/2AD7: 20AD25 JSR $25AD C0/2ADA: 6B RTL

C0/2ADB: 205423 JSR $2354 C0/2ADE: 6B RTL

C0/2ADF: 20BA23 JSR $23BA C0/2AE2: 6B RTL

C0/2AE3: 9C00A2 STZ $A200 C0/2AE6: 20F921 JSR $21F9 C0/2AE9: 6B RTL

C0/2AEA: 20FF28 JSR $28FF C0/2AED: 6B RTL

C0/2AEE: 20CE25 JSR $25CE C0/2AF1: 6B RTL

[Long Jumper for...something related to window colors] C0/2AF2: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/2AF5: 6B RTL

C0/2AF6: 209726 JSR $2697 C0/2AF9: 6B RTL

C0/2AFA: 208220 JSR $2082 C0/2AFD: 6B RTL

C0/2AFE: 206921 JSR $2169 C0/2B01: 6B RTL

C0/2B02: 20D229 JSR $29D2 C0/2B05: 6B RTL

[] C0/2B06: 206932 JSR $3269 [Does this do anything?] C0/2B09: DA PHX C0/2B0A: 9C09A2 STZ $A209 C0/2B0D: A980 LDA #$80 [Load #$80] {A} C0/2B0F: 3542 AND $42,X [AND with Controller Bits[Low]] C0/2B11: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B14: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B17: A940 LDA #$40 [Load #$40] {X} C0/2B19: 3542 AND $42,X [AND with Controller Bits[Low]] C0/2B1B: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B1E: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B21: A920 LDA #$20 [Load #$20] {L} C0/2B23: 3542 AND $42,X [AND with Controller Bits[Low]] C0/2B25: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B28: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B2B: A910 LDA #$10 [Load #$10] {R} C0/2B2D: 3542 AND $42,X [AND with Controller Bits[Low]] C0/2B2F: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B32: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B35: A980 LDA #$80 [Load #$80] {B} C0/2B37: 3543 AND $43,X [AND with Controller Bits[High]] C0/2B39: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B3C: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B3F: A940 LDA #$40 [Load #$40] {Y} C0/2B41: 3543 AND $43,X [AND with Controller Bits[High]] C0/2B43: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B46: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B49: A920 LDA #$20 C0/2B4B: 3543 AND $43,X [AND with Controller Bits[High]] C0/2B4D: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B50: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B53: A910 LDA #$10 C0/2B55: 3543 AND $43,X [AND with Controller Bits[High]] C0/2B57: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B5A: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B5D: A908 LDA #$08 C0/2B5F: 3543 AND $43,X [AND with Controller Bits[High]] C0/2B61: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B64: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B67: A904 LDA #$04 C0/2B69: 3543 AND $43,X [AND with Controller Bits[High]] C0/2B6B: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B6E: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B71: A902 LDA #$02 C0/2B73: 3543 AND $43,X [AND with Controller Bits[High]] C0/2B75: 209A2B JSR $2B9A C0/2B78: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B7B: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2B7D: 3543 AND $43,X [AND with Controller Bits[High]] C0/2B7F: 209A2B JSR $2B9A [] C0/2B82: EE09A2 INC $A209 C0/2B85: 20A52B JSR $2BA5 C0/2B88: FA PLX C0/2B89: A906 LDA #$06 C0/2B8B: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/2B8E: EB XBA C0/2B8F: B542 LDA $42,X C0/2B91: 9D03A2 STA $A203,X C0/2B94: E8 INX C0/2B95: EB XBA C0/2B96: 3A DEC A C0/2B97: D0F5 BNE $2B8E C0/2B99: 60 RTS

{Hypothesis: keys pressed during a given frame are passed to this} C0/2B9A: DA PHX C0/2B9B: F006 BEQ $2BA3 C0/2B9D: 207532 JSR $3275 [Jump to thing that figures index] C0/2BA0: FC9732 JSR ($3297,X) C0/2BA3: FA PLX C0/2BA4: 60 RTS

C0/2BA5: DA PHX C0/2BA6: B542 LDA $42,X C0/2BA8: 1543 ORA $43,X C0/2BAA: D00C BNE $2BB8 C0/2BAC: A900EB LDA #$EB00 C0/2BAF: AF02A27E LDA $7EA202 C0/2BB3: 0A ASL A C0/2BB4: AA TAX C0/2BB5: FC9F33 JSR ($339F,X) C0/2BB8: FA PLX C0/2BB9: 60 RTS

[Handles Window Edit's color sliders?] C0/2BBA: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2BBD: DA PHX C0/2BBE: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2BC0: 2902 AND #$02 [AND with #$02] {Holding Left} C0/2BC2: F004 BEQ $2BC8 C0/2BC4: 22A562C7 JSR $C762A5 [Decrement C0/2BC8: FA PLX C0/2BC9: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2BCB: 2901 AND #$01 [AND with #$01] {Holding Right} C0/2BCD: F009 BEQ $2BD8 C0/2BCF: 229262C7 JSR $C76292 C0/2BD3: A980 LDA #$80 C0/2BD5: 0C12A2 TSB $A212 C0/2BD8: 60 RTS

[] C0/2BD9: - AF124200 LDA $004212 [Load PPU Status] C0/2BDD: 2901 AND #$01 [AND with #$01] {Auto-Joypad Status} C0/2BDF: D0F8 - BNE $2BD9 [Branch if Not Equal] C0/2BE1: E210 SEP #$10 [Enable 8-Bit Registers] C0/2BE3: 22008000 JSR $008000 C0/2BE7: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/2BE9: 60 RTS

[05: Window Edit (A)] C0/2BEA: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/2BED: 8008 BRA $2BF7

[] C0/2BEF: A00200 LDY #$0002 C0/2BF2: 8003 BRA $2BF7

[] C0/2BF4: A00100 LDY #$0001 {} C0/2BF7: 20BA2B JSR $2BBA C0/2BFA: 60 RTS

C0/2BFB: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2BFE: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2C00: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2C03: F009 BEQ $2C0E C0/2C05: 22A76FC7 JSR $C76FA7 C0/2C09: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2C0B: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2C0E: 60 RTS

C0/2C0F: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2C12: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2C14: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2C17: F022 BEQ $2C3B C0/2C19: 226A62C7 JSR $C7626A C0/2C1D: A980 LDA #$80 C0/2C1F: 2C12A2 BIT $A212 C0/2C22: F00E BEQ $2C32 C0/2C24: 20AF1B JSR $1BAF C0/2C27: 225662C7 JSR $C76256 C0/2C2B: A980 LDA #$80 C0/2C2D: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/2C30: 8009 BRA $2C3B C0/2C32: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2C34: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2C37: 22A76FC7 JSR $C76FA7 C0/2C3B: 60 RTS

C0/2C3C: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2C3F: B542 LDA $42,X C0/2C41: 89C0 BIT #$C0 C0/2C43: D013 BNE $2C58 C0/2C45: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2C47: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2C49: D00D BNE $2C58 C0/2C4B: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/2C4E: 1A INC A C0/2C4F: 2907 AND #$07 C0/2C51: 8D4EA2 STA $A24E C0/2C54: 225662C7 JSR $C76256 C0/2C58: 60 RTS

[] C0/2C59: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2C5C: B542 LDA $42,X C0/2C5E: 89C0 BIT #$C0 C0/2C60: D013 BNE $2C75 C0/2C62: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2C64: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2C66: D00D BNE $2C75 C0/2C68: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/2C6B: 3A DEC A C0/2C6C: 2907 AND #$07 C0/2C6E: 8D4EA2 STA $A24E C0/2C71: 225662C7 JSR $C76256 C0/2C75: 60 RTS

[] C0/2C76: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2C79: B542 LDA $42,X C0/2C7B: 89C0 BIT #$C0 C0/2C7D: D01A BNE $2C99 C0/2C7F: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2C81: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2C83: D014 BNE $2C99 C0/2C85: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2C87: EB XBA C0/2C88: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/2C8B: AA TAX C0/2C8C: BD4FA2 LDA $A24F,X C0/2C8F: 3A DEC A C0/2C90: 2907 AND #$07 C0/2C92: 9D4FA2 STA $A24F,X C0/2C95: 225662C7 JSR $C76256 C0/2C99: 60 RTS

[] C0/2C9A: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2C9D: B542 LDA $42,X C0/2C9F: 89C0 BIT #$C0 C0/2CA1: D01A BNE $2CBD C0/2CA3: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2CA5: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2CA7: D014 BNE $2CBD C0/2CA9: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2CAB: EB XBA C0/2CAC: AD4EA2 LDA $A24E C0/2CAF: AA TAX C0/2CB0: BD4FA2 LDA $A24F,X C0/2CB3: 1A INC A C0/2CB4: 2907 AND #$07 C0/2CB6: 9D4FA2 STA $A24F,X C0/2CB9: 225662C7 JSR $C76256 C0/2CBD: 60 RTS

[] C0/2CBE: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2CC1: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2CC3: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2CC6: F02A BEQ $2CF2 C0/2CC8: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/2CCA: D026 BNE $2CF2 C0/2CCC: AF02A27E LDA $7EA202 C0/2CD0: C900 CMP #$00 C0/2CD2: D007 BNE $2CDB C0/2CD4: AF15A27E LDA $7EA215 C0/2CD8: 1A INC A C0/2CD9: F017 BEQ $2CF2 C0/2CDB: 22D557C7 JSR $C757D5 C0/2CDF: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2CE2: 3A DEC A C0/2CE3: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/2CE5: D004 BNE $2CEB C0/2CE7: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/2CEA: 3A DEC A C0/2CEB: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2CEE: 22DC57C7 JSR $C757DC C0/2CF2: 60 RTS

[] C0/2CF3: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2CF6: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2CF8: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2CFB: F029 BEQ $2D26 C0/2CFD: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/2CFF: D0F1 BNE $2CF2 C0/2D01: AF02A27E LDA $7EA202 C0/2D05: C900 CMP #$00 C0/2D07: D007 BNE $2D10 C0/2D09: AF15A27E LDA $7EA215 C0/2D0D: 1A INC A C0/2D0E: F016 BEQ $2D26 C0/2D10: 22D557C7 JSR $C757D5 C0/2D14: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2D17: 1A INC A C0/2D18: CD00A2 CMP $A200 C0/2D1B: D002 BNE $2D1F C0/2D1D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2D1F: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2D22: 22DC57C7 JSR $C757DC C0/2D26: 60 RTS

[] C0/2D27: A543 LDA $43 C0/2D29: CD04A2 CMP $A204 C0/2D2C: F007 BEQ $2D35 C0/2D2E: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/2D31: 224A5FC7 JSR $C75F4A C0/2D35: 60 RTS

[] C0/2D36: AFFE1900 LDA $0019FE C0/2D3A: F013 BEQ $2D4F C0/2D3C: A908 LDA #$08 C0/2D3E: 8D10A2 STA $A210 C0/2D41: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2D44: 8D7AA1 STA $A17A C0/2D47: AD7BA1 LDA $A17B C0/2D4A: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2D4D: 8012 BRA $2D61 C0/2D4F: 60 RTS

[] C0/2D50: A909 LDA #$09 C0/2D52: 8D10A2 STA $A210 C0/2D55: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2D58: 8D7BA1 STA $A17B C0/2D5B: AD7AA1 LDA $A17A C0/2D5E: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2D61: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/2D64: A940 LDA #$40 C0/2D66: 1C0AA2 TRB $A20A C0/2D69: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2D6B: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2D6E: 60 RTS

[] C0/2D6F: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2D72: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2D74: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2D77: F033 BEQ $2DAC C0/2D79: A908 LDA #$08 C0/2D7B: 2C12A2 BIT $A212 C0/2D7E: D025 BNE $2DA5 C0/2D80: 0C12A2 TSB $A212 C0/2D83: A940 LDA #$40 C0/2D85: 2D0AA2 AND $A20A C0/2D88: D022 BNE $2DAC C0/2D8A: AD02A2 LDA $A202 C0/2D8D: 48 PHA C0/2D8E: A906 LDA #$06 C0/2D90: 8D02A2 STA $A202 C0/2D93: 22DC57C7 JSR $C757DC C0/2D97: 68 PLA C0/2D98: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/2D9B: 8D02A2 STA $A202 C0/2D9E: A940 LDA #$40 C0/2DA0: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2DA3: 8007 BRA $2DAC C0/2DA5: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/2DA8: 220164C7 JSR $C76401 C0/2DAC: 60 RTS

[] C0/2DAD: AD0AA2 LDA $A20A C0/2DB0: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2DB2: F02D BEQ $2DE1 C0/2DB4: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2DB7: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2DB9: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2DBC: F023 BEQ $2DE1 C0/2DBE: 22D557C7 JSR $C757D5 C0/2DC2: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2DC5: F00F BEQ $2DD6 C0/2DC7: C901 CMP #$01 C0/2DC9: F004 BEQ $2DCF C0/2DCB: 3A DEC A C0/2DCC: 3A DEC A C0/2DCD: 800B BRA $2DDA C0/2DCF: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/2DD2: 3A DEC A C0/2DD3: 3A DEC A C0/2DD4: 8004 BRA $2DDA C0/2DD6: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/2DD9: 3A DEC A C0/2DDA: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2DDD: 22DC57C7 JSR $C757DC C0/2DE1: 60 RTS

[] C0/2DE2: AD0AA2 LDA $A20A C0/2DE5: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2DE7: F02A BEQ $2E13 C0/2DE9: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2DEC: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2DEE: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2DF1: F049 BEQ $2E3C C0/2DF3: 22D557C7 JSR $C757D5 C0/2DF7: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2DFA: C906 CMP #$06 C0/2DFC: F008 BEQ $2E06 C0/2DFE: C907 CMP #$07 C0/2E00: F008 BEQ $2E0A C0/2E02: 1A INC A C0/2E03: 1A INC A C0/2E04: 8006 BRA $2E0C C0/2E06: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2E08: 8002 BRA $2E0C C0/2E0A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2E0C: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2E0F: 22DC57C7 JSR $C757DC C0/2E13: 60 RTS

[] C0/2E14: AD0AA2 LDA $A20A C0/2E17: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2E19: F021 BEQ $2E3C C0/2E1B: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2E1E: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2E20: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2E23: F017 BEQ $2E3C C0/2E25: 22D557C7 JSR $C757D5 C0/2E29: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2E2C: 3A DEC A C0/2E2D: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/2E2F: D004 BNE $2E35 C0/2E31: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/2E34: 3A DEC A C0/2E35: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2E38: 22DC57C7 JSR $C757DC C0/2E3C: 60 RTS

[] C0/2E3D: AD0AA2 LDA $A20A C0/2E40: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/2E42: F020 BEQ $2E64 C0/2E44: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2E47: B543 LDA $43,X C0/2E49: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/2E4C: F016 BEQ $2E64 C0/2E4E: 22D557C7 JSR $C757D5 C0/2E52: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2E55: 1A INC A C0/2E56: CD00A2 CMP $A200 C0/2E59: D002 BNE $2E5D C0/2E5B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2E5D: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2E60: 22DC57C7 JSR $C757DC C0/2E64: 60 RTS

[] C0/2E65: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2E68: F012 BEQ $2E7C C0/2E6A: A90A LDA #$0A C0/2E6C: 8D10A2 STA $A210 C0/2E6F: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2E71: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2E74: A920 LDA #$20 C0/2E76: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/2E79: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/2E7C: 60 RTS

[] C0/2E7D: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/2E80: BD04A2 LDA $A204,X C0/2E83: 8980 BIT #$80 C0/2E85: D01A BNE $2EA1 C0/2E87: 22D655C7 JSR $C755D6 C0/2E8B: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2E8E: 8FFF7F30 STA $307FFF C0/2E92: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2E94: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2E97: A920 LDA #$20 C0/2E99: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/2E9C: A902 LDA #$02 C0/2E9E: 20D229 JSR $29D2 C0/2EA1: 60 RTS

C0/2EA2: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2EA5: F014 BEQ $2EBB C0/2EA7: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2EA9: 8D10A2 STA $A210 C0/2EAC: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2EAF: 8FFF7F30 STA $307FFF C0/2EB3: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2EB5: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2EB8: 20AF1B JSR $1BAF C0/2EBB: 60 RTS

C0/2EBC: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2EBF: F019 BEQ $2EDA C0/2EC1: 227A55C7 JSR $C7557A C0/2EC5: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/2EC8: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/2ECA: F009 BEQ $2ED5 C0/2ECC: 9C11A2 STZ $A211 C0/2ECF: 224A5FC7 JSR $C75F4A C0/2ED3: 8005 BRA $2EDA C0/2ED5: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2ED7: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2EDA: A904 LDA #$04 C0/2EDC: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/2EDF: 60 RTS

C0/2EE0: 5A PHY C0/2EE1: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2EE4: F02D BEQ $2F13 C0/2EE6: AFFE1900 LDA $0019FE C0/2EEA: 22C76BC7 JSR $C76BC7 C0/2EEE: A8 TAY C0/2EEF: 22B76BC7 JSR $C76BB7 C0/2EF3: F00C BEQ $2F01 C0/2EF5: 98 TYA C0/2EF6: 22C76BC7 JSR $C76BC7 C0/2EFA: A8 TAY C0/2EFB: 22B76BC7 JSR $C76BB7 C0/2EFF: D012 BNE $2F13 C0/2F01: 98 TYA C0/2F02: 8FFE1900 STA $0019FE C0/2F06: A907 LDA #$07 C0/2F08: 8D10A2 STA $A210 C0/2F0B: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/2F0E: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2F10: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2F13: 7A PLY C0/2F14: 60 RTS

C0/2F15: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2F18: F026 BEQ $2F40 C0/2F1A: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/2F1D: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/2F1F: D011 BNE $2F32 C0/2F21: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/2F24: 20FD1E JSR $1EFD C0/2F27: 225C6DC7 JSR $C76D5C C0/2F2B: A920 LDA #$20 C0/2F2D: 0C12A2 TSB $A212 C0/2F30: 800E BRA $2F40 C0/2F32: 22A76CC7 JSR $C76CA7 C0/2F36: A901 LDA #$01 C0/2F38: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2F3B: A920 LDA #$20 C0/2F3D: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/2F40: 60 RTS

[] C0/2F41: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2F44: F03C BEQ $2F82 C0/2F46: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/2F49: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/2F4C: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/2F4E: D01B BNE $2F6B C0/2F50: AD36A1 LDA $A136 C0/2F53: F005 BEQ $2F5A C0/2F55: 38 SEC C0/2F56: E904 SBC #$04 C0/2F58: B001 BCS $2F5B C0/2F5A: 3A DEC A C0/2F5B: 290F AND #$0F C0/2F5D: 8D36A1 STA $A136 C0/2F60: 221752C7 JSR $C75217 C0/2F64: A904 LDA #$04 C0/2F66: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2F69: 8017 BRA $2F82 C0/2F6B: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2F6E: 3A DEC A C0/2F6F: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/2F71: D004 BNE $2F77 C0/2F73: AD00A2 LDA $A200 C0/2F76: 3A DEC A C0/2F77: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2F7A: 22456CC7 JSR $C76C45 C0/2F7E: 223D50C7 JSR $C7503D C0/2F82: 60 RTS

C0/2F83: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2F86: F03F BEQ $2FC7 C0/2F88: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/2F8B: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/2F8E: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/2F90: D01F BNE $2FB1 C0/2F92: AD36A1 LDA $A136 C0/2F95: C90F CMP #$0F C0/2F97: F007 BEQ $2FA0 C0/2F99: 18 CLC C0/2F9A: 6904 ADC #$04 C0/2F9C: C910 CMP #$10 C0/2F9E: 9001 BCC $2FA1 C0/2FA0: 1A INC A C0/2FA1: 290F AND #$0F C0/2FA3: 8D36A1 STA $A136 C0/2FA6: 221752C7 JSR $C75217 C0/2FAA: A904 LDA #$04 C0/2FAC: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2FAF: 8016 BRA $2FC7 C0/2FB1: AD11A2 LDA $A211 C0/2FB4: 1A INC A C0/2FB5: CD00A2 CMP $A200 C0/2FB8: D002 BNE $2FBC C0/2FBA: A900 LDA #$00 C0/2FBC: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/2FBF: 22456CC7 JSR $C76C45 C0/2FC3: 223D50C7 JSR $C7503D C0/2FC7: 60 RTS

C0/2FC8: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2FCB: F01C BEQ $2FE9 C0/2FCD: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/2FD0: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/2FD2: D015 BNE $2FE9 C0/2FD4: AD36A1 LDA $A136 C0/2FD7: 3A DEC A C0/2FD8: 290F AND #$0F C0/2FDA: 8D36A1 STA $A136 C0/2FDD: 221752C7 JSR $C75217 C0/2FE1: A904 LDA #$04 C0/2FE3: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/2FE6: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/2FE9: 60 RTS

C0/2FEA: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/2FED: F01C BEQ $300B C0/2FEF: AD12A2 LDA $A212 C0/2FF2: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/2FF4: D015 BNE $300B C0/2FF6: AD36A1 LDA $A136 C0/2FF9: 1A INC A C0/2FFA: 290F AND #$0F C0/2FFC: 8D36A1 STA $A136 C0/2FFF: 221752C7 JSR $C75217 C0/3003: A904 LDA #$04 C0/3005: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/3008: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/300B: 60 RTS

C0/300C: A980 LDA #$80 C0/300E: 2C12A2 BIT $A212 C0/3011: F047 BEQ $305A C0/3013: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/3016: 20AF1B JSR $1BAF C0/3019: 22B76FC7 JSR $C76FB7 C0/301D: 22FC6DC7 JSR $C76DFC C0/3021: 22176EC7 JSR $C76E17 C0/3025: 22296FC7 JSR $C76F29 C0/3029: A902 LDA #$02 C0/302B: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/302E: 60 RTS

C0/302F: 22A76FC7 JSR $C76FA7 C0/3033: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/3036: F00A BEQ $3042 C0/3038: A901 LDA #$01 C0/303A: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/303D: A920 LDA #$20 C0/303F: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/3042: 60 RTS

C0/3043: A920 LDA #$20 C0/3045: 2C12A2 BIT $A212 C0/3048: F010 BEQ $305A C0/304A: 48 PHA C0/304B: 20FD1E JSR $1EFD C0/304E: 68 PLA C0/304F: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/3052: 20AF1B JSR $1BAF C0/3055: 22576DC7 JSR $C76D57 C0/3059: 60 RTS

C0/305A: 205A32 JSR $325A C0/305D: F00A BEQ $3069 C0/305F: A901 LDA #$01 C0/3061: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/3064: A920 LDA #$20 C0/3066: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/3069: 60 RTS

C0/306A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/306C: 8D10A2 STA $A210 C0/306F: 20AF1B JSR $1BAF C0/3072: A901 LDA #$01 C0/3074: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/3077: 60 RTS

C0/3078: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/307B: B542 LDA $42,X C0/307D: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/307F: C980 CMP #$80 C0/3081: D07B BNE $30FE C0/3083: B543 LDA $43,X C0/3085: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/3087: D075 BNE $30FE C0/3089: A903 LDA #$03 C0/308B: 803D BRA $30CA C0/308D: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/3090: B542 LDA $42,X C0/3092: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/3094: D068 BNE $30FE C0/3096: B543 LDA $43,X C0/3098: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/309A: C980 CMP #$80 C0/309C: D060 BNE $30FE C0/309E: A902 LDA #$02 C0/30A0: 8028 BRA $30CA C0/30A2: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/30A5: B542 LDA $42,X C0/30A7: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/30A9: C940 CMP #$40 C0/30AB: D051 BNE $30FE C0/30AD: B543 LDA $43,X C0/30AF: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/30B1: D04B BNE $30FE C0/30B3: A901 LDA #$01 C0/30B5: 8013 BRA $30CA C0/30B7: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/30BA: B542 LDA $42,X C0/30BC: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/30BE: D03E BNE $30FE C0/30C0: B543 LDA $43,X C0/30C2: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/30C4: C940 CMP #$40 C0/30C6: D036 BNE $30FE C0/30C8: A900 LDA #$00 C0/30CA: 48 PHA C0/30CB: EB XBA C0/30CC: ADD8A1 LDA $A1D8 C0/30CF: C904 CMP #$04 C0/30D1: D004 BNE $30D7 C0/30D3: EB XBA C0/30D4: 8DD8A1 STA $A1D8 C0/30D7: 68 PLA C0/30D8: 8DD7A1 STA $A1D7 C0/30DB: CDD8A1 CMP $A1D8 C0/30DE: D01E BNE $30FE C0/30E0: 8DD8A1 STA $A1D8 C0/30E3: 48 PHA C0/30E4: A940 LDA #$40 C0/30E6: 2C12A2 BIT $A212 C0/30E9: D00B BNE $30F6 C0/30EB: 0C12A2 TSB $A212 C0/30EE: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/30F1: 68 PLA C0/30F2: 8D11A2 STA $A211 C0/30F5: 48 PHA C0/30F6: 68 PLA C0/30F7: 22DC57C7 JSR $C757DC C0/30FB: 204B31 JSR $314B C0/30FE: 60 RTS

C0/30FF: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/3102: B542 LDA $42,X C0/3104: 1543 ORA $43,X C0/3106: D02B BNE $3133 C0/3108: BD03A2 LDA $A203,X C0/310B: 1D04A2 ORA $A204,X C0/310E: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/3110: F021 BEQ $3133 C0/3112: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/3115: 22D557C7 JSR $C757D5 C0/3119: 22D66EC7 JSR $C76ED6 C0/311D: 22FC6DC7 JSR $C76DFC C0/3121: 9C80A1 STZ $A180 C0/3124: A904 LDA #$04 C0/3126: 8DD8A1 STA $A1D8 C0/3129: A902 LDA #$02 C0/312B: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/312E: A940 LDA #$40 C0/3130: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/3133: 60 RTS

C0/3134: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/3137: B542 LDA $42,X C0/3139: DD03A2 CMP $A203,X C0/313C: F00C BEQ $314A C0/313E: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/3141: 22696FC7 JSR $C76F69 C0/3145: A980 LDA #$80 C0/3147: 0C12A2 TSB $A212 C0/314A: 60 RTS

C0/314B: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/314E: DA PHX C0/314F: B543 LDA $43,X C0/3151: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/3154: F026 BEQ $317C C0/3156: 1542 ORA $42,X C0/3158: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/315A: F020 BEQ $317C C0/315C: B543 LDA $43,X C0/315E: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/3160: F007 BEQ $3169 C0/3162: 228B6EC7 JSR $C76E8B C0/3166: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/3169: FA PLX C0/316A: B543 LDA $43,X C0/316C: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/316F: F00B BEQ $317C C0/3171: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/3173: F007 BEQ $317C C0/3175: 228F6EC7 JSR $C76E8F C0/3179: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/317C: FA PLX C0/317D: 60 RTS

C0/317E: A940 LDA #$40 C0/3180: 1C0AA2 TRB $A20A C0/3183: A908 LDA #$08 C0/3185: 1C12A2 TRB $A212 C0/3188: A901 LDA #$01 C0/318A: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/318D: 60 RTS

C0/318E: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/3191: BD04A2 LDA $A204,X C0/3194: 2980 AND #$80 C0/3196: D01D BNE $31B5 C0/3198: ADCCA1 LDA $A1CC C0/319B: C906 CMP #$06 C0/319D: F016 BEQ $31B5 C0/319F: 22E050C7 JSR $C750E0 C0/31A3: B010 BCS $31B5 C0/31A5: 222451C7 JSR $C75124 C0/31A9: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/31AC: EE57A1 INC $A157 C0/31AF: EECCA1 INC $A1CC C0/31B2: 20A51B JSR $1BA5 C0/31B5: 60 RTS

C0/31B6: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/31B9: BD04A2 LDA $A204,X C0/31BC: 2920 AND #$20 C0/31BE: D021 BNE $31E1 C0/31C0: 800A BRA $31CC C0/31C2: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/31C5: BD04A2 LDA $A204,X C0/31C8: 2940 AND #$40 C0/31CA: D015 BNE $31E1 C0/31CC: ADCCA1 LDA $A1CC C0/31CF: F0E4 BEQ $31B5 C0/31D1: CE57A1 DEC $A157 C0/31D4: CE57A1 DEC $A157 C0/31D7: 221951C7 JSR $C75119 C0/31DB: CECCA1 DEC $A1CC C0/31DE: 20AF1B JSR $1BAF C0/31E1: 60 RTS

C0/31E2: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/31E5: BD04A2 LDA $A204,X C0/31E8: 2910 AND #$10 C0/31EA: D023 BNE $320F C0/31EC: ADCCA1 LDA $A1CC C0/31EF: F019 BEQ $320A C0/31F1: 227F50C7 JSR $C7507F C0/31F5: 226251C7 JSR $C75162 C0/31F9: AD71A1 LDA $A171 C0/31FC: F00C BEQ $320A C0/31FE: A907 LDA #$07 C0/3200: 20D229 JSR $29D2 C0/3203: A901 LDA #$01 C0/3205: 0C0AA2 TSB $A20A C0/3208: 8005 BRA $320F C0/320A: A903 LDA #$03 C0/320C: 20D229 JSR $29D2 C0/320F: 60 RTS

C0/3210: 204A32 JSR $324A C0/3213: AD59A1 LDA $A159 C0/3216: 38 SEC C0/3217: E908 SBC #$08 C0/3219: C913 CMP #$13 C0/321B: B013 BCS $3230 C0/321D: A9DB LDA #$DB C0/321F: 800F BRA $3230 C0/3221: 204A32 JSR $324A C0/3224: AD59A1 LDA $A159 C0/3227: 18 CLC C0/3228: 6908 ADC #$08 C0/322A: C9E0 CMP #$E0 C0/322C: 9002 BCC $3230 C0/322E: A913 LDA #$13 C0/3230: 8D59A1 STA $A159 C0/3233: 223D50C7 JSR $C7503D C0/3237: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/323A: B543 LDA $43,X C0/323C: 290C AND #$0C C0/323E: D003 BNE $3243 C0/3240: 20AA1B JSR $1BAA C0/3243: 60 RTS

[Called by Name Edit screen each frame.] C0/3244: A903 LDA #$03 C0/3246: 8D01A2 STA $A201 C0/3249: 60 RTS

C0/324A: 206932 JSR $3269 C0/324D: BD04A2 LDA $A204,X C0/3250: 290F AND #$0F C0/3252: D005 BNE $3259 C0/3254: A9F2 LDA #$F2 C0/3256: 8D01A2 STA $A201 C0/3259: 60 RTS

C0/325A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/325C: EB XBA C0/325D: AFFD1900 LDA $0019FD C0/3261: 0A ASL A C0/3262: AA TAX C0/3263: B543 LDA $43,X C0/3265: DD04A2 CMP $A204,X C0/3268: 60 RTS

[] C0/3269: 48 PHA C0/326A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/326C: EB XBA C0/326D: AFFD1900 LDA $0019FD C0/3271: 0A ASL A C0/3272: AA TAX C0/3273: 68 PLA C0/3274: 60 RTS

[Figures out position for key press pointer] C0/3275: A900 LDA #$00 C0/3277: EB XBA C0/3278: AD09A2 LDA $A209 [Load Counter] C0/327B: 8D73A1 STA $A173 C0/327E: 0A ASL A C0/327F: 0A ASL A C0/3280: 0A ASL A C0/3281: 18 CLC C0/3282: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/3285: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/3288: 6D73A1 ADC $A173 C0/328B: 6F02A27E ADC $7EA202 C0/328F: C220 REP #$20 C0/3291: 0A ASL A C0/3292: AA TAX C0/3293: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3295: 60 RTS

[General Dummy Function for below pointer table] C0/3296: 60

[Unknown function pointer table] [A Set] C0/3297: 9632 [00: Start Screen (A)] C0/3299: 9632 [01: Save Screen (A)] C0/329B: 9632 [02] C0/329D: 9632 [03] C0/329F: 9632 [04] C0/32A1: EA2B [05: Window Edit] C0/32A3: 7830 [06] C0/32A5: 9632 [07: Stat Screen (A)] C0/32A7: 9632 [08] C0/32A9: 9632 [09: Weapon Skill (A)] C0/32AB: 9632 [0A] [X Set] C0/32AD: 9632 [00: Start Screen (X)] C0/32AF: 9632 [01: Save Screen (X)] C0/32B1: 9632 [0D] C0/32B3: 9632 [0E] C0/32B5: 9632 [0F] C0/32B7: EF2B [10: Window Edit] C0/32B9: A230 [11] C0/32BB: 9632 [12: Stat Screen (X)] C0/32BD: 9632 [13] C0/32BF: 9632 [14] C0/32C1: 9632 [15] [L Set] C0/32C3: 9632 [00: Start Screen (L)] C0/32C5: 9632 [01: Save Screen (L)] C0/32C7: 9632 [18] C0/32C9: 9632 [19] C0/32CB: 9632 [1A] C0/32CD: 9632 [1B] C0/32CF: 3431 [1C] C0/32D1: 9632 [1D: Stat Screen (L)] C0/32D3: 502D [1E] C0/32D5: 9632 [1F] C0/32D7: 9632 [20] [R Set] C0/32D9: 9632 [00: Start Screen (R)] C0/32DB: 9632 [01: Save Screen (R)] C0/32DD: 9632 [23] C0/32DF: 9632 [24] C0/32E1: 9632 [25] C0/32E3: 9632 [26] C0/32E5: 3431 [27] C0/32E7: 9632 [28: Stat Screen (R)] C0/32E9: 9632 [29] C0/32EB: 362D [2A] C0/32ED: 9632 [2B] [B Set] C0/32EF: 272D [00: Start Screen (B)] C0/32F1: 652E [01: Save Screen (B)] C0/32F3: BC2E [2E] C0/32F5: 8E31 [2F] C0/32F7: 152F [30] C0/32F9: FB2B [31: Window Edit (B)] C0/32FB: 8D30 [32] C0/32FD: E02E [33: Stat Screen (B)] C0/32FF: 6F2D [34] C0/3301: 6F2D [35: Weapon Skill (B)] C0/3303: 7D2E [36] [Y Set] C0/3305: 9632 [00: Start Screen (Y)] C0/3307: 5A30 [01: Save Screen (Y)] C0/3309: 6A30 [39] C0/330B: C231 [3A] C0/330D: 4330 [3B] C0/330F: F42B [3C] C0/3311: B730 [3D] C0/3313: 5A30 [3E: Stat Screen (Y)] C0/3315: 7E31 [3F] C0/3317: 7E31 [40: Weapon Skill Screen (Y)] C0/3319: A22E [41] [Select Set] C0/331B: BE2C [00: Start Screen (Select)] C0/331D: 5A30 [01: Save Screen (Select)] C0/331F: 6A30 [44] C0/3321: B631 [45] C0/3323: 4330 [46] C0/3325: 0F2C [47] C0/3327: 0C30 [48] C0/3329: 5A30 [49: Stat Screen (Select)] C0/332B: 7E31 [4A] C0/332D: 7E31 [4B] C0/332F: A22E [4C] [Start Set] C0/3331: 272D [00: Start Screen (Start)] C0/3333: 652E [01: Save Screen (Start)] C0/3335: BC2E [4F] C0/3337: E231 [50] C0/3339: 152F [51] C0/333B: FB2B [52] C0/333D: 2F30 [53] C0/333F: E02E [54: Stat Screen (Start)] C0/3341: 6F2D [55] C0/3343: 6F2D [56] C0/3345: 7D2E [57] [Up Set] {Heh} C0/3347: BE2C [00: Start Screen (Up)] C0/3349: BE2C [01: Save Screen (Up)] C0/334B: BE2C [5A] C0/334D: 9632 [5B] C0/334F: 412F [5C] C0/3351: 3C2C [5D] C0/3353: 9632 [5E] C0/3355: 9632 [5F: Stat Screen (Up)] C0/3357: AD2D [60] C0/3359: AD2D [61] C0/335B: 9632 [62] [Down Set] C0/335D: F32C [00: Start Screen (Down)] C0/335F: F32C [01: Save Screen (Down)] C0/3361: F32C [65] C0/3363: 9632 [66] C0/3365: 832F [67] C0/3367: 592C [68] C0/3369: 9632 [69] C0/336B: 9632 [6A: Stat Screen (Down)] C0/336D: E22D [6B] C0/336F: E22D [6C: Weapon Skill (Down)] C0/3371: 9632 [6D: Save Info (Down)] [Left Set] C0/3373: 9632 [00: Start Screen (Left)] C0/3375: 9632 [01: Save Screen] C0/3377: 9632 [70] C0/3379: 1032 [71] C0/337B: C82F [72] C0/337D: 762C [73] C0/337F: 9632 [74] C0/3381: 9632 [75: Stat Screen (Left)] C0/3383: 142E [76] C0/3385: 142E [77] C0/3387: 9632 [78] [Right Set] C0/3389: 9632 [00: Start Screen (Right)] C0/338B: 9632 [01: Save Screen] C0/338D: 9632 [7B] C0/338F: 2132 [7C] C0/3391: EA2F [7D] C0/3393: 9A2C [7E] C0/3395: 9632 [7F] C0/3397: 9632 [80: Stat Screen (Right)] C0/3399: 3D2E [81] C0/339B: 3D2E [82] C0/339D: 9632 [83] [Background/overlay effects?] C0/339F: 9632 [00: Start Screen] C0/33A1: 9632 [01: Save Screen] C0/33A3: 9632 [02: Load Screen] C0/33A5: 4432 [03: Name Edit] C0/33A7: 9632 [04: Action Grid] C0/33A9: 9632 [05: Window Edit] C0/33AB: FF30 [06: Controller Edit] C0/33AD: 9632 [07: Stat Screen] C0/33AF: 9632 [08: Magic Skill Level] C0/33B1: 9632 [09: Weapon Skill Level-related] C0/33B3: 9632 [0A: Save Info]

[Start of long pointers?] {$7EA20F} C0/33B5: F033C0 [00: Welcome Message] C0/33B8: 8D34C0 [01: Saving Over] C0/33BB: F934C0 [02: Window Edit] C0/33BE: 8335C0 [03: Name Entry] C0/33C1: 2036C0 [04: Action Grid] C0/33C4: 4C78C7 [05: Weapon Skill] C0/33C7: D478C7 [06: C0/33CA: 5F79C7 [07: Window Edit] C0/33CD: 287AC7 [08:

[Status Screen Status Messages] {Bank 7 pointers} C0/33D0: 8E7A [00: UNCONSCIOUS] C0/33D2: 9A7A [01: ENGULFED] C0/33D4: A37A [02: POISONED] C0/33D6: AC7A [03: MOOGLED!] C0/33D8: B57A [04: TRANSFORMED] {Will show up on status screen if set! Character slides.} C0/33DA: C17A [05: BARRELED] {Can't check status screen solo, so} C0/33DC: CB7A [06: C0/33DE: D27A [07: C0/33E0: DC7A [08: DIZZY] C0/33E2: E27A [09: PETRIFIED] C0/33E4: EC7A [0A: FROZEN] C0/33E6: F37A [0B: SLEEPING] C0/33E8: FC7A [0C: TANGLED UP] {Paralyzed/can't move; can be seen when status bit set} C0/33EA: 077B [0D: SLOWED DOWN] {Tangled/limping effect} C0/33EC: 137B [0E: DAMAGED] C0/33EE: 1B7B [0F: DAMAGED!]

[Welcome Message] C0/33F0: B19FA69DA9A79F80AEA980 W E L C O M E _ T O _ C0/33FB: AD9F9DAC9FAE80A9A080A79BA89BBF S E C R E T _ O F _ M A N A . C0/340A: 7F7F9D LDA $9D7F7F,X C0/340D: A2A9A9 LDX #$A9A9 C0/3410: AD9F80 LDA $809F C0/3413: C3A8 CMP $A8,S C0/3415: 9FB180A1 STA $A180B1,X C0/3419: 9B TXY C0/341A: A79F LDA [$9F] C0/341C: C480 CPY $80 C0/341E: AEA980 LDX $80A9 C0/3421: ADAE9B LDA $9BAE C0/3424: ACAE80 LDY $80AE C0/3427: A0ACA9 LDY #$A9AC C0/342A: A780 LDA [$80] C0/342C: AEA29F LDX $9FA2 C0/342F: 809C BRA $33CD C0/3431: 9FA1A3A8 STA $A8A3A1,X C0/3435: A8 TAY C0/3436: A3A8 LDA $A8,S C0/3438: A1BF LDA ($BF,X) C0/343A: 7F9DA2A9 ADC $A9A29D,X C0/343E: A9AD LDA #$AD C0/3440: 9F80C3A1 STA $A1C380,X C0/3444: 9B TXY C0/3445: A79F LDA [$9F] C0/3447: 80A0 BRA $33E9 C0/3449: A3A6 LDA $A6,S C0/344B: 9FC480AE STA $AE80C4,X C0/344F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/3451: ADAE9B LDA $9BAE C0/3454: ACAE80 LDY $80AE C0/3457: A0ACA9 LDY #$A9AC C0/345A: A780 LDA [$80] C0/345C: B1A2 LDA ($A2),Y C0/345E: 9FAC9F80 STA $809FAC,X C0/3462: B3A9 LDA ($A9,S),Y C0/3464: AF80A69B LDA $9BA680 C0/3468: ADAE80 LDA $80AE C0/346B: AD9BB0 LDA $B09B C0/346E: 9F9EBF7F STA $7FBF9E,X C0/3472: AA TAX C0/3473: AC9FAD LDY $AD9F C0/3476: AD809C LDA $9C80 C0/3479: C69C DEC $9C C0/347B: AFAEAEA9 LDA $A9AEAE C0/347F: A8 TAY C0/3480: 80AE BRA $3430 C0/3482: A980 LDA #$80 C0/3484: ADAE9B LDA $9BAE C0/3487: ACAEBF LDY $BFAE C0/348A: 7F7F00

[01: Saving Over] C0/348D: AD9BB0A3A8A180A9B09FAC80 S A V I N G _ O V E R _ C0/3499: 9BA880A9A69E80A0A3A69F80 A N _ O L D _ F I L E _ C0/34A5: B1A3A6A6809FAC9BAD9F80 W I L L _ E R A S E _ C0/34B0: AEA29F80A9A6 STA $A6A980,X C0/34B6: 9E809E STZ $9E80,X C0/34B9: 9B TXY C0/34BA: AE9BBF LDX $BF9B C0/34BD: 7FAAAFAD ADC $ADAFAA,X C0/34C1: A280C3 LDX #$C380 C0/34C4: 9B TXY C0/34C5: AEAE9B LDX $9BAE C0/34C8: 9DA5C4 STA $C4A5,X C0/34CB: 809C BRA $3469 C0/34CD: AFAEAEA9 LDA $A9AEAE C0/34D1: A8 TAY C0/34D2: 80AE BRA $3482 C0/34D4: A980 LDA #$80 C0/34D6: AD9BB0 LDA $B09B C0/34D9: 9FBF8080 STA $8080BF,X C0/34DD: AA TAX C0/34DE: AFADA280 LDA $80A2AD C0/34E2: C3A3 CMP $A3,S C0/34E4: 9DA9A8 STA $A8A9,X C0/34E7: C480 CPY $80 C0/34E9: 9CAFAE STZ $AEAF C0/34EC: AEA9A8 LDX $A8A9 C0/34EF: 80AE BRA $349F C0/34F1: A980 LDA #$80 C0/34F3: 9FB2A3AE STA $AEA3B2,X C0/34F7: BF00AD9F LDA $9FAD00,X C0/34FB: A69F LDX $9F C0/34FD: 9DAE80 STA $80AE,X C0/3500: 9B TXY C0/3501: 80B1 BRA $34B4 C0/3503: A3A8 LDA $A8,S C0/3505: 9EA9B1 STZ $B1A9,X C0/3508: 80B1 BRA $34BB C0/350A: A3AE LDA $AE,S C0/350C: A280AE LDX #$AE80 C0/350F: A29F80 LDX #$809F C0/3512: 9EA3AC STZ $ACA3,X C0/3515: 9F9DAEA3 STA $A3AE9D,X C0/3519: A9A8 LDA #$A8 C0/351B: 80A5 BRA $34C2 C0/351D: 9FB3BF7F STA $7FBFB3,X C0/3521: 9DA29B STA $9BA2,X C0/3524: A8 TAY C0/3525: A19F LDA ($9F,X) C0/3527: 80AE BRA $34D7 C0/3529: A29F80 LDX #$809F C0/352C: 9DA9A6 STA $A6A9,X C0/352F: A9AC LDA #$AC C0/3531: 80A1 BRA $34D4 C0/3533: 9B TXY C0/3534: AFA19F80 LDA $809FA1 C0/3538: 9CB380 STZ $80B3 C0/353B: AA TAX C0/353C: AC9FAD LDY $AD9F C0/353F: ADA3A8 LDA $A8A3 C0/3542: A180 LDA ($80,X) C0/3544: 9B TXY C0/3545: C1B3 CMP ($B3,X) C0/3547: C1B2 CMP ($B2,X) C0/3549: 809E BRA $34E9 C0/354B: A9B1 LDA #$B1 C0/354D: A8 TAY C0/354E: BF7FAAAF LDA $AFAA7F,X C0/3552: ADA280 LDA $80A2 C0/3555: 9CC69C STZ $9CC6 C0/3558: AFAEAEA9 LDA $A9AEAE C0/355C: A8 TAY C0/355D: 80AE BRA $350D C0/355F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/3561: AD9FAE LDA $AE9F C0/3564: BF8080AA LDA $AA8080,X C0/3568: AFADA280 LDA $80A2AD C0/356C: AD9FA6 LDA $A69F C0/356F: 9F9DAE80 STA $80AE9D,X C0/3573: 9CAFAE STZ $AEAF C0/3576: AEA9A8 LDX $A8A9 C0/3579: 80AE BRA $3529 C0/357B: A980 LDA #$80 C0/357D: 9FB2A3AE STA $AEA3B2,X C0/3581: BF0080AD LDA $AD8000,X C0/3585: 9FA69F9D STA $9D9FA6,X C0/3589: AE809B LDX $9B80 C0/358C: 80A6 BRA $3534 C0/358E: 9FAEAE9F STA $9FAEAE,X C0/3592: AC80AF LDY $AF80 C0/3595: ADA3A8 LDA $A8A3 C0/3598: A180 LDA ($80,X) C0/359A: AEA29F LDX $9FA2 C0/359D: 809D BRA $353C C0/359F: A9A8 LDA #$A8 C0/35A1: AEACA9 LDX $A9AC C0/35A4: A680 LDX $80 C0/35A6: AA TAX C0/35A7: 9B TXY C0/35A8: 9EBF80 STZ $80BF,X C0/35AB: AA TAX C0/35AC: AC9FAD LDY $AD9F C0/35AF: AD80AE LDA $AE80 C0/35B2: A29F80 LDX #$809F C0/35B5: C39B CMP $9B,S C0/35B7: AEAE9B LDX $9BAE C0/35BA: 9DA5C4 STA $C4A5,X C0/35BD: 7F80CBA9 ADC $A9CB80,X C0/35C1: AC809C LDY $9C80 C0/35C4: 809C BRA $3562 C0/35C6: AFAEAEA9 LDA $A9AEAE C0/35CA: A8 TAY C0/35CB: CC80AE CPY $AE80 C0/35CE: A980 LDA #$80 C0/35D0: 9FA8AE9F STA $9FAEA8,X C0/35D4: ACBF80 LDY $80BF C0/35D7: A8 TAY C0/35D8: 9B TXY C0/35D9: A79F LDA [$9F] C0/35DB: AD809D LDA $9D80 C0/35DE: 9B TXY C0/35DF: A8 TAY C0/35E0: 809C BRA $357E C0/35E2: 9F80AFAA STA $AAAF80,X C0/35E6: 80AE BRA $3596 C0/35E8: A980 LDA #$80 C0/35EA: BB TYX C0/35EB: 80A6 BRA $3593 C0/35ED: 9FAEAE9F STA $9FAEAE,X C0/35F1: ACAD80 LDY $80AD C0/35F4: A6A9 LDX $A9 C0/35F6: A8 TAY C0/35F7: A1BF LDA ($BF,X) C0/35F9: 7F80AAAC ADC $ACAA80,X C0/35FD: 9FADAD80 STA $80ADAD,X C0/3601: AEA29F LDX $9FA2 C0/3604: 80AD BRA $35B3 C0/3606: AE9BAC LDX $AC9B C0/3609: AE809C LDX $9C80 C0/360C: AFAEAEA9 LDA $A9AEAE C0/3610: A8 TAY C0/3611: 80AE BRA $35C1 C0/3613: A980 LDA #$80 C0/3615: 9DA9A8 STA $A8A9,X C0/3618: AEA3A8 LDX $A8A3 C0/361B: AF9FBF7F LDA $7FBF9F C0/361F: 00

[04: Action Grid Message] C0/3620: AAA69B9D9F80A0A9AC809B9DAEA3A9A880AEB3AA9FBF80 P L A C E _ F 0 R _ A C T I O N _ T Y P E . _

C0/3637: AA STA $AA80BF,X C0/3638: AFADA280 LDA $80A2AD C0/363C: C39B CMP $9B,S C0/363E: AEAE9B LDX $9BAE C0/3641: 9DA5C4 STA $C4A5,X C0/3644: 809C BRA $35E2 C0/3646: AFAEAEA9 LDA $A9AEAE C0/364A: A8 TAY C0/364B: 80AE BRA $35FB C0/364D: A980 LDA #$80 C0/364F: AD9FAE LDA $AE9F C0/3652: BF7FA59F LDA $9FA57F,X C0/3656: 9FAA80A1 STA $A180AA,X C0/365A: 9B TXY C0/365B: AFA19F80 LDA $809FA1 C0/365F: AFAA80AE LDA $AE80AA C0/3663: A980 LDA #$80 C0/3665: B1A2 LDA ($A2),Y C0/3667: A39D LDA $9D,S C0/3669: A280A6 LDX #$A680 C0/366C: 9FB09FA6 STA $A69FB0,X C0/3670: CA DEX C0/3671: 80AA BRA $361D C0/3673: AFADA280 LDA $80A2AD C0/3677: C39B CMP $9B,S C0/3679: AEAE9B LDX $9BAE C0/367C: 9DA5C4 STA $C4A5,X C0/367F: 809C BRA $361D C0/3681: AFAEAEA9 LDA $A9AEAE C0/3685: A8 TAY C0/3686: 80AEA980 LDA #$80 C0/368A: AD9FAEBF7F C0/368F: 80B5 C0/3691: 80B6 C0/3693: 80B7 C0/3695: 80B8 C0/3697: 80B9 C0/3699: 80BA C0/369B: 80BB C0/369D: 80BC C0/369F: 80BD C0/36A1: 00 C0/36A2: 9E9BA79BA19F9EC8 D A M A G E D ! C0/36AA: 00 STZ $00C8,X {} C0/36AB: 8080 BRA $362D C0/36AD: 80F9 BRA $36A8 C0/36AF: D8 CLD C0/36B0: 8380 STA $80,S C0/36B2: 9EEA80 STZ $80EA,X C0/36B5: 00AF BRK #$AF C0/36B7: 8E8364 STX $6483 C0/36BA: 9383 STA ($83,S),Y C0/36BC: 89F4 BIT #$F4 C0/36BE: 9300 STA ($00,S),Y C0/36C0: 9F6B958C STA $8C956B,X C0/36C4: 866D STX $6D C0/36C6: 00AA BRK #$AA C0/36C8: 8FF0646D STA $6D64F0 C0/36CC: 00A7 BRK #$A7 C0/36CE: D487 PEI ($87) C0/36D0: 6384 ADC $84,S C0/36D2: C8 INY C0/36D3: 00AE BRK #$AE [DANGER] C0/36D5: 92CF STA ($CF) C0/36D7: 9386 STA ($86,S),Y C0/36D9: DB STP C0/36DA: 8D6D00 STA $006D C0/36DD: F8 SED C0/36DE: 926C STA ($6C) C0/36E0: D96D00 CMP $006D,Y C0/36E3: AD8892 LDA $9288 C0/36E6: 958E STA $8E,X C0/36E8: 8B PHB C0/36E9: 00F8 BRK #$F8 C0/36EB: D9D48E CMP $8ED4,Y C0/36EE: 6D009E ADC $9E00 C0/36F1: 899A BIT #$9A C0/36F3: 9A TXS C0/36F4: 9900AA STA $AA00,Y C0/36F7: 85D6 STA $D6 C0/36F9: 89ED BIT #$ED C0/36FB: 6D00A0 ADC $A000 C0/36FE: 928F STA ($8F) C0/3700: 9A TXS C0/3701: D300 CMP ($00,S),Y C0/3703: AD63E0 LDA $E063 C0/3706: 896B BIT #$6B C0/3708: 00AE BRK #$AE C0/370A: CF876384 CMP $846387 C0/370E: 80AF BRA $36BF C0/3710: 9000 BCC $3712 C0/3712: AD8CD5 LDA $D58C C0/3715: 6D809E ADC $9E80 C0/3718: D58E CMP $8E,X C0/371A: 009E BRK #$9E [DANGER] C0/371C: DDFB6D CMP $6DFB,X C0/371F: 009E BRK #$9E C0/3721: 9B TXY C0/3722: A79B LDA [$9B] C0/3724: A19F LDA ($9F,X) C0/3726: 9EC800 STZ $00C8,X C0/3729: 9A TXS C0/372A: 9900AA STA $AA00,Y C0/372D: 85D6 STA $D6 C0/372F: 89ED BIT #$ED C0/3731: 6D00A0 ADC $A000 C0/3734: 928F STA ($8F) C0/3736: 9A TXS C0/3737: D300 CMP ($00,S),Y C0/3739: AD63E0 LDA $E063 C0/373C: 896B BIT #$6B C0/373E: 00AE BRK #$AE C0/3740: CF876384 CMP $846387 C0/3744: 80AF BRA $36F5 C0/3746: 9000 BCC $3748 C0/3748: AD8CD5 LDA $D58C C0/374B: 6D809E ADC $9E80 C0/374E: D58E CMP $8E,X C0/3750: 009E BRK #$9E [DANGER] C0/3752: DDFB6D CMP $6DFB,X C0/3755: 009E BRK #$9E C0/3757: 9B TXY C0/3758: A79B LDA [$9B] C0/375A: A19F LDA ($9F,X) C0/375C: 9EC800 STZ $00C8,X C0/375F: ADA0D9 LDA $D9A0 C0/3762: F29E SBC ($9E) C0/3764: 00E4 BRK #$E4 C0/3766: AC6BD7 LDY $D76B C0/3769: 6D0093 ADC $9300 C0/376C: A2ACAF LDX #$AFAC C0/376F: A8 TAY C0/3770: A500 LDA $00 C0/3772: E4D7 CPX $D7 C0/3774: D1A8 CMP ($A8),Y C0/3776: 6D00F9 ADC $F900 C0/3779: B4B4 LDY $B4,X C0/377B: B300 LDA ($00,S),Y C0/377D: 909F BCC $371E C0/377F: D3A3 CMP ($A3,S),Y C0/3781: EC6D00 CPX $006D C0/3784: FDA9B4 SBC $B4A9,X C0/3787: D000 BNE $3789 C0/3789: 9364 STA ($64,S),Y C0/378B: DDA36A CMP $6AA3,X C0/378E: 0094 BRK #$94 C0/3790: CCA164 CPY $64A1 C0/3793: 9E8095 STZ $9580,X C0/3796: AA TAX C0/3797: 0093 BRK #$93 C0/3799: A6D2 LDX $D2 C0/379B: 6D8084 ADC $8480 C0/379E: D2A8 CMP ($A8) C0/37A0: 00F8 BRK #$F8 [DANGER] C0/37A2: A79B LDA [$9B] C0/37A4: EE9E00 INC $009E C0/37A7: 84F6 STY $F6 C0/37A9: F585 SBC $85,X C0/37AB: FA PLX C0/37AC: 0000 BRK #$00 {What the hell is all this} C0/37AE: 4214 WDM #$14 C0/37B0: 2529 AND $29 C0/37B2: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37B6: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37B8: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37BC: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37BE: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37C2: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37C4: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37C8: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37CA: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37CE: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37D0: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37D4: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37D6: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37DA: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37DC: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37E0: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37E2: FF7FFF7F SBC $7FFF7F,X C0/37E6: 9456 STY $56,X C0/37E8: 36D8 ROL $D8,X C0/37EA: 36D8 ROL $D8,X C0/37EC: 3616 ROL $16,X C0/37EE: 35D8 AND $D8,X C0/37F0: 36D8 ROL $D8,X C0/37F2: 36D8 ROL $D8,X C0/37F4: 36D8 ROL $D8,X C0/37F6: 36DC ROL $DC,X C0/37F8: 36DC ROL $DC,X C0/37FA: 3636 ROL $36,X C0/37FC: DF363600 CMP $003636,X

[Jump table 2! Fun times forever!] C0/3800: 4C7238 JMP $3872 C0/3803: 4C6238 JMP $3862 C0/3806: 4C5E38 JMP $385E C0/3809: 4C284C JMP $4C28 [??] C0/380C: 4C6E38 JMP $386E C0/380F: 4CCA5B JMP $5BCA [Enemy Skills?] C0/3812: 4CE754 JMP $54E7 C0/3815: 4C793A JMP $3A79 C0/3818: 4C4557 JMP $5745 C0/381B: 4C5D38 JMP $385D [Jump to End] C0/381E: 4C3045 JMP $4530 [Jump to Stat Updater] C0/3821: 4C724D JMP $4D72 C0/3824: 4C7C45 JMP $457C C0/3827: 4CEC55 JMP $55EC C0/382A: 4C5D38 JMP $385D [Jump to End] C0/382D: 4CCE38 JMP $38CE C0/3830: 4C5D38 JMP $385D [Jump to End] C0/3833: 4C5D38 JMP $385D [Jump to End] C0/3836: 4C5D38 JMP $385D [Jump to End] C0/3839: 4C5D38 JMP $385D [Jump to End] C0/383C: 4C6638 JMP $3866 C0/383F: 4CCF39 JMP $39CF [Accessed, via $C00057, by Event Commands 36 & 37 C0/3842: 4CB84C JMP $4CB8 [Accessed by Event Command 1F] C0/3845: 4CC957 JMP $57C9 C0/3848: 4C465D JMP $5D46 C0/384B: 4C9C41 JMP $419C C0/384E: 4C6A38 JMP $386A C0/3851: 4C5D38 JMP $385D [Jump to End] C0/3854: 4CD645 JMP $45D6 [Related to Boss Command 13/Boss Weapons] C0/3857: 4C7741 JMP $4177 [Accessed by Event Command 1F] {But never called?} C0/385A: 4C353E JMP $3E35 {End} C0/385D: 6B RTL

[Long Jump Table] C0/385E: 5C943FC0 JMP $C03F94 [Hrm] C0/3862: 5C9E4DD0 JMP $D04D9E [LJ1-2: What the] C0/3866: 5C824CD0 JMP $D04C82 [What the] C0/386A: 5CB0E0C8 JMP $C8E0B0 [Subroutine with reference to Dummy Status 1] C0/386E: 5CEDE1C8 JMP $C8E1ED [Hrm]

[Made use of by Enemy AI UPT 29~2C] C0/3872: 0B PHD [Push Direct Page] C0/3873: 8B PHB [Push Data Bank] C0/3874: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/3875: C230 REP #$30 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/3877: A90003 LDA #$0300 [Load #$0300 into Accumulator] C0/387A: 5B TCD [Transfer Accumulator to Direct Page] C0/387B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/387D: 20A038 JSR $38A0 C0/3880: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/3881: AB PLB [Pull Data Bank] C0/3882: 2B PLD [Pull Direct Page] C0/3883: 6B RTL

C0/3884: 208838 JSR $3888 C0/3887: 6B RTL

[Related to mob death/treasure chest reward?] C0/3888: 8F024200 STA $004202 [#$3E if 999 from spell crap] C0/388C: 20A038 JSR $38A0 C0/388F: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/3893: EA NOP C0/3894: EA NOP C0/3895: EA NOP C0/3896: EA NOP C0/3897: AF174200 LDA $004217 C0/389B: 60 RTS

C0/389C: 20A038 JSR $38A0 C0/389F: 6B RTL

[what the hell does this even do? Seems to be some general utility function of some sort...] [Adds the contents of one byte of the mystery table to the one previous, then stores it into previous] C0/38A0: DA PHX [Push X] C0/38A1: 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/38A2: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/38A3: E210 SEP #$10 [Enable 8-Bit Registers] C0/38A5: AEF003 LDX $03F0 {Index for this mystery table} C0/38A8: BDF103 LDA $03F1,X [Load Mystery Table[N]] C0/38AB: 85CC STA $CC [Store into Temp] C0/38AD: CA DEX [Decrement X] C0/38AE: 1002 + BPL $38B2 [Branch if positive] C0/38B0: A20E LDX #$0E C0/38B2: + BDF103 LDA $03F1,X C0/38B5: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/38B6: 65CC ADC $CC [Add Temp] C0/38B8: 9DF103 STA $03F1,X [Store into Mystery Table[N-1]] C0/38BB: EB XBA [Swap A and B] C0/38BC: EEF003 INC $03F0 [Increment Mystery Table Index] C0/38BF: A90F LDA #$0F C0/38C1: CDF003 CMP $03F0 C0/38C4: D003 + BNE $38C9 C0/38C6: 9CF003 STZ $03F0 C0/38C9: + EB XBA C0/38CA: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/38CB: 7A PLY C0/38CC: FA PLX C0/38CD: 60 RTS

C0/38CE: 0B PHD C0/38CF: 8B PHB C0/38D0: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/38D1: C230 REP #$30 C0/38D3: 48 PHA C0/38D4: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/38D7: 5B TCD C0/38D8: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/38DB: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/38DE: A01000 LDY #$0010 C0/38E1: 9D8003 STA $0380,X C0/38E4: 9DA003 STA $03A0,X C0/38E7: 9DC003 STA $03C0,X C0/38EA: 9DE003 STA $03E0,X C0/38ED: E8 INX C0/38EE: E8 INX C0/38EF: 88 DEY C0/38F0: D0EF BNE $38E1 C0/38F2: A200FE LDX #$FE00 C0/38F5: A06300 LDY #$0063 C0/38F8: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/38FB: E8 INX C0/38FC: E8 INX C0/38FD: 88 DEY C0/38FE: D0F8 BNE $38F8 C0/3900: 68 PLA C0/3901: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/3903: D003 BNE $3908 C0/3905: A92475 LDA #$7524 C0/3908: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/390A: A2F103 LDX #$03F1 C0/390D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/390F: A90F LDA #$0F C0/3911: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/3913: C220 REP #$20 C0/3915: A5B4 LDA $B4 C0/3917: 290140 AND #$4001 C0/391A: F00F BEQ $392B C0/391C: 490140 EOR #$4001 C0/391F: F00A BEQ $392B C0/3921: A5B4 LDA $B4 C0/3923: 090080 ORA #$8000 C0/3926: 4A LSR A C0/3927: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/3929: 8005 BRA $3930 C0/392B: A5B4 LDA $B4 C0/392D: 4A LSR A C0/392E: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/3930: 890100 BIT #$0001 C0/3933: F0DE BEQ $3913 C0/3935: 4A LSR A C0/3936: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3938: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/393B: E8 INX C0/393C: C6B2 DEC $B2 C0/393E: D0D3 BNE $3913 C0/3940: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3942: A2F103 LDX #$03F1 C0/3945: A90F LDA #$0F C0/3947: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/3949: A900 LDA #$00 C0/394B: 1D0000 ORA $0000,X C0/394E: E8 INX C0/394F: C6B2 DEC $B2 C0/3951: D0F8 BNE $394B C0/3953: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/3955: D0B3 BNE $390A C0/3957: 9CF003 STZ $03F0 C0/395A: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/395B: AB PLB C0/395C: 2B PLD C0/395D: 6B RTL

C0/395E: 206239 JSR $3962 C0/3961: 6B RTL

C0/3962: C230 REP #$30 C0/3964: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/3967: 5B TCD C0/3968: 8A TXA C0/3969: 29FF1F AND #$1FFF C0/396C: 8583 STA $83 C0/396E: 98 TYA C0/396F: 29FF1F AND #$1FFF C0/3972: 8585 STA $85 C0/3974: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3976: A584 LDA $84 C0/3978: 4A LSR A C0/3979: 8582 STA $82 C0/397B: A586 LDA $86 C0/397D: 4A LSR A C0/397E: 8581 STA $81 C0/3980: A97E LDA #$7E C0/3982: 48 PHA C0/3983: AB PLB C0/3984: A685 LDX $85 C0/3986: A483 LDY $83 C0/3988: 60 RTS

C0/3989: 208D39 JSR $398D C0/398C: 6B RTL

C0/398D: 8D011E STA $1E01 C0/3990: A902 LDA #$02 C0/3992: 8D001E STA $1E00 C0/3995: A90F LDA #$0F C0/3997: 8D021E STA $1E02 C0/399A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/399C: 8D031E STA $1E03 C0/399F: 220400C3 JSR $C30004 C0/39A3: 60 RTS

[Something related to the levelup subroutine] [Max 24-Bit Value Handler] {Limits it to #$98967F, or 9999999] C0/39A4: A5D2 LDA $D2 [Load 24Bit[High]] C0/39A6: C998 CMP #$98 [Compare #$98] (152)] C0/39A8: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/39AA: 9020 + BCC $39CC [Branch if Carry Clear] C0/39AC: F002 ++ BEQ $39B0 [Branch if Equal] C0/39AE: B00F +! BCS $39BF [Branch if Carry Set] {} C0/39B0: ++ A97F96 LDA #$967F C0/39B3: C5D0 CMP $D0 C0/39B5: B015 BCS $39CC C0/39B7: A97F96 LDA #$967F C0/39BA: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/39BC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/39BE: 60 RTS {Extension of above} C0/39BF: +! E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/39C1: A998 LDA #$98 C0/39C3: 85D2 STA $D2 C0/39C5: C220 REP #$20 C0/39C7: A97F96 LDA #$967F C0/39CA: 85D0 STA $D0 {Less Than} C0/39CC: + E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/39CE: 60 RTS

[Related to Event Commands 36 & 37; involves getting gold?] C0/39CF: 0B PHD C0/39D0: 8B PHB C0/39D1: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/39D2: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/39D4: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/39D6: 48 PHA C0/39D7: A97E LDA #$7E [Load #$7E] C0/39D9: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator] C0/39DA: AB PLB [Pull Data Bank] C0/39DB: 68 PLA [Pull Accumulator from Stack] C0/39DC: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/39DE: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator onto Stack] C0/39DF: A90003 LDA #$0300 [Load #$0300 into Accumulator] C0/39E2: 5B TCD [Transfer Accumulator to Direct Page Register] C0/39E3: 68 PLA [Pull Accumulator from Stack] C0/39E4: E03700 CPX #$0037 C0/39E7: F024 + BEQ $3A0D C0/39E9: 18 CLC C0/39EA: 6D6ACC ADC $CC6A C0/39ED: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/39EF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/39F1: A900 LDA #$00 C0/39F3: 6D6CCC ADC $CC6C C0/39F6: 85D2 STA $D2 C0/39F8: 20A439 JSR $39A4 [Jump Sub. to Max 24-Bit Value Handler] C0/39FB: C220 REP #$20 C0/39FD: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/39FF: 8D6ACC STA $CC6A C0/3A02: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3A04: A5D2 LDA $D2 C0/3A06: 8D6CCC STA $CC6C C0/3A09: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/3A0A: AB PLB C0/3A0B: 2B PLD C0/3A0C: 6B RTL

C0/3A0D: + 85AE STA $AE C0/3A0F: AD6ACC LDA $CC6A C0/3A12: 38 SEC C0/3A13: E5AE SBC $AE C0/3A15: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/3A17: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3A19: AD6CCC LDA $CC6C C0/3A1C: E900 SBC #$00 C0/3A1E: B009 BCS $3A29 C0/3A20: A901 LDA #$01 C0/3A22: 8D0FCF STA $CF0F C0/3A25: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/3A27: 800D BRA $3A36 C0/3A29: 8D6CCC STA $CC6C C0/3A2C: A5A6 LDA $A6 C0/3A2E: 8D6ACC STA $CC6A C0/3A31: A5A7 LDA $A7 C0/3A33: 8D6BCC STA $CC6B C0/3A36: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/3A37: AB PLB C0/3A38: 2B PLD C0/3A39: 6B RTL

C0/3A3A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/3A3C: 035B ORA $5B,S C0/3A3E: 8A TXA C0/3A3F: 29FF AND #$FF C0/3A41: 1F8585AA ORA $AA8585,X C0/3A45: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3A47: EB XBA C0/3A48: 4A LSR A C0/3A49: 8581 STA $81 C0/3A4B: ADD900 LDA $00D9 C0/3A4E: D014 BNE $3A64 C0/3A50: ADDA00 LDA $00DA C0/3A53: D00F BNE $3A64 C0/3A55: ADDB00 LDA $00DB C0/3A58: D00A BNE $3A64 C0/3A5A: A981 LDA #$81 C0/3A5C: 8DD900 STA $00D9 C0/3A5F: A901 LDA #$01 C0/3A61: 8D2CE0 STA $E02C C0/3A64: 2201E3C8 JSR $C8E301 C0/3A68: 20803E JSR $3E80 C0/3A6B: BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/3A6E: F006 BEQ $3A76 C0/3A70: 9EFAE1 STZ $E1FA,X C0/3A73: AA TAX C0/3A74: A904 LDA #$04 C0/3A76: 4C083B JMP $3B08 C0/3A79: 0B PHD C0/3A7A: 8B PHB C0/3A7B: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/3A7C: C230 REP #$30 C0/3A7E: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/3A81: C9FF00 CMP #$00FF C0/3A84: F0B4 BEQ $3A3A C0/3A86: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/3A89: 5B TCD C0/3A8A: 6496 STZ $96 C0/3A8C: 8A TXA C0/3A8D: 29FF1F AND #$1FFF C0/3A90: 8585 STA $85 C0/3A92: AA TAX C0/3A93: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3A95: EB XBA C0/3A96: 4A LSR A C0/3A97: 8581 STA $81 C0/3A99: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/3A9C: C920 CMP #$20 C0/3A9E: D00D BNE $3AAD C0/3AA0: FEFCE1 INC $E1FC,X C0/3AA3: BDFCE1 LDA $E1FC,X C0/3AA6: C940 CMP #$40 C0/3AA8: D006 BNE $3AB0 C0/3AAA: 9E60E0 STZ $E060,X C0/3AAD: 9EFCE1 STZ $E1FC,X C0/3AB0: BDF8E1 LDA $E1F8,X C0/3AB3: F00C BEQ $3AC1 C0/3AB5: DEF8E1 DEC $E1F8,X C0/3AB8: D003 BNE $3ABD C0/3ABA: 9E59E0 STZ $E059,X C0/3ABD: A900 LDA #$00 C0/3ABF: 8047 BRA $3B08 C0/3AC1: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3AC4: 8936 BIT #$36 C0/3AC6: F04E BEQ $3B16 C0/3AC8: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/3ACA: F01A BEQ $3AE6 C0/3ACC: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/3ACF: C940 CMP #$40 C0/3AD1: F004 BEQ $3AD7 C0/3AD3: 89E0 BIT #$E0 C0/3AD5: D00F BNE $3AE6 C0/3AD7: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3ADA: 29FD AND #$FD C0/3ADC: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/3ADF: C220 REP #$20 C0/3AE1: A90200 LDA #$0002 C0/3AE4: 8022 BRA $3B08 C0/3AE6: BDF0E1 LDA $E1F0,X C0/3AE9: 3013 BMI $3AFE C0/3AEB: 0A ASL A C0/3AEC: EB XBA C0/3AED: A900A8 LDA #$A800 C0/3AF0: B980E1 LDA $E180,Y [Character Sprite Type?] C0/3AF3: C9EAD0 CMP #$D0EA C0/3AF6: 07B9 ORA [$B9] C0/3AF8: 00E0 BRK #$E0 [DANGER] C0/3AFA: F002 BEQ $3AFE C0/3AFC: 80E1 BRA $3ADF C0/3AFE: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3B01: 29FB9D AND #$9DFB C0/3B04: FB XCE C0/3B05: E1A9 SBC ($A9,X) C0/3B07: 00E2 BRK #$E2 C0/3B09: 20C900 JSR $00C9 C0/3B0C: D004 + BNE $3B12 [Why branch ahead if it does the same thing anyways? Was something cut out?] C0/3B0E: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/3B0F: AB PLB C0/3B10: 2B PLD C0/3B11: 6B RTL

C0/3B12: + 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/3B13: AB PLB C0/3B14: 2B PLD C0/3B15: 6B RTL

C0/3B16: 20DC3D JSR $3DDC C0/3B19: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3B1C: 1003 BPL $3B21 C0/3B1E: 202C3F JSR $3F2C C0/3B21: 2201E3C8 JSR $C8E301 C0/3B25: 227B4FC0 JSR $C04F7B C0/3B29: 20193C JSR $3C19 C0/3B2C: A685 LDX $85 C0/3B2E: 2201E3C8 JSR $C8E301 C0/3B32: 200440 JSR $4004 C0/3B35: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3B37: 20083F JSR $3F08 C0/3B3A: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3B3D: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/3B3F: F003 BEQ $3B44 C0/3B41: 4CC83A JMP $3AC8 C0/3B44: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/3B47: C940 CMP #$40 C0/3B49: F007 BEQ $3B52 C0/3B4B: 89E0 BIT #$E0 C0/3B4D: F003 BEQ $3B52 C0/3B4F: 4C053C JMP $3C05 C0/3B52: C220 REP #$20 C0/3B54: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X [??] C0/3B57: 5D9EE1 EOR $E19E,X [??] C0/3B5A: 8960D7 BIT #$D760 C0/3B5D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3B5F: D040 BNE $3BA1 C0/3B61: BDE5E1 LDA $E1E5,X [??] C0/3B64: 3024 BMI $3B8A C0/3B66: C220 REP #$20 C0/3B68: BD9EE1 LDA $E19E,X [??] C0/3B6B: 1D90E1 ORA $E190,X [??] C0/3B6E: 8970C5 BIT #$C570 C0/3B71: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3B73: F007 BEQ $3B7C C0/3B75: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/3B77: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X [??] C0/3B7A: 800E BRA $3B8A C0/3B7C: BDE5E1 LDA $E1E5,X [??] C0/3B7F: EB XBA C0/3B80: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/3B82: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X [??] C0/3B85: A902 LDA #$02 C0/3B87: 4C083B JMP $3B08 C0/3B8A: BD75E1 LDA $E175,X C0/3B8D: F012 BEQ $3BA1 C0/3B8F: A900 LDA #$00 C0/3B91: EB XBA C0/3B92: BC7BE1 LDY $E17B,X C0/3B95: BD75E1 LDA $E175,X C0/3B98: 9E75E1 STZ $E175,X C0/3B9B: AA TAX C0/3B9C: A901 LDA #$01 C0/3B9E: 4C083B JMP $3B08 C0/3BA1: C220 REP #$20 C0/3BA3: BD9EE1 LDA $E19E,X C0/3BA6: 896045 BIT #$4560 C0/3BA9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3BAB: D047 BNE $3BF4 C0/3BAD: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/3BB0: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/3BB2: F018 BEQ $3BCC C0/3BB4: 29F7 AND #$F7 C0/3BB6: 9DB1E1 STA $E1B1,X C0/3BB9: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/3BBC: C220 REP #$20 C0/3BBE: 3006 BMI $3BC6 C0/3BC0: A9022B LDA #$2B02 C0/3BC3: 4C083B JMP $3B08 C0/3BC6: A9022F LDA #$2F02 C0/3BC9: 4C083B JMP $3B08 C0/3BCC: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/3BCF: 8901F0 BIT #$F001 C0/3BD2: 2129 AND ($29,X) C0/3BD4: FE9DB1 INC $B19D,X C0/3BD7: E1BD SBC ($BD,X) C0/3BD9: 90E1 BCC $3BBC C0/3BDB: 8910F0 BIT #$F010 C0/3BDE: 15BD ORA $BD,X C0/3BE0: FB XCE C0/3BE1: E189 SBC ($89,X) C0/3BE3: 81C2 STA ($C2,X) C0/3BE5: 20F006 JSR $06F0 C0/3BE8: A9020F LDA #$0F02 C0/3BEB: 4C083B JMP $3B08 C0/3BEE: A9020A LDA #$0A02 C0/3BF1: 4C083B JMP $3B08 C0/3BF4: 20803E JSR $3E80 C0/3BF7: BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/3BFA: F009 BEQ $3C05 C0/3BFC: 9EFAE1 STZ $E1FA,X C0/3BFF: AA TAX C0/3C00: A9044C LDA #$4C04 C0/3C03: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] {DisPel10} C0/3C04: 3B TSC C0/3C05: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3C08: 100A BPL $3C14 C0/3C0A: A94014 LDA #$1440 C0/3C0D: 80F0 BRA $3BFF C0/3C0F: 04A9 TSB $A9 C0/3C11: 0380 ORA $80,S C0/3C13: 02A9 COP #$A9 C0/3C15: 004C BRK #$4C [DANGER] C0/3C17: 08 PHP C0/3C18: 3B TSC C0/3C19: DEB9E1 DEC $E1B9,X C0/3C1C: D017 BNE $3C35 C0/3C1E: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/3C21: 1012 BPL $3C35 C0/3C23: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3C26: 100D BPL $3C35 C0/3C28: A9041D LDA #$1D04 C0/3C2B: FA PLX C0/3C2C: E19DFA PLX C0/3C2F: E1A9F1 9DE3E1 SBC $E1,S C0/3C35: 20A53C JSR $3CA5 C0/3C38: BDB9E1 LDA $E1B9,X C0/3C3B: 2903D0 AND #$D003 C0/3C3E: 48 PHA C0/3C3F: 201C3D JSR $3D1C C0/3C42: 20313D JSR $3D31 C0/3C45: 204D3D JSR $3D4D C0/3C48: 205F3D JSR $3D5F C0/3C4B: 20913D JSR $3D91 C0/3C4E: A581 LDA $81 C0/3C50: D01A BNE $3C6C C0/3C52: AD79CC LDA $CC79 C0/3C55: F008 BEQ $3C5F C0/3C57: CE79CC DEC $CC79 C0/3C5A: D003 BNE $3C5F C0/3C5C: 20883C JSR $3C88 C0/3C5F: AD78CC LDA $CC78 C0/3C62: F008 BEQ $3C6C C0/3C64: CE78CC DEC $CC78 C0/3C67: D003 BNE $3C6C C0/3C69: 20883C JSR $3C88 C0/3C6C: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/3C6F: 8904F0 BIT #$F004 C0/3C72: 1429 TRB $29 C0/3C74: FB XCE C0/3C75: 9DB1E1 STA $E1B1,X C0/3C78: C220 REP #$20 C0/3C7A: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3C7D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3C7F: F006 BEQ $3C87 C0/3C81: 22AF58C0 JSR $C058AF [Recovery Failed Message] C0/3C85: A685 LDX $85 C0/3C87: 60 RTS

C0/3C88: AD77CC LDA $CC77 C0/3C8B: 8DE8E1 STA $E1E8 C0/3C8E: 22FBE5C8 JSR $C8E5FB C0/3C92: BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/3C95: 0904 ORA #$04 C0/3C97: 9DFAE1 STA $E1FA,X C0/3C9A: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 [Jump to Stat Updater] C0/3C9E: 22B958C0 JSR $C058B9 C0/3CA2: A685 LDX $85 C0/3CA4: 60 RTS

C0/3CA5: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3CA8: 8903 BIT #$03 C0/3CAA: F031 BEQ $3CDD C0/3CAC: DEB4E1 DEC $E1B4,X C0/3CAF: D02B BNE $3CDC C0/3CB1: BD75E1 LDA $E175,X C0/3CB4: F004 BEQ $3CBA C0/3CB6: FEB4E1 INC $E1B4,X C0/3CB9: 60 RTS

[] C0/3CBA: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X [Load Char. Status Effects[Low]] C0/3CBD: 29FC AND #$FC [AND with #$FC] {Cut out Dummy 1 and 2} C0/3CBF: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X [Store into Char. Status Effects[Low]] C0/3CC2: BC82E1 LDY $E182,X [Load Char. Level into Y] C0/3CC5: D015 + BNE $3CDC C0/3CC7: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3CCA: 100B BPL $3CD7 C0/3CCC: - A92F LDA #$2F C0/3CCE: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X C0/3CD1: A580 LDA $80 C0/3CD3: 0940 ORA #$40 C0/3CD5: 8580 STA $80 C0/3CD7: A980 LDA #$80 C0/3CD9: 9D91E1 STA $E191,X C0/3CDC:+-- 60 RTS

C0/3CDD: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3CE0: 100B + BPL $3CED C0/3CE2: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/3CE5: 30F5 -- BMI $3CDC [Exit if it's negative] C0/3CE7: BC82E1 LDY $E182,X [Load Current HP into Y] C0/3CEA: F0E0 - BEQ $3CCC C0/3CEC: 60 RTS

C0/3CED: + BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/3CF0: 30EA BMI $3CDC C0/3CF2: BC82E1 LDY $E182,X [Load Current HP into Y] C0/3CF5: D0E5 -- BNE $3CDC [Exit if it isn't 0] C0/3CF7: A980 LDA #$80 C0/3CF9: 9D91E1 STA $E191,X C0/3CFC: BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/3CFF: 0902 ORA #$02 C0/3D01: 9DFAE1 STA $E1FA,X C0/3D04: C220 REP #$20 C0/3D06: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/3D09: 9DEEE1 STA $E1EE,X C0/3D0C: 9D9EE1 STA $E19E,X C0/3D0F: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3D12: 290380 AND #$8003 C0/3D15: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X C0/3D18: 200342 JSR $4203 C0/3D1B: 60 RTS

[What the hell is this] C0/3D1C: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3D1F: 897EF0 BIT #$F07E C0/3D22: 0DDEB2 ORA $B2DE C0/3D25: E1D0 SBC ($D0,X) C0/3D27: 08 PHP C0/3D28: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3D2B: 29839D AND #$9D83 C0/3D2E: 90E1 BCC $3D11 C0/3D30: 60 RTS

C0/3D31: C220 REP #$20 C0/3D33: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3D36: 898001 BIT #$0180 C0/3D39: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3D3B: F00F BEQ $3D4C C0/3D3D: DEB3E1 DEC $E1B3,X C0/3D40: D00A BNE $3D4C C0/3D42: C220 REP #$20 C0/3D44: 297FFE AND #$FE7F C0/3D47: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X C0/3D4A: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3D4C: 60 RTS

C0/3D4D: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/3D50: 8918 BIT #$18 C0/3D52: F00A + BEQ $3D5E C0/3D54: DEB5E1 DEC $E1B5,X C0/3D57: D005 + BNE $3D5E C0/3D59: 29E7 AND #$E7 C0/3D5B: 9D91E1 STA $E191,X C0/3D5E: + 60 RTS

[Checks to see if something's dead?] C0/3D5F: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/3D62: 8960 BIT #$60 C0/3D64: F01F + BEQ $3D85 C0/3D66: DEB6E1 DEC $E1B6,X [No idea] C0/3D69: F01B ++ BEQ $3D86 C0/3D6B: A580 LDA $80 C0/3D6D: 0940 ORA #$40 C0/3D6F: 8580 STA $80 C0/3D71: C220 REP #$20 C0/3D73: BD82E1 LDA $E182,X [Load Current HP] C0/3D76: F00E ++ BEQ $3D86 [Branch ahead if 0] C0/3D78: 3A DEC A [Decrement the accumulator just in case] C0/3D79: F00B ++ BEQ $3D86 [Branch ahead if equal to 0] C0/3D7B: 9D82E1 STA $E182,X [Store back into Current HP] C0/3D7E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3D80: A939 LDA #$39 C0/3D82: 208D39 JSR $398D C0/3D85: + 60 RTS

C0/3D86: ++ E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3D88: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/3D8B: 299F AND #$9F C0/3D8D: 9D91E1 STA $E191,X C0/3D90: 60 RTS

[Stat Buff Master Routine?] C0/3D91: BDB0E1 LDA $E1B0,X [Load Stat Buff Flags] C0/3D94: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/3D95: 8903 BIT #$03 [Test for #$00000011] C0/3D97: F00A + BEQ $3DA3 [Branch ahead if neither bit is set] C0/3D99: DEBCE1 DEC $E1BC,X [Countdown related to 7EE1B0:03] C0/3D9C: D005 + BNE $3DA3 [Branch ahead if decrement didn't result in 00] C0/3D9E: 29FC AND #$FC [If countdown ran out, filter out #$03] C0/3DA0: 9DB0E1 STA $E1B0,X [Store into Stat Buff Flags] C0/3DA3: + 890C BIT #$0C [Test for #$00001100] C0/3DA5: F00A + BEQ $3DB1 [Branch ahead if neither bit is set] C0/3DA7: DEBBE1 DEC $E1BB,X [Countdown related to 7EE1B0:0C] C0/3DAA: D005 + BNE $3DB1 [Branch ahead if decrement didn't result in 00] C0/3DAC: 29F3 AND #$F3 [If countdown ran out, filter out #$0C] C0/3DAE: 9DB0E1 STA $E1B0,X [Store into Stat Buff Flags] C0/3DB1: + 8930 BIT #$30 [Test for #%00110000] C0/3DB3: F00A + BEQ $3DBF [Branch ahead if neither bit is set] C0/3DB5: DEBAE1 DEC $E1BA,X [Countdown related to 7EE1B0:30] C0/3DB8: D005 + BNE $3DBF [Branch ahead if decrement didn't result in 00] C0/3DBA: 29CF AND #$CF [If countdown ran out, filter out #$30] C0/3DBC: 9DB0E1 STA $E1B0,X [Store into Stat Buff Flags] C0/3DBF: + 89C0 BIT #$C0 [Test for #%11000000] C0/3DC1: F00A + BEQ $3DCD [Branch ahead if neither bit is set] C0/3DC3: DEB7E1 DEC $E1B7,X [Countdown related to 7EE1B0:C0] C0/3DC6: D005 + BNE $3DCD [Branch ahead if decrement didn't result in 00] C0/3DC8: 293F AND #$3F [If countdown ran out, filter out #$C0] C0/3DCA: 9DB0E1 STA $E1B0,X [Store into Stat Buff Flags] C0/3DCD: + 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/3DCE: F00B + BEQ $3DDB [Exit if Stat Buff Flags were 00 originally anyways] C0/3DD0: BDB0E1 LDA $E1B0,X [Load Stat Buff Flags] C0/3DD3: D006 + BNE $3DDB [Exit if they're not 00 yet] C0/3DD5: 22B958C0 JSR $C058B9 [Something which handles stat buff wearoff?] C0/3DD9: A685 LDX $85 C0/3DDB: + 60 RTS [Exit Sub]

C0/3DDC: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/3DDF: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/3DE1: F051 BEQ $3E34 C0/3DE3: A900 LDA #$00 C0/3DE5: EB XBA C0/3DE6: A581 LDA $81 C0/3DE8: 0A ASL A C0/3DE9: 0A ASL A C0/3DEA: A8 TAY C0/3DEB: C220 REP #$20 C0/3DED: B986FF LDA $FF86,Y C0/3DF0: 18 CLC C0/3DF1: 690C00 ADC #$000C C0/3DF4: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/3DF6: 38 SEC C0/3DF7: E91800 SBC #$0018 C0/3DFA: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/3DFC: B988FF LDA $FF88,Y C0/3DFF: 18 CLC C0/3E00: 690C00 ADC #$000C C0/3E03: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/3E05: 38 SEC C0/3E06: E91800 SBC #$0018 C0/3E09: 85AA STA $AA C0/3E0B: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X C0/3E0E: C5A4 CMP $A4 C0/3E10: B011 BCS $3E23 C0/3E12: C5A6 CMP $A6 C0/3E14: 900D BCC $3E23 C0/3E16: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X C0/3E19: C5A8 CMP $A8 C0/3E1B: B006 BCS $3E23 C0/3E1D: C5AA CMP $AA C0/3E1F: 9002 BCC $3E23 C0/3E21: 800D BRA $3E30 C0/3E23: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3E25: 9C03CF STZ $CF03 C0/3E28: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/3E2B: 29DF AND #$DF C0/3E2D: 9DB1E1 STA $E1B1,X C0/3E30: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3E32: A685 LDX $85 C0/3E34: 60 RTS

C0/3E35: 0B PHD C0/3E36: 8B PHB C0/3E37: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/3E38: C230 REP #$30 C0/3E3A: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/3E3D: 5B TCD C0/3E3E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3E40: EB XBA C0/3E41: ADD900 LDA $00D9 C0/3E44: 300D BMI $3E53 C0/3E46: ADDA00 LDA $00DA C0/3E49: 3008 BMI $3E53 C0/3E4B: ADDB00 LDA $00DB C0/3E4E: 3003 BMI $3E53 C0/3E50: 4C7C3E JMP $3E7C C0/3E53: 290F AND #$0F C0/3E55: 3A DEC A C0/3E56: C903 CMP #$03 C0/3E58: D001 BNE $3E5B C0/3E5A: 3A DEC A C0/3E5B: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/3E5D: 0A ASL A C0/3E5E: EB XBA C0/3E5F: AA TAX C0/3E60: EB XBA C0/3E61: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/3E64: 0920 ORA #$20 C0/3E66: 9DB1E1 STA $E1B1,X C0/3E69: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/3E6B: 0A ASL A C0/3E6C: 0A ASL A C0/3E6D: A8 TAY C0/3E6E: C220 REP #$20 C0/3E70: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X C0/3E73: 9986FF STA $FF86,Y C0/3E76: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X C0/3E79: 9988FF STA $FF88,Y C0/3E7C: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/3E7D: AB PLB C0/3E7E: 2B PLD C0/3E7F: 6B RTL

C0/3E80: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3E82: BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/3E85: 8905 BIT #$05 C0/3E87: F007 BEQ $3E90 C0/3E89: 9E9DE1 STZ $E19D,X C0/3E8C: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 [Jump to Stat Updater] C0/3E90: BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/3E93: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/3E95: F06B BEQ $3F02 C0/3E97: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3E9A: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/3E9C: D064 BNE $3F02 C0/3E9E: C220 REP #$20 C0/3EA0: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3EA3: 5D9EE1 EOR $E19E,X C0/3EA6: A8 TAY C0/3EA7: 100E BPL $3EB7 C0/3EA9: BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/3EAC: 1009 BPL $3EB7 C0/3EAE: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/3EB1: 090800 ORA #$0008 C0/3EB4: 9DB1E1 STA $E1B1,X C0/3EB7: 98 TYA C0/3EB8: 3D90E1 AND $E190,X C0/3EBB: 85AC STA $AC C0/3EBD: 896041 BIT #$4160 C0/3EC0: F009 BEQ $3ECB C0/3EC2: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3EC5: 090200 ORA #$0002 C0/3EC8: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/3ECB: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/3ECE: 890F00 BIT #$000F C0/3ED1: D013 BNE $3EE6 C0/3ED3: A5AC LDA $AC C0/3ED5: 896057 BIT #$5760 C0/3ED8: F01D BEQ $3EF7 C0/3EDA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3EDC: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3EDF: 0908 ORA #$08 C0/3EE1: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/3EE4: 8011 BRA $3EF7 C0/3EE6: A5AC LDA $AC C0/3EE8: 8960 BIT #$60 C0/3EEA: 41F0 EOR ($F0,X) C0/3EEC: 0A ASL A C0/3EED: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3EEF: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3EF2: 0908 ORA #$08 C0/3EF4: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/3EF7: C220 REP #$20 C0/3EF9: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/3EFC: 9D9EE1 STA $E19E,X C0/3EFF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3F01: 60 RTS

C0/3F02: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3F04: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/3F07: 60 RTS

C0/3F08: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3F0B: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/3F0D: F015 BEQ $3F24 C0/3F0F: 29F7 AND #$F7 C0/3F11: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/3F14: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/3F17: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/3F18: A901 LDA #$01 C0/3F1A: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/3F1B: 3001 BMI $3F1E C0/3F1D: 1A INC A C0/3F1E: 222400C1 JSR $C10024 C0/3F22: A685 LDX $85 C0/3F24: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3F26: 60 RTS

C0/3F27: 60 RTS

C0/3F28: 202C3F JSR $3F2C C0/3F2B: 6B RTL

C0/3F2C: AD6DCC LDA $CC6D C0/3F2F: 8DEE00 STA $00EE C0/3F32: AD6ECC LDA $CC6E C0/3F35: 8DEF00 STA $00EF C0/3F38: AD6FCC LDA $CC6F C0/3F3B: 8DF000 STA $00F0 C0/3F3E: 64B4 STZ $B4 C0/3F40: A904 LDA #$04 C0/3F42: 85B5 STA $B5 C0/3F44: A900 LDA #$00 C0/3F46: EB XBA C0/3F47: A4B4 LDY $B4 C0/3F49: B990E1 LDA $E190,Y C0/3F4C: 1014 BPL $3F62 C0/3F4E: B92CE0 LDA $E02C,Y C0/3F51: F00F BEQ $3F62 C0/3F53: 3A DEC A C0/3F54: C903 CMP #$03 C0/3F56: D001 BNE $3F59 C0/3F58: 3A DEC A C0/3F59: A8 TAY C0/3F5A: B9EE00 LDA $00EE,Y C0/3F5D: 4903 EOR #$03 C0/3F5F: 99EE00 STA $00EE,Y C0/3F62: C6B5 DEC $B5 C0/3F64: C6B5 DEC $B5 C0/3F66: 10DF BPL $3F47 C0/3F68: 60 RTS

[Handles Spell MP Cost] C0/3F69: EA NOP C0/3F6A: EA NOP C0/3F6B: EA NOP C0/3F6C: C220 REP #$20 C0/3F6E: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/3F72: AA TAX C0/3F73: A90000 LDA #$0000 [Load #$0000] C0/3F76: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/3F78: BFDF2AD0 LDA $D02ADF,X [Load SpellCost] C0/3F7C: A683 LDX $83 [Load Current Character Index] C0/3F7E: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempSpellCost] C0/3F80: BD86E1 LDA $E186,X [Load Char. Current MP] C0/3F83: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/3F84: E5A4 SBC $A4 [Subtract TempSpellCost] C0/3F86: 1004 BPL $3F8C [Branch ahead if positive] C0/3F88: A9FF LDA #$FF [Load #$FF (255) into Accumulator] C0/3F8A: 8074 BRA $4000 [Branch to $4000] {} C0/3F8C: 22FD5AC0 JSR $C05AFD C0/3F90: A900 LDA #$00 C0/3F92: 806C BRA $4000 {} C0/3F94: 0B PHD C0/3F95: 8B PHB C0/3F96: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/3F97: 225E39C0 JSR $C0395E C0/3F9B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/3F9D: 9DF8E1 STA $E1F8,X C0/3FA0: 99F8E1 STA $E1F8,Y C0/3FA3: B9FBE1 LDA $E1FB,Y C0/3FA6: 8910 BIT #$10 C0/3FA8: F014 BEQ $3FBE C0/3FAA: BD70E1 LDA $E170,X [Uh] C0/3FAD: 9981E1 STA $E181,Y [Store into Char. Level] C0/3FB0: C220 REP #$20 C0/3FB2: B93EE0 LDA $E03E,Y C0/3FB5: 29FF0F AND #$0FFF C0/3FB8: 22008001 JSR $018000 C0/3FBC: 8042 BRA $4000 {} C0/3FBE: A685 LDX $85 C0/3FC0: BD70E1 LDA $E170,X C0/3FC3: C920F0 CMP #$F020 C0/3FC6: 06C9 ASL $C9 C0/3FC8: 23F0 AND $F0,S C0/3FCA: 0280 COP #$80 C0/3FCC: 33AD AND ($AD,S),Y C0/3FCE: 79CCD0 ADC $D0CC,Y C0/3FD1: 0280 COP #$80 C0/3FD3: 2CAD78 BIT $78AD C0/3FD6: CCD002 CPY $02D0 C0/3FD9: 8025 BRA $4000 {} C0/3FDB: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/3FDE: ADE8E1 LDA $E1E8 C0/3FE1: C911F0 CMP #$F011 C0/3FE4: 058D ORA $8D C0/3FE6: 77CC ADC [$CC],Y C0/3FE8: A9118D LDA #$8D11 C0/3FEB: E8 INX C0/3FEC: E122 SBC ($22,X) C0/3FEE: FB XCE C0/3FEF: E5C8 SBC $C8 C0/3FF1: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 [Jump Sub. to Player Stat Updater?] C0/3FF5: C220 REP #$20 C0/3FF7: A90800 LDA #$0008 C0/3FFA: 22008001 JSR $018000 C0/3FFE: 8000 BRA $4000 {End} C0/4000: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/4001: AB PLB C0/4002: 2B PLD C0/4003: 6B RTL

[] C0/4004: BDE5E1 LDA $E1E5,X C0/4007: 1011 BPL $401A C0/4009: BD75E1 LDA $E175,X [HP/MP Number Palette?] C0/400C: D00C BNE $401A C0/400E: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/4011: 89E0D0 BIT #$D0E0 C0/4014: 05BD ORA $BD C0/4016: 91E1 STA ($E1),Y C0/4018: 1001 BPL $401B C0/401A: 60 RTS

[HP Healer (cleansed)] C0/401B: C220 REP #$20 [8-bit emulation mode disabled] C0/401D: BDF3E1 LDA $E1F3,X [Load HP Healing] C0/4020: F031 + BEQ $4053 [Branch ahead to HP Damager if it's 00] C0/4022: A9E703 LDA #$03E7 [Load #$03E7 (999)] C0/4025: DDF3E1 CMP $E1F3,X [Compare with HP Healing] C0/4028: B003 ++ BCS $402D [Branch ahead if 999 > HP Healing] C0/402A: 9DF3E1 STA $E1F3,X [Otherwise, store 999 into HP Healing] C0/402D: ++ BDF3E1 LDA $E1F3,X [Load HP Healing] C0/4030: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4031: 7D82E1 ADC $E182,X [Add current HP] C0/4034: DD84E1 CMP $E184,X [Compare with max HP] C0/4037: 9003 ++ BCC $403C [Branch if greater] C0/4039: BD84E1 LDA $E184,X [Load Max HP] C0/403C: ++ 9D82E1 STA $E182,X [Store into normal HP] C0/403F: BDF3E1 LDA $E1F3,X [Load HP Healing] C0/4042: 9D7BE1 STA $E17B,X [Store into HP/MP Number Display] C0/4045: 9EF3E1 STZ $E1F3,X [0 out HP Healing] C0/4048: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/404A: 204F4F JSR $4F4F C0/404D: A9D8 LDA #$D8 [Load Healing palette] C0/404F: 9D75E1 STA $E175,X [Store into HP/MP Number Palette] C0/4052: 60 RTS

[HP Damager] C0/4053: + C220 REP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4055: BDF1E1 LDA $E1F1,X [Load Char. HP Damage] C0/4058: D003 + BNE $405D [Branch if not Zero] C0/405A: 4CDE40 JMP $40DE [Jump to MPHealer] {If it is 00} C0/405D: + A9E703 LDA #$03E7 [Load #$03E7] {999} C0/4060: DDF1E1 CMP $E1F1,X [Compare with Char. HP Damage] C0/4063: B003 + BCS $4068 [Branch if Carry Set] {999 > HP Damage} C0/4065: 9DF1E1 STA $E1F1,X [Store into HP Damage] C0/4068: + BDB0E1 LDA $E1B0,X [Load Char. Stat Buff Flags] C0/406B: 890010 BIT #$1000 C0/406E: F03B BEQ $40AB C0/4070: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4072: BDF0E1 LDA $E1F0,X [Load...This Thing] C0/4075: 3034 BMI $40AB [Branch ahead if negative] C0/4077: BDAFE1 LDA $E1AF,X C0/407A: 48 PHA C0/407B: A92F LDA #$2F C0/407D: 9DAFE1 STA $E1AF,X C0/4080: 205741 JSR $4157 C0/4083: 68 PLA C0/4084: 9DAFE1 STA $E1AF,X C0/4087: C220 REP #$20 C0/4089: BDBDE1 LDA $E1BD,X C0/408C: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/408D: FDF1E1 SBC $E1F1,X [Subtract HP Damage] C0/4090: B003 BCS $4095 C0/4092: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/4095: 9DBDE1 STA $E1BD,X C0/4098: D009 BNE $40A3 C0/409A: A9FFEF LDA #$EFFF [Any status effect but...ghost? Hrm.] C0/409D: 3DB0E1 AND $E1B0,X C0/40A0: 9DB0E1 STA $E1B0,X C0/40A3: C220 REP #$20 C0/40A5: 9EF1E1 STZ $E1F1,X [0 out HP Damage] C0/40A8: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/40AA: 60 RTS

[Damage receiving function?] C0/40AB: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/40AD: 205741 JSR $4157 C0/40B0: C220 REP #$20 C0/40B2: BD82E1 LDA $E182,X [Load Current HP] C0/40B5: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/40B6: FDF1E1 SBC $E1F1,X [Subtract HP Damage] C0/40B9: B003 + BCS $40BE [If greater than 0 is in the accumulator, skip the next part] C0/40BB: A90000 LDA #$0000 [0 the accumulator out, put it into current hp] C0/40BE: + 9D82E1 STA $E182,X [Store back into Current HP] C0/40C1: D003 BNE $40C6 [If hp isn't 0, skip a bit] C0/40C3: 200342 JSR $4203 [Possible to arrive here after a SEP #20 has been executed somewhere?] C0/40C6: C220 REP #$20 [8-bit emulation mode disabled] C0/40C8: BDF1E1 LDA $E1F1,X [Load ReceivedDamage] C0/40CB: 9D7BE1 STA $E17B,X [Save it somewhere] C0/40CE: 8589 STA $89 [Store it there, too] C0/40D0: 9EF1E1 STZ $E1F1,X [0 out ReceivedDamage] C0/40D3: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/40D5: 20BC4E JSR $4EBC C0/40D8: A9D0 LDA #$D0 C0/40DA: 9D75E1 STA $E175,X C0/40DD: 60 RTS

[MP Healer] C0/40DE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/40E0: BDF6E1 LDA $E1F6,X [MP Healing] C0/40E3: F037 + BEQ $411C [Branch ahead to MP Damager if it's 0] C0/40E5: A963 LDA #$63 [Load #$63 (99) into the accumulator] C0/40E7: DDF6E1 CMP $E1F6,X [Compare with MP Healing] C0/40EA: B003 ++ BCS $40EF [Skip ahead if MP Healing < 99] C0/40EC: 9DF6E1 STA $E1F6,X [Store 99 into MP Healing] C0/40EF: ++ BDF6E1 LDA $E1F6,X [Load MP Healing] C0/40F2: 18 CLC [Clear Carry Flag] C0/40F3: 7D86E1 ADC $E186,X [Add to Current MP] C0/40F6: 9002 ++ BCC $40FA [Branch ahead if carry wasn't set] C0/40F8: A963 LDA #$63 [Load #$63 (99)] C0/40FA: ++ DD87E1 CMP $E187,X [Compare with Max MP] C0/40FD: 9003 ++ BCC $4102 [Branch ahead if Max MP < 99, otherwise store 99 into Current MP later] C0/40FF: BD87E1 LDA $E187,X [Load Max MP] C0/4102: ++ 9D86E1 STA $E186,X [Store into Current MP] C0/4105: BDF6E1 LDA $E1F6,X [Load MP Healing] C0/4108: 9D7BE1 STA $E17B,X [Store into ??] C0/410B: 9E7CE1 STZ $E17C,X [0 out ??] C0/410E: 9EF6E1 STZ $E1F6,X [0 out MP Healing] C0/4111: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4113: 204F4F JSR $4F4F [What is this?] C0/4116: A9E8 LDA #$E8 C0/4118: 9D75E1 STA $E175,X C0/411B: 60 RTS [MP Damager] C0/411C: BDF5E1 LDA $E1F5,X [Load MP Damage] C0/411F: F035 + BEQ $4156 [ C0/4121: A963 LDA #$63 C0/4123: DDF5E1 CMP $E1F5,X C0/4126: B003 BCS $412B C0/4128: 9DF5E1 STA $E1F5,X C0/412B: BDF5E1 LDA $E1F5,X C0/412E: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4130: BD86E1 LDA $E186,X [Current MP] C0/4133: 38 SEC [Set Carry Flag] C0/4134: E5A4 SBC $A4 [Subtract...whatever's in $A4] C0/4136: B002 BCS $413A [Branch ahead if > 0] C0/4138: A900 LDA #$00 [Load 0] C0/413A: 9D86E1 STA $E186,X [Put 0 into current MP] C0/413D: BDF5E1 LDA $E1F5,X [Load MP Damage] C0/4140: 8589 STA $89 C0/4142: 648A STZ $8A C0/4144: 9D7BE1 STA $E17B,X [Store into ??] C0/4147: 9E7CE1 STZ $E17C,X [0 out ??] C0/414A: 9EF5E1 STZ $E1F5,X [0 out MP Damage] C0/414D: 201E4F JSR $4F1E [What is this?] C0/4150: A9E0 LDA #$E0 C0/4152: 9D75E1 STA $E175,X C0/4155: 60 RTS

C0/4156: + 60 RTS [If it ain't MP Healing or MP Damage, go home]

C0/4157: A902 LDA #$02 C0/4159: 8D001E STA $1E00 C0/415C: BDAFE1 LDA $E1AF,X C0/415F: 8D011E STA $1E01 C0/4162: A90F LDA #$0F C0/4164: 8D021E STA $1E02 C0/4167: BD20E0 LDA $E020,X C0/416A: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/416C: D001 BNE $416F C0/416E: 1A INC A C0/416F: 8D031E STA $1E03 C0/4172: 220400C3 JSR $C30004 C0/4176: 60 RTS

[Accessed by Event Command 1F, but never called?] C0/4177: 0B PHD C0/4178: 8B PHB C0/4179: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/417A: C230 REP #$30 C0/417C: 9B TXY C0/417D: 206239 JSR $3962 C0/4180: 22465DC0 JSR $C05D46 [] C0/4184: A685 LDX $85 C0/4186: 204742 JSR $4247 C0/4189: A580 LDA $80 C0/418B: 297F85 AND #$857F C0/418E: 809C BRA $412C C0/4190: 59E09C EOR $9CE0,Y C0/4193: 59E29C EOR $9CE2,Y C0/4196: 59E428 EOR $28E4,Y C0/4199: AB PLB C0/419A: 2B PLD C0/419B: 6B RTL

[] C0/419C: 0B PHD C0/419D: 8B PHB C0/419E: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/419F: C230 REP #$30 C0/41A1: 48 PHA C0/41A2: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/41A5: 5B TCD C0/41A6: 68 PLA C0/41A7: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/41AA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/41AC: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/41B0: A963 LDA #$63 C0/41B2: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/41B6: A97E LDA #$7E C0/41B8: 48 PHA C0/41B9: AB PLB C0/41BA: 84A4 STY $A4 {Store Y into ??} C0/41BC: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/41BE: 8A TXA [Transfer X to Accumulator] C0/41BF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/41C1: 98 TYA [Transfer Y to Accumulator] C0/41C2: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/41C3: A8 TAY [Transfer Accumulator to Y] C0/41C4: A900 LDA #$00 [Load #$00] C0/41C6: EB XBA [Switch A and B] C0/41C7: B9C0E1 LDA $E1C0,Y [Load Weapon Levels] C0/41CA: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/41CC: A901 LDA #$01 C0/41CE: 24A4 BIT $A4 C0/41D0: D008 + BNE $41DA C0/41D2: 46A6 LSR $A6 C0/41D4: 46A6 LSR $A6 C0/41D6: 46A6 LSR $A6 C0/41D8: 46A6 LSR $A6 C0/41DA: + A5A6 LDA $A6 C0/41DC: 290F AND #$0F C0/41DE: AA TAX C0/41DF: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/41E1: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/41E5: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/41E9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/41EB: BFAC43C0 LDA $C043AC,X [Load 63Table[X]] {What is that table for?} C0/41EF: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/41F3: EA NOP C0/41F4: EA NOP C0/41F5: EA NOP C0/41F6: EA NOP C0/41F7: EA NOP C0/41F8: EA NOP C0/41F9: EA NOP C0/41FA: EA NOP C0/41FB: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/41FF: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/4200: AB PLB C0/4201: 2B PLD C0/4202: 6B RTL

C0/4203: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4205: 9EB1E1 STZ $E1B1,X C0/4208: 9EB0E1 STZ $E1B0,X C0/420B: 201543 JSR $4315 C0/420E: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4211: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/4213: F032 BEQ $4247 C0/4215: A580 LDA $80 C0/4217: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/4219: 8580 STA $80 C0/421B: C220 REP #$20 C0/421D: AD90E1 LDA $E190 C0/4220: 290082 AND #$8200 C0/4223: 8D90E1 STA $E190 C0/4226: AD90E3 LDA $E390 C0/4229: 290082 AND #$8200 C0/422C: 8D90E3 STA $E390 C0/422F: AD90E5 LDA $E590 C0/4232: 290082 AND #$8200 C0/4235: 8D90E5 STA $E590 C0/4238: A90080 LDA #$8000 C0/423B: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X C0/423E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4240: 22465DC0 JSR $C05D46 C0/4244: A685 LDX $85 C0/4246: 60 RTS

C0/4247: BDECE1 LDA $E1EC,X C0/424A: C903 CMP #$03 C0/424C: B012 BCS $4260 C0/424E: 8582 STA $82 C0/4250: 0A ASL A C0/4251: 8584 STA $84 C0/4253: A483 LDY $83 C0/4255: 205843 JSR $4358 C0/4258: 205B44 JSR $445B C0/425B: 20F044 JSR $44F0 C0/425E: A685 LDX $85 C0/4260: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4263: 89C1 BIT #$C1 C0/4265: D03C BNE $42A3 C0/4267: A980 LDA #$80 C0/4269: 9D91E1 STA $E191,X C0/426C: 9E90E1 STZ $E190,X C0/426F: BDCAE1 LDA $E1CA,X C0/4272: 291E AND #$1E C0/4274: 4A LSR A C0/4275: 18 CLC C0/4276: 69F9 ADC #$F9 C0/4278: 9D80E1 STA $E180,X C0/427B: 9EE3E1 STZ $E1E3,X C0/427E: BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/4281: 0907 ORA #$07 C0/4283: 9DFAE1 STA $E1FA,X C0/4286: 2201E3C8 JSR $C8E301 C0/428A: 20A038 JSR $38A0 C0/428D: 293F AND #$3F C0/428F: 1A INC A C0/4290: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/4292: BDCEE1 LDA $E1CE,X C0/4295: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4297: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/4299: D009 BNE $42A4 C0/429B: 293F AND #$3F C0/429D: C5A8 CMP $A8 C0/429F: B003 BCS $42A4 C0/42A1: A685 LDX $85 C0/42A3: 60 RTS

[Enemy Defeated, related to treasure chest transformation?] C0/42A4: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/42A6: 1003 + BPL $42AB [Branch ahead if it's positive] C0/42A8: DE82E1 DEC $E182,X [Decrement Current HP] {Poison/Engulf related?} C0/42AB: + A980 LDA #$80 [Load #$80] C0/42AD: 9DB1E1 STA $E1B1,X [Store into Death Style?] C0/42B0: 9EB0E1 STZ $E1B0,X [Store a zero into Stat Buffs low byte] C0/42B3: BDCFE1 LDA $E1CF,X [Lumina Mana, or Drop Chart stuff?] C0/42B6: F003 + BEQ $42BB [Branch ahead if it's 0] C0/42B8: 3A DEC A [Else, decrement accumulator...] C0/42B9: 8042 ++ BRA $42FD [...and skip ahead] C0/42BB: + A903 LDA #$03 [Load #$03 into accumulator] C0/42BD: 208838 JSR $3888 {Prepares $A4?} C0/42C0: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into $A4] C0/42C2: BD81E1 LDA $E181,X [Load Level] C0/42C5: C90A CMP #$0A [Compare Level with #$0A (10)] C0/42C7: 9028 + BCC $42F1 [Branch ahead if level < 10] C0/42C9: A902 LDA #$02 [Otherwise, load #$02...] C0/42CB: 85A4 STA $A4 [...and store into $A4] C0/42CD: BD81E1 LDA $E181,X [Load Level] C0/42D0: C90F CMP #$0F [Compare Level with #$0F (15)] C0/42D2: 901D + BCC $42F1 [Branch ahead if level < 15] C0/42D4: E6A4 INC $A4 [Otherwise, increment $A4] C0/42D6: C919 CMP #$19 [Compare Level with #$19 (25)] C0/42D8: 9017 + BCC $42F1 [Branch ahead if level < 25] C0/42DA: E6A4 INC $A4 [Otherwise, increment $A4] C0/42DC: C91E CMP #$1E [Compare Level with #$1E (30)] C0/42DE: 9011 + BCC $42F1 [Branch ahead if level < 30] C0/42E0: E6A4 INC $A4 [Otherwise, increment $A4] C0/42E2: C924 CMP #$24 [Compare Level with #$24 (36)] C0/42E4: 900B + BCC $42F1 [Branch ahead if level < 36] C0/42E6: E6A4 INC $A4 [Otherwise, increment $A4] C0/42E8: 20A038 JSR $38A0 [What does this do?] C0/42EB: C920 CMP #$20 [Compare with #$20 (32)] C0/42ED: B002 + BCS $42F1 C0/42EF: E6A4 INC $A4 C0/42F1: + DA PHX [Push X/Character Index onto Stack] C0/42F2: A900 LDA #$00 [Load #$00] C0/42F4: EB XBA [Switch A and B] C0/42F5: A5A4 LDA $A4 [Load $A4] C0/42F7: AA TAX [Transfer $A4 to X] C0/42F8: BF0D43C0 LDA $C0430D,X [Load that table down there] C0/42FC: FA PLX [Pull X/Character Index off of Stack] C0/42FD: ++ 9DC8E1 STA $E1C8,X [Store into Luc?] C0/4300: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X [Related to $B2] C0/4303: 9DCAE1 STA $E1CA,X [??] C0/4306: 9E81E1 STZ $E181,X [0 out Level] C0/4309: 9E84E1 STZ $E184,X [0 out Current HP] C0/430C: 60 RTS

[Table of some sort] C0/430D: 0203 COP #$03 C0/430F: 0401 TSB $01 C0/4311: 0507 ORA $07 C0/4313: 0600 ASL $00

[What is all of this?] C0/4315: 64A6 STZ $A6 [0 out $A6] C0/4317: 64A7 STZ $A7 [0 out $A7] C0/4319: A906 LDA #$06 [Load #$06] C0/431B: 85B2 STA $B2 [Store into $B2] C0/431D: - A4A6 LDY $A6 [Load $A6 into Y] C0/431F: A581 LDA $81 [Load $81] C0/4321: D9ACE1 CMP $E1AC,Y [Compare with...#$FF, eh?] C0/4324: D005 + BNE $432B [Branch ahead if result not equal to 0] C0/4326: A9FF LDA #$FF [Load #$FF] C0/4328: 99ACE1 STA $E1AC,Y [Store it into that thing; seems to be FF normally anyways. Huh.] C0/432B: + A581 LDA $81 [Load $81] C0/432D: D9ADE1 CMP $E1AD,Y [Compare with...#$FF again?] C0/4330: D005 + BNE $4337 [Branch ahead if result not equal to 0] C0/4332: A9FF LDA #$FF [If the result does equal 0, load #$FF...] C0/4334: 99ADE1 STA $E1AD,Y [...and store it into this thing] C0/4337: + A581 LDA $81 [Load $81] C0/4339: D9ECE1 CMP $E1EC,Y [Compare with...this thing. #$FF again for the Boy, it seems.] C0/433C: D005 + BNE $4343 [Branch ahead if result not equal to 0] C0/433E: A90F LDA #$0F [Otherwise, load #$0F] C0/4340: 99ECE1 STA $E1EC,Y [Store it into this thing] C0/4343: + A581 LDA $81 C0/4345: D9F0E1 CMP $E1F0,Y C0/4348: D005 + BNE $434F C0/434A: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/434C: 99ECE1 STA $E1EC,Y C0/434F: + E6A7 INC $A7 C0/4351: E6A7 INC $A7 C0/4353: C6B2 DEC $B2 C0/4355: D0C6 - BNE $431D C0/4357: 60 RTS

C0/4358: A909 LDA #$09 C0/435A: 38 SEC C0/435B: F99CE1 SBC $E19C,Y C0/435E: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/4360: BD81E1 LDA $E181,X C0/4363: D981E1 CMP $E181,Y C0/4366: B002 BCS $436A C0/4368: 46A6 LSR $A6 C0/436A: BDF0E1 LDA $E1F0,X C0/436D: 1001 BPL $4370 C0/436F: 60 RTS

C0/4370: D012 + BNE $4384 [Uh. Well, I guess...huh.] C0/4372: 20B743 JSR $43B7 [Check Master Activation Byte, presumably for the Boy] C0/4375: 46A6 LSR $A6 C0/4377: A00002 LDY #$0200 [Load Y index for Girl] C0/437A: 20B743 JSR $43B7 [Check Master Activation Byte] C0/437D: A00004 LDY #$0400 [Load Y index for Sprite] C0/4380: 20B743 JSR $43B7 [Check Master Activation Byte] C0/4383: 60 RTS

C0/4384: + C902 CMP #$02 C0/4386: F012 BEQ $439A C0/4388: 20B743 JSR $43B7 C0/438B: 46A6 LSR $A6 C0/438D: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/4390: 20B743 JSR $43B7 C0/4393: A00004 LDY #$0400 C0/4396: 20B743 JSR $43B7 C0/4399: 60 RTS

C0/439A: 20B743 JSR $43B7 C0/439D: 46A6 LSR $A6 C0/439F: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/43A2: 20B743 JSR $43B7 C0/43A5: A00002 LDY #$0200 C0/43A8: 20B743 JSR $43B7 C0/43AB: 60 RTS

[Table. Oh, hell yes, a table. Why is it all 63, though?] C0/43AC: 6363 ADC $63,S C0/43AE: 6363 ADC $63,S C0/43B0: 6363 ADC $63,S C0/43B2: 6363 ADC $63,S C0/43B4: 6363 ADC $63,S C0/43B6: 63

[Check Character Master Activation Byte] C0/43B7: B900E0 LDA $E000,Y [Load the first byte of a given character] C0/43BA: C901 CMP #$01 [Compare it with #$01] C0/43BC: F001 BEQ $43BF [Branch ahead if equal to 0, not above (carry) or below (negative)] C0/43BE: 60 RTS [Go home]

[If Master Activation Byte == 01, do this!] C0/43BF: B991E1 LDA $E191,Y C0/43C2: 1001 + BPL $43C5 C0/43C4: 60 RTS

C0/43C5: + C220 REP #$20 C0/43C7: B99CE1 LDA $E19C,Y C0/43CA: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/43CD: AA TAX C0/43CE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/43D0: BFAC43C0 LDA $C043AC,X [Table of 11 entries of $63] C0/43D4: 85D8 STA $D8 C0/43D6: B9E4E1 LDA $E1E4,Y [Load...this thing for a given character] C0/43D9: AA TAX [Transfer it to X] C0/43DA: BDB0CF LDA $CFB0,X [Load...whatever's at CFB0] C0/43DD: 1A INC A [Increment it] C0/43DE: 85B0 STA $B0 [Store it back into $B0] C0/43E0: 84CC STY $CC [Save Y/Character Index into $CC] C0/43E2: 84D4 STY $D4 [Save it in $D4, too] C0/43E4: B99CE1 LDA $E19C,Y [Weapon Levels'2] C0/43E7: C5B0 CMP $B0 C0/43E9: D005 + BNE $43F0 C0/43EB: 64D0 STZ $D0 C0/43ED: 4C4A44 JMP $444A C0/43F0: + B9E4E1 LDA $E1E4,Y C0/43F3: 85D4 STA $D4 C0/43F5: A4D4 LDY $D4 C0/43F7: B9D0E1 LDA $E1D0,Y C0/43FA: 18 CLC C0/43FB: 65A6 ADC $A6 C0/43FD: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/43FF: A4CC LDY $CC C0/4401: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/4403: C5D8 CMP $D8 C0/4405: 9043 + BCC $444A C0/4407: B99CE1 LDA $E19C,Y C0/440A: C908 CMP #$08 C0/440C: D006 ++ BNE $4414 C0/440E: A5D8 LDA $D8 C0/4410: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/4412: 8036 + BRA $444A C0/4414: ++ 64D0 STZ $D0 C0/4416: B9E4E1 LDA $E1E4,Y C0/4419: 85D8 STA $D8 C0/441B: 4A LSR A C0/441C: 85D4 STA $D4 C0/441E: A4D4 LDY $D4 C0/4420: A5D8 LDA $D8 C0/4422: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/4424: D00B ++ BNE $4431 C0/4426: B9C0E1 LDA $E1C0,Y C0/4429: 18 CLC C0/442A: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/442C: 99C0E1 STA $E1C0,Y C0/442F: 8007 +! BRA $4438 C0/4431: ++ B9C0E1 LDA $E1C0,Y C0/4434: 1A INC A C0/4435: 99C0E1 STA $E1C0,Y C0/4438: +! 204A44 JSR $444A C0/443B: A6CC LDX $CC C0/443D: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 [Jump to Stat Updater] C0/4441: 20405B JSR $5B40 C0/4444: A9CE LDA #$CE C0/4446: 208D39 JSR $398D C0/4449: 60 RTS

[] C0/444A: + A4CC LDY $CC C0/444C: B9E4E1 LDA $E1E4,Y C0/444F: 85D4 STA $D4 C0/4451: A4D4 LDY $D4 [Huh. Why the jump to the middle of this?] C0/4453: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/4455: 99D0E1 STA $E1D0,Y C0/4458: 60 RTS

C0/4459: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/445B: A904 LDA #$04 C0/445D: 8584 STA $84 [Jump entry point] C0/445F: A683 LDX $83 C0/4461: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/4464: C901 CMP #$01 C0/4466: D007 + BNE $446F C0/4468: BC82E1 LDY $E182,X [Current HP] C0/446B: F002 + BEQ $446F [Branch ahead if equal to zero] C0/446D: 8007 ++ BRA $4476 [Branch ahead to Experience/Levelup] C0/446F: + C684 DEC $84 C0/4471: C684 DEC $84 C0/4473: 10EA BPL $445F [Branch back to the jump entry point on a positive] C0/4475: 60 RTS

[Experience Reward/Levelup Subroutine] C0/4476: ++ A485 LDY $85 [Load CharMemOffset into Y] C0/4478: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/447A: B98DE1 LDA $E18D,Y [Load Enemy Experience] C0/447D: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/447E: 7D8DE1 ADC $E18D,X [Add Char. Experience[Low/Mid]] C0/4481: 85D0 STA $D0 [Store into TempXP[Low/Mid]] C0/4483: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4485: A900 LDA #$00 [Load #$00] C0/4487: 7D8FE1 ADC $E18F,X [Add Char. Experience[High]] C0/448A: 85D2 STA $D2 [Store into TempXP[High]] C0/448C: 20A439 JSR $39A4 [Jump Sub. to Max 24-Bit Value Handler] C0/448F: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4491: A5D0 LDA $D0 [Load TempXP[Low/Mid]] C0/4493: 9D8DE1 STA $E18D,X [Store into Char. Experience[Low/Mid]] C0/4496: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4498: A5D2 LDA $D2 [Load TempXP[High]] C0/449A: 9D8FE1 STA $E18F,X [Store into Char. Experience[High]] C0/449D: BD81E1 LDA $E181,X [Load Level] C0/44A0: C962 CMP #$62 [Compare with #$62] {98} {Fix this and extend the character stat tables for fun~} C0/44A2: F040 + BEQ $44E4 C0/44A4: BD7FE1 LDA $E17F,X [Load Char. XPTNL[High]] C0/44A7: DD8FE1 CMP $E18F,X [Compare with Char. Experience[High]] C0/44AA: F002 ++ BEQ $44AE [Branch if Equal] {Char. XPTNL[High] == Char. Experience[High]} C0/44AC: B036 + BCS $44E4 [Branch if Carry Set] {Char. XPTNL[High] > Char. Experience[High]} C0/44AE: ++ 900C ++ BCC $44BC C0/44B0: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/44B2: BD7DE1 LDA $E17D,X [Load Char. XPTNL[Low/Mid]] C0/44B5: DD8DE1 CMP $E18D,X [Compare with Char. Experience[Low/Mid]] C0/44B8: F002 BEQ $44BC C0/44BA: B028 BCS $44E4 C0/44BC: ++ E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/44BE: BD81E1 LDA $E181,X [Load Char. Level] C0/44C1: 1A INC A [Increment Accumulator] {Level up~} C0/44C2: 9D81E1 STA $E181,X [Store into Char. Level] C0/44C5: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 [Jump to Stat Updater] C0/44C9: 20205B JSR $5B20 C0/44CC: A9AF LDA #$AF C0/44CE: 208D39 JSR $398D C0/44D1: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/44D3: BD84E1 LDA $E184,X [Load Max HP] C0/44D6: 9D82E1 STA $E182,X [Store into Current HP] C0/44D9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/44DB: A580 LDA $80 C0/44DD: 0940 ORA #$40 C0/44DF: 8580 STA $80 C0/44E1: 4C9D44 JMP $449D [Go back and check level again, eh?] C0/44E4: + E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/44E6: C684 DEC $84 C0/44E8: C684 DEC $84 C0/44EA: 3003 + BMI $44EF C0/44EC: 4C5F44 JMP $445F C0/44EF: + 60 RTS

C0/44F0: A685 LDX $85 C0/44F2: C220 REP #$20 C0/44F4: BDC8E1 LDA $E1C8,X C0/44F7: 18 CLC C0/44F8: 6D6ACC ADC $CC6A C0/44FB: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/44FD: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/44FF: A900 LDA #$00 C0/4501: 6D6CCC ADC $CC6C C0/4504: 85D2 STA $D2 C0/4506: 20A439 JSR $39A4 [Jump Sub. to Max 24-Bit Value Handler] C0/4509: C220 REP #$20 C0/450B: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/450D: 8D6ACC STA $CC6A C0/4510: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4512: A5D2 LDA $D2 C0/4514: 8D6CCC STA $CC6C C0/4517: 60 RTS

[MR1-1] C0/4518: C230 REP #$30 C0/451A: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/451D: 5B TCD C0/451E: 8A TXA C0/451F: 29FF1F AND #$1FFF C0/4522: 85BD STA $BD C0/4524: AA TAX C0/4525: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4527: EB XBA C0/4528: 4A LSR A C0/4529: 85BA STA $BA C0/452B: A97E LDA #$7E C0/452D: 48 PHA C0/452E: AB PLB C0/452F: 60 RTS

[Master routine #1? Updates various stats?] [ATTACK: Seems to be called upon the connection of a hit.] C0/4530: 0B PHD C0/4531: 8B PHB C0/4532: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/4533: 201845 JSR $4518 [MR1-1: ??] C0/4536: 20DD47 JSR $47DD [MR1-2: Handles shit at the top of Bank $10] C0/4539: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X {Manip. flag/Shadow X flag?} C0/453C: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/453E: F003 + BEQ $4543 C0/4540: 4C7645 JMP $4576 [Pull registers and return long] C0/4543: + BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X {Manip. flag/Shadow X flag?} C0/4546: 3003 + BMI $454B C0/4548: 4C9745 JMP $4597 [Jump to Master Routine 1?-b] {} C0/454B: + 204F46 JSR $464F [Jump Sub. to MR1-3: Level Stat Handling Routine] C0/454E: 206048 JSR $4860 [MR1-4: ??] C0/4551: 20E648 JSR $48E6 [MR1-5: Some kinna weapon handler thing] C0/4554: 207D4B JSR $4B7D [MR1-6: Stat checking master subroutine?] C0/4557: 20FF4A JSR $4AFF [MR1-7: Equipment stat bonus handler!] C0/455A: 20BE4B JSR $4BBE [MR1-8: Agility statmod? and 1 < stat < 99 checking] C0/455D: 20AA49 JSR $49AA [MR1-9: Agility/Hit %/Strength effect handler?] C0/4560: 200C4A JSR $4A0C [MR1-A: ??] C0/4563: 202D4A JSR $4A2D [MR1-B: Jump to elemental...thing handler] C0/4566: 20754A JSR $4A75 [MR1-C: ??] C0/4569: 20F94B JSR $4BF9 [MR1-D: M/Defense <= 999, M/Evade <= 99 subroutine] C0/456C: 5A PHY C0/456D: A00B10 LDY #$100B C0/4570: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y C0/4572: 7A PLY C0/4573: 9DF7E1 STA $E1F7,X C0/4576: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/4577: AB PLB C0/4578: 2B PLD C0/4579: 6B RTL

[Master routine 1?-a] C0/457A: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/457C: 0B PHD C0/457D: 8B PHB C0/457E: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/457F: 201845 JSR $4518 [MR1-1: ??] C0/4582: 20DD47 JSR $47DD [MR1-2: Handles shit at the top of Bank $10] C0/4585: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4588: 8930 BIT #$30 C0/458A: F003 + BEQ $458F C0/458C: 4C7645 JMP $4576 [Pull registers and return long] C0/458F: + BDFAE1 LDA $E1FA,X C0/4592: 0904 ORA #$04 C0/4594: 9DFAE1 STA $E1FA,X

[Master routine 1?-b] C0/4597: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/459A: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/459C: D048 + BNE $45E6 C0/459E: 20E648 JSR $48E6 [MR1-5: C0/45A1: 204F47 JSR $474F [MR1-E: Loads/reloads mob stats, eh?] C0/45A4: 206048 JSR $4860 [MR1-4: ??] C0/45A7: 20FF4A JSR $4AFF [MR1-7: Equipment stat bonus handler!] C0/45AA: 20BE4B JSR $4BBE [MR1-8: Agility statmod? and 1 < stat < 99 checking] C0/45AD: 20AA49 JSR $49AA [MR1-9: Agility/Hit %/Strength effect handler?] C0/45B0: 5A PHY C0/45B1: A00610 LDY #$1006 C0/45B4: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y C0/45B6: 7A PLY C0/45B7: 9D96E1 STA $E196,X C0/45BA: 5A PHY C0/45BB: A00B10 LDY #$100B C0/45BE: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y C0/45C0: 7A PLY C0/45C1: 9DF7E1 STA $E1F7,X C0/45C4: 20534A JSR $4A53 [MR1-F: Elemental Weakness Handler] C0/45C7: BDABE1 LDA $E1AB,X C0/45CA: 0912 ORA #$12 C0/45CC: 9DABE1 STA $E1AB,X C0/45CF: 20F94B JSR $4BF9 [MR1-D: M/Defense <= 999, M/Evade <= 99 subroutine] C0/45D2: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/45D3: AB PLB C0/45D4: 2B PLD C0/45D5: 6B RTL

[Related to Master Routine #1? Boss Stat Handler?] C0/45D6: 0B PHD C0/45D7: 8B PHB C0/45D8: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/45D9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/45DB: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator] C0/45DC: 201845 JSR $4518 [Jump Sub. to MR1-1] C0/45DF: 68 PLA [Pull Accumulator] C0/45E0: 9DE3E1 STA $E1E3,X [Store into Char. Wielded Weapon] C0/45E3: 9DE8E1 STA $E1E8,X [Store into Monster Weapon 1] C0/45E6: 20DD47 JSR $47DD [MR1-2: Handles shit at the top of Bank $10] C0/45E9: 204F47 JSR $474F [MR1-E: Loads/reloads mob stats, eh?] C0/45EC: 206048 JSR $4860 [MR1-4: ??] C0/45EF: 20BE4B JSR $4BBE [MR1-8: Agility statmod? and 1 < stat < 99 checking] C0/45F2: 20534A JSR $4A53 [MR1-F: Elemental Weakness Handler] C0/45F5: BDABE1 LDA $E1AB,X [Load Status Immunity[High]] C0/45F8: 0912 ORA #$12 [OR with #%00010010] {Moogle, Pygmized} C0/45FA: 9DABE1 STA $E1AB,X [Store into Status Immunity[High]] C0/45FD: 9B TXY [Transfer X to Y] {Handles boss weapon stats. Seriously, it goes through all of that above just to do this, and bosses use multiple weapons.} C0/45FE: BDE3E1 LDA $E1E3,X [Load Wielded Weapon] C0/4601: 8F024200 STA $004202 [Store as Multiplicand A] C0/4605: A907 LDA #$07 [Load #$07] {record size] C0/4607: 8F034200 STA $004203 [Store record size as Multiplicand B] C0/460B: EA NOP C0/460C: EA NOP C0/460D: EA NOP C0/460E: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4610: AF164200 LDA $004216 [Get multiplication result] [Rusty Sword 09 = 3F] C0/4614: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/4615: BFC5BDD0 LDA $D0BDC5,X [Boss Weapon Status Effect] C0/4619: 9999E1 STA $E199,Y [Store into Weapon Status Effect] C0/461C: BFC1BDD0 LDA $D0BDC1,X [...Boss Weapon Monster Affinity?] C0/4620: 9994E1 STA $E194,Y [Store into Weapon Monster Affinity?] C0/4623: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4625: BFC3BDD0 LDA $D0BDC3,X [Boss Weapon Accuracy] C0/4629: 9997E1 STA $E197,Y [Hit %] C0/462C: BFC4BDD0 LDA $D0BDC4,X [Boss Weapon Power] C0/4630: 18 CLC C0/4631: 7988E1 ADC $E188,Y [Add Strength] C0/4634: 9998E1 STA $E198,Y [Store into Attack?] C0/4637: BFC7BDD0 LDA $D0BDC7,X [Boss Weapon Status Chance] C0/463B: 99F7E1 STA $E1F7,Y C0/463E: B9C0E1 LDA $E1C0,Y [Weapons Levels] C0/4641: 999CE1 STA $E19C,Y [Weapon Levels'2] C0/4644: 999BE1 STA $E19B,Y [Weapon Levels'1] C0/4647: BB TYX C0/4648: 20F94B JSR $4BF9 [MR1-D: M/Defense <= 999, M/Evade <= 99 subroutine] C0/464B: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/464C: AB PLB C0/464D: 2B PLD C0/464E: 6B RTL

[MR1-3: Level stat handling routine. Also called when changing equipment to fix statbase.] C0/464F: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X [Load level, 00 = 1] {Or is this character type?} C0/4652: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/4653: E980 SBC #$80 [Subtract #$80] C0/4655: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4657: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/465A: A8 TAY [Transfer Accumulator to Y] C0/465B: A91803 LDA #$0318 [Load #$0318] {Length of stat tables for each character} C0/465E: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into...? C0/4660: A90000 LDA #$0000 [Load #$0000] C0/4663: 88 DEY [Decrement Y] C0/4664: 3005 + BMI $466B C0/4666: 18 CLC C0/4667: 65A4 ADC $A4 C0/4669: 80F8 BRA $4663 C0/466B: + 85B4 STA $B4 {Level Stats} C0/466D: BD81E1 LDA $E181,X [Load Char. Level] C0/4670: 29FF00 AND #$00FF [AND with #$00FF] C0/4673: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/4674: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/4675: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/4676: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4677: 65B4 ADC $B4 C0/4679: 9B TXY C0/467A: AA TAX C0/467B: BF1042D0 LDA $D04210,X [Load LevelData[0..1]] {Max HP} C0/467F: 9984E1 STA $E184,Y [Store into Char. Max HP] C0/4682: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4684: BF1242D0 LDA $D04212,X [Load LevelData[2]] {Max MP} C0/4688: 9987E1 STA $E187,Y [Store into Char. Max MP] C0/468B: BF1342D0 LDA $D04213,X [Load LevelData[3]] {Strength} C0/468F: 9988E1 STA $E188,Y [Store into Char. Strength] C0/4692: BF1442D0 LDA $D04214,X [Load LevelData[4]] {Agility} C0/4696: 9989E1 STA $E189,Y [Store into Char. Agility] C0/4699: BF1542D0 LDA $D04215,X [Load LevelData[5]] {Constitution} C0/469D: 998AE1 STA $E18A,Y [Store into Char. Constitution] C0/46A0: BF1642D0 LDA $D04216,X [Load LevelData[6]] {Intelligence} C0/46A4: 998BE1 STA $E18B,Y [Store into Char. Intelligence] C0/46A7: BF1742D0 LDA $D04217,X [Load LevelData[7]] {Wisdom} C0/46AB: 998CE1 STA $E18C,Y [Store into Char. Wisdom] {XPTNL} C0/46AE: B981E1 LDA $E181,Y [Load Char. Level] C0/46B1: 8F024200 STA $004202 [Store into Multiplicand A] C0/46B5: A903 LDA #$03 [Load #$03] C0/46B7: 8F034200 STA $004203 [Store into Multiplicand B] C0/46BB: EA NOP C0/46BC: EA NOP C0/46BD: EA NOP C0/46BE: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/46C0: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/46C4: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/46C5: BF584BD0 LDA $D04B58,X [Load XPData[0..1]] C0/46C9: 997DE1 STA $E17D,Y [Store into Char. XPTNL[Low/Mid]] C0/46CC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/46CE: BF5A4BD0 LDA $D04B5A,X [Store new experience tnl] C0/46D2: 997FE1 STA $E17F,Y {} C0/46D5: A6BD LDX $BD C0/46D7: A5BA LDA $BA C0/46D9: 1A INC A C0/46DA: C903 CMP #$03 C0/46DC: D001 BNE $46DF C0/46DE: 1A INC A C0/46DF: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/46E1: ADD900 LDA $00D9 C0/46E4: 290F AND #$0F C0/46E6: C5A4 CMP $A4 C0/46E8: F014 BEQ $46FE C0/46EA: ADDA00 LDA $00DA C0/46ED: 290F AND #$0F C0/46EF: C5A4 CMP $A4 C0/46F1: F00B BEQ $46FE C0/46F3: ADDB00 LDA $00DB C0/46F6: 290F AND #$0F C0/46F8: C5A4 CMP $A4 C0/46FA: F002 BEQ $46FE C0/46FC: 8001 BRA $46FF C0/46FE: 60 RTS

C0/46FF: A900 LDA #$00 C0/4701: EB XBA C0/4702: A5BA LDA $BA C0/4704: A8 TAY C0/4705: B97ACC LDA $CC7A,Y C0/4708: AA TAX C0/4709: BF3F47C0 LDA $C0473F,X C0/470D: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/470F: A903 LDA #$03 C0/4711: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/4713: A6BD LDX $BD C0/4715: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/4717: 2903 AND #$03 C0/4719: F018 BEQ $4733 C0/471B: C901 CMP #$01 C0/471D: D005 BNE $4724 C0/471F: FE88E1 INC $E188,X C0/4722: 800F BRA $4733 C0/4724: C902 CMP #$02 C0/4726: D008 BNE $4730 C0/4728: FE88E1 INC $E188,X C0/472B: FE88E1 INC $E188,X C0/472E: 8003 + BRA $4733 C0/4730: DE88E1 DEC $E188,X C0/4733: + 46A4 LSR $A4 C0/4735: 46A4 LSR $A4 C0/4737: E8 INX C0/4738: C6A6 DEC $A6 C0/473A: D0D9 BNE $4715 C0/473C: A6BD LDX $BD C0/473E: 60 RTS

[Some...table or another] C0/473F: 35040417 TSB $17 C0/4743: 32000023 BRK #$23 C0/4747: 32000023 BRK #$23 C0/474B: 35040417 TSB $17

[MR1-E: Loads/reloads mob stats, eh?] C0/474F: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/4752: 29FD AND #$FD C0/4754: 9DB1E1 STA $E1B1,X C0/4757: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/475A: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/475C: F007 BEQ $4765 C0/475E: BD80E1 LDA $E180,X C0/4761: 3002 BMI $4765 C0/4763: 8003 BRA $4768 C0/4765: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X C0/4768: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/476C: A91D LDA #$1D C0/476E: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/4772: EA NOP C0/4773: EA NOP C0/4774: EA NOP C0/4775: C220 REP #$20 [8-bit emulation mode is disabled] C0/4777: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/477B: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/477C: A4BD LDY $BD C0/477E: BF041CD0 LDA $D01C04,X [Loads Atk and Spd] C0/4782: 9988E1 STA $E188,Y C0/4785: BF061CD0 LDA $D01C06,X [Loads Int? and Wis?] C0/4789: 998BE1 STA $E18B,Y C0/478C: BF081CD0 LDA $D01C08,X [Loads Evade and Def 1] C0/4790: 99A4E1 STA $E1A4,Y C0/4793: BF0A1CD0 LDA $D01C0A,X [Loads Def 2 and MEvade] C0/4797: 99A6E1 STA $E1A6,Y C0/479A: BF0C1CD0 LDA $D01C0C,X [Loads MDefense] C0/479E: 99A8E1 STA $E1A8,Y [Store into Char. MDefense] C0/47A1: BF0E1CD0 LDA $D01C0E,X [Loads type and element into memory] C0/47A5: 9992E1 STA $E192,Y [Store into Char. Type/Element] C0/47A8: BF091CD0 LDA $D01C09,X [Loads Defense] C0/47AC: 99A5E1 STA $E1A5,Y [Store into Char. Defense] C0/47AF: BF0C1CD0 LDA $D01C0C,X [Loads 22 segment 2 and stores it again in the same place] C0/47B3: 99A8E1 STA $E1A8,Y C0/47B6: BF121CD0 LDA $D01C12,X [Loads the weird 0A0A crap in the Rabite, for example] C0/47BA: 99FDE1 STA $E1FD,Y C0/47BD: BF141CD0 LDA $D01C14,X [Loads the weird 0016 crap in the Rabite, for example] C0/47C1: 99AAE1 STA $E1AA,Y [Store into Char. Status Immunity] C0/47C4: BF191CD0 LDA $D01C19,X [Loads death style] C0/47C8: 290100 AND #$0001 C0/47CB: 0A ASL A C0/47CC: 19B1E1 ORA $E1B1,Y C0/47CF: 99B1E1 STA $E1B1,Y C0/47D2: BF171CD0 LDA $D01C17,X [Load enemy weapons] C0/47D6: 99E8E1 STA $E1E8,Y [Store into Monster Weapon 1] C0/47D9: BB TYX C0/47DA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/47DC: 60 RTS

[MR1-2: Handles shit at the top of Bank $10] C0/47DD: BD80E1 LDA $E180,X C0/47E0: C220 REP #$20 C0/47E2: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/47E5: 0A ASL A C0/47E6: 0A ASL A C0/47E7: 0A ASL A C0/47E8: 0A ASL A C0/47E9: AA TAX C0/47EA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/47EC: BF0F00D0 LDA $D0000F,X [Loads last record item in enemy sprite animation/AI offset chart. Often 30something] C0/47F0: A6BD LDX $BD C0/47F2: 9DAFE1 STA $E1AF,X C0/47F5: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/47F8: 290E AND #$0E C0/47FA: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/47FD: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X C0/4800: 303F BMI $4841 C0/4802: C92E CMP #$2E [Compare #$2E] {Shadow X} C0/4804: F00A BEQ $4810 C0/4806: C93F CMP #$3F [Compare #$3F] {Shadow X} C0/4808: F006 BEQ $4810 C0/480A: C920 CMP #$20 [Compare #$20] {Shadow X} C0/480C: F002 BEQ $4810 C0/480E: 8009 BRA $4819 C0/4810: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4813: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/4815: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/4818: 60 RTS

C0/4819: ADFBCF LDA $CFFB C0/481C: 9DE6E1 STA $E1E6,X C0/481F: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X C0/4822: C957 CMP #$57 C0/4824: 9009 BCC $482F C0/4826: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4829: 0940 ORA #$40 C0/482B: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/482E: - 60 RTS C0/482F: C955 CMP #$55 C0/4831: 90FB - BCC $482E C0/4833: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4836: 0910 ORA #$10 C0/4838: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/483B: A920 LDA #$20 C0/483D: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X C0/4840: 60 RTS

C0/4841: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X C0/4844: C983 CMP #$83 C0/4846: B00F + BCS $4857 C0/4848: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/484B: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/484D: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/4850: ADFCCF LDA $CFFC C0/4853: 9DE6E1 STA $E1E6,X C0/4856: 60 RTS C0/4857: + BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/485A: 0920 ORA #$20 C0/485C: 9DFBE1 STA $E1FB,X C0/485F: 60 RTS

[MR1-4: What does this do?] C0/4860: A9D0 LDA #$D0 C0/4862: 85CB STA $CB C0/4864: 85C8 STA $C8 C0/4866: 85C5 STA $C5 C0/4868: 85C2 STA $C2 C0/486A: A90A LDA #$0A [Load #$0A (10)] C0/486C: 8F024200 STA $004202 [Multiplicand A] C0/4870: BDE0E1 LDA $E1E0,X [Load C0/4873: 8F034200 STA $004203 [Multiplicand B] C0/4877: C220 REP #$20 C0/4879: EA NOP C0/487A: EA NOP C0/487B: EA NOP C0/487C: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/4880: 85C9 STA $C9 C0/4882: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4884: BDE1E1 LDA $E1E1,X C0/4887: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/488B: C220 REP #$20 C0/488D: EA NOP C0/488E: EA NOP C0/488F: EA NOP C0/4890: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/4894: 85C6 STA $C6 [Store into C0/4896: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4898: BDE2E1 LDA $E1E2,X C0/489B: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/489F: C220 REP #$20 C0/48A1: EA NOP C0/48A2: EA NOP C0/48A3: EA NOP C0/48A4: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/48A8: 85C3 STA $C3 [Store into C0/48AA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/48AC: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/48AF: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/48B1: F001 BEQ $48B4 C0/48B3: 60 RTS

[] [] C0/48B4: A4BD LDY $BD C0/48B6: BDE4E1 LDA $E1E4,X C0/48B9: 1001 BPL $48BC C0/48BB: C8 INY C0/48BC: B9E8E1 LDA $E1E8,Y C0/48BF: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/48C3: A90C LDA #$0C C0/48C5: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/48C9: C220 REP #$20 C0/48CB: EA NOP C0/48CC: EA NOP C0/48CD: EA NOP C0/48CE: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/48D2: 85C0 STA $C0 C0/48D4: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/48D6: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/48D9: 100A BPL $48E5 C0/48DB: 5A PHY C0/48DC: A00010 LDY #$1000 [Load #$1000 into Y] {Weapon Type} C0/48DF: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y C0/48E1: 7A PLY C0/48E2: 9DE4E1 STA $E1E4,X C0/48E5: 60 RTS

[MR1-5: Some kinna weapon handler thing] C0/48E6: A900 LDA #$00 [Load #$00] C0/48E8: EB XBA [Switch A and B] C0/48E9: 86D0 STX $D0 [Store X into TempX] C0/48EB: BDE4E1 LDA $E1E4,X [Second weapon?] C0/48EE: 85D8 STA $D8 C0/48F0: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/48F3: 3004 BMI $48F9 C0/48F5: A901 LDA #$01 C0/48F7: 85D8 STA $D8 C0/48F9: A5D8 LDA $D8 C0/48FB: 4A LSR A C0/48FC: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/48FE: A4D0 LDY $D0 C0/4900: B9C0E1 LDA $E1C0,Y [Weapon Levels] C0/4903: 85D4 STA $D4 C0/4905: A901 LDA #$01 C0/4907: 24D8 BIT $D8 C0/4909: D008 BNE $4913 C0/490B: 46D4 LSR $D4 C0/490D: 46D4 LSR $D4 C0/490F: 46D4 LSR $D4 C0/4911: 46D4 LSR $D4 C0/4913: A5D4 LDA $D4 C0/4915: 290F AND #$0F C0/4917: 9D9CE1 STA $E19C,X [Store into Char. Charge Max] C0/491A: A5BA LDA $BA C0/491C: F001 BEQ $491F C0/491E: - 60 RTS

C0/491F: 9C76CC STZ $CC76 C0/4922: 209A49 JSR $499A C0/4925: 90F7 - BCC $491E C0/4927: ADE4E1 LDA $E1E4 [Load...Weaopn Type?] C0/492A: C901 CMP #$01 [Compare with #$01] C0/492C: F001 + BEQ $492F C0/492E: 60 RTS

[...what the devil is this?] C0/492F: + A980 LDA #$80 C0/4931: 9D95E1 STA $E195,X [Store into Char. Saber Spell] {Wait, really?} C0/4934: C220 REP #$20 C0/4936: 64A4 STZ $A4 C0/4938: - A00700 LDY #$0007 C0/493B: B9D0E1 LDA $E1D0,Y [Load Char. Weapon Skill Level] C0/493E: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/4941: 18 CLC C0/4942: 65A4 ADC $A4 C0/4944: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4946: 88 DEY [Decrement Y] C0/4947: 10F2 - BPL $493B [Branch if Positive] {} C0/4949: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/494D: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/494F: A964 LDA #$64 C0/4951: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/4955: EA NOP C0/4956: EA NOP C0/4957: EA NOP C0/4958: EA NOP C0/4959: EA NOP C0/495A: EA NOP C0/495B: EA NOP C0/495C: EA NOP C0/495D: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/4961: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4963: A907 LDA #$07 C0/4965: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/4967: A900 LDA #$00 C0/4969: 85AA STA $AA C0/496B: EB XBA C0/496C: A5A6 LDA $A6 C0/496E: 4A LSR A C0/496F: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/4970: A8 TAY C0/4971: B9C0E1 LDA $E1C0,Y [Weapon Levels?] C0/4974: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/4976: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/4977: B008 BCS $4981 C0/4979: 46A8 LSR $A8 C0/497B: 46A8 LSR $A8 C0/497D: 46A8 LSR $A8 C0/497F: 46A8 LSR $A8 C0/4981: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/4983: 290F AND #$0F C0/4985: 18 CLC C0/4986: 65AA ADC $AA C0/4988: 85AA STA $AA C0/498A: C6A6 DEC $A6 C0/498C: 10DE BPL $496C C0/498E: A5AA LDA $AA C0/4990: 4A LSR A C0/4991: 4A LSR A C0/4992: 4A LSR A C0/4993: 18 CLC C0/4994: 65A4 ADC $A4 C0/4996: 8D76CC STA $CC76 C0/4999: 60 RTS

C0/499A: AD79CC LDA $CC79 C0/499D: D002 BNE $49A1 C0/499F: 18 CLC C0/49A0: 60 RTS

C0/49A1: AD78CC LDA $CC78 C0/49A4: D002 + BNE $49A8 C0/49A6: 18 CLC C0/49A7: 60 RTS

C0/49A8: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/49A9: + 60 RTS [Return]

[MR1-9: Weapon Derived Values Handler] {Hit %} C0/49AA: BD89E1 LDA $E189,X [Load Agility into Accumulator] C0/49AD: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/49AE: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/49AF: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempMod] {Agi / 4} C0/49B1: 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/49B2: A00710 LDY #$1007 [Load #$1007 into Y] {Weapon Data: Hit %} C0/49B5: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y [Load HitPercentage] C0/49B7: 7A PLY [Pull Y] C0/49B8: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/49B9: 65A4 ADC $A4 [Add TempMod] C0/49BB: C963 CMP #$63 [Compare with #$63] {99} C0/49BD: 9002 + BCC $49C1 [Branch if Carry Clear] {Acc. < C0/49BF: A963 LDA #$63 [Load #$63] {99} C0/49C1: + 9D97E1 STA $E197,X [Store into Char. Hit %] {Attack Power} C0/49C4: 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/49C5: A00810 LDY #$1008 [Load #$1008 into Accumulator] {Power} C0/49C8: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y [Load Weapon Power Data into Accumulator] C0/49CA: 7A PLY [Pull Y] C0/49CB: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/49CC: 7D88E1 ADC $E188,X [Add Strength] C0/49CF: 9D98E1 STA $E198,X [Store into Attack Power] {Saber Effects} C0/49D2: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit Accumulator] C0/49D4: AD78CC LDA $CC78 // What the hell is this thing? C0/49D7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/49D9: D016 + BNE $49F1 C0/49DB: BD9DE1 LDA $E19D,X [Load Char. Saber Counter] C0/49DE: D011 + BNE $49F1 C0/49E0: 9E95E1 STZ $E195,X [Store Zero into Char. Saber Spell] {Status Effects} C0/49E3: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/49E5: 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/49E6: A00910 LDY #$1009 [Load #$1009 into Y] {Weapon Data: Status Effects} C0/49E9: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y [Load Weapon Status Effects] C0/49EB: 7A PLY [Pull Y] C0/49EC: 9D99E1 STA $E199,X [Store into Char. Weapon Status Effects] {Monster Affinity} C0/49EF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/49F1: + 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/49F2: A00510 LDY #$1005 [Load #$1005 into Y] {Weapon Data: Monster Affinity} C0/49F5: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y [Load Weapon Monster Affinity] C0/49F7: 7A PLY [Pull Y] C0/49F8: 9D94E1 STA $E194,X [Store into Char. Monster Affinity] {Weapon Type} C0/49FB: 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/49FC: A00010 LDY #$1000 [WeaponType] C0/49FF: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y [Load WeaponType] C0/4A01: 7A PLY [Pull Y] C0/4A02: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempMod] C0/4A04: BDE4E1 LDA $E1E4,X [Load Weapon Type] C0/4A07: 2980 AND #$80 [AND with #$80] {Clear bits #$7F} C0/4A09: 05A4 ORA $A4 [OR with TempMod] C0/4A0B: 60 RTS [Return]

[MR1-A: Crit Chance] C0/4A0C: BD9CE1 LDA $E19C,X [Load Char. Charge Max] C0/4A0F: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/4A10: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4A11: 7D9CE1 ADC $E19C,X [Add Char. Charge Max] C0/4A14: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempCrit] C0/4A16: A00610 LDY #$1006 [Load #$1006 into Y] {Weapon data table: Crit %} C0/4A19: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4A1A: 77C0 ADC [$C0],Y [Add [WeaponData][6]] C0/4A1C: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempCrit] C0/4A1E: A904 LDA #$04 [Load #$04] C0/4A20: DDE4E1 CMP $E1E4,X [Compare with ?? C0/4A23: B002 + BCS $4A27 C0/4A25: 46A4 LSR $A4 [Shift TempCrit Right] C0/4A27: + A5A4 LDA $A4 [Load TempCrit] C0/4A29: 9D96E1 STA $E196,X [Store into Char. Crit Chance] C0/4A2C: 60 RTS [Return]

[MR1-B: Used (but useless) Equipment Elements Handler?] C0/4A2D: A0D63E LDY #$3ED6 C0/4A30: B7C9 LDA [$C9],Y [Load [HelmData]] C0/4A32: 17C6 ORA [$C6],Y [OR with [BodyData]] C0/4A34: 17C3 ORA [$C3],Y [OR with [BracerData]]] C0/4A36: 9DA3E1 STA $E1A3,X [Store in Element] C0/4A39: 9EA2E1 STZ $E1A2,X [Store Zero in Type] C0/4A3C: 85A6 STA $A6 [Store into TempElement] C0/4A3E: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/4A3F: 292A AND #$2A [And with #%00101010] {Change to AA} C0/4A41: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempElement'] C0/4A43: A5A6 LDA $A6 [Load TempElement] C0/4A45: 4A LSR A [Sift Right] C0/4A46: 2915 AND #$15 [Check #%00010101] {Change to 55} C0/4A48: 05A4 ORA $A4 [Add bits to TempElement'] C0/4A4A: 293F AND #$3F [After all that, check if valid elements, i.e., any but Dryad & Luna] {Change to FF} C0/4A4C: 9DA1E1 STA $E1A1,X [Store into EffectiveElements] C0/4A4F: 9EA0E1 STZ $E1A0,X [Store zero into...?] C0/4A52: 60 RTS

[MR1-F: Elemental Weakness Handler] C0/4A53: BD93E1 LDA $E193,X [Load Char. Element] C0/4A56: 85A6 STA $A6 [Store into TempElement] C0/4A58: 9DA3E1 STA $E1A3,X [Store into TempStatElement] C0/4A5B: BD92E1 LDA $E192,X [Load Char. Type] C0/4A5E: 9EA2E1 STZ $E1A2,X [Store Zero into...this] {Possibly, Type weakness was dummied out} C0/4A61: A5A6 LDA $A6 [Load TempElement] C0/4A63: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/4A64: 292A AND #$2A [Check #%00101010] {Change to 0xAA} C0/4A66: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempElement'] C0/4A68: A5A6 LDA $A6 [Load TempElement] C0/4A6A: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4A6B: 2915 AND #$15 [Check #%00010101] {Change to 0x55} C0/4A6D: 05A4 ORA $A4 [Add bits to TempElement'] C0/4A6F: 293F AND #$3F [After all that, check if valid elements, i.e., any but Dryad & Luna] {Change to FF} C0/4A71: 9DA1E1 STA $E1A1,X [Store into EffectiveElements] C0/4A74: 60 RTS

[MR1-C: Equipment/Stat Defense/Evade Handler] {Evade} C0/4A75: A0D23E LDY #$3ED2 {Armor stat tables: MDefense} C0/4A78: BD89E1 LDA $E189,X [Load Char. Agility] C0/4A7B: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4A7C: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4A7D: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4A7E: 77C9 ADC [$C9],Y [Add Helmet Evade] C0/4A80: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4A81: 77C6 ADC [$C6],Y [Add Armor Evade] C0/4A83: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4A84: 77C3 ADC [$C3],Y [Add Bracer Evade] C0/4A86: 9DA4E1 STA $E1A4,X [Store into Char. Evade] {MEvade} C0/4A89: BD8CE1 LDA $E18C,X [Load Char. Wisdom] C0/4A8C: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4A8D: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4A8E: A0D43E LDY #$3ED4 [Load #$3ED4 into Y]{ Armor stat tables: MEvade} C0/4A91: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4A92: 77C9 ADC [$C9],Y [Add Helmet M.Evade] C0/4A94: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4A95: 77C6 ADC [$C6],Y [Add Armor M.Evade] C0/4A97: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4A98: 77C3 ADC [$C3],Y [Add Bracer M.Evade] C0/4A9A: 9DA7E1 STA $E1A7,X [Store into Char. MEvade] {Defense} C0/4A9D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/4A9F: 85A5 STA $A5 C0/4AA1: 85A7 STA $A7 C0/4AA3: 85A9 STA $A9 C0/4AA5: BD8AE1 LDA $E18A,X [Load Char. Constitution] C0/4AA8: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4AAA: A0D13E LDY #$3ED1 [Load #$3ED1 into Y] {Armor stat tables: Defense} C0/4AAD: B7C9 LDA [$C9],Y C0/4AAF: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/4AB1: B7C6 LDA [$C6],Y C0/4AB3: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/4AB5: B7C3 LDA [$C3],Y C0/4AB7: C220 REP #$20 C0/4AB9: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/4ABC: 18 CLC C0/4ABD: 65A4 ADC $A4 C0/4ABF: 18 CLC C0/4AC0: 65A6 ADC $A6 C0/4AC2: 18 CLC C0/4AC3: 65A8 ADC $A8 C0/4AC5: 9DA5E1 STA $E1A5,X [Store into Char. Defense] C0/4AC8: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] {MDefense} C0/4ACA: BD8CE1 LDA $E18C,X [Load Char. Wisdom] C0/4ACD: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4ACF: A0D33E LDY #$3ED3 [Load #$3ED3 into Y] {Armor stat tables: MDefense} C0/4AD2: B7C9 LDA [$C9],Y C0/4AD4: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/4AD6: B7C6 LDA [$C6],Y C0/4AD8: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/4ADA: B7C3 LDA [$C3],Y C0/4ADC: C220 REP #$20 C0/4ADE: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/4AE1: 18 CLC C0/4AE2: 65A4 ADC $A4 C0/4AE4: 18 CLC C0/4AE5: 65A6 ADC $A6 C0/4AE7: 18 CLC C0/4AE8: 65A8 ADC $A8 C0/4AEA: 9DA8E1 STA $E1A8,X [Store into Char. MDefense] {} C0/4AED: A0D73E LDY #$3ED7 [Load #$3ED7 into Y] {Armor stat tables: Status Immunity} C0/4AF0: B7C9 LDA [$C9],Y C0/4AF2: 17C6 ORA [$C6],Y C0/4AF4: 17C3 ORA [$C3],Y C0/4AF6: 090008 ORA #$0800 [OR with #$0800] {Always immune to Change Form?} C0/4AF9: 9DAAE1 STA $E1AA,X [Store into Char. Status Immunity] C0/4AFC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4AFE: 60 RTS

[MR1-7: Weapon stat bonus handler!] [12/31/2009, 5:32 AM. We finally know everything that Masterflow knows, and then some, even!] C0/4AFF: A900 LDA #$00 C0/4B01: EB XBA C0/4B02: 9B TXY {Strength} C0/4B03: 5A PHY C0/4B04: A00210 LDY #$1002 C0/4B07: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y [Weapon Stat Bonus] C0/4B09: 7A PLY [Pull Y] {Current char's memory index} C0/4B0A: 2903 AND #$03 [Filters for #%00000011] C0/4B0C: AA TAX [Transfers that shit to X] C0/4B0D: BF794BC0 LDA $C04B79,X [Stat Bonus Definition Table] C0/4B11: 18 CLC C0/4B12: 7988E1 ADC $E188,Y [Add Char. Strength] C0/4B15: 9988E1 STA $E188,Y [Store into Char. Strength] {Agility} C0/4B18: 5A PHY [Push Y] C0/4B19: A00110 LDY #$1001 C0/4B1C: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y C0/4B1E: 7A PLY [Pull Y] C0/4B1F: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B20: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B21: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B22: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B23: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B24: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B25: AA TAX C0/4B26: BF794BC0 LDA $C04B79,X C0/4B2A: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4B2B: 7989E1 ADC $E189,Y [Add Char. Agility] C0/4B2E: 9989E1 STA $E189,Y [Store into Char. Agility] {Constitution} C0/4B31: 5A PHY C0/4B32: A00110 LDY #$1001 C0/4B35: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y C0/4B37: 7A PLY C0/4B38: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B39: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B3A: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B3B: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B3C: 2903 AND #$03 C0/4B3E: AA TAX C0/4B3F: BF794BC0 LDA $C04B79,X C0/4B43: 18 CLC C0/4B44: 798AE1 ADC $E18A,Y [Add constitution to this value] C0/4B47: 998AE1 STA $E18A,Y {Intelligence} C0/4B4A: 5A PHY C0/4B4B: A00110 LDY #$1001 C0/4B4E: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y [Weapon table element 02, the C0 thing] C0/4B50: 7A PLY C0/4B51: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B52: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4B53: 2903 AND #$03 C0/4B55: AA TAX C0/4B56: BF794BC0 LDA $C04B79,X [The table down below] C0/4B5A: 18 CLC C0/4B5B: 798BE1 ADC $E18B,Y [Add intelligence to this value] C0/4B5E: 998BE1 STA $E18B,Y {Wisdom} C0/4B61: 5A PHY C0/4B62: A00110 LDY #$1001 C0/4B65: B7C0 LDA [$C0],Y [Weapon table element 01, the stat mod? thingy] C0/4B67: 7A PLY C0/4B68: 2903 AND #$03 C0/4B6A: AA TAX C0/4B6B: BF794BC0 LDA $C04B79,X [Load Mod Value] C0/4B6F: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4B70: 798CE1 ADC $E18C,Y [Add Char. Wisdom] C0/4B73: 998CE1 STA $E18C,Y [Store Char. Wisdom] C0/4B76: A6BD LDX $BD [Load...? C0/4B78: 60 RTS

[Table used by the above subroutine. Adds 0, 1, 5, or subtracts 5 from a stat, eh?] C0/4B79: 00 01 05 FB

[MR1-6: Handle Armor stat mods for boy/girl/sprite] C0/4B7D: A0D03E LDY #$3ED0 [Armor Tables Offset in Bank 0x10] {Cheap} C0/4B80: B7C9 LDA [$C9],Y [Load Helmet Stat Bonus] C0/4B82: 20904B JSR $4B90 [Jump Sub. to Handle Armor stat mods] C0/4B85: B7C6 LDA [$C6],Y [Load Armor Stat Bonus] C0/4B87: 20904B JSR $4B90 [Jump Sub. to C0/4B8A: B7C3 LDA [$C3],Y [Load Bracer Stat Bonus] C0/4B8C: 20904B JSR $4B90 C0/4B8F: 60 RTS

[Handles Armor stat mods. Doesn't check the one for Wis in the normal game due to looping error.] C0/4B90: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into StatBits] {ArmorByte0} C0/4B92: A904 LDA #$04 [Load #$04] {Should be #$05 to check Wisdom} C0/4B94: 85A6 STA $A6 [Store into LoopIndex] C0/4B96: A905 LDA #$05 [Load #$05] C0/4B98: 85AA STA $AA [Store into StatMod] C0/4B9A: A5A4 LDA $A4 [Load StatBits] C0/4B9C: 2C4000 BIT $0040 [Bit Test with NegStatModFlag] {$7e0040} C0/4B9F: F004 + BEQ $4BA5 [Branch ahead if it's not present] C0/4BA1: A9FE LDA #$FE [Load #$FE] {-2} C0/4BA3: 85AA STA $AA [Store into StatMod] C0/4BA5: +- A5A4 LDA $A4 [Load ArmorByte0] C0/4BA7: 8910 BIT #$10 [Bit Test with #$10] {Each bit gets shifted up to #$10} C0/4BA9: F009 + BEQ $4BB4 [Branch if Not Equal] C0/4BAB: A5AA LDA $AA [Load StatMod] C0/4BAD: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4BAE: 7D88E1 ADC $E188,X [Add Char. Stat] C0/4BB1: 9D88E1 STA $E188,X [Store into Char. Stat] {$A6 = 00 after $E18B,X (Intelligence)} C0/4BB4: + 06A4 ASL $A4 [Shift StatBits Left] C0/4BB6: E8 INX [Increment X] C0/4BB7: C6A6 DEC $A6 [Decrement LoopIndex] C0/4BB9: D0EA - BNE $4BA5 [Branch if Not Equal] C0/4BBB: A6BD LDX $BD {What is this?} C0/4BBD: 60 RTS [Go home]

[MR1-8: Agility statmod? and 1 < stat < 99 checking] C0/4BBE: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X [Status Effects?] C0/4BC1: 8908 BIT #$08 [Bit Test with #$08] {Doesn't correspond with anything but Shapechange, or is it Paralyze?} C0/4BC3: F012 + BEQ $4BD7 [Branch if Zero] C0/4BC5: BD89E1 LDA $E189,X [Load Char. Agility] C0/4BC8: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4BC9: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4BCA: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4BCB: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/4BCC: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempMod] C0/4BCE: BD89E1 LDA $E189,X [Load Char. Agility] C0/4BD1: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/4BD2: E5A4 SBC $A4 [Subtract TempMod] C0/4BD4: 9D89E1 STA $E189,X [Store into Char. Agility] {Stat checking/updating loop} C0/4BD7: + A905 LDA #$05 [Load #$05] C0/4BD9: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into LoopIndex] C0/4BDB: - A963 LDA #$63 [Load #$63] {99} C0/4BDD: DD88E1 CMP $E188,X [Compare with Char. Stat] C0/4BE0: B003 + BCS $4BE5 [Branch if Carry Set] {Char. Stat < 99} C0/4BE2: 9D88E1 STA $E188,X [Store into Char. Stat] C0/4BE5: + A901 LDA #$01 [Load #$01] C0/4BE7: DD88E1 CMP $E188,X [Compare with Char. Stat] C0/4BEA: 9003 BCC $4BEF [Branch if Carry Clear] {#$01 < Char. Stat} C0/4BEC: 9D88E1 STA $E188,X [Store into Char. Stat] C0/4BEF: E8 INX [Increment X] C0/4BF0: C6A4 DEC $A4 [Decrement LoopIndex] C0/4BF2: D0E7 - BNE $4BDB [Branch if Not Equal] {Loop back until each stat is checked} C0/4BF4: A6BD LDX $BD C0/4BF6: 60 RTS [Return]

[Alternate entry, eh? ...does anything call this?] C0/4BF7: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] [MR1-D: Set defense/evade stats to 999/99 if above that.] C0/4BF9: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4BFB: A9E703 LDA #$03E7 [Load #$03E7] {999} C0/4BFE: DDA8E1 CMP $E1A8,X [Compare with Char. MDefense] C0/4C01: B003 BCS $4C06 [Branch if Carry Set] {Char. MDefense <= 999} C0/4C03: 9DA8E1 STA $E1A8,X [Store into MDefense] C0/4C06: A9E703 LDA #$03E7 [Load #$03E7] {999} C0/4C09: DDA5E1 CMP $E1A5,X [Compare it with Defense] C0/4C0C: B003 + BCS $4C11 [Branch if Carry Set] {Char. Defense <= 999} C0/4C0E: 9DA5E1 STA $E1A5,X [Store into Defense] C0/4C11: + E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4C13: A963 LDA #$63 [Load #$63] {99} C0/4C15: DDA4E1 CMP $E1A4,X [Compare with Evade] C0/4C18: B003 + BCS $4C1D [Branch if Carry Set] {Evade <= 99} C0/4C1A: 9DA4E1 STA $E1A4,X [Store into Evade] C0/4C1D: + A963 LDA #$63 [Load #$63] {99} C0/4C1F: DDA7E1 CMP $E1A7,X [Compare with MEvade] C0/4C22: B003 + BCS $4C27 [Branch if Carry Set] {MEvade <= 99} C0/4C24: 9DA7E1 STA $E1A7,X [Store into MEvade] C0/4C27: + 60 RTS [Return[

[] C0/4C28: 0B PHD C0/4C29: 8B PHB C0/4C2A: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/4C2B: 201845 JSR $4518 C0/4C2E: C220 REP #$20 C0/4C30: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/4C33: 86B4 STX $B4 C0/4C35: A90300 LDA #$0003 C0/4C38: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/4C3A: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/4C3D: 9DF1E1 STA $E1F1,X C0/4C40: 9DF3E1 STA $E1F3,X C0/4C43: 9DF5E1 STA $E1F5,X C0/4C46: 9D78CC STA $CC78,X C0/4C49: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4C4B: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X C0/4C4E: 9D9DE1 STA $E19D,X C0/4C51: 9D75E1 STA $E175,X C0/4C54: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/4C56: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X C0/4C59: 9DF0E1 STA $E1F0,X C0/4C5C: C220 REP #$20 C0/4C5E: E6B5 INC $B5 C0/4C60: E6B5 INC $B5 C0/4C62: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/4C64: C6B2 DEC $B2 C0/4C66: D0D2 BNE $4C3A C0/4C68: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4C6A: ADEE00 LDA $00EE C0/4C6D: 8D6DCC STA $CC6D C0/4C70: ADEF00 LDA $00EF C0/4C73: 8D6ECC STA $CC6E C0/4C76: ADF000 LDA $00F0 C0/4C79: 8D6FCC STA $CC6F C0/4C7C: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/4C7F: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/4C83: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/4C86: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/4C8A: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/4C8D: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/4C91: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/4C94: 86B4 STX $B4 C0/4C96: A00300 LDY #$0003 C0/4C99: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/4C9C: 100D BPL $4CAB C0/4C9E: A92F LDA #$2F C0/4CA0: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X C0/4CA3: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/4CA6: 0908 ORA #$08 C0/4CA8: 9DB1E1 STA $E1B1,X C0/4CAB: E6B5 INC $B5 C0/4CAD: E6B5 INC $B5 C0/4CAF: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/4CB1: 88 DEY C0/4CB2: D0E5 BNE $4C99 C0/4CB4: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/4CB5: AB PLB C0/4CB6: 2B PLD C0/4CB7: 6B RTL

[Handles weapons? Related to 1F08~1F0B] C0/4CB8: 0B PHD [Push data bank register] C0/4CB9: 8B PHB [Push bank thingy] C0/4CBA: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/4CBB: C230 REP #$30 [8-bit emulation, index registers modes disabled] C0/4CBD: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/4CC0: 5B TCD C0/4CC1: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4CC3: A97E LDA #$7E [Load #$7E (126)] C0/4CC5: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator] C0/4CC6: AB PLB [Pull bank register?] C0/4CC7: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/4CCA: 84CC STY $CC C0/4CCC: 64D1 STZ $D1 C0/4CCE: A903 LDA #$03 C0/4CD0: 85B0 STA $B0 C0/4CD2: A907 LDA #$07 [Load #$07] C0/4CD4: 85D0 STA $D0 [Store into WeaponIndex] C0/4CD6: B9E4E1 LDA $E1E4,Y [Load WieldedWeapon2] C0/4CD9: 85AC STA $AC [Store into TempWeapon2] C0/4CDB: - A6D0 LDX $D0 [Load WeaponIndex into X] C0/4CDD: BD54CC LDA $CC54,X [Load index Weapon List item] C0/4CE0: C9FF CMP #$FF [Compare indexed Weapon with FF] C0/4CE2: F03D + BEQ $4D21 [If A = FF, it hasn't been obtained yet, check the next weapon] C0/4CE4: 293F AND #$3F [Logical AND with #%00111111, filtering out equip bits] C0/4CE6: F039 + BEQ $4D21 [If none of those bits are set, branch ahead and check the next weapon] C0/4CE8: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store it into $A4 if it got that far] C0/4CEA: A5D0 LDA $D0 [Load WeaponIndex] C0/4CEC: 8F024200 STA $004202 [Store as Multiplicand A] C0/4CF0: A909 LDA #$09 [Load #$09] C0/4CF2: 8F034200 STA $004203 [Store as Multiplicand B] C0/4CF6: EA NOP [Wait for product] C0/4CF7: EA NOP [""] C0/4CF8: EA NOP [""] C0/4CF9: EA NOP [""] C0/4CFA: AF164200 LDA $004216 [Load product] C0/4CFE: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/4CFF: 65A4 ADC $A4 [Add...what was stored into $A4] C0/4D01: 85A8 STA $A8 [Store it into $A8] C0/4D03: 8F024200 STA $004202 [Store as Multiplicand A] C0/4D07: A90C LDA #$0C [Load #$0C (12)] C0/4D09: 8F034200 STA $004203 [Store as Multiplicand B] C0/4D0D: EA NOP [Wait for product] C0/4D0E: EA NOP [""] C0/4D0F: EA NOP [""] C0/4D10: C220 REP #$20 [Sneaky, disabling 8-bit emulation mode here!] C0/4D12: AF164200 LDA $004216 [Load product] C0/4D16: AA TAX [Transfer product to X] C0/4D17: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4D19: BF0010D0 LDA $D01000,X [Weapons table] C0/4D1D: C5AC CMP $AC [Compare with TempWeapon2] C0/4D1F: F006 ++ BEQ $4D27 C0/4D21: + C6D0 DEC $D0 C0/4D23: 10B6 - BPL $4CDB C0/4D25: 8025 BRA $4D4C C0/4D27: ++ A6D0 LDX $D0 C0/4D29: A5A8 LDA $A8 [TempWeapon1] C0/4D2B: 99E8E1 STA $E1E8,Y [Store in Weapon 1] C0/4D2E: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/4D30: B9FAE1 LDA $E1FA,Y [Rabite has 04, Boy has 00] C0/4D33: 0904 ORA #$04 [Set #$04 if it isn't already there] C0/4D35: 99FAE1 STA $E1FA,Y C0/4D38: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit emulation mode] C0/4D3A: B990E1 LDA $E190,Y [What the hell is this?] C0/4D3D: 8960C7 BIT #$C760 [Test for...god knows whatever] C0/4D40: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4D42: D008 + BNE $4D4C [Branch ahead if any of that shit's present] C0/4D44: A5A6 LDA $A6 C0/4D46: 99E3E1 STA $E1E3,Y [No idea, Boy has 09, Rabite has 48--oh. WeaponTemp?] C0/4D49: 99E8E1 STA $E1E8,Y [Weapons] C0/4D4C: + E6CD INC $CD C0/4D4E: E6CD INC $CD C0/4D50: A4CC LDY $CC C0/4D52: C6B0 DEC $B0 C0/4D54: F003 BEQ $4D59 C0/4D56: 4CD24C JMP $4CD2 C0/4D59: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/4D5C: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/4D60: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/4D63: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/4D67: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/4D6A: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/4D6E: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/4D6F: AB PLB C0/4D70: 2B PLD C0/4D71: 6B RTL

[Huh. What does this do? Refreshes everything?] C0/4D72: 0B PHD C0/4D73: 8B PHB C0/4D74: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/4D75: C230 REP #$30 C0/4D77: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/4D7A: 5B TCD C0/4D7B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4D7D: A97E LDA #$7E C0/4D7F: 48 PHA C0/4D80: AB PLB C0/4D81: 86BD STX $BD C0/4D83: 20314E JSR $4E31 C0/4D86: A6BD LDX $BD C0/4D88: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4D8A: A5BE LDA $BE C0/4D8C: 4A LSR A C0/4D8D: 85BA STA $BA C0/4D8F: 18 CLC C0/4D90: 6980 ADC #$80 C0/4D92: 9D80E1 STA $E180,X [Character Type] C0/4D95: 9DE7E1 STA $E1E7,X [Character Type as well?] C0/4D98: 204F46 JSR $464F C0/4D9B: C220 REP #$20 C0/4D9D: BD84E1 LDA $E184,X [Load Max HP] C0/4DA0: 9D82E1 STA $E182,X [Store into Current HP] C0/4DA3: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/4DA6: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4DA8: BD87E1 LDA $E187,X [Load Max MP] C0/4DAB: 9D86E1 STA $E186,X [Store into Current MP] C0/4DAE: A907 LDA #$07 C0/4DB0: 9DFAE1 STA $E1FA,X C0/4DB3: A5BA LDA $BA C0/4DB5: 0A ASL A C0/4DB6: AA TAX C0/4DB7: C220 REP #$20 C0/4DB9: BF2B4EC0 LDA $C04E2B,X [Table below] C0/4DBD: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/4DBF: AA TAX C0/4DC0: A4BD LDY $BD C0/4DC2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4DC4: A980 LDA #$80 C0/4DC6: 99FBE1 STA $E1FB,Y C0/4DC9: BF0000C0 LDA $C00000,X [What the devil, bank 0?] C0/4DCD: 99E0E1 STA $E1E0,Y [Store into Equipped Helmet] C0/4DD0: BF0100C0 LDA $C00001,X C0/4DD4: 99E1E1 STA $E1E1,Y [Store into Equipped Armor] C0/4DD7: BF0200C0 LDA $C00002,X C0/4DDB: 99E2E1 STA $E1E2,Y [Store into Equipped Bracer] C0/4DDE: BF0300C0 LDA $C00003,X C0/4DE2: 99E3E1 STA $E1E3,Y [Store into Wielded Weapon] C0/4DE5: 99E8E1 STA $E1E8,Y [Weapons, what] C0/4DE8: E6BA INC $BA C0/4DEA: BF0000C0 LDA $C00000,X C0/4DEE: F006 BEQ $4DF6 C0/4DF0: A6BA LDX $BA C0/4DF2: 222364C0 JSR $C06423 C0/4DF6: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/4DF8: BF0100C0 LDA $C00001,X C0/4DFC: F006 BEQ $4E04 C0/4DFE: A6BA LDX $BA C0/4E00: 222364C0 JSR $C06423 C0/4E04: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/4E06: BF0200C0 LDA $C00002,X C0/4E0A: F006 BEQ $4E12 C0/4E0C: A6BA LDX $BA C0/4E0E: 222364C0 JSR $C06423 C0/4E12: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/4E14: BF0300C0 LDA $C00003,X C0/4E18: 18 CLC C0/4E19: 6980 ADC #$80 C0/4E1B: A6BA LDX $BA C0/4E1D: 222364C0 JSR $C06423 C0/4E21: A6BD LDX $BD C0/4E23: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/4E27: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/4E28: AB PLB C0/4E29: 2B PLD C0/4E2A: 6B RTL [Starting Weapons Pointer Table] C0/4E2B: BD57 C157 C557

[Clears out an enemy? What is being loaded into X for this?] C0/4E31: DA EOR [$DA],Y C0/4E32: C220 REP #$20 C0/4E34: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/4E37: A00900 LDY #$0009 C0/4E3A: - 9D70E1 STA $E170,X C0/4E3D: 9D82E1 STA $E182,X [Store 0 into enemy hp] C0/4E40: 9D94E1 STA $E194,X C0/4E43: 9DA6E1 STA $E1A6,X [Store 0 into ??XX 1] C0/4E46: 9DB8E1 STA $E1B8,X C0/4E49: 9DCAE1 STA $E1CA,X [Store 0 into enemy death style] C0/4E4C: 9DDCE1 STA $E1DC,X C0/4E4F: 9DEEE1 STA $E1EE,X C0/4E52: E8 INX C0/4E53: E8 INX C0/4E54: 88 DEY C0/4E55: D0E3 - BNE $4E3A C0/4E57: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4E59: FA PLX C0/4E5A: A90F LDA #$0F C0/4E5C: 9DECE1 STA $E1EC,X C0/4E5F: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/4E61: 9DF0E1 STA $E1F0,X C0/4E64: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X C0/4E67: 9DFCE1 STA $E1FC,X C0/4E6A: 60 RTS

C0/4E6B: 206F4E JSR $4E6F C0/4E6E: 6B RTL

C0/4E6F: C220 REP #$20 C0/4E71: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/4E74: 897DC5 BIT #$C57D C0/4E77: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4E79: D02D BNE $4EA8 C0/4E7B: BDE5E1 LDA $E1E5,X C0/4E7E: 3001 BMI $4E81 C0/4E80: 60 RTS

C0/4E81: BD75E1 LDA $E175,X C0/4E84: D022 BNE $4EA8 C0/4E86: 20A038 JSR $38A0 C0/4E89: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/4E8D: A903 LDA #$03 C0/4E8F: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/4E93: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4E96: 8981 BIT #$81 C0/4E98: D004 BNE $4E9E C0/4E9A: A90C LDA #$0C C0/4E9C: 8002 BRA $4EA0 C0/4E9E: A911 LDA #$11 C0/4EA0: 18 CLC C0/4EA1: 6F174200 ADC $004217 C0/4EA5: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X C0/4EA8: 60 RTS

[Arrival from mob HP being equal to zero] C0/4EA9: - E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4EAB: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/4EAD: 1A INC A C0/4EAE: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X C0/4EB1: A902 LDA #$02 C0/4EB3: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X C0/4EB6: A920 LDA #$20 C0/4EB8: 9DB4E1 STA $E1B4,X C0/4EBB: 60 RTS

[Handles mob death?] C0/4EBC: C220 REP #$20 C0/4EBE: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/4EC1: 8978C5 BIT #$C578 C0/4EC4: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4EC6: D055 BNE $4F1D C0/4EC8: A901 LDA #$01 C0/4ECA: 85AC STA $AC C0/4ECC: A90D LDA #$0D C0/4ECE: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4ED0: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4ED3: 8981 BIT #$81 C0/4ED5: D004 BNE $4EDB C0/4ED7: A908 LDA #$08 C0/4ED9: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4EDB: C220 REP #$20 C0/4EDD: BD82E1 LDA $E182,X [7ee782, x = 600] C0/4EE0: F0C7 - BEQ $4EA9 [Branch equal to zero] C0/4EE2: BD84E1 LDA $E184,X [7ee784, x = 600] {This section determined by Goriya to be related to knockdown} C0/4EE5: 4A LSR A C0/4EE6: 4A LSR A C0/4EE7: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/4EE9: C589 CMP $89 C0/4EEB: B004 + BCS $4EF1 C0/4EED: E6A4 INC $A4 C0/4EEF: 06AC ASL $AC C0/4EF1: + A589 LDA $89 C0/4EF3: 4A LSR A C0/4EF4: 4A LSR A C0/4EF5: 4A LSR A C0/4EF6: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4EF8: C906 CMP #$06 C0/4EFA: B002 BCS $4EFE C0/4EFC: A906 LDA #$06 C0/4EFE: 85AA STA $AA C0/4F00: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/4F02: 206E4F JSR $4F6E C0/4F05: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/4F08: 29FC AND #$FC C0/4F0A: 05AC ORA $AC C0/4F0C: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X C0/4F0F: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4F12: 1004 BPL $4F18 C0/4F14: A901 LDA #$01 C0/4F16: 8002 BRA $4F1A C0/4F18: A5AA LDA $AA C0/4F1A: 9DB4E1 STA $E1B4,X C0/4F1D: 60 RTS

C0/4F1E: C220 REP #$20 C0/4F20: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/4F23: 8978C5 BIT #$C578 C0/4F26: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4F28: D024 BNE $4F4E C0/4F2A: A908 LDA #$08 C0/4F2C: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4F2E: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4F31: 8981 BIT #$81 C0/4F33: F004 BEQ $4F39 C0/4F35: A90D LDA #$0D C0/4F37: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4F39: BD87E1 LDA $E187,X C0/4F3C: 4A LSR A C0/4F3D: 4A LSR A C0/4F3E: C589 CMP $89 C0/4F40: B002 BCS $4F44 C0/4F42: E6A4 INC $A4 C0/4F44: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/4F46: 206E4F JSR $4F6E C0/4F49: A903 LDA #$03 C0/4F4B: 9DB4E1 STA $E1B4,X C0/4F4E: 60 RTS

C0/4F4F: C220 REP #$20 C0/4F51: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/4F54: 8978C5 BIT #$C578 C0/4F57: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4F59: D00C BNE $4F67 C0/4F5B: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4F5E: 8981 BIT #$81 C0/4F60: D006 BNE $4F68 C0/4F62: A912 LDA #$12 C0/4F64: 206E4F JSR $4F6E C0/4F67: 60 RTS

C0/4F68: A92B LDA #$2B C0/4F6A: 206E4F JSR $4F6E C0/4F6D: 60 RTS

C0/4F6E: 48 PHA C0/4F6F: BD75E1 LDA $E175,X C0/4F72: F002 BEQ $4F76 C0/4F74: 68 PLA C0/4F75: 60 RTS

C0/4F76: 68 PLA C0/4F77: 9DE5E1 STA $E1E5,X C0/4F7A: 60 RTS

C0/4F7B: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X [Element in RAM (not in the table) before Type/Element] C0/4F7E: 8904 BIT #$04 [Test #$04 against 00/01/03? Huh.] C0/4F80: D00A BNE $4F8C [Branch ahead if zero flag isn't set] C0/4F82: BC82E1 LDY $E182,X [Load current hp into Y] C0/4F85: F005 BEQ $4F8C [Branch ahead if equal to 0] C0/4F87: BD59E0 LDA $E059,X C0/4F8A: D004 BNE $4F90 C0/4F8C: 9E59E0 STZ $E059,X C0/4F8F: 6B RTL

C0/4F90: 8592 STA $92 C0/4F92: 9E59E0 STZ $E059,X C0/4F95: 20ED4F JSR $4FED [Jump to Evade/Defense Handler] C0/4F98: A902 LDA #$02 C0/4F9A: 8593 STA $93 C0/4F9C: 6483 STZ $83 C0/4F9E: 4692 LSR $92 C0/4FA0: B007 BCS $4FA9 C0/4FA2: C693 DEC $93 C0/4FA4: 10F8 BPL $4F9E C0/4FA6: 4CE84F JMP $4FE8 C0/4FA9: A905 LDA #$05 C0/4FAB: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4FAD: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/4FB0: 3004 BMI $4FB6 C0/4FB2: A902 LDA #$02 C0/4FB4: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/4FB6: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/4FB8: 38 SEC C0/4FB9: E593 SBC $93 C0/4FBB: 8582 STA $82 C0/4FBD: 0A ASL A C0/4FBE: 8584 STA $84 C0/4FC0: A483 LDY $83 C0/4FC2: C220 REP #$20 C0/4FC4: B982E1 LDA $E182,Y [Enemy HP] C0/4FC7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/4FC9: F019 BEQ $4FE4 C0/4FCB: 205B50 JSR $505B C0/4FCE: 9010 BCC $4FE0 C0/4FD0: A582 LDA $82 C0/4FD2: 9DF0E1 STA $E1F0,X C0/4FD5: 20CA50 JSR $50CA C0/4FD8: 204B51 JSR $514B C0/4FDB: 201951 JSR $5119 C0/4FDE: 8004 BRA $4FE4 C0/4FE0: 226B4EC0 JSR $C04E6B C0/4FE4: C693 DEC $93 C0/4FE6: 10B6 BPL $4F9E C0/4FE8: 2201E3C8 JSR $C8E301 C0/4FEC: 6B RTL

[Evade/Defense handler] C0/4FED: BDA4E1 LDA $E1A4,X [Load Evade] C0/4FF0: 858E STA $8E [Store into TempEvade] C0/4FF2: 4A LSR A [Divide it by 2] C0/4FF3: 4A LSR A [Again, by 2] C0/4FF4: 85A6 STA $A6 [Store into TempEvade/4] C0/4FF6: BDB0E1 LDA $E1B0,X [Load stat buff flags] C0/4FF9: 8904 BIT #$04 [Check for Speed Up(Evade)] C0/4FFB: F009 + BEQ $5006 [Branch past evade addition if not present] C0/4FFD: A58E LDA $8E [Load TempEvade] C0/4FFF: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/5000: 65A6 ADC $A6 [Add TempEvade/4] C0/5002: 858E STA $8E [Store back into TempEvade] C0/5004: 800B ++ BRA $5011 [Branch past Tangle crap] C0/5006: + 8908 BIT #$08 [Check for Tangle] C0/5008: F007 ++ BEQ $5011 [Lower Evade if it's present, otherwise skip ahead] C0/500A: A58E LDA $8E [Load TempEvade] C0/500C: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/500D: E5A6 SBC $A6 [Subtract TempEvade/4] C0/500F: 858E STA $8E [Store back into TempEvade] C0/5011: ++ A963 LDA #$63 [Load 99] C0/5013: C58E CMP $8E [Compare it with TempEvade] C0/5015: B002 + BCS $5019 [If > (also equal to?) 99, branch ahead rather than just storing it] C0/5017: 858E STA $8E [Store it in TempDef otherwise] C0/5019: + C220 REP #$20 [8-bit emulation mode disabled] C0/501B: BDA5E1 LDA $E1A5,X [Load Defense] C0/501E: 8587 STA $87 [Store into TempDef] C0/5020: 4A LSR A [Divide it by 2] C0/5021: 4A LSR A [Again, by 2] C0/5022: 85AE STA $AE [Store into TempDef/4] C0/5024: BDB0E1 LDA $E1B0,X [Load stat buff flags] C0/5027: 890100 BIT #$0001 [Check for Defender] C0/502A: F009 + BEQ $5035 [Branch past defense addition if not present] C0/502C: A587 LDA $87 [Load TempDef] C0/502E: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/502F: 65AE ADC $AE [Add TempDef/4] C0/5031: 8587 STA $87 [Store back into TempDef] C0/5033: 800C ++ BRA $5041 [Branch past Acid Storm crap] C0/5035: + 890200 BIT #$0002 [Check for Acid Storm] C0/5038: F007 ++ BEQ $5041 [Branch ahead if not present] C0/503A: A587 LDA $87 [Load TempDef] C0/503C: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/503D: E5AE SBC $AE [Subtract TempDef/4] C0/503F: 8587 STA $87 [Store back into TempDef] C0/5041: ++ BD91E1 LDA $E191,X [Load Status Effects high byte] C0/5044: 890200 BIT #$0002 [Check for Pygmized] C0/5047: F006 + BEQ $504F [Branch ahead if it's not present] C0/5049: A587 LDA $87 [Load TempDef] C0/504B: 4A LSR A [Divide it by 2] C0/504C: 4A LSR A [Again, by 2] C0/504D: 8587 STA $87 [Store it back into TempDef] C0/504F: + A9E703 LDA #$03E7 [Load #$03E7 (999)] C0/5052: C587 CMP $87 [Compare 999 with TempDef] C0/5054: B002 BCS $5058 [Branch ahead if 999 > TempDef] C0/5056: 8587 STA $87 [Else, store 999 into TempDef] C0/5058: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/505A: 60 RTS [Exit Subroutine]

[Hit % chance handler] C0/505B: B997E1 LDA $E197,Y [Load Hit %] C0/505E: 858D STA $8D [Store into TempHit%] C0/5060: B990E1 LDA $E190,Y [Load Status Effects] C0/5063: 8904 BIT #$04 [Check for #$04 (Barreled)] {What is the point of this?} C0/5065: F00F + BEQ $5076 [Branch ahead if it's not present] C0/5067: A58D LDA $8D [Load TempHit%] C0/5069: 4A LSR A [Divide by 2] C0/506A: 4A LSR A [Again, by 2] C0/506B: 4A LSR A [And again, by 2] C0/506C: 4A LSR A [And yet again, by 2] C0/506D: 85A4 STA $A4 [Store into TempHit%/8] C0/506F: A58D LDA $8D [Load TempHit%] C0/5071: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/5072: E5A4 SBC $A4 [Subtract TempHit%/8] C0/5074: 858D STA $8D [Store into TempHit%] C0/5076: + 4A LSR A [Divide by 2] C0/5077: 4A LSR A [Again, by 2] C0/5078: 85A6 STA $A6 [Store into TempHit%/4] C0/507A: B9B0E1 LDA $E1B0,Y [Load stat buff flags] C0/507D: 8910 BIT #$10 [Check for #$10 (Speed Up(Hit %))] C0/507F: F009 + BEQ $508A [Branch ahead if it's not present] C0/5081: A58D LDA $8D [Load TempHit%] C0/5083: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/5084: 65A6 ADC $A6 [Add TempHit%/4] C0/5086: 858D STA $8D [Store back into TempHit%] C0/5088: 800B ++ BRA $5095 [Branch ahead C0/508A: + 8920 BIT #$20 [Check for #$20 (?)] C0/508C: F007 ++ BEQ $5095 [Branch ahead if it's not present] C0/508E: A58D LDA $8D [Load TempHit%] C0/5090: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/5091: E5A6 SBC $A6 [Subtract TempHit%/4] C0/5093: 858D STA $8D [Store back into TempHit%] C0/5095: + A963 LDA #$63 [Load #$63 (99)] C0/5097: C58D CMP $8D [Compare with TempHit%] C0/5099: B002 + BCS $509D [Branch ahead if 99% > TempHit%] C0/509B: 858D STA $8D [Else, store 99 into TempHit%] C0/509D: + B9EDE1 LDA $E1ED,Y [Load...Niceness in enemies. Huh] C0/50A0: F005 + BEQ $50A7 [Branch ahead if it's 0] C0/50A2: A58D LDA $8D [Load TempHit%] C0/50A4: 4A LSR A [Divide it by 2] C0/50A5: 858D STA $8D [Store it back into TempHit%] C0/50A7: + 229C38C0 JSR $C0389C [] C0/50AB: 8F024200 STA $004202 [] C0/50AF: A58E LDA $8E C0/50B1: 4A LSR A C0/50B2: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/50B6: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/50B8: EA NOP C0/50B9: EA NOP C0/50BA: EA NOP C0/50BB: EA NOP C0/50BC: AF174200 LDA $004217 C0/50C0: 18 CLC C0/50C1: 65A4 ADC $A4 C0/50C3: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/50C5: A58D LDA $8D C0/50C7: C5A4 CMP $A4 C0/50C9: 60 RTS

C0/50CA: C220 REP #$20 C0/50CC: BD94E1 LDA $E194,X [Compares this with...] C0/50CF: 3CA2E1 BIT $E1A2,X [...this, eh?] C0/50D2: F008 BEQ $50DC C0/50D4: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/50D6: A901 LDA #$01 C0/50D8: 858F STA $8F C0/50DA: 8013 BRA $50EF C0/50DC: 3CA0E1 BIT $E1A0,X C0/50DF: F008 BEQ $50E9 C0/50E1: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/50E3: A904 LDA #$04 C0/50E5: 858F STA $8F C0/50E7: 8006 BRA $50EF C0/50E9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/50EB: A902 LDA #$02 C0/50ED: 858F STA $8F C0/50EF: B99DE1 LDA $E19D,Y C0/50F2: F024 BEQ $5118 C0/50F4: 3A DEC A C0/50F5: 999DE1 STA $E19D,Y C0/50F8: F001 BEQ $50FB C0/50FA: 60 RTS

C0/50FB: B9AEE1 LDA $E1AE,Y C0/50FE: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/5100: 99AEE1 STA $E1AE,Y C0/5103: 5A PHY C0/5104: DA PHX C0/5105: BB TYX C0/5106: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/510A: 22B958C0 JSR $C058B9 C0/510E: FA PLX C0/510F: 7A PLY C0/5110: B9FAE1 LDA $E1FA,Y C0/5113: 0904 ORA #$04 C0/5115: 99FAE1 STA $E1FA,Y C0/5118: 60 RTS

C0/5119: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/511C: 8910 BIT #$10 C0/511E: F005 BEQ $5125 C0/5120: 29EF AND #$EF C0/5122: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X C0/5125: C220 REP #$20 C0/5127: B999E1 LDA $E199,Y C0/512A: 3CAAE1 BIT $E1AA,X C0/512D: D019 BNE $5148 C0/512F: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5131: A964 LDA #$64 C0/5133: 228438C0 JSR $C03884 C0/5137: D9F7E1 CMP $E1F7,Y C0/513A: B00C BCS $5148 C0/513C: C220 REP #$20 C0/513E: BDF1E1 LDA $E1F1,X C0/5141: F005 BEQ $5148 C0/5143: B999E1 LDA $E199,Y C0/5146: 859A STA $9A C0/5148: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/514A: 60 RTS

C0/514B: BDBFE1 LDA $E1BF,X C0/514E: 8590 STA $90 C0/5150: A582 LDA $82 C0/5152: 9DECE1 STA $E1EC,X C0/5155: C220 REP #$20 C0/5157: A587 LDA $87 C0/5159: 8594 STA $94 C0/515B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/515D: 20E751 JSR $51E7 [...eugh] C0/5160: 20E752 JSR $52E7 C0/5163: 202C53 JSR $532C C0/5166: 201B54 JSR $541B C0/5169: C220 REP #$20 C0/516B: A589 LDA $89 C0/516D: 38 SEC C0/516E: E594 SBC $94 C0/5170: F002 BEQ $5174 C0/5172: 1026 BPL $519A [Branch to Handle Melee Damage?] C0/5174: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5176: 226B4EC0 JSR $C04E6B C0/517A: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/517D: 1001 BPL $5180 C0/517F: 60 RTS

C0/5180: C220 REP #$20 C0/5182: BDF1E1 LDA $E1F1,X [ReceivedDamage] C0/5185: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5187: D010 + BNE $5199 [Branch ahead if not equal to 0] C0/5189: BD75E1 LDA $E175,X C0/518C: D00B + BNE $5199 C0/518E: 9E7BE1 STZ $E17B,X C0/5191: 9E7CE1 STZ $E17C,X C0/5194: A9D0 LDA #$D0 C0/5196: 9D75E1 STA $E175,X C0/5199: + 60 RTS

[Normal Attack Damage? With stuff for Moon Saber.] {Note: Acid Breath goes through this} C0/519A: 8589 STA $89 C0/519C: B995E1 LDA $E195,Y [Load user's Saber Spell] C0/519F: 894000 BIT #$0040 [] C0/51A2: F037 BEQ $51DB C0/51A4: BD92E1 LDA $E192,X C0/51A7: 892000 BIT #$0020 C0/51AA: D014 + BNE $51C0 C0/51AC: A589 LDA $89 C0/51AE: 18 CLC C0/51AF: 7DF1E1 ADC $E1F1,X [Add ReceivedDamage] C0/51B2: 9DF1E1 STA $E1F1,X [Store back into ReceivedDamage] C0/51B5: A589 LDA $89 C0/51B7: 18 CLC C0/51B8: 79F3E1 ADC $E1F3,Y C0/51BB: 99F3E1 STA $E1F3,Y C0/51BE: 8024 BRA $51E4 {} C0/51C0: + A589 LDA $89 C0/51C2: 18 CLC C0/51C3: 79F1E1 ADC $E1F1,Y C0/51C6: 99F1E1 STA $E1F1,Y C0/51C9: A589 LDA $89 C0/51CB: 18 CLC C0/51CC: 7DF3E1 ADC $E1F3,X C0/51CF: 9DF3E1 STA $E1F3,X C0/51D2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/51D4: A582 LDA $82 C0/51D6: 99ECE1 STA $E1EC,Y C0/51D9: 8009 BRA $51E4 {} C0/51DB: A589 LDA $89 C0/51DD: 18 CLC C0/51DE: 7DF1E1 ADC $E1F1,X C0/51E1: 9DF1E1 STA $E1F1,X C0/51E4: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/51E6: 60 RTS

[Executed on each hit, eh?] C0/51E7: A582 LDA $82 C0/51E9: D00C BNE $51F7 C0/51EB: AD76CC LDA $CC76 C0/51EE: F007 BEQ $51F7 C0/51F0: 18 CLC C0/51F1: 799BE1 ADC $E19B,Y C0/51F4: 999BE1 STA $E19B,Y C0/51F7: B998E1 LDA $E198,Y C0/51FA: 85D4 STA $D4 C0/51FC: 64D5 STZ $D5 C0/51FE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5200: B99BE1 LDA $E19B,Y C0/5203: 0A ASL A C0/5204: 859D STA $9D C0/5206: 18 CLC C0/5207: 6904 ADC #$04 C0/5209: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/520B: 20B654 JSR $54B6 C0/520E: C220 REP #$20 C0/5210: A5CC LDA $CC C0/5212: 4A LSR A C0/5213: 4A LSR A C0/5214: 8589 STA $89 C0/5216: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/521A: 4A LSR A C0/521B: 4A LSR A C0/521C: 85AE STA $AE C0/521E: B9B0E1 LDA $E1B0,Y C0/5221: 898000 BIT #$0080 [What is this?] C0/5224: F009 BEQ $522F C0/5226: A589 LDA $89 C0/5228: 38 SEC C0/5229: E5AE SBC $AE C0/522B: 8589 STA $89 C0/522D: 800C BRA $523B C0/522F: 894000 BIT #$0040 C0/5232: F007 BEQ $523B C0/5234: A589 LDA $89 C0/5236: 18 CLC C0/5237: 65AE ADC $AE C0/5239: 8589 STA $89 C0/523B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/523D: B9AEE1 LDA $E1AE,Y C0/5240: 290F AND #$0F C0/5242: F01D BEQ $5261 C0/5244: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/5246: A90A LDA #$0A C0/5248: 38 SEC C0/5249: E5A4 SBC $A4 C0/524B: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/524F: EA NOP C0/5250: EA NOP C0/5251: EA NOP C0/5252: EA NOP C0/5253: EA NOP C0/5254: EA NOP C0/5255: EA NOP C0/5256: C220 REP #$20 C0/5258: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/525C: 18 CLC C0/525D: 6589 ADC $89 C0/525F: 8589 STA $89 C0/5261: C220 REP #$20 C0/5263: A58F LDA $8F C0/5265: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/5268: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/526A: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/526D: 18 CLC C0/526E: 6589 ADC $89 C0/5270: C6A4 DEC $A4 C0/5272: D0F9 BNE $526D C0/5274: 4A LSR A C0/5275: C9E703 CMP #$03E7 [Compare with #$03E7] {999} C0/5278: 9003 BCC $527D C0/527A: A9E703 LDA #$03E7 C0/527D: 8589 STA $89 C0/527F: B991E1 LDA $E191,Y [Checks type and...the byte before it, eh?] C0/5282: 890200 BIT #$0002 [...checking #%00000011, eh?] C0/5285: F005 + BEQ $528C C0/5287: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/528A: 8589 STA $89 C0/528C: + E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/528E: A965 LDA #$65 C0/5290: 228438C0 JSR $C03884 C0/5294: C58D CMP $8D C0/5296: B02D BCS $52C5 C0/5298: B9E6E1 LDA $E1E6,Y C0/529B: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/529F: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/52A3: EA NOP C0/52A4: EA NOP C0/52A5: EA NOP C0/52A6: C220 REP #$20 C0/52A8: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/52AC: 18 CLC C0/52AD: 6589 ADC $89 C0/52AF: 8589 STA $89 C0/52B1: 4A LSR A C0/52B2: 4A LSR A C0/52B3: 4A LSR A C0/52B4: 4A LSR A C0/52B5: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/52B7: 228438C0 JSR $C03884 C0/52BB: C220 REP #$20 C0/52BD: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/52C0: 18 CLC C0/52C1: 6589 ADC $89 C0/52C3: 8013 BRA $52D8 C0/52C5: A58D LDA $8D C0/52C7: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/52C9: C220 REP #$20 C0/52CB: A589 LDA $89 C0/52CD: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/52CF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/52D1: 203B54 JSR $543B C0/52D4: C220 REP #$20 C0/52D6: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/52D8: C9E703 CMP #$03E7 C0/52DB: 9003 BCC $52E0 C0/52DD: A9E703 LDA #$03E7 C0/52E0: 8589 STA $89 C0/52E2: 8596 STA $96 C0/52E4: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/52E6: 60 RTS

C0/52E7: A964 LDA #$64 [Load 100 into accumulator] C0/52E9: 228438C0 JSR $C03884 C0/52ED: C58E CMP $8E C0/52EF: C220 REP #$20 C0/52F1: B016 BCS $5309 C0/52F3: A594 LDA $94 C0/52F5: 4A LSR A C0/52F6: 4A LSR A C0/52F7: 4A LSR A C0/52F8: 4A LSR A C0/52F9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/52FB: 228438C0 JSR $C03884 C0/52FF: C220 REP #$20 C0/5301: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/5304: 18 CLC C0/5305: 6594 ADC $94 C0/5307: 8016 BRA $531F C0/5309: A594 LDA $94 C0/530B: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/530D: 4A LSR A C0/530E: 4A LSR A C0/530F: 18 CLC C0/5310: 65A8 ADC $A8 C0/5312: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5314: A58E LDA $8E C0/5316: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/5318: 203B54 JSR $543B C0/531B: C220 REP #$20 C0/531D: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/531F: C9E703 CMP #$03E7 C0/5322: 9003 BCC $5327 C0/5324: A9E703 LDA #$03E7 C0/5327: 8594 STA $94 C0/5329: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/532B: 60 RTS

C0/532C: B9AEE1 LDA $E1AE,Y C0/532F: 89F0 BIT #$F0 C0/5331: D037 + BNE $536A C0/5333: B9EDE1 LDA $E1ED,Y [Load Attack Bar %/Niceness] C0/5336: D049 BNE $5381 C0/5338: B996E1 LDA $E196,Y [Attack Power?] C0/533B: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/533D: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X [Load Status Effects High Byte] C0/5340: 8910 BIT #$10 [Check for Unconscious] C0/5342: F002 BEQ $5346 C0/5344: 06A4 ASL $A4 C0/5346: B9FBE1 LDA $E1FB,Y C0/5349: 1016 BPL $5361 C0/534B: A582 LDA $82 C0/534D: C901 CMP #$01 C0/534F: D009 BNE $535A C0/5351: A5A4 LDA $A4 [Load TempAttackPower] C0/5353: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/5354: 690A ADC #$0A C0/5356: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/5358: 8007 BRA $5361 C0/535A: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/535C: 18 CLC C0/535D: 6905 ADC #$05 C0/535F: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/5361: 229C38C0 JSR $C0389C C0/5365: C5A4 CMP $A4 C0/5367: 9009 BCC $5372 C0/5369: 60 RTS

C0/536A: + 38 SEC C0/536B: E910 SBC #$10 C0/536D: 99AEE1 STA $E1AE,Y C0/5370: 8000 BRA $5372 C0/5372: 229059C0 JSR $C05990 C0/5376: A685 LDX $85 C0/5378: A483 LDY $83 C0/537A: C220 REP #$20 C0/537C: 0689 ASL $89 C0/537E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5380: 60 RTS

C0/5381: C220 REP #$20 C0/5383: 4689 LSR $89 C0/5385: 64CC STZ $CC C0/5387: 64D8 STZ $D8 C0/5389: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/538B: 64CE STZ $CE C0/538D: 64DA STZ $DA C0/538F: B989E1 LDA $E189,Y C0/5392: 85AC STA $AC C0/5394: A963 LDA #$63 C0/5396: 38 SEC C0/5397: E5AC SBC $AC C0/5399: 4A LSR A C0/539A: 18 CLC C0/539B: 6950 ADC #$50 C0/539D: 85AC STA $AC C0/539F: B9EDE1 LDA $E1ED,Y C0/53A2: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/53A4: A5AC LDA $AC C0/53A6: 38 SEC C0/53A7: E5A8 SBC $A8 C0/53A9: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/53AD: A589 LDA $89 C0/53AF: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/53B3: EA NOP C0/53B4: EA NOP C0/53B5: EA NOP C0/53B6: C220 REP #$20 C0/53B8: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/53BC: 85CC STA $CC C0/53BE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/53C0: A58A LDA $8A C0/53C2: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/53C6: EA NOP C0/53C7: EA NOP C0/53C8: EA NOP C0/53C9: C220 REP #$20 C0/53CB: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/53CF: 18 CLC C0/53D0: 65CD ADC $CD C0/53D2: 85CD STA $CD C0/53D4: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/53D8: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/53DA: A5AC LDA $AC C0/53DC: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/53E0: EA NOP C0/53E1: EA NOP C0/53E2: EA NOP C0/53E3: EA NOP C0/53E4: EA NOP C0/53E5: EA NOP C0/53E6: EA NOP C0/53E7: C220 REP #$20 C0/53E9: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/53ED: 85D9 STA $D9 C0/53EF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/53F1: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/53F5: EB XBA C0/53F6: A5CC LDA $CC C0/53F8: C220 REP #$20 C0/53FA: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/53FE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5400: A5AC LDA $AC C0/5402: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/5406: EA NOP C0/5407: EA NOP C0/5408: EA NOP C0/5409: EA NOP C0/540A: EA NOP C0/540B: EA NOP C0/540C: EA NOP C0/540D: C220 REP #$20 C0/540F: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/5413: 18 CLC C0/5414: 65D8 ADC $D8 C0/5416: 8589 STA $89 C0/5418: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/541A: 60 RTS

C0/541B: BDB1E1 LDA $E1B1,X C0/541E: 8910 BIT #$10 C0/5420: F014 BEQ $5436 C0/5422: C220 REP #$20 C0/5424: A590 LDA $90 C0/5426: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/5429: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/542B: A589 LDA $89 C0/542D: 38 SEC C0/542E: E5A4 SBC $A4 C0/5430: 8589 STA $89 C0/5432: 6494 STZ $94 C0/5434: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5436: 60 RTS

C0/5437: 203B54 JSR $543B C0/543A: 6B RTL

C0/543B: 64CE STZ $CE C0/543D: A5A6 LDA $A6 C0/543F: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/5443: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/5445: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/5449: EA NOP C0/544A: EA NOP C0/544B: EA NOP C0/544C: C220 REP #$20 C0/544E: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/5452: 85CC STA $CC C0/5454: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5456: A5A9 LDA $A9 C0/5458: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/545C: EA NOP C0/545D: EA NOP C0/545E: EA NOP C0/545F: C220 REP #$20 C0/5461: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/5465: 18 CLC C0/5466: 65CD ADC $CD C0/5468: 85CD STA $CD C0/546A: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/546E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5470: A964 LDA #$64 C0/5472: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/5476: 64D0 STZ $D0 C0/5478: EA NOP C0/5479: EA NOP C0/547A: EA NOP C0/547B: EA NOP C0/547C: EA NOP C0/547D: EA NOP C0/547E: C220 REP #$20 C0/5480: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/5484: 85D1 STA $D1 C0/5486: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5488: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/548C: EB XBA C0/548D: A5CC LDA $CC C0/548F: C220 REP #$20 C0/5491: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/5495: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5497: A964 LDA #$64 C0/5499: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/549D: EA NOP C0/549E: EA NOP C0/549F: EA NOP C0/54A0: EA NOP C0/54A1: EA NOP C0/54A2: EA NOP C0/54A3: EA NOP C0/54A4: C220 REP #$20 C0/54A6: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/54AA: 18 CLC C0/54AB: 65D0 ADC $D0 C0/54AD: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/54AF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/54B1: 60 RTS

C0/54B2: 20B654 JSR $54B6 C0/54B5: 6B RTL

C0/54B6: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/54B8: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/54BC: A5D4 LDA $D4 C0/54BE: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/54C2: C220 REP #$20 C0/54C4: 64CD STZ $CD C0/54C6: EA NOP C0/54C7: EA NOP C0/54C8: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/54CC: 85CC STA $CC C0/54CE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/54D0: A5D5 LDA $D5 C0/54D2: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/54D6: C220 REP #$20 C0/54D8: EA NOP C0/54D9: EA NOP C0/54DA: EA NOP C0/54DB: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/54DF: 18 CLC C0/54E0: 65CD ADC $CD C0/54E2: 85CD STA $CD C0/54E4: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/54E6: 60 RTS

[Reads table at D04150] C0/54E7: 0B PHD C0/54E8: 8B PHB C0/54E9: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/54EA: C230 REP #$30 C0/54EC: 48 PHA C0/54ED: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/54F0: 5B TCD C0/54F1: 68 PLA C0/54F2: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/54F5: 85AC STA $AC C0/54F7: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/54F9: A97E LDA #$7E C0/54FB: 48 PHA C0/54FC: AB PLB C0/54FD: A910 LDA #$10 C0/54FF: 9DF8E1 STA $E1F8,X C0/5502: A580 LDA $80 C0/5504: 0940 ORA #$40 C0/5506: 8580 STA $80 C0/5508: A5AC LDA $AC C0/550A: 0A ASL A C0/550B: 9B TXY C0/550C: 9EF1E1 STZ $E1F1,X [0 out ReceivedDamage {Low Byte}] C0/550F: 9EF2E1 STZ $E1F2,X [0 out ReceivedDamage {High Byte}] C0/5512: 9E59E0 STZ $E059,X C0/5515: AA TAX C0/5516: 0A ASL A C0/5517: 0A ASL A C0/5518: 0A ASL A C0/5519: 7C1C55 JMP ($551C,X)

C0/551C: 3655 [00: Candy?] C0/551E: 3655 [01: Chocolate?] C0/5520: 5055 [02: Royal Jam?] C0/5522: 5A55 [03: Faerie Walnut] C0/5524: 7355 [04: Medical Herb] C0/5526: 9355 [05: Cup of Wishes] C0/5528: 4C55 [06: Magic Rope] C0/552A: 4C55 [07: Flammie Drum] C0/552C: B255 [08: Moogle Belt] C0/552E: CA55 [09: Midge Mallet] C0/5530: E155 [0A: Barrel] C0/5532: 4C55 [0B: ?] C0/5534: 4C55 [0C: Unknown]

[00: Candy] [01: Chocolate] C0/5536: AA C0/5537: C220 REP #$20 C0/5539: B982E1 LDA $E182,Y [Load Character HP] C0/553C: F00E BEQ $554C C0/553E: BF5241D0 LDA $D04152,X [Status effect table?] C0/5542: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/5545: 18 CLC C0/5546: 79F3E1 ADC $E1F3,Y C0/5549: 99F3E1 STA $E1F3,Y C0/554C: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/554D: AB PLB C0/554E: 2B PLD C0/554F: 6B RTL

[02: Royal Jam] C0/5550: C220 REP #$20 C0/5552: B984E1 LDA $E184,Y [Enemy Max HP] C0/5555: 99F3E1 STA $E1F3,Y C0/5558: 80F2 BRA $554C

[03: Faerie Walnut] C0/555A: C220 REP #$20 C0/555C: AA TAX C0/555D: B982E1 LDA $E182,Y [Enemy HP] C0/5560: F0EA BEQ $554C [HP is zero, so don't bother handling this crap] C0/5562: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5564: BF5241D0 LDA $D04152,X [Third element in table, though the first and second are always 00] C0/5568: 29FF AND #$FF C0/556A: 18 CLC C0/556B: 79F6E1 ADC $E1F6,Y C0/556E: 99F6E1 STA $E1F6,Y C0/5571: 80D9 BRA $554C [Exit Sub]

[04: Medical Herb] C0/5573: A901 LDA #$01 C0/5575: 99B2E1 STA $E1B2,Y C0/5578: 99B3E1 STA $E1B3,Y C0/557B: 99B4E1 STA $E1B4,Y C0/557E: 99B5E1 STA $E1B5,Y C0/5581: 99B6E1 STA $E1B6,Y C0/5584: A900 LDA #$00 C0/5586: 9990E1 STA $E190,Y C0/5589: B991E1 LDA $E191,Y C0/558C: 2980 AND #$80 C0/558E: 9991E1 STA $E191,Y C0/5591: 80B9 BRA $554C [Exit Sub]

[05: Cup of Wishes] C0/5593: B991E1 LDA $E191,Y C0/5596: 297F AND #$7F C0/5598: 9991E1 STA $E191,Y C0/559B: C220 REP #$20 C0/559D: B984E1 LDA $E184,Y C0/55A0: 99F3E1 STA $E1F3,Y C0/55A3: 9982E1 STA $E182,Y C0/55A6: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/55A9: 99F1E1 STA $E1F1,Y [0 out ReceivedDamage] C0/55AC: 99F5E1 STA $E1F5,Y C0/55AF: 4C4C55 JMP $554C [Exit Sub]

[08: Moogle Belt] C0/55B2: A91059 LDA #$5910 C0/55B5: 91E1 STA ($E1),Y C0/55B7: 9991E1 STA $E191,Y C0/55BA: B991E1 LDA $E191,Y C0/55BD: 8910F0 BIT #$F010 C0/55C0: D0A9 BNE $556B C0/55C2: FF99B5E1 SBC $E1B599,X C0/55C6: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/55C7: AB PLB C0/55C8: 2B PLD C0/55C9: 6B RTL

[09: Midge Mallet] C0/55CA: A90259 LDA #$5902 C0/55CD: 91E1 STA ($E1),Y C0/55CF: 9991E1 STA $E191,Y C0/55D2: B991E1 LDA $E191,Y C0/55D5: 8902F0 BIT #$F002 C0/55D8: B8 CLV C0/55D9: A9FF99 LDA #$99FF C0/55DC: B5E1 LDA $E1,X C0/55DE: 4C4C55 JMP $554C

[0A: Barrel] C0/55E1: A90419 LDA #$1904 C0/55E4: 91E1 STA ($E1),Y C0/55E6: 9991E1 STA $E191,Y C0/55E9: 4C4C55 JMP $554C

[Load Monster] C0/55EC: 0B PHD C0/55ED: 8B PHB C0/55EE: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/55EF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/55F1: 48 PHA C0/55F2: C220 REP #$20 C0/55F4: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/55F7: 5B TCD C0/55F8: 8A TXA C0/55F9: 29FF1F AND #$1FFF C0/55FC: A8 TAY C0/55FD: 8483 STY $83 C0/55FF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5601: A97E LDA #$7E C0/5603: 48 PHA C0/5604: AB PLB C0/5605: A683 LDX $83 C0/5607: 68 PLA C0/5608: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/560A: 1003 BPL $560F C0/560C: 4C1957 JMP $5719 C0/560F: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/5613: A91D LDA #$1D C0/5615: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/5619: 20314E JSR $4E31 C0/561C: C220 REP #$20 C0/561E: A483 LDY $83 C0/5620: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/5624: AA TAX C0/5625: BF011CD0 LDA $D01C01,X [Read HP] C0/5629: 9982E1 STA $E182,Y C0/562C: 9984E1 STA $E184,Y C0/562F: BF0E1CD0 LDA $D01C0E,X [Read monster type] C0/5633: 9992E1 STA $E192,Y C0/5636: BF091CD0 LDA $D01C09,X [Read MDef?] C0/563A: 99A5E1 STA $E1A5,Y C0/563D: BF0C1CD0 LDA $D01C0C,X [Read ?? segment 2] C0/5641: 99A8E1 STA $E1A8,Y C0/5644: BF141CD0 LDA $D01C14,X [Read ?? before XX] C0/5648: 99AAE1 STA $E1AA,Y C0/564B: BF171CD0 LDA $D01C17,X [Read weapons] C0/564F: 99E8E1 STA $E1E8,Y C0/5652: BF041CD0 LDA $D01C04,X [Read Attack power and Speed] C0/5656: 9988E1 STA $E188,Y C0/5659: BF061CD0 LDA $D01C06,X [Read Intelligence and Wisdom] C0/565D: 998BE1 STA $E18B,Y C0/5660: BF101CD0 LDA $D01C10,X [Read XP] C0/5664: 998DE1 STA $E18D,Y C0/5667: BF1B1CD0 LDA $D01C1B,X [Read Luc] C0/566B: 99C8E1 STA $E1C8,Y C0/566E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5670: A5B2 LDA $B2 C0/5672: 9980E1 STA $E180,Y C0/5675: 99E7E1 STA $E1E7,Y C0/5678: BF001CD0 LDA $D01C00,X [Read level] C0/567C: 9981E1 STA $E181,Y C0/567F: BF031CD0 LDA $D01C03,X [Read MP] C0/5683: 9986E1 STA $E186,Y C0/5686: 9987E1 STA $E187,Y C0/5689: BF081CD0 LDA $D01C08,X [Read Def?] C0/568D: 99A4E1 STA $E1A4,Y C0/5690: BF0B1CD0 LDA $D01C0B,X [Read...huh. Second of the four bytes in ??] C0/5694: 99A7E1 STA $E1A7,Y C0/5697: BF191CD0 LDA $D01C19,X [Read death style] C0/569B: 99CAE1 STA $E1CA,Y C0/569E: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/56A0: 2901 AND #$01 C0/56A2: 99B1E1 STA $E1B1,Y C0/56A5: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/56A7: 2980 AND #$80 C0/56A9: 4A LSR A C0/56AA: 4A LSR A C0/56AB: 4A LSR A C0/56AC: 4A LSR A C0/56AD: 4A LSR A C0/56AE: 4A LSR A C0/56AF: 19B1E1 ORA $E1B1,Y C0/56B2: 99B1E1 STA $E1B1,Y C0/56B5: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/56B7: 2940 AND #$40 C0/56B9: 4A LSR A C0/56BA: 4A LSR A C0/56BB: 4A LSR A C0/56BC: 4A LSR A C0/56BD: 19B1E1 ORA $E1B1,Y C0/56C0: 99B1E1 STA $E1B1,Y C0/56C3: BF1A1CD0 LDA $D01C1A,X [Read weapon and magic level] C0/56C7: 290F AND #$0F C0/56C9: 99C4E1 STA $E1C4,Y C0/56CC: BF1A1CD0 LDA $D01C1A,X [Do it again] C0/56D0: 4A LSR A C0/56D1: 4A LSR A C0/56D2: 4A LSR A C0/56D3: 4A LSR A C0/56D4: 99C0E1 STA $E1C0,Y C0/56D7: B9E8E1 LDA $E1E8,Y [Load Weapon] C0/56DA: 99E3E1 STA $E1E3,Y C0/56DD: A683 LDX $83 C0/56DF: 227C45C0 JSR $C0457C C0/56E3: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X [Only ever 00 for mobs or 01 for player characters?] C0/56E6: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/56EA: A905 LDA #$05 C0/56EC: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/56F0: EA NOP C0/56F1: EA NOP C0/56F2: EA NOP C0/56F3: C220 REP #$20 C0/56F5: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/56F9: AA TAX C0/56FA: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/56FC: A483 LDY $83 C0/56FE: BF503AD0 LDA $D03A50,X [Read drop chart] C0/5702: 99CEE1 STA $E1CE,Y [Store that shit here] C0/5705: A683 LDX $83 C0/5707: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/570A: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/570C: D004 BNE $5712 C0/570E: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/570F: AB PLB C0/5710: 2B PLD C0/5711: 6B RTL

[Shadow X Loader?] C0/5712: A9D2 LDA #$D2 C0/5714: 9D33E0 STA $E033,X C0/5717: 80F5 BRA $570E C0/5719: 9980E1 STA $E180,Y C0/571C: 99E7E1 STA $E1E7,Y C0/571F: C220 REP #$20 C0/5721: 9E90E1 STZ $E190,X C0/5724: 9EEEE1 STZ $E1EE,X C0/5727: 9E9EE1 STZ $E19E,X C0/572A: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/572C: 9EE3E1 STZ $E1E3,X C0/572F: 9EE9E1 STZ $E1E9,X [0 enemy weapon 2] C0/5732: 9EE8E1 STZ $E1E8,X [0 enemy weapon 1] C0/5735: 9EFBE1 STZ $E1FB,X C0/5738: A907 LDA #$07 C0/573A: 9DFAE1 STA $E1FA,X C0/573D: 223045C0 JSR $C04530 C0/5741: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/5742: AB PLB C0/5743: 2B PLD C0/5744: 6B RTL

C0/5745: 0B PHD C0/5746: 8B PHB C0/5747: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/5748: C230 REP #$30 C0/574A: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/574D: 5B TCD C0/574E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5750: A97E LDA #$7E C0/5752: 48 PHA C0/5753: AB PLB C0/5754: A200CC LDX #$CC00 C0/5757: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/5759: A02400 LDY #$0024 C0/575C: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/575F: E8 INX C0/5760: 88 DEY C0/5761: D0F9 BNE $575C C0/5763: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/5765: A03800 LDY #$0038 C0/5768: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/576B: E8 INX C0/576C: 88 DEY C0/576D: D0F9 BNE $5768 C0/576F: A9FE LDA #$FE C0/5771: 8D2FCC STA $CC2F C0/5774: 8D3BCC STA $CC3B C0/5777: 8D47CC STA $CC47 C0/577A: C220 REP #$20 C0/577C: AFB357C0 LDA $C057B3 C0/5780: 8D6ACC STA $CC6A C0/5783: AFB557C0 LDA $C057B5 C0/5787: 8DFCCF STA $CFFC C0/578A: AFB757C0 LDA $C057B7 C0/578E: 8D73CC STA $CC73 C0/5791: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5793: AFB957C0 LDA $C057B9 C0/5797: 8D75CC STA $CC75 C0/579A: AFBA57C0 LDA $C057BA C0/579E: 8D7ACC STA $CC7A C0/57A1: AFBB57C0 LDA $C057BB C0/57A5: 8D7BCC STA $CC7B C0/57A8: AFBC57C0 LDA $C057BC C0/57AC: 8D7CCC STA $CC7C C0/57AF: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/57B0: AB PLB C0/57B1: 2B PLD C0/57B2: 6B RTL

[] C0/57B3: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/57B5: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/57B7: 0303 ORA $03,S C0/57B9: 030F ORA $0F,S C0/57BB: 0F0F

[Starting Weapons Table (Wait, what, seriously?)] C0/57BD: 00160009 C0/57C1: 00170000 C0/57C5: 00180036 [] C0/57C9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/57CB: A901 LDA #$01 C0/57CD: 8D131D STA $1D13 C0/57D0: 229200C0 JSR $C00092 C0/57D4: 0B PHD C0/57D5: 8B PHB C0/57D6: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/57D7: C230 REP #$30 C0/57D9: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/57DC: 5B TCD C0/57DD: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/57DF: A97E LDA #$7E C0/57E1: 48 PHA C0/57E2: AB PLB C0/57E3: 20A038 JSR $38A0 C0/57E6: A580 LDA $80 C0/57E8: 3010 BMI $57FA C0/57EA: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/57ED: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/57EF: F003 BEQ $57F4 C0/57F1: 4C2858 JMP $5828 C0/57F4: A5A0 LDA $A0 C0/57F6: F006 BEQ $57FE C0/57F8: C6A0 DEC $A0 C0/57FA: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/57FB: AB PLB C0/57FC: 2B PLD C0/57FD: 6B RTL

C0/57FE: A5A2 LDA $A2 C0/5800: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/5804: A91E LDA #$1E C0/5806: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/580A: EA NOP C0/580B: EA NOP C0/580C: EA NOP C0/580D: C220 REP #$20 C0/580F: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/5813: A8 TAY C0/5814: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5816: B900FE LDA $FE00,Y C0/5819: D003 BNE $581E C0/581B: 4CA158 JMP $58A1 C0/581E: AD121D LDA $1D12 C0/5821: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/5823: D007 BNE $582C C0/5825: 20EA5B JSR $5BEA C0/5828: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/5829: AB PLB C0/582A: 2B PLD C0/582B: 6B RTL

C0/582C: E6A2 INC $A2 C0/582E: A5A2 LDA $A2 C0/5830: C90C CMP #$0C C0/5832: D002 BNE $5836 C0/5834: 64A2 STZ $A2 C0/5836: B900FE LDA $FE00,Y C0/5839: 101E BPL $5859 C0/583B: A960 LDA #$60 C0/583D: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5840: A5A3 LDA $A3 C0/5842: F015 BEQ $5859 C0/5844: C220 REP #$20 C0/5846: B910FE LDA $FE10,Y C0/5849: AA TAX C0/584A: B912FE LDA $FE12,Y C0/584D: 3C90E1 BIT $E190,X C0/5850: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5852: D005 BNE $5859 C0/5854: A900 LDA #$00 C0/5856: 9901FE STA $FE01,Y C0/5859: E6A3 INC $A3 C0/585B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/585D: A97E LDA #$7E C0/585F: 8D031D STA $1D03 C0/5862: A269FF LDX #$FF69 C0/5865: 8E011D STX $1D01 C0/5868: 5A PHY C0/5869: A91E LDA #$1E C0/586B: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/586D: B901FE LDA $FE01,Y C0/5870: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/5873: C8 INY C0/5874: E8 INX C0/5875: C6A4 DEC $A4 C0/5877: D0F4 BNE $586D C0/5879: 7A PLY C0/587A: C69F DEC $9F C0/587C: A59F LDA $9F C0/587E: 0A ASL A C0/587F: 0A ASL A C0/5880: 0A ASL A C0/5881: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/5883: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/5887: B900FE LDA $FE00,Y C0/588A: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/588E: EA NOP C0/588F: EA NOP C0/5890: EA NOP C0/5891: EA NOP C0/5892: AF174200 LDA $004217 C0/5896: 85A0 STA $A0 C0/5898: A900 LDA #$00 C0/589A: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/589D: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/589E: AB PLB C0/589F: 2B PLD C0/58A0: 6B RTL

C0/58A1: AD121D LDA $1D12 C0/58A4: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/58A6: F003 BEQ $58AB C0/58A8: 20F85B JSR $5BF8 C0/58AB: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/58AC: AB PLB C0/58AD: 2B PLD C0/58AE: 6B RTL

[What even causes this message?] C0/58AF: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF [Message Processing] C0/58B2: A2E262 LDX #$62E2 [Load Message Index for "R e c o v e r y _ F a i l e d ! ##"] C0/58B5: 202A5C JSR $5C2A [Message Reader] C0/58B8: 6B RTL

[Messaging Master Routine?, not by a longshot.] C0/58B9: DA PHX [Push X] C0/58BA: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF [Message Processing] C0/58BD: 20065C JSR $5C06 [] C0/58C0: A2F362 LDX #$62F3 [Load Message Index for "' s _ m a g i c _ f a d e d . ##"] C0/58C3: 202A5C JSR $5C2A [Message Reader] C0/58C6: FA PLX [Pull X] C0/58C7: 6B RTL

C0/58C8: 48 PHA C0/58C9: 20085D JSR $5D08 C0/58CC: 68 PLA C0/58CD: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/58CF: 64D1 STZ $D1 C0/58D1: 206C5C JSR $5C6C C0/58D4: A29462 LDX #$6294 [Load Message Index for "_ G P _ i n s i d e ! ##"] C0/58D7: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/58DA: 6B RTL

C0/58DB: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/58DE: A955 LDA #$55 C0/58E0: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/58E3: C8 INY C0/58E4: A5A6 LDA $A6 C0/58E6: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/58E9: C8 INY C0/58EA: A2A062 LDX #$62A0 [Load Message Index for "! ##"] C0/58ED: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/58F0: 6B RTL

C0/58F1: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/58F4: A955 LDA #$55 C0/58F6: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/58F9: C8 INY C0/58FA: A5A6 LDA $A6 C0/58FC: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/58FF: C8 INY C0/5900: A2C662 LDX #$62C6 [Load Message Index for "_ w o n ' t _ f i t ! ##"] C0/5903: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5906: 6B RTL

[Enemy Luc? Or trap handling?] C0/5907: 20085D JSR $5D08 C0/590A: A685 LDX $85 C0/590C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/590E: EB XBA C0/590F: BDC8E1 LDA $E1C8,X [Load Enemy Luc into Accumulator] C0/5912: 0A ASL A [ C0/5913: AA TAX C0/5914: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/5916: BFEB5DC0 LDA $C05DEB,X [Load...trap message?] C0/591A: AA TAX C0/591B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/591D: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5920: 6B RTL

C0/5921: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X C0/5924: C983 CMP #$83 C0/5926: 9001 BCC $5929 C0/5928: 6B RTL

C0/5929: 84CC STY $CC C0/592B: A907 LDA #$07 C0/592D: 85AA STA $AA C0/592F: 64AB STZ $AB C0/5931: 18 CLC C0/5932: 26CC ROL $CC C0/5934: B005 BCS $593B C0/5936: C6AA DEC $AA C0/5938: 10F7 BPL $5931 C0/593A: 6B RTL

[Buff/Debuff Message Handling] C0/593B: C220 REP #$20 C0/593D: A5AA LDA $AA C0/593F: 0A ASL A C0/5940: AA TAX C0/5941: BF495EC0 LDA $C05E49,X [Load Buff/Debuff Message Index into Accumulator] C0/5945: 48 PHA C0/5946: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5948: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/594B: 88 DEY C0/594C: B900FE LDA $FE00,Y C0/594F: 4A LSR A C0/5950: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5953: C8 INY C0/5954: A685 LDX $85 C0/5956: 20065C JSR $5C06 C0/5959: FA PLX C0/595A: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/595D: 80D7 BRA $5936 C0/595F: A2E2FF LDX #$FFE2 C0/5962: A90B LDA #$0B C0/5964: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/5966: C220 REP #$20 C0/5968: 8A TXA C0/5969: 18 CLC C0/596A: 691E00 ADC #$001E C0/596D: AA TAX C0/596E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5970: BD00FE LDA $FE00,X C0/5973: F008 BEQ $597D C0/5975: BD1DFE LDA $FE1D,X C0/5978: C901 CMP #$01 C0/597A: D001 BNE $597D C0/597C: 6B RTL

[Wall Bounce for Magic] C0/597D: C6B2 DEC $B2 C0/597F: D0E5 BNE $5966 C0/5981: 20085D JSR $5D08 C0/5984: A901 LDA #$01 C0/5986: 991CFE STA $FE1C,Y C0/5989: A2A362 LDX #$62A3 [Load Message Index for "R e p e l l e d _ t h e _ m a g i c ! ##" into X] C0/598C: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/598F: 6B RTL

[Critical Hits] C0/5990: 20085D JSR $5D08 C0/5993: 20065C JSR $5C06 C0/5996: A2B762 LDX #$62B7 [Load Message Index for "_ g e t s _ w h a c k e d ! ##" into X] C0/5999: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/599C: 6B RTL

C0/599D: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X C0/59A0: C983 CMP #$83 C0/59A2: 9001 BCC $59A5 C0/59A4: 6B RTL

[Checks HP values, eh?] C0/59A5: 5A PHY C0/59A6: DA PHX C0/59A7: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/59AA: 207F5A JSR $5A7F C0/59AD: A28C62 LDX #$628C C0/59B0: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/59B3: A685 LDX $85 C0/59B5: C220 REP #$20 C0/59B7: BD82E1 LDA $E182,X C0/59BA: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/59BC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/59BE: 206C5C JSR $5C6C [HP Handler?] C0/59C1: A9C1 LDA #$C1 C0/59C3: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/59C6: C8 INY C0/59C7: A685 LDX $85 C0/59C9: C220 REP #$20 C0/59CB: BD84E1 LDA $E184,X C0/59CE: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/59D0: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/59D2: 206C5C JSR $5C6C [HP Handler?] C0/59D5: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/59D8: 207F5A JSR $5A7F [Loads %00110000 into $FE00] C0/59DB: A29062 LDX #$6290 C0/59DE: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/59E1: A685 LDX $85 C0/59E3: BD86E1 LDA $E186,X [Enemy MP?] C0/59E6: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/59E8: 20385C JSR $5C38 [MP Handler?] C0/59EB: A9C1 LDA #$C1 C0/59ED: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/59F0: C8 INY C0/59F1: A685 LDX $85 C0/59F3: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/59F6: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/59F7: BD87E1 LDA $E187,X [Enemy Max MP?] C0/59FA: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/59FC: 20385C JSR $5C38 [MP Handler?] C0/59FF: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/5A00: 3034 BMI $5A36 C0/5A02: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5A05: 207F5A JSR $5A7F [Loads %00110000 into $FE00] C0/5A08: A2D262 LDX #$62D2 C0/5A0B: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5A0E: A685 LDX $85 C0/5A10: C220 REP #$20 C0/5A12: BD8DE1 LDA $E18D,X C0/5A15: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/5A17: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5A19: 206C5C JSR $5C6C C0/5A1C: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5A1F: 207F5A JSR $5A7F [Loads %00110000 into $FE00] C0/5A22: A685 LDX $85 C0/5A24: C220 REP #$20 C0/5A26: BDC8E1 LDA $E1C8,X C0/5A29: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/5A2B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5A2D: 206C5C JSR $5C6C C0/5A30: A2D762 LDX #$62D7 [Load Message Index for "_ G P _ t o t a l . ##" into X] C0/5A33: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5A36: A685 LDX $85 C0/5A38: BDA1E1 LDA $E1A1,X C0/5A3B: 85D8 STA $D8 C0/5A3D: A0DB5D LDY #$5DDB [Load Message Index for elemental weaknesses into Y?] C0/5A40: 84B4 STY $B4 C0/5A42: A907 LDA #$07 C0/5A44: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/5A46: A980 LDA #$80 C0/5A48: 85CC STA $CC C0/5A4A: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/5A4C: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/5A4E: A5CC LDA $CC C0/5A50: 24D8 BIT $D8 C0/5A52: D009 BNE $5A5D C0/5A54: C6D0 DEC $D0 C0/5A56: 46CC LSR $CC C0/5A58: D0F4 BNE $5A4E C0/5A5A: 7A PLY C0/5A5B: FA PLX C0/5A5C: 6B RTL

C0/5A5D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/5A5F: EB XBA C0/5A60: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/5A62: 0A ASL A C0/5A63: 5A PHY C0/5A64: A8 TAY C0/5A65: C220 REP #$20 C0/5A67: B7B4 LDA [$B4],Y C0/5A69: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5A6B: 7A PLY C0/5A6C: AA TAX C0/5A6D: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5A70: 207F5A JSR $5A7F [Loads %00110000 into $FE00] C0/5A73: DA PHX C0/5A74: A685 LDX $85 C0/5A76: 20065C JSR $5C06 C0/5A79: FA PLX C0/5A7A: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5A7D: 80D5 BRA $5A54 [Loads %00110000 into $FE00. Why, though?] C0/5A7F: 88 DEY C0/5A80: A930 LDA #$30 C0/5A82: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5A85: C8 INY C0/5A86: 60 RTS [What does $E1E7 do, anyways?] C0/5A87: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X C0/5A8A: C983 CMP #$83 C0/5A8C: 9001 BCC $5A8F C0/5A8E: 6B RTL

C0/5A8F: DA PHX C0/5A90: 5A PHY C0/5A91: A0BB5D LDY #$5DBB [Load message index for status effects into Y] C0/5A94: 84B4 STY $B4 [Store into TempMessageIndex] C0/5A96: A498 LDY $98 C0/5A98: 84D8 STY $D8 C0/5A9A: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5A9C: BDFBE1 + LDA $E1FB,X [Dummy Status 1?] C0/5A9F: 3006 BMI $5AA7 C0/5AA1: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/5AA3: 297F AND #$7F C0/5AA5: 85D9 STA $D9 C0/5AA7: + C220 REP #$20 C0/5AA9: A90F00 LDA #$000F C0/5AAC: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/5AAE: A90080 LDA #$8000 C0/5AB1: 85CC STA $CC C0/5AB3: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5AB5: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/5AB7: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/5AB9: C220 REP #$20 C0/5ABB: A5CC LDA $CC C0/5ABD: 24D8 BIT $D8 C0/5ABF: D00B BNE $5ACC C0/5AC1: C6D0 DEC $D0 C0/5AC3: 46CC LSR $CC C0/5AC5: D0F4 BNE $5ABB C0/5AC7: 7A PLY C0/5AC8: FA PLX C0/5AC9: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5ACB: 6B RTL

C0/5ACC: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/5ACE: 0A ASL A C0/5ACF: 5A PHY C0/5AD0: A8 TAY C0/5AD1: B7B4 LDA [$B4],Y C0/5AD3: 7A PLY C0/5AD4: AA TAX C0/5AD5: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5AD7: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5ADA: 88 DEY C0/5ADB: A9C0 LDA #$C0 [Load #$C0, a comma, into Accumulator] C0/5ADD: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y [Store into Message] C0/5AE0: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/5AE1: DA PHX [Push X onto Stack] C0/5AE2: A685 LDX $85 C0/5AE4: C220 REP #$20 C0/5AE6: 8A TXA C0/5AE7: 990FFE STA $FE0F,Y C0/5AEA: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/5AED: 9911FE STA $FE11,Y C0/5AF0: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5AF2: 20065C JSR $5C06 C0/5AF5: FA PLX C0/5AF6: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5AF9: C220 REP #$20 C0/5AFB: 80C4 BRA $5AC1 C0/5AFD: 20085D JSR $5D08 C0/5B00: A95699 LDA #$9956 C0/5B03: 00FE BRK #$FE [DANGER] C0/5B05: C8 INY C0/5B06: A683 LDX $83 C0/5B08: BD70E1 LDA $E170,X C0/5B0B: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5B0E: C8 INY C0/5B0F: A25162 LDX #$6251 C0/5B12: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5B15: A59D LDA $9D C0/5B17: 20385C JSR $5C38 C0/5B1A: A90099 LDA #$9900 C0/5B1D: 00FE BRK #$FE C0/5B1F: 6B RTL

[Level Up Handler?] C0/5B20: 86B4 STX $B4 C0/5B22: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5B25: 20065C JSR $5C06 C0/5B28: A25662 LDX #$6256 [Load Message Index for "_ r e a c h e s _ L v . ##" into X] C0/5B2B: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5B2E: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/5B30: BD81E1 LDA $E181,X [Load Character Level into Accumulator] C0/5B33: 1A INC A [Increment Accumulator] C0/5B34: 20385C JSR $5C38 C0/5B37: A26362 LDX #$6263 C0/5B3A: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5B3D: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/5B3F: 60 RTS

[Weapon and Magic Skill Level Up Handler?] C0/5B40: 86B4 STX $B4 C0/5B42: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5B45: 20065C JSR $5C06 C0/5B48: A26562 LDX #$6265 [Load Message Index for "' s _ W e a p o n _ S k i l l _ u p ! ##" into X] C0/5B4B: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5B4E: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5B51: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/5B53: BD9CE1 LDA $E19C,X C0/5B56: 48 PHA C0/5B57: BDE4E1 LDA $E1E4,X C0/5B5A: C220 REP #$20 C0/5B5C: 290700 AND #$0007 C0/5B5F: 0A ASL A C0/5B60: AA TAX C0/5B61: BFFB5DC0 LDA $C05DFB,X [Load Message Index for weapon type] C0/5B65: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/5B66: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/5B68: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5B6B: A25662 LDX #$6256 [Load Message Index for "_ r e a c h e s _ L v . ##" into X] C0/5B6E: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5B71: 68 PLA C0/5B72: 4C345B JMP $5B34 C0/5B75: 86B4 STX $B4 C0/5B77: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5B7A: 20065C JSR $5C06 C0/5B7D: A27962 LDX #$6279 [Load Message Index for "' s _ M a g i c _ S k i l l _ u p ! ##" into X] C0/5B80: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5B83: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF C0/5B86: A956 LDA #$56 C0/5B88: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5B8B: C8 INY C0/5B8C: A6B4 LDX $B4 C0/5B8E: BD77E1 LDA $E177,X C0/5B91: 18 CLC C0/5B92: 692A ADC #$2A C0/5B94: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5B97: C8 INY C0/5B98: A25662 LDX #$6256 [Load Message Index for "_ r e a c h e s _ L v . ##" into X] C0/5B9B: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5B9E: A59D LDA $9D C0/5BA0: 20345B JSR $5B34 C0/5BA3: 6B RTL

[Lunar Magic Message Handler?] C0/5BA4: 0A ASL A C0/5BA5: AA TAX C0/5BA6: C220 REP #$20 C0/5BA8: BF595EC0 LDA $C05E59,X [Load Message Index for Lunar Magic Messages into Accumulator] C0/5BAC: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/5BAD: E220 SEP #$20 C0/5BAF: 20085D JSR $5D08 C0/5BB2: 202A5C JSR $5C2A C0/5BB5: 6B RTL

[Important to a subroutine in Bank 8] C0/5BB6: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF [Hrm] C0/5BB9: A21063 LDX #$6310 [Load Message Pointer for "C a n ' t _ u n d o _ W a l l ! ##" into X] C0/5BBC: 202A5C JSR $5C2A [Write Message?] C0/5BBF: 6B RTL

C0/5BC0: 20CF5C JSR $5CCF [Hrm] C0/5BC3: A20363 LDX #$6303 [Load Message Pointer for "S t i l l _ a l i v e ! ##" into X] C0/5BC6: 202A5C JSR $5C2A [Write Message?] C0/5BC9: 6B RTL

[Enemy Skills?] C0/5BCA: 0B PHD C0/5BCB: 8B PHB C0/5BCC: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/5BCD: C230 REP #$30 C0/5BCF: 0A ASL A C0/5BD0: AA TAX C0/5BD1: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/5BD4: 5B TCD C0/5BD5: BF0B5EC0 LDA $C05E0B,X [Load Message Pointer for enemy skill into Accumulator] C0/5BD9: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/5BDA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/5BDC: A97E LDA #$7E C0/5BDE: 48 PHA C0/5BDF: AB PLB C0/5BE0: 20085D JSR $5D08 C0/5BE3: 202A5C JSR $5C2A [Message Reader] C0/5BE6: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/5BE7: AB PLB C0/5BE8: 2B PLD C0/5BE9: 6B RTL

C0/5BEA: A07D63 LDY #$637D [Load Message Pointer for Open Chatbox into Accumulator] C0/5BED: 8C011D STY $1D01 C0/5BF0: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/5BF2: 8D031D STA $1D03 C0/5BF5: 64A3 STZ $A3 C0/5BF7: 60 RTS

C0/5BF8: A07F63 LDY #$637F [Load Message Pointer for Close Chatbox into Accumulator] C0/5BFB: 8C011D STY $1D01 C0/5BFE: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/5C00: 8D031D STA $1D03 C0/5C03: 649F STZ $9F C0/5C05: 60 RTS

[No idea] C0/5C06: BDFBE1 LDA $E1FB,X C0/5C09: 300E BMI $5C19 C0/5C0B: A954 LDA #$54 C0/5C0D: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5C10: C8 INY C0/5C11: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X C0/5C14: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5C17: C8 INY C0/5C18: 60 RTS

[Load current character's name into Message] C0/5C19: A957 LDA #$57 [Load #$57 (Character name placeholder) into Accumulator] C0/5C1B: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y [Store into Message[Y]] C0/5C1E: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/5C1F: BDE7E1 LDA $E1E7,X [Dunno, but seems to contain character/monster type] C0/5C22: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/5C23: E980 SBC #$80 [Subtract 80 to get the name index?] C0/5C25: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y [Store into Message[Y]] C0/5C28: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/5C29: 60 RTS [Return]

[IMPORTANT: Message Reader] C0/5C2A: - BF0000C0 LDA $C00000,X [Load message array byte into Accumulator] C0/5C2E: F007 + BEQ $5C37 [Go home if the byte is 00] C0/5C30: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y [Store byte into Message[Y]] C0/5C33: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/5C34: E8 INX [Increment X] C0/5C35: 80F3 - BRA $5C2A [Loop back] C0/5C37: + 60 RTS [Return]

[Handles MP?] C0/5C38: 85AC STA $AC C0/5C3A: 64A4 STZ $A4 C0/5C3C: 64A6 STZ $A6 C0/5C3E: - 38 SEC C0/5C3F: E90A SBC #$0A C0/5C41: 3004 + BMI $5C47 C0/5C43: E6A4 INC $A4 C0/5C45: 80F7 - BRA $5C3E C0/5C47: + 18 CLC C0/5C48: 690A ADC #$0A C0/5C4A: - 3A DEC A C0/5C4B: 3004 + BMI $5C51 C0/5C4D: E6A6 INC $A6 C0/5C4F: 80F9 - BRA $5C4A C0/5C51: + A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/5C53: 18 CLC C0/5C54: 69B5 ADC #$B5 C0/5C56: C9B5 CMP #$B5 C0/5C58: F008 + BEQ $5C62 C0/5C5A: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/5C5C: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/5C5E: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5C61: C8 INY C0/5C62: + A5A6 LDA $A6 C0/5C64: 18 CLC C0/5C65: 69B5 ADC #$B5 C0/5C67: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5C6A: C8 INY C0/5C6B: 60 RTS

[Handles HP values? Or at least, messages] C0/5C6C: DA PHX C0/5C6D: 5A PHY C0/5C6E: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/5C70: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/5C72: A0C55C LDY #$5CC5 C0/5C75: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/5C77: 64B4 STZ $B4 C0/5C79: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/5C7C: A90500 LDA #$0005 C0/5C7F: 85B0 STA $B0 C0/5C81: - B7B4 LDA [$B4],Y [Load...from that table below] C0/5C83: 85AC STA $AC C0/5C85: A9B500 LDA #$00B5 C0/5C88: 95A4 STA $A4,X C0/5C8A: A5D0 LDA $D0 [HP/Max HP] C0/5C8C: -- 38 SEC [Huh. Set carry, eh?] C0/5C8D: E5AC SBC $AC [Attack damage?] C0/5C8F: 3004 + BMI $5C95 [Branch if negative?] C0/5C91: F6A4 INC $A4,X C0/5C93: 80F7 -- BRA $5C8C C0/5C95: + 18 CLC C0/5C96: 65AC ADC $AC C0/5C98: 85D0 STA $D0 C0/5C9A: C8 INY C0/5C9B: C8 INY C0/5C9C: E8 INX C0/5C9D: C6B0 DEC $B0 C0/5C9F: D0E0 - BNE $5C81 C0/5CA1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/5CA3: A904 LDA #$04 C0/5CA5: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/5CA7: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/5CAA: B5A4 LDA $A4,X C0/5CAC: C9B5 CMP #$B5 C0/5CAE: D005 BNE $5CB5 C0/5CB0: E8 INX C0/5CB1: C6B2 DEC $B2 C0/5CB3: D0F5 BNE $5CAA C0/5CB5: E6B2 INC $B2 C0/5CB7: 7A PLY C0/5CB8: B5A4 LDA $A4,X C0/5CBA: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5CBD: C8 INY C0/5CBE: E8 INX C0/5CBF: C6B2 DEC $B2 C0/5CC1: D0F5 BNE $5CB8 C0/5CC3: FA PLX C0/5CC4: 60 RTS

[Table read above] C0/5CC5: 1027 C0/5CC7: E803 C0/5CC9: 6400 C0/5CCB: 0A00 C0/5CCD: 0100

[Message Index Processing?] C0/5CCF: A59F LDA $9F C0/5CD1: C90C CMP #$0C C0/5CD3: D003 + BNE $5CD8 C0/5CD5: A08601 C0/5CD8: + A5A1 LDA $A1 C0/5CDA: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/5CDE: A91E LDA #$1E C0/5CE0: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/5CE4: C220 REP #$20 C0/5CE6: EA NOP C0/5CE7: EA NOP C0/5CE8: EA NOP C0/5CE9: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/5CED: A8 TAY C0/5CEE: 20335D JSR $5D33 C0/5CF1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/5CF3: A960 LDA #$60 C0/5CF5: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5CF8: C8 INY C0/5CF9: E69F INC $9F C0/5CFB: E6A1 INC $A1 C0/5CFD: A5A1 LDA $A1 C0/5CFF: C90C CMP #$0C C0/5D01: D004 + BNE $5D07 C0/5D03: A900 LDA #$00 C0/5D05: 85A1 STA $A1 C0/5D07: + 60 RTS

[] C0/5D08: A5A2 LDA $A2 C0/5D0A: 3A DEC A C0/5D0B: 1002 BPL $5D0F C0/5D0D: A90B LDA #$0B C0/5D0F: 85A2 STA $A2 C0/5D11: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/5D15: A91E LDA #$1E C0/5D17: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/5D1B: C220 REP #$20 C0/5D1D: EA NOP C0/5D1E: EA NOP C0/5D1F: EA NOP C0/5D20: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/5D24: A8 TAY C0/5D25: 20335D JSR $5D33 C0/5D28: E220 SEP #$20 C0/5D2A: A960 LDA #$60 C0/5D2C: 9900FE STA $FE00,Y C0/5D2F: C8 INY C0/5D30: E69F INC $9F C0/5D32: 60 RTS

C0/5D33: DA PHX C0/5D34: 5A PHY C0/5D35: A20F00 LDX #$000F C0/5D38: A900 LDA #$00 C0/5D3A: 0099 BRK #$99 [DANGER] C0/5D3C: 00FE BRK #$FE C0/5D3E: C8 INY C0/5D3F: C8 INY C0/5D40: CA DEX C0/5D41: D0F8 BNE $5D3B C0/5D43: 7A PLY C0/5D44: FA PLX C0/5D45: 60 RTS

[] C0/5D46: 0B PHD C0/5D47: 8B PHB C0/5D48: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/5D49: C230 REP #$30 C0/5D4B: A90003 LDA #$0300 C0/5D4E: 5B TCD C0/5D4F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/5D51: A97E LDA #$7E C0/5D53: 48 PHA C0/5D54: AB PLB C0/5D55: C220 REP #$20 C0/5D57: A200FE LDX #$FE00 C0/5D5A: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/5D5D: A00001 LDY #$0100 C0/5D60: 9D0000 STA $0000,X C0/5D63: E8 INX C0/5D64: E8 INX C0/5D65: 88 DEY C0/5D66: D0F8 BNE $5D60 C0/5D68: A90004 LDA #$0400 [Load Max Player Character Index] C0/5D6B: 85B4 STA $B4 [Store into TempCharacterIndex] C0/5D6D: - A6B4 LDX $B4 [Load TempCharacterIndex into X] C0/5D6F: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/5D71: 9EF1E1 STZ $E1F1,X [0 out ReceivedDamage] C0/5D74: 9EF3E1 STZ $E1F3,X [0 out MP Healing] C0/5D77: 9EF5E1 STZ $E1F5,X [0 out MP Damage] C0/5D7A: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X [Load Status Effects] C0/5D7D: 29ECF7 AND #$F7EC [AND for Conf, Pet, Frost, Unc, Tang, Dum1, Dum2, Ghst, Englf, Pois, Chng, Barr] C0/5D80: 9D90E1 STA $E190,X [Store back into Status Effects] C0/5D83: E220 SEP #$20 C0/5D85: 9E59E0 STZ $E059,X C0/5D88: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/5D8B: F00E BEQ $5D9B C0/5D8D: C220 REP #$20 C0/5D8F: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/5D92: 896041 BIT #$4160 C0/5D95: E220 SEP #$20 C0/5D97: D002 + BNE $5D9B C0/5D99: 8006 ++ BRA $5DA1 C0/5D9B: + A901 LDA #$01 C0/5D9D: 222400C1 JSR $C10024 C0/5DA1: ++ C6B5 DEC $B5 C0/5DA3: C6B5 DEC $B5 C0/5DA5: 10C6 - BPL $5D6D C0/5DA7: A900 LDA #$00 C0/5DA9: 85A0 STA $A0 C0/5DAB: 859F STA $9F C0/5DAD: 85A2 STA $A2 C0/5DAF: 85A1 STA $A1 C0/5DB1: 85A3 STA $A3 C0/5DB3: 229800C0 JSR $C00098 C0/5DB7: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/5DB8: AB PLB C0/5DB9: 2B PLD C0/5DBA: 6B RTL

[Indexed Message Pointer Tables] {Status Effects} C0/5DBB: 1661 [(Dummy Status 1)] C0/5DBD: 1761 [(Dummy Status 2)] C0/5DBF: 1861 ['s tangled!] C0/5DC1: 2461 [can't move!] {Dummied out Paralysis?} C0/5DC3: 3161 ['s unconscious!] C0/5DC5: 4161 ['s frostied!] C0/5DC7: 4E61 ['s petrified!] C0/5DC9: 5C61 ['s confused!] C0/5DCB: 6961 ['s spaced out!] C0/5DCD: 7861 ['s pygmized!] C0/5DCF: 8561 ['s barreled!] C0/5DD1: 9261 ['s transformed!] C0/5DD3: A261 ['s moogled!] C0/5DD5: AE61 ['s poisoned!] C0/5DD7: BB61 [is engulfed!] C0/5DD9: C861 [sees the Reaper!]

{Elemental Messages} C0/5DDB: DA61 [fears Gnome!] C0/5DDD: E861 [fears Sylphid!] C0/5DDF: F861 [fears Undine!] C0/5DE1: 0762 [fears Salamando!] C0/5DE3: 1962 [fears Shade!] C0/5DE5: 2762 [fears Lumina!] C0/5DE7: 3662 [fears Luna!] {Proof enough that this was intended as a weakness} C0/5DE9: 4362 [fears Dryad!] {Ditto}

{Traps?} C0/5DEB: 2163 [Shadow zero!] C0/5DED: 2E63 [Riot gas!] C0/5DEF: 3863 [Punch glove!] C0/5DF1: 4563 C0/5DF3: 5563 C0/5DF5: 5B63 C0/5DF7: 6763 C0/5DF9: 7263

{Weapon Types} C0/5DFB: E260 [00: Gloves] C0/5DFD: E960 [01: Sword] C0/5DFF: EF60 [02: Axe] C0/5E01: F360 [03: Spear] C0/5E03: F960 [04: Whip] C0/5E05: FE60 [05: Arrow[ C0/5E07: 0461 [06: Boomerang] C0/5E09: 0E61 [07: Javelin]

{Enemy Skills, called by Boss Command 0F} C0/5E0B: 745F [00: Fire Breath] C0/5E0D: 805F [01: Freeze Breath] C0/5E0F: 8E5F [02: Blitz Breath] C0/5E11: 9B5F [03: Acid Breath] C0/5E13: A75F [04: Poison Bubbles] C0/5E15: B65F [05: Acid Bubbles] C0/5E17: C35F [06: Moogle Bubbles] C0/5E19: D25F [07: Petrify Gas] C0/5E1B: DE5F [08: Sleep Gas] C0/5E1D: E85F [09: Poison Gas] C0/5E1F: F35F [0A: Flash Beam] C0/5E21: FE5F [0B: Fire Beam] C0/5E23: 0860 [0C: Thunder Beam] C0/5E25: 1560 [0D: Doom Beam] C0/5E27: 1F60 [0E: Freeze Beam] C0/5E29: 2B60 [0F: Petrify Beam] C0/5E2B: 3860 [10: Confuse Hoops] C0/5E2D: 4660 [11: Sonic Pulse] C0/5E2F: 5260 [12: Balloon Ring] C0/5E31: 5F60 [13: Sleep Ring] C0/5E33: 6A60 [14: Sleep Ring] C0/5E35: 7560 [15: Moogle Glare] C0/5E37: 8260 [16: Pygmus Glare] C0/5E39: 8F60 [17: Leaden Glare] C0/5E3B: 9C60 [18: Moogle Glare] C0/5E3D: A960 [19: Wave Cannon] C0/5E3F: B560 [1A: Diffuser Cannon] C0/5E41: C560 [1B: Current] C0/5E43: CD60 [1C: (Dummy)] {Some kinna psychokinesis attack, or something that the Wall Face/Demon Wall uses? It functions, at least} C0/5E45: CE60 [1D: Breath Wing] C0/5E47: DA60 [1E: Cave?In] {Great friggin' job, Nasir} {Buffs} C0/5E49: 045F [00: "'s Defense up!"] C0/5E4B: 135F C0/5E4D: 235F C0/5E4F: 305F C0/5E51: 3F5F C0/5E53: 4A5F C0/5E55: 575F C0/5E57: 655F ["`s Attack down"] {Lunar Magic} C0/5E59: 6B5E ["Enemy/party HP recovered."] C0/5E5B: 855E ["Raring to go!"] C0/5E5D: 935E ["Burned out!"] C0/5E5F: 9F5E ["All are confused!"] C0/5E61: B15E ["Kupi ku po po!?"] C0/5E63: C15E ["World`s bigger?!"] C0/5E65: D25E ["Enemy wimps out!"] C0/5E67: E35E ["Knocked senseless!"] C0/5E69: F65E ["MP recovered!"]

[Beginning of text data] C0/5E6B: 9F8E858D99C1908192949980A2AA809285838F9685928584BF00 E n e m y / p a r t y _ H P _ r e c o v e r e d . ## C0/5E85: AC8192898E8780948F80878FC800 R a r i n g _ t o _ g o ! ## C0/5E93: 9C95928E8584808F9594C800 B u r n e d _ o u t ! ## C0/5E9F: 9B8C8C8081928580838F8E8695938584C800 A l l _ a r e _ c o n f u s e d ! ## C0/5EB1: A5959089808B9580908F80908FC8CA00 K u p i _ k u _ p o _ p o ! ? ## C0/5EC1: B18F928C84C29380828987878592CAC800 W o r l d ` s _ b i g g e r ? ! ## C0/5ED2: 9F8E858D998097898D9093808F9594C800 E n e m y _ w i m p s _ o u t ! ## C0/5EE3: A58E8F838B85848093858E93858C859393C800 K n o c k e d _ s e n s e l e s s ! ## C0/5EF6: A7AA809285838F9685928584C800 M P _ r e c o v e r e d ! ## C0/5F04: C293809E8586858E9385809590C800 ` s _ D e f e n s e _ u p ! ## C0/5F13: C293809E8586858E938580848F978E00 ` s _ D e f e n s e _ d o w n ## C0/5F23: C293809F96818485809590C800 ` s _ E v a d e _ u p ! ## C0/5F30: C293809F9681848580848F978EC800 ` s _ E v a d e _ d o w n ! ## C0/5F3F: C29380A28994809590C800 ` s _ H i t _ u p ! ## C0/5F4A: C29380A2899480848F978EC800 ` s _ H i t _ d o w n ! ## C0/5F57: C293809B949481838B809590C800 ` s _ A t t a c k _ u p ! ## C0/5F65: C293809B949481838B80848F978E00 ` s _ A t t a c k _ d o w n ## C0/5F74: A0899285809C928581948800 F i r e _ B r e a t h ## C0/5F80: A09285859A85809C928581948800 F r e e z e _ B r e a t h ## C0/5F8E: 9C8C89949A809C928581948800 B l i t z _ B r e a t h ## C0/5F9B: 9B838984809C928581948800 A c i d _ B r e a t h ## C0/5FA7: AA8F89938F8E809C9582828C859300 P o i s o n _ B u b b l e s ## C0/5FB6: 9B838984809C9582828C859300 A c i d _ B u b b l e s ## C0/5FC3: A78F8F878C85809C9582828C859300 M o o g l e _ B u b b l e s ## C0/5FD2: AA85949289869980A1819300 P e t r i f y _ G a s ## C0/5FDE: AD8C85859080A1819300 S l e e p _ G a s ## C0/5FE8: AA8F89938F8E80A1819300 P o i s o n _ G a s ## C0/5FF3: A08C819388809C85818D00 F l a s h _ B e a m ## C0/5FFE: A0899285809C85818D00 F i r e _ B e a m ## C0/6008: AE88958E848592809C85818D00 T h u n d e r _ B e a m ## C0/6015: 9E8F8F8D809C85818D00 D o o m _ B e a m ## C0/601F: A09285859A85809C85818D00 F r e e z e _ B e a m ## C0/602B: AA859492898699809C85818D00 P e t r i f y _ B e a m ## C0/6038: 9D8F8E8695938580A28F8F909300 C o n f u s e _ H o o p s ## C0/6046: AD8F8E898380AA958C938500 S o n i c _ P u l s e ## C0/6052: 9C818C8C8F8F8E80AC898E8700 B a l l o o n _ R i n g ## C0/605F: AD8C85859080AC898E8700 S l e e p _ R i n g ## C0/606A: AD8C85859080AC898E8700 S l e e p _ R i n g ## C0/6075: A78F8F878C8580A18C81928500 M o o g l e _ G l a r e ## C0/6082: AA99878D959380A18C81928500 P y g m u s _ G l a r e ## C0/608F: A6858184858E80A18C81928500 L e a d e n _ G l a r e ## C0/609C: A78F8F878C8580A18C81928500 M o o g l e _ G l a r e ## C0/60A9: B1819685809D818E8E8F8E00 W a v e _ C a n n o n ## C0/60B5: 9E89868695938592809D818E8E8F8E00 D i f f u s e r _ C a n n o n ## C0/60C5: 9D959292858E9400 C u r r e n t ## C0/60CD: 00 [Dummy] C0/60CE: 9C928581948880B1898E8700 [Never used] B r e a t h _ W i n g ## C0/60DA: 9D8196852A898E00 C a v e ??I n ## C0/60E2: A18C8F96859300 G l o v e s ## C0/60E9: AD978F928400 S w o r d ## C0/60EF: 9B988500 A x e ## C0/60F3: AD9085819200 S p e a r ## C0/60F9: B188899000 W h i p ## C0/60FE: 9B92928F9700 A r r o w ## C0/6104: 9C8F8F8D8592818E8700 B o o m e r a n g ## C0/610E: A48196858C898E00 J a v e l i n ## C0/6116: 00 [Dummy Status 1] C0/6117: 00 [Dummy Status 2] C0/6118: C2938094818E878C8584C800 ` s _ t a n g l e d ! ## C0/6124: 8083818EC294808D8F9685C800 _ c a n ` t _ m o v e ! ## C0/6131: C29380958E838F8E9383898F9593C800 ` s _ u n c o n s c i o u s ! ## C0/6141: C2938086928F9394898584C800 ` s _ f r o s t i e d ! ## C0/614E: C29380908594928986898584C800 ` s _ p e t r i f i e d ! ## C0/615C: C29380838F8E8695938584C800 ` s _ c o n f u s e d ! ## C0/6169: C29380939081838584808F9594C800 ` s _ s p a c e d _ o u t ! ## C0/6178: C293809099878D899A8584C800 ` s _ p y g m i z e d ! ## C0/6185: C2938082819292858C8584C800 ` s _ b a r r e l e d ! ## C0/6192: C293809492818E93868F928D8584C800 ` s _ t r a n s f o r m e d ! ## C0/61A2: C293808D8F8F878C8584C800 ` s _ m o o g l e d ! ## C0/61AE: C29380908F89938F8E8584C800 ` s _ p o i s o n e d ! ## C0/61BB: C29380858E87958C868584C800 ` s _ e n g u l f e d ! C0/61C8: 80938585938094888580928581908592C800 _ s e e s _ t h e _ r e a p e r ! ## C0/61DA: 80868581929380A18E8F8D85C800 _ f e a r s _ G n o m e ! ## C0/61E8: 80868581929380AD998C90888984C800 _ f e a r s _ S y l p h i d ! ## C0/61F8: 80868581929380AF8E84898E85C800 _ f e a r s _ U n d i n e ! ## C0/6207: 80868581929380AD818C818D818E848FC800 _ f e a r s _ S a l a m a n d o ! ## C0/6219: 80868581929380AD88818485C800 _ f e a r s _ S h a d e ! ## C0/6227: 80868581929380A6958D898E81C800 _ f e a r s _ L u m i n a ! ## C0/6236: 80868581929380A6958E81C800 _ f e a r s _ L u n a ! ## C0/6243: 808685819293809E92998184C800 _ f e a r s _ D r y a d ! ## C0/6251: 80A696BF00 _ L v . ## C0/6256: 809285818388859380A696BF00 _ r e a c h e s _ L v . ## C0/6263: BF00 . ## C0/6265: C29380B18581908F8E80AD8B898C8C809590C800 ` s _ W e a p o n _ S k i l l _ u p ! ## C0/6279: C29380A78187898380AD8B898C8C809590C800 ` s _ M a g i c _ S k i l l _ u p ! ## C0/628C: A2AA8000 H P _ ## C0/6290: A7AA8000 M P _ ## C0/6294: 80A1AA80898E93898485C800 _ G P _ i n s i d e ! ## C0/62A0: C800 ! ## C0/62A2: 00 [Dummy] C0/62A3: AC8590858C8C858480948885808D81878983C800 R e p e l l e d _ t h e _ m a g i c ! ## C0/62B7: 808785949380978881838B8584C800 _ g e t s _ w h a c k e d ! ## C0/62C6: 80978F8EC29480868994C800 _ w o n ` t _ f i t ! ## C0/62D2: 9FB2AA8000 E X P _ ## C0/62D7: 80A1AA80948F94818CBF00 _ G P _ t o t a l . ## C0/62E2: AC85838F96859299808681898C8584C800 R e c o v e r y _ f a i l e d ! ## C0/62F3: C293808D81878983808681848584BF00 ` s _ m a g i c _ f a d e d . ## C0/6303: AD94898C8C80818C899685C800 S t i l l _ a l i v e ! ## C0/6310: 9D818EC29480958E848F80B1818C8CC800 C a n ` t _ u n d o _ W a l l ! ## C0/6321: AD8881848F97809A85928FC800 S h a d o w _ z e r o ! ## C0/632E: AC898F9480878193C800 R i o t _ g a s ! ## C0/6338: AA958E838880878C8F9685C800 P u n c h _ g l o v e ! ## C0/6345: AA8F89938F8E808E8585848C8593C800 P o i s o n _ n e e d l e s ! ## C0/6355: 9C8F8D82C800 B o m b ! ## C0/635B: AD948F8E858094928190C800 S t o n e _ t r a p ! ## C0/6367: 9E8F8F8D8094928190C800 D o o m _ t r a p ! ## C0/6372: A7898D898380828F98C800 M i m i c _ b o x ! ##

[End text tables]

C0/637D: 5000 [Open chat box?]

C0/637F: 5100 [Close chat box?]

C0/6381: 2804 [Related to message duration?] C0/6383: C1 TSB $C1 C0/6384: 68E8 INX C0/6386: B399 LDA ($99,S),Y C0/6388: 00

C0/6389: 6CB6CB92A399968FB89900 ????( r I y v o C0/6394: 678F8CB699A8C7B891B768899594B39E8B82 ??o l C0/63A6: 00 C0/63A7: 6595B9CF8CC9B4C1CE998200 ??u ??^ l & Z / ^ y b ## C0/63B3: 61C196C1A590CB95998200 C0/63BE: 64D5B69A TXS C0/63C2: C3B4 CMP $B4,S C0/63C4: 8460 STY $60 C0/63C6: D2CB CMP ($CB) C0/63C8: 820068 BRL $CBCB C0/63CB: EC6CE8 CPX $E86C C0/63CE: CB WAI C0/63CF: 82006D BRL $D0D2 C0/63D2: E6E7 INC $E7 C0/63D4: CB WAI C0/63D5: 820069 BRL $CCD8 C0/63D8: 9B TXY C0/63D9: AA TAX C0/63DA: A261B5 LDX #$B561 C0/63DD: 9ECBB8 STZ $B8CB,X C0/63E0: 998200 STA $0082,Y C0/63E3: 68 PLA C0/63E4: DB STP C0/63E5: 6CB5A2 JMP ($A2B5) C0/63E8: 61B5 ADC ($B5,X) C0/63EA: 9ECBB8 STZ $B8CB,X C0/63ED: 998200 STA $0082,Y C0/63F0: 63A9 ADC $A9,S C0/63F2: A9B8 LDA #$B8 C0/63F4: 91CB STA ($CB),Y C0/63F6: B8 CLV C0/63F7: 998200 STA $0082,Y C0/63FA: 5000 BVC $63FC C0/63FC: 5100 EOR ($00),Y

C0/63FE: 2804 <What the hell>

[] C0/6400: 4C3364 JMP $6433 C0/6403: 4C9465 JMP $6594 C0/6406: 4CC378 JMP $78C3 C0/6409: 4C2964 JMP $6429 C0/640C: C018 CPY #$18 C0/640F: 4C2E64 JMP $64E2 C0/6411: 4C1766 JMP $6617 C0/6414: 4C3E66 JMP $663E C0/6417: 4C5366 JMP $6653 C0/641A: 4C6064 JMP $6460 C0/641D: 4C7464 JMP $6474 C0/6420: 4CBD64 JMP $64BD [6-13: Accessed by Event Command 1E (second step)] C0/6423: 4CB364 JMP $64B3 C0/6426: 4C8164 JMP $6481

[] C0/6429: 2256C8D0 JSR $D0C856 C0/642D: 6B RTL

C0/642E: 2210CAD0 JSR $D0CA10 C0/6432: 6B RTL

[] C0/6433: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6434: 8B PHB C0/6435: 0B PHD C0/6436: 22A464C0 JSR $C064A4 C0/643A: C230 REP #$30 C0/643C: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/643F: AA TAX C0/6440: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6442: 8D0618 STA $1806 C0/6445: 8D0718 STA $1807 C0/6448: 9D7018 STA $1870,X C0/644B: E8 INX C0/644C: E01000 CPX #$0010 C0/644F: 90F7 BCC $6448 C0/6451: A903 LDA #$03 C0/6453: 8D7018 STA $1870 C0/6456: 8D7118 STA $1871 C0/6459: 8D7218 STA $1872 C0/645C: 2B PLD C0/645D: AB PLB C0/645E: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/645F: 6B RTL

C0/6460: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6461: 8B PHB C0/6462: 0B PHD C0/6463: 22A464C0 JSR $C064A4 C0/6467: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6469: A901 LDA #$01 C0/646B: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/646E: 222ACDD0 JSR $D0CD2A C0/6472: 80E8 BRA $645C C0/6474: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6475: 8B PHB C0/6476: 0B PHD C0/6477: 22A464C0 JSR $C064A4 C0/647B: 226DCDD0 JSR $D0CD6D C0/647F: 80DB BRA $645C C0/6481: DA PHX C0/6482: 5A PHY C0/6483: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6484: 8B PHB C0/6485: 0B PHD C0/6486: 22A464C0 JSR $C064A4 C0/648A: E230 SEP #$30 C0/648C: A903 LDA #$03 C0/648E: 8D0918 STA $1809 C0/6491: 98 TYA C0/6492: 18 CLC C0/6493: 6954 ADC #$54 C0/6495: AA TAX C0/6496: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/649A: 22FBD1D0 JSR $D0D1FB C0/649E: 2B PLD C0/649F: AB PLB C0/64A0: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/64A1: 7A PLY C0/64A2: FA PLX C0/64A3: 6B RTL

C0/64A4: C230 REP #$30 C0/64A6: 48 PHA C0/64A7: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/64AA: 5B TCD C0/64AB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/64AD: 48 PHA C0/64AE: AB PLB C0/64AF: C230 REP #$30 C0/64B1: 68 PLA C0/64B2: 6B RTL

[Related to granting weapons?] C0/64B3: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/64B4: 8B PHB C0/64B5: 0B PHD C0/64B6: E230 SEP #$30 C0/64B8: 8E2118 STX $1821 C0/64BB: 8008 BRA $64C5

[Related to Event Command 1E] C0/64BD: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/64BE: 8B PHB C0/64BF: 0B PHD C0/64C0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/64C2: 9C2118 STZ $1821 C0/64C5: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/64C8: 22A464C0 JSR $C064A4 C0/64CC: 20D164 JSR $64D1 C0/64CF: 808B BRA $645C C0/64D1: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/64D3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/64D5: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/64D8: AD2018 LDA $1820 C0/64DB: F037 BEQ $6514 C0/64DD: C915 CMP #$15 C0/64DF: F033 BEQ $6514 C0/64E1: C92A CMP #$2A C0/64E3: F02F BEQ $6514 C0/64E5: A22400 LDX #$0024 C0/64E8: C915 CMP #$15 C0/64EA: 902A BCC $6516 C0/64EC: A23000 LDX #$0030 C0/64EF: C92A CMP #$2A C0/64F1: 9023 BCC $6516 C0/64F3: A23C00 LDX #$003C C0/64F6: C93F CMP #$3F C0/64F8: 901C BCC $6516 C0/64FA: 38 SEC C0/64FB: E940 SBC #$40 C0/64FD: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/6500: A24800 LDX #$0048 C0/6503: C90C CMP #$0C C0/6505: 9027 BCC $652E C0/6507: 38 SEC C0/6508: E940 SBC #$40 C0/650A: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/650D: A25400 LDX #$0054 C0/6510: C948 CMP #$48 C0/6512: 904B BCC $655F C0/6514: 8077 BRA $658D C0/6516: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/651A: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/651C: F00B BEQ $6529 C0/651E: E8 INX C0/651F: C8 INY C0/6520: C00B00 CPY #$000B C0/6523: 90F1 BCC $6516 C0/6525: A901 LDA #$01 C0/6527: 8066 BRA $658F C0/6529: AD2018 LDA $1820 C0/652C: 804C BRA $657A C0/652E: 9C2118 STZ $1821 C0/6531: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/6535: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/6537: F012 BEQ $654B {Handle Usable Item} C0/6539: 291F AND #$1F [AND for item number] {-> AND #$0F} C0/653B: CD2018 CMP $1820 C0/653E: F012 BEQ $6552 C0/6540: E8 INX C0/6541: C8 INY C0/6542: C00C00 CPY #$000C C0/6545: 90E7 BCC $652E C0/6547: A902 LDA #$02 C0/6549: 8044 BRA $658F {} C0/654B: AD2018 LDA $1820 [Associated with ring system?] C0/654E: 0920 ORA #$20 [OR for item number] {-> ORA #$10} C0/6550: 8028 BRA $657A C0/6552: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/6556: 18 CLC C0/6557: 6920 ADC #$20 [Add to item number?] {-> ADC #$10} C0/6559: C99F CMP #$9F C0/655B: B0EA BCS $6547 C0/655D: 801B BRA $657A C0/655F: 38 SEC C0/6560: E909 SBC #$09 C0/6562: 3003 BMI $6567 C0/6564: E8 INX C0/6565: 80F8 BRA $655F C0/6567: 18 CLC C0/6568: 6909 ADC #$09 C0/656A: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/656D: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/6571: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/6573: F0B4 BEQ $6529 C0/6575: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/6577: 0D2018 ORA $1820 C0/657A: 48 PHA C0/657B: AD2118 LDA $1821 C0/657E: 0A ASL A C0/657F: 0A ASL A C0/6580: 0A ASL A C0/6581: 0A ASL A C0/6582: 0A ASL A C0/6583: 0A ASL A C0/6584: 0301 ORA $01,S C0/6586: 8301 STA $01,S C0/6588: 68 PLA C0/6589: 9F00CC7E STA $7ECC00,X [Initializes a new weapon?] C0/658D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/658F: 8F0FCF7E STA $7ECF0F C0/6593: 60 RTS

C0/6594: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6595: 8B PHB C0/6596: 0B PHD C0/6597: C220 REP #$20 C0/6599: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/659C: 3B TSC C0/659D: 8DCE19 STA $19CE C0/65A0: AD2018 LDA $1820 C0/65A3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/65A5: 9C4718 STZ $1847 C0/65A8: 209666 JSR $6696 C0/65AB: 20F069 JSR $69F0 C0/65AE: D024 BNE $65D4 C0/65B0: 2229DED0 JSR $D0DE29 C0/65B4: 20B566 JSR $66B5 C0/65B7: 20D765 JSR $65D7 C0/65BA: 22BEDCD0 JSR $D0DCBE C0/65BE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/65C0: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/65C3: D004 BNE $65C9 C0/65C5: 221800C2 JSR $C20018 C0/65C9: ADF019 LDA $19F0 C0/65CC: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/65CE: F004 BEQ $65D4 C0/65D0: 229500C0 JSR $C00095 C0/65D4: 4C5C64 JMP $645C C0/65D7: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/65DA: 20F86B JSR $6BF8 C0/65DD: E230 SEP #$30 C0/65DF: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/65E2: D009 BNE $65ED C0/65E4: 204067 JSR $6740 C0/65E7: 20F366 JSR $66F3 C0/65EA: 207567 JSR $6775 C0/65ED: E220 SEP #$20 C0/65EF: ADF019 LDA $19F0 C0/65F2: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/65F4: F007 BEQ $65FD C0/65F6: AD2618 LDA $1826 C0/65F9: F00D BEQ $6608 C0/65FB: 80DA BRA $65D7 C0/65FD: ADF119 LDA $19F1 C0/6600: 300E BMI $6610 C0/6602: 202D69 JSR $692D C0/6605: 9C2618 STZ $1826 C0/6608: 22A0D5D0 JSR $D0D5A0 [Magic crap] C0/660C: 226DCDD0 JSR $D0CD6D [Magic crap] C0/6610: C220 REP #$20 C0/6612: 64CC STZ $CC C0/6614: 64CD STZ $CD C0/6616: 60 RTS

[] C0/6617: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6618: 8B PHB C0/6619: 0B PHD C0/661A: 209666 JSR $6696 C0/661D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/661F: A901 LDA #$01 C0/6621: 8D4718 STA $1847 C0/6624: 20A56A JSR $6AA5 C0/6627: 20B566 JSR $66B5 C0/662A: 206F66 JSR $666F C0/662D: C230 REP #$30 C0/662F: AD6018 LDA $1860 C0/6632: 8D7018 STA $1870 C0/6635: AD6218 LDA $1862 C0/6638: 8D7218 STA $1872 C0/663B: 4CBE65 JMP $65BE

[] C0/663E: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/663F: 8B PHB C0/6640: 0B PHD C0/6641: 209666 JSR $6696 C0/6644: 2290FCD9 JSR $D9FC90 C0/6648: F0E3 BEQ $662D C0/664A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/664C: A902 LDA #$02 C0/664E: 8D4718 STA $1847 C0/6651: 80D1 BRA $6624

[] C0/6653: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6654: 8B PHB C0/6655: 0B PHD C0/6656: 209666 JSR $6696 C0/6659: E220 SEP #$20 C0/665B: A903 LDA #$03 C0/665D: 8D4718 STA $1847 C0/6660: 9C4618 STZ $1846 C0/6663: 20A56A JSR $6AA5 C0/6666: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6668: A903 LDA #$03 C0/666A: 8D0918 STA $1809 C0/666D: 80B8 BRA $6627 C0/666F: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/6672: 20F86B JSR $6BF8 C0/6675: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6677: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/667A: D010 BNE $668C C0/667C: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/667F: C902 CMP #$02 C0/6681: D003 BNE $6686 C0/6683: 204067 JSR $6740 C0/6686: 20F366 JSR $66F3 C0/6689: 20A867 JSR $67A8 C0/668C: C230 REP #$30 C0/668E: AD2618 LDA $1826 C0/6691: D0DC BNE $666F C0/6693: 4C0866 JMP $6608 C0/6696: 22A464C0 JSR $C064A4 C0/669A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/669C: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/669F: 9C0218 STZ $1802 C0/66A2: 9C0318 STZ $1803 C0/66A5: 9C0418 STZ $1804 C0/66A8: 202D69 JSR $692D C0/66AB: 9C2618 STZ $1826 C0/66AE: 8E3E18 STX $183E C0/66B1: 8C4018 STY $1840 C0/66B4: 60 RTS

C0/66B5: 2227CDD0 JSR $D0CD27 C0/66B9: 2276D5D0 JSR $D0D576 C0/66BD: 22F9CDD0 JSR $D0CDF9 C0/66C1: 202D69 JSR $692D C0/66C4: 206169 JSR $6961 C0/66C7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/66C9: EB XBA C0/66CA: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/66CC: F005 BEQ $66D3 C0/66CE: A908 LDA #$08 C0/66D0: 0C0418 TSB $1804 C0/66D3: C230 REP #$30 C0/66D5: A90500 LDA #$0005 C0/66D8: 8D1218 STA $1812 C0/66DB: A9FFFF LDA #$FFFF C0/66DE: 8D1418 STA $1814 C0/66E1: 9C3018 STZ $1830 C0/66E4: AD7018 LDA $1870 C0/66E7: 8D6018 STA $1860 C0/66EA: AD7218 LDA $1872 C0/66ED: 8D6218 STA $1862 C0/66F0: 4C726F JMP $6F72 C0/66F3: E230 SEP #$30 C0/66F5: AD1418 LDA $1814 C0/66F8: D045 BNE $673F C0/66FA: AD0118 LDA $1801 C0/66FD: A2FF LDX #$FF C0/66FF: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/6701: D01D BNE $6720 C0/6703: A201 LDX #$01 C0/6705: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/6707: D017 BNE $6720 C0/6709: AD0718 LDA $1807 C0/670C: D031 BNE $673F C0/670E: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/6711: F027 BEQ $673A C0/6713: A904 LDA #$04 C0/6715: 0C0218 TSB $1802 C0/6718: 9C0618 STZ $1806 C0/671B: 224C6BC0 JSR $C06B4C C0/671F: 60 RTS

C0/6720: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/6723: F00C BEQ $6731 C0/6725: EC0618 CPX $1806 C0/6728: F010 BEQ $673A C0/672A: AD0718 LDA $1807 C0/672D: D00B BNE $673A C0/672F: 8005 BRA $6736 C0/6731: A91E LDA #$1E C0/6733: 8D4818 STA $1848 C0/6736: 8A TXA C0/6737: 8D0618 STA $1806 C0/673A: A904 LDA #$04 C0/673C: 1C0218 TRB $1802 C0/673F: 60 RTS

C0/6740: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6742: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/6745: D02D BNE $6774 C0/6747: AD0318 LDA $1803 C0/674A: 8980 BIT #$80 C0/674C: D026 BNE $6774 C0/674E: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/6750: AD0118 LDA $1801 C0/6753: A20100 LDX #$0001 C0/6756: A00200 LDY #$0002 C0/6759: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/675B: D00A BNE $6767 C0/675D: A2FFFF LDX #$FFFF C0/6760: A00400 LDY #$0004 C0/6763: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/6765: F00D BEQ $6774 C0/6767: 98 TYA C0/6768: 8D1218 STA $1812 C0/676B: 8A TXA C0/676C: 8D1418 STA $1814 C0/676F: A940 LDA #$40 C0/6771: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/6774: 60 RTS

[Somewhere in here lies things important to the ring menu manifesting properly. Around 6800~6810? Incidentally, that section is chock full of JSRs.]

C0/6775: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6777: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/677A: D02C BNE $67A8 C0/677C: AD0018 LDA $1800 C0/677F: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/6781: F025 BEQ $67A8 C0/6783: 224C6BC0 JSR $C06B4C C0/6787: 208669 JSR $6986 C0/678A: F01C BEQ $67A8 C0/678C: 201469 JSR $6914 C0/678F: 20FF68 JSR $68FF C0/6792: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6794: A948 LDA #$48 C0/6796: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/6799: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/679C: 20F86B JSR $6BF8 C0/679F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/67A1: AD0018 LDA $1800 C0/67A4: 2940 AND #$40 C0/67A6: D0F1 BNE $6799 C0/67A8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/67AA: AD0418 LDA $1804 C0/67AD: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/67AF: F00C BEQ $67BD C0/67B1: AD0118 LDA $1801 C0/67B4: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/67B6: D055 BNE $680D C0/67B8: A908 LDA #$08 C0/67BA: 1C0418 TRB $1804 C0/67BD: C230 REP #$30 C0/67BF: AD0018 LDA $1800 C0/67C2: 890040 BIT #$4000 C0/67C5: F046 BEQ $680D C0/67C7: 224C6BC0 JSR $C06B4C C0/67CB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/67CD: A940 LDA #$40 C0/67CF: 2C0318 BIT $1803 C0/67D2: F010 BEQ $67E4 C0/67D4: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/67D7: 200879 JSR $7908 C0/67DA: C220 REP #$20 C0/67DC: 9C0018 STZ $1800 C0/67DF: 20F86B JSR $6BF8 C0/67E2: 803F BRA $6823 C0/67E4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/67E6: AD0318 LDA $1803 C0/67E9: 8988 BIT #$88 C0/67EB: F022 BEQ $680F C0/67ED: 224C6BC0 JSR $C06B4C C0/67F1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/67F3: AD0318 LDA $1803 C0/67F6: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/67F8: F00A BEQ $6804 C0/67FA: A9C8 LDA #$C8 C0/67FC: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/67FF: A902 LDA #$02 C0/6801: 8D0918 STA $1809 C0/6804: 20FF68 JSR $68FF C0/6807: 20F168 JSR $68F1 C0/680A: 209668 JSR $6896 C0/680D: 8038 BRA $6847 C0/680F: AD0518 LDA $1805 C0/6812: CD0818 CMP $1808 C0/6815: F018 BEQ $682F C0/6817: 8D0818 STA $1808 C0/681A: 201469 JSR $6914 C0/681D: 200669 JSR $6906 C0/6820: 20F168 JSR $68F1 C0/6823: C220 REP #$20 C0/6825: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/6828: 290040 AND #$4000 C0/682B: D0F6 BNE $6823 C0/682D: 8018 BRA $6847 C0/682F: C220 REP #$20 C0/6831: 2218CFD0 JSR $D0CF18 C0/6835: A90600 LDA #$0006 C0/6838: 8D1218 STA $1812 C0/683B: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/683E: 8D1418 STA $1814 C0/6841: 20F168 JSR $68F1 C0/6844: 9C2618 STZ $1826 C0/6847: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6849: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/684C: D046 BNE $6894 C0/684E: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6851: D041 BNE $6894 C0/6853: C220 REP #$20 C0/6855: AD0018 LDA $1800 C0/6858: 890080 BIT #$8000 C0/685B: F037 BEQ $6894 C0/685D: 224C6BC0 JSR $C06B4C C0/6861: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6863: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/6866: 3A DEC A C0/6867: D03E BNE $68A7 C0/6869: A980 LDA #$80 C0/686B: 2C0318 BIT $1803 C0/686E: D037 BNE $68A7 C0/6870: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/6873: 8012 BRA $6887 C0/6875: 2290FCD9 JSR $D9FC90 C0/6879: D00C BNE $6887 C0/687B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/687D: A902 LDA #$02 C0/687F: 8D0918 STA $1809 C0/6882: A9CA LDA #$CA C0/6884: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/6887: 200669 JSR $6906 C0/688A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/688C: A904 LDA #$04 C0/688E: 0C0218 TSB $1802 C0/6891: 209668 JSR $6896 C0/6894: 804A BRA $68E0 C0/6896: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/6899: 20F86B JSR $6BF8 C0/689C: C220 REP #$20 C0/689E: AD0018 LDA $1800 C0/68A1: 2900C0 AND #$C000 C0/68A4: D0F0 BNE $6896 C0/68A6: 60 RTS

C0/68A7: 20A271 JSR $71A2 C0/68AA: E230 SEP #$30 C0/68AC: AD2618 LDA $1826 C0/68AF: D005 BNE $68B6 C0/68B1: 223FC8D0 JSR $D0C83F C0/68B5: 60 RTS

C0/68B6: A940 LDA #$40 C0/68B8: 2C0418 BIT $1804 C0/68BB: D023 BNE $68E0 C0/68BD: A910 LDA #$10 C0/68BF: 2C0418 BIT $1804 C0/68C2: D010 BNE $68D4 C0/68C4: AD0318 LDA $1803 C0/68C7: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/68C9: D009 BNE $68D4 C0/68CB: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/68CD: F0A6 BEQ $6875 C0/68CF: 209668 JSR $6896 C0/68D2: 800C BRA $68E0 C0/68D4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/68D6: ADF019 LDA $19F0 C0/68D9: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/68DB: F003 BEQ $68E0 C0/68DD: 209668 JSR $6896 C0/68E0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/68E2: A902 LDA #$02 C0/68E4: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/68E7: C230 REP #$30 C0/68E9: 60 RTS

C0/68EA: 200669 JSR $6906 C0/68ED: 20F168 JSR $68F1 C0/68F0: 6B RTL

C0/68F1: 204369 JSR $6943 C0/68F4: 20F86B JSR $6BF8 C0/68F7: C230 REP #$30 C0/68F9: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/68FC: D0F3 BNE $68F1 C0/68FE: 60 RTS

C0/68FF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6901: A980 LDA #$80 C0/6903: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/6906: C220 REP #$20 C0/6908: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/690B: 8D1218 STA $1812 C0/690E: 8D1418 STA $1814 C0/6911: 4C726F JMP $6F72 C0/6914: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6916: AE0818 LDX $1808 C0/6919: BD7018 LDA $1870,X C0/691C: 8D0918 STA $1809 C0/691F: C230 REP #$30 C0/6921: 60 RTS

C0/6922: C220 REP #$20 C0/6924: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/6927: 290040 AND #$4000 C0/692A: D0F6 BNE $6922 C0/692C: 60 RTS

C0/692D: C220 REP #$20 C0/692F: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/6932: 8D2618 STA $1826 C0/6935: A98080 LDA #$8080 C0/6938: 8DF019 STA $19F0 C0/693B: 8DF219 STA $19F2 C0/693E: 60 RTS

C0/693F: 204369 JSR $6943 C0/6942: 6B RTL

C0/6943: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6945: AD1242 LDA $4212 C0/6948: 30FB BMI $6945 C0/694A: AD1242 LDA $4212 C0/694D: 10FB BPL $694A C0/694F: A908 LDA #$08 C0/6951: 04EC TSB $EC C0/6953: 2297D3D0 JSR $D0D397 [Interesting] C0/6957: C220 REP #$20 C0/6959: 60 RTS

C0/695A: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/695D: 6B RTL

C0/695E: 204369 JSR $6943 C0/6961: C230 REP #$30 C0/6963: 22008000 JSR $008000 C0/6967: AD3618 LDA $1836 C0/696A: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/696D: 0A ASL A C0/696E: AA TAX C0/696F: BF420000 LDA $000042,X C0/6973: 8D0018 STA $1800 C0/6976: 60 RTS

C0/6977: 204369 JSR $6943 C0/697A: 22FBC8D0 JSR $D0C8FB [Interesting] C0/697E: 204369 JSR $6943 C0/6981: 221FCBD0 JSR $D0CB1F [Interesting] C0/6985: 60 RTS

C0/6986: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6988: 9C2018 STZ $1820 C0/698B: AC7718 LDY $1877 C0/698E: 88 DEY C0/698F: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6991: C8 INY C0/6992: C003 CPY #$03 C0/6994: 9002 BCC $6998 C0/6996: A000 LDY #$00 C0/6998: A200 LDX #$00 C0/699A: AD2018 LDA $1820 C0/699D: EE2018 INC $1820 C0/69A0: C903 CMP #$03 C0/69A2: F045 BEQ $69E9 C0/69A4: CC0818 CPY $1808 C0/69A7: F0E6 BEQ $698F C0/69A9: C230 REP #$30 C0/69AB: 98 TYA C0/69AC: EB XBA C0/69AD: 0A ASL A C0/69AE: 18 CLC C0/69AF: 6900E0 ADC #$E000 C0/69B2: AA TAX C0/69B3: BF00007E LDA $7E0000,X C0/69B7: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/69BA: C90100 CMP #$0001 C0/69BD: D0D0 BNE $698F C0/69BF: BF90017E LDA $7E0190,X C0/69C3: 290080 AND #$8000 C0/69C6: D0C7 BNE $698F C0/69C8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/69CA: A901 LDA #$01 C0/69CC: C000 CPY #$00 C0/69CE: F006 BEQ $69D6 C0/69D0: 0A ASL A C0/69D1: C001 CPY #$01 C0/69D3: F001 BEQ $69D6 C0/69D5: 0A ASL A C0/69D6: 48 PHA C0/69D7: 20036B JSR $6B03 C0/69DA: 2301 AND $01,S C0/69DC: AA TAX C0/69DD: 68 PLA C0/69DE: 8A TXA C0/69DF: 0900 ORA #$00 C0/69E1: D0AC BNE $698F C0/69E3: A201 LDX #$01 C0/69E5: 98 TYA C0/69E6: 8D0818 STA $1808 C0/69E9: C230 REP #$30 C0/69EB: 8A TXA C0/69EC: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/69EF: 60 RTS

C0/69F0: C230 REP #$30 C0/69F2: AD3E18 LDA $183E C0/69F5: EB XBA C0/69F6: AA TAX C0/69F7: AD4018 LDA $1840 C0/69FA: EB XBA C0/69FB: A8 TAY C0/69FC: 205B6A JSR $6A5B C0/69FF: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6A01: A900 LDA #$00 C0/6A03: E000 CPX #$00 C0/6A05: F006 BEQ $6A0D C0/6A07: 1A INC A C0/6A08: E002 CPX #$02 C0/6A0A: F001 BEQ $6A0D C0/6A0C: 1A INC A C0/6A0D: 8D0818 STA $1808 C0/6A10: DA PHX C0/6A11: A200 LDX #$00 C0/6A13: A901 LDA #$01 C0/6A15: C000 CPY #$00 C0/6A17: F008 BEQ $6A21 C0/6A19: E8 INX C0/6A1A: 0A ASL A C0/6A1B: C002 CPY #$02 C0/6A1D: F002 BEQ $6A21 C0/6A1F: E8 INX C0/6A20: 0A ASL A C0/6A21: 8E0518 STX $1805 C0/6A24: FA PLX C0/6A25: 48 PHA C0/6A26: 20DE6A JSR $6ADE C0/6A29: 68 PLA C0/6A2A: 20736A JSR $6A73 C0/6A2D: C230 REP #$30 C0/6A2F: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/6A32: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6A35: 18 CLC C0/6A36: 697018 ADC #$1870 C0/6A39: AA TAX C0/6A3A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6A3C: B500 LDA $00,X C0/6A3E: 8D0918 STA $1809 C0/6A41: C230 REP #$30 C0/6A43: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/6A46: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6A49: EB XBA C0/6A4A: 0A ASL A C0/6A4B: 18 CLC C0/6A4C: 6980E1 ADC #$E180 C0/6A4F: 8D4418 STA $1844 C0/6A52: AA TAX C0/6A53: BF10007E LDA $7E0010,X C0/6A57: 290080 AND #$8000 C0/6A5A: 60 RTS

C0/6A5B: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6A5D: DA PHX C0/6A5E: AD0218 LDA $1802 C0/6A61: AE2018 LDX $1820 C0/6A64: E000 CPX #$00 C0/6A66: D004 BNE $6A6C C0/6A68: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/6A6A: 8002 BRA $6A6E C0/6A6C: 29FE AND #$FE C0/6A6E: 8D0218 STA $1802 C0/6A71: FA PLX C0/6A72: 60 RTS

C0/6A73: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6A75: 48 PHA C0/6A76: A201 LDX #$01 C0/6A78: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/6A7A: 2907 AND #$07 C0/6A7C: C301 CMP $01,S C0/6A7E: F00C BEQ $6A8C C0/6A80: A202 LDX #$02 C0/6A82: A5DA LDA $DA C0/6A84: 2907 AND #$07 C0/6A86: C301 CMP $01,S C0/6A88: F002 BEQ $6A8C C0/6A8A: A204 LDX #$04 C0/6A8C: 68 PLA C0/6A8D: 8A TXA C0/6A8E: 0A ASL A C0/6A8F: 0A ASL A C0/6A90: 0A ASL A C0/6A91: 0A ASL A C0/6A92: 0A ASL A C0/6A93: 48 PHA C0/6A94: AD0218 LDA $1802 C0/6A97: 291F AND #$1F C0/6A99: 0301 ORA $01,S C0/6A9B: 8D0218 STA $1802 C0/6A9E: 68 PLA C0/6A9F: 8A TXA C0/6AA0: 4A LSR A C0/6AA1: 8D3618 STA $1836 C0/6AA4: 60 RTS

C0/6AA5: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6AA7: 9C0918 STZ $1809 C0/6AAA: 205B6A JSR $6A5B C0/6AAD: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/6AAF: 3006 BMI $6AB7 C0/6AB1: A5DA LDA $DA C0/6AB3: 3002 BMI $6AB7 C0/6AB5: A5DB LDA $DB C0/6AB7: 2907 AND #$07 C0/6AB9: 4A LSR A C0/6ABA: 8D0818 STA $1808 C0/6ABD: 8D0518 STA $1805 C0/6AC0: 0A ASL A C0/6AC1: D001 BNE $6AC4 C0/6AC3: 1A INC A C0/6AC4: 20736A JSR $6A73 C0/6AC7: C230 REP #$30 C0/6AC9: AD4018 LDA $1840 C0/6ACC: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6ACF: 0A ASL A C0/6AD0: 18 CLC C0/6AD1: 6F80FBD8 ADC $D8FB80 C0/6AD5: AA TAX C0/6AD6: BF0000D8 LDA $D80000,X C0/6ADA: 8D3C18 STA $183C C0/6ADD: 60 RTS

C0/6ADE: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6AE0: 8A TXA C0/6AE1: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/6AE4: 98 TYA C0/6AE5: CD2018 CMP $1820 C0/6AE8: D001 BNE $6AEB C0/6AEA: 60 RTS

C0/6AEB: AD7718 LDA $1877 C0/6AEE: AA TAX C0/6AEF: 200A6B JSR $6B0A C0/6AF2: D00A BNE $6AFE C0/6AF4: E8 INX C0/6AF5: 200A6B JSR $6B0A C0/6AF8: D004 BNE $6AFE C0/6AFA: BF476BC0 LDA $C06B47,X [Table down below] C0/6AFE: 4A LSR A C0/6AFF: 8D0818 STA $1808 C0/6B02: 60 RTS

C0/6B03: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/6B05: 05DA ORA $DA C0/6B07: 05DB ORA $DB C0/6B09: 60 RTS

C0/6B0A: 20036B JSR $6B03 C0/6B0D: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/6B0F: 3F466BC0 AND $C06B46,X [Table down below] C0/6B13: F02E BEQ $6B43 C0/6B15: 48 PHA C0/6B16: DA PHX C0/6B17: C230 REP #$30 C0/6B19: 290600 AND #$0006 C0/6B1C: EB XBA C0/6B1D: 18 CLC C0/6B1E: 6900E0 ADC #$E000 C0/6B21: AA TAX C0/6B22: BF00007E LDA $7E0000,X C0/6B26: A8 TAY C0/6B27: BF90017E LDA $7E0190,X C0/6B2B: 290080 AND #$8000 C0/6B2E: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/6B31: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6B33: FA PLX C0/6B34: 68 PLA C0/6B35: C001 CPY #$01 C0/6B37: D00A BNE $6B43 C0/6B39: AC2118 LDY $1821 C0/6B3C: C000 CPY #$00 C0/6B3E: D003 BNE $6B43 C0/6B40: 0900 ORA #$00 C0/6B42: 60 RTS

C0/6B43: A900 LDA #$00 C0/6B45: 60 RTS

[Table] C0/6B46: 010204 C0/6B49: 010204

[Mana Handler (starts here?). Might include things for cutting out Mana Magic.] C0/6B4C: C230 REP #$30 C0/6B4E: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/6B51: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6B54: 18 CLC C0/6B55: 697018 ADC #$1870 C0/6B58: AA TAX C0/6B59: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6B5B: A908 LDA #$08 C0/6B5D: 2C0318 BIT $1803 C0/6B60: F003 + BEQ $6B65 C0/6B62: 4CD26B JMP $6BD2 C0/6B65: + AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/6B68: 9500 STA $00,X [Store into $1870] C0/6B6A: 22E26BC0 JSR $C06BE2 C0/6B6E: AD0918 LDA $1809 [Current Menu] C0/6B71: C903 CMP #$03 [The upper limit on menus] C0/6B73: B05D + BCS $6BD2 [Branch ahead if the calculation gets above that] C0/6B75: A27318 LDX #$1873 [Load...this thing] C0/6B78: 0900 ORA #$00 [Set no extra bits to the accumulator. That makes sense] C0/6B7A: F051 ++ BEQ $6BCD C0/6B7C: A27618 LDX #$1876 [Load...this thing] C0/6B7F: 3A DEC A C0/6B80: D04B ++ BNE $6BCD C0/6B82: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/6B85: C901 CMP #$01 C0/6B87: D021 +! BNE $6BAA C0/6B89: A27418 LDX #$1874 C0/6B8C: AD0318 LDA $1803 C0/6B8F: 103C ++ BPL $6BCD C0/6B91: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit emulation mode] C0/6B93: 22B0D0D0 JSR $D0D0B0 [Jump to Girl Mana Handler?] C0/6B97: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit emulation mode] C0/6B99: AD3518 LDA $1835 C0/6B9C: 2903 AND #$03 C0/6B9E: 0A ASL A C0/6B9F: 0A ASL A C0/6BA0: 0A ASL A C0/6BA1: 0A ASL A C0/6BA2: 48 PHA C0/6BA3: BD7818 LDA $1878,X C0/6BA6: 2903 AND #$03 C0/6BA8: 801B BRA $6BC5 C0/6BAA: +! A27518 LDX #$1875 C0/6BAD: AD0318 LDA $1803 C0/6BB0: 101B + BPL $6BCD C0/6BB2: C220 REP #$20 C0/6BB4: 22DAD0D0 JSR $D0D0DA [Jump to Sprite Mana Handler?] C0/6BB8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6BBA: AD3518 LDA $1835 C0/6BBD: 2903 AND #$03 C0/6BBF: 48 PHA C0/6BC0: BD7818 LDA $1878,X C0/6BC3: 2930 AND #$30 C0/6BC5: 0301 ORA $01,S C0/6BC7: 9D7818 STA $1878,X C0/6BCA: 68 PLA C0/6BCB: 8005 BRA $6BD2 C0/6BCD: AD3518 LDA $1835 C0/6BD0: 9500 STA $00,X C0/6BD2: + E220 SEP #$20 C0/6BD4: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/6BD7: CD0518 CMP $1805 C0/6BDA: F003 BEQ $6BDF C0/6BDC: 8D7718 STA $1877 C0/6BDF: C220 REP #$20 C0/6BE1: 6B RTL

C0/6BE2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6BE4: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/6BE7: 18 CLC C0/6BE8: 6D2E18 ADC $182E C0/6BEB: CD0B18 CMP $180B C0/6BEE: 9004 BCC $6BF4 C0/6BF0: 38 SEC C0/6BF1: ED0B18 SBC $180B C0/6BF4: 8D3518 STA $1835 C0/6BF7: 6B RTL

[What is this crap?] C0/6BF8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6BFA: A901 LDA #$01 C0/6BFC: 8D0C18 STA $180C C0/6BFF: 8D0718 STA $1807 C0/6C02: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6C05: 0A ASL A C0/6C06: AA TAX C0/6C07: C230 REP #$30 C0/6C09: AD1E18 LDA $181E C0/6C0C: 7C0F6C JMP ($6C0F,X) [Jump table] C0/6C0F: 6D6C 286C 336C 3E6C 1D6C 3E6C 336C [Jump address #4] C0/6C1D: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/6C20: 902A + BCC $6C4C C0/6C22: 18 CLC C0/6C23: 69F6FF ADC #$FFF6 C0/6C26: 801F ++ BRA $6C47 [Jump address #1] C0/6C28: C92400 CMP #$0024 C0/6C2B: B022 +! BCS $6C4F C0/6C2D: 18 CLC C0/6C2E: 690A00 ADC #$000A C0/6C31: 8014 ++ BRA $6C47 [Jump address #2/#6] C0/6C33: C9FE00 CMP #$00FE C0/6C36: B014 + BCS $6C4C C0/6C38: 18 CLC C0/6C39: 690A00 ADC #$000A C0/6C3C: 8009 ++ BRA $6C47 [Jump address #3/#5] C0/6C3E: C92400 CMP #$0024 C0/6C41: 900C +! BCC $6C4F C0/6C43: 18 CLC C0/6C44: 69F6FF ADC #$FFF6 C0/6C47: ++ 8D1E18 STA $181E C0/6C4A: 8021 ++ BRA $6C6D C0/6C4C: + 4C9F6E JMP $6E9F C0/6C4F: +! 9C1218 STZ $1812 [0 out this thing] C0/6C52: 9C1418 STZ $1814 [0 out this thing] C0/6C55: A92400 LDA #$0024 C0/6C58: 8D1E18 STA $181E [Store into this thing] C0/6C5B: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit emulation mode] C0/6C5D: AD0118 LDA $1801 [Load Screen Mode?] C0/6C60: 29FC AND #$FC [Throw out the #03 bits] C0/6C62: 8D0118 STA $1801 [Store back into Screen Mode?] C0/6C65: A904 LDA #$04 C0/6C67: 0C0218 TSB $1802 C0/6C6A: 9C0618 STZ $1806 [Jump address #0] C0/6C6D: ++ C230 REP #$30 C0/6C6F: AD1C18 LDA $181C C0/6C72: 8D6C18 STA $186C C0/6C75: AD1E18 LDA $181E C0/6C78: 8D6E18 STA $186E C0/6C7B: A91200 LDA #$0012 C0/6C7E: 8D2418 STA $1824 C0/6C81: A94808 LDA #$0848 C0/6C84: 8D3218 STA $1832 C0/6C87: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6C89: A23808 LDX #$0838 C0/6C8C: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6C8F: D022 BNE $6CB3 C0/6C91: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/6C94: 3A DEC A C0/6C95: D009 BNE $6CA0 C0/6C97: AD1C18 LDA $181C C0/6C9A: 18 CLC C0/6C9B: 6D6E18 ADC $186E C0/6C9E: 8007 BRA $6CA7 C0/6CA0: AD1C18 LDA $181C C0/6CA3: 38 SEC C0/6CA4: ED6E18 SBC $186E C0/6CA7: 38 SEC C0/6CA8: E908 SBC #$08 C0/6CAA: 9501 STA $01,X C0/6CAC: 9505 STA $05,X C0/6CAE: 18 CLC C0/6CAF: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/6CB1: 8006 BRA $6CB9 C0/6CB3: A9E8 LDA #$E8 C0/6CB5: 9501 STA $01,X C0/6CB7: 9505 STA $05,X C0/6CB9: 9509 STA $09,X C0/6CBB: 950D STA $0D,X C0/6CBD: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6CBF: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6CC2: D052 BNE $6D16 C0/6CC4: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/6CC7: F04D BEQ $6D16 C0/6CC9: AD0118 LDA $1801 C0/6CCC: 2903 AND #$03 C0/6CCE: D046 BNE $6D16 C0/6CD0: 20376D JSR $6D37 C0/6CD3: C230 REP #$30 C0/6CD5: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6CD8: 0A ASL A C0/6CD9: 0A ASL A C0/6CDA: 0A ASL A C0/6CDB: 0A ASL A C0/6CDC: 18 CLC C0/6CDD: 69C018 ADC #$18C0 C0/6CE0: AA TAX C0/6CE1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6CE3: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/6CE6: 3011 BMI $6CF9 C0/6CE8: C220 REP #$20 C0/6CEA: B508 LDA $08,X C0/6CEC: 38 SEC C0/6CED: E91200 SBC #$0012 C0/6CF0: 2900FC AND #$FC00 C0/6CF3: F021 BEQ $6D16 C0/6CF5: B508 LDA $08,X C0/6CF7: 8013 BRA $6D0C C0/6CF9: C220 REP #$20 C0/6CFB: B508 LDA $08,X C0/6CFD: 18 CLC C0/6CFE: 691200 ADC #$0012 C0/6D01: C90004 CMP #$0400 C0/6D04: 9010 BCC $6D16 C0/6D06: A90004 LDA #$0400 C0/6D09: 38 SEC C0/6D0A: F508 SBC $08,X C0/6D0C: 8D2418 STA $1824 C0/6D0F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6D11: AD4818 LDA $1848 C0/6D14: D03F BNE $6D55 C0/6D16: 201C6D JSR $6D1C C0/6D19: 4C9F6E JMP $6E9F C0/6D1C: C230 REP #$30 C0/6D1E: A2C018 LDX #$18C0 C0/6D21: AD0B18 LDA $180B C0/6D24: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6D27: 48 PHA C0/6D28: DA PHX C0/6D29: 20746D JSR $6D74 C0/6D2C: 68 PLA C0/6D2D: 18 CLC C0/6D2E: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/6D31: AA TAX C0/6D32: 68 PLA C0/6D33: 3A DEC A C0/6D34: D0F1 BNE $6D27 C0/6D36: 60 RTS

C0/6D37: E230 SEP #$30 C0/6D39: AE0A18 LDX $180A C0/6D3C: CA DEX C0/6D3D: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/6D40: 3002 BMI $6D44 C0/6D42: E8 INX C0/6D43: E8 INX C0/6D44: 8A TXA C0/6D45: EC0B18 CPX $180B C0/6D48: 900A BCC $6D54 C0/6D4A: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6D4B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/6D4D: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/6D4E: 1004 BPL $6D54 C0/6D50: AD0B18 LDA $180B C0/6D53: 3A DEC A C0/6D54: 60 RTS

C0/6D55: C220 REP #$20 C0/6D57: 201C6D JSR $6D1C C0/6D5A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6D5C: AD4818 LDA $1848 C0/6D5F: F012 BEQ $6D73 C0/6D61: CE4818 DEC $1848 C0/6D64: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/6D67: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6D69: AD0118 LDA $1801 C0/6D6C: 8903 BIT #$03 C0/6D6E: D0EA BNE $6D5A C0/6D70: 9C4818 STZ $1848 C0/6D73: 60 RTS

C0/6D74: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6D76: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6D79: F006 BEQ $6D81 C0/6D7B: C903 CMP #$03 C0/6D7D: B014 BCS $6D93 C0/6D7F: 8007 BRA $6D88 C0/6D81: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/6D84: F059 BEQ $6DDF C0/6D86: 300B BMI $6D93 C0/6D88: C220 REP #$20 C0/6D8A: B508 LDA $08,X C0/6D8C: A8 TAY C0/6D8D: 38 SEC C0/6D8E: ED2418 SBC $1824 C0/6D91: 8009 BRA $6D9C C0/6D93: C220 REP #$20 C0/6D95: B508 LDA $08,X C0/6D97: A8 TAY C0/6D98: 18 CLC C0/6D99: 6D2418 ADC $1824 C0/6D9C: 48 PHA C0/6D9D: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/6DA0: 9508 STA $08,X C0/6DA2: F00E BEQ $6DB2 C0/6DA4: 68 PLA C0/6DA5: 2900FC AND #$FC00 C0/6DA8: F035 BEQ $6DDF C0/6DAA: 98 TYA C0/6DAB: C90000 CMP #$0000 C0/6DAE: F02F BEQ $6DDF C0/6DB0: 8006 BRA $6DB8 C0/6DB2: 68 PLA C0/6DB3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6DB5: 9C0718 STZ $1807 C0/6DB8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6DBA: AD0618 LDA $1806 C0/6DBD: 18 CLC C0/6DBE: 6D0A18 ADC $180A C0/6DC1: 9C0A18 STZ $180A C0/6DC4: CD0B18 CMP $180B C0/6DC7: 9006 BCC $6DCF C0/6DC9: 1007 BPL $6DD2 C0/6DCB: AD0B18 LDA $180B C0/6DCE: 3A DEC A C0/6DCF: 8D0A18 STA $180A C0/6DD2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6DD4: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6DD7: D006 BNE $6DDF C0/6DD9: C220 REP #$20 C0/6DDB: 2210CFD0 JSR $D0CF10 C0/6DDF: C230 REP #$30 C0/6DE1: DA PHX C0/6DE2: AD1A18 LDA $181A C0/6DE5: 8D6A18 STA $186A C0/6DE8: B508 LDA $08,X C0/6DEA: 48 PHA C0/6DEB: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/6DEE: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6DF1: 3A DEC A C0/6DF2: D008 BNE $6DFC C0/6DF4: A301 LDA $01,S C0/6DF6: 18 CLC C0/6DF7: 690002 ADC #$0200 C0/6DFA: 8301 STA $01,S C0/6DFC: 68 PLA C0/6DFD: 8D6818 STA $1868 C0/6E00: 2200FCD9 JSR $D9FC00 C0/6E04: FA PLX C0/6E05: 9504 STA $04,X C0/6E07: 9402 STY $02,X C0/6E09: 208D6E JSR $6E8D C0/6E0C: 9007 BCC $6E15 C0/6E0E: A9E800 LDA #$00E8 C0/6E11: 9504 STA $04,X C0/6E13: 8003 BRA $6E18 C0/6E15: 9C0C18 STZ $180C C0/6E18: AC3218 LDY $1832 C0/6E1B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6E1D: B500 LDA $00,X C0/6E1F: 1015 BPL $6E36 C0/6E21: EE2218 INC $1822 C0/6E24: AD2218 LDA $1822 C0/6E27: C905 CMP #$05 C0/6E29: 900B BCC $6E36 C0/6E2B: C909 CMP #$09 C0/6E2D: 9003 BCC $6E32 C0/6E2F: 9C2218 STZ $1822 C0/6E32: A9E8 LDA #$E8 C0/6E34: 9504 STA $04,X C0/6E36: B504 LDA $04,X C0/6E38: EB XBA C0/6E39: B502 LDA $02,X C0/6E3B: C220 REP #$20 C0/6E3D: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/6E40: C8 INY C0/6E41: C8 INY C0/6E42: AD2218 LDA $1822 C0/6E45: F00C BEQ $6E53 C0/6E47: B500 LDA $00,X C0/6E49: 1008 BPL $6E53 C0/6E4B: B506 LDA $06,X C0/6E4D: 18 CLC C0/6E4E: 6D2218 ADC $1822 C0/6E51: 8002 BRA $6E55 C0/6E53: B506 LDA $06,X C0/6E55: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/6E58: C8 INY C0/6E59: C8 INY C0/6E5A: 8C3218 STY $1832 C0/6E5D: B50A LDA $0A,X C0/6E5F: F029 BEQ $6E8A C0/6E61: A8 TAY C0/6E62: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6E64: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/6E67: 3A DEC A C0/6E68: F020 BEQ $6E8A C0/6E6A: B504 LDA $04,X C0/6E6C: C9E8 CMP #$E8 C0/6E6E: F013 BEQ $6E83 C0/6E70: EB XBA C0/6E71: B502 LDA $02,X C0/6E73: C220 REP #$20 C0/6E75: 18 CLC C0/6E76: 690505 ADC #$0505 C0/6E79: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/6E7C: B502 LDA $02,X C0/6E7E: C9FB00 CMP #$00FB C0/6E81: 9007 BCC $6E8A C0/6E83: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6E85: A9E8 LDA #$E8 C0/6E87: 990100 STA $0001,Y C0/6E8A: C230 REP #$30 C0/6E8C: 60 RTS

C0/6E8D: B502 LDA $02,X C0/6E8F: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/6E92: B009 BCS $6E9D C0/6E94: B504 LDA $04,X C0/6E96: C9E800 CMP #$00E8 C0/6E99: B002 BCS $6E9D C0/6E9B: 18 CLC C0/6E9C: 60 RTS

C0/6E9D: 38 SEC C0/6E9E: 60 RTS

C0/6E9F: AD0C18 LDA $180C C0/6EA2: F040 BEQ $6EE4 C0/6EA4: 224C6BC0 JSR $C06B4C C0/6EA8: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6EAB: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/6EAD: C90300 CMP #$0003 C0/6EB0: F032 BEQ $6EE4 C0/6EB2: A8 TAY C0/6EB3: 18 CLC C0/6EB4: 69E96E ADC #$6EE9 C0/6EB7: AA TAX C0/6EB8: BF0000C0 LDA $C00000,X C0/6EBC: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6EBF: AA TAX C0/6EC0: AD1E18 LDA $181E C0/6EC3: C00500 CPY #$0005 C0/6EC6: D007 BNE $6ECF C0/6EC8: C92400 CMP #$0024 C0/6ECB: F011 BEQ $6EDE C0/6ECD: 8015 BRA $6EE4 C0/6ECF: C00600 CPY #$0006 C0/6ED2: D00A BNE $6EDE C0/6ED4: 223FC8D0 JSR $D0C83F C0/6ED8: 9C1218 STZ $1812 C0/6EDB: 4C4369 JMP $6943 C0/6EDE: 8E1218 STX $1812 C0/6EE1: 20776F JSR $6F77 C0/6EE4: 22F6CBD0 JSR $D0CBF6 C0/6EE8: 60 RTS

[Table for above subroutine] C0/6EE9: 0002 BRK #$02 [DANGER] C0/6EEB: 0104 ORA ($04,X) C0/6EED: 0300 ORA $00,S C0/6EEF: 00E2 BRK #$E2 C0/6EF1: 30A9 BMI $6E9C C0/6EF3: 082C 0318 BIT $1803 C0/6EF7: F016 BEQ $6F0F C0/6EF9: AD1418 LDA $1814 C0/6EFC: A20618 LDX #$1806 C0/6EFF: 6D0918 ADC $1809 C0/6F02: C90490 CMP #$9004 C0/6F05: 51AA EOR ($AA),Y C0/6F07: C90790 CMP #$9007 C0/6F0A: 4CA204 JMP $04A2 C0/6F0D: 8048 BRA $6F57 C0/6F0F: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/6F12: C902D0 CMP #$D002 C0/6F15: 1FAD0918 ORA $1809AD,X C0/6F19: A20618 LDX #$1806 C0/6F1C: 6D1418 ADC $1814 C0/6F1F: 3007 BMI $6F28 C0/6F21: AA TAX C0/6F22: C90790 CMP #$9007 C0/6F25: 02A2 COP #$A2 C0/6F27: 008E BRK #$8E [DANGER] C0/6F29: 0918E0 ORA #$E018 C0/6F2C: 00F0 BRK #$F0 C0/6F2E: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/6F2F: E00490 CPX #$9004 C0/6F32: E380 SBC $80,S C0/6F34: 22AD0918 JSR $1809AD C0/6F38: A20318 LDX #$1803 C0/6F3B: 6D1418 ADC $1814 C0/6F3E: 3007 BMI $6F47 C0/6F40: AA TAX C0/6F41: C90490 CMP #$9004 C0/6F44: 02A2 COP #$A2 C0/6F46: 00AD BRK #$AD C0/6F48: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/6F49: 18 CLC C0/6F4A: D00B BNE $6F57 C0/6F4C: E001D0 CPX #$D001 C0/6F4F: 07AD ORA [$AD] C0/6F51: 1418 TRB $18 C0/6F53: 1002 BPL $6F57 C0/6F55: A2008A LDX #$8A00 C0/6F58: 8D0918 STA $1809 C0/6F5B: C220 REP #$20 C0/6F5D: 60 RTS

C0/6F5E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6F60: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6F63: C903 CMP #$03 C0/6F65: D006 BNE $6F6D C0/6F67: 2220CFD0 JSR $D0CF20 C0/6F6B: 8004 BRA $6F71 C0/6F6D: 2218CFD0 JSR $D0CF18 C0/6F71: 60 RTS

C0/6F72: 205E6F JSR $6F5E C0/6F75: 8006 BRA $6F7D C0/6F77: 205E6F JSR $6F5E C0/6F7A: 20F06E JSR $6EF0 C0/6F7D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/6F7F: 9C4818 STZ $1848 C0/6F82: 9C0618 STZ $1806 C0/6F85: 20416A JSR $6A41 C0/6F88: 223FC8D0 JSR $D0C83F C0/6F8C: 2248CFD0 JSR $D0CF48 C0/6F90: 200871 JSR $7108 C0/6F93: F0E5 BEQ $6F7A C0/6F95: 207769 JSR $6977 C0/6F98: C230 REP #$30 C0/6F9A: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/6F9D: A04800 LDY #$0048 C0/6FA0: AD1218 LDA $1812 C0/6FA3: C90100 CMP #$0001 C0/6FA6: F006 BEQ $6FAE C0/6FA8: A2E800 LDX #$00E8 C0/6FAB: A098FE LDY #$FE98 C0/6FAE: 8E1E18 STX $181E C0/6FB1: 8C1618 STY $1816 C0/6FB4: 9C2218 STZ $1822 C0/6FB7: 223D79C0 JSR $C0793D C0/6FBB: A22C08 LDX #$082C C0/6FBE: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/6FC1: 20E370 JSR $70E3 C0/6FC4: 18 CLC C0/6FC5: 690A01 ADC #$010A C0/6FC8: 9502 STA $02,X C0/6FCA: A90200 LDA #$0002 C0/6FCD: 20E370 JSR $70E3 C0/6FD0: 18 CLC C0/6FD1: 690C01 ADC #$010C C0/6FD4: 9506 STA $06,X C0/6FD6: A90300 LDA #$0003 C0/6FD9: 20E370 JSR $70E3 C0/6FDC: 18 CLC C0/6FDD: 690E01 ADC #$010E C0/6FE0: 950A STA $0A,X C0/6FE2: A23808 LDX #$0838 C0/6FE5: AD1A18 LDA $181A C0/6FE8: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/6FEB: 0900E8 ORA #$E800 C0/6FEE: 38 SEC C0/6FEF: E90800 SBC #$0008 C0/6FF2: 9500 STA $00,X C0/6FF4: 9508 STA $08,X C0/6FF6: 18 CLC C0/6FF7: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/6FFA: 9504 STA $04,X C0/6FFC: 950C STA $0C,X C0/6FFE: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/7001: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7004: 1A INC A C0/7005: 20E370 JSR $70E3 C0/7008: 18 CLC C0/7009: 690801 ADC #$0108 C0/700C: 9502 STA $02,X C0/700E: 090040 ORA #$4000 C0/7011: 9506 STA $06,X C0/7013: 090080 ORA #$8000 C0/7016: 950E STA $0E,X C0/7018: 29FFBF AND #$BFFF C0/701B: 950A STA $0A,X C0/701D: A2C018 LDX #$18C0 C0/7020: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/7023: AD0B18 LDA $180B C0/7026: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7029: 48 PHA C0/702A: 7400 STZ $00,X C0/702C: 7402 STZ $02,X C0/702E: A9E800 LDA #$00E8 C0/7031: 9504 STA $04,X C0/7033: 20A370 JSR $70A3 C0/7036: 98 TYA C0/7037: 0A ASL A C0/7038: C00800 CPY #$0008 C0/703B: 9004 BCC $7041 C0/703D: 18 CLC C0/703E: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/7041: 18 CLC C0/7042: 69E000 ADC #$00E0 C0/7045: 48 PHA C0/7046: AD0218 LDA $1802 C0/7049: 290100 AND #$0001 C0/704C: F003 BEQ $7051 C0/704E: A90008 LDA #$0800 C0/7051: 18 CLC C0/7052: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/7054: 090030 ORA #$3000 C0/7057: C00300 CPY #$0003 C0/705A: 209C70 JSR $709C C0/705D: C00600 CPY #$0006 C0/7060: 209C70 JSR $709C C0/7063: C00900 CPY #$0009 C0/7066: 209C70 JSR $709C C0/7069: 9506 STA $06,X C0/706B: AD1018 LDA $1810 C0/706E: 1007 BPL $7077 C0/7070: B500 LDA $00,X C0/7072: 090080 ORA #$8000 C0/7075: 9500 STA $00,X C0/7077: 68 PLA C0/7078: 98 TYA C0/7079: 0A ASL A C0/707A: 18 CLC C0/707B: 6D0E18 ADC $180E C0/707E: DA PHX C0/707F: AA TAX C0/7080: BF0000D8 LDA $D80000,X C0/7084: FA PLX C0/7085: 18 CLC C0/7086: 6D1618 ADC $1816 C0/7089: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/708C: 9508 STA $08,X C0/708E: 8A TXA C0/708F: 18 CLC C0/7090: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/7093: AA TAX C0/7094: C8 INY C0/7095: 68 PLA C0/7096: 3A DEC A C0/7097: F052 BEQ $70EB C0/7099: 4C2970 JMP $7029 C0/709C: 9004 BCC $70A2 C0/709E: 18 CLC C0/709F: 690002 ADC #$0200 C0/70A2: 60 RTS

C0/70A3: C230 REP #$30 C0/70A5: 740A STZ $0A,X C0/70A7: DA PHX C0/70A8: 98 TYA C0/70A9: 0A ASL A C0/70AA: AA TAX C0/70AB: BDA018 LDA $18A0,X C0/70AE: 8D1018 STA $1810 C0/70B1: 290300 AND #$0003 C0/70B4: FA PLX C0/70B5: 090000 ORA #$0000 C0/70B8: F020 BEQ $70DA C0/70BA: 3A DEC A C0/70BB: 0A ASL A C0/70BC: 48 PHA C0/70BD: EB XBA C0/70BE: DA PHX C0/70BF: AA TAX C0/70C0: BF00E07E LDA $7EE000,X C0/70C4: FA PLX C0/70C5: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/70C8: 3A DEC A C0/70C9: F005 BEQ $70D0 C0/70CB: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/70CE: 8007 BRA $70D7 C0/70D0: A301 LDA $01,S C0/70D2: 0A ASL A C0/70D3: 18 CLC C0/70D4: 692C08 ADC #$082C C0/70D7: 950A STA $0A,X C0/70D9: 68 PLA C0/70DA: 60 RTS

C0/70DB: 20E370 JSR $70E3 C0/70DE: 6B RTL

C0/70DF: 20EC70 JSR $70EC C0/70E2: 6B RTL

C0/70E3: 20EC70 JSR $70EC C0/70E6: EB XBA C0/70E7: 0A ASL A C0/70E8: 090030 ORA #$3000 C0/70EB: 60 RTS

C0/70EC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/70EE: 48 PHA C0/70EF: AD0218 LDA $1802 C0/70F2: 2901 AND #$01 C0/70F4: F004 BEQ $70FA C0/70F6: A900 LDA #$00 C0/70F8: 8002 BRA $70FC C0/70FA: A904 LDA #$04 C0/70FC: 18 CLC C0/70FD: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/70FF: 8301 STA $01,S C0/7101: 68 PLA C0/7102: C220 REP #$20 C0/7104: 290700 AND #$0007 C0/7107: 60 RTS

C0/7108: C230 REP #$30 C0/710A: A0EBFF LDY #$FFEB C0/710D: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/7110: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/7113: EB XBA C0/7114: 0A ASL A C0/7115: AA TAX C0/7116: E00004 CPX #$0400 C0/7119: 9003 BCC $711E C0/711B: A0EEFF LDY #$FFEE C0/711E: 203471 JSR $7134 C0/7121: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/7124: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7127: F034 BEQ $715D C0/7129: 3A DEC A C0/712A: F020 BEQ $714C C0/712C: A0F8FF LDY #$FFF8 C0/712F: 203471 JSR $7134 C0/7132: 8029 BRA $715D [] C0/7134: BF20E07E LDA $7EE020,X C0/7138: 38 SEC C0/7139: E90800 SBC #$0008 C0/713C: 8D1A18 STA $181A C0/713F: 5A PHY C0/7140: BF22E07E LDA $7EE022,X C0/7144: 18 CLC C0/7145: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/7147: 8D1C18 STA $181C C0/714A: 7A PLY C0/714B: 60 RTS

[Related to ring menu items] C0/714C: AE3E18 LDX $183E C0/714F: 8A TXA C0/7150: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/7151: 6980E1 ADC #$E180 [What.] C0/7154: 8D4418 STA $1844 C0/7157: A0CFFF LDY #$FFCF C0/715A: 203471 JSR $7134 [??] C0/715D: A20000 LDX #$0000 [Initialize X register to 0] C0/7160: - BD8018 LDA $1880,X [Item related string] C0/7163: C9FFFF CMP #$FFFF [Load #$FFFF into Accumulator] C0/7166: F004 + BEQ $716C [Branch ahead if it's equal to that] C0/7168: E8 INX [Increment X] C0/7169: E8 INX [Increment X again] C0/716A: 80F4 - BRA $7160 [Loop back unconditionally] C0/716C: + 8A TXA [Transfer X result to Accumulator] C0/716D: 4A LSR A [Divide it by 2] C0/716E: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit emulation mode] C0/7170: 8D0B18 STA $180B [Reference for ring size] C0/7173: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit emulation mode] C0/7175: 29FF00 AND #$00FF [Throw out the second byte] C0/7178: 3A DEC A [Decrement the Accumulator] C0/7179: 0A ASL A [Multiply the Accumulator by 2] C0/717A: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/717B: BF18FFD8 LDA $D8FF18,X [Load Ring Layout Pointer Table item] C0/717F: 8D0E18 STA $180E [Store into Ring Menu Layout pointer] C0/7182: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/7185: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7188: 0A ASL A C0/7189: EB XBA C0/718A: 290006 AND #$0600 C0/718D: 8D4918 STA $1849 C0/7190: AD8018 LDA $1880 C0/7193: 38 SEC C0/7194: E9FFFF SBC #$FFFF C0/7197: F008 + BEQ $71A1 C0/7199: AD8018 LDA $1880 C0/719C: 38 SEC C0/719D: EF16FFD8 SBC $D8FF16 C0/71A1: + 60 RTS

C0/71A2: E230 SEP #$30 C0/71A4: A902 LDA #$02 C0/71A6: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/71A9: A9F0 LDA #$F0 C0/71AB: 1C0418 TRB $1804 C0/71AE: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/71B1: F003 BEQ $71B6 C0/71B3: 4CB57A JMP $7AB5 C0/71B6: E230 SEP #$30 C0/71B8: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/71BB: 0A ASL A C0/71BC: AA TAX C0/71BD: C230 REP #$30 C0/71BF: BDA018 LDA $18A0,X C0/71C2: 290040 AND #$4000 C0/71C5: D024 BNE $71EB C0/71C7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/71C9: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/71CC: C903 CMP #$03 C0/71CE: 901E BCC $71EE C0/71D0: 2208CFD0 JSR $D0CF08 C0/71D4: A940 LDA #$40 C0/71D6: 2C0318 BIT $1803 C0/71D9: D013 BNE $71EE C0/71DB: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/71DE: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/71E1: 8D5C18 STA $185C C0/71E4: 204A79 JSR $794A C0/71E7: 8D5D18 STA $185D C0/71EA: 60 RTS

C0/71EB: 4C9475 JMP $7594 C0/71EE: E230 SEP #$30 C0/71F0: 9C2618 STZ $1826 C0/71F3: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/71F6: C904 CMP #$04 C0/71F8: B003 BCS $71FD C0/71FA: 8DF019 STA $19F0 C0/71FD: 0A ASL A C0/71FE: AA TAX C0/71FF: C230 REP #$30 C0/7201: 7C0472 JMP ($7204,X)

[Table] C0/7204: 1272 C0/7206: B372 C0/7208: DB73 C0/720A: 7F74 C0/720C: 8A74 C0/720E: 8A74 C0/7210: 8A74

[] C0/7212: E230 C0/7214: AD0818 LDX $1808 C0/7217: 8DF219 STA $19F2 C0/721A: AE7318 LDX $1873 C0/721D: BF48CC7E LDA $7ECC48,X [Load item] C0/7221: 291F AND #$1F (-> AND #$0F) C0/7223: 8DF119 STA $19F1 [Store into ItemType] C0/7226: C906 CMP #$06 [Compare with #$06] {Magic Rope} C0/7228: F055 + BEQ $727F C0/722A: C907 CMP #$07 [Compare with #$07] {Flammie Drum} C0/722C: F051 + BEQ $727F C0/722E: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/7230: A900 LDA #$00 C0/7232: 8D4218 STA $1842 C0/7235: 2260DAD0 JSR $D0DA60 C0/7239: F036 BEQ $7271 C0/723B: 2258DBD0 JSR $D0DB58 C0/723F: D034 BNE $7275 C0/7241: 2208CFD0 JSR $D0CF08 C0/7245: 207E78 JSR $787E C0/7248: C230 REP #$30 C0/724A: AE2218 LDX $1822 C0/724D: B500 LDA $00,X C0/724F: 29000E AND #$0E00 C0/7252: AA TAX C0/7253: ADF119 LDA $19F1 C0/7256: 222A00C0 JSR $C0002A C0/725A: E230 SEP #$30 C0/725C: ADF119 LDA $19F1 C0/725F: C908 CMP #$08 C0/7261: F00D BEQ $7270 C0/7263: C909 CMP #$09 C0/7265: F009 BEQ $7270 C0/7267: AE7318 LDX $1873 C0/726A: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/726C: 22C378C0 JSR $C078C3 C0/7270: 60 RTS

C0/7271: 2200CFD0 JSR $D0CF00 C0/7275: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7277: A910 LDA #$10 C0/7279: 0C0418 TSB $1804 C0/727C: 4C2D69 JMP $692D

{Magic Rope/Flammie Drum} C0/727F: + E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/7281: AEF119 LDX $19F1 [Load ItemType into X] C0/7284: A980 LDA #$80 [Load #$80] C0/7286: E007 CPX #$07 [Compare #$07 with X] {Flammie Drum} C0/7288: F007 + BEQ $7291 C0/728A: 4A LSR A C0/728B: E006 CPX #$06 C0/728D: F002 + BEQ $7291 C0/728F: 8005 BRA $7296 C0/7291: + 2C1F01 BIT $011F [Bit test Accumulator with $011F] {Bits for !Rope and !Flammie?} C0/7294: F005 + BEQ $729B C0/7296: 2208CFD0 JSR $D0CF08 C0/729A: 60 RTS

{Magic Rope/Flammie Drum Error Message} C0/729B: + ADF119 LDA $19F1 [Load ItemType] C0/729E: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/729F: 6938 ADC #$38 [Add #$38] C0/72A1: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/72A2: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/72A3: C230 REP #$30 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/72A5: BF820BCA LDA $CA0B82,X C0/72A9: AA TAX C0/72AA: A9CA00 LDA #$00CA C0/72AD: 22B5D5D0 JSR $D0D5B5 C0/72B1: 80BE BRA $7271

C0/72B3: 224C6BC0 JSR $C06B4C C0/72B7: 225DCED0 JSR $D0CE5D C0/72BB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/72BD: 8DD319 STA $19D3 C0/72C0: C230 REP #$30 C0/72C2: 22AC73C0 JSR $C073AC C0/72C6: B007 BCS $72CF C0/72C8: 2200CFD0 JSR $D0CF00 C0/72CC: 4C2D69 JMP $692D

C0/72CF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/72D1: 8D5B18 STA $185B C0/72D4: 8E2C18 STX $182C C0/72D7: 2260DAD0 JSR $D0DA60 C0/72DB: F009 BEQ $72E6 C0/72DD: 2258DBD0 JSR $D0DB58 C0/72E1: F01A BEQ $72FD C0/72E3: 4C7572 JMP $7275 C0/72E6: 2200CFD0 JSR $D0CF00 C0/72EA: C220 REP #$20 C0/72EC: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/72EF: 20F86B JSR $6BF8 C0/72F2: AD0018 LDA $1800 C0/72F5: 290080 AND #$8000 C0/72F8: D0F0 BNE $72EA C0/72FA: 4C7572 JMP $7275

C0/72FD: 2208CFD0 JSR $D0CF08 C0/7301: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7303: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/7306: 8DF119 STA $19F1 C0/7309: 207E78 JSR $787E C0/730C: 201F73 JSR $731F C0/730F: C230 REP #$30 C0/7311: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/7314: 290300 AND #$0003 C0/7317: EB XBA C0/7318: 0A ASL A C0/7319: AA TAX C0/731A: 221B00C0 JSR $C0001B C0/731E: 60 RTS

C0/731F: C230 REP #$30 C0/7321: AD4418 LDA $1844 C0/7324: 18 CLC C0/7325: 69F0FF ADC #$FFF0 C0/7328: AA TAX C0/7329: E220 SEP #$20 C0/732B: AD3918 LDA $1839 C0/732E: 9F00007E STA $7E0000,X C0/7332: AD4618 LDA $1846 C0/7335: 9F07007E STA $7E0007,X C0/7339: A900 LDA #$00 C0/733B: 9F08007E STA $7E0008,X C0/733F: 9F09007E STA $7E0009,X C0/7343: 9F0A007E STA $7E000A,X C0/7347: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/734A: DA PHX C0/734B: AE2218 LDX $1822 C0/734E: B501 LDA $01,X C0/7350: FA PLX C0/7351: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/7353: F00F BEQ $7364 C0/7355: 290E AND #$0E C0/7357: 4A LSR A C0/7358: 1A INC A C0/7359: 9F08007E STA $7E0008,X C0/735D: A901 LDA #$01 C0/735F: 9F06007E STA $7E0006,X C0/7363: 60 RTS

C0/7364: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/7367: AD4218 LDA $1842 C0/736A: 1003 BPL $736F C0/736C: C8 INY C0/736D: C8 INY C0/736E: C8 INY C0/736F: 98 TYA C0/7370: DA PHX C0/7371: 1A INC A C0/7372: AC1218 LDY $1812 C0/7375: C00000 CPY #$0000 C0/7378: F008 BEQ $7382 C0/737A: 9F08007E STA $7E0008,X C0/737E: EE2018 INC $1820 C0/7381: E8 INX C0/7382: 1A INC A C0/7383: AC1418 LDY $1814 C0/7386: C00000 CPY #$0000 C0/7389: F008 BEQ $7393 C0/738B: 9F08007E STA $7E0008,X C0/738F: EE2018 INC $1820 C0/7392: E8 INX C0/7393: 1A INC A C0/7394: AC1618 LDY $1816 C0/7397: C00000 CPY #$0000 C0/739A: F007 BEQ $73A3 C0/739C: 9F08007E STA $7E0008,X C0/73A0: EE2018 INC $1820 C0/73A3: FA PLX C0/73A4: AD2018 LDA $1820 C0/73A7: 9F06007E STA $7E0006,X C0/73AB: 60 RTS

C0/73AC: C230 REP #$30 C0/73AE: AD4418 LDA $1844 C0/73B1: 18 CLC C0/73B2: 69E0FE ADC #$FEE0 C0/73B5: AA TAX C0/73B6: E220 SEP #$20 C0/73B8: BF00007E LDA $7E0000,X C0/73BC: F004 BEQ $73C2 C0/73BE: C940 CMP #$40 C0/73C0: D017 BNE $73D9 C0/73C2: A28601 LDX #$0186 C0/73C5: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/73C8: 2901 AND #$01 C0/73CA: D003 BNE $73CF C0/73CC: A28603 LDX #$0386 C0/73CF: BF00E27E LDA $7EE200,X C0/73D3: 38 SEC C0/73D4: ED4318 SBC $1843 C0/73D7: B001 BCS $73DA C0/73D9: 18 CLC C0/73DA: 6B RTL

C0/73DB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/73DD: A2FD19 LDX #$19FD C0/73E0: AD3618 LDA $1836 C0/73E3: 9500 STA $00,X C0/73E5: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/73E8: 9501 STA $01,X C0/73EA: AD0218 LDA $1802 C0/73ED: 9502 STA $02,X C0/73EF: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/73F1: 8DF019 STA $19F0 C0/73F4: AD7618 LDA $1876 C0/73F7: F01E BEQ $7417 C0/73F9: 3A DEC A C0/73FA: F039 BEQ $7435 C0/73FC: 2208CFD0 JSR $D0CF08 C0/7400: 48 PHA C0/7401: 229500C0 JSR $C00095 C0/7405: 68 PLA C0/7406: 220F00C0 JSR $C0000F C0/740A: 221800C2 JSR $C20018 C0/740E: C220 REP #$20 C0/7410: ADCE19 LDA $19CE C0/7413: 1B TCS C0/7414: 4C5C64 JMP $645C C0/7417: 2290FCD9 JSR $D9FC90 C0/741B: F033 BEQ $7450 C0/741D: 2208CFD0 JSR $D0CF08 C0/7421: 223FC8D0 JSR $D0C83F C0/7425: 202D69 JSR $692D C0/7428: E220 SEP #$20 C0/742A: A908 LDA #$08 C0/742C: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/742F: A904 LDA #$04 C0/7431: 8D0918 STA $1809 C0/7434: 60 RTS

C0/7435: E230 SEP #$30 C0/7437: A980 LDA #$80 C0/7439: 8DF019 STA $19F0 C0/743C: A980 LDA #$80 C0/743E: 8D4218 STA $1842 C0/7441: 2260DAD0 JSR $D0DA60 C0/7445: F009 BEQ $7450 C0/7447: 2258DBD0 JSR $D0DB58 C0/744B: F006 BEQ $7453 C0/744D: 4C7572 JMP $7275 C0/7450: 4C7172 JMP $7271 C0/7453: 2240CFD0 JSR $D0CF40 C0/7457: C230 REP #$30 C0/7459: 207E78 JSR $787E C0/745C: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/745E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7460: ADF319 LDA $19F3 C0/7463: AE4418 LDX $1844 C0/7466: 9F2C007E STA $7E002C,X C0/746A: C230 REP #$30 C0/746C: 8A TXA C0/746D: 290006 AND #$0600 C0/7470: AA TAX C0/7471: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/7474: 222400C1 JSR $C10024 C0/7478: A9C001 LDA #$01C0 C0/747B: 8DF019 STA $19F0 C0/747E: 60 RTS

C0/747F: 2208CFD0 JSR $D0CF08 C0/7483: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7485: A902 LDA #$02 C0/7487: 8DF019 STA $19F0 C0/748A: 2200C8D0 JSR $D0C800 C0/748E: C230 REP #$30 C0/7490: 8E6A18 STX $186A C0/7493: 8C6C18 STY $186C C0/7496: 8D4018 STA $1840 C0/7499: 5A PHY C0/749A: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/749D: 290300 AND #$0003 C0/74A0: EB XBA C0/74A1: 0A ASL A C0/74A2: 18 CLC C0/74A3: 6980E1 ADC #$E180 C0/74A6: 18 CLC C0/74A7: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/74A9: 8D2A18 STA $182A C0/74AC: 68 PLA C0/74AD: 8E2018 STX $1820 C0/74B0: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/74B3: 203576 JSR $7635 C0/74B6: E230 SEP #$30 C0/74B8: AD5D18 LDA $185D C0/74BB: 20D274 JSR $74D2 C0/74BE: 48 PHA C0/74BF: 204A79 JSR $794A C0/74C2: 20D274 JSR $74D2 C0/74C5: 0A ASL A C0/74C6: 0A ASL A C0/74C7: 18 CLC C0/74C8: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/74CA: 7A PLY C0/74CB: 0A ASL A C0/74CC: AA TAX C0/74CD: C230 REP #$30 C0/74CF: 7CE474 JMP ($74E4,X) C0/74D2: E230 SEP #$30 C0/74D4: A8 TAY C0/74D5: 8980 BIT #$80 C0/74D7: D008 BNE $74E1 C0/74D9: A900 LDA #$00 C0/74DB: CC0818 CPY $1808 C0/74DE: F001 BEQ $74E1 C0/74E0: 1A INC A C0/74E1: 1A INC A C0/74E2: 1A INC A C0/74E3: 60 RTS

C0/74E4: 98 TYA C0/74E5: 75AE ADC $AE,X C0/74E7: 7561 ADC $61,X C0/74E9: 7598 ADC $98,X C0/74EB: 75AE ADC $AE,X C0/74ED: 7504 ADC $04,X C0/74EF: 7527 ADC $27,X C0/74F1: 7598 ADC $98,X C0/74F3: 7561 ADC $61,X C0/74F5: 751F ADC $1F,X C0/74F7: 7571 ADC $71,X C0/74F9: 753A ADC $3A,X C0/74FB: 7798 ADC [$98],Y C0/74FD: 7598 ADC $98,X C0/74FF: 753A ADC $3A,X C0/7501: 7715 ADC [$15],Y C0/7503: 77E2 ADC [$E2],Y C0/7505: 20AD0A JSR $0AAD C0/7508: 18 CLC C0/7509: CD5C18 CMP $185C C0/750C: F019 BEQ $7527 C0/750E: 8D5C18 STA $185C C0/7511: 200879 JSR $7908 C0/7514: 204A79 JSR $794A C0/7517: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7519: 8D5D18 STA $185D C0/751C: 4C7572 JMP $7275 C0/751F: C230 REP #$30 C0/7521: AD5C18 LDA $185C C0/7524: 203576 JSR $7635 C0/7527: C230 REP #$30 C0/7529: AE2C18 LDX $182C C0/752C: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/7530: 293F00 AND #$003F C0/7533: AC0818 LDY $1808 C0/7536: 22C779C0 JSR $C079C7 C0/753A: F05C BEQ $7598 C0/753C: C230 REP #$30 C0/753E: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/7541: 20CC76 JSR $76CC C0/7544: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7546: 48 PHA C0/7547: AE2C18 LDX $182C C0/754A: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/754E: 0301 ORA $01,S C0/7550: 9F00CC7E STA $7ECC00,X C0/7554: 22FBD1D0 JSR $D0D1FB C0/7558: AE2A18 LDX $182A C0/755B: 207D7A JSR $7A7D C0/755E: 68 PLA C0/755F: 803D BRA $759E C0/7561: C230 REP #$30 C0/7563: AE2A18 LDX $182A C0/7566: 20547A JSR $7A54 C0/7569: 20F979 JSR $79F9 C0/756C: D02A BNE $7598 C0/756E: 20AE75 JSR $75AE C0/7571: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7573: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/7576: C903 CMP #$03 C0/7578: F01E BEQ $7598 C0/757A: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/757D: 20CC76 JSR $76CC C0/7580: AE2A18 LDX $182A C0/7583: AD4018 LDA $1840 C0/7586: 207D7A JSR $7A7D C0/7589: 20E475 JSR $75E4 C0/758C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/758E: A942 LDA #$42 C0/7590: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/7593: 60 RTS

C0/7594: 2200CFD0 JSR $D0CF00 C0/7598: 200879 JSR $7908 C0/759B: 4C0A76 JMP $760A C0/759E: ADF019 LDA $19F0 C0/75A1: 3041 BMI $75E4 C0/75A3: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/75A6: 8DF219 STA $19F2 C0/75A9: 209976 JSR $7699 C0/75AC: 8036 BRA $75E4 C0/75AE: C230 REP #$30 C0/75B0: AE2A18 LDX $182A C0/75B3: 20547A JSR $7A54 C0/75B6: 20F979 JSR $79F9 C0/75B9: D0DD BNE $7598 C0/75BB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/75BD: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/75C0: 203576 JSR $7635 C0/75C3: 204A79 JSR $794A C0/75C6: C9FE CMP #$FE C0/75C8: D006 BNE $75D0 C0/75CA: AD5C18 LDA $185C C0/75CD: 203576 JSR $7635 C0/75D0: AE2C18 LDX $182C C0/75D3: C220 REP #$20 C0/75D5: AD6A18 LDA $186A C0/75D8: 18 CLC C0/75D9: 690B00 ADC #$000B C0/75DC: 8D5118 STA $1851 C0/75DF: 20127E JSR $7E12 C0/75E2: 80A5 BRA $7589 C0/75E4: C230 REP #$30 C0/75E6: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/75E9: 0A ASL A C0/75EA: EB XBA C0/75EB: 2900FF AND #$FF00 C0/75EE: AA TAX C0/75EF: 20287A JSR $7A28 C0/75F2: 201A76 JSR $761A C0/75F5: E220 SEP #$20 C0/75F7: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/75FA: 0A ASL A C0/75FB: D001 BNE $75FE C0/75FD: 1A INC A C0/75FE: 8DF219 STA $19F2 C0/7601: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7603: ADF019 LDA $19F0 C0/7606: C902 CMP #$02 C0/7608: F003 BEQ $760D C0/760A: 202D69 JSR $692D C0/760D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/760F: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7611: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/7614: A902 LDA #$02 C0/7616: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/7619: 60 RTS

C0/761A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/761C: A904 LDA #$04 C0/761E: 0C0218 TSB $1802 C0/7621: A902 LDA #$02 C0/7623: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/7626: 200879 JSR $7908 C0/7629: 202279 JSR $7922 C0/762C: 207179 JSR $7971 C0/762F: 204369 JSR $6943 C0/7632: 4CF86B JMP $6BF8 C0/7635: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7637: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/7639: DA PHX C0/763A: 18 CLC C0/763B: 6D2E18 ADC $182E C0/763E: AA TAX C0/763F: CD0B18 CMP $180B C0/7642: 900D BCC $7651 C0/7644: 38 SEC C0/7645: ED0B18 SBC $180B C0/7648: AA TAX C0/7649: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/764C: C904 CMP #$04 C0/764E: 9001 BCC $7651 C0/7650: E8 INX C0/7651: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/7654: C903 CMP #$03 C0/7656: D024 BNE $767C C0/7658: DA PHX C0/7659: E210 SEP #$10 C0/765B: 9B TXY C0/765C: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/765E: AE6A18 LDX $186A C0/7661: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/7665: E8 INX C0/7666: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/7668: F0F7 BEQ $7661 C0/766A: 88 DEY C0/766B: 10F4 BPL $7661 C0/766D: CA DEX C0/766E: C220 REP #$20 C0/7670: 8A TXA C0/7671: 38 SEC C0/7672: ED2018 SBC $1820 C0/7675: 8301 STA $01,S C0/7677: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7679: FA PLX C0/767A: 800E BRA $768A C0/767C: C904 CMP #$04 C0/767E: 900A BCC $768A C0/7680: 8A TXA C0/7681: 1A INC A C0/7682: CD0B18 CMP $180B C0/7685: D003 BNE $768A C0/7687: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/768A: 8A TXA C0/768B: C230 REP #$30 C0/768D: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7690: 18 CLC C0/7691: 6D2018 ADC $1820 C0/7694: 8D2C18 STA $182C C0/7697: FA PLX C0/7698: 60 RTS

C0/7699: 20547A JSR $7A54 C0/769C: C230 REP #$30 C0/769E: 0A ASL A C0/769F: 0A ASL A C0/76A0: 48 PHA C0/76A1: 0A ASL A C0/76A2: 18 CLC C0/76A3: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/76A5: 68 PLA C0/76A6: DA PHX C0/76A7: AA TAX C0/76A8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/76AA: BF0010D0 LDA $D01000,X [Read weapons table] C0/76AE: FA PLX C0/76AF: 9F01007E STA $7E0001,X C0/76B3: C230 REP #$30 C0/76B5: 8A TXA C0/76B6: 2980FF AND #$FF80 C0/76B9: AA TAX C0/76BA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/76BC: A900 LDA #$00 C0/76BE: 9F15007E STA $7E0015,X C0/76C2: 9F1D007E STA $7E001D,X C0/76C6: 60 RTS

C0/76C7: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/76C8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/76CA: 8009 BRA $76D5

[] C0/76CC: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/76CD: E230 SEP #$30 C0/76CF: 9C2018 STZ $1820 C0/76D2: EE2018 INC $1820 C0/76D5: 1A INC A C0/76D6: C220 REP #$20 C0/76D8: EB XBA C0/76D9: 4A LSR A C0/76DA: 4A LSR A C0/76DB: 29C000 AND #$00C0 C0/76DE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/76E0: 48 PHA C0/76E1: AE6A18 LDX $186A C0/76E4: A00B LDY #$0B C0/76E6: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/76E9: C903 CMP #$03 C0/76EB: D002 BNE $76EF C0/76ED: A008 LDY #$08 C0/76EF: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/76F3: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/76F5: F006 BEQ $76FD C0/76F7: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/76F9: C301 CMP $01,S C0/76FB: F006 BEQ $7703 C0/76FD: E8 INX C0/76FE: 88 DEY C0/76FF: D0EE BNE $76EF C0/7701: 800F BRA $7712 C0/7703: AD2018 LDA $1820 C0/7706: F00A BEQ $7712 C0/7708: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/770C: 293F AND #$3F C0/770E: 9F00CC7E STA $7ECC00,X C0/7712: 68 PLA C0/7713: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7714: 60 RTS

C0/7715: E230 SEP #$30 C0/7717: AD5C18 LDA $185C C0/771A: CD0A18 CMP $180A C0/771D: D05E BNE $777D C0/771F: AC0B18 LDY $180B C0/7722: A200 LDX #$00 C0/7724: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/7727: 1A INC A C0/7728: DDA018 CMP $18A0,X C0/772B: F008 BEQ $7735 C0/772D: E8 INX C0/772E: E8 INX C0/772F: 88 DEY C0/7730: D0F6 BNE $7728 C0/7732: 4C9875 JMP $7598 C0/7735: 8A TXA C0/7736: 4A LSR A C0/7737: 8D5C18 STA $185C C0/773A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/773C: A920 LDA #$20 C0/773E: 0C0418 TSB $1804 C0/7741: 2200C8D0 JSR $D0C800 C0/7745: C230 REP #$30 C0/7747: 8C5318 STY $1853 C0/774A: 9C2018 STZ $1820 C0/774D: AD5C18 LDA $185C C0/7750: 206678 JSR $7866 C0/7753: 8E4F18 STX $184F C0/7756: 8C5518 STY $1855 C0/7759: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/775C: 206678 JSR $7866 C0/775F: 8E5118 STX $1851 C0/7762: 8C5718 STY $1857 C0/7765: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7767: ADF019 LDA $19F0 C0/776A: C902 CMP #$02 C0/776C: D011 BNE $777F C0/776E: BF1CE07E LDA $7EE01C,X C0/7772: D009 BNE $777D C0/7774: AE4F18 LDX $184F C0/7777: BF1CE07E LDA $7EE01C,X C0/777B: F002 BEQ $777F C0/777D: 80B3 BRA $7732 C0/777F: C230 REP #$30 C0/7781: EE2018 INC $1820 C0/7784: AD5C18 LDA $185C C0/7787: 206678 JSR $7866 C0/778A: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/778D: 206678 JSR $7866 C0/7790: AD4F18 LDA $184F C0/7793: 18 CLC C0/7794: 6D5318 ADC $1853 C0/7797: AA TAX C0/7798: 20547A JSR $7A54 C0/779B: 48 PHA C0/779C: DA PHX C0/779D: AD5118 LDA $1851 C0/77A0: 18 CLC C0/77A1: 6D5318 ADC $1853 C0/77A4: AA TAX C0/77A5: 20547A JSR $7A54 C0/77A8: FA PLX C0/77A9: 201E78 JSR $781E C0/77AC: AD5118 LDA $1851 C0/77AF: 18 CLC C0/77B0: 6D5318 ADC $1853 C0/77B3: AA TAX C0/77B4: 68 PLA C0/77B5: 201E78 JSR $781E C0/77B8: AD4F18 LDA $184F C0/77BB: AC5718 LDY $1857 C0/77BE: 20E777 JSR $77E7 C0/77C1: AD5118 LDA $1851 C0/77C4: AC5518 LDY $1855 C0/77C7: 20E777 JSR $77E7 C0/77CA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/77CC: AD5018 LDA $1850 C0/77CF: D001 BNE $77D2 C0/77D1: 1A INC A C0/77D2: 8DF219 STA $19F2 C0/77D5: AD5218 LDA $1852 C0/77D8: D001 BNE $77DB C0/77DA: 1A INC A C0/77DB: 0DF219 ORA $19F2 C0/77DE: 8DF219 STA $19F2 C0/77E1: 201A76 JSR $761A C0/77E4: 4C0176 JMP $7601 C0/77E7: C230 REP #$30 C0/77E9: 48 PHA C0/77EA: 18 CLC C0/77EB: 6D5318 ADC $1853 C0/77EE: AA TAX C0/77EF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/77F1: 20547A JSR $7A54 C0/77F4: BB TYX C0/77F5: 7A PLY C0/77F6: C915 CMP #$15 C0/77F8: D007 BNE $7801 C0/77FA: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/77FD: C903 CMP #$03 C0/77FF: D01A BNE $781B C0/7801: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/7805: 48 PHA C0/7806: C220 REP #$20 C0/7808: 98 TYA C0/7809: 4A LSR A C0/780A: 18 CLC C0/780B: 690001 ADC #$0100 C0/780E: 4A LSR A C0/780F: 4A LSR A C0/7810: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7812: 0301 ORA $01,S C0/7814: 8301 STA $01,S C0/7816: 68 PLA C0/7817: 9F00CC7E STA $7ECC00,X C0/781B: C230 REP #$30 C0/781D: 60 RTS

C0/781E: C230 REP #$30 C0/7820: DA PHX C0/7821: 48 PHA C0/7822: 48 PHA C0/7823: 8A TXA C0/7824: 4A LSR A C0/7825: EB XBA C0/7826: A8 TAY C0/7827: 68 PLA C0/7828: 22C779C0 JSR $C079C7 C0/782C: D010 BNE $783E C0/782E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7830: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/7833: C903 CMP #$03 C0/7835: F007 BEQ $783E C0/7837: C230 REP #$30 C0/7839: A91500 LDA #$0015 C0/783C: 8301 STA $01,S C0/783E: C230 REP #$30 C0/7840: 68 PLA C0/7841: FA PLX C0/7842: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7844: 297F AND #$7F C0/7846: 207D7A JSR $7A7D C0/7849: DA PHX C0/784A: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/784D: C903 CMP #$03 C0/784F: D00A BNE $785B C0/7851: C220 REP #$20 C0/7853: 8A TXA C0/7854: 0980E1 ORA #$E180 C0/7857: AA TAX C0/7858: 209976 JSR $7699 C0/785B: C230 REP #$30 C0/785D: 68 PLA C0/785E: 290006 AND #$0600 C0/7861: AA TAX C0/7862: 20287A JSR $7A28 C0/7865: 60 RTS

C0/7866: C230 REP #$30 C0/7868: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/786B: 0A ASL A C0/786C: AA TAX C0/786D: BDA018 LDA $18A0,X C0/7870: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/7873: 3A DEC A C0/7874: 48 PHA C0/7875: 20C776 JSR $76C7 C0/7878: 9B TXY C0/7879: 68 PLA C0/787A: EB XBA C0/787B: 0A ASL A C0/787C: AA TAX C0/787D: 60 RTS

C0/787E: C230 REP #$30 C0/7880: AE2218 LDX $1822 C0/7883: B500 LDA $00,X C0/7885: C9FFFF CMP #$FFFF C0/7888: F00D BEQ $7897 C0/788A: 29000E AND #$0E00 C0/788D: EB XBA C0/788E: 4A LSR A C0/788F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7891: 8DF319 STA $19F3 C0/7894: C220 REP #$20 C0/7896: 60 RTS

C0/7897: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7899: A900 LDA #$00 C0/789B: AE1218 LDX $1812 C0/789E: F002 BEQ $78A2 C0/78A0: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/78A2: AE1418 LDX $1814 C0/78A5: F002 BEQ $78A9 C0/78A7: 0902 ORA #$02 C0/78A9: AE1618 LDX $1816 C0/78AC: F002 BEQ $78B0 C0/78AE: 0904 ORA #$04 C0/78B0: 0920 ORA #$20 C0/78B2: AA TAX C0/78B3: AD4218 LDA $1842 C0/78B6: 1005 BPL $78BD C0/78B8: 8A TXA C0/78B9: 2907 AND #$07 C0/78BB: 0940 ORA #$40 C0/78BD: 8DF319 STA $19F3 C0/78C0: C220 REP #$20 C0/78C2: 60 RTS

[] C0/78C3: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/78C4: E230 SEP #$30 C0/78C6: A020 LDY #$20 C0/78C8: 0900 ORA #$00 C0/78CA: 1002 BPL $78CE C0/78CC: A0E0 LDY #$E0 [Load #$E0 into Y] (-> LDY #$F0) C0/78CE: 5A PHY C0/78CF: BF48CC7E LDA $7ECC48,X [Load item value] C0/78D3: A8 TAY C0/78D4: 18 CLC C0/78D5: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/78D7: 29E0 AND #$E0 [AND with #$E0] (-> AND #$F0) C0/78D9: 8301 STA $01,S C0/78DB: 98 TYA C0/78DC: 291F AND #$1F [AND with #$1F] (-> AND #$0F) C0/78DE: 0301 ORA $01,S C0/78E0: 9F48CC7E STA $7ECC48,X C0/78E4: 29E0 AND #$E0 [AND with #$E0] (-> AND $F0) C0/78E6: D01D BNE $7905 C0/78E8: E00B CPX #$0B C0/78EA: B00B BCS $78F7 C0/78EC: BF49CC7E LDA $7ECC49,X C0/78F0: 9F48CC7E STA $7ECC48,X C0/78F4: E8 INX C0/78F5: 80F1 BRA $78E8 C0/78F7: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/78F9: 9F48CC7E STA $7ECC48,X C0/78FD: CE7318 DEC $1873 C0/7900: 1003 BPL $7905 C0/7902: 9C7318 STZ $1873 C0/7905: 7A PLY C0/7906: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7907: 6B RTL

C0/7908: C230 REP #$30 C0/790A: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/790D: BDC018 LDA $18C0,X C0/7910: 297FFF AND #$FF7F C0/7913: 9DC018 STA $18C0,X C0/7916: 8A TXA C0/7917: 18 CLC C0/7918: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/791B: AA TAX C0/791C: E0C000 CPX #$00C0 C0/791F: 90EC BCC $790D C0/7921: 60 RTS

C0/7922: C230 REP #$30 C0/7924: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/7927: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/792A: 9DC018 STA $18C0,X C0/792D: 8A TXA C0/792E: 18 CLC C0/792F: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/7932: AA TAX C0/7933: E01C00 CPX #$001C C0/7936: 90EF BCC $7927 C0/7938: 223D79C0 JSR $C0793D C0/793C: 60 RTS

C0/793D: A900E8 LDA #$E800 C0/7940: 8D2C08 STA $082C C0/7943: 8D3008 STA $0830 C0/7946: 8D3408 STA $0834 C0/7949: 6B RTL

C0/794A: E230 SEP #$30 C0/794C: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/794F: 0A ASL A C0/7950: 48 PHA C0/7951: 0A ASL A C0/7952: 0A ASL A C0/7953: 0A ASL A C0/7954: AA TAX C0/7955: BDC018 LDA $18C0,X C0/7958: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/795A: 9DC018 STA $18C0,X C0/795D: 68 PLA C0/795E: AA TAX C0/795F: BDA018 LDA $18A0,X C0/7962: 3A DEC A C0/7963: A8 TAY C0/7964: BD8018 LDA $1880,X C0/7967: CF16FFD8 CMP $D8FF16 C0/796B: D002 BNE $796F C0/796D: A0FE LDY #$FE C0/796F: 98 TYA C0/7970: 60 RTS

C0/7971: C230 REP #$30 C0/7973: AD2A18 LDA $182A C0/7976: 48 PHA C0/7977: AD6A18 LDA $186A C0/797A: 8D2C18 STA $182C C0/797D: AD6C18 LDA $186C C0/7980: 8D2A18 STA $182A C0/7983: AE2C18 LDX $182C C0/7986: AD0918 LDA $1809 C0/7989: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/798C: A8 TAY C0/798D: AD0B18 LDA $180B C0/7990: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7993: C00300 CPY #$0003 C0/7996: F001 BEQ $7999 C0/7998: 3A DEC A C0/7999: 48 PHA C0/799A: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/799E: 2275D2D0 JSR $D0D275 C0/79A2: E8 INX C0/79A3: 68 PLA C0/79A4: 3A DEC A C0/79A5: D0F2 BNE $7999 C0/79A7: A2C018 LDX #$18C0 C0/79AA: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/79AD: AD0B18 LDA $180B C0/79B0: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/79B3: 48 PHA C0/79B4: 20A370 JSR $70A3 C0/79B7: 8A TXA C0/79B8: 18 CLC C0/79B9: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/79BC: AA TAX C0/79BD: 68 PLA C0/79BE: C8 INY C0/79BF: 3A DEC A C0/79C0: D0F1 BNE $79B3 C0/79C2: 68 PLA C0/79C3: 8D2A18 STA $182A C0/79C6: 60 RTS

C0/79C7: E230 SEP #$30 C0/79C9: AE0918 LDX $1809 C0/79CC: E003 CPX #$03 C0/79CE: F013 BEQ $79E3 C0/79D0: 22027AC0 JSR $C07A02 C0/79D4: 88 DEY C0/79D5: 3005 BMI $79DC C0/79D7: 0A ASL A C0/79D8: 88 DEY C0/79D9: 3001 BMI $79DC C0/79DB: 0A ASL A C0/79DC: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/79DE: D016 BNE $79F6 C0/79E0: A900 LDA #$00 C0/79E2: 6B RTL

C0/79E3: C230 REP #$30 C0/79E5: AD2A18 LDA $182A C0/79E8: 2900FE AND #$FE00 C0/79EB: AA TAX C0/79EC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/79EE: BF91017E LDA $7E0191,X C0/79F2: 29C7 AND #$C7 C0/79F4: D0EA BNE $79E0 C0/79F6: A901 LDA #$01 C0/79F8: 6B RTL

C0/79F9: E230 SEP #$30 C0/79FB: 22027AC0 JSR $C07A02 C0/79FF: 8980 BIT #$80 C0/7A01: 60 RTS

[Armor handler?] C0/7A02: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/7A03: C230 REP #$30 C0/7A05: 293F00 AND #$003F C0/7A08: 0A ASL A C0/7A09: 48 PHA C0/7A0A: 0A ASL A C0/7A0B: 0A ASL A C0/7A0C: 18 CLC C0/7A0D: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/7A0F: AA TAX C0/7A10: 68 PLA C0/7A11: E220 SEP #$20 [8-bit emulation mode on] C0/7A13: BFD03ED0 LDA $D03ED0,X [Read armor table] C0/7A17: 2980 AND #$80 [Logical AND with #%10000000] C0/7A19: 48 PHA C0/7A1A: BFD53ED0 LDA $D03ED5,X [Read user] C0/7A1E: 29E0 AND #$E0 [Logical AND with #%1110000] C0/7A20: 4A LSR A C0/7A21: 0301 ORA $01,S C0/7A23: AA TAX C0/7A24: 68 PLA C0/7A25: 8A TXA C0/7A26: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7A27: 6B RTL

C0/7A28: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/7A29: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7A2B: 8B PHB C0/7A2C: A97E LDA #$7E C0/7A2E: 48 PHA C0/7A2F: AB PLB C0/7A30: C230 REP #$30 C0/7A32: DA PHX C0/7A33: 223600C0 JSR $C00036 C0/7A37: FA PLX C0/7A38: 8A TXA C0/7A39: EB XBA C0/7A3A: 4A LSR A C0/7A3B: 290300 AND #$0003 C0/7A3E: A8 TAY C0/7A3F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7A41: B97DCC LDA $CC7D,Y C0/7A44: DF9CE17E CMP $7EE19C,X C0/7A48: 9007 BCC $7A51 C0/7A4A: BF9CE17E LDA $7EE19C,X C0/7A4E: 997DCC STA $CC7D,Y C0/7A51: AB PLB C0/7A52: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7A53: 60 RTS

C0/7A54: DA PHX C0/7A55: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/7A56: C230 REP #$30 C0/7A58: 8A TXA C0/7A59: 297F06 AND #$067F C0/7A5C: AA TAX C0/7A5D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7A5F: C963 CMP #$63 C0/7A61: D00E BNE $7A71 C0/7A63: BF80E17E LDA $7EE180,X C0/7A67: C9F1 CMP #$F1 C0/7A69: 900A BCC $7A75 C0/7A6B: BF85E17E LDA $7EE185,X C0/7A6F: 8004 BRA $7A75 C0/7A71: BF80E17E LDA $7EE180,X C0/7A75: C220 REP #$20 C0/7A77: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7A7A: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7A7B: FA PLX C0/7A7C: 60 RTS

C0/7A7D: DA PHX C0/7A7E: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/7A7F: C230 REP #$30 C0/7A81: 48 PHA C0/7A82: 8A TXA C0/7A83: 297F06 AND #$067F C0/7A86: AA TAX C0/7A87: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7A89: C963 CMP #$63 C0/7A8B: D01C BNE $7AA9 C0/7A8D: BF80E17E LDA $7EE180,X C0/7A91: C9F1 CMP #$F1 C0/7A93: 9008 BCC $7A9D C0/7A95: A301 LDA $01,S C0/7A97: 9F85E17E STA $7EE185,X C0/7A9B: 8012 BRA $7AAF C0/7A9D: A301 LDA $01,S C0/7A9F: 9F80E17E STA $7EE180,X C0/7AA3: 9F85E17E STA $7EE185,X C0/7AA7: 8006 BRA $7AAF C0/7AA9: A301 LDA $01,S C0/7AAB: 9F80E17E STA $7EE180,X C0/7AAF: C230 REP #$30 C0/7AB1: 68 PLA C0/7AB2: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7AB3: FA PLX C0/7AB4: 60 RTS

C0/7AB5: 2208CFD0 JSR $D0CF08 C0/7AB9: E230 SEP #$30 C0/7ABB: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7ABD: 0C0418 TSB $1804 C0/7AC0: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/7AC3: 3A DEC A C0/7AC4: 0A ASL A C0/7AC5: AA TAX C0/7AC6: C230 REP #$30 C0/7AC8: 7CCB7A JMP ($7ACB,X) C0/7ACB: D17A CMP ($7A),Y C0/7ACD: 177B ORA [$7B],Y C0/7ACF: 957B STA $7B,X C0/7AD1: 20307E JSR $7E30 C0/7AD4: D036 BNE $7B0C C0/7AD6: C230 REP #$30 C0/7AD8: AD0A18 LDA $180A C0/7ADB: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7ADE: 18 CLC C0/7ADF: 6D3C18 ADC $183C C0/7AE2: AA TAX C0/7AE3: BF0000D8 LDA $D80000,X C0/7AE7: 207B7C JSR $7C7B C0/7AEA: E00000 CPX #$0000 C0/7AED: D01E BNE $7B0D C0/7AEF: 20837D JSR $7D83 C0/7AF2: D01E BNE $7B12 C0/7AF4: 200D7D JSR $7D0D C0/7AF7: 20007B JSR $7B00 C0/7AFA: A220FE LDX #$FE20 C0/7AFD: 4C957E JMP $7E95 C0/7B00: 2228CFD0 JSR $D0CF28 [] C0/7B04: 2299D5D0 JSR $D0D599 [] C0/7B08: 2299D5D0 JSR $D0D599 [] C0/7B0C: - 60 RTS

C0/7B0D: A22DFE LDX #$FE2D C0/7B10: 806B BRA $7B7D C0/7B12: A249FE LDX #$FE49 C0/7B15: 8066 BRA $7B7D C0/7B17: 20307E JSR $7E30 C0/7B1A: D0F0 - BNE $7B0C C0/7B1C: 2200C8D0 JSR $D0C800 C0/7B20: C230 REP #$30 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/7B22: E05400 CPX #$0054 C0/7B25: D003 + BNE $7B2A C0/7B27: A24800 LDX #$0048 C0/7B2A: + 8E4018 STX $1840 C0/7B2D: 8C4F18 STY $184F C0/7B30: DA PHX C0/7B31: 22E26BC0 JSR $C06BE2 C0/7B35: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/7B37: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7B3A: 18 CLC C0/7B3B: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/7B3D: FA PLX C0/7B3E: AA TAX C0/7B3F: 8E3E18 STX $183E C0/7B42: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/7B44: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X [Event flag junk?] C0/7B48: 293F AND #$3F C0/7B4A: 18 CLC C0/7B4B: 697B ADC #$7B C0/7B4D: E04800 CPX #$0048 [Compare X with #$0048] {Items} C0/7B50: 9009 BCC $7B5B C0/7B52: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X [Equipment stuff] C0/7B56: 291F AND #$1F [AND with #$1F] (-> AND #$0F) C0/7B58: 18 CLC C0/7B59: 69BA ADC #$BA C0/7B5B: C230 REP #$30 C0/7B5D: 20A57C JSR $7CA5 C0/7B60: C9FFFF CMP #$FFFF C0/7B63: F015 BEQ $7B7A C0/7B65: 20B17D JSR $7DB1 C0/7B68: D010 BNE $7B7A C0/7B6A: 20347D JSR $7D34 C0/7B6D: 2290FCD9 JSR $D9FC90 C0/7B71: F003 BEQ $7B76 C0/7B73: 4CF77A JMP $7AF7 C0/7B76: 9C2618 STZ $1826 C0/7B79: 60 RTS

C0/7B7A: A265FE LDX #$FE65 C0/7B7D: 2200CFD0 JSR $D0CF00 [] C0/7B81: 4C957E JMP $7E95 C0/7B84: A296FE LDX #$FE96 C0/7B87: 80F4 BRA $7B7D C0/7B89: C230 REP #$30 C0/7B8B: A2B5FE LDX #$FEB5 C0/7B8E: 80ED BRA $7B7D C0/7B90: A2D1FE LDX #$FED1 C0/7B93: 80E8 BRA $7B7D C0/7B95: 20307E JSR $7E30 C0/7B98: F001 BEQ $7B9B C0/7B9A: 60 RTS

C0/7B9B: C230 REP #$30 C0/7B9D: 224C7CC0 JSR $C07C4C C0/7BA1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7BA3: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/7BA5: BFB0CF7E LDA $7ECFB0,X C0/7BA9: C908 CMP #$08 C0/7BAB: B0E3 BCS $7B90 C0/7BAD: DFB8CF7E CMP $7ECFB8,X C0/7BB1: B0D6 BCS $7B89 C0/7BB3: C230 REP #$30 C0/7BB5: AD4218 LDA $1842 C0/7BB8: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7BBB: 0A ASL A C0/7BBC: 18 CLC C0/7BBD: 6F82FBD8 ADC $D8FB82 C0/7BC1: AA TAX C0/7BC2: BF0000D8 LDA $D80000,X C0/7BC6: 8D2218 STA $1822 C0/7BC9: 20867C JSR $7C86 C0/7BCC: E00000 CPX #$0000 C0/7BCF: D0B3 BNE $7B84 C0/7BD1: E230 SEP #$30 C0/7BD3: AE4318 LDX $1843 C0/7BD6: BFB0CF7E LDA $7ECFB0,X C0/7BDA: 1A INC A C0/7BDB: 9FB0CF7E STA $7ECFB0,X C0/7BDF: A902 LDA #$02 C0/7BE1: 8DF019 STA $19F0 C0/7BE4: AD0818 LDA $1808 C0/7BE7: 8DF219 STA $19F2 C0/7BEA: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/7BEC: AE3E18 LDX $183E C0/7BEF: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/7BF3: 1A INC A C0/7BF4: 9F00CC7E STA $7ECC00,X C0/7BF8: 89C0 BIT #$C0 C0/7BFA: F02C BEQ $7C28 C0/7BFC: C220 REP #$20 C0/7BFE: 29C000 AND #$00C0 C0/7C01: 48 PHA C0/7C02: 8A TXA C0/7C03: 38 SEC C0/7C04: E95400 SBC #$0054 C0/7C07: A8 TAY C0/7C08: 228164C0 JSR $C06481 C0/7C0C: 8D3918 STA $1839 C0/7C0F: 68 PLA C0/7C10: 0A ASL A C0/7C11: 0A ASL A C0/7C12: 38 SEC C0/7C13: E90001 SBC #$0100 C0/7C16: 290003 AND #$0300 C0/7C19: 0A ASL A C0/7C1A: AA TAX C0/7C1B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7C1D: AD3918 LDA $1839 C0/7C20: 9FE8E17E STA $7EE1E8,X C0/7C24: 223600C0 JSR $C00036 C0/7C28: 200D7D JSR $7D0D C0/7C2B: 20007B JSR $7B00 C0/7C2E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7C30: A980 LDA #$80 C0/7C32: 0C0418 TSB $1804 C0/7C35: C230 REP #$30 C0/7C37: A27EFE LDX #$FE7E C0/7C3A: 20957E JSR $7E95 C0/7C3D: 22E26BC0 JSR $C06BE2 C0/7C41: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7C43: 8D4618 STA $1846 C0/7C46: 20FF68 JSR $68FF C0/7C49: 4CF168 JMP $68F1 C0/7C4C: 22E26BC0 JSR $C06BE2 C0/7C50: C230 REP #$30 C0/7C52: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7C55: A8 TAY C0/7C56: A25400 LDX #$0054 C0/7C59: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7C5B: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/7C5F: E8 INX C0/7C60: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/7C62: F0F7 BEQ $7C5B C0/7C64: 88 DEY C0/7C65: 10F4 BPL $7C5B C0/7C67: CA DEX C0/7C68: 8E3E18 STX $183E C0/7C6B: E230 SEP #$30 C0/7C6D: 293F AND #$3F C0/7C6F: 8D4218 STA $1842 C0/7C72: 8A TXA C0/7C73: 38 SEC C0/7C74: E954 SBC #$54 C0/7C76: AA TAX C0/7C77: 8E4318 STX $1843 C0/7C7A: 6B RTL

C0/7C7B: C230 REP #$30 C0/7C7D: 48 PHA C0/7C7E: 20A57C JSR $7CA5 C0/7C81: 20867C JSR $7C86 C0/7C84: 68 PLA C0/7C85: 60 RTS

C0/7C86: C230 REP #$30 C0/7C88: 48 PHA C0/7C89: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/7C8C: AF6ACC7E LDA $7ECC6A C0/7C90: 38 SEC C0/7C91: E301 SBC $01,S C0/7C93: B00C BCS $7CA1 C0/7C95: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7C97: AF6CCC7E LDA $7ECC6C C0/7C9B: 3A DEC A C0/7C9C: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/7C9E: D001 BNE $7CA1 C0/7CA0: E8 INX C0/7CA1: C230 REP #$30 C0/7CA3: 68 PLA C0/7CA4: 60 RTS

C0/7CA5: C230 REP #$30 C0/7CA7: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7CAA: A284FB LDX #$FB84 C0/7CAD: DF0000D8 CMP $D80000,X C0/7CB1: B008 BCS $7CBB C0/7CB3: E8 INX C0/7CB4: E8 INX C0/7CB5: E8 INX C0/7CB6: E8 INX C0/7CB7: E8 INX C0/7CB8: E8 INX C0/7CB9: 80F2 BRA $7CAD C0/7CBB: 38 SEC C0/7CBC: FF0000D8 SBC $D80000,X C0/7CC0: 0A ASL A C0/7CC1: 48 PHA C0/7CC2: BF0400D8 LDA $D80004,X C0/7CC6: 18 CLC C0/7CC7: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/7CC9: AA TAX C0/7CCA: 68 PLA C0/7CCB: BF0000D8 LDA $D80000,X C0/7CCF: 22D47CC0 JSR $C07CD4 C0/7CD3: 60 RTS

C0/7CD4: 8D2218 STA $1822 C0/7CD7: A8 TAY C0/7CD8: C9FFFF CMP #$FFFF C0/7CDB: F02A BEQ $7D07 C0/7CDD: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7CDF: AD4718 LDA $1847 C0/7CE2: 3A DEC A C0/7CE3: D00E BNE $7CF3 C0/7CE5: A999 LDA #$99 C0/7CE7: CD5B18 CMP $185B C0/7CEA: D01B BNE $7D07 C0/7CEC: C220 REP #$20 C0/7CEE: 0E2218 ASL $1822 C0/7CF1: 8014 BRA $7D07 C0/7CF3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7CF5: 3A DEC A C0/7CF6: D00F BNE $7D07 C0/7CF8: A903 LDA #$03 C0/7CFA: 22E2D7D0 JSR $D0D7E2 C0/7CFE: C220 REP #$20 C0/7D00: AD1442 LDA $4214 C0/7D03: 0A ASL A C0/7D04: 8D2218 STA $1822 C0/7D07: C220 REP #$20 C0/7D09: AD2218 LDA $1822 C0/7D0C: 6B RTL

C0/7D0D: C230 REP #$30 C0/7D0F: AD2218 LDA $1822 C0/7D12: 48 PHA C0/7D13: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/7D16: AF6ACC7E LDA $7ECC6A C0/7D1A: 38 SEC C0/7D1B: E301 SBC $01,S C0/7D1D: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/7D1E: 8F6ACC7E STA $7ECC6A C0/7D22: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7D23: B00B BCS $7D30 C0/7D25: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7D27: AF6CCC7E LDA $7ECC6C C0/7D2B: 3A DEC A C0/7D2C: 8F6CCC7E STA $7ECC6C C0/7D30: C230 REP #$30 C0/7D32: 68 PLA C0/7D33: 60 RTS

C0/7D34: C230 REP #$30 C0/7D36: AD2218 LDA $1822 C0/7D39: 48 PHA C0/7D3A: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/7D3D: AF6ACC7E LDA $7ECC6A C0/7D41: 18 CLC C0/7D42: 6301 ADC $01,S C0/7D44: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/7D45: 8F6ACC7E STA $7ECC6A C0/7D49: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7D4A: 900B BCC $7D57 C0/7D4C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7D4E: AF6CCC7E LDA $7ECC6C C0/7D52: 1A INC A C0/7D53: 8F6CCC7E STA $7ECC6C C0/7D57: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7D59: AF6CCC7E LDA $7ECC6C C0/7D5D: C998 CMP #$98 C0/7D5F: 901E BCC $7D7F C0/7D61: D00B BNE $7D6E C0/7D63: C220 REP #$20 C0/7D65: AF6ACC7E LDA $7ECC6A C0/7D69: C97F96 CMP #$967F C0/7D6C: 9011 BCC $7D7F C0/7D6E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7D70: A998 LDA #$98 C0/7D72: 8F6CCC7E STA $7ECC6C C0/7D76: C220 REP #$20 C0/7D78: A97F96 LDA #$967F C0/7D7B: 8F6ACC7E STA $7ECC6A C0/7D7F: C230 REP #$30 C0/7D81: 68 PLA C0/7D82: 60 RTS

C0/7D83: C230 REP #$30 C0/7D85: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7D88: 38 SEC C0/7D89: E97B00 SBC #$007B C0/7D8C: C93F00 CMP #$003F C0/7D8F: 9008 BCC $7D99 C0/7D91: 38 SEC C0/7D92: E93F00 SBC #$003F C0/7D95: 18 CLC C0/7D96: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/7D99: 225100C0 JSR $C00051 C0/7D9D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7D9F: AF0FCF7E LDA $7ECF0F C0/7DA3: 48 PHA C0/7DA4: A900 LDA #$00 C0/7DA6: 8F0FCF7E STA $7ECF0F C0/7DAA: 68 PLA C0/7DAB: C220 REP #$20 C0/7DAD: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/7DB0: 60 RTS

C0/7DB1: C230 REP #$30 C0/7DB3: A00B00 LDY #$000B C0/7DB6: AE3E18 LDX $183E C0/7DB9: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/7DBD: E04800 CPX #$0048 C0/7DC0: 9012 BCC $7DD4 C0/7DC2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7DC4: 38 SEC C0/7DC5: E920 SBC #$20 [Subtract #$20] (-> SBC #$10) C0/7DC7: 9F00CC7E STA $7ECC00,X C0/7DCB: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/7DCD: D05B BNE $7E2A C0/7DCF: A00C00 LDY #$000C C0/7DD2: 802D BRA $7E01 C0/7DD4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7DD6: 89C0 BIT #$C0 C0/7DD8: F027 BEQ $7E01 C0/7DDA: 38 SEC C0/7DDB: E940 SBC #$40 C0/7DDD: C220 REP #$20 C0/7DDF: DA PHX C0/7DE0: 5A PHY C0/7DE1: 29C000 AND #$00C0 C0/7DE4: 0A ASL A C0/7DE5: 0A ASL A C0/7DE6: 0A ASL A C0/7DE7: 18 CLC C0/7DE8: 6D4F18 ADC $184F C0/7DEB: AA TAX C0/7DEC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7DEE: A915 LDA #$15 C0/7DF0: 9F80E17E STA $7EE180,X C0/7DF4: C220 REP #$20 C0/7DF6: 8A TXA C0/7DF7: 290006 AND #$0600 C0/7DFA: AA TAX C0/7DFB: 223600C0 JSR $C00036 C0/7DFF: 7A PLY C0/7E00: FA PLX C0/7E01: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E03: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7E05: 1C0418 TRB $1804 C0/7E08: C230 REP #$30 C0/7E0A: 98 TYA C0/7E0B: 18 CLC C0/7E0C: 6D4018 ADC $1840 C0/7E0F: 8D5118 STA $1851 C0/7E12: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E14: E8 INX C0/7E15: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/7E19: EC5118 CPX $1851 C0/7E1C: F006 BEQ $7E24 C0/7E1E: 9FFFCB7E STA $7ECBFF,X C0/7E22: 80EE BRA $7E12 C0/7E24: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/7E26: 9FFFCB7E STA $7ECBFF,X C0/7E2A: C220 REP #$20 C0/7E2C: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/7E2F: 60 RTS

C0/7E30: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E32: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7E34: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/7E37: 204A79 JSR $794A C0/7E3A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E3C: A980 LDA #$80 C0/7E3E: 0C0418 TSB $1804 C0/7E41: C230 REP #$30 C0/7E43: A2ECFE LDX #$FEEC C0/7E46: 20817B JSR $7B81 C0/7E49: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E4B: A980 LDA #$80 C0/7E4D: 1C0418 TRB $1804 C0/7E50: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E52: AD0118 LDA $1801 C0/7E55: C980 CMP #$80 C0/7E57: F017 BEQ $7E70 C0/7E59: C940 CMP #$40 C0/7E5B: F005 BEQ $7E62 C0/7E5D: 20807E JSR $7E80 C0/7E60: 80EE BRA $7E50 C0/7E62: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E64: A902 LDA #$02 C0/7E66: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/7E69: 20D57E JSR $7ED5 C0/7E6C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E6E: A901 LDA #$01 C0/7E70: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/7E71: 200879 JSR $7908 C0/7E74: 20807E JSR $7E80 C0/7E77: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E79: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7E7B: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/7E7E: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7E7F: 60 RTS

C0/7E80: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/7E83: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E85: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7E87: 2C0318 BIT $1803 C0/7E8A: F003 BEQ $7E8F C0/7E8C: 20F86B JSR $6BF8 C0/7E8F: C220 REP #$20 C0/7E91: AD0018 LDA $1800 C0/7E94: 60 RTS

C0/7E95: C230 REP #$30 C0/7E97: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7E99: A901 LDA #$01 C0/7E9B: 2C041D BIT $1D04 C0/7E9E: F006 BEQ $7EA6 C0/7EA0: DA PHX C0/7EA1: 229500C0 JSR $C00095 C0/7EA5: FA PLX C0/7EA6: A9D9 LDA #$D9 C0/7EA8: 8D031D STA $1D03 C0/7EAB: 8E011D STX $1D01 C0/7EAE: 229200C0 JSR $C00092 C0/7EB2: 22C1D5D0 JSR $D0D5C1 C0/7EB6: C230 REP #$30 C0/7EB8: 22C1D5D0 JSR $D0D5C1 C0/7EBC: 20807E JSR $7E80 C0/7EBF: 89C0CF BIT #$CFC0 C0/7EC2: D0F2 BNE $7EB6 C0/7EC4: 20807E JSR $7E80 C0/7EC7: 89C0CF BIT #$CFC0 C0/7ECA: F0F8 BEQ $7EC4 C0/7ECC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7ECE: A980 LDA #$80 C0/7ED0: 2C0418 BIT $1804 C0/7ED3: D009 BNE $7EDE C0/7ED5: A904 LDA #$04 C0/7ED7: 0C0218 TSB $1802 C0/7EDA: 22C1D5D0 JSR $D0D5C1 C0/7EDE: 60 RTS

C0/7EDF: 5241 EOR ($41) C0/7EE1: 4D550C EOR $0C55 C0/7EE4: 0218 COP #$18 C0/7EE6: 22C1D5D0 JSR $D0D5C1 C0/7EEA: 60 RTS

C0/7EEB: 5241 EOR ($41) C0/7EED: 4D5518 EOR $1855 C0/7EF0: 22C1D5D0 JSR $D0D5C1 C0/7EF4: 60 RTS

C0/7EF5: C0000A CPY #$0A00 C0/7EF8: 0A ASL A C0/7EF9: 0A ASL A C0/7EFA: 18 CLC C0/7EFB: 6D4F18 ADC $184F C0/7EFE: AA TAX C0/7EFF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F01: A915 LDA #$15 C0/7F03: 9F80E17E STA $7EE180,X C0/7F07: C220 REP #$20 C0/7F09: 8A TXA C0/7F0A: 290006 AND #$0600 C0/7F0D: AA TAX C0/7F0E: 223600C0 JSR $C00036 C0/7F12: 7A PLY C0/7F13: FA PLX C0/7F14: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F16: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7F18: 1C0418 TRB $1804 C0/7F1B: C230 REP #$30 C0/7F1D: 98 TYA C0/7F1E: 18 CLC C0/7F1F: 6D4018 ADC $1840 C0/7F22: 8D5118 STA $1851 C0/7F25: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F27: E8 INX C0/7F28: BF00CC7E LDA $7ECC00,X C0/7F2C: EC5118 CPX $1851 C0/7F2F: F006 BEQ $7F37 C0/7F31: 9FFFCB7E STA $7ECBFF,X C0/7F35: 80EE BRA $7F25 C0/7F37: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/7F39: 9FFFCB7E STA $7ECBFF,X C0/7F3D: C220 REP #$20 C0/7F3F: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/7F42: 60 RTS

C0/7F43: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F45: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7F47: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/7F4A: 20897A JSR $7A89 C0/7F4D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F4F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/7F51: 0C0418 TSB $1804 C0/7F54: C230 REP #$30 C0/7F56: A23CFF LDX #$FF3C C0/7F59: 20947C JSR $7C94 C0/7F5C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F5E: A980 LDA #$80 C0/7F60: 1C0418 TRB $1804 C0/7F63: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F65: AD0118 LDA $1801 C0/7F68: C980 CMP #$80 C0/7F6A: F017 BEQ $7F83 C0/7F6C: C940 CMP #$40 C0/7F6E: F005 BEQ $7F75 C0/7F70: 20937F JSR $7F93 C0/7F73: 80EE BRA $7F63 C0/7F75: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F77: A902 LDA #$02 C0/7F79: 0C0318 TSB $1803 C0/7F7C: 20E87F JSR $7FE8 C0/7F7F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F81: A901 LDA #$01 C0/7F83: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/7F84: 20477A JSR $7A47 C0/7F87: 20937F JSR $7F93 C0/7F8A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F8C: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7F8E: 1C0318 TRB $1803 C0/7F91: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/7F92: 60 RTS

C0/7F93: 205E69 JSR $695E C0/7F96: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7F98: A940 LDA #$40 C0/7F9A: 2C0318 BIT $1803 C0/7F9D: F003 BEQ $7FA2 C0/7F9F: 20306D JSR $6D30 C0/7FA2: C220 REP #$20 C0/7FA4: AD0018 LDA $1800 C0/7FA7: 60 RTS

C0/7FA8: C230 REP #$30 C0/7FAA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7FAC: A901 LDA #$01 C0/7FAE: 2C041D BIT $1D04 C0/7FB1: F006 BEQ $7FB9 C0/7FB3: DA PHX C0/7FB4: 229500C0 JSR $C00095 C0/7FB8: FA PLX C0/7FB9: A9D9 LDA #$D9 C0/7FBB: 8D031D STA $1D03 C0/7FBE: 8E011D STX $1D01 C0/7FC1: 229200C0 JSR $C00092 C0/7FC5: 22C1D5D0 JSR $D0D5C1 C0/7FC9: C230 REP #$30 C0/7FCB: 22C1D5D0 JSR $D0D5C1 C0/7FCF: 20937F JSR $7F93 C0/7FD2: 89C0CF BIT #$CFC0 C0/7FD5: D0F2 BNE $7FC9 C0/7FD7: 20937F JSR $7F93 C0/7FDA: 89C0CF BIT #$CFC0 C0/7FDD: F0F8 BEQ $7FD7 C0/7FDF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/7FE1: A980 LDA #$80 C0/7FE3: 2C0418 BIT $1804 C0/7FE6: D009 BNE $7FF1 C0/7FE8: A904 LDA #$04 C0/7FEA: 0C0218 TSB $1802 C0/7FED: 22C1D5D0 JSR $D0D5C1 C0/7FF1: 60 RTS

C0/7FF2: 0418 TSB $18 C0/7FF4: D009 BNE $7FFF C0/7FF6: A904 LDA #$04 C0/7FF8: 0C0218 TSB $1802 C0/7FFB: 22B4D5D0 JSR $D0D5B4 C0/7FFF: 60 RTS

[Everything from 8000 on down seems to be present at startup. Good to know.] C0/8000: 209F93 JSR $939F C0/8003: 6B RTL

[8004, the mighty Reset vector!] C0/8004: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/8005: FB XCE [Exchange Carry with Emulation Bit] C0/8006: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/8008: 5C1000C1 JMP $C10010 [Goddamn bank jumps. Fuck you, Nasir!]

{Hard SoM version of C0/8004} C0|8004: 5C0000E4 JMP $E40000 [What's there in the HardSoM memory?] [You wrote that note how long ago, asshole? That's a jump to an extended part of the rom!] C0|8008: EA NOP C0|8009: 1000C1 [Junk]

[What's all this crap, then?] [Executes at beginning of game] C0/800C: C230 REP #$30 C0/800E: A2FF01 LDX #$01FF [Load #$01FF into X] C0/8011: 9A TXS [Transfer X to Stack Pointer] C0/8012: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator onto Stack] C0/8013: A90000 LDA #$0000 [Load #$0000 into Accumulator] C0/8016: 5B TCD C0/8017: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8019: 48 PHA C0/801A: AB PLB C0/801B: 22E7B502 JSR $02B5E7 C0/801F: 2217AA02 JSR $02AA17 C0/8023: C230 REP #$30 C0/8025: 68 PLA C0/8026: 090008 ORA #$0800 C0/8029: 226DE701 JSR $01E76D C0/802D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/802F: 64FF STZ $FF C0/8031: A9A0 LDA #$A0 C0/8033: 85E0 STA $E0 C0/8035: 4C3FB0 JMP $B03F [] C0/8038: 22D7B002 JSR $02B0D7 C0/803C: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/803E: A2FF01 LDX #$01FF [Load #$01FF into X] C0/8041: 9A TXS [Transfer X to Stack Pointer] C0/8042: 20C487 JSR $87C4 C0/8045: 20C482 JSR $82C4 [Mode 7 intro segment] C0/8048: E230 SEP #$30 C0/804A: A907 LDA #$07 [Mode 7] C0/804C: 8D0521 STA $2105 [BG Mode and Character Size] C0/804F: A202 LDX #$02 [Loops while NMI is set?] C0/8051: -! 2C1042 BIT $4210 [NMI Flag and 5A22 Version] C0/8054: 10FB - BPL $8051 C0/8056: - 2C1042 BIT $4210 [NMI Flag and 5A22 Version] C0/8059: 30FB - BMI $8056 C0/805B: CA DEX C0/805C: D0F3 -- BNE $8051 C0/805E: A2B1 LDX #$B1 [#%10110001, enable NMI, IRQ, Autojoypad read] C0/8060: 8E0042 STX $4200 [Interrupt Enable Flags] C0/8063: 58 CLI C0/8064: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8066: 205E8B JSR $8B5E C0/8069: 20A883 JSR $83A8 C0/806C: 203A98 JSR $983A C0/806F: 208B90 JSR $908B C0/8072: 20A095 JSR $95A0 C0/8075: 20B89A JSR $9AB8 C0/8078: 22E4FD01 JSR $01FDE4 C0/807C: 20E087 JSR $87E0 [Important to Mode 7 opening] C0/807F: 207282 JSR $8272 [Ditto] C0/8082: 209380 JSR $8093 [Ditto] C0/8085: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8087: A981 LDA #$81 C0/8089: 85EC STA $EC C0/808B: A901 LDA #$01 C0/808D: - 24EC BIT $EC C0/808F: D0FC - BNE $808D C0/8091: 80D1 BRA $8064 C0/8093: C220 REP #$20 C0/8095: A5A2 LDA $A2 C0/8097: 18 CLC C0/8098: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/809B: 0900F0 ORA #$F000 C0/809E: 85A2 STA $A2 C0/80A0: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/80A3: 18 CLC C0/80A4: 69002C ADC #$2C00 C0/80A7: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/80A9: E220 SEP #$20 C0/80AB: A5E3 LDA $E3 C0/80AD: 2906 AND #$06 C0/80AF: F019 BEQ $80CA C0/80B1: C220 REP #$20 C0/80B3: A592 LDA $92 C0/80B5: 18 CLC C0/80B6: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/80B9: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/80BC: 0900EC ORA #$EC00 C0/80BF: 8592 STA $92 C0/80C1: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/80C4: 18 CLC C0/80C5: 690028 ADC #$2800 C0/80C8: 8594 STA $94 C0/80CA: E230 SEP #$30 C0/80CC: 24FE BIT $FE C0/80CE: 3015 BMI $80E5 C0/80D0: 7041 BVS $8113 C0/80D2: 24E3 BIT $E3 C0/80D4: 500E BVC $80E4 C0/80D6: A5F5 LDA $F5 C0/80D8: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/80DA: D008 BNE $80E4 C0/80DC: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/80DE: D004 BNE $80E4 C0/80E0: A916 LDA #$16 C0/80E2: 805E BRA $8142 C0/80E4: 60 RTS

C0/80E5: C220 REP #$20 C0/80E7: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/80E9: 18 CLC C0/80EA: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/80ED: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/80F0: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/80F2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/80F4: A5FE LDA $FE C0/80F6: 1A INC A C0/80F7: 85FE STA $FE C0/80F9: 293F AND #$3F C0/80FB: F001 BEQ $80FE C0/80FD: 60 RTS

C0/80FE: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8100: 85FE STA $FE C0/8102: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8104: 852D STA $2D C0/8106: A944 LDA #$44 C0/8108: 85F8 STA $F8 C0/810A: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/810C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/810E: 85E2 STA $E2 C0/8110: 4C5582 JMP $8255 C0/8113: C220 REP #$20 C0/8115: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/8117: 38 SEC C0/8118: E91000 SBC #$0010 C0/811B: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/811E: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/8120: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8122: A5FE LDA $FE C0/8124: 3A DEC A C0/8125: 85FE STA $FE C0/8127: 293F AND #$3F C0/8129: F001 BEQ $812C C0/812B: 60 RTS

C0/812C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/812E: 85FE STA $FE C0/8130: A920 LDA #$20 C0/8132: 04CC TSB $CC C0/8134: C220 REP #$20 C0/8136: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/8138: 38 SEC C0/8139: E91000 SBC #$0010 C0/813C: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/813F: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/8141: 60 RTS

C0/8142: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8144: 8D011E STA $1E01 C0/8147: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8149: 8D001E STA $1E00 C0/814C: 9C021E STZ $1E02 C0/814F: A5F5 LDA $F5 C0/8151: 8D031E STA $1E03 C0/8154: 220400C3 JSR $C30004 C0/8158: 60 RTS

[Landable Tiles Subroutine] C0/8159: E230 SEP #$30 C0/815B: A5FD LDA $FD C0/815D: 290C AND #$0C C0/815F: 8500 STA $00 C0/8161: A5FB LDA $FB C0/8163: 4A LSR A C0/8164: 4A LSR A C0/8165: 2903 AND #$03 C0/8167: 0500 ORA $00 C0/8169: 0A ASL A C0/816A: 0A ASL A C0/816B: 0A ASL A C0/816C: 8500 STA $00 C0/816E: 0A ASL A C0/816F: 18 CLC C0/8170: 6500 ADC $00 C0/8172: EB XBA C0/8173: 2A ROL A C0/8174: 2901 AND #$01 C0/8176: EB XBA C0/8177: C230 REP #$30 C0/8179: 8500 STA $00 C0/817B: A5FA LDA $FA C0/817D: 4A LSR A C0/817E: 4A LSR A C0/817F: 4A LSR A C0/8180: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/8183: 8502 STA $02 C0/8185: A5FC LDA $FC C0/8187: 4A LSR A C0/8188: 4A LSR A C0/8189: 29FE00 AND #$00FE C0/818C: EB XBA C0/818D: 0502 ORA $02 C0/818F: AA TAX C0/8190: BF00007F LDA $7F0000,X C0/8194: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/8197: C9A000 CMP #$00A0 C0/819A: 9011 BCC $81AD C0/819C: C9AF00 CMP #$00AF C0/819F: D006 BNE $81A7 C0/81A1: 24E2 BIT $E2 C0/81A3: 502E BVC $81D3 C0/81A5: 7006 BVS $81AD C0/81A7: B004 BCS $81AD C0/81A9: 24E2 BIT $E2 C0/81AB: 1026 BPL $81D3 C0/81AD: 8502 STA $02 C0/81AF: 4A LSR A C0/81B0: 4A LSR A C0/81B1: 4A LSR A C0/81B2: 18 CLC C0/81B3: 6500 ADC $00 C0/81B5: AA TAX C0/81B6: E220 SEP #$20 C0/81B8: BF0076C6 LDA $C67600,X C0/81BC: E210 SEP #$10 C0/81BE: 8500 STA $00 C0/81C0: A502 LDA $02 C0/81C2: 2907 AND #$07 C0/81C4: AA TAX C0/81C5: A500 LDA $00 C0/81C7: E000 CPX #$00 C0/81C9: F004 BEQ $81CF C0/81CB: 4A LSR A C0/81CC: CA DEX C0/81CD: D0FC BNE $81CB C0/81CF: 2901 AND #$01 C0/81D1: F001 BEQ $81D4 C0/81D3: 60 RTS

C0/81D4: E230 SEP #$30 C0/81D6: A903 LDA #$03 C0/81D8: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/81DA: F005 BEQ $81E1 C0/81DC: A910 LDA #$10 C0/81DE: 04CC TSB $CC C0/81E0: 60 RTS

[Relevant to entry/exit. Seems contradictory to the stuff in Bank 1, though...] C0/81E1: A5F2 LDA $F2 C0/81E3: 3004 BMI $81E9 C0/81E5: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/81E7: 85F2 STA $F2 C0/81E9: A980 LDA #$80 C0/81EB: 85FE STA $FE C0/81ED: E230 SEP #$30 C0/81EF: A901 LDA #$01 C0/81F1: 85E8 STA $E8 C0/81F3: A5FD LDA $FD [Load Y sector] C0/81F5: 290C AND #$0C [And with #$0C] C0/81F7: 8500 STA $00 [Store in Temp] C0/81F9: A5FB LDA $FB [Load X sector] C0/81FB: 290C AND #$0C [AND with #$0C] C0/81FD: 4A LSR A [Divide by 2] C0/81FE: 4A LSR A [Divide by 2] C0/81FF: 0500 ORA $00 [OR with Temp] C0/8201: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2] C0/8202: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2] C0/8203: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2] C0/8204: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2] C0/8205: 8500 STA $00 [Store into Temp] C0/8207: 6401 STZ $01 [Store zero into this] C0/8209: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Emulation] C0/820B: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Emulation, Registers] C0/820D: A5FD LDA $FD [Load Y sector] C0/820F: 2903 AND #$03 [AND with #$03] C0/8211: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2] C0/8212: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2] C0/8213: 8502 STA $02 [Store into C0/8215: A5FB LDA $FB [Load X sector] C0/8217: 2903 AND #$03 [AND with #$03] C0/8219: 0502 ORA $02 C0/821B: C230 REP #$30 C0/821D: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/8220: 18 CLC C0/8221: 6500 ADC $00 C0/8223: 8500 STA $00 C0/8225: A500 LDA $00 C0/8227: 0A ASL A C0/8228: 6500 ADC $00 C0/822A: AA TAX C0/822B: BF8077C6 LDA $C67780,X C0/822F: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/8232: 85DC STA $DC [Exit destination?] C0/8234: 090080 ORA #$8000 C0/8237: 8D0E01 STA $010E C0/823A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/823C: BF8177C6 LDA $C67781,X C0/8240: 4A LSR A C0/8241: 85DE STA $DE [Exit destination X coordinate?] C0/8243: BF8277C6 LDA $C67782,X C0/8247: 85DF STA $DF [Exit destination Y coordinate?] C0/8249: A9E0 LDA #$E0 [What is so important about #$E0?] C0/824B: 85E0 STA $E0 C0/824D: 60 RTS

C0/824E: 20ED81 JSR $81ED C0/8251: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8253: 64E8 STZ $E8 C0/8255: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8257: A2FF01 LDX #$01FF C0/825A: 9A TXS C0/825B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/825D: 4C3FB0 JMP $B03F C0/8260: 202382 JSR $8223 C0/8263: 4C3FB0 JMP $B03F C0/8266: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8268: A5FE LDA $FE C0/826A: 1005 BPL $8271 C0/826C: 64FE STZ $FE C0/826E: 4C3B8E JMP $8E3B C0/8271: 60 RTS

C0/8272: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8274: A903 LDA #$03 C0/8276: 25F2 AND $F2 C0/8278: D016 BNE $8290 C0/827A: A91F LDA #$1F C0/827C: 18 CLC C0/827D: 65F8 ADC $F8 C0/827F: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/8281: 4A LSR A C0/8282: 4A LSR A C0/8283: 4A LSR A C0/8284: 8500 STA $00 C0/8286: 4A LSR A C0/8287: 18 CLC C0/8288: 6500 ADC $00 C0/828A: 6908 ADC #$08 C0/828C: 8D040F STA $0F04 C0/828F: 60 RTS

C0/8290: 4A LSR A C0/8291: B018 BCS $82AB C0/8293: A551 LDA $51 C0/8295: 18 CLC C0/8296: 6901 ADC #$01 C0/8298: C910 CMP #$10 C0/829A: 900C BCC $82A8 C0/829C: A902 LDA #$02 C0/829E: 45F2 EOR $F2 C0/82A0: 85F2 STA $F2 C0/82A2: A900 LDA #$00 [Pixel size 1x1] C0/82A4: 8D0621 STA $2106 [Screen Pixelation] C0/82A7: 60 RTS

C0/82A8: 8551 STA $51 C0/82AA: 60 RTS

C0/82AB: A551 LDA $51 C0/82AD: 38 SEC C0/82AE: E902 SBC #$02 C0/82B0: B0F6 BCS $82A8 C0/82B2: A983 LDA #$83 C0/82B4: 45F2 EOR $F2 C0/82B6: 85F2 STA $F2 C0/82B8: 25BE AND $BE C0/82BA: 1004 BPL $82C0 C0/82BC: A980 LDA #$80 C0/82BE: 14BE TRB $BE C0/82C0: 20679D JSR $9D67 C0/82C3: 60 RTS

C0/82C4: 22B8FD01 JSR $01FDB8 C0/82C8: E210 SEP #$10 C0/82CA: C220 REP #$20 C0/82CC: A2CE LDX #$CE C0/82CE: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/82D1: 9500 STA $00,X C0/82D3: CA DEX C0/82D4: CA DEX C0/82D5: D0FA BNE $82D1 C0/82D7: A90020 LDA #$2000 C0/82DA: 85C2 STA $C2 C0/82DC: A244 LDX #$44 C0/82DE: 8E0B21 STX $210B [BG1 and 2 Chr Address] C0/82E1: A251 LDX #$51 C0/82E3: 8E0721 STX $2107 [BG1 Tilemap Address and Size] C0/82E6: A259 LDX #$59 C0/82E8: 8E0821 STX $2108 [BG2 Tilemap Address and Size] C0/82EB: A92480 LDA #$8024 C0/82EE: 855C STA $5C C0/82F0: A2FF LDX #$FF C0/82F2: 865E STX $5E C0/82F4: A5F5 LDA $F5 C0/82F6: 090100 ORA #$0001 C0/82F9: 85F5 STA $F5 C0/82FB: A9002C LDA #$2C00 C0/82FE: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/8300: A900F0 LDA #$F000 C0/8303: 85A2 STA $A2 C0/8305: A900EC LDA #$EC00 C0/8308: 8592 STA $92 C0/830A: A90028 LDA #$2800 C0/830D: 8594 STA $94 C0/830F: A284 LDX #$84 C0/8311: 8E0742 STX $4207 [H Timer low byte] C0/8314: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8316: 8E0842 STX $4208 [H Timer high byte] C0/8319: A260 LDX #$60 C0/831B: 8E0942 STX $4209 [V Timer low byte] C0/831E: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8320: 8E0A42 STX $420A [V Timer high byte] C0/8323: 206682 JSR $8266 C0/8326: 206685 JSR $8566 C0/8329: 206683 JSR $8366 C0/832C: 227DAF02 JSR $02AF7D C0/8330: 2228F801 JSR $01F828 C0/8334: 209699 JSR $9996 C0/8337: 20EF9C JSR $9CEF C0/833A: 205083 JSR $8350 C0/833D: 205095 JSR $9550 C0/8340: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8342: A2000F LDX #$0F00 C0/8345: A00104 LDY #$0401 C0/8348: 20308B JSR $8B30 C0/834B: 2214A902 JSR $02A914 C0/834F: 60 RTS

C0/8350: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8352: A207 LDX #$07 C0/8354: BD5E83 LDA $835E,X C0/8357: 9D0001 STA $0100,X C0/835A: CA DEX C0/835B: 10F7 BPL $8354 C0/835D: 60 RTS

C0/835E: 5CCF8800 JMP $0088CF C0/8362: 5C4B8A00 JMP $008A4B C0/8366: E210 SEP #$10 C0/8368: C220 REP #$20 C0/836A: A5FA LDA $FA C0/836C: 29F8FF AND #$FFF8 C0/836F: 8570 STA $70 C0/8371: A5FC LDA $FC C0/8373: 29F8FF AND #$FFF8 C0/8376: 8572 STA $72 C0/8378: 20C883 JSR $83C8 C0/837B: A202 LDX #$02 C0/837D: 8E3021 STX $2130 [Color Addition Select] C0/8380: A221 LDX #$21 C0/8382: 8E3121 STX $2131 [Color math designation] C0/8385: 862A STX $2A C0/8387: A2E0 LDX #$E0 C0/8389: 8E3221 STX $2132 C0/838C: A202 LDX #$02 C0/838E: 8E2D21 STX $212D C0/8391: 22AAAD02 JSR $02ADAA C0/8395: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/8398: 8D0011 STA $1100 C0/839B: 8D0012 STA $1200 C0/839E: A9007F LDA #$7F00 C0/83A1: 8D0010 STA $1000 C0/83A4: 8D0014 STA $1400 C0/83A7: 60 RTS

C0/83A8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/83AA: A58C LDA $8C C0/83AC: F005 BEQ $83B3 C0/83AE: 20788C JSR $8C78 C0/83B1: 8015 BRA $83C8 C0/83B3: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/83B5: 25FE AND $FE C0/83B7: 05BF ORA $BF C0/83B9: F001 BEQ $83BC C0/83BB: 60 RTS

C0/83BC: 209885 JSR $8598 C0/83BF: 20E783 JSR $83E7 C0/83C2: 203886 JSR $8638 C0/83C5: 207987 JSR $8779 C0/83C8: C220 REP #$20 C0/83CA: E210 SEP #$10 C0/83CC: A53E LDA $3E C0/83CE: 853A STA $3A C0/83D0: A5FA LDA $FA C0/83D2: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/83D5: 38 SEC C0/83D6: E98000 SBC #$0080 C0/83D9: 853E STA $3E C0/83DB: A5FC LDA $FC C0/83DD: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/83E0: 38 SEC C0/83E1: E97000 SBC #$0070 C0/83E4: 8540 STA $40 C0/83E6: 60 RTS

C0/83E7: E230 SEP #$30 C0/83E9: A543 LDA $43 C0/83EB: 2903 AND #$03 C0/83ED: F046 BEQ $8435 C0/83EF: 853C STA $3C C0/83F1: A004 LDY #$04 C0/83F3: A65F LDX $5F C0/83F5: E004 CPX #$04 C0/83F7: D002 BNE $83FB C0/83F9: A002 LDY #$02 C0/83FB: A63D LDX $3D C0/83FD: D004 BNE $8403 C0/83FF: A208 LDX #$08 C0/8401: 863D STX $3D C0/8403: 2901 AND #$01 C0/8405: C220 REP #$20 C0/8407: D014 BNE $841D C0/8409: 98 TYA C0/840A: 18 CLC C0/840B: 65F6 ADC $F6 C0/840D: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/8410: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/8412: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8414: 205584 JSR $8455 C0/8417: A280 LDX #$80 C0/8419: 867A STX $7A C0/841B: 8017 BRA $8434 C0/841D: 98 TYA C0/841E: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8421: 38 SEC C0/8422: 65F6 ADC $F6 C0/8424: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/8427: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/8429: 8401 STY $01 C0/842B: A220 LDX #$20 C0/842D: 205584 JSR $8455 C0/8430: A201 LDX #$01 C0/8432: 867A STX $7A C0/8434: 60 RTS

C0/8435: A90085 LDA #$8500 C0/8438: 7A PLY C0/8439: A53D LDA $3D C0/843B: F017 BEQ $8454 C0/843D: A53C LDA $3C C0/843F: 18 CLC C0/8440: 690885 ADC #$8508 C0/8443: 3C253D BIT $3D25,X C0/8446: F00C BEQ $8454 C0/8448: 063D ASL $3D C0/844A: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/844C: 3006 BMI $8454 C0/844E: A53C LDA $3C C0/8450: A002 LDY #$02 C0/8452: 80AF BRA $8403 C0/8454: 60 RTS

C0/8455: C220 REP #$20 C0/8457: 8600 STX $00 C0/8459: A90007 LDA #$0700 C0/845C: 8502 STA $02 C0/845E: A90005 LDA #$0500 C0/8461: 8504 STA $04 C0/8463: C004 CPY #$04 C0/8465: F004 BEQ $846B C0/8467: 4602 LSR $02 C0/8469: 4604 LSR $04 C0/846B: A600 LDX $00 C0/846D: D00D BNE $847C C0/846F: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/8471: 38 SEC C0/8472: E502 SBC $02 C0/8474: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/8476: B00F BCS $8487 C0/8478: C6AA DEC $AA C0/847A: 800B BRA $8487 C0/847C: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/847E: 18 CLC C0/847F: 6502 ADC $02 C0/8481: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/8483: 9002 BCC $8487 C0/8485: E6AA INC $AA C0/8487: A5A9 LDA $A9 C0/8489: 29F801 AND #$01F8 C0/848C: C5B0 CMP $B0 C0/848E: D004 BNE $8494 C0/8490: 64B4 STZ $B4 C0/8492: 8052 BRA $84E6 C0/8494: 85B0 STA $B0 C0/8496: 4A LSR A C0/8497: 4A LSR A C0/8498: 4A LSR A C0/8499: E220 SEP #$20 C0/849B: 18 CLC C0/849C: 6500 ADC $00 C0/849E: 293F AND #$3F C0/84A0: C920 CMP #$20 C0/84A2: C220 REP #$20 C0/84A4: 090050 ORA #$5000 C0/84A7: 9006 BCC $84AF C0/84A9: 291F00 AND #$001F C0/84AC: 090054 ORA #$5400 C0/84AF: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/84B1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/84B3: A500 LDA $00 C0/84B5: D00D BNE $84C4 C0/84B7: A5BC LDA $BC C0/84B9: 38 SEC C0/84BA: E901 SBC #$01 C0/84BC: B002 BCS $84C0 C0/84BE: 69E0 ADC #$E0 C0/84C0: 85BC STA $BC C0/84C2: 8014 BRA $84D8 C0/84C4: A5BC LDA $BC C0/84C6: 1A INC A C0/84C7: C9E0 CMP #$E0 C0/84C9: 9002 BCC $84CD C0/84CB: E9E0 SBC #$E0 C0/84CD: 85BC STA $BC C0/84CF: 18 CLC C0/84D0: 6500 ADC $00 C0/84D2: C9E0 CMP #$E0 C0/84D4: 9002 BCC $84D8 C0/84D6: E9E0 SBC #$E0 C0/84D8: C220 REP #$20 C0/84DA: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/84DD: 0A ASL A C0/84DE: 0A ASL A C0/84DF: 0A ASL A C0/84E0: 0A ASL A C0/84E1: 690057 ADC #$5700 C0/84E4: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/84E6: A2A0 LDX #$A0 C0/84E8: 8E0342 STX $4203 C0/84EB: A600 LDX $00 C0/84ED: D00D BNE $84FC C0/84EF: A5AC LDA $AC C0/84F1: 38 SEC C0/84F2: E504 SBC $04 C0/84F4: 85AC STA $AC C0/84F6: B00F BCS $8507 C0/84F8: C6AE DEC $AE C0/84FA: 800B BRA $8507 C0/84FC: A5AC LDA $AC C0/84FE: 18 CLC C0/84FF: 6504 ADC $04 C0/8501: 85AC STA $AC C0/8503: 9002 BCC $8507 C0/8505: E6AE INC $AE C0/8507: A5AD LDA $AD C0/8509: 29F801 AND #$01F8 C0/850C: C5B2 CMP $B2 C0/850E: D003 BNE $8513 C0/8510: 64B8 STZ $B8 C0/8512: 60 RTS

C0/8513: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/8515: 4A LSR A C0/8516: 4A LSR A C0/8517: 4A LSR A C0/8518: E220 SEP #$20 C0/851A: 18 CLC C0/851B: 6500 ADC $00 C0/851D: 293F AND #$3F C0/851F: C920 CMP #$20 C0/8521: C220 REP #$20 C0/8523: 090058 ORA #$5800 C0/8526: 9006 BCC $852E C0/8528: 291F00 AND #$001F C0/852B: 09005C ORA #$5C00 C0/852E: 85BA STA $BA C0/8530: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8532: A500 LDA $00 C0/8534: D00D BNE $8543 C0/8536: A5BD LDA $BD C0/8538: 38 SEC C0/8539: E901 SBC #$01 C0/853B: B002 BCS $853F C0/853D: 69A0 ADC #$A0 C0/853F: 85BD STA $BD C0/8541: 8014 BRA $8557 C0/8543: A5BD LDA $BD C0/8545: 1A INC A C0/8546: C9A0 CMP #$A0 C0/8548: 9002 BCC $854C C0/854A: E9A0 SBC #$A0 C0/854C: 85BD STA $BD C0/854E: 18 CLC C0/854F: 6500 ADC $00 C0/8551: C9A0 CMP #$A0 C0/8553: 9002 BCC $8557 C0/8555: E9A0 SBC #$A0 C0/8557: C220 REP #$20 C0/8559: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/855C: 0A ASL A C0/855D: 0A ASL A C0/855E: 0A ASL A C0/855F: 0A ASL A C0/8560: 69004A ADC #$4A00 C0/8563: 85B8 STA $B8 C0/8565: 60 RTS

C0/8566: E210 SEP #$10 C0/8568: C220 REP #$20 C0/856A: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/856C: 29FC03 AND #$03FC C0/856F: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/8571: 49FF03 EOR #$03FF C0/8574: 4A LSR A C0/8575: 4A LSR A C0/8576: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8578: 8D0242 STA $4202 [Multiplicand A] C0/857B: A9E0 LDA #$E0 C0/857D: 8D0342 STA $4203 [Multiplicand B] C0/8580: EA NOP C0/8581: EA NOP C0/8582: EA NOP C0/8583: EA NOP C0/8584: AD1742 LDA $4217 [Multiplication Product or Divide Remainder high byte] C0/8587: 85BC STA $BC C0/8589: A9A0 LDA #$A0 C0/858B: 8D0342 STA $4203 [Multiplicand B] C0/858E: EA NOP C0/858F: EA NOP C0/8590: EA NOP C0/8591: EA NOP C0/8592: AD1742 LDA $4217 [Multiplication Product or Divide Remainder high byte] C0/8595: 85BD STA $BD C0/8597: 60 RTS

C0/8598: E230 SEP #$30 C0/859A: A002 LDY #$02 C0/859C: 2442 BIT $42 C0/859E: 1009 BPL $85A9 C0/85A0: A5F8 LDA $F8 C0/85A2: C930 CMP #$30 C0/85A4: B01B BCS $85C1 C0/85A6: 88 DEY C0/85A7: 8018 BRA $85C1 C0/85A9: A5F8 LDA $F8 C0/85AB: C930 CMP #$30 C0/85AD: B012 BCS $85C1 C0/85AF: 88 DEY C0/85B0: C920 CMP #$20 C0/85B2: B00D BCS $85C1 C0/85B4: 4A LSR A C0/85B5: 4A LSR A C0/85B6: 2903 AND #$03 C0/85B8: 4903 EOR #$03 C0/85BA: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/85BC: 25F4 AND $F4 C0/85BE: F001 BEQ $85C1 C0/85C0: 60 RTS

C0/85C1: 2442 BIT $42 C0/85C3: 3023 BMI $85E8 C0/85C5: 2443 BIT $43 C0/85C7: 3035 BMI $85FE C0/85C9: A56B LDA $6B C0/85CB: F01A BEQ $85E7 C0/85CD: A56A LDA $6A C0/85CF: 18 CLC C0/85D0: 6904 ADC #$04 C0/85D2: 856A STA $6A C0/85D4: 256B AND $6B C0/85D6: F00F BEQ $85E7 C0/85D8: 066B ASL $6B C0/85DA: 88 DEY C0/85DB: 1002 BPL $85DF C0/85DD: A000 LDY #$00 C0/85DF: A901 LDA #$01 C0/85E1: 246A BIT $6A C0/85E3: D00B BNE $85F0 C0/85E5: F01F BEQ $8606 C0/85E7: 60 RTS

C0/85E8: A904 LDA #$04 C0/85EA: 856B STA $6B C0/85EC: A901 LDA #$01 C0/85EE: 856A STA $6A C0/85F0: 98 TYA C0/85F1: 18 CLC C0/85F2: 65F8 ADC $F8 C0/85F4: 85F8 STA $F8 C0/85F6: C932 CMP #$32 C0/85F8: 9021 BCC $861B C0/85FA: C9E0 CMP #$E0 C0/85FC: 902F BCC $862D C0/85FE: A904 LDA #$04 C0/8600: 856B STA $6B C0/8602: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8604: 856A STA $6A C0/8606: 98 TYA C0/8607: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/8609: 1A INC A C0/860A: 18 CLC C0/860B: 65F8 ADC $F8 C0/860D: C92B CMP #$2B C0/860F: B008 BCS $8619 C0/8611: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/8613: 100A BPL $861F C0/8615: C910 CMP #$10 C0/8617: 9003 BCC $861C C0/8619: 85F8 STA $F8 C0/861B: 60 RTS

C0/861C: 4C5981 JMP $8159 C0/861F: A903 LDA #$03 C0/8621: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/8623: F001 BEQ $8626 C0/8625: 60 RTS

C0/8626: A910 LDA #$10 C0/8628: 049E TSB $9E C0/862A: 4CB787 JMP $87B7 C0/862D: A910 LDA #$10 C0/862F: 149E TRB $9E C0/8631: F004 BEQ $8637 C0/8633: 05CC ORA $CC C0/8635: 85CC STA $CC C0/8637: 60 RTS

C0/8638: 209B86 JSR $869B C0/863B: E230 SEP #$30 C0/863D: A200 LDX #$00 C0/863F: 9B TXY C0/8640: A55F LDA $5F C0/8642: 2904 AND #$04 C0/8644: C220 REP #$20 C0/8646: F010 BEQ $8658 C0/8648: A5FC LDA $FC C0/864A: 18 CLC C0/864B: 6568 ADC $68 C0/864D: 85FC STA $FC C0/864F: A5FA LDA $FA C0/8651: 18 CLC C0/8652: 6566 ADC $66 C0/8654: 85FA STA $FA C0/8656: 800E BRA $8666 C0/8658: A5FC LDA $FC C0/865A: 38 SEC C0/865B: E568 SBC $68 C0/865D: 85FC STA $FC C0/865F: A5FA LDA $FA C0/8661: 38 SEC C0/8662: E566 SBC $66 C0/8664: 85FA STA $FA C0/8666: A5FA LDA $FA C0/8668: 29F8FF AND #$FFF8 C0/866B: C570 CMP $70 C0/866D: F00F BEQ $867E C0/866F: 8570 STA $70 C0/8671: 3009 BMI $867C C0/8673: A201 LDX #$01 C0/8675: B007 BCS $867E C0/8677: C90000 CMP #$0000 C0/867A: F002 BEQ $867E C0/867C: A202 LDX #$02 C0/867E: A5FC LDA $FC C0/8680: 29F8FF AND #$FFF8 C0/8683: C572 CMP $72 C0/8685: F00F BEQ $8696 C0/8687: 8572 STA $72 C0/8689: 3009 BMI $8694 C0/868B: A001 LDY #$01 C0/868D: B007 BCS $8696 C0/868F: C90000 CMP #$0000 C0/8692: F002 BEQ $8696 C0/8694: A002 LDY #$02 C0/8696: 862F STX $2F C0/8698: 842E STY $2E C0/869A: 60 RTS

C0/869B: E230 SEP #$30 C0/869D: A543 LDA $43 C0/869F: 290C AND #$0C C0/86A1: D020 BNE $86C3 C0/86A3: A55E LDA $5E C0/86A5: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/86A7: D00B BNE $86B4 C0/86A9: A900 LDA #$00 C0/86AB: 8566 STA $66 C0/86AD: 8567 STA $67 C0/86AF: 8568 STA $68 C0/86B1: 8569 STA $69 C0/86B3: 60 RTS

C0/86B4: 18 CLC C0/86B5: 6904 ADC #$04 C0/86B7: 9006 BCC $86BF C0/86B9: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/86BB: 855E STA $5E C0/86BD: 80EA BRA $86A9 C0/86BF: 855E STA $5E C0/86C1: 803D BRA $8700 C0/86C3: C55F CMP $5F C0/86C5: F01A BEQ $86E1 C0/86C7: A65E LDX $5E C0/86C9: E0FF CPX #$FF C0/86CB: F00D BEQ $86DA C0/86CD: A55E LDA $5E C0/86CF: 18 CLC C0/86D0: 6908 ADC #$08 C0/86D2: 9002 BCC $86D6 C0/86D4: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/86D6: 855E STA $5E C0/86D8: 8026 BRA $8700 C0/86DA: 855F STA $5F C0/86DC: 48 PHA C0/86DD: 20789D JSR $9D78 C0/86E0: 68 PLA C0/86E1: E230 SEP #$30 C0/86E3: A65D LDX $5D C0/86E5: 2904 AND #$04 C0/86E7: D002 BNE $86EB C0/86E9: A65C LDX $5C C0/86EB: 8600 STX $00 C0/86ED: A55E LDA $5E C0/86EF: C500 CMP $00 C0/86F1: F00D BEQ $8700 C0/86F3: A55E LDA $5E C0/86F5: 38 SEC C0/86F6: E903 SBC #$03 C0/86F8: C500 CMP $00 C0/86FA: B002 BCS $86FE C0/86FC: A500 LDA $00 C0/86FE: 855E STA $5E C0/8700: C220 REP #$20 C0/8702: A564 LDA $64 C0/8704: 18 CLC C0/8705: 6532 ADC $32 C0/8707: 8D0442 STA $4204 [Dividend C low byte] C0/870A: A65E LDX $5E C0/870C: 8E0642 STX $4206 [Divisor B] C0/870F: EA NOP C0/8710: EA NOP C0/8711: A562 LDA $62 C0/8713: 18 CLC C0/8714: 6530 ADC $30 C0/8716: 48 PHA C0/8717: AC1442 LDY $4214 [Quotient of Divide Result low byte] C0/871A: AD1642 LDA $4216 [Multiplication Product or Divide Remainder low byte] C0/871D: 8564 STA $64 C0/871F: 68 PLA C0/8720: 8D0442 STA $4204 [Dividend C low byte] C0/8723: A65E LDX $5E C0/8725: 8E0642 STX $4206 [Divisor B] C0/8728: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/872A: EA NOP C0/872B: EA NOP C0/872C: EA NOP C0/872D: EA NOP C0/872E: EA NOP C0/872F: EA NOP C0/8730: EA NOP C0/8731: EA NOP C0/8732: AE1442 LDX $4214 [Quotient of Divide Result low byte] C0/8735: AD1642 LDA $4216 [Multiplication Product or Divide Remainder low byte] C0/8738: 8562 STA $62 C0/873A: A90002 LDA #$0200 C0/873D: 24F6 BIT $F6 C0/873F: F009 BEQ $874A C0/8741: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/8744: 24F6 BIT $F6 C0/8746: F018 BEQ $8760 C0/8748: D025 BNE $876F C0/874A: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/874D: 24F6 BIT $F6 C0/874F: D005 BNE $8756 C0/8751: 8468 STY $68 C0/8753: 8666 STX $66 C0/8755: 60 RTS

C0/8756: 98 TYA C0/8757: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/875A: 1A INC A C0/875B: 8568 STA $68 C0/875D: 8666 STX $66 C0/875F: 60 RTS

C0/8760: 98 TYA C0/8761: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8764: 1A INC A C0/8765: 8568 STA $68 C0/8767: 8A TXA C0/8768: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/876B: 1A INC A C0/876C: 8566 STA $66 C0/876E: 60 RTS

C0/876F: 8468 STY $68 C0/8771: 8A TXA C0/8772: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8775: 1A INC A C0/8776: 8566 STA $66 C0/8778: 60 RTS

C0/8779: E230 SEP #$30 C0/877B: A910 LDA #$10 C0/877D: 0920 ORA #$20 C0/877F: 14CC TRB $CC C0/8781: F007 BEQ $878A C0/8783: 24BE BIT $BE C0/8785: 3003 BMI $878A C0/8787: 20A287 JSR $87A2 C0/878A: A902 LDA #$02 C0/878C: 14CC TRB $CC C0/878E: F000 BEQ $8790 C0/8790: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8792: 14CC TRB $CC C0/8794: F00B BEQ $87A1 C0/8796: 20CCA5 JSR $A5CC C0/8799: 2291B002 JSR $02B091 C0/879D: 4C3C80 JMP $803C C0/87A0: 60 RTS

C0/87A1: 60 RTS

C0/87A2: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/87A4: 1006 BPL $87AC C0/87A6: A5F8 LDA $F8 C0/87A8: C920 CMP #$20 C0/87AA: 900A BCC $87B6 C0/87AC: A903 LDA #$03 C0/87AE: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/87B0: F005 BEQ $87B7 C0/87B2: A910 LDA #$10 C0/87B4: 04CC TSB $CC C0/87B6: 60 RTS

C0/87B7: E230 SEP #$30 C0/87B9: A5F2 LDA $F2 C0/87BB: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/87BD: 85F2 STA $F2 C0/87BF: A90E LDA #$0E C0/87C1: 8551 STA $51 C0/87C3: 60 RTS

C0/87C4: E230 SEP #$30 C0/87C6: A98F LDA #$8F [#%10001111] {Blank On, Max Brightness} C0/87C8: 8D0021 STA $2100 [Screen Display] C0/87CB: A901 LDA #$01 [Enable NMI only] C0/87CD: 8D0042 STA $4200 [Interrupt Enable Flags] C0/87D0: 9C0C42 STZ $420C [HDMA Enable] C0/87D3: 9C2321 STZ $2123 [Window Mask Settings for BG1 and BG2] C0/87D6: 9C2421 STZ $2124 [Window Mask Settings for BG3 and BG4] C0/87D9: 9C2521 STZ $2125 [Window Mask Settings for OBJ and Color Window] C0/87DC: 9C2521 STZ $2125 [Window Mask Settings for OBJ and Color Window] C0/87DF: 60 RTS

C0/87E0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/87E2: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/87E4: A6D4 LDX $D4 C0/87E6: BF2CE07E LDA $7EE02C,X C0/87EA: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/87EC: D00A BNE $87F8 C0/87EE: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/87F0: F00A BEQ $87FC C0/87F2: A5CC LDA $CC C0/87F4: 85CE STA $CE C0/87F6: 8004 BRA $87FC C0/87F8: A5CC LDA $CC C0/87FA: 85CD STA $CD C0/87FC: 20B993 JSR $93B9 C0/87FF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8801: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8803: A6D4 LDX $D4 C0/8805: BF2CE07E LDA $7EE02C,X C0/8809: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/880B: D011 BNE $881E C0/880D: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/880F: F00C BEQ $881D C0/8811: A5CE LDA $CE C0/8813: 85CC STA $CC C0/8815: A546 LDA $46 C0/8817: 8542 STA $42 C0/8819: A547 LDA $47 C0/881B: 8543 STA $43 C0/881D: 60 RTS

C0/881E: A5CD LDA $CD C0/8820: 85CC STA $CC C0/8822: A544 LDA $44 C0/8824: 8542 STA $42 C0/8826: A545 LDA $45 C0/8828: 8543 STA $43 C0/882A: 60 RTS

[This contains a whole hell of a lot of shit dealing with DMA Channel 7] C0/882B: E210 SEP #$10 [Enable 8-Bit Registers] C0/882D: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/882F: A90000 LDA #$0000 [Load #$0000] C0/8832: 8D0221 STA $2102 [OAM address register] C0/8835: A90008 LDA #$0800 C0/8838: 8D7243 STA $4372 [DMA Channel 7 Source Address] C0/883B: A90004 LDA #$0400 C0/883E: 8D7043 STA $4370 [DMA Channel 7 control register] C0/8841: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8843: 8E7443 STX $4374 [Store X into DMA Channel 7 Source Bank] C0/8846: A92002 LDA #$0220 C0/8849: 8D7543 STA $4375 [DMA Channel 7 size register] C0/884C: A280 LDX #$80 [Enable Channel 7] C0/884E: 8E0B42 STX $420B [DMA enable register] C0/8851: 8E1521 STX $2115 C0/8854: A90019 LDA #$1900 C0/8857: 8D7043 STA $4370 [DMA Channel 7 control register] C0/885A: A5A2 LDA $A2 C0/885C: 8D7243 STA $4372 [DMA Channel 7 source address?] C0/885F: A27E LDX #$7E C0/8861: 8E7443 STX $4374 [DMA Channel 7 source bank address] C0/8864: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/8866: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/8869: A98000 LDA #$0080 C0/886C: 8D7543 STA $4375 [DMA Channel 7 size register] C0/886F: A280 LDX #$80 C0/8871: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/8874: A5E3 LDA $E3 C0/8876: 290600 AND #$0006 C0/8879: F015 BEQ $8890 C0/887B: A592 LDA $92 C0/887D: 8D7243 STA $4372 [DMA Channel 7 source address?] C0/8880: A594 LDA $94 C0/8882: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/8885: A94000 LDA #$0040 C0/8888: 8D7543 STA $4375 [DMA Channel 7 size register] C0/888B: A280 LDX #$80 C0/888D: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/8890: A201 LDX #$01 C0/8892: 8E1521 STX $2115 C0/8895: A2C6 LDX #$C6 C0/8897: 8E7443 STX $4374 [DMA Channel 7 source bank address] C0/889A: A90018 LDA #$1800 C0/889D: 8D7043 STA $4370 [DMA Channel 7 control register] C0/88A0: A5B4 LDA $B4 C0/88A2: F013 BEQ $88B7 C0/88A4: 8D7243 STA $4372 [DMA Channel 7 source address?] C0/88A7: A5B6 LDA $B6 C0/88A9: 8D1621 STA $2116 [Video port address, eh? NOI] C0/88AC: A91000 LDA #$0010 [Transfer size = 16 bytes] C0/88AF: 8D7543 STA $4375 [DMA Channel 7 size register] C0/88B2: A280 LDX #$80 [Load #$80 into X] {Enable Channel 7} C0/88B4: 8E0B42 STX $420B [Store X into DMA enable register] C0/88B7: A5B8 LDA $B8 C0/88B9: F013 BEQ $88CE C0/88BB: 8D7243 STA $4372 [DMA Channel 7 source address?] C0/88BE: A5BA LDA $BA C0/88C0: 8D1621 STA $2116 [Video port address, eh? NOI] C0/88C3: A91000 LDA #$0010 [Transfer size = 16 bytes] C0/88C6: 8D7543 STA $4375 [DMA Channel 7 size register] C0/88C9: A280 LDX #$80 [Load #$80 into X] {Enable Channel 7} C0/88CB: 8E0B42 STX $420B [Store X into DMA enable register] C0/88CE: 60 RTS

C0/88CF: C230 REP #$30 C0/88D1: 48 PHA C0/88D2: DA PHX C0/88D3: 5A PHY C0/88D4: 0B PHD C0/88D5: 8B PHB C0/88D6: E210 SEP #$10 C0/88D8: A200 LDX #$00 C0/88DA: DA PHX C0/88DB: AB PLB C0/88DC: AE1042 LDX $4210 [NMI register] C0/88DF: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/88E2: 5B TCD C0/88E3: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/88E6: 8D2E21 STA $212E [Window mask main screen] C0/88E9: A6E6 LDX $E6 C0/88EB: 8E0021 STX $2100 [Screen display register] C0/88EE: E6F4 INC $F4 C0/88F0: 202B88 JSR $882B C0/88F3: 204098 JSR $9840 C0/88F6: 20798A JSR $8A79 C0/88F9: E220 SEP #$20 C0/88FB: A5EC LDA $EC C0/88FD: 4A LSR A C0/88FE: 9003 BCC $8903 C0/8900: 200B89 JSR $890B C0/8903: C230 REP #$30 C0/8905: AB PLB C0/8906: 2B PLD C0/8907: 7A PLY C0/8908: FA PLX C0/8909: 68 PLA C0/890A: 40 RTI

C0/890B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/890D: A913 LDA #$13 C0/890F: 8D2C21 STA $212C C0/8912: A980 LDA #$80 C0/8914: 1460 TRB $60 C0/8916: D001 BNE $8919 C0/8918: 60 RTS

C0/8919: E220 SEP #$20 C0/891B: A903 LDA #$03 C0/891D: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/891F: F007 BEQ $8928 C0/8921: A551 LDA $51 C0/8923: 8D0021 STA $2100 C0/8926: 800D BRA $8935 C0/8928: A5FE LDA $FE C0/892A: F009 BEQ $8935 C0/892C: 4A LSR A C0/892D: 4A LSR A C0/892E: 290F AND #$0F C0/8930: 490F EOR #$0F C0/8932: 8D0021 STA $2100 C0/8935: 9C1A21 STZ $211A C0/8938: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/893A: 1054 BPL $8990 C0/893C: A52C LDA $2C C0/893E: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/8940: 8D0C42 STA $420C C0/8943: A536 LDA $36 C0/8945: 8D1B21 STA $211B [Mode 7 Matrix A] C0/8948: A537 LDA $37 C0/894A: 8D1B21 STA $211B [Mode 7 Matrix A] C0/894D: A536 LDA $36 C0/894F: 8D1E21 STA $211E [Mode 7 Matrix D] C0/8952: A537 LDA $37 C0/8954: 8D1E21 STA $211E [Mode 7 Matrix D] C0/8957: A538 LDA $38 C0/8959: 8D1C21 STA $211C [Mode 7 Matrix B] C0/895C: A539 LDA $39 C0/895E: 8D1C21 STA $211C [Mode 7 Matrix B] C0/8961: A538 LDA $38 C0/8963: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/8965: 18 CLC C0/8966: 6901 ADC #$01 C0/8968: 8D1D21 STA $211D [Mode 7 Matrix C] C0/896B: A539 LDA $39 C0/896D: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/896F: 6900 ADC #$00 C0/8971: 8D1D21 STA $211D [Mode 7 Matrix C] C0/8974: A53E LDA $3E C0/8976: 8D0D21 STA $210D [Mode 7 BG Horizontal Scroll] C0/8979: A53F LDA $3F C0/897B: 8D0D21 STA $210D [Mode 7 BG Horizontal Scroll] C0/897E: A540 LDA $40 C0/8980: 8D0E21 STA $210E [Mode 7 BG Vertical Scroll] C0/8983: A541 LDA $41 C0/8985: 8D0E21 STA $210E [Mode 7 BG Vertical Scroll] C0/8988: A907 LDA #$07 [Mode 7] C0/898A: 8D0521 STA $2105 [BG Mode and Character Size] C0/898D: 4C2E8A JMP $8A2E C0/8990: A560 LDA $60 C0/8992: 4A LSR A C0/8993: 4A LSR A C0/8994: 090C ORA #$0C C0/8996: 8DE00F STA $0FE0 C0/8999: 8DEA0F STA $0FEA C0/899C: 8DEA0F STA $0FEA C0/899F: 8DFE0F STA $0FFE C0/89A2: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/89A4: A560 LDA $60 C0/89A6: 0910 ORA #$10 C0/89A8: 8DDA0F STA $0FDA C0/89AB: 8DDD0F STA $0FDD C0/89AE: 1A INC A C0/89AF: 8DE40F STA $0FE4 C0/89B2: 8DE70F STA $0FE7 C0/89B5: 1A INC A C0/89B6: 8DEE0F STA $0FEE C0/89B9: 8DF10F STA $0FF1 C0/89BC: 1A INC A C0/89BD: 8DF80F STA $0FF8 C0/89C0: 8DFB0F STA $0FFB C0/89C3: A5F8 LDA $F8 C0/89C5: 4A LSR A C0/89C6: 4A LSR A C0/89C7: 4A LSR A C0/89C8: 8550 STA $50 C0/89CA: 491F EOR #$1F C0/89CC: 18 CLC C0/89CD: 694C ADC #$4C C0/89CF: 8DD80F STA $0FD8 C0/89D2: 8DE20F STA $0FE2 C0/89D5: 8DEC0F STA $0FEC C0/89D8: 8DF60F STA $0FF6 C0/89DB: 1A INC A C0/89DC: 8D0942 STA $4209 C0/89DF: ADD80F LDA $0FD8 C0/89E2: 297F AND #$7F C0/89E4: 8D000F STA $0F00 C0/89E7: A52C LDA $2C C0/89E9: 093F ORA #$3F C0/89EB: 8D0C42 STA $420C C0/89EE: A901 LDA #$01 C0/89F0: 8D0521 STA $2105 C0/89F3: C220 REP #$20 C0/89F5: A5A9 LDA $A9 C0/89F7: AA TAX C0/89F8: 8E0D21 STX $210D [Mode 7 BG Horizontal Scroll] C0/89FB: EB XBA C0/89FC: AA TAX C0/89FD: 8E0D21 STX $210D [Mode 7 BG Horizontal Scroll] C0/8A00: A5AD LDA $AD C0/8A02: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8A04: 8D0F21 STA $210F [BG2 Horizontal Scroll] C0/8A07: EB XBA C0/8A08: 8D0F21 STA $210F [BG2 Horizontal Scroll] C0/8A0B: A550 LDA $50 C0/8A0D: 491F EOR #$1F C0/8A0F: 8D0013 STA $1300 C0/8A12: 8D0017 STA $1700 C0/8A15: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8A17: 8D0113 STA $1301 C0/8A1A: 8D0117 STA $1701 C0/8A1D: A550 LDA $50 C0/8A1F: 4A LSR A C0/8A20: 18 CLC C0/8A21: 6550 ADC $50 C0/8A23: 3A DEC A C0/8A24: 8550 STA $50 C0/8A26: 8D1021 STA $2110 [BG2 Vertical Scroll] C0/8A29: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8A2B: 8D1021 STA $2110 [BG2 Vertical Scroll] C0/8A2E: A5FA LDA $FA C0/8A30: 8D1F21 STA $211F [BG2 Vertical Scroll] C0/8A33: A5FB LDA $FB C0/8A35: 2903 AND #$03 C0/8A37: 8D1F21 STA $211F [BG2 Vertical Scroll] C0/8A3A: A5FC LDA $FC C0/8A3C: 8D2021 STA $2120 [Mode 7 Center Y] C0/8A3F: A5FD LDA $FD C0/8A41: 2903 AND #$03 C0/8A43: 8D2021 STA $2120 [Mode 7 Center Y] C0/8A46: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8A48: 14EC TRB $EC C0/8A4A: 60 RTS

C0/8A4B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8A4D: 48 PHA C0/8A4E: 8B PHB C0/8A4F: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8A51: 48 PHA C0/8A52: AB PLB C0/8A53: AD1142 LDA $4211 [IRQ Flag] C0/8A56: ADF200 LDA $00F2 C0/8A59: 301B BMI $8A76 C0/8A5B: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8A5D: DA PHX C0/8A5E: 5A PHY C0/8A5F: E210 SEP #$10 C0/8A61: A907 LDA #$07 {Mode 7} C0/8A63: AE3A00 LDX $003A C0/8A66: AC3B00 LDY $003B C0/8A69: 8D0521 STA $2105 [BG Mode and Character Size] C0/8A6C: 8E0D21 STX $210D [Mode 7 BG Horizontal Scroll] C0/8A6F: 8C0D21 STY $210D [Mode 7 BG Horizontal Scroll] C0/8A72: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8A74: 7A PLY C0/8A75: FA PLX C0/8A76: AB PLB C0/8A77: 68 PLA C0/8A78: 40 RTI

C0/8A79: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8A7B: 24E3 BIT $E3 C0/8A7D: 5042 BVC $8AC1 C0/8A7F: A5F5 LDA $F5 C0/8A81: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/8A83: D03C BNE $8AC1 C0/8A85: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/8A87: 3038 BMI $8AC1 C0/8A89: 8922 BIT #$22 C0/8A8B: D00F BNE $8A9C C0/8A8D: C220 REP #$20 C0/8A8F: A27E LDX #$7E C0/8A91: 8E7443 STX $4374 C0/8A94: A900DE LDA #$DE00 C0/8A97: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/8A9A: 800D BRA $8AA9 C0/8A9C: C220 REP #$20 C0/8A9E: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8AA0: 8E7443 STX $4374 C0/8AA3: A90006 LDA #$0600 C0/8AA6: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/8AA9: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8AAB: 8E2121 STX $2121 C0/8AAE: A90022 LDA #$2200 C0/8AB1: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/8AB4: A90002 LDA #$0200 C0/8AB7: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/8ABA: A280 LDX #$80 C0/8ABC: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/8ABF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8AC1: A52D LDA $2D C0/8AC3: F02C BEQ $8AF1 C0/8AC5: 4A LSR A C0/8AC6: B009 BCS $8AD1 C0/8AC8: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8ACA: 852D STA $2D C0/8ACC: 8D2321 STA $2123 [Window Mask Settings for BG1 and BG2] C0/8ACF: 8020 BRA $8AF1 C0/8AD1: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8AD3: 8D2321 STA $2123 [Window Mask Settings for BG1 and BG2] C0/8AD6: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8AD8: 8D2E21 STA $212E [Window Mask Designation for the Main Screen] C0/8ADB: E62D INC $2D C0/8ADD: A52C LDA $2C C0/8ADF: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/8AE1: 852C STA $2C C0/8AE3: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8AE5: BDF88A LDA $8AF8,X C0/8AE8: 9D7043 STA $4370,X C0/8AEB: E8 INX C0/8AEC: E008 CPX #$08 C0/8AEE: 90F5 BCC $8AE5 C0/8AF0: 60 RTS

C0/8AF1: A52C LDA $2C C0/8AF3: 297F AND #$7F C0/8AF5: 852C STA $2C C0/8AF7: 60 RTS

C0/8AF8: 4126 EOR ($26,X) C0/8AFA: 201800 JSR $0018 C0/8AFD: 0000 BRK #$00 [DANGER] C0/8AFF: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/8B01: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/8B03: 0060 BRK #$60 C0/8B05: 20098B JSR $8B09 C0/8B08: 6B RTL

C0/8B09: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8B0B: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8B0D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8B0F: 85E7 STA $E7 C0/8B11: A00102 LDY #$0201 C0/8B14: 8020 BRA $8B36 C0/8B16: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8B18: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8B1A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8B1C: 85E7 STA $E7 C0/8B1E: A00104 LDY #$0401 C0/8B21: 8013 BRA $8B36 C0/8B23: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8B25: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8B27: A90F LDA #$0F C0/8B29: 85E7 STA $E7 C0/8B2B: A00104 LDY #$0401 C0/8B2E: 8006 BRA $8B36 C0/8B30: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8B32: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8B34: 86E6 STX $E6 C0/8B36: 84E4 STY $E4 C0/8B38: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8B3A: 04E2 TSB $E2 C0/8B3C: 60 RTS

C0/8B3D: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8B3F: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8B41: 6A ROR A C0/8B42: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/8B44: 8D5710 STA $1057 C0/8B47: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8B49: 04E2 TSB $E2 C0/8B4B: 60 RTS

C0/8B4C: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8B4E: A940 LDA #$40 C0/8B50: 8D5710 STA $1057 C0/8B53: A5E6 LDA $E6 C0/8B55: 8D5810 STA $1058 C0/8B58: A904 LDA #$04 C0/8B5A: 04E2 TSB $E2 C0/8B5C: 60 RTS

C0/8B5D: 60 RTS

C0/8B5E: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8B60: A5E2 LDA $E2 C0/8B62: D001 BNE $8B65 C0/8B64: 60 RTS

C0/8B65: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8B67: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8B69: 24E2 BIT $E2 C0/8B6B: F02A BEQ $8B97 C0/8B6D: C6E4 DEC $E4 C0/8B6F: D026 BNE $8B97 C0/8B71: A5E5 LDA $E5 C0/8B73: 85E4 STA $E4 C0/8B75: A5E6 LDA $E6 C0/8B77: 1002 BPL $8B7B C0/8B79: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8B7B: C5E7 CMP $E7 C0/8B7D: F006 BEQ $8B85 C0/8B7F: 9003 BCC $8B84 C0/8B81: 3A DEC A C0/8B82: 8001 BRA $8B85 C0/8B84: 1A INC A C0/8B85: 85E6 STA $E6 C0/8B87: C5E7 CMP $E7 C0/8B89: D00C BNE $8B97 C0/8B8B: C900 CMP #$00 C0/8B8D: D004 BNE $8B93 C0/8B8F: A98F LDA #$8F C0/8B91: 85E6 STA $E6 C0/8B93: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8B95: 14E2 TRB $E2 C0/8B97: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8B99: 24E2 BIT $E2 C0/8B9B: F02B BEQ $8BC8 C0/8B9D: AD5710 LDA $1057 C0/8BA0: 100C + BPL $8BAE C0/8BA2: 18 CLC C0/8BA3: 6902 ADC #$02 C0/8BA5: 9012 BCC $8BB9 C0/8BA7: A520 LDA $20 C0/8BA9: 8D0621 STA $2106 C0/8BAC: 8005 BRA $8BB3 C0/8BAE: + 18 CLC C0/8BAF: 6902 ADC #$02 C0/8BB1: 1006 + BPL $8BB9 C0/8BB3: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8BB5: 14E2 TRB $E2 C0/8BB7: 8045 BRA $8BFE C0/8BB9: + 8D5710 STA $1057 C0/8BBC: 1002 + BPL $8BC0 C0/8BBE: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/8BC0: + 0A ASL A C0/8BC1: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/8BC3: 0907 ORA #$07 C0/8BC5: 8D0621 STA $2106 [Screen Pixelation] C0/8BC8: A904 LDA #$04 C0/8BCA: 24E2 BIT $E2 C0/8BCC: F030 + BEQ $8BFE C0/8BCE: AD5710 LDA $1057 [Load this thing] C0/8BD1: F019 ++ BEQ $8BEC [Branch ahead if it's zero] C0/8BD3: CE5710 DEC $1057 [Decrement thing] C0/8BD6: D014 ++ BNE $8BEC C0/8BD8: A904 LDA #$04 C0/8BDA: 14E2 TRB $E2 C0/8BDC: A902 LDA #$02 [Load #$02 into Accumulator, Add Subscreen] C0/8BDE: 8D3021 STA $2130 [Store into Color Addition Select] C0/8BE1: A523 LDA $23 C0/8BE3: 8D3121 STA $2131 [Color math designation] C0/8BE6: A9E0 LDA #$E0 C0/8BE8: 8D3221 STA $2132 [Fixed Color Data] C0/8BEB: 60 RTS

C0/8BEC: ++ A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/8BEE: 4A LSR A C0/8BEF: 90EB BCC $8BDC C0/8BF1: 9C3021 STZ $2130 [Color Addition Select] C0/8BF4: A90F LDA #$0F C0/8BF6: 8D3121 STA $2131 [Color math designation] C0/8BF9: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/8BFB: 8D3221 STA $2132 [Fixed Color Data] C0/8BFE: + A908 LDA #$08 C0/8C00: 24E2 BIT $E2 C0/8C02: F04E BEQ $8C52 C0/8C04: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8C06: A6D4 LDX $D4 C0/8C08: BF20E07E LDA $7EE020,X C0/8C0C: 6484 STZ $84 C0/8C0E: C97F CMP #$7F C0/8C10: 9017 BCC $8C29 C0/8C12: C982 CMP #$82 C0/8C14: B013 BCS $8C29 C0/8C16: 6486 STZ $86 C0/8C18: BF22E07E LDA $7EE022,X C0/8C1C: C97F CMP #$7F C0/8C1E: 9023 BCC $8C43 C0/8C20: C982 CMP #$82 C0/8C22: B01F BCS $8C43 C0/8C24: A908 LDA #$08 C0/8C26: 14E2 TRB $E2 C0/8C28: 60 RTS

C0/8C29: B004 BCS $8C2F C0/8C2B: A982 LDA #$82 C0/8C2D: 8002 BRA $8C31 C0/8C2F: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8C31: 8584 STA $84 C0/8C33: BF22E07E LDA $7EE022,X C0/8C37: 6486 STZ $86 C0/8C39: C97F CMP #$7F C0/8C3B: 9006 BCC $8C43 C0/8C3D: C982 CMP #$82 C0/8C3F: B002 BCS $8C43 C0/8C41: 800A BRA $8C4D C0/8C43: B004 BCS $8C49 C0/8C45: A982 LDA #$82 C0/8C47: 8002 BRA $8C4B C0/8C49: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8C4B: 8586 STA $86 C0/8C4D: 20F9D1 JSR $D1F9 C0/8C50: 38 SEC C0/8C51: 60 RTS

C0/8C52: A910 LDA #$10 C0/8C54: 24E2 BIT $E2 C0/8C56: F01F BEQ $8C77 C0/8C58: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/8C5A: 2903 AND #$03 C0/8C5C: D018 BNE $8C76 C0/8C5E: CE5A10 DEC $105A C0/8C61: D013 BNE $8C76 C0/8C63: A910 LDA #$10 C0/8C65: 14E2 TRB $E2 C0/8C67: A522 LDA $22 C0/8C69: 8D2D21 STA $212D [Subscreen Designation] C0/8C6C: A523 LDA $23 C0/8C6E: 8D3121 STA $2131 [Color math designation] C0/8C71: A9E0 LDA #$E0 C0/8C73: 8D3221 STA $2132 [Fixed Color Data] C0/8C76: 60 RTS

C0/8C77: 60 RTS

C0/8C78: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8C7A: A58C LDA $8C C0/8C7C: D001 BNE $8C7F C0/8C7E: 60 RTS

C0/8C7F: A5E3 LDA $E3 C0/8C81: 8906 BIT #$06 C0/8C83: F07D BEQ $8D02 C0/8C85: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/8C87: F004 BEQ $8C8D C0/8C89: A90C LDA #$0C C0/8C8B: 85E7 STA $E7 C0/8C8D: C220 REP #$20 C0/8C8F: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/8C91: 1A INC A C0/8C92: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/8C95: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/8C97: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/8C99: 4A LSR A C0/8C9A: B009 BCS $8CA5 C0/8C9C: E210 SEP #$10 C0/8C9E: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8CA0: A002 LDY #$02 C0/8CA2: 205584 JSR $8455 C0/8CA5: E210 SEP #$10 C0/8CA7: A58E LDA $8E C0/8CA9: 3A DEC A C0/8CAA: 858E STA $8E C0/8CAC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8CAE: D04F BNE $8CFF C0/8CB0: A90D LDA #$0D C0/8CB2: 9C021E STZ $1E02 C0/8CB5: A5E3 LDA $E3 C0/8CB7: 64E3 STZ $E3 C0/8CB9: 2902 AND #$02 C0/8CBB: C902 CMP #$02 C0/8CBD: B002 BCS $8CC1 C0/8CBF: A903 LDA #$03 C0/8CC1: 8D011E STA $1E01 C0/8CC4: 66E3 ROR $E3 C0/8CC6: 3009 BMI $8CD1 C0/8CC8: A90B LDA #$0B C0/8CCA: 8D021E STA $1E02 C0/8CCD: A940 LDA #$40 C0/8CCF: 04E3 TSB $E3 C0/8CD1: 648C STZ $8C C0/8CD3: A5E3 LDA $E3 C0/8CD5: 0A ASL A C0/8CD6: 2A ROL A C0/8CD7: 2A ROL A C0/8CD8: 2903 AND #$03 C0/8CDA: 8F02CF7E STA $7ECF02 C0/8CDE: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8CE0: 8D001E STA $1E00 C0/8CE3: A90F LDA #$0F C0/8CE5: 8D031E STA $1E03 C0/8CE8: 9C0042 STZ $4200 [Interrupt Enable Flags] C0/8CEB: 24E3 BIT $E3 C0/8CED: 5004 BVC $8CF3 C0/8CEF: 22E5F801 JSR $01F8E5 C0/8CF3: 220400C3 JSR $C30004 C0/8CF7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8CF9: A9B1 LDA #$B1 C0/8CFB: 8D0042 STA $4200 C0/8CFE: 60 RTS

C0/8CFF: 4C248F JMP $8F24

C0/8D02: 4A LSR A C0/8D03: B003 BCS $8D08 C0/8D05: 828600 BRL $8D8E C0/8D08: C220 REP #$20 C0/8D0A: A58E LDA $8E C0/8D0C: 3A DEC A C0/8D0D: 858E STA $8E C0/8D0F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8D11: D007 BNE $8D1A C0/8D13: A980 LDA #$80 C0/8D15: 85F2 STA $F2 C0/8D17: 4C4E82 JMP $824E C0/8D1A: A58F LDA $8F C0/8D1C: 4A LSR A C0/8D1D: A58E LDA $8E C0/8D1F: B009 BCS $8D2A C0/8D21: C940 CMP #$40 C0/8D23: B005 BCS $8D2A C0/8D25: 4A LSR A C0/8D26: 4A LSR A C0/8D27: 8D0021 STA $2100 C0/8D2A: A58F LDA $8F C0/8D2C: 4A LSR A C0/8D2D: A58E LDA $8E C0/8D2F: 6A ROR A C0/8D30: 8D0242 STA $4202 C0/8D33: A9D0 LDA #$D0 C0/8D35: 8D0342 STA $4203 C0/8D38: A910 LDA #$10 C0/8D3A: 18 CLC C0/8D3B: EA NOP C0/8D3C: EA NOP C0/8D3D: 6D1742 ADC $4217 C0/8D40: 85F8 STA $F8 C0/8D42: C230 REP #$30 C0/8D44: A58E LDA $8E C0/8D46: 6400 STZ $00 C0/8D48: 890001 BIT #$0100 C0/8D4B: F002 BEQ $8D4F C0/8D4D: C600 DEC $00 C0/8D4F: 898000 BIT #$0080 C0/8D52: F003 BEQ $8D57 C0/8D54: 497F00 EOR #$007F C0/8D57: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/8D5A: 0A ASL A C0/8D5B: 0A ASL A C0/8D5C: AA TAX C0/8D5D: BD22FD LDA $FD22,X C0/8D60: 4A LSR A C0/8D61: 2400 BIT $00 C0/8D63: 1003 BPL $8D68 C0/8D65: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8D68: 18 CLC C0/8D69: 6596 ADC $96 C0/8D6B: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/8D6E: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/8D70: 20EE8D JSR $8DEE C0/8D73: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8D75: A58F LDA $8F C0/8D77: 4A LSR A C0/8D78: 6A ROR A C0/8D79: 458E EOR $8E C0/8D7B: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/8D7D: 4A LSR A C0/8D7E: 4A LSR A C0/8D7F: 2920 AND #$20 C0/8D81: AA TAX C0/8D82: A002 LDY #$02 C0/8D84: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/8D86: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/8D88: F001 BEQ $8D8B C0/8D8A: 60 RTS

C0/8D8B: 4C5584 JMP $8455 C0/8D8E: C220 REP #$20 C0/8D90: E210 SEP #$10 C0/8D92: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/8D94: 38 SEC C0/8D95: E90400 SBC #$0004 C0/8D98: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/8D9A: A58E LDA $8E C0/8D9C: 38 SEC C0/8D9D: E90100 SBC #$0001 C0/8DA0: 858E STA $8E C0/8DA2: B008 BCS $8DAC C0/8DA4: A200 LDX #$00 C0/8DA6: 868C STX $8C C0/8DA8: 4C4E82 JMP $824E C0/8DAB: 60 RTS

C0/8DAC: 858E STA $8E C0/8DAE: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/8DB1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8DB3: 9004 BCC $8DB9 C0/8DB5: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/8DB7: 800B BRA $8DC4 C0/8DB9: C940 CMP #$40 C0/8DBB: B007 BCS $8DC4 C0/8DBD: 48 PHA C0/8DBE: 4A LSR A C0/8DBF: 4A LSR A C0/8DC0: 8D0021 STA $2100 C0/8DC3: 68 PLA C0/8DC4: C230 REP #$30 C0/8DC6: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/8DC9: 0A ASL A C0/8DCA: AA TAX C0/8DCB: BD22FD LDA $FD22,X C0/8DCE: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/8DD1: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8DD3: D002 BNE $8DD7 C0/8DD5: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/8DD7: 8D0242 STA $4202 C0/8DDA: A9F8 LDA #$F8 C0/8DDC: 8D0342 STA $4203 C0/8DDF: EA NOP C0/8DE0: EA NOP C0/8DE1: EA NOP C0/8DE2: EA NOP C0/8DE3: AD1742 LDA $4217 C0/8DE6: 0901 ORA #$01 C0/8DE8: 8590 STA $90 C0/8DEA: A58F LDA $8F C0/8DEC: F0BD BEQ $8DAB C0/8DEE: C230 REP #$30 C0/8DF0: A584 LDA $84 C0/8DF2: 18 CLC C0/8DF3: 6586 ADC $86 C0/8DF5: AA TAX C0/8DF6: A588 LDA $88 C0/8DF8: 18 CLC C0/8DF9: 658A ADC $8A C0/8DFB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8DFD: 858A STA $8A C0/8DFF: EB XBA C0/8E00: 8500 STA $00 C0/8E02: C220 REP #$20 C0/8E04: 8A TXA C0/8E05: E230 SEP #$30 C0/8E07: 8586 STA $86 C0/8E09: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8E0B: EB XBA C0/8E0C: 290F AND #$0F C0/8E0E: 248D BIT $8D C0/8E10: C220 REP #$20 C0/8E12: 1004 BPL $8E18 C0/8E14: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8E17: 1A INC A C0/8E18: 8566 STA $66 C0/8E1A: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/8E1D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8E1F: A500 LDA $00 C0/8E21: 290F AND #$0F C0/8E23: 248D BIT $8D C0/8E25: C220 REP #$20 C0/8E27: 5004 BVC $8E2D C0/8E29: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8E2C: 1A INC A C0/8E2D: 8568 STA $68 C0/8E2F: E210 SEP #$10 C0/8E31: C220 REP #$20 C0/8E33: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/8E36: AA TAX C0/8E37: A8 TAY C0/8E38: 4C4886 JMP $8648 C0/8E3B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8E3D: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8E3F: 858C STA $8C C0/8E41: 648D STZ $8D C0/8E43: A5E3 LDA $E3 C0/8E45: 8906 BIT #$06 C0/8E47: F01F BEQ $8E68 C0/8E49: A903 LDA #$03 C0/8E4B: 858F STA $8F C0/8E4D: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/8E4F: 858E STA $8E C0/8E51: A9E0 LDA #$E0 C0/8E53: 85F8 STA $F8 C0/8E55: 64F2 STZ $F2 C0/8E57: A980 LDA #$80 C0/8E59: 8586 STA $86 C0/8E5B: C220 REP #$20 C0/8E5D: A5FA LDA $FA C0/8E5F: 8584 STA $84 C0/8E61: A5FC LDA $FC C0/8E63: 8588 STA $88 C0/8E65: 648A STZ $8A C0/8E67: 60 RTS

C0/8E68: 4A LSR A C0/8E69: 9027 BCC $8E92 C0/8E6B: 209E8E JSR $8E9E C0/8E6E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8E70: 64F2 STZ $F2 C0/8E72: 248D BIT $8D C0/8E74: 3004 BMI $8E7A C0/8E76: 500A BVC $8E82 C0/8E78: 7004 BVS $8E7E C0/8E7A: 500A BVC $8E86 C0/8E7C: 700C BVS $8E8A C0/8E7E: A903 LDA #$03 C0/8E80: 800A BRA $8E8C C0/8E82: A902 LDA #$02 C0/8E84: 8006 BRA $8E8C C0/8E86: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8E88: 8002 BRA $8E8C C0/8E8A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/8E8C: 85F7 STA $F7 C0/8E8E: 4C0A90 JMP $900A C0/8E91: 60 RTS

C0/8E92: 209E8E JSR $8E9E C0/8E95: A500 LDA $00 C0/8E97: 8584 STA $84 C0/8E99: A502 LDA $02 C0/8E9B: 8588 STA $88 C0/8E9D: 60 RTS

C0/8E9E: C220 REP #$20 C0/8EA0: AD1001 LDA $0110 C0/8EA3: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/8EA6: 0A ASL A C0/8EA7: 0A ASL A C0/8EA8: 0A ASL A C0/8EA9: 0A ASL A C0/8EAA: 8504 STA $04 C0/8EAC: AD1101 LDA $0111 C0/8EAF: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/8EB2: 0A ASL A C0/8EB3: 0A ASL A C0/8EB4: 0A ASL A C0/8EB5: 0A ASL A C0/8EB6: 8506 STA $06 C0/8EB8: A5FA LDA $FA C0/8EBA: 38 SEC C0/8EBB: E504 SBC $04 C0/8EBD: B00F BCS $8ECE C0/8EBF: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8EC2: 1A INC A C0/8EC3: C90008 CMP #$0800 C0/8EC6: 900F BCC $8ED7 C0/8EC8: 49FF0F EOR #$0FFF C0/8ECB: 1A INC A C0/8ECC: 800D BRA $8EDB C0/8ECE: C90008 CMP #$0800 C0/8ED1: 9008 BCC $8EDB C0/8ED3: 49FF0F EOR #$0FFF C0/8ED6: 1A INC A C0/8ED7: 8500 STA $00 C0/8ED9: 8009 BRA $8EE4 C0/8EDB: 8500 STA $00 C0/8EDD: A58D LDA $8D C0/8EDF: 498000 EOR #$0080 C0/8EE2: 858D STA $8D C0/8EE4: A5FC LDA $FC C0/8EE6: 38 SEC C0/8EE7: E506 SBC $06 C0/8EE9: B00F BCS $8EFA C0/8EEB: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8EEE: 1A INC A C0/8EEF: C90008 CMP #$0800 C0/8EF2: 900F BCC $8F03 C0/8EF4: 49FF0F EOR #$0FFF C0/8EF7: 1A INC A C0/8EF8: 800D BRA $8F07 C0/8EFA: C90008 CMP #$0800 C0/8EFD: 9008 BCC $8F07 C0/8EFF: 49FF0F EOR #$0FFF C0/8F02: 1A INC A C0/8F03: 8502 STA $02 C0/8F05: 8009 BRA $8F10 C0/8F07: 8502 STA $02 C0/8F09: A58D LDA $8D C0/8F0B: 494000 EOR #$0040 C0/8F0E: 858D STA $8D C0/8F10: A500 LDA $00 C0/8F12: 4A LSR A C0/8F13: 8584 STA $84 C0/8F15: A502 LDA $02 C0/8F17: 4A LSR A C0/8F18: 8588 STA $88 C0/8F1A: 6486 STZ $86 C0/8F1C: 648A STZ $8A C0/8F1E: A9FF01 LDA #$01FF C0/8F21: 858E STA $8E C0/8F23: 60 RTS

C0/8F24: C230 REP #$30 C0/8F26: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/8F28: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/8F2B: 0A ASL A C0/8F2C: AA TAX C0/8F2D: 49FE01 EOR #$01FE C0/8F30: 1A INC A C0/8F31: 1A INC A C0/8F32: A8 TAY C0/8F33: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/8F35: 890001 BIT #$0100 C0/8F38: F004 BEQ $8F3E C0/8F3A: 5A PHY C0/8F3B: DA PHX C0/8F3C: 7A PLY C0/8F3D: FA PLX C0/8F3E: BD22FD LDA $FD22,X C0/8F41: 8500 STA $00 C0/8F43: B922FD LDA $FD22,Y C0/8F46: 8502 STA $02 C0/8F48: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8F4A: A58E LDA $8E C0/8F4C: 2907 AND #$07 C0/8F4E: D002 BNE $8F52 C0/8F50: C6F8 DEC $F8 C0/8F52: A58E LDA $8E C0/8F54: 2907 AND #$07 C0/8F56: D013 BNE $8F6B C0/8F58: A586 LDA $86 C0/8F5A: F00F BEQ $8F6B C0/8F5C: 3A DEC A C0/8F5D: 8586 STA $86 C0/8F5F: C910 CMP #$10 C0/8F61: D008 BNE $8F6B C0/8F63: A901 LDA #$01 C0/8F65: 85F2 STA $F2 C0/8F67: A90E LDA #$0E C0/8F69: 8551 STA $51 C0/8F6B: A586 LDA $86 C0/8F6D: 8D0242 STA $4202 C0/8F70: A501 LDA $01 C0/8F72: F004 BEQ $8F78 C0/8F74: A586 LDA $86 C0/8F76: 800C BRA $8F84 C0/8F78: A500 LDA $00 C0/8F7A: 8D0342 STA $4203 C0/8F7D: EA NOP C0/8F7E: EA NOP C0/8F7F: EA NOP C0/8F80: EA NOP C0/8F81: AD1742 LDA $4217 C0/8F84: 8500 STA $00 C0/8F86: A503 LDA $03 C0/8F88: F004 BEQ $8F8E C0/8F8A: A586 LDA $86 C0/8F8C: 800C BRA $8F9A C0/8F8E: A502 LDA $02 C0/8F90: 8D0342 STA $4203 C0/8F93: EA NOP C0/8F94: EA NOP C0/8F95: EA NOP C0/8F96: EA NOP C0/8F97: AD1742 LDA $4217 C0/8F9A: 8502 STA $02 C0/8F9C: 6401 STZ $01 C0/8F9E: 6403 STZ $03 C0/8FA0: C220 REP #$20 C0/8FA2: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/8FA4: 290003 AND #$0300 C0/8FA7: F02E BEQ $8FD7 C0/8FA9: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/8FAC: D00A BNE $8FB8 C0/8FAE: A502 LDA $02 C0/8FB0: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8FB3: 1A INC A C0/8FB4: 8502 STA $02 C0/8FB6: 801F BRA $8FD7 C0/8FB8: C90003 CMP #$0300 C0/8FBB: D00A BNE $8FC7 C0/8FBD: A500 LDA $00 C0/8FBF: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8FC2: 1A INC A C0/8FC3: 8500 STA $00 C0/8FC5: 8010 BRA $8FD7 C0/8FC7: A502 LDA $02 C0/8FC9: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8FCC: 1A INC A C0/8FCD: 8502 STA $02 C0/8FCF: A500 LDA $00 C0/8FD1: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/8FD4: 1A INC A C0/8FD5: 8500 STA $00 C0/8FD7: A584 LDA $84 C0/8FD9: 18 CLC C0/8FDA: 6500 ADC $00 C0/8FDC: 85FA STA $FA C0/8FDE: A588 LDA $88 C0/8FE0: 18 CLC C0/8FE1: 6502 ADC $02 C0/8FE3: 85FC STA $FC C0/8FE5: E220 SEP #$20 C0/8FE7: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/8FE9: 8B PHB C0/8FEA: A97E LDA #$7E C0/8FEC: 48 PHA C0/8FED: AB PLB C0/8FEE: 20F38F JSR $8FF3 C0/8FF1: AB PLB C0/8FF2: 60 RTS

C0/8FF3: C220 REP #$20 C0/8FF5: A58A LDA $8A C0/8FF7: 18 CLC C0/8FF8: 692D00 ADC #$002D C0/8FFB: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/8FFE: 858A STA $8A C0/9000: AA TAX C0/9001: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9003: BD00E8 LDA $E800,X C0/9006: 9D00EC STA $EC00,X C0/9009: 60 RTS

C0/900A: C220 REP #$20 C0/900C: A584 LDA $84 C0/900E: 8500 STA $00 C0/9010: A5F7 LDA $F7 C0/9012: 4A LSR A C0/9013: A588 LDA $88 C0/9015: 9004 BCC $901B C0/9017: 8500 STA $00 C0/9019: A584 LDA $84 C0/901B: 8502 STA $02 C0/901D: 6404 STZ $04 C0/901F: A500 LDA $00 C0/9021: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/9024: B007 BCS $902D C0/9026: A502 LDA $02 C0/9028: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/902B: 9006 BCC $9033 C0/902D: 4600 LSR $00 C0/902F: 4602 LSR $02 C0/9031: 80EC BRA $901F C0/9033: A500 LDA $00 C0/9035: C502 CMP $02 C0/9037: 900A BCC $9043 C0/9039: 48 PHA C0/903A: A502 LDA $02 C0/903C: 8500 STA $00 C0/903E: 68 PLA C0/903F: 8502 STA $02 C0/9041: C604 DEC $04 C0/9043: A500 LDA $00 C0/9045: 0A ASL A C0/9046: 0A ASL A C0/9047: 0A ASL A C0/9048: 0A ASL A C0/9049: 8D0442 STA $4204 C0/904C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/904E: A502 LDA $02 C0/9050: 8D0642 STA $4206 C0/9053: EA NOP C0/9054: EA NOP C0/9055: EA NOP C0/9056: EA NOP C0/9057: EA NOP C0/9058: EA NOP C0/9059: EA NOP C0/905A: EA NOP C0/905B: AD1442 LDA $4214 C0/905E: C911 CMP #$11 C0/9060: 9002 BCC $9064 C0/9062: A910 LDA #$10 C0/9064: E210 SEP #$10 C0/9066: AA TAX C0/9067: BF7A9000 LDA $00907A,X C0/906B: 2404 BIT $04 C0/906D: 1002 BPL $9071 C0/906F: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/9071: 8596 STA $96 C0/9073: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/9075: A5F7 LDA $F7 C0/9077: 8597 STA $97 C0/9079: 60 RTS

[What the hell is this] C0/907A: 000A BRK #$0A C0/907C: 141E TRB $1E C0/907E: 28 PLP C0/907F: 313B AND ($3B),Y C0/9081: 434C EOR $4C,S C0/9083: 545B62 MVN $5B,$62 C0/9086: 696F ADC #$6F C0/9088: 757B ADC $7B,X C0/908A: 80

C0/908B: C220 REP #$20 C0/908D: A5F6 Uh. C0/908F: 206893 JSR $9368 C0/9092: 203293 JSR $9332 C0/9095: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9097: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/9099: 1003 BPL $909E C0/909B: 4C9C92 JMP $929C C0/909E: A900 LDA #$00 C0/90A0: 8D0442 STA $4204 C0/90A3: A90F LDA #$0F C0/90A5: 8D0542 STA $4205 C0/90A8: A5F8 LDA $F8 C0/90AA: 4A LSR A C0/90AB: 4A LSR A C0/90AC: 8D0642 STA $4206 C0/90AF: 6406 STZ $06 C0/90B1: A5FC LDA $FC C0/90B3: 38 SEC C0/90B4: E928 SBC #$28 C0/90B6: 8507 STA $07 C0/90B8: A5FD LDA $FD C0/90BA: 2903 AND #$03 C0/90BC: E901 SBC #$01 C0/90BE: 8508 STA $08 C0/90C0: AD1442 LDA $4214 C0/90C3: 8504 STA $04 C0/90C5: AD1542 LDA $4215 C0/90C8: 8505 STA $05 C0/90CA: A5F8 LDA $F8 C0/90CC: 4A LSR A C0/90CD: 4A LSR A C0/90CE: 9C0442 STZ $4204 C0/90D1: 8D0542 STA $4205 C0/90D4: 1A INC A C0/90D5: 8500 STA $00 C0/90D7: 8D0642 STA $4206 C0/90DA: 38 SEC C0/90DB: E918 SBC #$18 C0/90DD: B002 BCS $90E1 C0/90DF: A900 LDA #$00 C0/90E1: 8510 STA $10 C0/90E3: A000 LDY #$00 C0/90E5: A202 LDX #$02 C0/90E7: A904 LDA #$04 C0/90E9: 2460 BIT $60 C0/90EB: C220 REP #$20 C0/90ED: D003 BNE $90F2 C0/90EF: 4CC791 JMP $91C7 C0/90F2: 20FA90 JSR $90FA C0/90F5: A280 LDX #$80 C0/90F7: 8660 STX $60 C0/90F9: 60 RTS

C0/90FA: A507 LDA $07 C0/90FC: 8D0013 STA $1300 C0/90FF: A504 LDA $04 C0/9101: 6506 ADC $06 C0/9103: 8506 STA $06 C0/9105: 9002 BCC $9109 C0/9107: E608 INC $08 C0/9109: A507 LDA $07 C0/910B: 9D0013 STA $1300,X C0/910E: AC1442 LDY $4214 C0/9111: 8C0242 STY $4202 C0/9114: A435 LDY $35 C0/9116: 8C0342 STY $4203 C0/9119: E600 INC $00 C0/911B: A434 LDY $34 C0/911D: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/9120: 8C0342 STY $4203 C0/9123: 4A LSR A C0/9124: 4A LSR A C0/9125: 4A LSR A C0/9126: 4A LSR A C0/9127: 4A LSR A C0/9128: 4A LSR A C0/9129: 244B BIT $4B C0/912B: 1003 BPL $9130 C0/912D: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/9130: 9D0010 STA $1000,X C0/9133: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/9136: A400 LDY $00 C0/9138: 8C0642 STY $4206 C0/913B: 4A LSR A C0/913C: 4A LSR A C0/913D: 4A LSR A C0/913E: 4A LSR A C0/913F: 4A LSR A C0/9140: 4A LSR A C0/9141: 244B BIT $4B C0/9143: 500F BVC $9154 C0/9145: 9D0011 STA $1100,X C0/9148: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/914B: 9D0012 STA $1200,X C0/914E: E8 INX C0/914F: E8 INX C0/9150: D0AD BNE $90FF C0/9152: F00D BEQ $9161 C0/9154: 9D0012 STA $1200,X C0/9157: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/915A: 9D0011 STA $1100,X C0/915D: E8 INX C0/915E: E8 INX C0/915F: D09E BNE $90FF C0/9161: A504 LDA $04 C0/9163: 6506 ADC $06 C0/9165: 8506 STA $06 C0/9167: 9002 BCC $916B C0/9169: E608 INC $08 C0/916B: A507 LDA $07 C0/916D: 9DC00C STA $0CC0,X C0/9170: AC1442 LDY $4214 C0/9173: 8C0242 STY $4202 C0/9176: A435 LDY $35 C0/9178: 8C0342 STY $4203 C0/917B: E600 INC $00 C0/917D: A434 LDY $34 C0/917F: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/9182: 8C0342 STY $4203 C0/9185: 4A LSR A C0/9186: 4A LSR A C0/9187: 4A LSR A C0/9188: 4A LSR A C0/9189: 4A LSR A C0/918A: 4A LSR A C0/918B: 244B BIT $4B C0/918D: 1003 BPL $9192 C0/918F: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/9192: 9D000C STA $0C00,X C0/9195: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/9198: A400 LDY $00 C0/919A: 8C0642 STY $4206 C0/919D: 4A LSR A C0/919E: 4A LSR A C0/919F: 4A LSR A C0/91A0: 4A LSR A C0/91A1: 4A LSR A C0/91A2: 4A LSR A C0/91A3: 244B BIT $4B C0/91A5: 5010 BVC $91B7 C0/91A7: 9D400C STA $0C40,X C0/91AA: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/91AD: 9D800C STA $0C80,X C0/91B0: E8 INX C0/91B1: E8 INX C0/91B2: E410 CPX $10 C0/91B4: 90AB BCC $9161 C0/91B6: 60 RTS

C0/91B7: 9D800C STA $0C80,X C0/91BA: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/91BD: 9D400C STA $0C40,X C0/91C0: E8 INX C0/91C1: E8 INX C0/91C2: E410 CPX $10 C0/91C4: 909B BCC $9161 C0/91C6: 60 RTS

C0/91C7: 20CF91 JSR $91CF C0/91CA: A284 LDX #$84 C0/91CC: 8660 STX $60 C0/91CE: 60 RTS

C0/91CF: A507 LDA $07 C0/91D1: 8D0017 STA $1700 C0/91D4: A504 LDA $04 C0/91D6: 6506 ADC $06 C0/91D8: 8506 STA $06 C0/91DA: 9002 BCC $91DE C0/91DC: E608 INC $08 C0/91DE: A507 LDA $07 C0/91E0: 9D0017 STA $1700,X C0/91E3: AC1442 LDY $4214 C0/91E6: 8C0242 STY $4202 C0/91E9: A435 LDY $35 C0/91EB: 8C0342 STY $4203 C0/91EE: E600 INC $00 C0/91F0: A434 LDY $34 C0/91F2: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/91F5: 8C0342 STY $4203 C0/91F8: 4A LSR A C0/91F9: 4A LSR A C0/91FA: 4A LSR A C0/91FB: 4A LSR A C0/91FC: 4A LSR A C0/91FD: 4A LSR A C0/91FE: 244B BIT $4B C0/9200: 1003 BPL $9205 C0/9202: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/9205: 9D0014 STA $1400,X C0/9208: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/920B: A400 LDY $00 C0/920D: 8C0642 STY $4206 C0/9210: 4A LSR A C0/9211: 4A LSR A C0/9212: 4A LSR A C0/9213: 4A LSR A C0/9214: 4A LSR A C0/9215: 4A LSR A C0/9216: 244B BIT $4B C0/9218: 500F BVC $9229 C0/921A: 9D0015 STA $1500,X C0/921D: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/9220: 9D0016 STA $1600,X C0/9223: E8 INX C0/9224: E8 INX C0/9225: D0AD BNE $91D4 C0/9227: F00D BEQ $9236 C0/9229: 9D0016 STA $1600,X C0/922C: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/922F: 9D0015 STA $1500,X C0/9232: E8 INX C0/9233: E8 INX C0/9234: D09E BNE $91D4 C0/9236: A504 LDA $04 C0/9238: 6506 ADC $06 C0/923A: 8506 STA $06 C0/923C: 9002 BCC $9240 C0/923E: E608 INC $08 C0/9240: A507 LDA $07 C0/9242: 9DC00D STA $0DC0,X C0/9245: AC1442 LDY $4214 C0/9248: 8C0242 STY $4202 C0/924B: A435 LDY $35 C0/924D: 8C0342 STY $4203 C0/9250: E600 INC $00 C0/9252: A434 LDY $34 C0/9254: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/9257: 8C0342 STY $4203 C0/925A: 4A LSR A C0/925B: 4A LSR A C0/925C: 4A LSR A C0/925D: 4A LSR A C0/925E: 4A LSR A C0/925F: 4A LSR A C0/9260: 244B BIT $4B C0/9262: 1003 BPL $9267 C0/9264: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/9267: 9D000D STA $0D00,X C0/926A: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/926D: A400 LDY $00 C0/926F: 8C0642 STY $4206 C0/9272: 4A LSR A C0/9273: 4A LSR A C0/9274: 4A LSR A C0/9275: 4A LSR A C0/9276: 4A LSR A C0/9277: 4A LSR A C0/9278: 244B BIT $4B C0/927A: 5010 BVC $928C C0/927C: 9D400D STA $0D40,X C0/927F: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/9282: 9D800D STA $0D80,X C0/9285: E8 INX C0/9286: E8 INX C0/9287: E410 CPX $10 C0/9289: 90AB BCC $9236 C0/928B: 60 RTS

C0/928C: 9D800D STA $0D80,X C0/928F: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/9292: 9D400D STA $0D40,X C0/9295: E8 INX C0/9296: E8 INX C0/9297: E410 CPX $10 C0/9299: 909B BCC $9236 C0/929B: 60 RTS

C0/929C: E230 SEP #$30 C0/929E: A900 LDA #$00 C0/92A0: EB XBA C0/92A1: 6400 STZ $00 C0/92A3: 6401 STZ $01 C0/92A5: A58C LDA $8C C0/92A7: F022 BEQ $92CB C0/92A9: A5E3 LDA $E3 C0/92AB: 8906 BIT #$06 C0/92AD: D01C BNE $92CB C0/92AF: A590 LDA $90 C0/92B1: 20E892 JSR $92E8 C0/92B4: C220 REP #$20 C0/92B6: A536 LDA $36 C0/92B8: C90080 CMP #$8000 C0/92BB: 6A ROR A C0/92BC: 6536 ADC $36 C0/92BE: 8536 STA $36 C0/92C0: A538 LDA $38 C0/92C2: C90080 CMP #$8000 C0/92C5: 6A ROR A C0/92C6: 6538 ADC $38 C0/92C8: 8538 STA $38 C0/92CA: 60 RTS

C0/92CB: A5FE LDA $FE C0/92CD: 293FD0 AND #$D03F C0/92D0: 07A5 ORA [$A5] C0/92D2: F8 SED C0/92D3: 18 CLC C0/92D4: 690480 ADC #$8004 C0/92D7: 1049 BPL $9322 C0/92D9: 3F24FE70 AND $70FE24,X C0/92DD: 0A ASL A C0/92DE: 4A LSR A C0/92DF: 4A LSR A C0/92E0: 8502 STA $02 C0/92E2: 4A LSR A C0/92E3: 38 SEC C0/92E4: 6502 ADC $02 C0/92E6: 8000 BRA $92E8 C0/92E8: A8 TAY C0/92E9: 8C0242 STY $4202 C0/92EC: A632 LDX $32 C0/92EE: 8E0342 STX $4203 C0/92F1: EA NOP C0/92F2: A633 LDX $33 C0/92F4: F002 BEQ $92F8 C0/92F6: 8400 STY $00 C0/92F8: AE1742 LDX $4217 C0/92FB: 8A TXA C0/92FC: A630 LDX $30 C0/92FE: 8E0342 STX $4203 C0/9301: C220 REP #$20 C0/9303: 18 CLC C0/9304: 6500 ADC $00 C0/9306: 244B BIT $4B C0/9308: 1004 BPL $930E C0/930A: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/930D: 1A INC A C0/930E: 0A ASL A C0/930F: 8536 STA $36 C0/9311: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9313: 8600 STX $00 C0/9315: A631 LDX $31 C0/9317: F002 BEQ $931B C0/9319: 8400 STY $00 C0/931B: AE1742 LDX $4217 C0/931E: 8A TXA C0/931F: 18 CLC C0/9320: 6500 ADC $00 C0/9322: 244B BIT $4B C0/9324: 7004 BVS $932A C0/9326: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/9329: 1A INC A C0/932A: 0A ASL A C0/932B: 8538 STA $38 C0/932D: A280 LDX #$80 C0/932F: 8660 STX $60 C0/9331: 60 RTS

C0/9332: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9334: A902 LDA #$02 C0/9336: 2401 BIT $01 C0/9338: F006 BEQ $9340 C0/933A: 4601 LSR $01 C0/933C: 9018 BCC $9356 C0/933E: B01F BCS $935F C0/9340: 4601 LSR $01 C0/9342: B009 BCS $934D C0/9344: A940 LDA #$40 C0/9346: 854C STA $4C C0/9348: A900 LDA #$00 C0/934A: 854D STA $4D C0/934C: 60 RTS

C0/934D: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/934F: 854C STA $4C C0/9351: A980 LDA #$80 C0/9353: 854D STA $4D C0/9355: 60 RTS

C0/9356: A980 LDA #$80 C0/9358: 854C STA $4C C0/935A: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/935C: 854D STA $4D C0/935E: 60 RTS

C0/935F: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9361: 854C STA $4C C0/9363: A940 LDA #$40 C0/9365: 854D STA $4D C0/9367: 60 RTS

C0/9368: C230 REP #$30 C0/936A: 8500 STA $00 C0/936C: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/936F: 0A ASL A C0/9370: A8 TAY C0/9371: 49FE01 EOR #$01FE C0/9374: 1A INC A C0/9375: 1A INC A C0/9376: AA TAX C0/9377: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/937A: 2400 BIT $00 C0/937C: F004 BEQ $9382 C0/937E: 5A PHY C0/937F: DA PHX C0/9380: 7A PLY C0/9381: FA PLX C0/9382: B922FD LDA $FD22,Y C0/9385: 8530 STA $30 C0/9387: 4A LSR A C0/9388: 4A LSR A C0/9389: 6530 ADC $30 C0/938B: 4A LSR A C0/938C: A8 TAY C0/938D: BD22FD LDA $FD22,X C0/9390: 8532 STA $32 C0/9392: 4A LSR A C0/9393: 4A LSR A C0/9394: 6532 ADC $32 C0/9396: 4A LSR A C0/9397: AA TAX C0/9398: E210 SEP #$10 C0/939A: 8434 STY $34 C0/939C: 8635 STX $35 C0/939E: 60 RTS

C0/939F: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/93A0: 0B PHD C0/93A1: 8B PHB C0/93A2: C220 REP #$20 C0/93A4: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/93A7: 5B TCD C0/93A8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/93AA: 48 PHA C0/93AB: AB PLB C0/93AC: 20B993 JSR $93B9 C0/93AF: AB PLB C0/93B0: 2B PLD C0/93B1: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/93B2: 60 RTS

[Jump to Reset!] C0/93B3: 18 CLC C0/93B4: 221000C1 JSR $C10010 C0/93B8: 60 RTS

[Buttons] [Important subroutine for loading areas and allowing for Flammie to be used? Investigate 9401~9500] C0/93B9: E220 SEP #$20 C0/93BB: 201C95 JSR $951C C0/93BE: C220 REP #$20 C0/93C0: A542 LDA $42 [Load Player1Buttons] C0/93C2: 890F00 BIT #$000F [Test for D-Pad buttons] C0/93C5: F002 + BEQ $93C9 [Branch ahead if D-Pad wasn't pressed] C0/93C7: 6442 STZ $42 [Store zero into Player1Buttons. Yeah] C0/93C9: + C93030 CMP #$3030 [Compare with Reset Sequence (L R Select Start)] C0/93CC: F0E5 + BEQ $93B3 [Branch to Jump to Reset! if it's an exact match] C0/93CE: A544 LDA $44 C0/93D0: 890F00 BIT #$000F [Test for D-Pad buttons] C0/93D3: F002 BEQ $93D7 C0/93D5: 6444 STZ $44 C0/93D7: C93030 CMP #$3030 [Compare with Reset Sequence (L R Select Start)] C0/93DA: F0D7 BEQ $93B3 [Branch to Jump to Reset! if it's an exact match] C0/93DC: A546 LDA $46 C0/93DE: 890F00 BIT #$000F [Test for D-Pad buttons] C0/93E1: F002 BEQ $93E5 C0/93E3: 6446 STZ $46 C0/93E5: C93030 CMP #$3030 [Compare with Reset Sequence (L R Select Start)] C0/93E8: F0C9 BEQ $93B3 [Branch to Jump to Reset! if it's an exact match] C0/93EA: 203494 JSR $9434 C0/93ED: A547 LDA $47 C0/93EF: 4A LSR A C0/93F0: 4A LSR A C0/93F1: 4A LSR A C0/93F2: 4A LSR A C0/93F3: 0546 ORA $46 C0/93F5: 8502 STA $02 C0/93F7: A545 LDA $45 C0/93F9: 4A LSR A C0/93FA: 4A LSR A C0/93FB: 4A LSR A C0/93FC: 4A LSR A C0/93FD: 0544 ORA $44 C0/93FF: 8501 STA $01 C0/9401: A543 LDA $43 C0/9403: 4A LSR A C0/9404: 4A LSR A C0/9405: 4A LSR A C0/9406: 4A LSR A C0/9407: 0542 ORA $42 C0/9409: 8500 STA $00 C0/940B: 45E9 EOR $E9 C0/940D: 2500 AND $00 C0/940F: 05CC ORA $CC C0/9411: 85CC STA $CC C0/9413: A501 LDA $01 C0/9415: 45EA EOR $EA C0/9417: 2501 AND $01 C0/9419: 05CD ORA $CD C0/941B: 85CD STA $CD C0/941D: A502 LDA $02 C0/941F: 45EB EOR $EB C0/9421: 2502 AND $02 C0/9423: 05CE ORA $CE C0/9425: 85CE STA $CE C0/9427: A500 LDA $00 C0/9429: 85E9 STA $E9 C0/942B: A501 LDA $01 C0/942D: 85EA STA $EA C0/942F: A502 LDA $02 C0/9431: 85EB STA $EB C0/9433: 60 RTS

C0/9434: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9436: A6EE LDX $EE C0/9438: F011 BEQ $944B C0/943A: A543 LDA $43 C0/943C: 0542 ORA $42 C0/943E: F00B BEQ $944B C0/9440: A543 LDA $43 C0/9442: A442 LDY $42 C0/9444: 207694 JSR $9476 C0/9447: 8543 STA $43 C0/9449: 8442 STY $42 C0/944B: A6EF LDX $EF C0/944D: F011 BEQ $9460 C0/944F: A545 LDA $45 C0/9451: 0544 ORA $44 C0/9453: F00B BEQ $9460 C0/9455: A545 LDA $45 C0/9457: A444 LDY $44 C0/9459: 207694 JSR $9476 C0/945C: 8545 STA $45 C0/945E: 8444 STY $44 C0/9460: A6F0 LDX $F0 C0/9462: F011 BEQ $9475 C0/9464: A547 LDA $47 C0/9466: 0546 ORA $46 C0/9468: F00B BEQ $9475 C0/946A: A547 LDA $47 C0/946C: A446 LDY $46 C0/946E: 207694 JSR $9476 C0/9471: 8547 STA $47 C0/9473: 8446 STY $46 C0/9475: 60 RTS

C0/9476: 8502 STA $02 C0/9478: 8A TXA C0/9479: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/947B: F011 BEQ $948E C0/947D: 8503 STA $03 C0/947F: 98 TYA C0/9480: 4502 EOR $02 C0/9482: 2503 AND $03 C0/9484: 8503 STA $03 C0/9486: 4502 EOR $02 C0/9488: 8502 STA $02 C0/948A: 98 TYA C0/948B: 4503 EOR $03 C0/948D: A8 TAY C0/948E: 8A TXA C0/948F: 2930 AND #$30 C0/9491: F026 BEQ $94B9 C0/9493: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/9495: F015 BEQ $94AC C0/9497: A502 LDA $02 C0/9499: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/949B: F00A BEQ $94A7 C0/949D: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/949F: F006 BEQ $94A7 C0/94A1: A502 LDA $02 C0/94A3: 49C0 EOR #$C0 C0/94A5: 8502 STA $02 C0/94A7: 8A TXA C0/94A8: 8910 BIT #$10 C0/94AA: F00D BEQ $94B9 C0/94AC: 98 TYA C0/94AD: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/94AF: F008 BEQ $94B9 C0/94B1: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/94B3: F004 BEQ $94B9 C0/94B5: 98 TYA C0/94B6: 49C0 EOR #$C0 C0/94B8: A8 TAY C0/94B9: 8A TXA C0/94BA: 290C AND #$0C C0/94BC: F03A BEQ $94F8 C0/94BE: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/94C0: F01E BEQ $94E0 C0/94C2: 98 TYA C0/94C3: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/94C5: F006 BEQ $94CD C0/94C7: 2402 BIT $02 C0/94C9: 3010 BMI $94DB C0/94CB: 1004 BPL $94D1 C0/94CD: 2402 BIT $02 C0/94CF: 100A BPL $94DB C0/94D1: A502 LDA $02 C0/94D3: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/94D5: 8502 STA $02 C0/94D7: 98 TYA C0/94D8: 4940 EOR #$40 C0/94DA: A8 TAY C0/94DB: 8A TXA C0/94DC: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/94DE: F018 BEQ $94F8 C0/94E0: A502 LDA $02 C0/94E2: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/94E4: F005 BEQ $94EB C0/94E6: 98 TYA C0/94E7: 300F BMI $94F8 C0/94E9: 1003 BPL $94EE C0/94EB: 98 TYA C0/94EC: 100A BPL $94F8 C0/94EE: A502 LDA $02 C0/94F0: 4940 EOR #$40 C0/94F2: 8502 STA $02 C0/94F4: 98 TYA C0/94F5: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/94F7: A8 TAY C0/94F8: 8A TXA C0/94F9: 2903 AND #$03 C0/94FB: F01C BEQ $9519 C0/94FD: 4A LSR A C0/94FE: 900A BCC $950A C0/9500: A502 LDA $02 C0/9502: 8903 BIT #$03 C0/9504: F004 BEQ $950A C0/9506: 4903 EOR #$03 C0/9508: 8502 STA $02 C0/950A: 8A TXA C0/950B: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/950D: F00A BEQ $9519 C0/950F: A502 LDA $02 C0/9511: 890C BIT #$0C C0/9513: F004 BEQ $9519 C0/9515: 490C EOR #$0C C0/9517: 8502 STA $02 C0/9519: A502 LDA $02 C0/951B: 60 RTS

C0/951C: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/951D: 2200FECF JSR $CFFE00 C0/9521: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/9522: 29FF AND #$FF C0/9524: F001 BEQ $9527 C0/9526: 60 RTS

C0/9527: A5DB LDA $DB C0/9529: F0FB BEQ $9526 C0/952B: 64DB STZ $DB C0/952D: 2906 AND #$06 C0/952F: EB XBA C0/9530: 8B PHB C0/9531: A97E LDA #$7E C0/9533: 48 PHA C0/9534: AB PLB C0/9535: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/9537: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9539: AA TAX C0/953A: 9E2CE0 STZ $E02C,X C0/953D: 9E8CE0 STZ $E08C,X C0/9540: AB PLB C0/9541: A5DA LDA $DA C0/9543: 05D9 ORA $D9 C0/9545: D0DF BNE $9526 C0/9547: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9549: A200 LDX #$00 C0/954B: 22BBBD00 JSR $00BDBB C0/954F: 60 RTS

C0/9550: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9552: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9554: 852D STA $2D C0/9556: 8D2321 STA $2123 C0/9559: A200 LDX #$00 C0/955B: A000 LDY #$00 C0/955D: B9E296 LDA $96E2,Y C0/9560: 8500 STA $00 C0/9562: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/9564: 9D3318 STA $1833,X C0/9567: A980 LDA #$80 C0/9569: 38 SEC C0/956A: E500 SBC $00 C0/956C: 9D3218 STA $1832,X C0/956F: E8 INX C0/9570: E8 INX C0/9571: C8 INY C0/9572: E020 CPX #$20 C0/9574: 90E7 BCC $955D C0/9576: A901 LDA #$01 C0/9578: 8D3018 STA $1830 C0/957B: 8D5018 STA $1850 C0/957E: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9580: 8D3118 STA $1831 C0/9583: 8D5118 STA $1851 C0/9586: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9588: BD9495 LDA $9594,X C0/958B: 9D7043 STA $4370,X C0/958E: E8 INX C0/958F: E008 CPX #$08 C0/9591: 90F5 BCC $9588 C0/9593: 60 RTS

C0/9594: 4126 EOR ($26,X) C0/9596: 201800 JSR $0018 C0/9599: 0000 BRK #$00 [DANGER] C0/959B: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/959D: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/959F: 00

C0/95A0: E210 C0/95A2: C220 C0/95A4: A6F2 LDX $F2 C0/95A6: 1001 + BPL $95A9 C0/95A8: - 60 RTS

C0/95A9: + A58C LDA $8C C0/95AB: D0FB - BNE $95A8 C0/95AD: A62D LDX $2D C0/95AF: D0F7 - BNE $95A8 C0/95B1: A930 LDA #$30 C0/95B3: 18 CLC C0/95B4: 8D2118 STA $1821 C0/95B7: 8D2418 STA $1824 C0/95BA: A932 LDA #$32 C0/95BC: 18 CLC C0/95BD: 8D2718 STA $1827 C0/95C0: A9E2 LDA #$E2 C0/95C2: 9685 STX $85,Y C0/95C4: 12E2 ORA ($E2) C0/95C6: 20A543 JSR $43A5 C0/95C9: 2903 AND #$03 C0/95CB: D016 BNE $95E3 C0/95CD: A543 LDA $43 C0/95CF: 290C AND #$0C C0/95D1: F010 BEQ $95E3 C0/95D3: C220 REP #$20 C0/95D5: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/95D7: 0A ASL A C0/95D8: 0A ASL A C0/95D9: 292000 AND #$0020 C0/95DC: 18 CLC C0/95DD: 6512 ADC $12 C0/95DF: 8512 STA $12 C0/95E1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/95E3: A5F8 LDA $F8 C0/95E5: C970 CMP #$70 C0/95E7: B0BF BCS $95A8 C0/95E9: 4A LSR A C0/95EA: 4A LSR A C0/95EB: 38 SEC C0/95EC: E904 SBC #$04 C0/95EE: AA TAX C0/95EF: E018 CPX #$18 C0/95F1: 9002 BCC $95F5 C0/95F3: A217 LDX #$17 C0/95F5: BD2297 LDA $9722,X C0/95F8: 854E STA $4E C0/95FA: 8A TXA C0/95FB: C910 CMP #$10 C0/95FD: 9003 BCC $9602 C0/95FF: A90F LDA #$0F C0/9601: AA TAX C0/9602: 0A ASL A C0/9603: 0A ASL A C0/9604: 0A ASL A C0/9605: 0A ASL A C0/9606: C220 REP #$20 C0/9608: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/960B: 693A97 ADC #$973A C0/960E: 850E STA $0E C0/9610: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9612: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9614: 854F STA $4F C0/9616: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9618: 8D2918 STA $1829 C0/961B: A991 LDA #$91 C0/961D: 8D2618 STA $1826 C0/9620: A97F LDA #$7F C0/9622: 8D2018 STA $1820 C0/9625: A54E LDA $4E C0/9627: 38 SEC C0/9628: E98F SBC #$8F C0/962A: 8D2318 STA $1823 C0/962D: A920 LDA #$20 C0/962F: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/9632: A901 LDA #$01 C0/9634: 852D STA $2D C0/9636: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9638: A543 LDA $43 C0/963A: A8 TAY C0/963B: 2903 AND #$03 C0/963D: AA TAX C0/963E: A55F LDA $5F C0/9640: C904 CMP #$04 C0/9642: D00A BNE $964E C0/9644: C220 REP #$20 C0/9646: A512 LDA $12 C0/9648: 18 CLC C0/9649: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/964C: 8512 STA $12 C0/964E: C220 REP #$20 C0/9650: A9B296 LDA #$96B2 C0/9653: E000 CPX #$00 C0/9655: F00A BEQ $9661 C0/9657: A9C296 LDA #$96C2 C0/965A: E002 CPX #$02 C0/965C: F003 BEQ $9661 C0/965E: A9D296 LDA #$96D2 C0/9661: 8510 STA $10 C0/9663: A93218 LDA #$1832 C0/9666: 850C STA $0C C0/9668: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/966B: A020 LDY #$20 C0/966D: 910C STA ($0C),Y C0/966F: 88 DEY C0/9670: 88 DEY C0/9671: 10FA BPL $966D C0/9673: 6406 STZ $06 C0/9675: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9677: A406 LDY $06 C0/9679: B10E LDA ($0E),Y C0/967B: F02C BEQ $96A9 C0/967D: AA TAX C0/967E: B112 LDA ($12),Y C0/9680: 8D0242 STA $4202 [Multiplicand A] C0/9683: 8E0342 STX $4203 [Multiplicand B] C0/9686: EA NOP [Wait for results] C0/9687: EA NOP C0/9688: EA NOP C0/9689: EA NOP C0/968A: AD1642 LDA $4216 [Interrupt Enable Flags] C0/968D: 0A ASL A C0/968E: AD1742 LDA $4217 [Multiplication Product or Divide Remainder high byte] C0/9691: 2A ROL A C0/9692: 8500 STA $00 C0/9694: 18 CLC C0/9695: 7110 ADC ($10),Y C0/9697: EB XBA C0/9698: B110 LDA ($10),Y C0/969A: 38 SEC C0/969B: E500 SBC $00 C0/969D: C220 REP #$20 C0/969F: A000 LDY #$00 C0/96A1: 910C STA ($0C),Y C0/96A3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/96A5: E60C INC $0C C0/96A7: E60C INC $0C C0/96A9: E606 INC $06 C0/96AB: A506 LDA $06 C0/96AD: C910 CMP #$10 C0/96AF: 90C6 BCC $9677 C0/96B1: 60 RTS

[Huge chunk of text? No, that can't be what this is.] C0/96B2: 8080 BRA $9634 C0/96B4: 8080 BRA $9636 C0/96B6: 8080 BRA $9638 C0/96B8: 8080 BRA $963A C0/96BA: 8080 BRA $963C C0/96BC: 8080 BRA $963E C0/96BE: 8080 BRA $9640 C0/96C0: 8080 BRA $9642 C0/96C2: 7072 BVS $9736 C0/96C4: 7476 STZ $76,X C0/96C6: 78 SEI C0/96C7: 7A PLY C0/96C8: 7C7E80 JMP ($807E,X) C0/96CB: 828485 BRL $1C52 C0/96CE: 8788 STA [$88] C0/96D0: 898A BIT #$8A C0/96D2: 908E BCC $9662 C0/96D4: 8C8A88 STY $888A C0/96D7: 8684 STX $84 C0/96D9: 82807E BRL $155C C0/96DC: 7D7B7A ADC $7A7B,X C0/96DF: 78 SEI C0/96E0: 7775 ADC [$75],Y C0/96E2: 0203 COP #$03 C0/96E4: 0504 ORA $04 C0/96E6: 070A ORA [$0A] C0/96E8: 0508 ORA $08 C0/96EA: 0A ASL A C0/96EB: 0C0E03 TSB $030E C0/96EE: 0302 ORA $02,S C0/96F0: 0201 COP #$01 C0/96F2: 0102 ORA ($02,X) C0/96F4: 0203 COP #$03 C0/96F6: 030E ORA $0E,S C0/96F8: 0C0A08 TSB $080A C0/96FB: 050A ORA $0A C0/96FD: 0704 ORA [$04] C0/96FF: 0503 ORA $03 C0/9701: 0201 COP #$01 C0/9703: 0305 ORA $05,S C0/9705: 0405 TSB $05 C0/9707: 08 PHP C0/9708: 0506 ORA $06 C0/970A: 08 PHP C0/970B: 0A ASL A C0/970C: 0B PHD C0/970D: 0303 ORA $03,S C0/970F: 0202 COP #$02 C0/9711: 0101 ORA ($01,X) C0/9713: 0202 COP #$02 C0/9715: 0303 ORA $03,S C0/9717: 0B PHD C0/9718: 0A ASL A C0/9719: 08 PHP C0/971A: 0605 ASL $05 C0/971C: 08 PHP C0/971D: 0504 ORA $04 C0/971F: 0503 ORA $03 C0/9721: 0197 ORA ($97,X) C0/9723: A6AC LDX $AC C0/9725: B1B5 LDA ($B5),Y C0/9727: B9BDC1 LDA $C1BD,Y C0/972A: C4C8 CPY $C8 C0/972C: CB WAI C0/972D: CFD2D5D7 CMP $D7D5D2 C0/9731: D9DBDD CMP $DDDB,Y C0/9734: DFE1E3E5 CMP $E5E3E1,X C0/9738: E7E9 SBC [$E9] C0/973A: A400 LDY $00 C0/973C: 00AA BRK #$AA [DANGER] C0/973E: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/9740: B000 BCS $9742 C0/9742: B400 LDY $00,X C0/9744: B8 CLV C0/9745: 00BC BRK #$BC C0/9747: 00C0 BRK #$C0 C0/9749: C4A0 CPY $A0 C0/974B: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/974D: A600 LDX $00 C0/974F: 00AC BRK #$AC C0/9751: 00B0 BRK #$B0 C0/9753: 00B4 BRK #$B4 C0/9755: B600 LDX $00,Y C0/9757: BA TSX C0/9758: BDC09C LDA $9CC0,X C0/975B: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/975D: A200 LDX #$00 C0/975F: A600 LDX $00 C0/9761: AB PLB C0/9762: AE00B3 LDX $B300 C0/9765: B500 LDA $00,X C0/9767: B8 CLV C0/9768: B9BA98 LDA $98BA,Y C0/976B: 009C BRK #$9C [DANGER] C0/976D: 00A0 BRK #$A0 C0/976F: 00A2 BRK #$A2 C0/9771: A400 LDY $00 C0/9773: A8 TAY C0/9774: AA TAX C0/9775: 00AE BRK #$AE C0/9777: B0B2 BCS $972B C0/9779: B594 LDA $94,X C0/977B: 9600 STX $00,Y C0/977D: 9A TXS C0/977E: 9C00A0 STZ $A000 C0/9781: A300 LDA $00,S C0/9783: A6A8 LDX $A8 C0/9785: 00AB BRK #$AB C0/9787: ACAEB0 LDY $B0AE C0/978A: 9092 BCC $971E C0/978C: 0096 BRK #$96 C0/978E: 98 TYA C0/978F: 009C BRK #$9C C0/9791: 9E00A1 STZ $A100,X C0/9794: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9796: A6A8 LDX $A8 C0/9798: AA TAX C0/9799: AC8C00 LDY $008C C0/979C: 9091 BCC $972F C0/979E: 0095 BRK #$95 C0/97A0: 979A STA [$9A],Y C0/97A2: 009E BRK #$9E [DANGER] C0/97A4: A0A2 LDY #$A2 C0/97A6: A3A4 LDA $A4,S C0/97A8: A6A8 LDX $A8 C0/97AA: 8A TXA C0/97AB: 008E BRK #$8E C0/97AD: 9000 BCC $97AF C0/97AF: 9496 STY $96,X C0/97B1: 98 TYA C0/97B2: 009B BRK #$9B C0/97B4: 9D9FA0 STA $A09F,X C0/97B7: A1A3 LDA ($A3,X) C0/97B9: A488 LDY $88 C0/97BB: 8900 BIT #$00 C0/97BD: 8C8D8F STY $8F8D C0/97C0: 9000 BCC $97C2 C0/97C2: 9698 STX $98,Y C0/97C4: 999C9D STA $9D9C,Y C0/97C7: 9E9FA0 STZ $A09F,X C0/97CA: 8687 STX $87 C0/97CC: 008A BRK #$8A C0/97CE: 8B PHB C0/97CF: 8C8E00 STY $008E C0/97D2: 9293 STA ($93) C0/97D4: 9597 STA $97,X C0/97D6: 98 TYA C0/97D7: 9A TXS C0/97D8: 9B TXY C0/97D9: 9C8384 STZ $8483 C0/97DC: 8500 STA $00 C0/97DE: 88 DEY C0/97DF: 898A BIT #$8A C0/97E1: 8B PHB C0/97E2: 8C8E90 STY $908E C0/97E5: 9192 STA ($92),Y C0/97E7: 9495 STY $95,X C0/97E9: 9680 STX $80,Y C0/97EB: 8182 STA ($82,X) C0/97ED: 0084 BRK #$84 [DANGER] C0/97EF: 8586 STA $86 C0/97F1: 8788 STA [$88] C0/97F3: 898A BIT #$8A C0/97F5: 8B PHB C0/97F6: 8C8D8E STY $8E8D C0/97F9: 907C BCC $9877 C0/97FB: 7D7D7E ADC $7E7D,X C0/97FE: 7F7F8081 ADC $81807F,X C0/9802: 828283 BRL $1B87 C0/9805: 8485 STY $85 C0/9807: 8586 STA $86 C0/9809: 88 DEY C0/980A: 78 SEI C0/980B: 797A7B ADC $7B7A,Y C0/980E: 7C7D7E JMP ($7E7D,X) C0/9811: 7E7F7F ROR $7F7F,X C0/9814: 8080 BRA $9796 C0/9816: 8182 STA ($82,X) C0/9818: 8384 STA $84,S C0/981A: 7071 BVS $988D C0/981C: 7273 ADC ($73) C0/981E: 7475 STZ $75,X C0/9820: 7677 ROR $77,X C0/9822: 78 SEI C0/9823: 797A7B ADC $7B7A,Y C0/9826: 7C7D7E JMP ($7E7D,X) C0/9829: 7F707172 ADC $727170,X C0/982D: 7374 ADC ($74,S),Y C0/982F: 7576 ADC $76,X C0/9831: 7778 ADC [$78],Y C0/9833: 797A7B ADC $7B7A,Y C0/9836: 7C7D7E JMP ($7E7D,X) C0/9839: 7F

C0/983A: 20E498 JSR $98E4 C0/983D: 4C3C99 JMP $993C C0/9840: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9842: 24EC BIT $EC C0/9844: 1006 BPL $984C C0/9846: 204D98 JSR $984D C0/9849: 4C8198 JMP $9881 C0/984C: 60 RTS

[] C0/984D: E210 SEP #$10 C0/984F: C220 REP #$20 C0/9851: A62F LDX $2F C0/9853: 3001 BMI $9856 C0/9855: 60 RTS

C0/9856: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9858: 862F STX $2F C0/985A: A203 LDX #$03 C0/985C: 8E1521 STX $2115 C0/985F: A90018 LDA #$1800 C0/9862: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/9865: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9867: 8E7443 STX $4374 C0/986A: A9800B LDA #$0B80 C0/986D: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/9870: A578 LDA $78 C0/9872: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/9875: A98000 LDA #$0080 C0/9878: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/987B: A280 LDX #$80 C0/987D: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/9880: 60 RTS

C0/9881: E210 SEP #$10 C0/9883: C220 REP #$20 C0/9885: A62E LDX $2E C0/9887: 3001 BMI $988A C0/9889: 60 RTS

C0/988A: A200 LDX #$00 C0/988C: 862E STX $2E C0/988E: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9890: 8E1521 STX $2115 C0/9893: A90018 LDA #$1800 C0/9896: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/9899: A27F LDX #$7F C0/989B: 8E7443 STX $4374 C0/989E: A574 LDA $74 C0/98A0: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/98A3: A576 LDA $76 C0/98A5: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/98A8: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/98AB: 497F00 EOR #$007F C0/98AE: 1A INC A C0/98AF: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/98B2: A280 LDX #$80 C0/98B4: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/98B7: C98000 CMP #$0080 C0/98BA: D001 BNE $98BD C0/98BC: 60 RTS

C0/98BD: 497F00 EOR #$007F C0/98C0: 1A INC A C0/98C1: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/98C4: A576 LDA $76 C0/98C6: 29803F AND #$3F80 C0/98C9: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/98CC: A574 LDA $74 C0/98CE: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/98D1: C98001 CMP #$0180 C0/98D4: 9008 BCC $98DE C0/98D6: A574 LDA $74 C0/98D8: 2900FE AND #$FE00 C0/98DB: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/98DE: A280 LDX #$80 C0/98E0: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/98E3: 60 RTS

[] C0/98E4: E210 SEP #$10 C0/98E6: C220 REP #$20 C0/98E8: A62E LDX $2E C0/98EA: D001 + BNE $98ED C0/98EC: - 60 RTS

[Mop] C0/98ED: + 30FD - BMI $98EC C0/98EF: E001 CPX #$01 C0/98F1: D03E + BNE $9931 C0/98F3: A5FC LDA $FC C0/98F5: 4A LSR A C0/98F6: 4A LSR A C0/98F7: 4A LSR A C0/98F8: 18 CLC C0/98F9: 693F00 ADC #$003F C0/98FC: 48 PHA C0/98FD: 20F399 JSR $99F3 C0/9900: C220 REP #$20 C0/9902: 68 PLA C0/9903: EB XBA C0/9904: 0A ASL A C0/9905: 2900FE AND #$FE00 C0/9908: 8574 STA $74 C0/990A: A5FA LDA $FA C0/990C: 4A LSR A C0/990D: 4A LSR A C0/990E: 4A LSR A C0/990F: 38 SEC C0/9910: E94000 SBC #$0040 C0/9913: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/9916: 0574 ORA $74 C0/9918: 8574 STA $74 C0/991A: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/991D: 8576 STA $76 C0/991F: A574 LDA $74 C0/9921: 4A LSR A C0/9922: 4A LSR A C0/9923: 29803F AND #$3F80 C0/9926: 0576 ORA $76 C0/9928: 8576 STA $76 C0/992A: E210 SEP #$10 C0/992C: A2FF LDX #$FF C0/992E: 862E STX $2E C0/9930: 60 RTS

C0/9931: + A5FC LDA $FC C0/9933: 4A LSR A C0/9934: 4A LSR A C0/9935: 4A LSR A C0/9936: 38 SEC C0/9937: E94000 SBC #$0040 C0/993A: 80C0 BRA $98FC C0/993C: C220 REP #$20 C0/993E: E210 SEP #$10 C0/9940: A62F LDX $2F C0/9942: D001 BNE $9945 C0/9944: 60 RTS

C0/9945: 30FD BMI $9944 C0/9947: E001 CPX #$01 C0/9949: D00B BNE $9956 C0/994B: A5FA LDA $FA C0/994D: 4A LSR A C0/994E: 4A LSR A C0/994F: 4A LSR A C0/9950: 18 CLC C0/9951: 693F00 ADC #$003F C0/9954: 8009 BRA $995F C0/9956: A5FA LDA $FA C0/9958: 4A LSR A C0/9959: 4A LSR A C0/995A: 4A LSR A C0/995B: 38 SEC C0/995C: E94000 SBC #$0040 C0/995F: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/9962: 8500 STA $00 C0/9964: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/9967: 8578 STA $78 C0/9969: E230 SEP #$30 C0/996B: A97F LDA #$7F C0/996D: 8502 STA $02 C0/996F: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9971: A700 LDA [$00] C0/9973: 9D800B STA $0B80,X C0/9976: A501 LDA $01 C0/9978: 18 CLC C0/9979: 6902 ADC #$02 C0/997B: 8501 STA $01 C0/997D: E8 INX C0/997E: 10F1 BPL $9971 C0/9980: A2FF LDX #$FF C0/9982: 862F STX $2F C0/9984: 60 RTS

C0/9985: C220 REP #$20 C0/9987: E210 SEP #$10 C0/9989: A23E LDX #$3E C0/998B: BD609A LDA $9A60,X C0/998E: 9D000B STA $0B00,X C0/9991: CA DEX C0/9992: CA DEX C0/9993: 10F6 BPL $998B C0/9995: 60 RTS

C0/9996: C220 REP #$20 C0/9998: E210 SEP #$10 C0/999A: 208599 JSR $9985 C0/999D: A280 LDX #$80 C0/999F: A5FC LDA $FC C0/99A1: 48 PHA C0/99A2: DA PHX C0/99A3: A002 LDY #$02 C0/99A5: 842E STY $2E C0/99A7: 20E498 JSR $98E4 C0/99AA: 208198 JSR $9881 C0/99AD: C220 REP #$20 C0/99AF: E210 SEP #$10 C0/99B1: FA PLX C0/99B2: A5FC LDA $FC C0/99B4: 18 CLC C0/99B5: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/99B8: 85FC STA $FC C0/99BA: CA DEX C0/99BB: D0E5 BNE $99A2 C0/99BD: 68 PLA C0/99BE: 85FC STA $FC C0/99C0: A5F6 LDA $F6 C0/99C2: 38 SEC C0/99C3: E90001 SBC #$0100 C0/99C6: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/99C9: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/99CB: A240 LDX #$40 C0/99CD: 8611 STX $11 C0/99CF: C220 REP #$20 C0/99D1: E210 SEP #$10 C0/99D3: A90400 LDA #$0004 C0/99D6: 18 CLC C0/99D7: 65F6 ADC $F6 C0/99D9: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/99DC: 85F6 STA $F6 C0/99DE: A004 LDY #$04 C0/99E0: A200 LDX #$00 C0/99E2: 205584 JSR $8455 C0/99E5: C220 REP #$20 C0/99E7: E210 SEP #$10 C0/99E9: 209088 JSR $8890 C0/99EC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/99EE: C611 DEC $11 C0/99F0: D0DD BNE $99CF C0/99F2: 60 RTS

[] C0/99F3: C230 REP #$30 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/99F5: 29FF01 AND #$01FF [AND Accumulator with #$01FF] C0/99F8: A8 TAY [Transfer Accumulator to Y] C0/99F9: A9000B LDA #$0B00 [Load #$0B00 into Accumulator] C0/99FC: 5B TCD [Transfer Accumulator to Direct Page] C0/99FD: 98 TYA [Transfer Y to Accumulator] C0/99FE: EB XBA [Switch A and B] C0/99FF: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/9A00: 2900FE AND #$FE00 [AND Accumulator with #$FE00] C0/9A03: 8D8121 STA $2181 [Store into WRAM Address Low/High Byte] C0/9A06: 98 TYA [Transfer Y to Accumulator] C0/9A07: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/9A08: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/9A09: BF0080C6 LDA $C68000,X C0/9A0D: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/9A0E: 2900FF AND #$FF00 [AND Accumulator with #$FF00] C0/9A11: 8501 STA $01 [Store into PointerHigh] {0B01} C0/9A13: 8517 STA $17 [Store into ThisThing] {0B17} C0/9A15: 8A TXA [Transfer X to Accumulator] C0/9A16: 29FF00 AND #$00FF [AND Accumulator with #$00FF] C0/9A19: 853A STA $3A [Store into PointerLow] C0/9A1B: 98 TYA [Transfer Y to Accumulator] C0/9A1C: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/9A1D: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/9A1E: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/9A1F: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/9A20: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/9A22: A901 LDA #$01 [Load #$01 into Accumulator] C0/9A24: 8D8321 STA $2183 [Store into WRAM Address High Bit] C0/9A27: BFC07FC6 LDA $C67FC0,X C0/9A2B: 853C STA $3C C0/9A2D: 98 TYA [Transfer Y to Accumulator] C0/9A2E: 2907 AND #$07 [AND Accumulator with #$07] C0/9A30: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/9A31: D004 + BNE $9A37 C0/9A33: A53C LDA $3C C0/9A35: 8006 ++ BRA $9A3D C0/9A37: + A53C LDA $3C C0/9A39: - 4A LSR A C0/9A3A: CA DEX C0/9A3B: D0FC - BNE $9A39 {} C0/9A3D: ++ 2901 AND #$01 C0/9A3F: 09C6 ORA #$C6 [Where Mop's thingy returns] C0/9A41: 853E STA $3E [Store into WorldPieceBank] C0/9A43: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9A45: A53E LDA $3E [Load WorldPieceBank] C0/9A47: 8B PHB [Push DataBank] C0/9A48: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator] C0/9A49: AB PLB [Pull into DataBank] C0/9A4A: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/9A4C: A43A LDY $3A C0/9A4E: A2FF01 LDX #$01FF C0/9A51: 643B STZ $3B C0/9A53: 20000B JSR $0B00 C0/9A56: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9A58: AB PLB C0/9A59: C220 REP #$20 C0/9A5B: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/9A5E: 5B TCD C0/9A5F: 60 RTS

C0/9A60: B90084 LDA $8400,Y C0/9A63: C9C0B0 CMP #$B0C0 C0/9A66: 0A ASL A C0/9A67: 8F802100 STA $002180 C0/9A6B: C8 INY C0/9A6C: CA DEX C0/9A6D: 10F1 BPL $9A60 C0/9A6F: 301F BMI $9A90 C0/9A71: 293F85 AND #$853F C0/9A74: 3A DEC A C0/9A75: C8 INY C0/9A76: B90084 LDA $8400,Y C0/9A79: C8 INY C0/9A7A: 5A PHY C0/9A7B: A43A LDY $3A C0/9A7D: 8F802100 STA $002180 C0/9A81: 88 DEY C0/9A82: 10F9 BPL $9A7D C0/9A84: 7A PLY C0/9A85: C220 REP #$20 C0/9A87: 8A TXA C0/9A88: 18 CLC C0/9A89: E53A SBC $3A C0/9A8B: AA TAX C0/9A8C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9A8E: 10D0 BPL $9A60 C0/9A90: 60 RTS

C0/9A91: E210 SEP #$10 C0/9A93: C220 REP #$20 C0/9A95: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/9A98: 8D0221 STA $2102 C0/9A9B: A90008 LDA #$0800 C0/9A9E: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/9AA1: A90004 LDA #$0400 C0/9AA4: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/9AA7: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9AA9: 8E7443 STX $4374 C0/9AAC: A92002 LDA #$0220 C0/9AAF: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/9AB2: A280 LDX #$80 C0/9AB4: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/9AB7: 60 RTS

C0/9AB8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9ABA: A58C LDA $8C C0/9ABC: F012 BEQ $9AD0 C0/9ABE: A5E3 LDA $E3 C0/9AC0: 8906 BIT #$06 C0/9AC2: D00C BNE $9AD0 C0/9AC4: 4A LSR A C0/9AC5: B003 BCS $9ACA C0/9AC7: 4CFC9D JMP $9DFC C0/9ACA: 60 RTS

C0/9ACB: 647C STZ $7C C0/9ACD: 821903 BRL $9DE9 C0/9AD0: A5BF LDA $BF C0/9AD2: D0F7 BNE $9ACB C0/9AD4: A67A LDX $7A C0/9AD6: E47B CPX $7B C0/9AD8: F007 BEQ $9AE1 C0/9ADA: 867B STX $7B C0/9ADC: 20789D JSR $9D78 C0/9ADF: 8003 BRA $9AE4 C0/9AE1: 200A9D JSR $9D0A C0/9AE4: A5F2 LDA $F2 C0/9AE6: 1003 BPL $9AEB C0/9AE8: 4C029F JMP $9F02 C0/9AEB: A55F LDA $5F C0/9AED: 2904 AND #$04 C0/9AEF: F002 BEQ $9AF3 C0/9AF1: 8034 BRA $9B27 C0/9AF3: A57A LDA $7A C0/9AF5: F004 BEQ $9AFB C0/9AF7: 100A BPL $9B03 C0/9AF9: 3004 BMI $9AFF C0/9AFB: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9AFD: 8006 BRA $9B05 C0/9AFF: A902 LDA #$02 C0/9B01: 8002 BRA $9B05 C0/9B03: A904 LDA #$04 C0/9B05: 8510 STA $10 C0/9B07: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/9B09: 4A LSR A C0/9B0A: B012 BCS $9B1E C0/9B0C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9B0E: 857C STA $7C C0/9B10: 857D STA $7D C0/9B12: 20EE9B JSR $9BEE C0/9B15: 206B9B JSR $9B6B C0/9B18: 205B9B JSR $9B5B C0/9B1B: 4C9A9B JMP $9B9A C0/9B1E: 207B9B JSR $9B7B C0/9B21: 204B9B JSR $9B4B C0/9B24: 4CE99D JMP $9DE9 C0/9B27: A906 LDA #$06 C0/9B29: 8510 STA $10 C0/9B2B: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/9B2D: 4A LSR A C0/9B2E: 900C BCC $9B3C C0/9B30: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9B32: 857C STA $7C C0/9B34: 857D STA $7D C0/9B36: 204B9B JSR $9B4B C0/9B39: 4C7B9B JMP $9B7B C0/9B3C: 209A9B JSR $9B9A C0/9B3F: 205B9B JSR $9B5B C0/9B42: 206B9B JSR $9B6B C0/9B45: 20EE9B JSR $9BEE C0/9B48: 4CE99D JMP $9DE9 C0/9B4B: C220 REP #$20 C0/9B4D: A9F4F0 LDA #$F0F4 C0/9B50: 8508 STA $08 C0/9B52: A410 LDY $10 C0/9B54: B982A0 LDA $A082,Y C0/9B57: A000 LDY #$00 C0/9B59: 8062 BRA $9BBD C0/9B5B: C220 REP #$20 C0/9B5D: A9F8F8 LDA #$F8F8 C0/9B60: 8508 STA $08 C0/9B62: A410 LDY $10 C0/9B64: B99AA0 LDA $A09A,Y C0/9B67: A003 LDY #$03 C0/9B69: 8052 BRA $9BBD C0/9B6B: C220 REP #$20 C0/9B6D: A9F8F8 LDA #$F8F8 C0/9B70: 8508 STA $08 C0/9B72: A410 LDY $10 C0/9B74: B9A2A0 LDA $A0A2,Y C0/9B77: A004 LDY #$04 C0/9B79: 8042 BRA $9BBD C0/9B7B: C220 REP #$20 C0/9B7D: A9F0F6 LDA #$F6F0 C0/9B80: A65F LDX $5F C0/9B82: E004 CPX #$04 C0/9B84: D003 BNE $9B89 C0/9B86: A9F0F0 LDA #$F0F0 C0/9B89: 8508 STA $08 C0/9B8B: A410 LDY $10 C0/9B8D: B98AA0 LDA $A08A,Y C0/9B90: A201 LDX #$01 C0/9B92: 8500 STA $00 C0/9B94: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/9B96: 4A LSR A C0/9B97: 4A LSR A C0/9B98: 801C BRA $9BB6 C0/9B9A: C220 REP #$20 C0/9B9C: A9F0F0 LDA #$F0F0 C0/9B9F: 8508 STA $08 C0/9BA1: A410 LDY $10 C0/9BA3: B992A0 LDA $A092,Y C0/9BA6: A202 LDX #$02 C0/9BA8: 8500 STA $00 C0/9BAA: 9B TXY C0/9BAB: A543 LDA $43 C0/9BAD: 290C00 AND #$000C C0/9BB0: F008 BEQ $9BBA C0/9BB2: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/9BB4: 4A LSR A C0/9BB5: 4A LSR A C0/9BB6: 290200 AND #$0002 C0/9BB9: A8 TAY C0/9BBA: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/9BBC: 9B TXY C0/9BBD: 8500 STA $00 C0/9BBF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9BC1: BE400A LDX $0A40,Y C0/9BC4: BDD99C LDA $9CD9,X C0/9BC7: 18 CLC C0/9BC8: 6950 ADC #$50 C0/9BCA: 38 SEC C0/9BCB: E5CF SBC $CF C0/9BCD: 18 CLC C0/9BCE: 6509 ADC $09 C0/9BD0: 8509 STA $09 C0/9BD2: B9460A LDA $0A46,Y C0/9BD5: A65F LDX $5F C0/9BD7: E004 CPX #$04 C0/9BD9: D009 BNE $9BE4 C0/9BDB: 38 SEC C0/9BDC: E980 SBC #$80 C0/9BDE: C980 CMP #$80 C0/9BE0: 6A ROR A C0/9BE1: 18 CLC C0/9BE2: 6980 ADC #$80 C0/9BE4: 18 CLC C0/9BE5: 6508 ADC $08 C0/9BE7: 8508 STA $08 C0/9BE9: 6412 STZ $12 C0/9BEB: 4C2B9C JMP $9C2B C0/9BEE: C220 REP #$20 C0/9BF0: A410 LDY $10 C0/9BF2: B9AAA0 LDA $A0AA,Y C0/9BF5: 8500 STA $00 C0/9BF7: AE450A LDX $0A45 C0/9BFA: BD1B9C LDA $9C1B,X C0/9BFD: 0A ASL A C0/9BFE: 290700 AND #$0007 C0/9C01: A8 TAY C0/9C02: A9FCF4 LDA #$F4FC C0/9C05: C000 CPY #$00 C0/9C07: F00A BEQ $9C13 C0/9C09: A9FCFC LDA #$FCFC C0/9C0C: C002 CPY #$02 C0/9C0E: F003 BEQ $9C13 C0/9C10: A9FCFC LDA #$FCFC C0/9C13: 8508 STA $08 C0/9C15: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/9C17: A005 LDY #$05 C0/9C19: 80A2 BRA $9BBD C0/9C1B: 0201 COP #$01 C0/9C1D: 0101 ORA ($01,X) C0/9C1F: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/9C21: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/9C23: 0001 BRK #$01 C0/9C25: 0101 ORA ($01,X) C0/9C27: 0202 COP #$02 C0/9C29: 0202 COP #$02 C0/9C2B: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9C2D: 6413 STZ $13 C0/9C2F: A000 LDY #$00 C0/9C31: A508 LDA $08 C0/9C33: 850D STA $0D C0/9C35: A509 LDA $09 C0/9C37: 850E STA $0E C0/9C39: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/9C3B: 48 PHA C0/9C3C: 290F AND #$0F C0/9C3E: 850A STA $0A C0/9C40: 850C STA $0C C0/9C42: C904 CMP #$04 C0/9C44: D00E BNE $9C54 C0/9C46: A512 LDA $12 C0/9C48: 8513 STA $13 C0/9C4A: 0A ASL A C0/9C4B: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/9C4D: 38 SEC C0/9C4E: 6509 ADC $09 C0/9C50: 8509 STA $09 C0/9C52: 850E STA $0E C0/9C54: 68 PLA C0/9C55: 4A LSR A C0/9C56: 4A LSR A C0/9C57: 4A LSR A C0/9C58: 4A LSR A C0/9C59: 850B STA $0B C0/9C5B: C8 INY C0/9C5C: A67C LDX $7C C0/9C5E: C220 REP #$20 C0/9C60: A508 LDA $08 C0/9C62: 9D0008 STA $0800,X C0/9C65: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/9C67: 9D0208 STA $0802,X C0/9C6A: E8 INX C0/9C6B: E8 INX C0/9C6C: E8 INX C0/9C6D: E8 INX C0/9C6E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9C70: C8 INY C0/9C71: C8 INY C0/9C72: A508 LDA $08 C0/9C74: 18 CLC C0/9C75: 6908 ADC #$08 C0/9C77: 8508 STA $08 C0/9C79: A513 LDA $13 C0/9C7B: F012 BEQ $9C8F C0/9C7D: 18 CLC C0/9C7E: 6509 ADC $09 C0/9C80: 8509 STA $09 C0/9C82: A50C LDA $0C C0/9C84: C903 CMP #$03 C0/9C86: D007 BNE $9C8F C0/9C88: A513 LDA $13 C0/9C8A: 18 CLC C0/9C8B: 6509 ADC $09 C0/9C8D: 8509 STA $09 C0/9C8F: C60C DEC $0C C0/9C91: D0CB BNE $9C5E C0/9C93: A50D LDA $0D C0/9C95: 8508 STA $08 C0/9C97: A50A LDA $0A C0/9C99: 850C STA $0C C0/9C9B: A50E LDA $0E C0/9C9D: 18 CLC C0/9C9E: 6908 ADC #$08 C0/9CA0: 850E STA $0E C0/9CA2: 8509 STA $09 C0/9CA4: C60B DEC $0B C0/9CA6: D0B6 BNE $9C5E C0/9CA8: 867C STX $7C C0/9CAA: 60 RTS

C0/9CAB: C230 REP #$30 C0/9CAD: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/9CB0: A9FFE0 LDA #$E0FF C0/9CB3: 9D0008 STA $0800,X C0/9CB6: E8 INX C0/9CB7: E8 INX C0/9CB8: E8 INX C0/9CB9: E8 INX C0/9CBA: E00002 CPX #$0200 C0/9CBD: 90F4 BCC $9CB3 C0/9CBF: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9CC1: A23F LDX #$3F C0/9CC3: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9CC5: 9D000A STA $0A00,X C0/9CC8: CA DEX C0/9CC9: 10FA BPL $9CC5 C0/9CCB: 20919A JSR $9A91 C0/9CCE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9CD0: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9CD2: 857C STA $7C C0/9CD4: 857D STA $7D C0/9CD6: 4C679D JMP $9D67 C0/9CD9: 0004 BRK #$04 [DANGER] C0/9CDB: 0608 ASL $08 C0/9CDD: 0908 ORA #$08 C0/9CDF: 0604 ASL $04 C0/9CE1: 00FC BRK #$FC C0/9CE3: FA PLX C0/9CE4: F8 SED C0/9CE5: F7F8 SBC [$F8],Y C0/9CE7: FA PLX C0/9CE8: FC0009 JSR ($0900,X) C0/9CEB: 0A ASL A C0/9CEC: 0B PHD C0/9CED: 0C0D20 TSB $200D C0/9CF0: AB PLB C0/9CF1: 9CE210 STZ $10E2 C0/9CF4: C220 REP #$20 C0/9CF6: A200 LDX #$00 C0/9CF8: BDE99C LDA $9CE9,X C0/9CFB: 9D400A STA $0A40,X C0/9CFE: E8 INX C0/9CFF: E8 INX C0/9D00: E006 CPX #$06 C0/9D02: 90F4 BCC $9CF8 C0/9D04: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/9D07: 857A STA $7A C0/9D09: 60 RTS

C0/9D0A: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9D0C: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/9D0E: 8D0442 STA $4204 C0/9D11: 9C0542 STZ $4205 C0/9D14: A204 LDX #$04 C0/9D16: A543 LDA $43 C0/9D18: 290C AND #$0C C0/9D1A: D002 BNE $9D1E C0/9D1C: A206 LDX #$06 C0/9D1E: 8E0642 STX $4206 C0/9D21: A205 LDX #$05 C0/9D23: BD460A LDA $0A46,X C0/9D26: DD4C0A CMP $0A4C,X C0/9D29: F01B BEQ $9D46 C0/9D2B: 900C BCC $9D39 C0/9D2D: E902 SBC #$02 C0/9D2F: DD4C0A CMP $0A4C,X C0/9D32: B00F BCS $9D43 C0/9D34: BD4C0A LDA $0A4C,X C0/9D37: 800A BRA $9D43 C0/9D39: 6902 ADC #$02 C0/9D3B: DD4C0A CMP $0A4C,X C0/9D3E: 9003 BCC $9D43 C0/9D40: BD4C0A LDA $0A4C,X C0/9D43: 9D460A STA $0A46,X C0/9D46: CA DEX C0/9D47: 10DA BPL $9D23 C0/9D49: AD1642 LDA $4216 C0/9D4C: F001 BEQ $9D4F C0/9D4E: 60 RTS

C0/9D4F: AD400A LDA $0A40 C0/9D52: 1A INC A C0/9D53: 290F AND #$0F C0/9D55: 8D400A STA $0A40 C0/9D58: A205 LDX #$05 C0/9D5A: BD400A LDA $0A40,X C0/9D5D: 3A DEC A C0/9D5E: 290F AND #$0F C0/9D60: 9D400A STA $0A40,X C0/9D63: CA DEX C0/9D64: D0F4 BNE $9D5A C0/9D66: 60 RTS

C0/9D67: 20789D JSR $9D78 C0/9D6A: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9D6C: A205 LDX #$05 C0/9D6E: BD4C0A LDA $0A4C,X C0/9D71: 9D460A STA $0A46,X C0/9D74: CA DEX C0/9D75: 10F7 BPL $9D6E C0/9D77: 60 RTS

C0/9D78: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9D7A: A67B LDX $7B C0/9D7C: E000 CPX #$00 C0/9D7E: F00F BEQ $9D8F C0/9D80: A55F LDA $5F C0/9D82: 2904 AND #$04 C0/9D84: C904 CMP #$04 C0/9D86: 8A TXA C0/9D87: 9002 BCC $9D8B C0/9D89: 49FE EOR #$FE C0/9D8B: 302C BMI $9DB9 C0/9D8D: 801E BRA $9DAD C0/9D8F: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9D91: A205 LDX #$05 C0/9D93: A5F2 LDA $F2 C0/9D95: 1002 BPL $9D99 C0/9D97: A217 LDX #$17 C0/9D99: A005 LDY #$05 C0/9D9B: BDC59D LDA $9DC5,X C0/9D9E: 994C0A STA $0A4C,Y C0/9DA1: 24F2 BIT $F2 C0/9DA3: 1003 BPL $9DA8 C0/9DA5: 99460A STA $0A46,Y C0/9DA8: CA DEX C0/9DA9: 88 DEY C0/9DAA: 10EF BPL $9D9B C0/9DAC: 60 RTS

C0/9DAD: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9DAF: A20B LDX #$0B C0/9DB1: A5F2 LDA $F2 C0/9DB3: 10E4 BPL $9D99 C0/9DB5: A21D LDX #$1D C0/9DB7: 80E0 BRA $9D99 C0/9DB9: E230 SEP #$30 C0/9DBB: A211 LDX #$11 C0/9DBD: A5F2 LDA $F2 C0/9DBF: 10D8 BPL $9D99 C0/9DC1: A223 LDX #$23 C0/9DC3: 80D4 BRA $9D99

[Uh] C0/9DC5: 8080 BRA $9D47 C0/9DC7: 8080 BRA $9D49 C0/9DC9: 8080 BRA $9D4B C0/9DCB: 8C807C STY $7C80 C0/9DCE: 7A PLY C0/9DCF: 78 SEI C0/9DD0: 7674 ROR $74,X C0/9DD2: 8084 BRA $9D58 C0/9DD4: 8688 STX $88 C0/9DD6: 8A TXA C0/9DD7: 8080 BRA $9D59 C0/9DD9: 8080 BRA $9D5B C0/9DDB: 8080 BRA $9D5D C0/9DDD: 828180 BRL $1E61 C0/9DE0: 8081 BRA $9D63 C0/9DE2: 827E7F BRL $1D63 C0/9DE5: 8080 BRA $9D67 C0/9DE7: 7F7E

C0/9DE9: C220 REP #$20 C0/9DEB: E210 SEP #$10 C0/9DED: A67C LDX $7C C0/9DEF: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/9DF1: E09D CPX #$9D C0/9DF3: 0008 BRK #$08 [DANGER] C0/9DF5: E8 INX C0/9DF6: E8 INX C0/9DF7: E8 INX C0/9DF8: E8 INX C0/9DF9: D0F4 BNE $9DEF C0/9DFB: 60 RTS

C0/9DFC: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/9DFE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9E00: 8B PHB C0/9E01: A97E LDA #$7E C0/9E03: 48 PHA C0/9E04: AB PLB C0/9E05: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/9E07: 2903 AND #$03 C0/9E09: D00D BNE $9E18 C0/9E0B: A59C LDA $9C C0/9E0D: 18 CLC C0/9E0E: 6930 ADC #$30 C0/9E10: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/9E12: 9002 BCC $9E16 C0/9E14: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9E16: 859C STA $9C C0/9E18: A9E7 LDA #$E7 C0/9E1A: 859D STA $9D C0/9E1C: 647C STZ $7C C0/9E1E: 647D STZ $7D C0/9E20: 20259E JSR $9E25 C0/9E23: AB PLB C0/9E24: 60 RTS

C0/9E25: AD00E0 LDA $E000 C0/9E28: F01B BEQ $9E45 C0/9E2A: 3019 BMI $9E45 C0/9E2C: AD00E2 LDA $E200 C0/9E2F: F00B BEQ $9E3C C0/9E31: 3009 BMI $9E3C C0/9E33: AD00E4 LDA $E400 C0/9E36: F029 BEQ $9E61 C0/9E38: 3027 BMI $9E61 C0/9E3A: 803A BRA $9E76 C0/9E3C: AD00E4 LDA $E400 C0/9E3F: F014 BEQ $9E55 C0/9E41: 3012 BMI $9E55 C0/9E43: 8023 BRA $9E68 C0/9E45: AD00E2 LDA $E200 C0/9E48: F013 BEQ $9E5D C0/9E4A: 3011 BMI $9E5D C0/9E4C: AD00E4 LDA $E400 C0/9E4F: F008 BEQ $9E59 C0/9E51: 3006 BMI $9E59 C0/9E53: 801A BRA $9E6F C0/9E55: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9E57: 8043 BRA $9E9C C0/9E59: A910 LDA #$10 C0/9E5B: 803F BRA $9E9C C0/9E5D: A920 LDA #$20 C0/9E5F: 803B BRA $9E9C C0/9E61: A910 LDA #$10 C0/9E63: EB XBA C0/9E64: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9E66: 8010 BRA $9E78 C0/9E68: A920 LDA #$20 C0/9E6A: EB XBA C0/9E6B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9E6D: 8009 BRA $9E78 C0/9E6F: A920 LDA #$20 C0/9E71: EB XBA C0/9E72: A910 LDA #$10 C0/9E74: 8002 BRA $9E78 C0/9E76: 8040 BRA $9EB8 C0/9E78: C220 REP #$20 C0/9E7A: 48 PHA C0/9E7B: 209C9E JSR $9E9C C0/9E7E: C220 REP #$20 C0/9E80: 68 PLA C0/9E81: EB XBA C0/9E82: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/9E85: 18 CLC C0/9E86: 659C ADC $9C C0/9E88: A28000 LDX #$0080 C0/9E8B: A09000 LDY #$0090 C0/9E8E: 20F59E JSR $9EF5 C0/9E91: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9E93: AD010A LDA $0A01 C0/9E96: 09AA ORA #$AA C0/9E98: 8D010A STA $0A01 C0/9E9B: 60 RTS

C0/9E9C: C220 REP #$20 C0/9E9E: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/9EA1: 18 CLC C0/9EA2: 659C ADC $9C C0/9EA4: A28000 LDX #$0080 C0/9EA7: A07000 LDY #$0070 C0/9EAA: 20F59E JSR $9EF5 C0/9EAD: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9EAF: AD000A LDA $0A00 C0/9EB2: 09AA ORA #$AA C0/9EB4: 8D000A STA $0A00 C0/9EB7: 60 RTS

C0/9EB8: C220 REP #$20 C0/9EBA: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/9EBD: 209C9E JSR $9E9C C0/9EC0: C220 REP #$20 C0/9EC2: A59C LDA $9C C0/9EC4: 18 CLC C0/9EC5: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/9EC8: A26000 LDX #$0060 C0/9ECB: A08000 LDY #$0080 C0/9ECE: 20F59E JSR $9EF5 C0/9ED1: C220 REP #$20 C0/9ED3: A59C LDA $9C C0/9ED5: 18 CLC C0/9ED6: 692000 ADC #$0020 C0/9ED9: A2A000 LDX #$00A0 C0/9EDC: A08000 LDY #$0080 C0/9EDF: 20F59E JSR $9EF5 C0/9EE2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/9EE4: AD010A LDA $0A01 C0/9EE7: 09AA ORA #$AA C0/9EE9: 8D010A STA $0A01 C0/9EEC: AD020A LDA $0A02 C0/9EEF: 09AA ORA #$AA C0/9EF1: 8D020A STA $0A02 C0/9EF4: 60 RTS

C0/9EF5: 8604 STX $04 C0/9EF7: 8406 STY $06 C0/9EF9: AA TAX C0/9EFA: A904 LDA #$04 C0/9EFC: 0085 BRK #$85 [DANGER] C0/9EFE: 024C COP #$4C C0/9F00: 40 RTI

[None of this shit could be valid...could it?] C0/9F01: E6E2 INC $E2 C0/9F03: 3064 BMI $9F69 C0/9F05: 12A5 ORA ($A5) C0/9F07: 5F2904F0 EOR $F00429,X C0/9F0B: 0280 COP #$80 C0/9F0D: 3CA57A BIT $7AA5,X C0/9F10: F004 BEQ $9F16 C0/9F12: 100E BPL $9F22 C0/9F14: 3004 BMI $9F1A C0/9F16: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9F18: 800E BRA $9F28 C0/9F1A: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/9F1C: 8512 STA $12 C0/9F1E: A902 LDA #$02 C0/9F20: 8006 BRA $9F28 C0/9F22: A901 LDA #$01 C0/9F24: 8512 STA $12 C0/9F26: A904 LDA #$04 C0/9F28: 8510 STA $10 C0/9F2A: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/9F2C: 4A LSR A C0/9F2D: B012 BCS $9F41 C0/9F2F: A900 LDA #$00 C0/9F31: 857C STA $7C C0/9F33: 857D STA $7D C0/9F35: 202CA0 JSR $A02C C0/9F38: 20819F JSR $9F81 C0/9F3B: 20689F JSR $9F68 C0/9F3E: 4CD39F JMP $9FD3 C0/9F41: 20A69F JSR $9FA6 C0/9F44: 204E9F JSR $9F4E C0/9F47: 4CE99D JMP $9DE9 C0/9F4A: A906 LDA #$06 C0/9F4C: 80DA BRA $9F28 C0/9F4E: C220 REP #$20 C0/9F50: A9F8E0 LDA #$E0F8 C0/9F53: A65F LDX $5F C0/9F55: E004D0 CPX #$D004 C0/9F58: 03A9 ORA $A9,S C0/9F5A: F8 SED C0/9F5B: 08 PHP C0/9F5C: 8508 STA $08 C0/9F5E: A410 LDY $10 C0/9F60: B9BEA2 LDA $A2BE,Y C0/9F63: A00082 LDY #$8200 C0/9F66: 9700 STA [$00],Y C0/9F68: C220 REP #$20 C0/9F6A: A9FC08 LDA #$08FC C0/9F6D: A65F LDX $5F C0/9F6F: E004D0 CPX #$D004 C0/9F72: 03A9 ORA $A9,S C0/9F74: FCF085 JSR ($85F0,X) C0/9F77: 08 PHP C0/9F78: A410 LDY $10 C0/9F7A: B9D6A2 LDA $A2D6,Y C0/9F7D: A00380 LDY #$8003 C0/9F80: 7EC220 ROR $20C2,X C0/9F83: A9FC0C LDA #$0CFC C0/9F86: A65F LDX $5F C0/9F88: E004D0 CPX #$D004 C0/9F8B: 05A9 ORA $A9 C0/9F8D: FCEC80 JSR ($80EC,X) C0/9F90: 0A ASL A C0/9F91: A67A LDX $7A C0/9F93: F006 BEQ $9F9B C0/9F95: 3003 BMI $9F9A C0/9F97: 1A INC A C0/9F98: 8001 BRA $9F9B C0/9F9A: 3A DEC A C0/9F9B: 8508 STA $08 C0/9F9D: A410 LDY $10 C0/9F9F: B9DEA2 LDA $A2DE,Y C0/9FA2: A00480 LDY #$8004 C0/9FA5: 59C220 EOR $20C2,Y C0/9FA8: A9F000 LDA #$00F0 C0/9FAB: A65F LDX $5F C0/9FAD: E004F0 CPX #$F004 C0/9FB0: 11A9 ORA ($A9),Y C0/9FB2: F0F0 BEQ $9FA4 C0/9FB4: A67A LDX $7A C0/9FB6: F00A BEQ $9FC2 C0/9FB8: 3005 BMI $9FBF C0/9FBA: A9F1F0 LDA #$F0F1 C0/9FBD: 8003 BRA $9FC2 C0/9FBF: A9EFF0 LDA #$F0EF C0/9FC2: 8508 STA $08 C0/9FC4: A410 LDY $10 C0/9FC6: B9C6A2 LDA $A2C6,Y C0/9FC9: A20185 LDX #$8501 C0/9FCC: 00A5 BRK #$A5 [DANGER] C0/9FCE: F44A4A PEA $4A4A C0/9FD1: 8025 BRA $9FF8 C0/9FD3: C220 REP #$20 C0/9FD5: A9F0FC LDA #$FCF0 C0/9FD8: A65F LDX $5F C0/9FDA: E004D0 CPX #$D004 C0/9FDD: 03A9 ORA $A9,S C0/9FDF: F0F4 BEQ $9FD5 C0/9FE1: 8508 STA $08 C0/9FE3: A410 LDY $10 C0/9FE5: B9CEA2 LDA $A2CE,Y C0/9FE8: A20285 LDX #$8502 C0/9FEB: 009B BRK #$9B C0/9FED: A543 LDA $43 C0/9FEF: 290C00 AND #$000C C0/9FF2: F008 BEQ $9FFC C0/9FF4: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/9FF6: 4A LSR A C0/9FF7: 4A LSR A C0/9FF8: 290200 AND #$0002 C0/9FFB: A8 TAY C0/9FFC: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/9FFE: 9B TXY C0/9FFF: 8500 STA $00 C0/A001: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A003: BE400A LDX $0A40,Y C0/A006: BD72A0 LDA $A072,X C0/A009: A65F LDX $5F C0/A00B: E004F0 CPX #$F004 C0/A00E: 09A6 ORA #$A6 C0/A010: 7A PLY C0/A011: F005 BEQ $A018 C0/A013: 1003 BPL $A018 C0/A015: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/A017: 1A INC A C0/A018: 18 CLC C0/A019: 79460A ADC $0A46,Y C0/A01C: 18 CLC C0/A01D: 6508 ADC $08 C0/A01F: 8508 STA $08 C0/A021: A970 LDA #$70 C0/A023: 18 CLC C0/A024: 6509 ADC $09 C0/A026: 8509 STA $09 C0/A028: 18 CLC C0/A029: 4C2B9C JMP $9C2B C0/A02C: C220 REP #$20 C0/A02E: A410 LDY $10 C0/A030: B9E6A2 LDA $A2E6,Y C0/A033: 8500 STA $00 C0/A035: AE450A LDX $0A45 C0/A038: BD62A0 LDA $A062,X C0/A03B: 0A ASL A C0/A03C: 290700 AND #$0007 C0/A03F: A8 TAY C0/A040: A9FC10 LDA #$10FC C0/A043: A65F LDX $5F C0/A045: E004D0 CPX #$D004 C0/A048: 05A9 ORA $A9 C0/A04A: FCE880 JSR ($80E8,X) C0/A04D: 0CA67A TSB $7AA6 C0/A050: F008 BEQ $A05A C0/A052: 3004 BMI $A058 C0/A054: 1A INC A C0/A055: 1A INC A C0/A056: 8002 BRA $A05A C0/A058: 3A DEC A C0/A059: 3A DEC A C0/A05A: 8508 STA $08 C0/A05C: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/A05E: A00580 LDY #$8005 C0/A061: 9D0101 STA $0101,X C0/A064: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/A066: 0000 BRK #$00 [DANGER] C0/A068: 0001 BRK #$01 C0/A06A: 0101 ORA ($01,X) C0/A06C: 0102 ORA ($02,X) C0/A06E: 0202 COP #$02 C0/A070: 0201 COP #$01 C0/A072: 0002 BRK #$02 C0/A074: 0304 ORA $04,S C0/A076: 0404 TSB $04 C0/A078: 0302 ORA $02,S C0/A07A: 00FE BRK #$FE C0/A07C: FDFCFC SBC $FCFC,X C0/A07F: FCFDFE JSR ($FEFD,X) C0/A082: B2A0 LDA ($A0) C0/A084: B0A1 BCS $A027 C0/A086: 46A1 LSR $A1 C0/A088: 1A INC A C0/A089: A2C5A0 LDX #$A0C5 C0/A08C: C3A1 CMP $A1,S C0/A08E: 59A12D EOR $2DA1,Y C0/A091: A2EBA0 LDX #$A0EB C0/A094: D8 CLD C0/A095: A16E LDA ($6E,X) C0/A097: A163 LDA ($63,X) C0/A099: A221A1 LDX #$A121 C0/A09C: F5A1 SBC $A1,X C0/A09E: 8B PHB C0/A09F: A199 LDA ($99,X) C0/A0A1: A22AA1 LDX #$A12A C0/A0A4: FEA194 INC $94A1,X C0/A0A7: A1A2 LDA ($A2,X) C0/A0A9: A233A1 LDX #$A133 C0/A0AC: 07A2 ORA [$A2] C0/A0AE: 9DA1AB STA $ABA1,X C0/A0B1: A23304 LDX #$0433 C0/A0B4: 3A DEC A C0/A0B5: 053A ORA $3A C0/A0B7: 063A ASL $3A C0/A0B9: 143A TRB $3A C0/A0BB: 153A ORA $3A,X C0/A0BD: 163A ASL $3A,X C0/A0BF: 243A BIT $3A C0/A0C1: 253A AND $3A C0/A0C3: 263A ROL $3A C0/A0C5: C9A0DA CMP #$DAA0 C0/A0C8: A02431 LDY #$3124 C0/A0CB: 7A PLY C0/A0CC: 307A BMI $A148 C0/A0CE: 303A BMI $A10A C0/A0D0: 313A AND ($3A),Y C0/A0D2: 417A EOR ($7A,X) C0/A0D4: 407A PLY C0/A0D6: 40 RTI

C0/A0D7: 3A DEC A C0/A0D8: 413A EOR ($3A,X) C0/A0DA: 2433 BIT $33 C0/A0DC: 7A PLY C0/A0DD: 327A AND ($7A) C0/A0DF: 323A AND ($3A) C0/A0E1: 333A AND ($3A,S),Y C0/A0E3: 437A EOR $7A,S C0/A0E5: 427A WDM #$7A C0/A0E7: 423A WDM #$3A C0/A0E9: 433A EOR $3A,S C0/A0EB: EFA008A1 SBC $A108A0 C0/A0EF: 340B BIT $0B,X C0/A0F1: 7A PLY C0/A0F2: 0A ASL A C0/A0F3: 7A PLY C0/A0F4: 0A ASL A C0/A0F5: 3A DEC A C0/A0F6: 0B PHD C0/A0F7: 3A DEC A C0/A0F8: 1B TCS C0/A0F9: 7A PLY C0/A0FA: 1A INC A C0/A0FB: 7A PLY C0/A0FC: 1A INC A C0/A0FD: 3A DEC A C0/A0FE: 1B TCS C0/A0FF: 3A DEC A C0/A100: 2B PLD C0/A101: 7A PLY C0/A102: 2A ROL A C0/A103: 7A PLY C0/A104: 2A ROL A C0/A105: 3A DEC A C0/A106: 2B PLD C0/A107: 3A DEC A C0/A108: 340D BIT $0D,X C0/A10A: 7A PLY C0/A10B: 0C7A0C TSB $0C7A C0/A10E: 3A DEC A C0/A10F: 0D3A1D ORA $1D3A C0/A112: 7A PLY C0/A113: 1C7A1C TRB $1C7A C0/A116: 3A DEC A C0/A117: 1D3A2D ORA $2D3A,X C0/A11A: 7A PLY C0/A11B: 2C7A2C BIT $2C7A C0/A11E: 3A DEC A C0/A11F: 2D3A22 AND $223A C0/A122: 3C7A3C BIT $3C7A,X C0/A125: 3A DEC A C0/A126: 4C7A4C JMP $4C7A C0/A129: 3A DEC A C0/A12A: 223D7A3D JSR $3D7A3D C0/A12E: 3A DEC A C0/A12F: 4D7A4D EOR $4D7A C0/A132: 3A DEC A C0/A133: 39A13E AND $3EA1,Y C0/A136: A141 LDA ($41,X) C0/A138: A121 LDA ($21,X) C0/A13A: 2E3A3E ROL $3E3A C0/A13D: 3A DEC A C0/A13E: 115F ORA ($5F),Y C0/A140: 3A DEC A C0/A141: 210E AND ($0E,X) C0/A143: 3A DEC A C0/A144: 1E3A33 ASL $333A,X C0/A147: 073A ORA [$3A] C0/A149: 083A DEC A C0/A14B: 093A17 ORA #$173A C0/A14E: 3A DEC A C0/A14F: 18 CLC C0/A150: 3A DEC A C0/A151: 193A27 ORA $273A,Y C0/A154: 3A DEC A C0/A155: 28 PLP C0/A156: 3A DEC A C0/A157: 293A5D AND #$5D3A C0/A15A: A15D LDA ($5D,X) C0/A15C: A124 LDA ($24,X) C0/A15E: 317A AND ($7A),Y C0/A160: 307A BMI $A1DC C0/A162: 323A AND ($3A) C0/A164: 333A AND ($3A,S),Y C0/A166: 417A EOR ($7A,X) C0/A168: 40 RTI

C0/A169: 7A PLY C0/A16A: 423A WDM #$3A C0/A16C: 433A EOR $3A,S C0/A16E: 72A1 ADC ($A1) C0/A170: 72A1 ADC ($A1) C0/A172: 340B BIT $0B,X C0/A174: 7A PLY C0/A175: 0A ASL A C0/A176: 7A PLY C0/A177: 0C3A0D TSB $0D3A C0/A17A: 3A DEC A C0/A17B: 1B TCS C0/A17C: 7A PLY C0/A17D: 1A INC A C0/A17E: 7A PLY C0/A17F: 1C3A1D TRB $1D3A C0/A182: 3A DEC A C0/A183: 2B PLD C0/A184: 7A PLY C0/A185: 2A ROL A C0/A186: 7A PLY C0/A187: 2C3A2D BIT $2D3A C0/A18A: 3A DEC A C0/A18B: 223C7A3C JSR $3C7A3C C0/A18F: 3A DEC A C0/A190: 4C7A4C JMP $4C7A C0/A193: 3A DEC A C0/A194: 223D7A3D JSR $3D7A3D C0/A198: 3A DEC A C0/A199: 4D7A4D EOR $4D7A C0/A19C: 3A DEC A C0/A19D: A3A1 LDA $A1,S C0/A19F: A8 TAY C0/A1A0: A1AB LDA ($AB,X) C0/A1A2: A121 LDA ($21,X) C0/A1A4: 2E3A3E ROL $3E3A C0/A1A7: 3A DEC A C0/A1A8: 115F ORA ($5F),Y C0/A1AA: 3A DEC A C0/A1AB: 210E AND ($0E,X) C0/A1AD: 3A DEC A C0/A1AE: 1E3A33 ASL $333A,X C0/A1B1: 097A08 ORA #$087A C0/A1B4: 7A PLY C0/A1B5: 077A ORA [$7A] C0/A1B7: 197A18 ORA $187A,Y C0/A1BA: 7A PLY C0/A1BB: 177A ORA [$7A],Y C0/A1BD: 297A28 AND #$287A C0/A1C0: 7A PLY C0/A1C1: 277A AND [$7A] C0/A1C3: C7A1 CMP [$A1] C0/A1C5: C7A1 CMP [$A1] C0/A1C7: 2433 BIT $33 C0/A1C9: 7A PLY C0/A1CA: 327A AND ($7A) C0/A1CC: 303A BMI $A208 C0/A1CE: 313A AND ($3A),Y C0/A1D0: 437A EOR $7A,S C0/A1D2: 427A WDM #$7A C0/A1D4: 40 RTI

C0/A1D5: 3A DEC A C0/A1D6: 413A EOR ($3A,X) C0/A1D8: DCA1DC JMP [$DCA1] C0/A1DB: A134 LDA ($34,X) C0/A1DD: 0D7A0C ORA $0C7A C0/A1E0: 7A PLY C0/A1E1: 0A ASL A C0/A1E2: 3A DEC A C0/A1E3: 0B PHD C0/A1E4: 3A DEC A C0/A1E5: 1D7A1C ORA $1C7A,X C0/A1E8: 7A PLY C0/A1E9: 1A INC A C0/A1EA: 3A DEC A C0/A1EB: 1B TCS C0/A1EC: 3A DEC A C0/A1ED: 2D7A2C AND $2C7A C0/A1F0: 7A PLY C0/A1F1: 2A ROL A C0/A1F2: 3A DEC A C0/A1F3: 2B PLD C0/A1F4: 3A DEC A C0/A1F5: 223C7A3C JSR $3C7A3C C0/A1F9: 3A DEC A C0/A1FA: 4C7A4C JMP $4C7A C0/A1FD: 3A DEC A C0/A1FE: 223D7A3D JSR $3D7A3D C0/A202: 3A DEC A C0/A203: 4D7A4D EOR $4D7A C0/A206: 3A DEC A C0/A207: 0DA212 ORA $12A2 C0/A20A: A215A2 LDX #$A215 C0/A20D: 212E AND ($2E,X) C0/A20F: 7A PLY C0/A210: 3E7A11 ROL $117A,X C0/A213: 5F7A210E EOR $0E217A,X C0/A217: 7A PLY C0/A218: 1E7A33 ASL $337A,X C0/A21B: 503A BVC $A257 C0/A21D: 513A EOR ($3A),Y C0/A21F: 523A EOR ($3A) C0/A221: 60 RTS

C0/A222: 3A DEC A C0/A223: 613A ADC ($3A,X) C0/A225: 623A70 PER $1262 C0/A228: 3A DEC A C0/A229: 713A ADC ($3A),Y C0/A22B: 723A ADC ($3A) C0/A22D: 31A2 AND ($A2),Y C0/A22F: 4A LSR A C0/A230: A23458 LDX #$5834 C0/A233: 7A PLY C0/A234: 577A EOR [$7A],Y C0/A236: 573A EOR [$3A],Y C0/A238: 58 CLI C0/A239: 3A DEC A C0/A23A: 68 PLA C0/A23B: 7A PLY C0/A23C: 677A ADC [$7A] C0/A23E: 673A ADC [$3A] C0/A240: 68 PLA C0/A241: 3A DEC A C0/A242: 78 SEI C0/A243: 7A PLY C0/A244: 777A ADC [$7A],Y C0/A246: 773A ADC [$3A],Y C0/A248: 78 SEI C0/A249: 3A DEC A C0/A24A: 345A BIT $5A,X C0/A24C: 7A PLY C0/A24D: 597A59 EOR $597A,Y C0/A250: 3A DEC A C0/A251: 5A PHY C0/A252: 3A DEC A C0/A253: 6A ROR A C0/A254: 7A PLY C0/A255: 697A69 ADC #$697A C0/A258: 3A DEC A C0/A259: 6A ROR A C0/A25A: 3A DEC A C0/A25B: 7A PLY C0/A25C: 7A PLY C0/A25D: 797A79 ADC $797A,Y C0/A260: 3A DEC A C0/A261: 7A PLY C0/A262: 3A DEC A C0/A263: 67A2 ADC [$A2] C0/A265: 80A2 BRA $A209 C0/A267: 3454 BIT $54,X C0/A269: 7A PLY C0/A26A: 537A EOR ($7A,S),Y C0/A26C: 533A EOR ($3A,S),Y C0/A26E: 543A64 MVN $3A,$64 C0/A271: 7A PLY C0/A272: 637A ADC $7A,S C0/A274: 633A ADC $3A,S C0/A276: 643A STZ $3A C0/A278: 747A STZ $7A,X C0/A27A: 737A ADC ($7A,S),Y C0/A27C: 733A ADC ($3A,S),Y C0/A27E: 743A STZ $3A,X C0/A280: 3456 BIT $56,X C0/A282: 7A PLY C0/A283: 557A EOR $7A,X C0/A285: 553A EOR $3A,X C0/A287: 563A LSR $3A,X C0/A289: 667A ROR $7A C0/A28B: 657A ADC $7A C0/A28D: 653A ADC $3A C0/A28F: 663A ROR $3A C0/A291: 767A ROR $7A,X C0/A293: 757A ADC $7A,X C0/A295: 753A ADC $3A,X C0/A297: 763A ROR $3A,X C0/A299: 223C7A3C JSR $3C7A3C C0/A29D: 3A DEC A C0/A29E: 4C7A4C JMP $4C7A C0/A2A1: 3A DEC A C0/A2A2: 223D7A3D JSR $3D7A3D C0/A2A6: 3A DEC A C0/A2A7: 4D7A4D EOR $4D7A C0/A2AA: 3A DEC A C0/A2AB: B1A2 LDA ($A2),Y C0/A2AD: B6A2 LDX $A2,Y C0/A2AF: B9A221 LDA $21A2,Y C0/A2B2: 2F3A3F3A AND $3A3F3A C0/A2B6: 115F ORA ($5F),Y C0/A2B8: 3A DEC A C0/A2B9: 210E AND ($0E,X) C0/A2BB: 3A DEC A C0/A2BC: 1E3AEE ASL $EE3A,X C0/A2BF: A2A8A3 LDX #$A3A8 C0/A2C2: 5CA3F4A3 JMP $A3F4A3 C0/A2C6: FB XCE C0/A2C7: A2B5A3 LDX #$A3B5 C0/A2CA: 69A301 ADC #$01A3 C0/A2CD: A421 LDY $21 C0/A2CF: A3CA LDA $CA,S C0/A2D1: A37E LDA $7E,S C0/A2D3: A327 LDA $27,S C0/A2D5: A447 LDY $47 C0/A2D7: A3DF LDA $DF,S C0/A2D9: A393 LDA $93,S C0/A2DB: A34D LDA $4D,S C0/A2DD: A44A LDY $4A C0/A2DF: A3E2 LDA $E2,S C0/A2E1: A396 LDA $96,S C0/A2E3: A350 LDA $50,S C0/A2E5: A44D LDY $4D C0/A2E7: A3E5 LDA $E5,S C0/A2E9: A399 LDA $99,S C0/A2EB: A353 LDA $53,S C0/A2ED: A432 LDY $32 C0/A2EF: 003A BRK #$3A [DANGER] C0/A2F1: 013A ORA ($3A,X) C0/A2F3: 103A BPL $A32F C0/A2F5: 113A ORA ($3A),Y C0/A2F7: 203A21 JSR $213A C0/A2FA: 3A DEC A C0/A2FB: FFA210A3 SBC $A310A2,X C0/A2FF: 2435 BIT $35 C0/A301: 7A PLY C0/A302: 347A BIT $7A,X C0/A304: 343A BIT $3A,X C0/A306: 353A AND $3A,X C0/A308: 457A EOR $7A C0/A30A: 447A44 MVP $7A,$44 C0/A30D: 3A DEC A C0/A30E: 453A EOR $3A C0/A310: 2437 BIT $37 C0/A312: 7A PLY C0/A313: 367A ROL $7A,X C0/A315: 363A ROL $3A,X C0/A317: 373A AND [$3A],Y C0/A319: 477A EOR [$7A] C0/A31B: 467A LSR $7A C0/A31D: 463A LSR $3A C0/A31F: 473A EOR [$3A] C0/A321: 25A3 AND $A3 C0/A323: 36A3 ROL $A3,X C0/A325: 2439 BIT $39 C0/A327: 7A PLY C0/A328: 38 SEC C0/A329: 7A PLY C0/A32A: 38 SEC C0/A32B: 3A DEC A C0/A32C: 393A49 AND $493A,Y C0/A32F: 7A PLY C0/A330: 48 PHA C0/A331: 7A PLY C0/A332: 48 PHA C0/A333: 3A DEC A C0/A334: 493A24 EOR #$243A C0/A337: 3B TSC C0/A338: 7A PLY C0/A339: 3A DEC A C0/A33A: 7A PLY C0/A33B: 3A DEC A C0/A33C: 3A DEC A C0/A33D: 3B TSC C0/A33E: 3A DEC A C0/A33F: 4B PHK C0/A340: 7A PLY C0/A341: 4A LSR A C0/A342: 7A PLY C0/A343: 4A LSR A C0/A344: 3A DEC A C0/A345: 4B PHK C0/A346: 3A DEC A C0/A347: 115B ORA ($5B),Y C0/A349: 3A DEC A C0/A34A: 115C ORA ($5C),Y C0/A34C: 3A DEC A C0/A34D: 53A3 EOR ($A3,S),Y C0/A34F: 56A3 LSR $A3,X C0/A351: 59A311 EOR $11A3,Y C0/A354: 5E7A11 LSR $117A,X C0/A357: 5D3A11 EOR $113A,X C0/A35A: 5E3A32 LSR $323A,X C0/A35D: 023A COP #$3A C0/A35F: 033A ORA $3A,S C0/A361: 123A ORA ($3A) C0/A363: 133A ORA ($3A,S),Y C0/A365: 223A233A JSR $3A233A C0/A369: 6DA36D ADC $6DA3 C0/A36C: A324 LDA $24,S C0/A36E: 357A AND $7A,X C0/A370: 347A BIT $7A,X C0/A372: 363A ROL $3A,X C0/A374: 373A AND [$3A],Y C0/A376: 457A EOR $7A C0/A378: 447A46 MVP $7A,$46 C0/A37B: 3A DEC A C0/A37C: 473A EOR [$3A] C0/A37E: 82A382 BRL $2624 C0/A381: A324 LDA $24,S C0/A383: 397A38 AND $387A,Y C0/A386: 7A PLY C0/A387: 3A DEC A C0/A388: 3A DEC A C0/A389: 3B TSC C0/A38A: 3A DEC A C0/A38B: 497A48 EOR #$487A C0/A38E: 7A PLY C0/A38F: 4A LSR A C0/A390: 3A DEC A C0/A391: 4B PHK C0/A392: 3A DEC A C0/A393: 116B ORA ($6B),Y C0/A395: 3A DEC A C0/A396: 116C ORA ($6C),Y C0/A398: 3A DEC A C0/A399: 9FA3A2A3 STA $A3A2A3,X C0/A39D: A5A3 LDA $A3 C0/A39F: 116D ORA ($6D),Y C0/A3A1: 3A DEC A C0/A3A2: 116E ORA ($6E),Y C0/A3A4: 3A DEC A C0/A3A5: 116F ORA ($6F),Y C0/A3A7: 3A DEC A C0/A3A8: 3203 AND ($03) C0/A3AA: 7A PLY C0/A3AB: 027A COP #$7A C0/A3AD: 137A ORA ($7A,S),Y C0/A3AF: 127A ORA ($7A) C0/A3B1: 237A AND $7A,S C0/A3B3: 227AB9A3 JSR $A3B97A C0/A3B7: B9A324 LDA $24A3,Y C0/A3BA: 377A AND [$7A],Y C0/A3BC: 367A ROL $7A,X C0/A3BE: 343A BIT $3A,X C0/A3C0: 353A AND $3A,X C0/A3C2: 477A EOR [$7A] C0/A3C4: 467A LSR $7A C0/A3C6: 443A45 MVP $3A,$45 C0/A3C9: 3A DEC A C0/A3CA: CEA3CE DEC $CEA3 C0/A3CD: A324 LDA $24,S C0/A3CF: 3B TSC C0/A3D0: 7A PLY C0/A3D1: 3A DEC A C0/A3D2: 7A PLY C0/A3D3: 38 SEC C0/A3D4: 3A DEC A C0/A3D5: 393A4B AND $4B3A,Y C0/A3D8: 7A PLY C0/A3D9: 4A LSR A C0/A3DA: 7A PLY C0/A3DB: 48 PHA C0/A3DC: 3A DEC A C0/A3DD: 493A11 EOR #$113A C0/A3E0: 6B RTL

C0/A3E1: 7A PLY C0/A3E2: 116C ORA ($6C),Y C0/A3E4: 7A PLY C0/A3E5: EB XBA C0/A3E6: A3EE LDA $EE,S C0/A3E8: A3F1 LDA $F1,S C0/A3EA: A311 LDA $11,S C0/A3EC: 6D7A11 ADC $117A C0/A3EF: 6E7A11 ROR $117A C0/A3F2: 6F7A3221 ADC $21327A C0/A3F6: FA PLX C0/A3F7: 20FA11 JSR $11FA C0/A3FA: FA PLX C0/A3FB: 10FA BPL $A3F7 C0/A3FD: 01FA ORA ($FA,X) C0/A3FF: 00FA BRK #$FA [DANGER] C0/A401: 05A4 ORA $A4 C0/A403: 16A4 ASL $A4,X C0/A405: 2445 BIT $45 C0/A407: FA PLX C0/A408: 44FA44 MVP $FA,$44 C0/A40B: BA TSX C0/A40C: 45BA EOR $BA C0/A40E: 35FA AND $FA,X C0/A410: 34FA BIT $FA,X C0/A412: 34BA BIT $BA,X C0/A414: 35BA AND $BA,X C0/A416: 2447 BIT $47 C0/A418: FA PLX C0/A419: 46FA LSR $FA C0/A41B: 46BA LSR $BA C0/A41D: 47BA EOR [$BA] C0/A41F: 37FA AND [$FA],Y C0/A421: 36FA ROL $FA,X C0/A423: 36BA ROL $BA,X C0/A425: 37BA AND [$BA],Y C0/A427: 2B PLD C0/A428: A43C LDY $3C C0/A42A: A424 LDY $24 C0/A42C: 49FA48 EOR #$48FA C0/A42F: FA PLX C0/A430: 48 PHA C0/A431: BA TSX C0/A432: 49BA39 EOR #$39BA C0/A435: FA PLX C0/A436: 38 SEC C0/A437: FA PLX C0/A438: 38 SEC C0/A439: BA TSX C0/A43A: 39BA24 AND $24BA,Y C0/A43D: 4B PHK C0/A43E: FA PLX C0/A43F: 4A LSR A C0/A440: FA PLX C0/A441: 4A LSR A C0/A442: BA TSX C0/A443: 4B PHK C0/A444: BA TSX C0/A445: 3B TSC C0/A446: FA PLX C0/A447: 3A DEC A C0/A448: FA PLX C0/A449: 3A DEC A C0/A44A: BA TSX C0/A44B: 3B TSC C0/A44C: BA TSX C0/A44D: 115B ORA ($5B),Y C0/A44F: FA PLX C0/A450: 115C ORA ($5C),Y C0/A452: FA PLX C0/A453: 59A45C EOR $5CA4,Y C0/A456: A45F LDY $5F C0/A458: A411 LDY $11 C0/A45A: 5EFA11 LSR $11FA,X C0/A45D: 5DBA11 EOR $11BA,X C0/A460: 5EBAE2 LSR $E2BA,X C0/A463: 30A5 BMI $A40A C0/A465: 52D0 EOR ($D0) C0/A467: 0160 ORA ($60,X) C0/A469: 30FD BMI $A468 C0/A46B: C903B0 CMP #$B003 C0/A46E: 5B TCD C0/A46F: A53E LDA $3E C0/A471: 18 CLC C0/A472: 690885 ADC #$8508 C0/A475: 3EF010 ROL $10F0,X C0/A478: C9C0D0 CMP #$D0C0 C0/A47B: 72A5 ADC ($A5) C0/A47D: 52C9 EOR ($C9) C0/A47F: 02B0 COP #$B0 C0/A481: 0A ASL A C0/A482: 20EEA4 JSR $A4EE C0/A485: 4C59C0 JMP $C059 C0/A488: E652 INC $52 C0/A48A: 8062 BRA $A4EE C0/A48C: 6452 STZ $52 C0/A48E: A21DA9 LDX #$A91D C0/A491: 009D BRK #$9D [DANGER] C0/A493: 0206 COP #$06 C0/A495: 9F02DE7E STA $7EDE02,X C0/A499: CA DEX C0/A49A: 10F6 BPL $A492 C0/A49C: A203BF LDX #$BF03 C0/A49F: 007E BRK #$7E C0/A4A1: D29D CMP ($9D) C0/A4A3: 0406 TSB $06 C0/A4A5: 9F04DE7E STA $7EDE04,X C0/A4A9: CA DEX C0/A4AA: 10F2 BPL $A49E C0/A4AC: 643E STZ $3E C0/A4AE: 6440 STZ $40 C0/A4B0: A90285 LDA #$8502 C0/A4B3: EC24EC CPX $EC24 C0/A4B6: D0FC BNE $A4B4 C0/A4B8: A9588D LDA #$8D58 C0/A4BB: 09219C ORA #$9C21 C0/A4BE: 1121 ORA ($21),Y C0/A4C0: 9C1121 STZ $2111 C0/A4C3: 9C1221 STZ $2112 C0/A4C6: 9C1221 STZ $2112 C0/A4C9: 60 RTS

C0/A4CA: A53E LDA $3E C0/A4CC: 38 SEC C0/A4CD: E90885 SBC #$8508 C0/A4D0: 3ED01B ROL $1BD0,X C0/A4D3: A552 LDA $52 C0/A4D5: 1A INC A C0/A4D6: 8552 STA $52 C0/A4D8: C90590 CMP #$9005 C0/A4DB: 05A9 ORA $A9 C0/A4DD: 0085 BRK #$85 [DANGER] C0/A4DF: 5260 EOR ($60) C0/A4E1: A98085 LDA #$8580 C0/A4E4: FFA90085 SBC $8500A9,X C0/A4E8: E02016 CPX #$1620 C0/A4EB: 8B PHB C0/A4EC: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A4EE: A552 LDA $52 C0/A4F0: 4A LSR A C0/A4F1: 900D BCC $A500 C0/A4F3: A53E LDA $3E C0/A4F5: 1002 BPL $A4F9 C0/A4F7: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/A4F9: 497F EOR #$7F C0/A4FB: 4A LSR A C0/A4FC: 4A LSR A C0/A4FD: 4A LSR A C0/A4FE: 8540 STA $40 C0/A500: A552 LDA $52 C0/A502: C903 CMP #$03 C0/A504: B018 BCS $A51E C0/A506: A53E LDA $3E C0/A508: 4A LSR A C0/A509: 4A LSR A C0/A50A: 4A LSR A C0/A50B: AA TAX C0/A50C: 18 CLC C0/A50D: 691F ADC #$1F C0/A50F: 291F AND #$1F C0/A511: A8 TAY C0/A512: A552 LDA $52 C0/A514: C902 CMP #$02 C0/A516: F019 BEQ $A531 C0/A518: E018 CPX #$18 C0/A51A: B015 BCS $A531 C0/A51C: 9033 BCC $A551 C0/A51E: A53E LDA $3E C0/A520: 4A LSR A C0/A521: 4A LSR A C0/A522: 4A LSR A C0/A523: A8 TAY C0/A524: 491F EOR #$1F C0/A526: AA TAX C0/A527: A552 LDA $52 C0/A529: C904 CMP #$04 C0/A52B: F004 BEQ $A531 C0/A52D: E018 CPX #$18 C0/A52F: 901C BCC $A54D C0/A531: C220 REP #$20 C0/A533: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/A536: AA TAX C0/A537: 9F00FF7F STA $7FFF00,X C0/A53B: E8 INX C0/A53C: E8 INX C0/A53D: E024 CPX #$24 C0/A53F: 90F6 BCC $A537 C0/A541: C220 REP #$20 C0/A543: 98 TYA C0/A544: 18 CLC C0/A545: 69005D ADC #$5D00 C0/A548: 8574 STA $74 C0/A54A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A54C: 60 RTS

C0/A54D: A904 LDA #$04 C0/A54F: 8002 BRA $A553 C0/A551: A900 LDA #$00 C0/A553: 8504 STA $04 C0/A555: C220 REP #$20 C0/A557: 98 TYA C0/A558: 18 CLC C0/A559: 69005D ADC #$5D00 C0/A55C: 8574 STA $74 C0/A55E: 8602 STX $02 C0/A560: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/A562: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/A565: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A567: 8B PHB C0/A568: A97F LDA #$7F C0/A56A: 48 PHA C0/A56B: AB PLB C0/A56C: BF0074C6 LDA $C67400,X C0/A570: 1004 BPL $A576 C0/A572: A920 LDA #$20 C0/A574: 8003 BRA $A579 C0/A576: 18 CLC C0/A577: 6920 ADC #$20 C0/A579: 9900FF STA $FF00,Y C0/A57C: C8 INY C0/A57D: C8 INY C0/A57E: C220 REP #$20 C0/A580: 8A TXA C0/A581: 18 CLC C0/A582: 691800 ADC #$0018 C0/A585: AA TAX C0/A586: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A588: C02400 CPY #$0024 C0/A58B: 90DF BCC $A56C C0/A58D: E210 SEP #$10 C0/A58F: 6400 STZ $00 C0/A591: A502 LDA $02 C0/A593: 4A LSR A C0/A594: 6600 ROR $00 C0/A596: AA TAX C0/A597: A001 LDY #$01 C0/A599: BF2075C6 LDA $C67520,X C0/A59D: 2400 BIT $00 C0/A59F: 1004 BPL $A5A5 C0/A5A1: 4A LSR A C0/A5A2: 4A LSR A C0/A5A3: 4A LSR A C0/A5A4: 4A LSR A C0/A5A5: 290F AND #$0F C0/A5A7: 4504 EOR $04 C0/A5A9: 8502 STA $02 C0/A5AB: 2903 AND #$03 C0/A5AD: 8503 STA $03 C0/A5AF: A502 LDA $02 C0/A5B1: 290C AND #$0C C0/A5B3: 0902 ORA #$02 C0/A5B5: 0A ASL A C0/A5B6: 0A ASL A C0/A5B7: 0503 ORA $03 C0/A5B9: 0A ASL A C0/A5BA: 38 SEC C0/A5BB: 2A ROL A C0/A5BC: 9900FF STA $FF00,Y C0/A5BF: 8A TXA C0/A5C0: 18 CLC C0/A5C1: 690C ADC #$0C C0/A5C3: AA TAX C0/A5C4: C8 INY C0/A5C5: C8 INY C0/A5C6: C018 CPY #$18 C0/A5C8: 90CF BCC $A599 C0/A5CA: AB PLB C0/A5CB: 60 RTS

C0/A5CC: 20C487 JSR $87C4 C0/A5CF: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A5D1: AD0001 LDA $0100 C0/A5D4: 48 PHA C0/A5D5: AD0101 LDA $0101 C0/A5D8: 48 PHA C0/A5D9: AD0201 LDA $0102 C0/A5DC: 48 PHA C0/A5DD: 2041A8 JSR $A841 C0/A5E0: 22EEAD02 JSR $02ADEE C0/A5E4: 208599 JSR $9985 C0/A5E7: 20D2AA JSR $AAD2 C0/A5EA: C220 REP #$20 C0/A5EC: E210 SEP #$10 C0/A5EE: A5FA LDA $FA C0/A5F0: 4A LSR A C0/A5F1: 4A LSR A C0/A5F2: 4A LSR A C0/A5F3: 8508 STA $08 C0/A5F5: A5FC LDA $FC C0/A5F7: 4A LSR A C0/A5F8: 4A LSR A C0/A5F9: 4A LSR A C0/A5FA: 850A STA $0A C0/A5FC: 641E STZ $1E C0/A5FE: 2038A6 JSR $A638 C0/A601: C220 REP #$20 C0/A603: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/A606: 640E STZ $0E C0/A608: 850C STA $0C C0/A60A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A60C: 2015A6 JSR $A615 C0/A60F: 2014AA JSR $AA14 C0/A612: 4C33A7 JMP $A733 C0/A615: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A617: E61E INC $1E C0/A619: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A61B: A901 LDA #$01 C0/A61D: 9C8121 STZ $2181 C0/A620: 9C8221 STZ $2182 C0/A623: 8D8321 STA $2183 C0/A626: A240 LDX #$40 C0/A628: A000 LDY #$00 C0/A62A: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/A62C: 8D8021 STA $2180 C0/A62F: C8 INY C0/A630: D0FA BNE $A62C C0/A632: CA DEX C0/A633: D0F7 BNE $A62C C0/A635: 4CE1A9 JMP $A9E1 C0/A638: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A63A: A203 LDX #$03 C0/A63C: BD46A6 LDA $A646,X C0/A63F: 9D0001 STA $0100,X C0/A642: CA DEX C0/A643: 10F7 BPL $A63C C0/A645: 60 RTS

C0/A646: 5C4AA600 JMP $00A64A C0/A64A: C230 REP #$30 C0/A64C: 48 PHA C0/A64D: DA PHX C0/A64E: 5A PHY C0/A64F: 0B PHD C0/A650: 8B PHB C0/A651: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A653: AF104200 LDA $004210 C0/A657: A900 LDA #$00 C0/A659: 48 PHA C0/A65A: AB PLB C0/A65B: C220 REP #$20 C0/A65D: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/A660: 5B TCD C0/A661: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/A663: 1A INC A C0/A664: 85F4 STA $F4 C0/A666: 2201A802 JSR $02A801 C0/A66A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A66C: A50D LDA $0D C0/A66E: F009 BEQ $A679 C0/A670: A50C LDA $0C C0/A672: F005 BEQ $A679 C0/A674: 20D4A6 JSR $A6D4 C0/A677: 800D BRA $A686 C0/A679: A50E LDA $0E C0/A67B: F009 BEQ $A686 C0/A67D: A8 TAY C0/A67E: 1A INC A C0/A67F: 2903 AND #$03 C0/A681: 850E STA $0E C0/A683: 20F5A6 JSR $A6F5 C0/A686: 2091A6 JSR $A691 C0/A689: C230 REP #$30 C0/A68B: AB PLB C0/A68C: 2B PLD C0/A68D: 7A PLY C0/A68E: FA PLX C0/A68F: 68 PLA C0/A690: 40 RTI

C0/A691: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A693: A50E LDA $0E C0/A695: F001 BEQ $A698 C0/A697: 60 RTS

C0/A698: A50D LDA $0D C0/A69A: F0FB BEQ $A697 C0/A69C: A51E LDA $1E C0/A69E: D0F7 BNE $A697 C0/A6A0: 641F STZ $1F C0/A6A2: A536 LDA $36 C0/A6A4: 8D1B21 STA $211B C0/A6A7: A537 LDA $37 C0/A6A9: 8D1B21 STA $211B C0/A6AC: A536 LDA $36 C0/A6AE: 8D1E21 STA $211E C0/A6B1: A537 LDA $37 C0/A6B3: 8D1E21 STA $211E C0/A6B6: A538 LDA $38 C0/A6B8: 8D1C21 STA $211C C0/A6BB: A539 LDA $39 C0/A6BD: 8D1C21 STA $211C C0/A6C0: A538 LDA $38 C0/A6C2: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/A6C4: 18 CLC C0/A6C5: 6901 ADC #$01 C0/A6C7: 8D1D21 STA $211D C0/A6CA: A539 LDA $39 C0/A6CC: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/A6CE: 6900 ADC #$00 C0/A6D0: 8D1D21 STA $211D C0/A6D3: 60 RTS

C0/A6D4: AA TAX C0/A6D5: 3007 BMI $A6DE C0/A6D7: 1A INC A C0/A6D8: 293F AND #$3F C0/A6DA: 850C STA $0C C0/A6DC: 8006 BRA $A6E4 C0/A6DE: 1A INC A C0/A6DF: 850C STA $0C C0/A6E1: D001 BNE $A6E4 C0/A6E3: 60 RTS

C0/A6E4: 8A TXA C0/A6E5: C980 CMP #$80 C0/A6E7: 9002 BCC $A6EB C0/A6E9: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/A6EB: C940 CMP #$40 C0/A6ED: B005 BCS $A6F4 C0/A6EF: 4A LSR A C0/A6F0: 4A LSR A C0/A6F1: 8D0021 STA $2100 C0/A6F4: 60 RTS

C0/A6F5: 9C1521 STZ $2115 C0/A6F8: A97F LDA #$7F C0/A6FA: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/A6FD: C220 REP #$20 C0/A6FF: A90018 LDA #$1800 C0/A702: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/A705: A95615 LDA #$1556 C0/A708: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/A70B: 88 DEY C0/A70C: D005 BNE $A713 C0/A70E: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/A711: 8014 BRA $A727 C0/A713: 88 DEY C0/A714: D005 BNE $A71B C0/A716: A95515 LDA #$1555 C0/A719: 800C BRA $A727 C0/A71B: A9AA2A LDA #$2AAA C0/A71E: A200 LDX #$00 C0/A720: 8E0C42 STX $420C C0/A723: A201 LDX #$01 C0/A725: 860D STX $0D C0/A727: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/A72A: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/A72D: A280 LDX #$80 C0/A72F: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/A732: 60 RTS

C0/A733: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A735: AD1042 LDA $4210 C0/A738: 10FB BPL $A735 C0/A73A: AD1042 LDA $4210 C0/A73D: 30FB BMI $A73A C0/A73F: A981 LDA #$81 C0/A741: 8D0042 STA $4200 C0/A744: C220 REP #$20 C0/A746: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A748: A50E LDA $0E C0/A74A: D0FC BNE $A748 C0/A74C: A50C LDA $0C C0/A74E: D0F8 BNE $A748 C0/A750: 20D8A7 JSR $A7D8 C0/A753: B01D BCS $A772 C0/A755: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A757: C901 CMP #$01 C0/A759: B012 BCS $A76D C0/A75B: A901 LDA #$01 C0/A75D: 24F4 BIT $F4 C0/A75F: F006 BEQ $A767 C0/A761: 24F4 BIT $F4 C0/A763: D0FC BNE $A761 C0/A765: 80E9 BRA $A750 C0/A767: 24F4 BIT $F4 C0/A769: F0FC BEQ $A767 C0/A76B: 80E3 BRA $A750 C0/A76D: 2014AA JSR $AA14 C0/A770: 80D2 BRA $A744 C0/A772: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A774: C901 CMP #$01 C0/A776: 9011 BCC $A789 C0/A778: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A77A: 68 PLA C0/A77B: 8D0201 STA $0102 C0/A77E: 68 PLA C0/A77F: 8D0101 STA $0101 C0/A782: 68 PLA C0/A783: 8D0001 STA $0100 C0/A786: 4CB3AB JMP $ABB3 C0/A789: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A78B: 68 PLA C0/A78C: 8D0201 STA $0102 C0/A78F: 68 PLA C0/A790: 8D0101 STA $0101 C0/A793: 68 PLA C0/A794: 8D0001 STA $0100 C0/A797: 60 RTS

C0/A798: 0002 BRK #$02 [DANGER] C0/A79A: 0406 TSB $06 C0/A79C: 08 PHP C0/A79D: 0A ASL A C0/A79E: 0C0E10 TSB $100E C0/A7A1: 1114 ORA ($14),Y C0/A7A3: 1617 ASL $17,X C0/A7A5: 1A INC A C0/A7A6: 1B TCS C0/A7A7: 1D2021 ORA $2120,X C0/A7AA: 2326 AND $26,S C0/A7AC: 2729 AND [$29] C0/A7AE: 2C2D2F BIT $2F2D C0/A7B1: 3234 AND ($34) C0/A7B3: 3538 AND $38,X C0/A7B5: 3A DEC A C0/A7B6: 3C3E40 BIT $403E,X C0/A7B9: 4345 EOR $45,S C0/A7BB: 474A EOR [$4A] C0/A7BD: 4C4E50 JMP $504E C0/A7C0: 5356 EOR ($56,S),Y C0/A7C2: 58 CLI C0/A7C3: 5B TCD C0/A7C4: 5D6062 EOR $6260,X C0/A7C7: 6568 ADC $68 C0/A7C9: 6B RTL

C0/A7CA: 6E7174 ROR $7471 C0/A7CD: 78 SEI C0/A7CE: 7B TDC C0/A7CF: 7F82878B ADC $8B8782,X C0/A7D3: 9095 BCC $A76A C0/A7D5: 9A TXS C0/A7D6: A2AB LDX #$AB C0/A7D8: 20E087 JSR $87E0 C0/A7DB: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A7DD: A910 LDA #$10 C0/A7DF: 14CC TRB $CC C0/A7E1: F004 BEQ $A7E7 C0/A7E3: A901 LDA #$01 C0/A7E5: 38 SEC C0/A7E6: 60 RTS

C0/A7E7: A908 LDA #$08 C0/A7E9: 14CC TRB $CC C0/A7EB: F004 BEQ $A7F1 C0/A7ED: A900 LDA #$00 C0/A7EF: 38 SEC C0/A7F0: 60 RTS

C0/A7F1: A543 LDA $43 C0/A7F3: 2903 AND #$03 C0/A7F5: F00C BEQ $A803 C0/A7F7: A51F LDA $1F C0/A7F9: D008 BNE $A803 C0/A7FB: E61F INC $1F C0/A7FD: 20E783 JSR $83E7 C0/A800: 20E1A9 JSR $A9E1 C0/A803: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A805: A543 LDA $43 C0/A807: 290C AND #$0C C0/A809: D002 BNE $A80D C0/A80B: 18 CLC C0/A80C: 60 RTS

C0/A80D: A20B LDX #$0B C0/A80F: 865E STX $5E C0/A811: 200087 JSR $8700 C0/A814: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A816: A543 LDA $43 C0/A818: 2904 AND #$04 C0/A81A: C220 REP #$20 C0/A81C: F010 BEQ $A82E C0/A81E: A50A LDA $0A C0/A820: 18 CLC C0/A821: 6568 ADC $68 C0/A823: 850A STA $0A C0/A825: A508 LDA $08 C0/A827: 18 CLC C0/A828: 6566 ADC $66 C0/A82A: 8508 STA $08 C0/A82C: 800E BRA $A83C C0/A82E: A50A LDA $0A C0/A830: 38 SEC C0/A831: E568 SBC $68 C0/A833: 850A STA $0A C0/A835: A508 LDA $08 C0/A837: 38 SEC C0/A838: E566 SBC $66 C0/A83A: 8508 STA $08 C0/A83C: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/A83F: 18 CLC C0/A840: 60 RTS

C0/A841: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A843: A006 LDY #$06 C0/A845: 9C1B21 STZ $211B C0/A848: 8C1B21 STY $211B C0/A84B: A008 LDY #$08 C0/A84D: 9C1C21 STZ $211C C0/A850: 9C1C21 STZ $211C C0/A853: 9C1D21 STZ $211D C0/A856: 9C1D21 STZ $211D C0/A859: 9C1E21 STZ $211E C0/A85C: 8C1E21 STY $211E C0/A85F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/A861: 8D1A21 STA $211A C0/A864: A901 LDA #$01 C0/A866: 8D3021 STA $2130 C0/A869: A911 LDA #$11 C0/A86B: 8D2C21 STA $212C C0/A86E: A980 LDA #$80 C0/A870: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/A873: 9C1621 STZ $2116 C0/A876: 9C1721 STZ $2117 C0/A879: A900 LDA #$00 C0/A87B: A8 TAY C0/A87C: A2CE LDX #$CE C0/A87E: 9500 STA $00,X C0/A880: CA DEX C0/A881: D0FB BNE $A87E C0/A883: A040 LDY #$40 C0/A885: BF8047C6 LDA $C64780,X C0/A889: 8D1921 STA $2119 C0/A88C: 88 DEY C0/A88D: D0FA BNE $A889 C0/A88F: 1A INC A C0/A890: E8 INX C0/A891: E0C0 CPX #$C0 C0/A893: 90EE BCC $A883 C0/A895: A040 LDY #$40 C0/A897: 9C1921 STZ $2119 C0/A89A: 88 DEY C0/A89B: D0FA BNE $A897 C0/A89D: A9F1 LDA #$F1 C0/A89F: 8D2121 STA $2121 C0/A8A2: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/A8A4: 8D2221 STA $2122 C0/A8A7: 8D2221 STA $2122 C0/A8AA: 9C2121 STZ $2121 C0/A8AD: 9C2221 STZ $2122 C0/A8B0: 9C2221 STZ $2122 C0/A8B3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A8B5: A902 LDA #$02 C0/A8B7: 9C1F21 STZ $211F C0/A8BA: 8D1F21 STA $211F C0/A8BD: 9C2021 STZ $2120 C0/A8C0: 8D2021 STA $2120 C0/A8C3: A907 LDA #$07 C0/A8C5: 8D0521 STA $2105 C0/A8C8: A900 LDA #$00 C0/A8CA: 8D3121 STA $2131 C0/A8CD: A280 LDX #$80 C0/A8CF: A090 LDY #$90 C0/A8D1: A901 LDA #$01 C0/A8D3: 8E0D21 STX $210D C0/A8D6: 8D0D21 STA $210D C0/A8D9: 8C0E21 STY $210E C0/A8DC: 8D0E21 STA $210E C0/A8DF: C220 REP #$20 C0/A8E1: A200 LDX #$00 C0/A8E3: A07E LDY #$7E C0/A8E5: BD61A9 LDA $A961,X C0/A8E8: 0A ASL A C0/A8E9: 0A ASL A C0/A8EA: 0A ASL A C0/A8EB: 9D8011 STA $1180,X C0/A8EE: 990011 STA $1100,Y C0/A8F1: 88 DEY C0/A8F2: 88 DEY C0/A8F3: E8 INX C0/A8F4: E8 INX C0/A8F5: E080 CPX #$80 C0/A8F7: 90EC BCC $A8E5 C0/A8F9: A200 LDX #$00 C0/A8FB: BD32A9 LDA $A932,X C0/A8FE: 9D8010 STA $1080,X C0/A901: BD3FA9 LDA $A93F,X C0/A904: 9D0012 STA $1200,X C0/A907: E8 INX C0/A908: E030 CPX #$30 C0/A90A: 90EF BCC $A8FB C0/A90C: A200 LDX #$00 C0/A90E: BD2AA9 LDA $A92A,X C0/A911: 9D4043 STA $4340,X C0/A914: E8 INX C0/A915: E8 INX C0/A916: E008 CPX #$08 C0/A918: 90F4 BCC $A90E C0/A91A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/A91C: A9B0 LDA #$B0 C0/A91E: 8D2121 STA $2121 C0/A921: 9C2221 STZ $2122 C0/A924: A970 LDA #$70 C0/A926: 8D2221 STA $2122 C0/A929: 60 RTS

C0/A92A: 40 RTI

C0/A92B: 3280 AND ($80) C0/A92D: 1000 BPL $A92F C0/A92F: 0000 BRK #$00 [DANGER] C0/A931: 0024 BRK #$24 C0/A933: 0012 BRK #$12 C0/A935: 9000 BCC $A937 C0/A937: 1277 ORA ($77) C0/A939: 201290 JSR $9012 C0/A93C: 1012 BPL $A950 C0/A93E: 00EC BRK #$EC C0/A940: ECEBEB CPX $EBEB C0/A943: EA NOP C0/A944: EA NOP C0/A945: E9E9 SBC #$E9 C0/A947: E8 INX C0/A948: E7E6 SBC [$E6] C0/A94A: E5E4 SBC $E4 C0/A94C: E3E2 SBC $E2,S C0/A94E: E1E1 SBC ($E1,X) C0/A950: E2E3 SEP #$E3 C0/A952: E4E5 CPX $E5 C0/A954: E6E7 INC $E7 C0/A956: E8 INX C0/A957: E9E9 SBC #$E9 C0/A959: EA NOP C0/A95A: EA NOP C0/A95B: EB XBA C0/A95C: EB XBA C0/A95D: ECECE0 CPX $E0EC C0/A960: 0000 BRK #$00 [DANGER] C0/A962: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/A964: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/A966: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/A968: 0101 ORA ($01,X) C0/A96A: 0101 ORA ($01,X) C0/A96C: 0101 ORA ($01,X) C0/A96E: 0102 ORA ($02,X) C0/A970: 0102 ORA ($02,X) C0/A972: 0103 ORA ($03,X) C0/A974: 0103 ORA ($03,X) C0/A976: 0104 ORA ($04,X) C0/A978: 0105 ORA ($05,X) C0/A97A: 0106 ORA ($06,X) C0/A97C: 0106 ORA ($06,X) C0/A97E: 0108 ORA ($08,X) C0/A980: 0109 ORA ($09,X) C0/A982: 010A ORA ($0A,X) C0/A984: 010B ORA ($0B,X) C0/A986: 010C ORA ($0C,X) C0/A988: 010E ORA ($0E,X) C0/A98A: 010F ORA ($0F,X) C0/A98C: 0111 ORA ($11,X) C0/A98E: 0112 ORA ($12,X) C0/A990: 0114 ORA ($14,X) C0/A992: 0116 ORA ($16,X) C0/A994: 0118 ORA ($18,X) C0/A996: 011A ORA ($1A,X) C0/A998: 011D ORA ($1D,X) C0/A99A: 011F ORA ($1F,X) C0/A99C: 0122 ORA ($22,X) C0/A99E: 0125 ORA ($25,X) C0/A9A0: 0128 ORA ($28,X) C0/A9A2: 012B ORA ($2B,X) C0/A9A4: 012E ORA ($2E,X) C0/A9A6: 0132 ORA ($32,X) C0/A9A8: 0136 ORA ($36,X) C0/A9AA: 013A ORA ($3A,X) C0/A9AC: 013F ORA ($3F,X) C0/A9AE: 0143 ORA ($43,X) C0/A9B0: 0149 ORA ($49,X) C0/A9B2: 014E ORA ($4E,X) C0/A9B4: 0154 ORA ($54,X) C0/A9B6: 015A ORA ($5A,X) C0/A9B8: 0161 ORA ($61,X) C0/A9BA: 0169 ORA ($69,X) C0/A9BC: 0171 ORA ($71,X) C0/A9BE: 0179 ORA ($79,X) C0/A9C0: 0184 ORA ($84,X) C0/A9C2: 018F ORA ($8F,X) C0/A9C4: 019B ORA ($9B,X) C0/A9C6: 01A8 ORA ($A8,X) C0/A9C8: 01B9 ORA ($B9,X) C0/A9CA: 01CB ORA ($CB,X) C0/A9CC: 01DF ORA ($DF,X) C0/A9CE: 01F7 ORA ($F7,X) C0/A9D0: 0113 ORA ($13,X) C0/A9D2: 0236 COP #$36 C0/A9D4: 025F COP #$5F C0/A9D6: 0298 COP #$98 C0/A9D8: 02E5 COP #$E5 C0/A9DA: 0250 COP #$50 C0/A9DC: 0311 ORA $11,S C0/A9DE: 04BF TSB $BF C0/A9E0: 05C2 ORA $C2 C0/A9E2: 30A5 BMI $A989 C0/A9E4: F620 INC $20,X C0/A9E6: 68 PLA C0/A9E7: 9320 STA ($20,S),Y C0/A9E9: 3293 AND ($93) C0/A9EB: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A9ED: E230 SEP #$30 C0/A9EF: 6400 STZ $00 C0/A9F1: 6401 STZ $01 C0/A9F3: A900 LDA #$00 C0/A9F5: EB XBA C0/A9F6: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/A9F8: 20E892 JSR $92E8 C0/A9FB: C220 REP #$20 C0/A9FD: A536 LDA $36 C0/A9FF: 0A ASL A C0/AA00: 6636 ROR $36 C0/AA02: 0A ASL A C0/AA03: 38 SEC C0/AA04: E536 SBC $36 C0/AA06: 8536 STA $36 C0/AA08: A538 LDA $38 C0/AA0A: 0A ASL A C0/AA0B: 6638 ROR $38 C0/AA0D: 0A ASL A C0/AA0E: 38 SEC C0/AA0F: E538 SBC $38 C0/AA11: 8538 STA $38 C0/AA13: 60 RTS

C0/AA14: C220 REP #$20 C0/AA16: 6410 STZ $10 C0/AA18: 6412 STZ $12 C0/AA1A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AA1C: A901 LDA #$01 C0/AA1E: 8D8321 STA $2183 C0/AA21: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AA23: A510 LDA $10 C0/AA25: 1002 BPL $AA29 C0/AA27: 49FE EOR #$FE C0/AA29: 48 PHA C0/AA2A: 497E EOR #$7E C0/AA2C: 4A LSR A C0/AA2D: AA TAX C0/AA2E: BD98A7 LDA $A798,X C0/AA31: C220 REP #$20 C0/AA33: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/AA36: A610 LDX $10 C0/AA38: 3004 BMI $AA3E C0/AA3A: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/AA3D: 1A INC A C0/AA3E: 18 CLC C0/AA3F: 650A ADC $0A C0/AA41: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/AA44: C230 REP #$30 C0/AA46: A8 TAY C0/AA47: A9000B LDA #$0B00 C0/AA4A: 5B TCD C0/AA4B: A900FE LDA #$FE00 C0/AA4E: 8D8121 STA $2181 C0/AA51: 20069A JSR $9A06 C0/AA54: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AA56: A97F LDA #$7F C0/AA58: 48 PHA C0/AA59: AB PLB C0/AA5A: C220 REP #$20 C0/AA5C: FA PLX C0/AA5D: BD0050 LDA $5000,X C0/AA60: 8502 STA $02 C0/AA62: BD8050 LDA $5080,X C0/AA65: 8500 STA $00 C0/AA67: A510 LDA $10 C0/AA69: EB XBA C0/AA6A: 4A LSR A C0/AA6B: 4A LSR A C0/AA6C: 694000 ADC #$0040 C0/AA6F: 38 SEC C0/AA70: E500 SBC $00 C0/AA72: 8F812100 STA $002181 C0/AA76: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AA78: A901 LDA #$01 C0/AA7A: 8F832100 STA $002183 C0/AA7E: C220 REP #$20 C0/AA80: A500 LDA $00 C0/AA82: 0A ASL A C0/AA83: 8504 STA $04 C0/AA85: A8 TAY C0/AA86: 88 DEY C0/AA87: 88 DEY C0/AA88: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/AA8A: A508 LDA $08 C0/AA8C: 38 SEC C0/AA8D: F102 SBC ($02),Y C0/AA8F: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/AA92: AA TAX C0/AA93: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AA95: BD00FE LDA $FE00,X C0/AA98: 8F802100 STA $002180 C0/AA9C: C220 REP #$20 C0/AA9E: 88 DEY C0/AA9F: 88 DEY C0/AAA0: 10E8 BPL $AA8A C0/AAA2: C8 INY C0/AAA3: C8 INY C0/AAA4: B102 LDA ($02),Y C0/AAA6: 18 CLC C0/AAA7: 6508 ADC $08 C0/AAA9: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/AAAC: AA TAX C0/AAAD: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AAAF: BD00FE LDA $FE00,X C0/AAB2: 8F802100 STA $002180 C0/AAB6: C220 REP #$20 C0/AAB8: C8 INY C0/AAB9: C8 INY C0/AABA: C404 CPY $04 C0/AABC: 90E6 BCC $AAA4 C0/AABE: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AAC0: A900 LDA #$00 C0/AAC2: 48 PHA C0/AAC3: AB PLB C0/AAC4: E610 INC $10 C0/AAC6: E610 INC $10 C0/AAC8: F003 BEQ $AACD C0/AACA: 4C21AA JMP $AA21 C0/AACD: E60E INC $0E C0/AACF: 641E STZ $1E C0/AAD1: 60 RTS

C0/AAD2: E210 SEP #$10 C0/AAD4: C220 REP #$20 C0/AAD6: 6404 STZ $04 C0/AAD8: A90051 LDA #$5100 C0/AADB: 8508 STA $08 C0/AADD: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AADF: A505 LDA $05 C0/AAE1: 497E EOR #$7E C0/AAE3: 4A LSR A C0/AAE4: AA TAX C0/AAE5: BD73AB LDA $AB73,X C0/AAE8: C230 REP #$30 C0/AAEA: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/AAED: 0A ASL A C0/AAEE: 49FE01 EOR #$01FE C0/AAF1: AA TAX C0/AAF2: BD22FD LDA $FD22,X C0/AAF5: 8532 STA $32 C0/AAF7: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AAF9: A533 LDA $33 C0/AAFB: F004 BEQ $AB01 C0/AAFD: A940 LDA #$40 C0/AAFF: 8004 BRA $AB05 C0/AB01: A532 LDA $32 C0/AB03: 4A LSR A C0/AB04: 4A LSR A C0/AB05: 8507 STA $07 C0/AB07: A605 LDX $05 C0/AB09: 6406 STZ $06 C0/AB0B: A000 LDY #$00 C0/AB0D: C220 REP #$20 C0/AB0F: A508 LDA $08 C0/AB11: 9F00507F STA $7F5000,X C0/AB15: A507 LDA $07 C0/AB17: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/AB1A: 9F80507F STA $7F5080,X C0/AB1E: A508 LDA $08 C0/AB20: 8D8121 STA $2181 C0/AB23: A201 LDX #$01 C0/AB25: 8E8321 STX $2183 C0/AB28: C220 REP #$20 C0/AB2A: 98 TYA C0/AB2B: EB XBA C0/AB2C: 4A LSR A C0/AB2D: 4A LSR A C0/AB2E: 8D0442 STA $4204 C0/AB31: A607 LDX $07 C0/AB33: 8E0642 STX $4206 C0/AB36: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AB38: C8 INY C0/AB39: C407 CPY $07 C0/AB3B: B012 BCS $AB4F C0/AB3D: EA NOP C0/AB3E: EA NOP C0/AB3F: EA NOP C0/AB40: EA NOP C0/AB41: AE1442 LDX $4214 C0/AB44: BD98A7 LDA $A798,X C0/AB47: 8D8021 STA $2180 C0/AB4A: 9C8021 STZ $2180 C0/AB4D: 80D9 BRA $AB28 C0/AB4F: A23F LDX #$3F C0/AB51: BD98A7 LDA $A798,X C0/AB54: 8D8021 STA $2180 C0/AB57: 9C8021 STZ $2180 C0/AB5A: C220 REP #$20 C0/AB5C: A507 LDA $07 C0/AB5E: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/AB61: 0A ASL A C0/AB62: 18 CLC C0/AB63: 6508 ADC $08 C0/AB65: 8508 STA $08 C0/AB67: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AB69: E605 INC $05 C0/AB6B: E605 INC $05 C0/AB6D: 3003 BMI $AB72 C0/AB6F: 4CDDAA JMP $AADD C0/AB72: 60 RTS

C0/AB73: 0003 BRK #$03 [DANGER] C0/AB75: 0608 ASL $08 C0/AB77: 0B PHD C0/AB78: 0D1012 ORA $1210 C0/AB7B: 1517 ORA $17,X C0/AB7D: 1A INC A C0/AB7E: 1D1F22 ORA $221F,X C0/AB81: 2427 BIT $27 C0/AB83: 2A ROL A C0/AB84: 2C2F32 BIT $322F C0/AB87: 3437 BIT $37,X C0/AB89: 3A DEC A C0/AB8A: 3C3F42 BIT $423F,X C0/AB8D: 4547 EOR $47 C0/AB8F: 4A LSR A C0/AB90: 4D5053 EOR $5350 C0/AB93: 5659 LSR $59,X C0/AB95: 5C5F6265 JMP $65625F C0/AB99: 68 PLA C0/AB9A: 6B RTL

C0/AB9B: 6F727579 ADC $797572 C0/AB9F: 7C8083 JMP ($8380,X) C0/ABA2: 878B STA [$8B] C0/ABA4: 8F93979B STA $9B9793 C0/ABA8: A0A4 LDY #$A4 C0/ABAA: A9AE LDA #$AE C0/ABAC: B4B9 LDY $B9,X C0/ABAE: C0C7 CPY #$C7 C0/ABB0: CED8E4 DEC $E4D8 C0/ABB3: 20C487 JSR $87C4 C0/ABB6: E230 SEP #$30 C0/ABB8: AD0001 LDA $0100 C0/ABBB: 48 PHA C0/ABBC: AD0101 LDA $0101 C0/ABBF: 48 PHA C0/ABC0: AD0201 LDA $0102 C0/ABC3: 48 PHA C0/ABC4: 2017AD JSR $AD17 C0/ABC7: 22EEAD02 JSR $02ADEE C0/ABCB: 208599 JSR $9985 C0/ABCE: C220 REP #$20 C0/ABD0: E210 SEP #$10 C0/ABD2: A5FA LDA $FA C0/ABD4: 4A LSR A C0/ABD5: 4A LSR A C0/ABD6: 4A LSR A C0/ABD7: 8508 STA $08 C0/ABD9: A5FC LDA $FC C0/ABDB: 4A LSR A C0/ABDC: 4A LSR A C0/ABDD: 4A LSR A C0/ABDE: 850A STA $0A C0/ABE0: 641E STZ $1E C0/ABE2: 2014AC JSR $AC14 C0/ABE5: C220 REP #$20 C0/ABE7: A9000F LDA #$0F00 C0/ABEA: 850C STA $0C C0/ABEC: 640E STZ $0E C0/ABEE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/ABF0: AD1042 LDA $4210 C0/ABF3: 10FB BPL $ABF0 C0/ABF5: AD1042 LDA $4210 C0/ABF8: 30FB BMI $ABF5 C0/ABFA: A981 LDA #$81 C0/ABFC: 8D0042 STA $4200 C0/ABFF: 20AEAF JSR $AFAE C0/AC02: C220 REP #$20 C0/AC04: A50A LDA $0A C0/AC06: 29FE01 AND #$01FE C0/AC09: C98001 CMP #$0180 C0/AC0C: 9003 BCC $AC11 C0/AC0E: 20E3AD JSR $ADE3 C0/AC11: 4C5EAC JMP $AC5E C0/AC14: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AC16: A203 LDX #$03 C0/AC18: BD22AC LDA $AC22,X C0/AC1B: 9D0001 STA $0100,X C0/AC1E: CA DEX C0/AC1F: 10F7 BPL $AC18 C0/AC21: 60 RTS

C0/AC22: 5C26AC00 JMP $00AC26 C0/AC26: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AC28: 48 PHA C0/AC29: 8B PHB C0/AC2A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/AC2C: 48 PHA C0/AC2D: AB PLB C0/AC2E: AD1042 LDA $4210 C0/AC31: EEF400 INC $00F4 C0/AC34: AD0E00 LDA $000E C0/AC37: 2D0F00 AND $000F C0/AC3A: F005 BEQ $AC41 C0/AC3C: 3003 BMI $AC41 C0/AC3E: 2049AC JSR $AC49 C0/AC41: A900 LDA #$00 C0/AC43: 8D0E00 STA $000E C0/AC46: AB PLB C0/AC47: 68 PLA C0/AC48: 40 RTI

C0/AC49: AD0C00 LDA $000C C0/AC4C: CD0D00 CMP $000D C0/AC4F: F009 BEQ $AC5A C0/AC51: B003 BCS $AC56 C0/AC53: 1A INC A C0/AC54: 8001 BRA $AC57 C0/AC56: 3A DEC A C0/AC57: 8D0C00 STA $000C C0/AC5A: 8D0021 STA $2100 C0/AC5D: 60 RTS

C0/AC5E: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AC60: A901 LDA #$01 C0/AC62: 850E STA $0E C0/AC64: 240E BIT $0E C0/AC66: D0FC BNE $AC64 C0/AC68: 2252A802 JSR $02A852 C0/AC6C: 2095AC JSR $AC95 C0/AC6F: 90ED BCC $AC5E C0/AC71: C900 CMP #$00 C0/AC73: F011 BEQ $AC86 C0/AC75: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AC77: 68 PLA C0/AC78: 8D0201 STA $0102 C0/AC7B: 68 PLA C0/AC7C: 8D0101 STA $0101 C0/AC7F: 68 PLA C0/AC80: 8D0001 STA $0100 C0/AC83: 4CCCA5 JMP $A5CC C0/AC86: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AC88: 68 PLA C0/AC89: 8D0201 STA $0102 C0/AC8C: 68 PLA C0/AC8D: 8D0101 STA $0101 C0/AC90: 68 PLA C0/AC91: 8D0001 STA $0100 C0/AC94: 60 RTS

C0/AC95: 20E087 JSR $87E0 C0/AC98: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AC9A: A920 LDA #$20 C0/AC9C: 14CC TRB $CC C0/AC9E: F004 BEQ $ACA4 C0/ACA0: A901 LDA #$01 C0/ACA2: 38 SEC C0/ACA3: 60 RTS

C0/ACA4: A908 LDA #$08 C0/ACA6: 14CC TRB $CC C0/ACA8: F004 BEQ $ACAE C0/ACAA: A900 LDA #$00 C0/ACAC: 38 SEC C0/ACAD: 60 RTS

C0/ACAE: A543 LDA $43 C0/ACB0: 2903 AND #$03 C0/ACB2: F018 BEQ $ACCC C0/ACB4: 4A LSR A C0/ACB5: C220 REP #$20 C0/ACB7: 9008 BCC $ACC1 C0/ACB9: A508 LDA $08 C0/ACBB: 18 CLC C0/ACBC: 690400 ADC #$0004 C0/ACBF: 8006 BRA $ACC7 C0/ACC1: A508 LDA $08 C0/ACC3: 38 SEC C0/ACC4: E90400 SBC #$0004 C0/ACC7: 29FC01 AND #$01FC C0/ACCA: 8508 STA $08 C0/ACCC: E230 SEP #$30 C0/ACCE: A543 LDA $43 C0/ACD0: 290C AND #$0C C0/ACD2: D002 BNE $ACD6 C0/ACD4: 18 CLC C0/ACD5: 60 RTS

C0/ACD6: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/ACD8: C220 REP #$20 C0/ACDA: D01F BNE $ACFB C0/ACDC: A50A LDA $0A C0/ACDE: 38 SEC C0/ACDF: E90400 SBC #$0004 C0/ACE2: 29FC01 AND #$01FC C0/ACE5: 850A STA $0A C0/ACE7: C9FC01 CMP #$01FC C0/ACEA: F026 BEQ $AD12 C0/ACEC: C98000 CMP #$0080 C0/ACEF: D008 BNE $ACF9 C0/ACF1: A515 LDA $15 C0/ACF3: 4A LSR A C0/ACF4: 9003 BCC $ACF9 C0/ACF6: 20F0AD JSR $ADF0 C0/ACF9: 18 CLC C0/ACFA: 60 RTS

C0/ACFB: A50A LDA $0A C0/ACFD: 18 CLC C0/ACFE: 690400 ADC #$0004 C0/AD01: 29FC01 AND #$01FC C0/AD04: 850A STA $0A C0/AD06: F0EE BEQ $ACF6 C0/AD08: C98001 CMP #$0180 C0/AD0B: D008 BNE $AD15 C0/AD0D: A515 LDA $15 C0/AD0F: 4A LSR A C0/AD10: B0E7 BCS $ACF9 C0/AD12: 20E3AD JSR $ADE3 C0/AD15: 18 CLC C0/AD16: 60 RTS

C0/AD17: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AD19: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AD1B: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/AD1E: A8 TAY C0/AD1F: A2CE LDX #$CE C0/AD21: 7400 STZ $00,X C0/AD23: CA DEX C0/AD24: D0FB BNE $AD21 C0/AD26: 9C0D21 STZ $210D C0/AD29: 9C0D21 STZ $210D C0/AD2C: 9C0E21 STZ $210E C0/AD2F: 9C0E21 STZ $210E C0/AD32: A903 LDA #$03 C0/AD34: 8D0521 STA $2105 C0/AD37: 9C3121 STZ $2131 C0/AD3A: A978 LDA #$78 C0/AD3C: 8D0721 STA $2107 C0/AD3F: 9C0B21 STZ $210B C0/AD42: A901 LDA #$01 C0/AD44: 8D3021 STA $2130 C0/AD47: A911 LDA #$11 C0/AD49: 8D2C21 STA $212C C0/AD4C: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AD4E: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/AD51: 9C7443 STZ $4374 C0/AD54: C220 REP #$20 C0/AD56: 6400 STZ $00 C0/AD58: 9C1621 STZ $2116 C0/AD5B: 9C7243 STZ $4372 C0/AD5E: A90918 LDA #$1809 C0/AD61: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/AD64: A900F0 LDA #$F000 C0/AD67: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/AD6A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AD6C: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AD6E: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/AD71: C230 REP #$30 C0/AD73: A90078 LDA #$7800 C0/AD76: 8D1621 STA $2116 {Init loop} C0/AD79: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/AD7C: 8E1821 STX $2118 C0/AD7F: E8 INX C0/AD80: E0C003 CPX #$03C0 C0/AD83: 90F7 BCC $AD7C C0/AD85: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/AD88: 8E1821 STX $2118 C0/AD8B: E8 INX C0/AD8C: E04000 CPX #$0040 C0/AD8F: 90F7 BCC $AD88 C0/AD91: E230 SEP #$30 C0/AD93: A200 LDX #$00 C0/AD95: BF8047C6 LDA $C64780,X C0/AD99: 48 PHA C0/AD9A: 2907 AND #$07 C0/AD9C: 9F00D87F STA $7FD800,X C0/ADA0: 68 PLA C0/ADA1: 48 PHA C0/ADA2: 2938 AND #$38 C0/ADA4: 9F00D97F STA $7FD900,X C0/ADA8: 68 PLA C0/ADA9: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/ADAB: 4A LSR A C0/ADAC: 4A LSR A C0/ADAD: 9F00DA7F STA $7FDA00,X C0/ADB1: E8 INX C0/ADB2: E0C0 CPX #$C0 C0/ADB4: D0DF BNE $AD95 C0/ADB6: A900 LDA #$00 C0/ADB8: 9F00D87F STA $7FD800,X C0/ADBC: 9F00D97F STA $7FD900,X C0/ADC0: 9F00DA7F STA $7FDA00,X C0/ADC4: A9F1 LDA #$F1 C0/ADC6: 8D2121 STA $2121 C0/ADC9: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/ADCB: 8D2221 STA $2122 C0/ADCE: 8D2221 STA $2122 C0/ADD1: A91F LDA #$1F C0/ADD3: 8D2221 STA $2122 C0/ADD6: 9C2221 STZ $2122 C0/ADD9: 9C2121 STZ $2121 C0/ADDC: 9C2221 STZ $2122 C0/ADDF: 9C2221 STZ $2122 C0/ADE2: 60 RTS

C0/ADE3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/ADE5: A901 LDA #$01 C0/ADE7: 8515 STA $15 C0/ADE9: C220 REP #$20 C0/ADEB: A90020 LDA #$2000 C0/ADEE: 8009 BRA $ADF9 C0/ADF0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/ADF2: 6415 STZ $15 C0/ADF4: C220 REP #$20 C0/ADF6: A90010 LDA #$1000 C0/ADF9: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/ADFC: A90118 LDA #$1801 C0/ADFF: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/AE02: A90010 LDA #$1000 C0/AE05: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/AE08: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AE0A: A97F LDA #$7F C0/AE0C: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/AE0F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AE11: 850E STA $0E C0/AE13: 240E BIT $0E C0/AE15: D0FC BNE $AE13 C0/AE17: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AE19: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/AE1C: 9C1621 STZ $2116 C0/AE1F: 9C1721 STZ $2117 C0/AE22: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AE24: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/AE27: A515 LDA $15 C0/AE29: 0A ASL A C0/AE2A: 0A ASL A C0/AE2B: 0A ASL A C0/AE2C: 0A ASL A C0/AE2D: 0A ASL A C0/AE2E: 8D0E21 STA $210E C0/AE31: 9C0E21 STZ $210E C0/AE34: 60 RTS

C0/AE35: C220 REP #$20 C0/AE37: A91E00 LDA #$001E C0/AE3A: 8512 STA $12 C0/AE3C: A91000 LDA #$0010 C0/AE3F: 8514 STA $14 C0/AE41: 6410 STZ $10 C0/AE43: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AE45: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AE47: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/AE4A: A97F LDA #$7F C0/AE4C: 8D7443 STA $4374 [Store into DMA Channel 7 Source Bank] C0/AE4F: C220 REP #$20 C0/AE51: A90118 LDA #$1801 C0/AE54: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/AE57: A94000 LDA #$0040 C0/AE5A: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/AE5D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AE5F: A901 LDA #$01 C0/AE61: 8D8321 STA $2183 C0/AE64: C230 REP #$30 C0/AE66: A510 LDA $10 C0/AE68: A8 TAY C0/AE69: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/AE6C: EB XBA C0/AE6D: 0A ASL A C0/AE6E: 18 CLC C0/AE6F: 6900E0 ADC #$E000 C0/AE72: 8D8121 STA $2181 C0/AE75: 8B PHB C0/AE76: C230 REP #$30 C0/AE78: A9000B LDA #$0B00 C0/AE7B: 5B TCD C0/AE7C: 20069A JSR $9A06 C0/AE7F: AB PLB C0/AE80: C230 REP #$30 C0/AE82: A510 LDA $10 C0/AE84: 1A INC A C0/AE85: 8510 STA $10 C0/AE87: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/AE8A: D0D1 BNE $AE5D C0/AE8C: 2096AE JSR $AE96 C0/AE8F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AE91: C612 DEC $12 C0/AE93: D0C8 BNE $AE5D C0/AE95: 60 RTS

[What the devil. Deals with $D800 range, eh?] C0/AE96: C220 REP #$20 C0/AE98: A510 LDA $10 C0/AE9A: 38 SEC C0/AE9B: E514 SBC $14 C0/AE9D: 0A ASL A C0/AE9E: 0A ASL A C0/AE9F: 0A ASL A C0/AEA0: 0A ASL A C0/AEA1: 0A ASL A C0/AEA2: 0A ASL A C0/AEA3: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/AEA6: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AEA8: 8B PHB C0/AEA9: A97F LDA #$7F C0/AEAB: 48 PHA C0/AEAC: AB PLB C0/AEAD: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/AEAF: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/AEB2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AEB4: A900 LDA #$00 C0/AEB6: EB XBA C0/AEB7: B900E0 LDA $E000,Y [Load Boy Block Byte 00] C0/AEBA: AA TAX C0/AEBB: BD00D8 LDA $D800,X [] C0/AEBE: 8500 STA $00 C0/AEC0: BD00D9 LDA $D900,X [] C0/AEC3: 8501 STA $01 C0/AEC5: BD00DA LDA $DA00,X [] C0/AEC8: 8502 STA $02 C0/AECA: B901E0 LDA $E001,Y [Load Boy Block Byte 01] C0/AECD: AA TAX C0/AECE: BD00D8 LDA $D800,X C0/AED1: 18 CLC C0/AED2: 6500 ADC $00 C0/AED4: 8500 STA $00 C0/AED6: BD00D9 LDA $D900,X C0/AED9: 18 CLC C0/AEDA: 6501 ADC $01 C0/AEDC: 8501 STA $01 C0/AEDE: BD00DA LDA $DA00,X C0/AEE1: 18 CLC C0/AEE2: 6502 ADC $02 C0/AEE4: 8502 STA $02 C0/AEE6: B900E2 LDA $E200,Y [Load Girl Block Byte 00] C0/AEE9: AA TAX C0/AEEA: BD00D8 LDA $D800,X C0/AEED: 18 CLC C0/AEEE: 6500 ADC $00 C0/AEF0: 8500 STA $00 C0/AEF2: BD00D9 LDA $D900,X C0/AEF5: 18 CLC C0/AEF6: 6501 ADC $01 C0/AEF8: 8501 STA $01 C0/AEFA: BD00DA LDA $DA00,X C0/AEFD: 18 CLC C0/AEFE: 6502 ADC $02 C0/AF00: 8502 STA $02 C0/AF02: B901E2 LDA $E201,Y [Load Girl Block Byte 01] C0/AF05: AA TAX C0/AF06: BD00D8 LDA $D800,X C0/AF09: 18 CLC C0/AF0A: 6500 ADC $00 C0/AF0C: 4A LSR A C0/AF0D: 4A LSR A C0/AF0E: 8500 STA $00 C0/AF10: BD00D9 LDA $D900,X C0/AF13: 18 CLC C0/AF14: 6501 ADC $01 C0/AF16: 4A LSR A C0/AF17: 4A LSR A C0/AF18: 2938 AND #$38 C0/AF1A: 0500 ORA $00 C0/AF1C: 8500 STA $00 C0/AF1E: BD00DA LDA $DA00,X C0/AF21: 18 CLC C0/AF22: 6502 ADC $02 C0/AF24: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/AF26: 0500 ORA $00 C0/AF28: 8500 STA $00 C0/AF2A: C220 REP #$20 C0/AF2C: 98 TYA C0/AF2D: 293000 AND #$0030 C0/AF30: 0A ASL A C0/AF31: 0A ASL A C0/AF32: 8502 STA $02 C0/AF34: 98 TYA C0/AF35: EB XBA C0/AF36: 4A LSR A C0/AF37: 290E00 AND #$000E C0/AF3A: 0502 ORA $02 C0/AF3C: AA TAX C0/AF3D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AF3F: A500 LDA $00 C0/AF41: 4A LSR A C0/AF42: 3E0000 ROL $0000,X C0/AF45: 4A LSR A C0/AF46: 3E0100 ROL $0001,X C0/AF49: 4A LSR A C0/AF4A: 3E1000 ROL $0010,X C0/AF4D: 4A LSR A C0/AF4E: 3E1100 ROL $0011,X C0/AF51: 4A LSR A C0/AF52: 3E2000 ROL $0020,X C0/AF55: 4A LSR A C0/AF56: 3E2100 ROL $0021,X C0/AF59: 4A LSR A C0/AF5A: 3E3000 ROL $0030,X C0/AF5D: 4A LSR A C0/AF5E: 3E3100 ROL $0031,X C0/AF61: C220 REP #$20 C0/AF63: 98 TYA C0/AF64: 18 CLC C0/AF65: 690004 ADC #$0400 C0/AF68: C90020 CMP #$2000 C0/AF6B: B004 BCS $AF71 C0/AF6D: A8 TAY C0/AF6E: 8241FF BRL $AEB2 C0/AF71: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/AF74: 1A INC A C0/AF75: 1A INC A C0/AF76: A8 TAY C0/AF77: 293F00 AND #$003F C0/AF7A: D01D BNE $AF99 C0/AF7C: 20A3AF JSR $AFA3 C0/AF7F: C220 REP #$20 C0/AF81: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/AF84: 8F754300 STA $004375 C0/AF88: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/AF8B: 8F724300 STA $004372 C0/AF8F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AF91: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AF93: 8F0B4200 STA $00420B C0/AF97: C220 REP #$20 C0/AF99: C00002 CPY #$0200 C0/AF9C: B003 BCS $AFA1 C0/AF9E: 8211FF BRL $AEB2 C0/AFA1: AB PLB C0/AFA2: 60 RTS

C0/AFA3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AFA5: A901 LDA #$01 C0/AFA7: 850E STA $0E C0/AFA9: 240E BIT $0E C0/AFAB: D0FC BNE $AFA9 C0/AFAD: 60 RTS

C0/AFAE: 20F9AF JSR $AFF9 C0/AFB1: C220 REP #$20 C0/AFB3: A90020 LDA #$2000 C0/AFB6: 20C4AF JSR $AFC4 C0/AFB9: 200DB0 JSR $B00D C0/AFBC: 2035AE JSR $AE35 C0/AFBF: C220 REP #$20 C0/AFC1: A90010 LDA #$1000 C0/AFC4: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/AFC7: A98139 LDA #$3981 C0/AFCA: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/AFCD: A90010 LDA #$1000 C0/AFD0: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/AFD3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/AFD5: A97F LDA #$7F C0/AFD7: 8D7443 STA $4374 [Store into DMA Channel 7 Source Bank] C0/AFDA: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AFDC: 850E STA $0E C0/AFDE: 240E BIT $0E C0/AFE0: D0FC BNE $AFDE C0/AFE2: 9C1621 STZ $2116 C0/AFE5: 9C1721 STZ $2117 C0/AFE8: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AFEA: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/AFED: AD3A21 LDA $213A C0/AFF0: AD3B21 LDA $213B C0/AFF3: A980 LDA #$80 C0/AFF5: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/AFF8: 60 RTS

C0/AFF9: C220 REP #$20 C0/AFFB: A90200 LDA #$0002 C0/AFFE: 8512 STA $12 C0/B000: A9F001 LDA #$01F0 C0/B003: 8514 STA $14 C0/B005: A9E001 LDA #$01E0 C0/B008: 8510 STA $10 C0/B00A: 8236FE BRL $AE43 C0/B00D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B00F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/B011: 850E STA $0E C0/B013: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/B016: 240E BIT $0E C0/B018: D0FC BNE $B016 C0/B01A: C220 REP #$20 C0/B01C: 6400 STZ $00 C0/B01E: 9C1621 STZ $2116 C0/B021: 9C7243 STZ $4372 C0/B024: A90918 LDA #$1809 C0/B027: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/B02A: A90010 LDA #$1000 C0/B02D: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/B030: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B032: 9C7443 STZ $4374 C0/B035: A980 LDA #$80 C0/B037: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/B03A: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/B03C: 850F STA $0F C0/B03E: 60 RTS

[] C0/B03F: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B041: A2FF01 LDX #$01FF [Load #$01FF into X] C0/B044: 9A TXS [Transfer X to Stack] C0/B045: 78 SEI [Set Interrupt Flag] C0/B046: 20C487 JSR $87C4 C0/B049: 209BBC JSR $BC9B C0/B04C: 200BBC JSR $BC0B C0/B04F: 20F8E9 JSR $E9F8 C0/B052: 20AABE JSR $BEAA C0/B055: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Emulation, Registers] C0/B057: 2C1042 BIT $4210 [Test NMI Flag] C0/B05A: 10FB BPL $B057 [Branch ahead if it isn't set] C0/B05C: 2C1042 BIT $4210 [Test NMI Flag] C0/B05F: A9B1 LDA #$B1 [Load #$B1 into Accumulator (NMI, IRQ 1/1, Auto Joypad)] C0/B061: 8D0042 STA $4200 [Store into Interrupt Enable Flags] C0/B064: A902 LDA #$02 C0/B066: 85EC STA $EC C0/B068: 24EC BIT $EC C0/B06A: D0FC BNE $B068 C0/B06C: 6456 STZ $56 C0/B06E: 6457 STZ $57 C0/B070: 208CB0 JSR $B08C C0/B073: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B075: A901 LDA #$01 C0/B077: 04EC TSB $EC {Wait for VBlank Loop} C0/B079: - 24EC BIT $EC C0/B07B: D0FC - BNE $B079 C0/B07D: A556 LDA $56 C0/B07F: 1A INC A C0/B080: 8556 STA $56 C0/B082: C905 CMP #$05 C0/B084: 9004 BCC $B08A C0/B086: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B088: 8556 STA $56 C0/B08A: 80E4 BRA $B070 C0/B08C: 2286C702 JSR $02C786 C0/B090: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B092: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/B094: F00A BEQ $B0A0 C0/B096: A556 LDA $56 C0/B098: C903 CMP #$03 C0/B09A: D004 BNE $B0A0 C0/B09C: 22C7E801 JSR $01E8C7 [Event Subsystem Crap] C0/B0A0: 20CCBC JSR $BCCC C0/B0A3: 2062A4 JSR $A462 C0/B0A6: 205E8B JSR $8B5E C0/B0A9: 201EDB JSR $DB1E C0/B0AC: 20B993 JSR $93B9 [Buttons] C0/B0AF: 209CB6 JSR $B69C C0/B0B2: 20C0D5 JSR $D5C0 C0/B0B5: 20FEB4 JSR $B4FE C0/B0B8: 209FC5 JSR $C59F C0/B0BB: 2233B001 JSR $01B033 C0/B0BF: 22E0BF01 JSR $01BFE0 C0/B0C3: 22D6BA02 JSR $02BAD6 C0/B0C7: 2006EB JSR $EB06 C0/B0CA: 20D3B0 JSR $B0D3 C0/B0CD: 208EE3 JSR $E38E C0/B0D0: 82D80B BRL $BCAB C0/B0D3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B0D5: A556 LDA $56 C0/B0D7: F017 BEQ $B0F0 C0/B0D9: 3A DEC A C0/B0DA: F01A BEQ $B0F6 C0/B0DC: 3A DEC A C0/B0DD: F01D BEQ $B0FC C0/B0DF: 3A DEC A C0/B0E0: F00B BEQ $B0ED C0/B0E2: A52A LDA $2A C0/B0E4: F004 BEQ $B0EA C0/B0E6: 2220C802 JSR $02C820 C0/B0EA: 4CAEF1 JMP $F1AE C0/B0ED: 4CABF4 JMP $F4AB C0/B0F0: 208CFC JSR $FC8C C0/B0F3: 4CD7E8 JMP $E8D7 C0/B0F6: 2002B1 JSR $B102 C0/B0F9: 4CB5FC JMP $FCB5 C0/B0FC: 20DEFC JSR $FCDE C0/B0FF: 4C36B1 JMP $B136 C0/B102: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B104: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/B106: 7001 BVS $B109 C0/B108: 60 RTS

C0/B109: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B10B: A2000A LDX #$0A00 C0/B10E: 24ED BIT $ED C0/B110: 3003 BMI $B115 C0/B112: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/B115: BF00E07E LDA $7EE000,X C0/B119: F00A BEQ $B125 C0/B11B: 3008 BMI $B125 C0/B11D: BF60E07E LDA $7EE060,X C0/B121: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/B123: B0E3 BCS $B108 C0/B125: C220 REP #$20 C0/B127: 8A TXA C0/B128: 38 SEC C0/B129: E90002 SBC #$0200 C0/B12C: AA TAX C0/B12D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B12F: 10E4 BPL $B115 C0/B131: A940 LDA #$40 C0/B133: 14F1 TRB $F1 C0/B135: 60 RTS

C0/B136: E230 SEP #$30 C0/B138: AF00CF7E LDA $7ECF00 C0/B13C: D001 BNE $B13F C0/B13E: 60 RTS

C0/B13F: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/B141: D00E BNE $B151 C0/B143: A910 LDA #$10 C0/B145: 14CC TRB $CC C0/B147: F008 BEQ $B151 C0/B149: 4542 EOR $42 C0/B14B: 49A0 EOR #$A0 C0/B14D: D002 BNE $B151 C0/B14F: E62B INC $2B C0/B151: A5E2 LDA $E2 C0/B153: 0A ASL A C0/B154: 0A ASL A C0/B155: 05E8 ORA $E8 C0/B157: 2904 AND #$04 C0/B159: 05F1 ORA $F1 C0/B15B: 05FF ORA $FF C0/B15D: 05D0 ORA $D0 C0/B15F: 0552 ORA $52 C0/B161: F001 BEQ $B164 C0/B163: 60 RTS

C0/B164: A200 LDX #$00 C0/B166: 2443 BIT $43 C0/B168: 1006 BPL $B170 C0/B16A: A9F7 LDA #$F7 C0/B16C: 14CC TRB $CC C0/B16E: 8021 BRA $B191 C0/B170: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/B172: F01D BEQ $B191 C0/B174: A904 LDA #$04 C0/B176: 14CC TRB $CC C0/B178: F003 BEQ $B17D C0/B17A: 828A00 BRL $B207 C0/B17D: A940 LDA #$40 C0/B17F: 14CC TRB $CC C0/B181: F003 BEQ $B186 C0/B183: 828F00 BRL $B215 C0/B186: A902 LDA #$02 C0/B188: 14CC TRB $CC C0/B18A: F005 BEQ $B191 C0/B18C: A000 LDY #$00 C0/B18E: 82620B BRL $BCF3 C0/B191: A901 LDA #$01 C0/B193: 14CC TRB $CC C0/B195: F003 BEQ $B19A C0/B197: 822B0C BRL $BDC5 C0/B19A: A201 LDX #$01 C0/B19C: 2445 BIT $45 C0/B19E: 1006 BPL $B1A6 C0/B1A0: A9F7 LDA #$F7 C0/B1A2: 14CD TRB $CD C0/B1A4: 8021 BRA $B1C7 C0/B1A6: A5DA LDA $DA C0/B1A8: F01D BEQ $B1C7 C0/B1AA: A904 LDA #$04 C0/B1AC: 14CD TRB $CD C0/B1AE: F003 BEQ $B1B3 C0/B1B0: 825400 BRL $B207 C0/B1B3: A940 LDA #$40 C0/B1B5: 14CD TRB $CD C0/B1B7: F003 BEQ $B1BC C0/B1B9: 825900 BRL $B215 C0/B1BC: A902 LDA #$02 C0/B1BE: 14CD TRB $CD C0/B1C0: F005 BEQ $B1C7 C0/B1C2: A001 LDY #$01 C0/B1C4: 822C0B BRL $BCF3 C0/B1C7: A901 LDA #$01 C0/B1C9: 14CD TRB $CD C0/B1CB: F003 BEQ $B1D0 C0/B1CD: 82F50B BRL $BDC5 C0/B1D0: A202 LDX #$02 C0/B1D2: 2447 BIT $47 C0/B1D4: 1006 BPL $B1DC C0/B1D6: A9F7 LDA #$F7 C0/B1D8: 14CE TRB $CE C0/B1DA: 8021 BRA $B1FD C0/B1DC: A5DB LDA $DB C0/B1DE: F01D BEQ $B1FD C0/B1E0: A904 LDA #$04 C0/B1E2: 14CE TRB $CE C0/B1E4: F003 BEQ $B1E9 C0/B1E6: 821E00 BRL $B207 C0/B1E9: A940 LDA #$40 C0/B1EB: 14CE TRB $CE C0/B1ED: F003 BEQ $B1F2 C0/B1EF: 822300 BRL $B215 C0/B1F2: A902 LDA #$02 C0/B1F4: 14CE TRB $CE C0/B1F6: F005 BEQ $B1FD C0/B1F8: A002 LDY #$02 C0/B1FA: 82F60A BRL $BCF3 C0/B1FD: A901 LDA #$01 C0/B1FF: 14CE TRB $CE C0/B201: F003 BEQ $B206 C0/B203: 82BF0B BRL $BDC5 C0/B206: 60 RTS

C0/B207: B5D9 LDA $D9,X C0/B209: 2906 AND #$06 C0/B20B: EB XBA C0/B20C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B20E: C230 REP #$30 C0/B210: AA TAX C0/B211: A8 TAY C0/B212: 82E70C BRL $BEFC C0/B215: 2243A902 JSR $02A943 C0/B219: 90F7 BCC $B212 C0/B21B: 60 RTS

C0/B21C: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B21E: 2906EB AND #$EB06 C0/B221: A900AA LDA #$AA00 C0/B224: BF60E07E LDA $7EE060,X C0/B228: C940F0 CMP #$F040 C0/B22B: 1B TCS C0/B22C: BF9BE17E LDA $7EE19B,X C0/B230: D016 BNE $B248 C0/B232: BF1CE07E LDA $7EE01C,X C0/B236: D00F BNE $B247 C0/B238: BF1AE07E LDA $7EE01A,X C0/B23C: F009 BEQ $B247 C0/B23E: A9009F LDA #$9F00 C0/B241: 1A INC A C0/B242: E07E82 CPX #$827E C0/B245: AF006064 LDA $646000 C0/B249: 00BF BRK #$BF [DANGER] C0/B24B: 60 RTS

C0/B24C: E07E1F CPX #$1F7E C0/B24F: 61E0 ADC ($E0,X) C0/B251: 7E1F1C ROR $1C1F,X C0/B254: E07EF0 CPX #$F07E C0/B257: 0160 ORA ($60,X) C0/B259: A9FF9F LDA #$9FFF C0/B25C: 30E0 BMI $B23E C0/B25E: 7EA980 ROR $80A9,X C0/B261: 9F1CE07E STA $7EE01C,X C0/B265: A9009F LDA #$9F00 C0/B268: 36E0 ROL $E0,X C0/B26A: 7E9F1D ROR $1D9F,X C0/B26D: E07E9F CPX #$9F7E C0/B270: 06E0 ASL $E0 C0/B272: 7E9F07 ROR $079F,X C0/B275: E07E06 CPX #$067E C0/B278: 0022 BRK #$22 [DANGER] C0/B27A: 0EE401 ASL $01E4 C0/B27D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B27F: 9F11E07E STA $7EE011,X C0/B283: 2013B3 JSR $B313 C0/B286: 60 RTS

C0/B287: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/B289: 8500 STA $00 C0/B28B: 8B PHB C0/B28C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B28E: 48 PHA C0/B28F: AB PLB C0/B290: 204AB2 JSR $B24A C0/B293: AB PLB C0/B294: 6B RTL

C0/B295: 8B PHB C0/B296: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B298: 48 PHA C0/B299: AB PLB C0/B29A: 20A7B2 JSR $B2A7 C0/B29D: AB PLB C0/B29E: 6B RTL

C0/B29F: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B2A1: 2906 AND #$06 C0/B2A3: EB XBA C0/B2A4: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B2A6: AA TAX C0/B2A7: BF1CE07E LDA $7EE01C,X C0/B2AB: 1F61E07E ORA $7EE061,X C0/B2AF: F001 BEQ $B2B2 C0/B2B1: 60 RTS

C0/B2B2: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/B2B4: 9F30E07E STA $7EE030,X C0/B2B8: A920 LDA #$20 C0/B2BA: 9F1CE07E STA $7EE01C,X C0/B2BE: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B2C0: 9F36E07E STA $7EE036,X C0/B2C4: 9F06E07E STA $7EE006,X C0/B2C8: 9F07E07E STA $7EE007,X C0/B2CC: BF91E17E LDA $7EE191,X C0/B2D0: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/B2D2: F007 BEQ $B2DB C0/B2D4: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/B2D6: 4A LSR A C0/B2D7: 2901 AND #$01 C0/B2D9: 8007 BRA $B2E2 C0/B2DB: 18 CLC C0/B2DC: 220EE401 JSR $01E40E C0/B2E0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B2E2: 9F11E07E STA $7EE011,X C0/B2E6: 2013B3 JSR $B313 C0/B2E9: BFEDE17E LDA $7EE1ED,X C0/B2ED: D007 BNE $B2F6 C0/B2EF: A901 LDA #$01 C0/B2F1: 9F1AE07E STA $7EE01A,X C0/B2F5: 60 RTS

C0/B2F6: C220 REP #$20 C0/B2F8: 8A TXA C0/B2F9: EB XBA C0/B2FA: 0A ASL A C0/B2FB: 0A ASL A C0/B2FC: 0A ASL A C0/B2FD: A8 TAY C0/B2FE: A91728 LDA #$2817 C0/B301: 99560A STA $0A56,Y C0/B304: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/B307: 99500A STA $0A50,Y C0/B30A: 99520A STA $0A52,Y C0/B30D: 99530A STA $0A53,Y C0/B310: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B312: 60 RTS

C0/B313: 8B PHB C0/B314: A97E LDA #$7E C0/B316: 48 PHA C0/B317: AB PLB C0/B318: 38 SEC C0/B319: 2204CA01 JSR $01CA04 C0/B31D: AB PLB C0/B31E: 60 RTS

C0/B31F: 8B PHB C0/B320: A97E LDA #$7E C0/B322: 48 PHA C0/B323: AB PLB C0/B324: 22D0AF02 JSR $02AFD0 C0/B328: AB PLB C0/B329: 60 RTS

C0/B32A: 2030B3 JSR $B330 C0/B32D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B32F: 60 RTS

C0/B330: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B332: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/B335: 9B TXY C0/B336: 4A LSR A C0/B337: B00F BCS $B348 C0/B339: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/B33C: A01000 LDY #$0010 C0/B33F: 4A LSR A C0/B340: B006 BCS $B348 C0/B342: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/B345: A02000 LDY #$0020 C0/B348: BF2CE07E LDA $7EE02C,X C0/B34C: F00E BEQ $B35C C0/B34E: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B350: 9F85E07E STA $7EE085,X C0/B354: BF9CE17E LDA $7EE19C,X C0/B358: F026 BEQ $B380 C0/B35A: D025 BNE $B381 C0/B35C: E00000 CPX #$0000 C0/B35F: D008 BNE $B369 C0/B361: AF7DCC7E LDA $7ECC7D C0/B365: F015 BEQ $B37C C0/B367: D018 BNE $B381 C0/B369: E00002 CPX #$0200 C0/B36C: D008 BNE $B376 C0/B36E: AF7ECC7E LDA $7ECC7E C0/B372: F008 BEQ $B37C C0/B374: D00B BNE $B381 C0/B376: AF7FCC7E LDA $7ECC7F C0/B37A: D005 BNE $B381 C0/B37C: 9F85E07E STA $7EE085,X C0/B380: 60 RTS

C0/B381: 8501 STA $01 C0/B383: BF91E17E LDA $7EE191,X C0/B387: 2902 AND #$02 C0/B389: 1F1CE07E ORA $7EE01C,X C0/B38D: 1F61E07E ORA $7EE061,X C0/B391: 1FEDE17E ORA $7EE1ED,X C0/B395: D0E9 BNE $B380 C0/B397: BF1FE07E LDA $7EE01F,X C0/B39B: 3A DEC A C0/B39C: 9F1FE07E STA $7EE01F,X C0/B3A0: 3003 BMI $B3A5 C0/B3A2: 822601 BRL $B4CB C0/B3A5: 6400 STZ $00 C0/B3A7: A901 LDA #$01 C0/B3A9: 9F1FE07E STA $7EE01F,X C0/B3AD: A501 LDA $01 C0/B3AF: EB XBA C0/B3B0: A92C LDA #$2C C0/B3B2: C220 REP #$20 C0/B3B4: DF1AE07E CMP $7EE01A,X C0/B3B8: F0E8 BEQ $B3A2 C0/B3BA: BF1AE07E LDA $7EE01A,X C0/B3BE: EB XBA C0/B3BF: 8502 STA $02 C0/B3C1: 8503 STA $03 C0/B3C3: EB XBA C0/B3C4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B3C6: 1A INC A C0/B3C7: C92D CMP #$2D C0/B3C9: 9014 BCC $B3DF C0/B3CB: A9A8 LDA #$A8 C0/B3CD: 2027BB JSR $BB27 C0/B3D0: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B3D2: EB XBA C0/B3D3: 1A INC A C0/B3D4: 8502 STA $02 C0/B3D6: C501 CMP $01 C0/B3D8: EB XBA C0/B3D9: 9004 BCC $B3DF C0/B3DB: A92C LDA #$2C C0/B3DD: E600 INC $00 C0/B3DF: C220 REP #$20 C0/B3E1: 9F1AE07E STA $7EE01A,X C0/B3E5: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B3E7: 2903 AND #$03 C0/B3E9: C901 CMP #$01 C0/B3EB: D005 BNE $B3F2 C0/B3ED: A9A7 LDA #$A7 C0/B3EF: 2027BB JSR $BB27 C0/B3F2: A504 LDA $04 C0/B3F4: 8D0442 STA $4204 C0/B3F7: 9C0542 STZ $4205 C0/B3FA: A909 LDA #$09 C0/B3FC: 8D0642 STA $4206 C0/B3FF: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B401: EB XBA C0/B402: 9F9BE17E STA $7EE19B,X C0/B406: A502 LDA $02 C0/B408: 18 CLC C0/B409: 6918 ADC #$18 C0/B40B: 99560A STA $0A56,Y C0/B40E: BF9CE17E LDA $7EE19C,X C0/B412: 18 CLC C0/B413: 6928 ADC #$28 C0/B415: 99570A STA $0A57,Y C0/B418: 98 TYA C0/B419: 18 CLC C0/B41A: 6D1442 ADC $4214 C0/B41D: 5A PHY C0/B41E: A8 TAY C0/B41F: A503 LDA $03 C0/B421: 0A ASL A C0/B422: 0A ASL A C0/B423: 0A ASL A C0/B424: 18 CLC C0/B425: 6503 ADC $03 C0/B427: 6938 ADC #$38 C0/B429: 6D1642 ADC $4216 C0/B42C: 99500A STA $0A50,Y C0/B42F: EB XBA C0/B430: A529 LDA $29 C0/B432: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/B434: D019 BNE $B44F C0/B436: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/B438: F015 BEQ $B44F C0/B43A: E00000 CPX #$0000 C0/B43D: F010 BEQ $B44F C0/B43F: A948 LDA #$48 C0/B441: E00002 CPX #$0200 C0/B444: F002 BEQ $B448 C0/B446: A990 LDA #$90 C0/B448: 18 CLC C0/B449: 79500A ADC $0A50,Y C0/B44C: 99500A STA $0A50,Y C0/B44F: 7A PLY C0/B450: EB XBA C0/B451: C940 CMP #$40 C0/B453: D010 BNE $B465 C0/B455: A501 LDA $01 C0/B457: EB XBA C0/B458: A92C LDA #$2C C0/B45A: C220 REP #$20 C0/B45C: DF1AE07E CMP $7EE01A,X C0/B460: F003 BEQ $B465 C0/B462: 8255FF BRL $B3BA C0/B465: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B467: A500 LDA $00 C0/B469: F018 BEQ $B483 C0/B46B: C220 REP #$20 C0/B46D: AF287ED2 LDA $D27E28 C0/B471: 99580A STA $0A58,Y C0/B474: 995A0A STA $0A5A,Y C0/B477: AF2A7ED2 LDA $D27E2A C0/B47B: 995C0A STA $0A5C,Y C0/B47E: 995E0A STA $0A5E,Y C0/B481: 8048 BRA $B4CB C0/B483: A502 LDA $02 C0/B485: 0A ASL A C0/B486: 0A ASL A C0/B487: 4602 LSR $02 C0/B489: C220 REP #$20 C0/B48B: 293F00 AND #$003F C0/B48E: AA TAX C0/B48F: 901A BCC $B4AB C0/B491: BF047ED2 LDA $D27E04,X C0/B495: 99580A STA $0A58,Y C0/B498: BF067ED2 LDA $D27E06,X C0/B49C: 995C0A STA $0A5C,Y C0/B49F: BF007ED2 LDA $D27E00,X C0/B4A3: 995A0A STA $0A5A,Y C0/B4A6: 995E0A STA $0A5E,Y C0/B4A9: 8020 BRA $B4CB C0/B4AB: BF047ED2 LDA $D27E04,X C0/B4AF: 995A0A STA $0A5A,Y C0/B4B2: BF067ED2 LDA $D27E06,X C0/B4B6: 995E0A STA $0A5E,Y C0/B4B9: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/B4BC: E00000 CPX #$0000 C0/B4BF: F004 BEQ $B4C5 C0/B4C1: BF007ED2 LDA $D27E00,X C0/B4C5: 99580A STA $0A58,Y C0/B4C8: 995C0A STA $0A5C,Y C0/B4CB: C220 REP #$20 C0/B4CD: 98 TYA C0/B4CE: 4A LSR A C0/B4CF: AA TAX C0/B4D0: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/B4D2: 4A LSR A C0/B4D3: 9004 BCC $B4D9 C0/B4D5: C8 INY C0/B4D6: C8 INY C0/B4D7: C8 INY C0/B4D8: C8 INY C0/B4D9: AF041D00 LDA $001D04 C0/B4DD: 292000 AND #$0020 C0/B4E0: D00D BNE $B4EF C0/B4E2: B9580A LDA $0A58,Y C0/B4E5: 9D0C06 STA $060C,X C0/B4E8: B95A0A LDA $0A5A,Y C0/B4EB: 9D0E06 STA $060E,X C0/B4EE: 60 RTS

C0/B4EF: B9580A LDA $0A58,Y C0/B4F2: 9F0CDE7E STA $7EDE0C,X C0/B4F6: B95A0A LDA $0A5A,Y C0/B4F9: 9F0EDE7E STA $7EDE0E,X C0/B4FD: 60 RTS

C0/B4FE: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-bit Emulation Mode, Registers] C0/B500: A52B LDA $2B C0/B502: C927 CMP #$27 C0/B504: D012 + BNE $B518 C0/B506: 24ED BIT $ED [Test whether it's a combat area ($#80) or not] C0/B508: 100C ++ BPL $B516 [Branch ahead if not] C0/B50A: A542 LDA $42 [Load #$42] C0/B50C: 4910 EOR #$10 [Toggle bit #$10] C0/B50E: D008 + BNE $B518 C0/B510: 22B8CF02 JSR $02CFB8 C0/B514: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/B516: ++ 642B STZ $2B [Store zero here] C0/B518: + 645E STZ $5E [Store zero here] C0/B51A: 645F STZ $5F [Store zero here] C0/B51C: A549 LDA $49 [Load $49] C0/B51E: F045 + BEQ $B565 {$49 > 0} C0/B520: 101B ++ BPL $B53D {$49 >= #$80} C0/B522: 8940 BIT #$40 [Test for bit #$40] C0/B524: F007 +! BEQ $B52D [Branch ahead if it's not there] C0/B526: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/B528: 2901 AND #$01 C0/B52A: 0A ASL A C0/B52B: 855F STA $5F C0/B52D: +! A920 LDA #$20 C0/B52F: 2449 BIT $49 C0/B531: F023 BEQ $B556 C0/B533: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/B535: 2901 AND #$01 C0/B537: 0A ASL A C0/B538: 0A ASL A C0/B539: 045F TSB $5F C0/B53B: 8019 BRA $B556 {$49 < #$80} C0/B53D: ++ 8940 BIT #$40 [Test for bit #$40] C0/B53F: F007 ++ BEQ $B548 [Branch ahead if it's not there] C0/B541: A5F4 LDA $F4 [Load $F4 into Accumulator] C0/B543: 2901 AND #$01 [Cut out all but #%00000001] C0/B545: 0A ASL A [Shift it left] C0/B546: 855E STA $5E [Store into $5E] C0/B548: ++ A920 LDA #$20 [Load #$20] C0/B54A: 2449 BIT $49 [Test $49 for it] C0/B54C: F008 ++ BEQ $B556 [Branch ahead if it isn't there] C0/B54E: A5F4 LDA $F4 [Load $F4] C0/B550: 2901 AND #$01 [Cut out all but #%00000001] C0/B552: 0A ASL A [Shift it left] C0/B553: 0A ASL A [Shift it left again] C0/B554: 045E TSB $5E C0/B556: ++ A549 LDA $49 C0/B558: 891F BIT #$1F C0/B55A: F009 + BEQ $B565 C0/B55C: 3A DEC A C0/B55D: 8549 STA $49 C0/B55F: 291F AND #$1F C0/B561: D002 BNE $B565 C0/B563: 6449 STZ $49 {$49 == 0, though most other paths end up here too} C0/B565: + A595 LDA $95 C0/B567: 1021 BPL $B58A C0/B569: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/B56B: 2903 AND #$03 C0/B56D: D01B BNE $B58A C0/B56F: A595 LDA $95 C0/B571: 297F AND #$7F C0/B573: 8595 STA $95 C0/B575: 8D011E STA $1E01 C0/B578: A902 LDA #$02 C0/B57A: 8D001E STA $1E00 C0/B57D: 9C021E STZ $1E02 C0/B580: AD1901 LDA $0119 C0/B583: 8D031E STA $1E03 C0/B586: 220400C3 JSR $C30004 C0/B58A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B58C: A904 LDA #$04 C0/B58E: 24E8 BIT $E8 C0/B590: F02F BEQ $B5C1 C0/B592: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/B594: 102A BPL $B5C0 C0/B596: C980 CMP #$80 C0/B598: D003 BNE $B59D C0/B59A: 20098B JSR $8B09 C0/B59D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B59F: A988 LDA #$88 C0/B5A1: 8586 STA $86 C0/B5A3: 6484 STZ $84 C0/B5A5: 20F9D1 JSR $D1F9 C0/B5A8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B5AA: A5E2 LDA $E2 C0/B5AC: 2901 AND #$01 C0/B5AE: D010 BNE $B5C0 C0/B5B0: 20C487 JSR $87C4 C0/B5B3: 220040C6 JSR $C64000 C0/B5B7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B5B9: A983 LDA #$83 C0/B5BB: 85E8 STA $E8 C0/B5BD: 827FFA BRL $B03F C0/B5C0: 60 RTS

[Does something with room loading?] C0/B5C1: 24FF BIT $FF C0/B5C3: 1021 BPL $B5E6 C0/B5C5: A5E2 LDA $E2 C0/B5C7: 2901 AND #$01 C0/B5C9: D0F5 BNE $B5C0 C0/B5CB: 85E2 STA $E2 C0/B5CD: 8D0042 STA $4200 C0/B5D0: A5FF LDA $FF C0/B5D2: 4A LSR A C0/B5D3: 9004 BCC $B5D9 C0/B5D5: A980 LDA #$80 C0/B5D7: 8002 BRA $B5DB C0/B5D9: A97F LDA #$7F C0/B5DB: 85FE STA $FE C0/B5DD: 64FF STZ $FF C0/B5DF: A944 LDA #$44 C0/B5E1: 85F8 STA $F8 C0/B5E3: 4C3880 JMP $8038 C0/B5E6: 24FF BIT $FF C0/B5E8: 501B BVC $B605 {} C0/B5EA: A5E0 LDA $E0 [Exit/Entrance Type via $C83000,X] C0/B5EC: 291F AND #$1F C0/B5EE: C91F CMP #$1F C0/B5F0: F003 + BEQ $B5F5 C0/B5F2: 82D003 BRL $B9C5 C0/B5F5: + A5E2 LDA $E2 C0/B5F7: 2901 AND #$01 C0/B5F9: D0C5 BNE $B5C0 C0/B5FB: 85E2 STA $E2 C0/B5FD: 8D0042 STA $4200 C0/B600: 64FF STZ $FF C0/B602: 823AFA BRL $B03F C0/B605: A5FF LDA $FF C0/B607: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/B609: F003 BEQ $B60E C0/B60B: 82A803 BRL $B9B6 C0/B60E: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B610: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/B613: AF4AE07E LDA $7EE04A C0/B617: D014 BNE $B62D C0/B619: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/B61C: AF4AE27E LDA $7EE24A C0/B620: D00B BNE $B62D C0/B622: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/B625: AF4AE47E LDA $7EE44A C0/B629: D002 BNE $B62D C0/B62B: F003 BEQ $B630 C0/B62D: 82A105 BRL $BBD1 C0/B630: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B632: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/B634: F001 BEQ $B637 C0/B636: 60 RTS

[Loads Monsters and Rooms? Hrm....I dunno...] C0/B637: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/B63A: - E220 SEP #$20 C0/B63C: BF45E07E LDA $7EE045,X C0/B640: D036 + BNE $B678 C0/B642: BF4BE07E LDA $7EE04B,X C0/B646: C54D CMP $4D C0/B648: 902E + BCC $B678 C0/B64A: E54D SBC $4D C0/B64C: 0A ASL A C0/B64D: 8500 STA $00 C0/B64F: A5B8 LDA $B8 C0/B651: 2904 AND #$04 C0/B653: 4A LSR A C0/B654: 6500 ADC $00 C0/B656: 8500 STA $00 C0/B658: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B65A: 9F4BE07E STA $7EE04B,X C0/B65E: 8501 STA $01 C0/B660: C220 REP #$20 C0/B662: A5DC LDA $DC C0/B664: 0A ASL A C0/B665: DA PHX C0/B666: AA TAX C0/B667: BF0040C8 LDA $C84000,X [Event pointers by room] C0/B66B: 18 CLC C0/B66C: 6500 ADC $00 C0/B66E: AA TAX C0/B66F: BF0000C8 LDA $C80000,X [Loads an event based on the above pointer] C0/B673: 8500 STA $00 C0/B675: FA PLX C0/B676: 800B BRA $B683 {} C0/B678: + C220 REP #$20 C0/B67A: 8A TXA C0/B67B: 38 SEC C0/B67C: E90002 SBC #$0200 C0/B67F: AA TAX C0/B680: 10B8 - BPL $B63A C0/B682: 60 RTS {} C0/B683: C220 REP #$20 C0/B685: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/B688: 9F06E07E STA $7EE006,X C0/B68C: 9F08E07E STA $7EE008,X C0/B690: A500 LDA $00 C0/B692: 29FF0F AND #$0FFF C0/B695: 86D4 STX $D4 C0/B697: 226DE701 JSR $01E76D C0/B69B: 60 RTS

C0/B69C: E230 SEP #$30 C0/B69E: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/B6A0: 7014 BVS $B6B6 C0/B6A2: 3022 BMI $B6C6 C0/B6A4: A5FF LDA $FF C0/B6A6: 0552 ORA $52 C0/B6A8: D00C BNE $B6B6 C0/B6AA: A5E2 LDA $E2 C0/B6AC: 2901 AND #$01 C0/B6AE: D006 BNE $B6B6 C0/B6B0: A5E8 LDA $E8 C0/B6B2: 2904 AND #$04 C0/B6B4: F011 BEQ $B6C7 C0/B6B6: C220 REP #$20 C0/B6B8: 6442 STZ $42 C0/B6BA: 6444 STZ $44 C0/B6BC: 6446 STZ $46 C0/B6BE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B6C0: 64CC STZ $CC C0/B6C2: 64CD STZ $CD C0/B6C4: 64CE STZ $CE C0/B6C6: 60 RTS

C0/B6C7: 2099B7 JSR $B799 C0/B6CA: E230 SEP #$30 C0/B6CC: 8B PHB C0/B6CD: A97E LDA #$7E C0/B6CF: 48 PHA C0/B6D0: AB PLB C0/B6D1: A542 LDA $42 C0/B6D3: 8512 STA $12 C0/B6D5: A543 LDA $43 C0/B6D7: 8510 STA $10 C0/B6D9: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/B6DB: F007 BEQ $B6E4 C0/B6DD: 3005 BMI $B6E4 C0/B6DF: 8511 STA $11 C0/B6E1: 2010B7 JSR $B710 C0/B6E4: E230 SEP #$30 C0/B6E6: A544 LDA $44 C0/B6E8: 8512 STA $12 C0/B6EA: A545 LDA $45 C0/B6EC: 8510 STA $10 C0/B6EE: A5DA LDA $DA C0/B6F0: F007 BEQ $B6F9 C0/B6F2: 3005 BMI $B6F9 C0/B6F4: 8511 STA $11 C0/B6F6: 2010B7 JSR $B710 C0/B6F9: E230 SEP #$30 C0/B6FB: A546 LDA $46 C0/B6FD: 8512 STA $12 C0/B6FF: A547 LDA $47 C0/B701: 8510 STA $10 C0/B703: A5DB LDA $DB C0/B705: F007 BEQ $B70E C0/B707: 3005 BMI $B70E C0/B709: 8511 STA $11 C0/B70B: 2010B7 JSR $B710 C0/B70E: AB PLB C0/B70F: 60 RTS

C0/B710: A200 LDX #$00 C0/B712: 9B TXY C0/B713: A510 LDA $10 C0/B715: 2903 AND #$03 C0/B717: F008 BEQ $B721 C0/B719: A202 LDX #$02 C0/B71B: 2901 AND #$01 C0/B71D: D002 BNE $B721 C0/B71F: A282 LDX #$82 C0/B721: A510 LDA $10 C0/B723: 290C AND #$0C C0/B725: F008 BEQ $B72F C0/B727: A002 LDY #$02 C0/B729: 2904 AND #$04 C0/B72B: D002 BNE $B72F C0/B72D: A082 LDY #$82 C0/B72F: 2410 BIT $10 C0/B731: 3004 BMI $B737 C0/B733: A930 LDA #$30 C0/B735: 1412 TRB $12 C0/B737: 98 TYA C0/B738: EB XBA C0/B739: 8A TXA C0/B73A: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B73C: 4611 LSR $11 C0/B73E: B00E BCS $B74E C0/B740: 4611 LSR $11 C0/B742: B005 BCS $B749 C0/B744: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/B747: 8008 BRA $B751 C0/B749: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/B74C: 8003 BRA $B751 C0/B74E: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/B751: A8 TAY C0/B752: 9E67E0 STZ $E067,X C0/B755: BD1CE0 LDA $E01C,X C0/B758: 1D60E0 ORA $E060,X C0/B75B: 1D0AE0 ORA $E00A,X C0/B75E: F001 BEQ $B761 C0/B760: 60 RTS

C0/B761: A512 LDA $12 C0/B763: 1016 BPL $B77B C0/B765: 9D1DE0 STA $E01D,X C0/B768: BD11E0 LDA $E011,X C0/B76B: C902 CMP #$02 C0/B76D: F029 BEQ $B798 C0/B76F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/B771: 1412 TRB $12 C0/B773: BD63E0 LDA $E063,X C0/B776: 4A LSR A C0/B777: 9014 BCC $B78D C0/B779: B005 BCS $B780 C0/B77B: 3C1DE0 BIT $E01D,X C0/B77E: 100F BPL $B78F C0/B780: A964 LDA #$64 C0/B782: 38 SEC C0/B783: FD89E1 SBC $E189,X C0/B786: 4A LSR A C0/B787: 18 CLC C0/B788: 6932 ADC #$32 C0/B78A: 9DEDE1 STA $E1ED,X C0/B78D: A512 LDA $12 C0/B78F: 9D1DE0 STA $E01D,X C0/B792: C220 REP #$20 C0/B794: 98 TYA C0/B795: 9D06E0 STA $E006,X C0/B798: 60 RTS

C0/B799: 2265B602 JSR $02B665 C0/B79D: A5F1 LDA $F1 C0/B79F: F001 BEQ $B7A2 C0/B7A1: 60 RTS

C0/B7A2: E230 SEP #$30 C0/B7A4: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/B7A6: F021 BEQ $B7C9 C0/B7A8: 301F BMI $B7C9 C0/B7AA: A908 LDA #$08 C0/B7AC: 14CC TRB $CC C0/B7AE: F007 BEQ $B7B7 C0/B7B0: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/B7B2: 2051B8 JSR $B851 C0/B7B5: 8012 BRA $B7C9 C0/B7B7: 24ED BIT $ED C0/B7B9: 100E BPL $B7C9 C0/B7BB: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/B7BD: 2443 BIT $43 C0/B7BF: 1005 BPL $B7C6 C0/B7C1: 2030B3 JSR $B330 C0/B7C4: 8003 BRA $B7C9 C0/B7C6: 201CB2 JSR $B21C C0/B7C9: E230 SEP #$30 C0/B7CB: A5DA LDA $DA C0/B7CD: F021 BEQ $B7F0 C0/B7CF: 301F BMI $B7F0 C0/B7D1: A908 LDA #$08 C0/B7D3: 14CD TRB $CD C0/B7D5: F007 BEQ $B7DE C0/B7D7: A5DA LDA $DA C0/B7D9: 2051B8 JSR $B851 C0/B7DC: 8012 BRA $B7F0 C0/B7DE: 24ED BIT $ED C0/B7E0: 100E BPL $B7F0 C0/B7E2: A5DA LDA $DA C0/B7E4: 2445 BIT $45 C0/B7E6: 1005 BPL $B7ED C0/B7E8: 2030B3 JSR $B330 C0/B7EB: 8003 BRA $B7F0 C0/B7ED: 201CB2 JSR $B21C C0/B7F0: E230 SEP #$30 C0/B7F2: A5DB LDA $DB C0/B7F4: F021 BEQ $B817 C0/B7F6: 301F BMI $B817 C0/B7F8: A908 LDA #$08 C0/B7FA: 14CE TRB $CE C0/B7FC: F007 BEQ $B805 C0/B7FE: A5DB LDA $DB C0/B800: 2051B8 JSR $B851 C0/B803: 8012 BRA $B817 C0/B805: 24ED BIT $ED C0/B807: 100E BPL $B817 C0/B809: A5DB LDA $DB C0/B80B: 2447 BIT $47 C0/B80D: 1005 BPL $B814 C0/B80F: 2030B3 JSR $B330 C0/B812: 8003 BRA $B817 C0/B814: 201CB2 JSR $B21C C0/B817: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B819: 24ED BIT $ED C0/B81B: 1033 BPL $B850 C0/B81D: AF2CE07E LDA $7EE02C C0/B821: D00B BNE $B82E C0/B823: AF85E07E LDA $7EE085 C0/B827: F005 BEQ $B82E C0/B829: A901 LDA #$01 C0/B82B: 202AB3 JSR $B32A C0/B82E: AF2CE27E LDA $7EE22C C0/B832: D00B BNE $B83F C0/B834: AF85E27E LDA $7EE285 C0/B838: F005 BEQ $B83F C0/B83A: A902 LDA #$02 C0/B83C: 202AB3 JSR $B32A C0/B83F: AF2CE47E LDA $7EE42C C0/B843: D00B BNE $B850 C0/B845: AF85E47E LDA $7EE485 C0/B849: F005 BEQ $B850 C0/B84B: A904 LDA #$04 C0/B84D: 202AB3 JSR $B32A C0/B850: 60 RTS

C0/B851: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B853: 8512 STA $12 C0/B855: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/B858: 4A LSR A C0/B859: B009 BCS $B864 C0/B85B: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/B85E: 4A LSR A C0/B85F: B003 BCS $B864 C0/B861: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/B864: DA PHX C0/B865: 201FB3 JSR $B31F C0/B868: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B86A: FA PLX C0/B86B: 8610 STX $10 C0/B86D: A00016 LDY #$1600 C0/B870: 24ED BIT $ED C0/B872: 100A BPL $B87E C0/B874: A0000A LDY #$0A00 C0/B877: 245C BIT $5C C0/B879: 1003 BPL $B87E C0/B87B: A00008 LDY #$0800 C0/B87E: 8B PHB C0/B87F: A97E LDA #$7E C0/B881: 48 PHA C0/B882: AB PLB C0/B883: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B885: B900E0 LDA $E000,Y C0/B888: D003 BNE $B88D C0/B88A: 82CC00 BRL $B959 C0/B88D: 30FB BMI $B88A C0/B88F: B91CE0 LDA $E01C,Y C0/B892: 1960E0 ORA $E060,Y C0/B895: D0F3 BNE $B88A C0/B897: B93DE0 LDA $E03D,Y C0/B89A: 10EE BPL $B88A C0/B89C: B93FE0 LDA $E03F,Y C0/B89F: 8501 STA $01 C0/B8A1: 2970 AND #$70 C0/B8A3: C940 CMP #$40 C0/B8A5: D004 BNE $B8AB C0/B8A7: A908 LDA #$08 C0/B8A9: 800A BRA $B8B5 C0/B8AB: C950 CMP #$50 C0/B8AD: F004 BEQ $B8B3 C0/B8AF: C960 CMP #$60 C0/B8B1: D0D7 BNE $B88A C0/B8B3: A91C LDA #$1C C0/B8B5: 8502 STA $02 C0/B8B7: 8503 STA $03 C0/B8B9: BD10E0 LDA $E010,X C0/B8BC: C902 CMP #$02 C0/B8BE: B006 BCS $B8C6 C0/B8C0: A901 LDA #$01 C0/B8C2: 8502 STA $02 C0/B8C4: 8004 BRA $B8CA C0/B8C6: A903 LDA #$03 C0/B8C8: 8503 STA $03 C0/B8CA: E00000 CPX #$0000 C0/B8CD: F01D BEQ $B8EC C0/B8CF: E00002 CPX #$0200 C0/B8D2: F00C BEQ $B8E0 C0/B8D4: B958E0 LDA $E058,Y C0/B8D7: 8500 STA $00 C0/B8D9: C220 REP #$20 C0/B8DB: B956E0 LDA $E056,Y C0/B8DE: 8016 BRA $B8F6 C0/B8E0: B955E0 LDA $E055,Y C0/B8E3: 8500 STA $00 C0/B8E5: C220 REP #$20 C0/B8E7: B953E0 LDA $E053,Y C0/B8EA: 800A BRA $B8F6 C0/B8EC: B952E0 LDA $E052,Y C0/B8EF: 8500 STA $00 C0/B8F1: C220 REP #$20 C0/B8F3: B950E0 LDA $E050,Y C0/B8F6: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B8F8: C502 CMP $02 C0/B8FA: B05D BCS $B959 C0/B8FC: EB XBA C0/B8FD: C503 CMP $03 C0/B8FF: B058 BCS $B959 C0/B901: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/B904: 590BE0 EOR $E00B,Y C0/B907: 3050 BMI $B959 C0/B909: 2903 AND #$03 C0/B90B: C903 CMP #$03 C0/B90D: F04A BEQ $B959 C0/B90F: BD45E0 LDA $E045,X C0/B912: 18 CLC C0/B913: 7945E0 ADC $E045,Y C0/B916: C904 CMP #$04 C0/B918: B03F BCS $B959 C0/B91A: A501 LDA $01 C0/B91C: 2970 AND #$70 C0/B91E: C960 CMP #$60 C0/B920: 9014 BCC $B936 C0/B922: BD10E0 LDA $E010,X C0/B925: C902 CMP #$02 C0/B927: 9004 BCC $B92D C0/B929: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/B92B: 8002 BRA $B92F C0/B92D: 4901 EOR #$01 C0/B92F: D910E0 CMP $E010,Y C0/B932: D025 BNE $B959 C0/B934: 805F BRA $B995 C0/B936: BD10E0 LDA $E010,X C0/B939: F014 BEQ $B94F C0/B93B: C901 CMP #$01 C0/B93D: F016 BEQ $B955 C0/B93F: C902 CMP #$02 C0/B941: F006 BEQ $B949 C0/B943: 2400 BIT $00 C0/B945: 7012 BVS $B959 C0/B947: 502D BVC $B976 C0/B949: 2400 BIT $00 C0/B94B: 500C BVC $B959 C0/B94D: 7027 BVS $B976 C0/B94F: 2400 BIT $00 C0/B951: 3006 BMI $B959 C0/B953: 1021 BPL $B976 C0/B955: 2400 BIT $00 C0/B957: 301D BMI $B976 C0/B959: C220 REP #$20 C0/B95B: 98 TYA C0/B95C: 38 SEC C0/B95D: E90002 SBC #$0200 C0/B960: A8 TAY C0/B961: C90006 CMP #$0600 C0/B964: 9003 BCC $B969 C0/B966: 821AFF BRL $B883 C0/B969: AB PLB C0/B96A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B96C: 24ED BIT $ED C0/B96E: 3001 BMI $B971 C0/B970: 60 RTS

C0/B971: A512 LDA $12 C0/B973: 8229F9 BRL $B29F C0/B976: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/B978: D0EF BNE $B969 C0/B97A: A900 LDA #$00 C0/B97C: 990AE0 STA $E00A,Y C0/B97F: 991CE0 STA $E01C,Y C0/B982: 9911E0 STA $E011,Y C0/B985: BD10E0 LDA $E010,X C0/B988: C902 CMP #$02 C0/B98A: 9004 BCC $B990 C0/B98C: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/B98E: 8002 BRA $B992 C0/B990: 4901 EOR #$01 C0/B992: 9910E0 STA $E010,Y C0/B995: C220 REP #$20 C0/B997: 843A STY $3A C0/B999: 86D4 STX $D4 C0/B99B: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/B99E: 9D06E0 STA $E006,X C0/B9A1: 9D08E0 STA $E008,X C0/B9A4: 9906E0 STA $E006,Y C0/B9A7: 9908E0 STA $E008,Y C0/B9AA: B93EE0 LDA $E03E,Y [Treasure chest event pointer?] C0/B9AD: 29FF0F AND #$0FFF C0/B9B0: 226DE701 JSR $01E76D C0/B9B4: AB PLB C0/B9B5: 60 RTS

C0/B9B6: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B9B8: A6D4 LDX $D4 C0/B9BA: BF0AE07E LDA $7EE00A,X C0/B9BE: D004 BNE $B9C4 C0/B9C0: 64FF STZ $FF C0/B9C2: 64E1 STZ $E1 C0/B9C4: 60 RTS

[Room type handling?] C0/B9C5: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B9C7: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/B9C9: A6D4 LDX $D4 C0/B9CB: A5E0 LDA $E0 C0/B9CD: 291F AND #$1F C0/B9CF: D00B BNE $B9DC C0/B9D1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/B9D3: A5E0 LDA $E0 C0/B9D5: 091F ORA #$1F C0/B9D7: 85E0 STA $E0 C0/B9D9: 4C168B JMP $8B16 C0/B9DC: 48 PHA C0/B9DD: A980 LDA #$80 C0/B9DF: 854E STA $4E C0/B9E1: 68 PLA C0/B9E2: C91E CMP #$1E C0/B9E4: D007 BNE $B9ED C0/B9E6: BF0AE07E LDA $7EE00A,X C0/B9EA: F0E5 BEQ $B9D1 C0/B9EC: 60 RTS

C0/B9ED: C905 CMP #$05 C0/B9EF: B05B BCS $BA4C C0/B9F1: 85E1 STA $E1 C0/B9F3: 3A DEC A C0/B9F4: 8500 STA $00 C0/B9F6: A920 LDA #$20 C0/B9F8: 04FF TSB $FF C0/B9FA: BF0EE07E LDA $7EE00E,X C0/B9FE: 3014 BMI $BA14 C0/BA00: C220 REP #$20 C0/BA02: BF20E07E LDA $7EE020,X C0/BA06: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/BA09: B009 BCS $BA14 C0/BA0B: BF22E07E LDA $7EE022,X C0/BA0F: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/BA12: 900A BCC $BA1E C0/BA14: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BA16: A920 LDA #$20 C0/BA18: 9F0AE07E STA $7EE00A,X C0/BA1C: 80B3 BRA $B9D1 C0/BA1E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BA20: A00082 LDY #$8200 C0/BA23: A500 LDA $00 C0/BA25: F00F BEQ $BA36 C0/BA27: A00002 LDY #$0200 C0/BA2A: 3A DEC A C0/BA2B: F009 BEQ $BA36 C0/BA2D: A00200 LDY #$0002 C0/BA30: 3A DEC A C0/BA31: F003 BEQ $BA36 C0/BA33: A08200 LDY #$0082 C0/BA36: A920 LDA #$20 C0/BA38: 9F0AE07E STA $7EE00A,X C0/BA3C: C220 REP #$20 C0/BA3E: 98 TYA C0/BA3F: 8F06E07E STA $7EE006 C0/BA43: 8F06E27E STA $7EE206 C0/BA47: 8F06E47E STA $7EE406 C0/BA4B: 60 RTS

C0/BA4C: 464E LSR $4E C0/BA4E: C90BB0 CMP #$B00B C0/BA51: 3920D5 AND $D520,Y C0/BA54: BA TSX C0/BA55: EB XBA C0/BA56: 48 PHA C0/BA57: A9828F LDA #$8F82 C0/BA5A: 07E0 ORA [$E0] C0/BA5C: 7E8F07 ROR $078F,X C0/BA5F: E27E SEP #$7E C0/BA61: 8F07E47E STA $7EE407 C0/BA65: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BA67: 8F06E07E STA $7EE006 C0/BA6B: 8F06E27E STA $7EE206 C0/BA6F: 8F06E47E STA $7EE406 C0/BA73: A910 LDA #$10 C0/BA75: 9F0AE07E STA $7EE00A,X C0/BA79: A5E0 LDA $E0 C0/BA7B: 29E0 AND #$E0 C0/BA7D: 091F ORA #$1F C0/BA7F: 85E0 STA $E0 C0/BA81: DA PHX C0/BA82: 20168B JSR $8B16 C0/BA85: FA PLX C0/BA86: 68 PLA C0/BA87: 82A800 BRL $BB32 C0/BA8A: 60 RTS

C0/BA8B: 85E1 STA $E1 C0/BA8D: 48 PHA C0/BA8E: A918 LDA #$18 C0/BA90: 9F0AE07E STA $7EE00A,X C0/BA94: A5E0 LDA $E0 C0/BA96: 29E0 AND #$E0 C0/BA98: 091F ORA #$1F C0/BA9A: 85E0 STA $E0 C0/BA9C: 68 PLA C0/BA9D: A000 LDY #$00 C0/BA9F: 82C90B BRL $C66B C0/BAA2: F01F BEQ $BAC3 C0/BAA4: A000 LDY #$00 C0/BAA6: 02C9 COP #$C9 C0/BAA8: 0CF018 TSB $18F0 C0/BAAB: A082 LDY #$82 C0/BAAD: 02C9 COP #$C9 C0/BAAF: 0DF011 ORA $11F0 C0/BAB2: A002 LDY #$02 C0/BAB4: 82C90E BRL $C980 C0/BAB7: F00A BEQ $BAC3 C0/BAB9: A002 LDY #$02 C0/BABB: 02C9 COP #$C9 C0/BABD: 0FF003A0 ORA $A003F0 C0/BAC1: 8282C2 BRL $7D46 C0/BAC4: 20988F JSR $8F98 C0/BAC7: 06E0 ASL $E0 C0/BAC9: 7E8F06 ROR $068F,X C0/BACC: E27E SEP #$7E C0/BACE: 8F06E47E STA $7EE406 C0/BAD2: 4C098B JMP $8B09 C0/BAD5: C905 CMP #$05 C0/BAD7: F033 BEQ $BB0C C0/BAD9: C906 CMP #$06 C0/BADB: F028 BEQ $BB05 C0/BADD: C907 CMP #$07 C0/BADF: F01D BEQ $BAFE C0/BAE1: C908 CMP #$08 C0/BAE3: F012 BEQ $BAF7 C0/BAE5: C909 CMP #$09 C0/BAE7: F007 BEQ $BAF0 C0/BAE9: A901 LDA #$01 C0/BAEB: EB XBA C0/BAEC: A9EC LDA #$EC C0/BAEE: 8021 BRA $BB11 C0/BAF0: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BAF2: EB XBA C0/BAF3: A9EB LDA #$EB C0/BAF5: 801A BRA $BB11 C0/BAF7: A903 LDA #$03 C0/BAF9: EB XBA C0/BAFA: A9EB LDA #$EB C0/BAFC: 8013 BRA $BB11 C0/BAFE: A902 LDA #$02 C0/BB00: EB XBA C0/BB01: A9EA LDA #$EA C0/BB03: 800C BRA $BB11 C0/BB05: A901 LDA #$01 C0/BB07: EB XBA C0/BB08: A9E9 LDA #$E9 C0/BB0A: 8005 BRA $BB11 C0/BB0C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BB0E: EB XBA C0/BB0F: A9E8 LDA #$E8 C0/BB11: 8595 STA $95 C0/BB13: BF20E07E LDA $7EE020,X C0/BB17: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/BB19: 8D1801 STA $0118 C0/BB1C: 4A LSR A C0/BB1D: 4A LSR A C0/BB1E: 4A LSR A C0/BB1F: 4A LSR A C0/BB20: 0D1801 ORA $0118 C0/BB23: 8D1901 STA $0119 C0/BB26: 60 RTS

C0/BB27: 48 PHA C0/BB28: BF2CE07E LDA $7EE02C,X C0/BB2C: C901 CMP #$01 C0/BB2E: 68 PLA C0/BB2F: B0E0 BCS $BB11 C0/BB31: 60 RTS

C0/BB32: 8B PHB C0/BB33: 48 PHA C0/BB34: A97E LDA #$7E C0/BB36: 48 PHA C0/BB37: AB PLB C0/BB38: A97F LDA #$7F C0/BB3A: 8502 STA $02 C0/BB3C: A941 LDA #$41 C0/BB3E: 8582 STA $82 C0/BB40: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/BB43: A000 LDY #$00 C0/BB45: 000A BRK #$0A [DANGER] C0/BB47: 9007 BCC $BB50 C0/BB49: A9C0 LDA #$C0 C0/BB4B: 8582 STA $82 C0/BB4D: A000 LDY #$00 C0/BB4F: 40 RTI

C0/BB50: 8400 STY $00 C0/BB52: C220 REP #$20 C0/BB54: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X C0/BB57: 4A LSR A C0/BB58: 4A LSR A C0/BB59: 4A LSR A C0/BB5A: 4A LSR A C0/BB5B: 8504 STA $04 C0/BB5D: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X C0/BB60: 29F00F AND #$0FF0 C0/BB63: 0A ASL A C0/BB64: 0A ASL A C0/BB65: 0A ASL A C0/BB66: 0504 ORA $04 C0/BB68: 18 CLC C0/BB69: 6500 ADC $00 C0/BB6B: 38 SEC C0/BB6C: E98000 SBC #$0080 C0/BB6F: 8500 STA $00 C0/BB71: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BB73: 68 PLA C0/BB74: F02D BEQ $BBA3 C0/BB76: 3A DEC A C0/BB77: F01F BEQ $BB98 C0/BB79: 3A DEC A C0/BB7A: F005 BEQ $BB81 C0/BB7C: A400 LDY $00 C0/BB7E: 88 DEY C0/BB7F: 8400 STY $00 C0/BB81: A001 LDY #$01 C0/BB83: 00A9 BRK #$A9 [DANGER] C0/BB85: B287 LDA ($87) C0/BB87: 00A9 BRK #$A9 C0/BB89: B697 LDX $97,Y C0/BB8B: 00A0 BRK #$A0 C0/BB8D: 8000 BRA $BB8F C0/BB8F: A9B3 LDA #$B3 C0/BB91: 9700 STA [$00],Y C0/BB93: C8 INY C0/BB94: A9B7 LDA #$B7 C0/BB96: 8014 BRA $BBAC C0/BB98: A9B6 LDA #$B6 C0/BB9A: 8700 STA [$00] C0/BB9C: A080 LDY #$80 C0/BB9E: 00A9 BRK #$A9 C0/BBA0: B780 LDA [$80],Y C0/BBA2: 09A9 ORA #$A9 C0/BBA4: B287 LDA ($87) C0/BBA6: 00A0 BRK #$A0 C0/BBA8: 8000 BRA $BBAA C0/BBAA: A9B3 LDA #$B3 C0/BBAC: 9700 STA [$00],Y C0/BBAE: A582 LDA $82 C0/BBB0: 0A ASL A C0/BBB1: C220 REP #$20 C0/BBB3: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X C0/BBB6: 9009 BCC $BBC1 C0/BBB8: 38 SEC C0/BBB9: E5AE SBC $AE C0/BBBB: B00B BCS $BBC8 C0/BBBD: 65C6 ADC $C6 C0/BBBF: 8007 BRA $BBC8 C0/BBC1: 38 SEC C0/BBC2: E5AA SBC $AA C0/BBC4: B002 BCS $BBC8 C0/BBC6: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/BBC8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BBCA: 38 SEC C0/BBCB: E902 SBC #$02 C0/BBCD: 8583 STA $83 C0/BBCF: AB PLB C0/BBD0: 60 RTS

C0/BBD1: C220 REP #$20 C0/BBD3: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/BBD6: 8F06E07E STA $7EE006 C0/BBDA: 8F06E27E STA $7EE206 C0/BBDE: 8F06E47E STA $7EE406 C0/BBE2: 9F08E07E STA $7EE008,X C0/BBE6: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BBE8: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/BBEA: D002 BNE $BBEE C0/BBEC: 86D4 STX $D4 C0/BBEE: 22F5CC01 JSR $01CCF5 C0/BBF2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BBF4: A9A0 LDA #$A0 C0/BBF6: 85E0 STA $E0 C0/BBF8: A940 LDA #$40 C0/BBFA: 85FF STA $FF C0/BBFC: A980 LDA #$80 C0/BBFE: 85E8 STA $E8 C0/BC00: 60 RTS

C0/BC01: 20098B JSR $8B09 C0/BC04: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BC06: A981 LDA #$81 C0/BC08: 85FF STA $FF C0/BC0A: 6B RTL

[PRIORITY] C0/BC0B: 2085BC JSR $BC85 C0/BC0E: 2081C4 JSR $C481 [Load NPC location data] C0/BC11: 20EAC9 JSR $C9EA [Load shit related to flag data and other things?] C0/BC14: 225CAA02 JSR $02AA5C [Jump to thing that jumps to Read C80100 Table] C0/BC18: 224EFD01 JSR $01FD4E C0/BC1C: 22C5A602 JSR $02A6C5 C0/BC20: 228FDC01 JSR $01DC8F C0/BC24: 20DCDC JSR $DCDC C0/BC27: 22D7E001 JSR $01E0D7 C0/BC2B: 2055E3 JSR $E355 C0/BC2E: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BC30: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/BC33: 8E2001 STX $0120 C0/BC36: A2000F LDX #$0F00 C0/BC39: A00101 LDY #$0101 C0/BC3C: 20308B JSR $8B30 C0/BC3F: 229CF201 JSR $01F29C C0/BC43: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BC45: 9C041D STZ $1D04 C0/BC48: E230 SEP #$30 C0/BC4A: A90F LDA #$0F C0/BC4C: 14E3 TRB $E3 C0/BC4E: A5B0 LDA $B0 C0/BC50: 8D0D21 STA $210D [Store into BG1 Horizontal Scroll (low)] C0/BC53: 9C0D21 STZ $210D [Store zero into BG1 Horizontal Scroll (high)] C0/BC56: A5B2 LDA $B2 C0/BC58: 8D0E21 STA $210E [Store into BG1 Vertical Scroll (low)] C0/BC5B: 9C0E21 STZ $210E [Store zero into BG1 Vertical Scroll (high)] C0/BC5E: A5E8 LDA $E8 C0/BC60: 2903 AND #$03 C0/BC62: 8552 STA $52 C0/BC64: A9B8 LDA #$B8 [Load #$B8 (184) into Accumulator] C0/BC66: 8D0742 STA $4207 [Store into H Timer Low Byte] C0/BC69: 9C0842 STZ $4208 [Store zero into H Timer High Byte] C0/BC6C: A9C4 LDA #$C4 [Load #$C4 (196) into Accumulator] C0/BC6E: 8D0942 STA $4209 [Store into V Timer Low Byte] C0/BC71: 9C0A42 STZ $420A [Store zero into V Timer High Byte] C0/BC74: AD0E01 LDA $010E C0/BC77: 0D0F01 ORA $010F C0/BC7A: D004 BNE $BC80 C0/BC7C: 22C1CE02 JSR $02CEC1 C0/BC80: 226000C0 JSR $C00060 C0/BC84: 60 RTS

C0/BC85: E230 SEP #$30 C0/BC87: A207 LDX #$07 C0/BC89: BD93BC LDA $BC93,X C0/BC8C: 9D0001 STA $0100,X C0/BC8F: CA DEX C0/BC90: 10F7 BPL $BC89 C0/BC92: 60 RTS

C0/BC93: 5CA8C000 JMP $00C0A8 C0/BC97: 5CCFC100 JMP $00C1CF C0/BC9B: E230 SEP #$30 C0/BC9D: A2CE LDX #$CE C0/BC9F: C220 REP #$20 C0/BCA1: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/BCA4: 9500 STA $00,X C0/BCA6: CA DEX C0/BCA7: CA DEX C0/BCA8: D0FA BNE $BCA4 C0/BCAA: 60 RTS

C0/BCAB: C230 REP #$30 C0/BCAD: A67C LDX $7C C0/BCAF: A9FFE0 LDA #$E0FF C0/BCB2: EC2001 CPX $0120 C0/BCB5: B00C BCS $BCC3 C0/BCB7: 9D0008 STA $0800,X C0/BCBA: E8 INX C0/BCBB: E8 INX C0/BCBC: E8 INX C0/BCBD: E8 INX C0/BCBE: E0FC01 CPX #$01FC C0/BCC1: 90EF BCC $BCB2 C0/BCC3: 9D0008 STA $0800,X C0/BCC6: A57C LDA $7C C0/BCC8: 8D2001 STA $0120 C0/BCCB: 60 RTS

[] C0/BCCC: C230 REP #$30 C0/BCCE: A90100 LDA #$0001 C0/BCD1: 8559 STA $59 C0/BCD3: 645A STZ $5A C0/BCD5: 647C STZ $7C C0/BCD7: 647D STZ $7D C0/BCD9: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/BCDC: 9E0008 STZ $0800,X C0/BCDF: E8 INX C0/BCE0: E8 INX C0/BCE1: E02002 CPX #$0220 C0/BCE4: 90F6 BCC $BCDC C0/BCE6: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BCE8: AFF7CF7E LDA $7ECFF7 [Special event flag?] C0/BCEC: F004 BEQ $BCF2 C0/BCEE: 223400C1 JSR $C10034 C0/BCF2: 60 RTS

C0/BCF3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BCF5: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BCF7: 6400 STZ $00 C0/BCF9: 6402 STZ $02 C0/BCFB: 6404 STZ $04 C0/BCFD: 8B PHB C0/BCFE: A97E LDA #$7E C0/BD00: 48 PHA C0/BD01: AB PLB C0/BD02: B9D900 LDA $00D9,Y C0/BD05: 4A LSR A C0/BD06: B01B BCS $BD23 C0/BD08: 4A LSR A C0/BD09: B00C BCS $BD17 C0/BD0B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BD0D: 8501 STA $01 C0/BD0F: A902 LDA #$02 C0/BD11: 8503 STA $03 C0/BD13: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BD15: 8016 BRA $BD2D C0/BD17: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BD19: 8501 STA $01 C0/BD1B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BD1D: 8503 STA $03 C0/BD1F: A902 LDA #$02 C0/BD21: 800A BRA $BD2D C0/BD23: A902 LDA #$02 C0/BD25: 8501 STA $01 C0/BD27: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BD29: 8503 STA $03 C0/BD2B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BD2D: 8505 STA $05 C0/BD2F: A600 LDX $00 C0/BD31: 203DBD JSR $BD3D C0/BD34: B005 BCS $BD3B C0/BD36: A602 LDX $02 C0/BD38: 203DBD JSR $BD3D C0/BD3B: AB PLB C0/BD3C: 60 RTS

C0/BD3D: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/BD40: F04D BEQ $BD8F C0/BD42: 304B BMI $BD8F C0/BD44: C220 REP #$20 C0/BD46: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/BD49: 2960C1 AND #$C160 C0/BD4C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BD4E: D03F BNE $BD8F C0/BD50: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/BD53: 1D8CE0 ORA $E08C,X C0/BD56: D037 BNE $BD8F C0/BD58: 8600 STX $00 C0/BD5A: A501 LDA $01 C0/BD5C: D001 BNE $BD5F C0/BD5E: 1A INC A C0/BD5F: 99D900 STA $00D9,Y C0/BD62: 98 TYA C0/BD63: 1A INC A C0/BD64: C903 CMP #$03 C0/BD66: D002 BNE $BD6A C0/BD68: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BD6A: 9D2CE0 STA $E02C,X C0/BD6D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BD6F: 9D13E0 STA $E013,X C0/BD72: A604 LDX $04 C0/BD74: 9E2CE0 STZ $E02C,X C0/BD77: BD8CE0 LDA $E08C,X C0/BD7A: 9E8CE0 STZ $E08C,X C0/BD7D: D005 BNE $BD84 C0/BD7F: 20B0BD JSR $BDB0 C0/BD82: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BD84: 8B PHB C0/BD85: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BD87: 48 PHA C0/BD88: AB PLB C0/BD89: 2038BF JSR $BF38 C0/BD8C: AB PLB C0/BD8D: 38 SEC C0/BD8E: 60 RTS

C0/BD8F: 18 CLC C0/BD90: 60 RTS

C0/BD91: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BD93: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/BD96: 800C BRA $BDA4 C0/BD98: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BD9A: A20002 LDX #$0200 [Load Girl Character Index] C0/BD9D: 8005 BRA $BDA4 C0/BD9F: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BDA1: A20004 LDX #$0400 [Load Sprite Character Index] C0/BDA4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BDA6: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BDA8: 9F2CE07E STA $7EE02C,X C0/BDAC: 9F8CE07E STA $7EE08C,X C0/BDB0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BDB2: BF80E17E LDA $7EE180,X C0/BDB6: 222000C1 JSR $C10020 C0/BDBA: 60 RTS


C0/BDC5: B5D9 LDA $D9,X C0/BDC7: 1001 BPL $BDCA C0/BDC9: 60 RTS

C0/BDCA: 20D0BD JSR $BDD0 C0/BDCD: 826801 BRL $BF38 C0/BDD0: F01E BEQ $BDF0 C0/BDD2: 8600 STX $00 C0/BDD4: 3A DEC A C0/BDD5: C903 CMP #$03 C0/BDD7: D002 BNE $BDDB C0/BDD9: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BDDB: 0A ASL A C0/BDDC: EB XBA C0/BDDD: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BDDF: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BDE1: AA TAX C0/BDE2: BF1CE07E LDA $7EE01C,X C0/BDE6: 1F60E07E ORA $7EE060,X C0/BDEA: E210 SEP #$10 C0/BDEC: D0DB BNE $BDC9 C0/BDEE: A600 LDX $00 C0/BDF0: B4D9 LDY $D9,X C0/BDF2: F038 BEQ $BE2C C0/BDF4: E000 CPX #$00 C0/BDF6: F018 BEQ $BE10 C0/BDF8: E001 CPX #$01 C0/BDFA: F00A BEQ $BE06 C0/BDFC: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/BDFE: D018 BNE $BE18 C0/BE00: A5DA LDA $DA C0/BE02: D014 BNE $BE18 C0/BE04: F0C3 BEQ $BDC9 C0/BE06: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/BE08: D00E BNE $BE18 C0/BE0A: A5DB LDA $DB C0/BE0C: D00A BNE $BE18 C0/BE0E: F0B9 BEQ $BDC9 C0/BE10: A5DA LDA $DA C0/BE12: D004 BNE $BE18 C0/BE14: A5DB LDA $DB C0/BE16: F0B1 BEQ $BDC9 C0/BE18: 74D9 STZ $D9,X C0/BE1A: 98 TYA C0/BE1B: A000 LDY #$00 C0/BE1D: 4A LSR A C0/BE1E: B009 BCS $BE29 C0/BE20: 4A LSR A C0/BE21: B003 BCS $BE26 C0/BE23: 8279FF BRL $BD9F C0/BE26: 826FFF BRL $BD98 C0/BE29: 8265FF BRL $BD91 C0/BE2C: 8A TXA C0/BE2D: 1A INC A C0/BE2E: C903 CMP #$03 C0/BE30: D002 BNE $BE34 C0/BE32: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BE34: 8500 STA $00 C0/BE36: 8B PHB C0/BE37: A97E LDA #$7E C0/BE39: 48 PHA C0/BE3A: AB PLB C0/BE3B: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BE3D: 229DB502 JSR $02B59D C0/BE41: 9032 BCC $BE75 C0/BE43: A902 LDA #$02 C0/BE45: 229DB502 JSR $02B59D C0/BE49: 9026 BCC $BE71 C0/BE4B: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BE4D: 229DB502 JSR $02B59D C0/BE51: 901A BCC $BE6D C0/BE53: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BE55: 22C9B502 JSR $02B5C9 C0/BE59: 901A BCC $BE75 C0/BE5B: A902 LDA #$02 C0/BE5D: 22C9B502 JSR $02B5C9 C0/BE61: 900E BCC $BE71 C0/BE63: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BE65: 22C9B502 JSR $02B5C9 C0/BE69: 9002 BCC $BE6D C0/BE6B: AB PLB C0/BE6C: 60 RTS

C0/BE6D: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BE6F: 8006 BRA $BE77 C0/BE71: A902 LDA #$02 C0/BE73: 8002 BRA $BE77 C0/BE75: A901 LDA #$01 C0/BE77: 95D9 STA $D9,X C0/BE79: C901 CMP #$01 C0/BE7B: D002 BNE $BE7F C0/BE7D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BE7F: 74CC STZ $CC,X C0/BE81: EB XBA C0/BE82: DA PHX C0/BE83: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BE85: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BE87: AA TAX C0/BE88: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/BE8B: 2941 AND #$41 C0/BE8D: D011 BNE $BEA0 C0/BE8F: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/BE92: 2960 AND #$60 C0/BE94: D00A BNE $BEA0 C0/BE96: A500 LDA $00 C0/BE98: 9D2CE0 STA $E02C,X C0/BE9B: 9E13E0 STZ $E013,X C0/BE9E: 8005 BRA $BEA5 C0/BEA0: A500 LDA $00 C0/BEA2: 9D8CE0 STA $E08C,X C0/BEA5: E210 SEP #$10 C0/BEA7: FA PLX C0/BEA8: AB PLB C0/BEA9: 60 RTS

[Possibly, ability/inability to use a sword in a given location is Bank $0E?] C0/BEAA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BEAC: AF00CF7E LDA $7ECF00 C0/BEB0: D016 + BNE $BEC8 C0/BEB2: A5ED LDA $ED C0/BEB4: 1012 BPL $BEC8 C0/BEB6: 297F AND #$7F C0/BEB8: + 85ED STA $ED C0/BEBA: AF82E87E LDA $7EE882 C0/BEBE: 8F82EC7E STA $7EEC82 C0/BEC2: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BEC4: 8F83EC7E STA $7EEC83 C0/BEC8: A5B8 LDA $B8 C0/BECA: 2903 AND #$03 C0/BECC: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/BECE: 38 SEC C0/BECF: 69C0 ADC #$C0 C0/BED1: 854D STA $4D C0/BED3: A5B8 LDA $B8 C0/BED5: 2904 AND #$04 C0/BED7: D001 BNE $BEDA C0/BED9: 60 RTS

C0/BEDA: A5E8 LDA $E8 C0/BEDC: 30FB BMI $BED9 C0/BEDE: 2903 AND #$03 C0/BEE0: C903 CMP #$03 C0/BEE2: D001 BNE $BEE5 C0/BEE4: 60 RTS [Palette related nonsense?] C0/BEE5: C230 REP #$30 C0/BEE7: A5DC LDA $DC C0/BEE9: 0A ASL A C0/BEEA: AA TAX C0/BEEB: BF0040C8 LDA $C84000,X C0/BEEF: AA TAX C0/BEF0: BF0000C8 LDA $C80000,X C0/BEF4: 29FF0F AND #$0FFF C0/BEF7: 226DE701 JSR $01E76D C0/BEFB: 60 RTS

C0/BEFC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BEFE: DA PHX C0/BEFF: 5A PHY C0/BF00: FA PLX C0/BF01: DA PHX C0/BF02: BF1CE07E LDA $7EE01C,X C0/BF06: 1F60E07E ORA $7EE060,X C0/BF0A: F003 BEQ $BF0F C0/BF0C: FA PLX C0/BF0D: 7A PLY C0/BF0E: 60 RTS

C0/BF0F: 86D4 STX $D4 C0/BF11: A901 LDA #$01 C0/BF13: 04EC TSB $EC C0/BF15: 24EC BIT $EC C0/BF17: D0FC BNE $BF15 C0/BF19: 18 CLC C0/BF1A: 20A2BF JSR $BFA2 C0/BF1D: 202CE3 JSR $E32C C0/BF20: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BF22: 7A PLY C0/BF23: FA PLX C0/BF24: 2238CB01 JSR $01CB38 C0/BF28: 2055E3 JSR $E355 C0/BF2B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BF2D: A904 LDA #$04 C0/BF2F: 24E8 BIT $E8 C0/BF31: D004 BNE $BF37 C0/BF33: 38 SEC C0/BF34: 826B00 BRL $BFA2 C0/BF37: 60 RTS

C0/BF38: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BF3A: AF00CF7E LDA $7ECF00 C0/BF3E: D001 BNE $BF41 C0/BF40: 60 RTS

C0/BF41: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/BF43: A902 LDA #$02 C0/BF45: 85EC STA $EC C0/BF47: 24EC BIT $EC C0/BF49: D0FC BNE $BF47 C0/BF4B: 9C1521 STZ $2115 C0/BF4E: A95B LDA #$5B C0/BF50: EB XBA C0/BF51: AD550A LDA $0A55 C0/BF54: F006 BEQ $BF5C C0/BF56: A20000 LDX #$0000 [Load Boy Character Index] C0/BF59: 2073BF JSR $BF73 C0/BF5C: AD650A LDA $0A65 C0/BF5F: F006 BEQ $BF67 C0/BF61: A20002 LDX #$0200 [Load Girl Character Index] C0/BF64: 2073BF JSR $BF73 C0/BF67: AD750A LDA $0A75 C0/BF6A: F006 BEQ $BF72 C0/BF6C: A20004 LDX #$0400 [Load Sprite Character Index] C0/BF6F: 2073BF JSR $BF73 C0/BF72: 60 RTS

C0/BF73: C220 REP #$20 C0/BF75: 38 SEC C0/BF76: E92100 SBC #$0021 C0/BF79: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/BF7C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BF7E: BF2CE07E LDA $7EE02C,X C0/BF82: D006 BNE $BF8A C0/BF84: BF8CE07E LDA $7EE08C,X C0/BF88: F012 BEQ $BF9C C0/BF8A: 4A LSR A C0/BF8B: B007 BCS $BF94 C0/BF8D: 4A LSR A C0/BF8E: B008 BCS $BF98 C0/BF90: A923 LDA #$23 C0/BF92: 800A BRA $BF9E C0/BF94: A921 LDA #$21 C0/BF96: 8006 BRA $BF9E C0/BF98: A922 LDA #$22 C0/BF9A: 8002 BRA $BF9E C0/BF9C: A916 LDA #$16 C0/BF9E: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/BFA1: 60 RTS

C0/BFA2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/BFA4: B07E BCS $C024 C0/BFA6: BF22E07E LDA $7EE022,X C0/BFAA: 851F STA $1F C0/BFAC: AF00E07E LDA $7EE000 C0/BFB0: F012 BEQ $BFC4 C0/BFB2: 3010 BMI $BFC4 C0/BFB4: AF2CE07E LDA $7EE02C C0/BFB8: D00A BNE $BFC4 C0/BFBA: AF22E07E LDA $7EE022 C0/BFBE: C51F CMP $1F C0/BFC0: B002 BCS $BFC4 C0/BFC2: 851F STA $1F C0/BFC4: AF00E27E LDA $7EE200 C0/BFC8: F012 BEQ $BFDC C0/BFCA: 3010 BMI $BFDC C0/BFCC: AF2CE27E LDA $7EE22C C0/BFD0: D00A BNE $BFDC C0/BFD2: AF22E27E LDA $7EE222 C0/BFD6: C51F CMP $1F C0/BFD8: B002 BCS $BFDC C0/BFDA: 851F STA $1F C0/BFDC: AF00E47E LDA $7EE400 C0/BFE0: F012 BEQ $BFF4 C0/BFE2: 3010 BMI $BFF4 C0/BFE4: AF2CE47E LDA $7EE42C C0/BFE8: D00A BNE $BFF4 C0/BFEA: AF22E47E LDA $7EE422 C0/BFEE: C51F CMP $1F C0/BFF0: B002 BCS $BFF4 C0/BFF2: 851F STA $1F C0/BFF4: A51F LDA $1F C0/BFF6: C964 CMP #$64 C0/BFF8: 9006 BCC $C000 C0/BFFA: A900 LDA #$00 C0/BFFC: 851F STA $1F C0/BFFE: 18 CLC C0/BFFF: 60 RTS

C0/C000: A964 LDA #$64 C0/C002: 38 SEC C0/C003: E51F SBC $1F C0/C005: C91C CMP #$1C C0/C007: 9002 BCC $C00B C0/C009: A91C LDA #$1C C0/C00B: 851F STA $1F C0/C00D: C90F CMP #$0F C0/C00F: B004 BCS $C015 C0/C011: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/C013: 8022 BRA $C037 C0/C015: A98E LDA #$8E C0/C017: 2037C0 JSR $C037 C0/C01A: A51F LDA $1F C0/C01C: 38 SEC C0/C01D: E90E SBC #$0E C0/C01F: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/C021: 821300 BRL $C037 C0/C024: A51F LDA $1F C0/C026: D001 BNE $C029 C0/C028: 60 RTS

C0/C029: C90F CMP #$0F C0/C02B: 900A BCC $C037 C0/C02D: A90E LDA #$0E C0/C02F: 2037C0 JSR $C037 C0/C032: A51F LDA $1F C0/C034: 38 SEC C0/C035: E90E SBC #$0E C0/C037: 8586 STA $86 C0/C039: 6484 STZ $84 C0/C03B: 20F9D1 JSR $D1F9 C0/C03E: 209FC5 JSR $C59F C0/C041: 20CCBC JSR $BCCC C0/C044: 208EE3 JSR $E38E C0/C047: 20ABBC JSR $BCAB C0/C04A: 20CCBC JSR $BCCC C0/C04D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C04F: A901 LDA #$01 C0/C051: 85EC STA $EC C0/C053: 24EC BIT $EC C0/C055: D0FC BNE $C053 C0/C057: 38 SEC C0/C058: 60 RTS

C0/C059: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C05B: AD0F01 LDA $010F C0/C05E: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/C060: D007 BNE $C069 C0/C062: AD0E01 LDA $010E C0/C065: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/C067: F001 BEQ $C06A C0/C069: 60 RTS

C0/C06A: 2237FD01 JSR $01FD37 C0/C06E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C070: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C072: 851F STA $1F C0/C074: A988 LDA #$88 C0/C076: 8584 STA $84 C0/C078: 6486 STZ $86 C0/C07A: 20F9D1 JSR $D1F9 C0/C07D: 209FC5 JSR $C59F C0/C080: 20CCBC JSR $BCCC C0/C083: 208EE3 JSR $E38E C0/C086: 20ABBC JSR $BCAB C0/C089: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C08B: A908 LDA #$08 C0/C08D: 8F0FE07E STA $7EE00F C0/C091: 8F0FE27E STA $7EE20F C0/C095: 8F0FE47E STA $7EE40F C0/C099: A901 LDA #$01 C0/C09B: 85EC STA $EC C0/C09D: 24EC BIT $EC C0/C09F: D0FC BNE $C09D C0/C0A1: C61F DEC $1F C0/C0A3: D0CF BNE $C074 C0/C0A5: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C0A7: 60 RTS

C0/C0A8: C230 REP #$30 C0/C0AA: 48 PHA C0/C0AB: DA PHX C0/C0AC: 5A PHY C0/C0AD: 0B PHD C0/C0AE: 8B PHB C0/C0AF: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/C0B2: 5B TCD C0/C0B3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C0B5: 48 PHA C0/C0B6: AB PLB C0/C0B7: AD1042 LDA $4210 C0/C0BA: A98F LDA #$8F C0/C0BC: 8D0021 STA $2100 C0/C0BF: 9C0C42 STZ $420C C0/C0C2: A529 LDA $29 C0/C0C4: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/C0C6: F008 BEQ $C0D0 C0/C0C8: 8D0521 STA $2105 C0/C0CB: A521 LDA $21 C0/C0CD: 8D2C21 STA $212C C0/C0D0: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/C0D3: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/C0D5: D019 BNE $C0F0 C0/C0D7: AD0E01 LDA $010E C0/C0DA: 0D0F01 ORA $010F C0/C0DD: F00B BEQ $C0EA C0/C0DF: A903 LDA #$03 C0/C0E1: 142C TRB $2C C0/C0E3: F005 BEQ $C0EA C0/C0E5: 202CC4 JSR $C42C C0/C0E8: 8006 BRA $C0F0 C0/C0EA: A5EC LDA $EC C0/C0EC: 8905 BIT #$05 C0/C0EE: F028 BEQ $C118 C0/C0F0: A900 LDA #$00 C0/C0F2: 8D2121 STA $2121 [Store into CGRAM Address] C0/C0F5: A20006 LDX #$0600 C0/C0F8: A52A LDA $2A C0/C0FA: F003 BEQ $C0FF C0/C0FC: A200BE LDX #$BE00 [Load #$BE00 into X] C0/C0FF: 8E7243 STX $4372 [Store X into DMA Channel 7 Source Address] C0/C102: A20022 LDX #$2200 [Load #$2200 (Uh...) into X] C0/C105: 8E7043 STX $4370 [Store X into DMA Channel 7 Control] C0/C108: A97E LDA #$7E C0/C10A: 8D7443 STA $4374 [Store X into DMA Channel 7 Source Bank] C0/C10D: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/C110: 8E7543 STX $4375 [Store X into DMA Channel 7 Size] C0/C113: A980 LDA #$80 [Load #$80 (DMA Channel 7) into Accumulator] C0/C115: 8D0B42 STA $420B [Store into DMA Enable] {Write to CGRAM} C0/C118: A909 LDA #$09 C0/C11A: 24EC BIT $EC C0/C11C: F020 BEQ $C13E C0/C11E: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/C121: 8E0221 STX $2102 [Store X into OAM Address] C0/C124: A20008 LDX #$0800 [Load #$0800 into Accumulator] C0/C127: 8E7243 STX $4372 [Store X into DMA Channel 7 Source Address] C0/C12A: A20004 LDX #$0400 [Load #$0400 (HDMA Addressing Mode) into X] C0/C12D: 8E7043 STX $4370 [Store X into DMA Channel 7 Control] C0/C130: 9C7443 STZ $4374 [Store zero into DMA Channel 7 Source Bank] C0/C133: A22002 LDX #$0220 [Load #$0220 into X] C0/C136: 8E7543 STX $4375 [Store X into DMA Channel 7 Size] C0/C139: A980 LDA #$80 [Load #$80 (DMA Channel 7) into Accumulator] C0/C13B: 8D0B42 STA $420B [Store into DMA Enable] {Write to OAM} C0/C13E: A901 LDA #$01 C0/C140: 24EC BIT $EC C0/C142: F011 BEQ $C155 C0/C144: C220 REP #$20 C0/C146: E6F4 INC $F4 C0/C148: 2092C6 JSR $C692 C0/C14B: 2038C2 JSR $C238 C0/C14E: 220D9501 JSR $01950D C0/C152: 2070C1 JSR $C170 C0/C155: 20E7C1 JSR $C1E7 C0/C158: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C15A: A52C LDA $2C C0/C15C: 8D0C42 STA $420C C0/C15F: A5E6 LDA $E6 C0/C161: 8D0021 STA $2100 C0/C164: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/C166: 14EC TRB $EC C0/C168: C230 REP #$30 C0/C16A: AB PLB C0/C16B: 2B PLD C0/C16C: 7A PLY C0/C16D: FA PLX C0/C16E: 68 PLA C0/C16F: 40 RTI

C0/C170: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C172: A55E LDA $5E C0/C174: 2902 AND #$02 C0/C176: 45B0 EOR $B0 C0/C178: 8D0D21 STA $210D C0/C17B: A5B1 LDA $B1 C0/C17D: 8D0D21 STA $210D C0/C180: A55F LDA $5F C0/C182: 2902 AND #$02 C0/C184: 45B2 EOR $B2 C0/C186: 8D0E21 STA $210E C0/C189: A5B3 LDA $B3 C0/C18B: 8D0E21 STA $210E C0/C18E: A5B9 LDA $B9 C0/C190: D00E BNE $C1A0 C0/C192: A5B4 LDA $B4 C0/C194: 8D0F21 STA $210F C0/C197: A5B5 LDA $B5 C0/C199: 8D0F21 STA $210F C0/C19C: A5B6 LDA $B6 C0/C19E: 8016 BRA $C1B6 C0/C1A0: A55E LDA $5E C0/C1A2: 2904 AND #$04 C0/C1A4: 4A LSR A C0/C1A5: 45B4 EOR $B4 C0/C1A7: 8D0F21 STA $210F C0/C1AA: A5B5 LDA $B5 C0/C1AC: 8D0F21 STA $210F C0/C1AF: A55F LDA $5F C0/C1B1: 2904 AND #$04 C0/C1B3: 4A LSR A C0/C1B4: 45B6 EOR $B6 C0/C1B6: 8D1021 STA $2110 C0/C1B9: 9C1021 STZ $2110 C0/C1BC: A53E LDA $3E C0/C1BE: 8D1121 STA $2111 C0/C1C1: A53F LDA $3F C0/C1C3: 8D1121 STA $2111 C0/C1C6: A540 LDA $40 C0/C1C8: 8D1221 STA $2112 C0/C1CB: 9C1221 STZ $2112 C0/C1CE: 60 RTS

C0/C1CF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C1D1: 8B PHB C0/C1D2: 48 PHA C0/C1D3: A900 LDA #$00 C0/C1D5: 48 PHA C0/C1D6: AB PLB C0/C1D7: AD1142 LDA $4211 C0/C1DA: A909 LDA #$09 C0/C1DC: 8D0521 STA $2105 C0/C1DF: A914 LDA #$14 C0/C1E1: 8D2C21 STA $212C C0/C1E4: 68 PLA C0/C1E5: AB PLB C0/C1E6: 40 RTI

C0/C1E7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C1E9: A904 LDA #$04 C0/C1EB: 2C041D BIT $1D04 C0/C1EE: F004 BEQ $C1F4 C0/C1F0: 220600C0 JSR $C00006 C0/C1F4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C1F6: AD041D LDA $1D04 C0/C1F9: 2920 AND #$20 C0/C1FB: D001 BNE $C1FE C0/C1FD: 60 RTS

C0/C1FE: A52C LDA $2C C0/C200: 2903 AND #$03 C0/C202: D0F9 BNE $C1FD C0/C204: C220 REP #$20 C0/C206: AD0E01 LDA $010E C0/C209: F0F2 BEQ $C1FD C0/C20B: A9D005 LDA #$05D0 C0/C20E: 8D1243 STA $4312 C0/C211: A9DB05 LDA #$05DB C0/C214: 8D0243 STA $4302 C0/C217: 8D0843 STA $4308 C0/C21A: A94222 LDA #$2242 C0/C21D: 8D1043 STA $4310 C0/C220: A90021 LDA #$2100 C0/C223: 8D0043 STA $4300 C0/C226: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C228: 9C0443 STZ $4304 C0/C22B: 9C1443 STZ $4314 C0/C22E: A97E LDA #$7E C0/C230: 8D1743 STA $4317 C0/C233: A903 LDA #$03 C0/C235: 042C TSB $2C C0/C237: 60 RTS

C0/C238: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/C23A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C23C: A95B LDA #$5B C0/C23E: EB XBA C0/C23F: 9C1521 STZ $2115 C0/C242: AD550A LDA $0A55 C0/C245: F02E BEQ $C275 C0/C247: AA TAX C0/C248: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C24B: AD560A LDA $0A56 C0/C24E: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C251: AD570A LDA $0A57 C0/C254: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C257: AD500A LDA $0A50 C0/C25A: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C25D: AD510A LDA $0A51 C0/C260: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C263: AD520A LDA $0A52 C0/C266: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C269: AD530A LDA $0A53 C0/C26C: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C26F: AD540A LDA $0A54 C0/C272: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C275: AD650A LDA $0A65 C0/C278: F02E BEQ $C2A8 C0/C27A: AA TAX C0/C27B: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C27E: AD660A LDA $0A66 C0/C281: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C284: AD670A LDA $0A67 C0/C287: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C28A: AD600A LDA $0A60 C0/C28D: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C290: AD610A LDA $0A61 C0/C293: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C296: AD620A LDA $0A62 C0/C299: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C29C: AD630A LDA $0A63 C0/C29F: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2A2: AD640A LDA $0A64 C0/C2A5: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2A8: AD750A LDA $0A75 C0/C2AB: F02E BEQ $C2DB C0/C2AD: AA TAX C0/C2AE: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C2B1: AD760A LDA $0A76 C0/C2B4: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2B7: AD770A LDA $0A77 C0/C2BA: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2BD: AD700A LDA $0A70 C0/C2C0: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2C3: AD710A LDA $0A71 C0/C2C6: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2C9: AD720A LDA $0A72 C0/C2CC: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2CF: AD730A LDA $0A73 C0/C2D2: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2D5: AD740A LDA $0A74 C0/C2D8: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C2DB: A552 LDA $52 C0/C2DD: F025 BEQ $C304 C0/C2DF: A981 LDA #$81 C0/C2E1: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/C2E4: A20118 LDX #$1801 C0/C2E7: 8E7043 STX $4370 C0/C2EA: A97F LDA #$7F C0/C2EC: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/C2EF: A200FF LDX #$FF00 C0/C2F2: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/C2F5: A674 LDX $74 C0/C2F7: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C2FA: A918 LDA #$18 C0/C2FC: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C2FF: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C301: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C304: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C306: A590 LDA $90 C0/C308: 102D BPL $C337 C0/C30A: 297F AND #$7F C0/C30C: 8590 STA $90 C0/C30E: C220 REP #$20 C0/C310: A280 LDX #$80 C0/C312: 8E1521 STX $2115 C0/C315: A592 LDA $92 C0/C317: F01E BEQ $C337 C0/C319: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/C31C: A2DC LDX #$DC C0/C31E: 8E7443 STX $4374 C0/C321: A596 LDA $96 C0/C323: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C326: A98000 LDA #$0080 C0/C329: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C32C: A90118 LDA #$1801 C0/C32F: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/C332: A280 LDX #$80 C0/C334: 8E0B42 STX $420B C0/C337: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C339: A59A LDA $9A C0/C33B: 3001 BMI $C33E C0/C33D: 60 RTS

C0/C33E: 290F AND #$0F C0/C340: 859A STA $9A C0/C342: A8 TAY C0/C343: A901 LDA #$01 C0/C345: 8D7043 STA $4370 C0/C348: A918 LDA #$18 C0/C34A: 8D7143 STA $4371 C0/C34D: A97F LDA #$7F C0/C34F: 8D7443 STA $4374 C0/C352: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C354: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/C357: A200 LDX #$00 C0/C359: BF00827F LDA $7F8200,X C0/C35D: D009 BNE $C368 C0/C35F: 8A TXA C0/C360: 18 CLC C0/C361: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/C363: AA TAX C0/C364: 88 DEY C0/C365: D0F2 BNE $C359 C0/C367: 60 RTS

[What is in Bank 7F, anyways?] C0/C368: BF01827F LDA $7F8201,X C0/C36C: C908 CMP #$08 C0/C36E: B051 BCS $C3C1 C0/C370: C902 CMP #$02 C0/C372: 9026 BCC $C39A C0/C374: C904 CMP #$04 C0/C376: B022 BCS $C39A C0/C378: C220 REP #$20 C0/C37A: BF00837F LDA $7F8300,X C0/C37E: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C381: BF02837F LDA $7F8302,X C0/C385: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C388: BF04837F LDA $7F8304,X C0/C38C: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C38F: BF06837F LDA $7F8306,X C0/C393: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C396: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C398: 80C5 BRA $C35F C0/C39A: C904 CMP #$04 C0/C39C: F02F BEQ $C3CD C0/C39E: C905 CMP #$05 C0/C3A0: F02B BEQ $C3CD C0/C3A2: C220 REP #$20 C0/C3A4: BF0C827F LDA $7F820C,X C0/C3A8: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C3AB: BF0A827F LDA $7F820A,X C0/C3AF: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/C3B2: A92000 LDA #$0020 C0/C3B5: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C3B8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C3BA: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C3BC: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C3BF: 809E BRA $C35F C0/C3C1: C90A CMP #$0A C0/C3C3: F028 BEQ $C3ED C0/C3C5: C90B CMP #$0B C0/C3C7: F024 BEQ $C3ED C0/C3C9: C90D CMP #$0D C0/C3CB: F020 BEQ $C3ED C0/C3CD: C220 REP #$20 C0/C3CF: BF0A827F LDA $7F820A,X C0/C3D3: 8D7243 STA $4372 C0/C3D6: BF0C827F LDA $7F820C,X C0/C3DA: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C3DD: A94000 LDA #$0040 C0/C3E0: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C3E3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C3E5: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C3E7: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C3EA: 4C5FC3 JMP $C35F C0/C3ED: C220 REP #$20 C0/C3EF: BF00837F LDA $7F8300,X C0/C3F3: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C3F6: BF02837F LDA $7F8302,X C0/C3FA: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C3FD: BF04837F LDA $7F8304,X C0/C401: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C404: BF06837F LDA $7F8306,X C0/C408: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C40B: BF08837F LDA $7F8308,X C0/C40F: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C412: BF0A837F LDA $7F830A,X C0/C416: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C419: BF0C837F LDA $7F830C,X C0/C41D: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C420: BF0E837F LDA $7F830E,X C0/C424: 8D1821 STA $2118 C0/C427: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C429: 4C5FC3 JMP $C35F C0/C42C: 8B PHB C0/C42D: A97E LDA #$7E C0/C42F: 48 PHA C0/C430: AB PLB C0/C431: AE02DE LDX $DE02 C0/C434: 8E0206 STX $0602 C0/C437: AE04DE LDX $DE04 C0/C43A: 8E0406 STX $0604 C0/C43D: AE06DE LDX $DE06 C0/C440: 8E0606 STX $0606 C0/C443: AE08DE LDX $DE08 C0/C446: 8E0806 STX $0608 C0/C449: AE0ADE LDX $DE0A C0/C44C: 8E0A06 STX $060A C0/C44F: AE0CDE LDX $DE0C C0/C452: 8E0C06 STX $060C C0/C455: AE0EDE LDX $DE0E C0/C458: 8E0E06 STX $060E C0/C45B: AB PLB C0/C45C: 60 RTS

C0/C45D: 60 RTS

C0/C45E: C230 REP #$30 C0/C460: A5DC LDA $DC C0/C462: 0A ASL A C0/C463: AA TAX C0/C464: BF0070C8 LDA $C87000,X [Load NPC Location Data Pointer] C0/C468: 851D STA $1D C0/C46A: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C46C: A9C8 LDA #$C8 C0/C46E: 851F STA $1F C0/C470: A001 LDY #$01 C0/C472: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C474: 851B STA $1B C0/C476: A000 LDY #$00 C0/C478: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C47A: 851C STA $1C C0/C47C: 2203F401 JSR $01F403 C0/C480: 6B RTL

[Load pointers to NPC Location Data Tables] C0/C481: C230 REP #$30 C0/C483: A5DC LDA $DC C0/C485: 0A ASL A C0/C486: AA TAX C0/C487: BF0070C8 LDA $C87000,X [Load Room Data Pointer] C0/C48B: 851D STA $1D [Store into RoomDataPointer] C0/C48D: BF0270C8 LDA $C87002,X [Load Next Room Address] C0/C491: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator] C0/C492: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Emulation, Registers] C0/C494: A9C8 LDA #$C8 [Load #$C8 into Accumulator] C0/C496: 851F STA $1F [Store into RoomDataBank] C0/C498: A003 LDY #$03 [Load #$03 into Y] C0/C49A: B71D LDA [$1D],Y [Load [RoomDataPointer]+3] C0/C49C: 85B8 STA $B8 [Store into ??] C0/C49E: A001 LDY #$01 [Load #$01 into Y] C0/C4A0: B71D LDA [$1D],Y [Load [RoomDataPointer]+1] C0/C4A2: 851B STA $1B [Load into RoomPaletteByte] C0/C4A4: A000 LDY #$00 [Load #$00 into Y] C0/C4A6: B71D LDA [$1D],Y [Load [RoomDataPointer]] C0/C4A8: 851C STA $1C [Store into RoomTileByte] C0/C4AA: 2203F401 JSR $01F403 [Jump to Grocery List of Room-Related Shit] C0/C4AE: 22ECB001 JSR $01B0EC C0/C4B2: 227EB101 JSR $01B17E {Handle Room Header[1]} C0/C4B6: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/C4B8: A001 LDY #$01 C0/C4BA: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C4BC: 851C STA $1C C0/C4BE: 227EBC02 JSR $02BC7E [Small Palette/Animation Palette Shit] {Handle Room Header[2]} C0/C4C2: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C4C4: A002 LDY #$02 C0/C4C6: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C4C8: 851C STA $1C C0/C4CA: 2200A002 JSR $02A000 [Jump to Load Crap in Bank B] {Handle Room Header[3]} C0/C4CE: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C4D0: A003 LDY #$03 C0/C4D2: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C4D4: 205DC4 JSR $C45D {Handle Room Header[4]} C0/C4D7: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C4D9: A004 LDY #$04 C0/C4DB: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C4DD: 2203AB02 JSR $02AB03 [Magic Rope/Flammie Drum-related shit?] {Handle Room Header[5] C0/C4E1: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C4E3: A005 LDY #$05 C0/C4E5: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C4E7: 8530 STA $30 [Used later at 02AA60] C0/C4E9: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/C4EB: C940 CMP #$40 C0/C4ED: D004 BNE $C4F3 C0/C4EF: A908 LDA #$08 C0/C4F1: 8599 STA $99 {Handle Room Header[6]} C0/C4F3: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C4F5: A006 LDY #$06 C0/C4F7: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C4F9: 8594 STA $94 {Handle Room Header[7]} C0/C4FB: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C4FD: A007 LDY #$07 C0/C4FF: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/C501: 2024C5 JSR $C524 C0/C504: C220 REP #$20 C0/C506: A51D LDA $1D C0/C508: 18 CLC C0/C509: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/C50C: 8F02E87E STA $7EE802 C0/C510: A51F LDA $1F C0/C512: 8F04E87E STA $7EE804 C0/C516: 68 PLA C0/C517: 38 SEC C0/C518: EF02E87E SBC $7EE802 C0/C51C: 4A LSR A C0/C51D: 4A LSR A C0/C51E: 4A LSR A C0/C51F: 8F00E87E STA $7EE800 C0/C523: 60 RTS

[Sprite Palette Handler?] C0/C524: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C526: 8B PHB C0/C527: 48 PHA C0/C528: A97E LDA #$7E C0/C52A: 48 PHA C0/C52B: AB PLB C0/C52C: 68 PLA C0/C52D: 48 PHA C0/C52E: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/C530: A900 LDA #$00 C0/C532: 6A ROR A C0/C533: 85ED STA $ED C0/C535: 68 PLA C0/C536: C230 REP #$30 C0/C538: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/C53B: 0A ASL A C0/C53C: 0A ASL A C0/C53D: AA TAX C0/C53E: BF002EC8 LDA $C82E00,X [Load NPC Palette List[0] into Accumulator] C0/C542: A08200 LDY #$0082 C0/C545: 2068C5 JSR $C568 C0/C548: BF012EC8 LDA $C82E01,X [Load NPC Palette List[1] into Accumulator] C0/C54C: A0A200 LDY #$00A2 C0/C54F: 2068C5 JSR $C568 C0/C552: BF022EC8 LDA $C82E02,X [Load NPC Palette List[2] into Accumulator] C0/C556: A0C200 LDY #$00C2 C0/C559: 2068C5 JSR $C568 C0/C55C: BF032EC8 LDA $C82E03,X [Load NPC Palette List[3] into Accumulator] C0/C560: A0E200 LDY #$00E2 C0/C563: 2068C5 JSR $C568 C0/C566: AB PLB C0/C567: 60 RTS

[Load Palettes] C0/C568: DA PHX [Push X onto Stack] C0/C569: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/C56B: 8F024200 STA $004202 [Store as Multiplicand A] C0/C56F: A91E LDA #$1E [Load Palette Size into Accumulator] C0/C571: 8F034200 STA $004203 [Store as Multiplicand B] C0/C575: A90F LDA #$0F C0/C577: 8500 STA $00 C0/C579: 6401 STZ $01 C0/C57B: C220 REP #$20 C0/C57D: A598 LDA $98 C0/C57F: F005 BEQ $C586 C0/C581: 98 TYA C0/C582: 498000 EOR #$0080 C0/C585: A8 TAY C0/C586: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/C58A: AA TAX C0/C58B: BF0010C8 LDA $C81000,X C0/C58F: 990007 STA $0700,Y [Which of these handles palettes, I wonder?] C0/C592: 9900DF STA $DF00,Y C0/C595: C8 INY C0/C596: C8 INY C0/C597: E8 INX C0/C598: E8 INX C0/C599: C600 DEC $00 C0/C59B: D0EE BNE $C58B C0/C59D: FA PLX C0/C59E: 60 RTS

C0/C59F: E210 SEP #$10 C0/C5A1: C220 REP #$20 C0/C5A3: A200 LDX #$00 C0/C5A5: 9B TXY C0/C5A6: A588 LDA $88 C0/C5A8: D010 BNE $C5BA C0/C5AA: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/C5AC: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/C5AF: F025 BEQ $C5D6 C0/C5B1: 8588 STA $88 C0/C5B3: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/C5B6: F01D BEQ $C5D5 C0/C5B8: D01A BNE $C5D4 C0/C5BA: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/C5BC: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/C5BF: D00B BNE $C5CC C0/C5C1: A588 LDA $88 C0/C5C3: 6488 STZ $88 C0/C5C5: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/C5C8: F00A BEQ $C5D4 C0/C5CA: D009 BNE $C5D5 C0/C5CC: C588 CMP $88 C0/C5CE: F006 BEQ $C5D6 C0/C5D0: 8588 STA $88 C0/C5D2: 1001 BPL $C5D5 C0/C5D4: E8 INX C0/C5D5: E8 INX C0/C5D6: A58A LDA $8A C0/C5D8: D010 BNE $C5EA C0/C5DA: A5AA LDA $AA C0/C5DC: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/C5DF: F025 BEQ $C606 C0/C5E1: 858A STA $8A C0/C5E3: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/C5E6: F01D BEQ $C605 C0/C5E8: D01A BNE $C604 C0/C5EA: A5AA LDA $AA C0/C5EC: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/C5EF: D00B BNE $C5FC C0/C5F1: A58A LDA $8A C0/C5F3: 648A STZ $8A C0/C5F5: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/C5F8: F00A BEQ $C604 C0/C5FA: D009 BNE $C605 C0/C5FC: C58A CMP $8A C0/C5FE: F006 BEQ $C606 C0/C600: 858A STA $8A C0/C602: 1001 BPL $C605 C0/C604: C8 INY C0/C605: C8 INY C0/C606: 862F STX $2F C0/C608: 842E STY $2E C0/C60A: A6B9 LDX $B9 C0/C60C: F07E BEQ $C68C C0/C60E: A200 LDX #$00 C0/C610: 9B TXY C0/C611: A58C LDA $8C C0/C613: D010 BNE $C625 C0/C615: A5AC LDA $AC C0/C617: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/C61A: F025 BEQ $C641 C0/C61C: 858C STA $8C C0/C61E: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/C621: F01D BEQ $C640 C0/C623: D01A BNE $C63F C0/C625: A5AC LDA $AC C0/C627: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/C62A: D00B BNE $C637 C0/C62C: A58C LDA $8C C0/C62E: 648C STZ $8C C0/C630: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/C633: F00A BEQ $C63F C0/C635: D009 BNE $C640 C0/C637: C58C CMP $8C C0/C639: F006 BEQ $C641 C0/C63B: 858C STA $8C C0/C63D: 1001 BPL $C640 C0/C63F: E8 INX C0/C640: E8 INX C0/C641: A58E LDA $8E C0/C643: D010 BNE $C655 C0/C645: A5AE LDA $AE C0/C647: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/C64A: F025 BEQ $C671 C0/C64C: 858E STA $8E C0/C64E: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/C651: F01D BEQ $C670 C0/C653: D01A BNE $C66F C0/C655: A5AE LDA $AE C0/C657: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/C65A: D00B BNE $C667 C0/C65C: A58E LDA $8E C0/C65E: 648E STZ $8E C0/C660: C91000 CMP #$0010 C0/C663: F00A BEQ $C66F C0/C665: D009 BNE $C670 C0/C667: C58E CMP $8E C0/C669: F006 BEQ $C671 C0/C66B: 858E STA $8E C0/C66D: 1001 BPL $C670 C0/C66F: C8 INY C0/C670: C8 INY C0/C671: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C673: A529 LDA $29 C0/C675: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/C677: F005 BEQ $C67E C0/C679: 642F STZ $2F C0/C67B: 642E STZ $2E C0/C67D: 60 RTS

C0/C67E: 8A TXA C0/C67F: 0A ASL A C0/C680: 0A ASL A C0/C681: 052F ORA $2F C0/C683: 852F STA $2F C0/C685: 98 TYA C0/C686: 0A ASL A C0/C687: 0A ASL A C0/C688: 052E ORA $2E C0/C68A: 852E STA $2E C0/C68C: 20C3C7 JSR $C7C3 C0/C68F: 4CEFC8 JMP $C8EF C0/C692: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C694: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/C696: 9C7643 STZ $4376 [Store zero into DMA Size High Byte] C0/C699: A97F LDA #$7F [Load #$7F into Accumulator] C0/C69B: 8D7443 STA $4374 [Store into DMA Transfer Bank Byte C0/C69E: A20118 LDX #$1801 [Load #$1801 into X] C0/C6A1: 8E7043 STX $4370 [Store X into ...4370 and 4371? C0/C6A4: A981 LDA #$81 C0/C6A6: 8D1521 STA $2115 [Store into Video Port Control] {Inc by 32 after writing $2119/reading $213a} C0/C6A9: A52F LDA $2F C0/C6AB: 1025 + BPL $C6D2 {Handles 7FD200, eh?} C0/C6AD: A200D2 LDX #$D200 C0/C6B0: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/C6B3: A678 LDX $78 C0/C6B5: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C6B8: A940 LDA #$40 C0/C6BA: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C6BD: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C6BF: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C6C2: A678 LDX $78 C0/C6C4: E8 INX C0/C6C5: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C6C8: A940 LDA #$40 C0/C6CA: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C6CD: A980 LDA #$80 [Load #$80 into Accumulator] C0/C6CF: 8D0B42 STA $420B [Store into DMA Enable] {Channel 7} C0/C6D2: + 242F BIT $2F {Handles 7FD280, eh?} C0/C6D4: 5025 + BVC $C6FB C0/C6D6: A280D2 LDX #$D280 C0/C6D9: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/C6DC: A6A6 LDX $A6 C0/C6DE: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C6E1: A940 LDA #$40 C0/C6E3: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C6E6: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C6E8: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C6EB: A6A6 LDX $A6 C0/C6ED: E8 INX C0/C6EE: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C6F1: A940 LDA #$40 C0/C6F3: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C6F6: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C6F8: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C6FB: + 642F STZ $2F {} C0/C6FD: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C6FF: 8D1521 STA $2115 C0/C702: A52E LDA $2E C0/C704: 105B BPL $C761 C0/C706: A200D0 LDX #$D000 C0/C709: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/C70C: A676 LDX $76 C0/C70E: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C711: A56C LDA $6C C0/C713: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C716: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C718: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C71B: C220 REP #$20 C0/C71D: A576 LDA $76 C0/C71F: 092000 ORA #$0020 C0/C722: 8576 STA $76 C0/C724: 492004 EOR #$0420 C0/C727: 29E0FF AND #$FFE0 C0/C72A: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C72D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C72F: A56D LDA $6D C0/C731: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C734: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C736: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C739: A676 LDX $76 C0/C73B: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C73E: A56C LDA $6C C0/C740: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C743: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C745: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C748: A56D LDA $6D C0/C74A: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C74D: C220 REP #$20 C0/C74F: A576 LDA $76 C0/C751: 490004 EOR #$0400 C0/C754: 29E0FF AND #$FFE0 C0/C757: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C75A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C75C: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C75E: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C761: 242E BIT $2E C0/C763: 505B BVC $C7C0 C0/C765: A200D1 LDX #$D100 C0/C768: 8E7243 STX $4372 C0/C76B: A6A4 LDX $A4 C0/C76D: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C770: A56E LDA $6E C0/C772: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C775: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C777: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C77A: C220 REP #$20 C0/C77C: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/C77E: 092000 ORA #$0020 C0/C781: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/C783: 492004 EOR #$0420 C0/C786: 29E0FF AND #$FFE0 C0/C789: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C78C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C78E: A56F LDA $6F C0/C790: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C793: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C795: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C798: A6A4 LDX $A4 C0/C79A: 8E1621 STX $2116 C0/C79D: A56E LDA $6E C0/C79F: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C7A2: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C7A4: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C7A7: A56F LDA $6F C0/C7A9: 8D7543 STA $4375 C0/C7AC: C220 REP #$20 C0/C7AE: A5A4 LDA $A4 C0/C7B0: 490004 EOR #$0400 C0/C7B3: 29E0FF AND #$FFE0 C0/C7B6: 8D1621 STA $2116 C0/C7B9: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C7BB: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C7BD: 8D0B42 STA $420B C0/C7C0: 642E STZ $2E C0/C7C2: 60 RTS

C0/C7C3: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C7C5: A52E LDA $2E C0/C7C7: F005 BEQ $C7CE C0/C7C9: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/C7CB: 9008 BCC $C7D5 C0/C7CD: 60 RTS

C0/C7CE: A582 LDA $82 C0/C7D0: F0FB BEQ $C7CD C0/C7D2: 824B00 BRL $C820 C0/C7D5: AA TAX C0/C7D6: 8B PHB C0/C7D7: A97F LDA #$7F C0/C7D9: 48 PHA C0/C7DA: AB PLB C0/C7DB: 8A TXA C0/C7DC: 20E3C7 JSR $C7E3 C0/C7DF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C7E1: AB PLB C0/C7E2: 60 RTS

C0/C7E3: 2903 AND #$03 C0/C7E5: F017 BEQ $C7FE C0/C7E7: C902 CMP #$02 C0/C7E9: C220 REP #$20 C0/C7EB: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/C7EE: B003 BCS $C7F3 C0/C7F0: A9F000 LDA #$00F0 C0/C7F3: 8500 STA $00 C0/C7F5: 2059C8 JSR $C859 C0/C7F8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C7FA: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C7FC: 042E TSB $2E C0/C7FE: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C800: A52E LDA $2E C0/C802: 4A LSR A C0/C803: 4A LSR A C0/C804: 2903 AND #$03 C0/C806: F0C5 BEQ $C7CD C0/C808: C902 CMP #$02 C0/C80A: C220 REP #$20 C0/C80C: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/C80F: B003 BCS $C814 C0/C811: A9F000 LDA #$00F0 C0/C814: 8500 STA $00 C0/C816: 20C2D0 JSR $D0C2 C0/C819: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C81B: A940 LDA #$40 C0/C81D: 042E TSB $2E C0/C81F: 60 RTS

C0/C820: 8B PHB C0/C821: A97F LDA #$7F C0/C823: 48 PHA C0/C824: AB PLB C0/C825: C220 REP #$20 C0/C827: A583 LDA $83 C0/C829: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/C82C: 8500 STA $00 C0/C82E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C830: 38 SEC C0/C831: E910 SBC #$10 C0/C833: 8583 STA $83 C0/C835: 2482 BIT $82 C0/C837: A582 LDA $82 C0/C839: 5006 BVC $C841 C0/C83B: 4940 EOR #$40 C0/C83D: 8582 STA $82 C0/C83F: 8002 BRA $C843 C0/C841: 6482 STZ $82 C0/C843: 3009 BMI $C84E C0/C845: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C847: 852E STA $2E C0/C849: 2059C8 JSR $C859 C0/C84C: 8007 BRA $C855 C0/C84E: A940 LDA #$40 C0/C850: 852E STA $2E C0/C852: 20C2D0 JSR $D0C2 C0/C855: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C857: AB PLB C0/C858: 60 RTS

[Involved in shuffling tileset informatin around] C0/C859: E210 SEP #$10 C0/C85B: C220 REP #$20 C0/C85D: A5AA LDA $AA C0/C85F: 18 CLC C0/C860: 6500 ADC $00 C0/C862: C5C2 CMP $C2 C0/C864: 9002 BCC $C868 C0/C866: E5C2 SBC $C2 C0/C868: 29F007 AND #$07F0 C0/C86B: 0A ASL A C0/C86C: 0A ASL A C0/C86D: 0A ASL A C0/C86E: 65C8 ADC $C8 C0/C870: 8510 STA $10 C0/C872: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/C874: 4A LSR A C0/C875: 4A LSR A C0/C876: 4A LSR A C0/C877: 4A LSR A C0/C878: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C87A: 8504 STA $04 C0/C87C: C220 REP #$20 C0/C87E: A500 LDA $00 C0/C880: 18 CLC C0/C881: 65B2 ADC $B2 C0/C883: 29F000 AND #$00F0 C0/C886: 0A ASL A C0/C887: 0A ASL A C0/C888: 090050 ORA #$5000 C0/C88B: 8576 STA $76 C0/C88D: A5B0 LDA $B0 C0/C88F: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C891: 4A LSR A C0/C892: 4A LSR A C0/C893: 4A LSR A C0/C894: 291E AND #$1E C0/C896: 48 PHA C0/C897: 0576 ORA $76 C0/C899: 8576 STA $76 C0/C89B: 68 PLA C0/C89C: 0A ASL A C0/C89D: 6904 ADC #$04 C0/C89F: 856D STA $6D C0/C8A1: 38 SEC C0/C8A2: E904 SBC #$04 C0/C8A4: 493F EOR #$3F C0/C8A6: 1A INC A C0/C8A7: 856C STA $6C C0/C8A9: EB XBA C0/C8AA: F004 BEQ $C8B0 C0/C8AC: A904 LDA #$04 C0/C8AE: 0477 TSB $77 C0/C8B0: A200 LDX #$00 C0/C8B2: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C8B4: A404 LDY $04 C0/C8B6: 98 TYA C0/C8B7: 1A INC A C0/C8B8: 8504 STA $04 C0/C8BA: C59C CMP $9C C0/C8BC: 9004 BCC $C8C2 C0/C8BE: E59C SBC $9C C0/C8C0: 8504 STA $04 C0/C8C2: B110 LDA ($10),Y C0/C8C4: C230 REP #$30 C0/C8C6: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/C8C9: 0A ASL A C0/C8CA: 0A ASL A C0/C8CB: 0A ASL A C0/C8CC: A8 TAY C0/C8CD: B900C0 LDA $C000,Y [7FC000] C0/C8D0: 9D00D0 STA $D000,X C0/C8D3: B904C0 LDA $C004,Y C0/C8D6: 9D44D0 STA $D044,X C0/C8D9: E8 INX C0/C8DA: E8 INX C0/C8DB: B902C0 LDA $C002,Y C0/C8DE: 9D00D0 STA $D000,X C0/C8E1: B906C0 LDA $C006,Y C0/C8E4: 9D44D0 STA $D044,X C0/C8E7: E8 INX C0/C8E8: E8 INX C0/C8E9: E04400 CPX #$0044 C0/C8EC: 90C4 BCC $C8B2 C0/C8EE: 60 RTS

C0/C8EF: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C8F1: A52F LDA $2F C0/C8F3: F004 BEQ $C8F9 C0/C8F5: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/C8F7: 9001 BCC $C8FA C0/C8F9: 60 RTS

C0/C8FA: AA TAX C0/C8FB: 8B PHB C0/C8FC: A97F LDA #$7F C0/C8FE: 48 PHA C0/C8FF: AB PLB C0/C900: 8A TXA C0/C901: 2008C9 JSR $C908 C0/C904: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C906: AB PLB C0/C907: 60 RTS

C0/C908: 2903 AND #$03 C0/C90A: F017 BEQ $C923 C0/C90C: C902 CMP #$02 C0/C90E: C220 REP #$20 C0/C910: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/C913: B003 BCS $C918 C0/C915: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/C918: 8500 STA $00 C0/C91A: 2045C9 JSR $C945 C0/C91D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C91F: A980 LDA #$80 C0/C921: 042F TSB $2F C0/C923: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C925: A52F LDA $2F C0/C927: 4A LSR A C0/C928: 4A LSR A C0/C929: 2903 AND #$03 C0/C92B: F0CC BEQ $C8F9 C0/C92D: C902 CMP #$02 C0/C92F: C220 REP #$20 C0/C931: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/C934: B003 BCS $C939 C0/C936: A90001 LDA #$0100 C0/C939: 8500 STA $00 C0/C93B: 2058D1 JSR $D158 C0/C93E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C940: A940 LDA #$40 C0/C942: 042F TSB $2F C0/C944: 60 RTS

C0/C945: E230 SEP #$30 C0/C947: C220 REP #$20 C0/C949: A5AA LDA $AA C0/C94B: 29F007 AND #$07F0 C0/C94E: 8504 STA $04 C0/C950: 0A ASL A C0/C951: 0A ASL A C0/C952: 0A ASL A C0/C953: 65C8 ADC $C8 C0/C955: 8510 STA $10 C0/C957: A5C2 LDA $C2 C0/C959: 38 SEC C0/C95A: E504 SBC $04 C0/C95C: 4A LSR A C0/C95D: 4A LSR A C0/C95E: 4A LSR A C0/C95F: 4A LSR A C0/C960: 8504 STA $04 C0/C962: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/C964: 18 CLC C0/C965: 6500 ADC $00 C0/C967: C5C0 CMP $C0 C0/C969: 9002 BCC $C96D C0/C96B: E5C0 SBC $C0 C0/C96D: 4A LSR A C0/C96E: 4A LSR A C0/C96F: 4A LSR A C0/C970: 4A LSR A C0/C971: 851A STA $1A C0/C973: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C975: 0510 ORA $10 C0/C977: 8510 STA $10 C0/C979: C220 REP #$20 C0/C97B: A5B0 LDA $B0 C0/C97D: 18 CLC C0/C97E: 6500 ADC $00 C0/C980: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C982: 4A LSR A C0/C983: 4A LSR A C0/C984: 4A LSR A C0/C985: 291E AND #$1E C0/C987: 8578 STA $78 C0/C989: EB XBA C0/C98A: 4A LSR A C0/C98B: A950 LDA #$50 C0/C98D: 9002 BCC $C991 C0/C98F: A954 LDA #$54 C0/C991: 8579 STA $79 C0/C993: A910 LDA #$10 C0/C995: 8500 STA $00 C0/C997: 6401 STZ $01 C0/C999: A5B2 LDA $B2 C0/C99B: 4A LSR A C0/C99C: 4A LSR A C0/C99D: 29FC AND #$FC C0/C99F: AA TAX C0/C9A0: C230 REP #$30 C0/C9A2: B210 LDA ($10) C0/C9A4: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/C9A7: 0A ASL A C0/C9A8: 0A ASL A C0/C9A9: 0A ASL A C0/C9AA: A8 TAY C0/C9AB: A510 LDA $10 C0/C9AD: 18 CLC C0/C9AE: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/C9B1: 8510 STA $10 C0/C9B3: C604 DEC $04 C0/C9B5: D006 BNE $C9BD C0/C9B7: A5C8 LDA $C8 C0/C9B9: 051A ORA $1A C0/C9BB: 8510 STA $10 C0/C9BD: B900C0 LDA $C000,Y C0/C9C0: 9D00D2 STA $D200,X C0/C9C3: B902C0 LDA $C002,Y C0/C9C6: 9D40D2 STA $D240,X C0/C9C9: E8 INX C0/C9CA: E8 INX C0/C9CB: B904C0 LDA $C004,Y C0/C9CE: 9D00D2 STA $D200,X C0/C9D1: B906C0 LDA $C006,Y C0/C9D4: 9D40D2 STA $D240,X C0/C9D7: E8 INX C0/C9D8: E8 INX C0/C9D9: E04000 CPX #$0040 C0/C9DC: 9003 BCC $C9E1 C0/C9DE: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/C9E1: C600 DEC $00 C0/C9E3: D0BD BNE $C9A2 C0/C9E5: 60 RTS

C0/C9E6: 2071CA JSR $CA71 C0/C9E9: 6B RTL

[] C0/C9EA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/C9EC: 649C STZ $9C C0/C9EE: 64A0 STZ $A0 C0/C9F0: 64B9 STZ $B9 C0/C9F2: 2090CB JSR $CB90 [Load Room Flag Data] C0/C9F5: 2037D0 JSR $D037 C0/C9F8: C220 REP #$20 C0/C9FA: E210 SEP #$10 C0/C9FC: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/C9FF: 85C8 STA $C8 C0/CA01: A90040 LDA #$4000 C0/CA04: 85CA STA $CA C0/CA06: A6E8 LDX $E8 C0/CA08: 1006 BPL $CA10 C0/CA0A: 2217CD01 JSR $01CD17 C0/CA0E: 8061 BRA $CA71 C0/CA10: A5DE LDA $DE C0/CA12: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/CA15: 0A ASL A C0/CA16: 0A ASL A C0/CA17: 0A ASL A C0/CA18: 0A ASL A C0/CA19: 38 SEC C0/CA1A: E97800 SBC #$0078 C0/CA1D: 1002 BPL $CA21 C0/CA1F: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/CA21: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/CA23: 48 PHA C0/CA24: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/CA27: 8588 STA $88 C0/CA29: 68 PLA C0/CA2A: A6B9 LDX $B9 C0/CA2C: F00F BEQ $CA3D C0/CA2E: C5C4 CMP $C4 C0/CA30: 9004 BCC $CA36 C0/CA32: E5C4 SBC $C4 C0/CA34: 80F8 BRA $CA2E C0/CA36: 85AC STA $AC C0/CA38: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/CA3B: 858C STA $8C C0/CA3D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CA3F: A5DF LDA $DF C0/CA41: 4A LSR A C0/CA42: 66BF ROR $BF C0/CA44: C220 REP #$20 C0/CA46: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/CA49: 0A ASL A C0/CA4A: 0A ASL A C0/CA4B: 0A ASL A C0/CA4C: 0A ASL A C0/CA4D: 38 SEC C0/CA4E: E96800 SBC #$0068 C0/CA51: 1002 BPL $CA55 C0/CA53: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/CA55: 85AA STA $AA C0/CA57: 48 PHA C0/CA58: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/CA5B: 858A STA $8A C0/CA5D: 68 PLA C0/CA5E: A6B9 LDX $B9 C0/CA60: F00F BEQ $CA71 C0/CA62: C5C6 CMP $C6 C0/CA64: 9004 BCC $CA6A C0/CA66: E5C6 SBC $C6 C0/CA68: 80F8 BRA $CA62 C0/CA6A: 85AE STA $AE C0/CA6C: 29F0FF AND #$FFF0 C0/CA6F: 858E STA $8E C0/CA71: C220 REP #$20 C0/CA73: E210 SEP #$10 C0/CA75: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/CA77: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/CA7A: 85B0 STA $B0 C0/CA7C: A5AC LDA $AC C0/CA7E: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/CA81: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/CA83: A5AA LDA $AA C0/CA85: 48 PHA C0/CA86: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/CA89: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/CA8B: 48 PHA C0/CA8C: A5AE LDA $AE C0/CA8E: 48 PHA C0/CA8F: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/CA92: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/CA94: 48 PHA C0/CA95: A210 LDX #$10 C0/CA97: DA PHX C0/CA98: A202 LDX #$02 C0/CA9A: A4B9 LDY $B9 C0/CA9C: F002 BEQ $CAA0 C0/CA9E: A20A LDX #$0A C0/CAA0: 862E STX $2E C0/CAA2: A200 LDX #$00 C0/CAA4: 862F STX $2F C0/CAA6: 20C3C7 JSR $C7C3 C0/CAA9: 2092C6 JSR $C692 C0/CAAC: 20C6CA JSR $CAC6 C0/CAAF: E210 SEP #$10 C0/CAB1: FA PLX C0/CAB2: CA DEX C0/CAB3: D0E2 BNE $CA97 C0/CAB5: C220 REP #$20 C0/CAB7: E210 SEP #$10 C0/CAB9: 68 PLA C0/CABA: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/CABC: 68 PLA C0/CABD: 85AE STA $AE C0/CABF: 68 PLA C0/CAC0: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/CAC2: 68 PLA C0/CAC3: 85AA STA $AA C0/CAC5: 60 RTS

C0/CAC6: E210 SEP #$10 C0/CAC8: C220 REP #$20 C0/CACA: A5AA LDA $AA C0/CACC: 18 CLC C0/CACD: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/CAD0: C5C2 CMP $C2 C0/CAD2: 9002 BCC $CAD6 C0/CAD4: E5C2 SBC $C2 C0/CAD6: 85AA STA $AA C0/CAD8: A5B2 LDA $B2 C0/CADA: 18 CLC C0/CADB: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/CADE: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/CAE0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CAE2: A5B9 LDA $B9 C0/CAE4: F018 BEQ $CAFE C0/CAE6: C220 REP #$20 C0/CAE8: A5AE LDA $AE C0/CAEA: 18 CLC C0/CAEB: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/CAEE: C5C6 CMP $C6 C0/CAF0: 9002 BCC $CAF4 C0/CAF2: E5C6 SBC $C6 C0/CAF4: 85AE STA $AE C0/CAF6: A5B6 LDA $B6 C0/CAF8: 18 CLC C0/CAF9: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/CAFC: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/CAFE: 60 RTS

[Called by Event Command 0A] C0/CAFF: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/CB01: A900 LDA #$00 [Load #$00 into Accumulator] C0/CB03: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator onto Stack] C0/CB04: AB PLB [Pull #$00 off Stack and into Data Bank Register] C0/CB05: C230 REP #$30 [Disable 8-bit Indexed Registers] C0/CB07: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/CB08: A20E00 LDX #$000E [Load #$000E into X] C0/CB0B: - B520 LDA $20,X [Load this thing] C0/CB0D: 9DF005 STA $05F0,X C0/CB10: CA DEX [Decrement X] C0/CB11: CA DEX [Decrement X] C0/CB12: 10F7 - BPL $CB0B [Loop Back while X > -1] C0/CB14: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/CB15: 2027CB JSR $CB27 [Jump to Event Command 0A-1] C0/CB18: C230 REP #$30 [Disable 8-bit Indexed Registers] C0/CB1A: A20E00 LDX #$000E C0/CB1D: - BDF005 LDA $05F0,X C0/CB20: 9520 STA $20,X C0/CB22: CA DEX C0/CB23: CA DEX C0/CB24: 10F7 - BPL $CB1D C0/CB26: 6B RTL

[Event Command 0A-1] C0/CB27: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CB29: 9008 BCC $CB33 C0/CB2B: 2090CB JSR $CB90 [Load Room Flag Data] C0/CB2E: 2037D0 JSR $D037 C0/CB31: 8010 BRA $CB43 C0/CB33: 8B PHB C0/CB34: A97F LDA #$7F C0/CB36: 48 PHA C0/CB37: AB PLB C0/CB38: 20C2CB JSR $CBC2 C0/CB3B: C220 REP #$20 C0/CB3D: 6416 STZ $16 C0/CB3F: 2072CC JSR $CC72 C0/CB42: AB PLB C0/CB43: E210 SEP #$10 C0/CB45: C220 REP #$20 C0/CB47: A5AA LDA $AA C0/CB49: 48 PHA C0/CB4A: A5B2 LDA $B2 C0/CB4C: 48 PHA C0/CB4D: A5AE LDA $AE C0/CB4F: 48 PHA C0/CB50: A5B6 LDA $B6 C0/CB52: 48 PHA C0/CB53: A210 LDX #$10 C0/CB55: DA PHX C0/CB56: A202 LDX #$02 C0/CB58: A4B9 LDY $B9 C0/CB5A: F002 BEQ $CB5E C0/CB5C: A20A LDX #$0A C0/CB5E: 862E STX $2E C0/CB60: A200 LDX #$00 C0/CB62: 862F STX $2F C0/CB64: 20C3C7 JSR $C7C3 C0/CB67: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CB69: A902 LDA #$02 C0/CB6B: 04EC TSB $EC C0/CB6D: 24EC BIT $EC C0/CB6F: D0FC BNE $CB6D C0/CB71: 2092C6 JSR $C692 C0/CB74: 20C6CA JSR $CAC6 C0/CB77: E210 SEP #$10 C0/CB79: FA PLX C0/CB7A: CA DEX C0/CB7B: D0D8 BNE $CB55 C0/CB7D: C220 REP #$20 C0/CB7F: 68 PLA C0/CB80: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/CB82: 68 PLA C0/CB83: 85AE STA $AE C0/CB85: 68 PLA C0/CB86: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/CB88: 68 PLA C0/CB89: 85AA STA $AA C0/CB8B: 60 RTS

C0/CB8C: 2043CB JSR $CB43 C0/CB8F: 6B RTL

[Maps: Reads room flag pointers?] C0/CB90: C230 REP #$30 [Disable 8-bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/CB92: A5DC LDA $DC [Load DestinationRoom] C0/CB94: 0A ASL A [Multiply it by 2] C0/CB95: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/CB96: BF0050C8 LDA $C85000,X [Load Room Flag Pointer] C0/CB9A: 8520 STA $20 [Store into TempPointer] C0/CB9C: BF0250C8 LDA $C85002,X [Load Next Pointer] C0/CBA0: 8524 STA $24 [Store into TempNextPointer] C0/CBA2: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/CBA4: A9C8 LDA #$C8 [Load #$C8 into Accumulator] C0/CBA6: 8522 STA $22 [Store into BankByte] C0/CBA8: 8B PHB [Push DataBank onto Stack] C0/CBA9: A97F LDA #$7F [Load #$7F into Accumulator] C0/CBAB: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator onto Stack] C0/CBAC: AB PLB [Pull DataBank from Stack] C0/CBAD: - 20D1CB JSR $CBD1 [Jump to: Process a 5-byte section] C0/CBB0: C230 REP #$30 [Disable 8-bit Emulation Mode, Indexed Registers] C0/CBB2: A520 LDA $20 [Load RoomDataPointer] C0/CBB4: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/CBB5: 690500 ADC #$0005 [Add #$0005 to Accumulator] C0/CBB8: 8520 STA $20 [Store into RoomDataPointer] C0/CBBA: C524 CMP $24 [Compare with NextDataPointer] C0/CBBC: 90EF - BCC $CBAD [Loop back if RoomDataPointer < NextDataPointer] C0/CBBE: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Emulation, Registers] C0/CBC0: AB PLB [Pull DataBank from Stack] C0/CBC1: 60 RTS [Return]

[Clear out $7FFF00~$7FFFFF] C0/CBC2: C220 REP #$20 C0/CBC4: E210 SEP #$10 C0/CBC6: A200 LDX #$00 C0/CBC8: 8A TXA C0/CBC9: - 9D00FF STA $FF00,X C0/CBCC: E8 INX C0/CBCD: E8 INX C0/CBCE: D0F9 - BNE $CBC9 C0/CBD0: 60 RTS

[Processes 5-byte data sections, FE and FF notwithstanding] C0/CBD1: 20C2CB JSR $CBC2 C0/CBD4: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Emulation, Registers] C0/CBD6: 6416 STZ $16 [Store zero here] C0/CBD8: 6417 STZ $17 [Store zero here] C0/CBDA: A000 LDY #$00 [Load #$00 into Y] C0/CBDC: B720 LDA [$20],Y [Load data in 54-Series data tables] C0/CBDE: C9FE CMP #$FE [Compare byte with #$FE] C0/CBE0: 904A + BCC $CC2C [Branch ahead if it's less than that] {FE Section} C0/CBE2: E620 INC $20 [Increment RoomDataPointer[LowByte]] C0/CBE4: D002 ++ BNE $CBE8 [Branch ahead if it isn't zero after increment] C0/CBE6: E621 INC $21 [Else, increment RoomDataPointer[HighByte] too] C0/CBE8: ++ C9FF CMP #$FF [Compare Accumulator with #$FF] C0/CBEA: F01C ++ BEQ $CC08 [Branch ahead if it matches] C0/CBEC: A003 LDY #$03 [Else, load #$03 into Y] C0/CBEE: B720 LDA [$20],Y [Load data pointed to in a given stripe?] C0/CBF0: 4A LSR A [] C0/CBF1: 859E STA $9E C0/CBF3: C8 INY C0/CBF4: B720 LDA [$20],Y C0/CBF6: 4A LSR A C0/CBF7: 859F STA $9F C0/CBF9: EB XBA C0/CBFA: A59E LDA $9E C0/CBFC: 0A ASL A C0/CBFD: C220 REP #$20 C0/CBFF: 4A LSR A C0/CC00: 85C8 STA $C8 C0/CC02: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/CC04: 6413 STZ $13 C0/CC06: 8020 +! BRA $CC28 [] C0/CC08: ++ A940 LDA #$40 C0/CC0A: 8513 STA $13 C0/CC0C: A003 LDY #$03 C0/CC0E: B720 LDA [$20],Y C0/CC10: 4A LSR A C0/CC11: 85A2 STA $A2 C0/CC13: C8 INY C0/CC14: B720 LDA [$20],Y C0/CC16: 4A LSR A C0/CC17: 85A3 STA $A3 C0/CC19: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/CC1B: EB XBA C0/CC1C: A5A2 LDA $A2 C0/CC1E: 0A ASL A C0/CC1F: C220 REP #$20 C0/CC21: 4A LSR A C0/CC22: 85CA STA $CA C0/CC24: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CC26: E6B9 INC $B9 C0/CC28: +! A000 LDY #$00 C0/CC2A: B720 LDA [$20],Y C0/CC2C: + AA TAX C0/CC2D: BF00CF7E LDA $7ECF00,X [Load the corresponding event flag] C0/CC31: 8500 STA $00 [Store into DataA] C0/CC33: C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/CC34: B720 LDA [$20],Y [Load File Pointer Data] C0/CC36: 48 PHA [Push it onto Stack] C0/CC37: 290F AND #$0F [Logical AND Accumulator with #$0F] {Throw out high bits} C0/CC39: 8501 STA $01 [Store into UpperFlagBound] C0/CC3B: 68 PLA [Pull byte from Stack into Accumulator] C0/CC3C: 4A LSR A [Divide it by 2] C0/CC3D: 4A LSR A [Again, by 2] C0/CC3E: 4A LSR A [Yet again, by 2] C0/CC3F: 4A LSR A [Finally, by 2] C0/CC40: 8502 STA $02 [Store result into LowerFlagBound] C0/CC42: A500 LDA $00 [Load EventFlag] C0/CC44: C502 CMP $02 [Compare with LowerFlagBound] C0/CC46: B001 + BCS $CC49 [Branch ahead if EventFlag >= LowerFlagBound] C0/CC48: - 60 RTS [Return]

[Map loader?] C0/CC49: + C501 CMP $01 [Compare DataA with DataB] C0/CC4B: F002 + BEQ $CC4F C0/CC4D: B0F9 - BCS $CC48 C0/CC4F: + C8 INY [Increment Y] C0/CC50: A513 LDA $13 [What the hell is this] C0/CC52: 2940 AND #$40 C0/CC54: 8513 STA $13 C0/CC56: B720 LDA [$20],Y C0/CC58: 8500 STA $00 C0/CC5A: C8 INY C0/CC5B: B720 LDA [$20],Y C0/CC5D: 4A LSR A C0/CC5E: 6601 ROR $01 C0/CC60: 0A ASL A C0/CC61: 8512 STA $12 C0/CC63: C8 INY C0/CC64: B720 LDA [$20],Y C0/CC66: 4A LSR A C0/CC67: 2601 ROL $01 C0/CC69: 2601 ROL $01 C0/CC6B: 4A LSR A C0/CC6C: 0513 ORA $13 C0/CC6E: 8513 STA $13 C0/CC70: 6612 ROR $12 C0/CC72: C220 REP #$20 C0/CC74: A500 LDA $00 C0/CC76: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/CC79: A2CD LDX #$CD [Load #$CD into X] C0/CC7B: CF0000CD CMP $CD0000 [Bank D cutoff] C0/CC7F: 9010 + BCC $CC91 C0/CC81: E8 INX C0/CC82: CF0200CD CMP $CD0002 [Bank E cutoff] C0/CC86: 9009 + BCC $CC91 C0/CC88: E8 INX C0/CC89: CF0400CD CMP $CD0004 [Bank F cutoff] C0/CC8D: 9002 + BCC $CC91 C0/CC8F: A2CC LDX #$CC [Bank C!] C0/CC91: + 861F STX $1F [Store into Bank] C0/CC93: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/CC95: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2] C0/CC96: AA TAX [Transfer Accumulator to X] C0/CC97: BF0400CD LDA $CD0004,X [Load File Pointer into Accumulator] C0/CC9B: 851D STA $1D [Store into FilePointer] C0/CC9D: E230 SEP #$30 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator, Registers] C0/CC9F: A000 LDY #$00 [Load #$00 into Y] C0/CCA1: B71D LDA [$1D],Y [ C0/CCA3: 4A LSR A C0/CCA4: 6600 ROR $00 C0/CCA6: 1A INC A C0/CCA7: 8514 STA $14 C0/CCA9: C8 INY C0/CCAA: B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/CCAC: C8 INY C0/CCAD: 4A LSR A C0/CCAE: 2600 ROL $00 C0/CCB0: 2600 ROL $00 C0/CCB2: 1A INC A C0/CCB3: 8515 STA $15 C0/CCB5: A5B9 LDA $B9 C0/CCB7: D026 + BNE $CCDF C0/CCB9: A59C LDA $9C C0/CCBB: D046 ++ BNE $CD03 C0/CCBD: A514 LDA $14 C0/CCBF: 859C STA $9C C0/CCC1: A515 LDA $15 C0/CCC3: 859D STA $9D C0/CCC5: C220 REP #$20 C0/CCC7: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/CCCA: 0A ASL A C0/CCCB: 0A ASL A C0/CCCC: 0A ASL A C0/CCCD: 0A ASL A C0/CCCE: 85C2 STA $C2 C0/CCD0: A59C LDA $9C C0/CCD2: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/CCD5: 0A ASL A C0/CCD6: 0A ASL A C0/CCD7: 0A ASL A C0/CCD8: 0A ASL A C0/CCD9: 85C0 STA $C0 C0/CCDB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CCDD: 8024 BRA $CD03 C0/CCDF: + A5A0 LDA $A0 C0/CCE1: D020 BNE $CD03 C0/CCE3: A514 LDA $14 C0/CCE5: 85A0 STA $A0 C0/CCE7: A515 LDA $15 C0/CCE9: 85A1 STA $A1 C0/CCEB: C220 REP #$20 C0/CCED: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/CCF0: 0A ASL A C0/CCF1: 0A ASL A C0/CCF2: 0A ASL A C0/CCF3: 0A ASL A C0/CCF4: 85C6 STA $C6 C0/CCF6: A5A0 LDA $A0 C0/CCF8: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/CCFB: 0A ASL A C0/CCFC: 0A ASL A C0/CCFD: 0A ASL A C0/CCFE: 0A ASL A C0/CCFF: 85C4 STA $C4 C0/CD01: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CD03: ++ C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/CD05: A500 LDA $00 C0/CD07: 2903 AND #$03 C0/CD09: F02D + BEQ $CD38 C0/CD0B: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/CD0E: - B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/CD10: 9D00FF STA $FF00,X C0/CD13: C8 INY C0/CD14: E8 INX C0/CD15: 98 TYA C0/CD16: 18 CLC C0/CD17: 651D ADC $1D C0/CD19: 9D00FF STA $FF00,X C0/CD1C: E8 INX C0/CD1D: A51E LDA $1E C0/CD1F: 6900 ADC #$00 C0/CD21: 9D00FF STA $FF00,X C0/CD24: E8 INX C0/CD25: A51F LDA $1F C0/CD27: 6900 ADC #$00 C0/CD29: 9D00FF STA $FF00,X C0/CD2C: E8 INX C0/CD2D: -- B71D LDA [$1D],Y C0/CD2F: C8 INY C0/CD30: C9F8 CMP #$F8 C0/CD32: 90F9 -- BCC $CD2D C0/CD34: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/CD36: D0D6 - BNE $CD0E {} C0/CD38: + C220 REP #$20 C0/CD3A: 98 TYA C0/CD3B: 18 CLC C0/CD3C: 651D ADC $1D C0/CD3E: 851D STA $1D C0/CD40: E230 SEP #$30 C0/CD42: 9002 BCC $CD46 C0/CD44: E61F INC $1F C0/CD46: 2093CD JSR $CD93 C0/CD49: E230 SEP #$30 C0/CD4B: 6426 STZ $26 C0/CD4D: A626 LDX $26 C0/CD4F: BD20FF LDA $FF20,X C0/CD52: D001 + BNE $CD55 C0/CD54: 60 RTS

C0/CD55: + 48 PHA C0/CD56: BD22FF LDA $FF22,X C0/CD59: 8512 STA $12 C0/CD5B: BD23FF LDA $FF23,X C0/CD5E: 8513 STA $13 C0/CD60: 68 PLA C0/CD61: 0A ASL A C0/CD62: 0A ASL A C0/CD63: AA TAX C0/CD64: BD00FF LDA $FF00,X C0/CD67: 48 PHA C0/CD68: 290F AND #$0F C0/CD6A: 1A INC A C0/CD6B: 8514 STA $14 C0/CD6D: 68 PLA C0/CD6E: 4A LSR A C0/CD6F: 4A LSR A C0/CD70: 4A LSR A C0/CD71: 4A LSR A C0/CD72: 1A INC A C0/CD73: 8515 STA $15 C0/CD75: BD01FF LDA $FF01,X C0/CD78: 851D STA $1D C0/CD7A: BD02FF LDA $FF02,X C0/CD7D: 851E STA $1E C0/CD7F: BD03FF LDA $FF03,X C0/CD82: 851F STA $1F C0/CD84: 2093CD JSR $CD93 C0/CD87: E230 SEP #$30 C0/CD89: A526 LDA $26 C0/CD8B: 18 CLC C0/CD8C: 6904 ADC #$04 C0/CD8E: 8526 STA $26 C0/CD90: 80BB BRA $CD4D C0/CD92: 60 RTS

C0/CD93: E230 SEP #$30 C0/CD95: A900 LDA #$00 C0/CD97: 8504 STA $04 C0/CD99: - A404 LDY $04 C0/CD9B: A71D LDA [$1D] C0/CD9D: E61D INC $1D C0/CD9F: D006 BNE $CDA7 C0/CDA1: E61E INC $1E C0/CDA3: D002 BNE $CDA7 C0/CDA5: E61F INC $1F C0/CDA7: A404 LDY $04 C0/CDA9: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/CDAB: B01F BCS $CDCC C0/CDAD: 9112 STA ($12),Y C0/CDAF: C8 INY C0/CDB0: 8404 STY $04 C0/CDB2: C414 CPY $14 C0/CDB4: 90E5 BCC $CD9B C0/CDB6: 98 TYA C0/CDB7: E514 SBC $14 C0/CDB9: 8504 STA $04 C0/CDBB: C220 REP #$20 C0/CDBD: A512 LDA $12 C0/CDBF: 18 CLC C0/CDC0: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/CDC3: 8512 STA $12 C0/CDC5: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CDC7: C615 DEC $15 C0/CDC9: D0CE - BNE $CD99 C0/CDCB: 60 RTS

C0/CDCC: C9E0 CMP #$E0 C0/CDCE: B010 BCS $CDE0 C0/CDD0: 48 PHA C0/CDD1: 2907 AND #$07 C0/CDD3: AA TAX C0/CDD4: 68 PLA C0/CDD5: 4A LSR A C0/CDD6: 4A LSR A C0/CDD7: 4A LSR A C0/CDD8: 2903 AND #$03 C0/CDDA: 1A INC A C0/CDDB: 8502 STA $02 C0/CDDD: 4CF1CF JMP $CFF1 C0/CDE0: D02A BNE $CE0C C0/CDE2: A71D LDA [$1D] C0/CDE4: E61D INC $1D C0/CDE6: D006 BNE $CDEE C0/CDE8: E61E INC $1E C0/CDEA: D002 BNE $CDEE C0/CDEC: E61F INC $1F C0/CDEE: A404 LDY $04 C0/CDF0: 48 PHA C0/CDF1: 2980 AND #$80 C0/CDF3: 8500 STA $00 C0/CDF5: 6401 STZ $01 C0/CDF7: 68 PLA C0/CDF8: 297F AND #$7F C0/CDFA: AA TAX C0/CDFB: C220 REP #$20 C0/CDFD: A512 LDA $12 C0/CDFF: 38 SEC C0/CE00: E500 SBC $00 C0/CE02: E98000 SBC #$0080 C0/CE05: 8500 STA $00 C0/CE07: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CE09: 4C05CF JMP $CF05 C0/CE0C: C9E8 CMP #$E8 C0/CE0E: B012 BCS $CE22 C0/CE10: 2907 AND #$07 C0/CE12: AA TAX C0/CE13: C220 REP #$20 C0/CE15: A512 LDA $12 C0/CE17: 38 SEC C0/CE18: E98000 SBC #$0080 C0/CE1B: 8500 STA $00 C0/CE1D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CE1F: 4C05CF JMP $CF05 C0/CE22: C9F0 CMP #$F0 C0/CE24: B026 BCS $CE4C C0/CE26: 2907 AND #$07 C0/CE28: 8502 STA $02 C0/CE2A: A71D LDA [$1D] C0/CE2C: E61D INC $1D C0/CE2E: D006 BNE $CE36 C0/CE30: E61E INC $1E C0/CE32: D002 BNE $CE36 C0/CE34: E61F INC $1F C0/CE36: A404 LDY $04 C0/CE38: C980 CMP #$80 C0/CE3A: 2602 ROL $02 C0/CE3C: E602 INC $02 C0/CE3E: 297F AND #$7F C0/CE40: AA TAX C0/CE41: A512 LDA $12 C0/CE43: 8500 STA $00 C0/CE45: A513 LDA $13 C0/CE47: 8501 STA $01 C0/CE49: 4C94CF JMP $CF94 C0/CE4C: D015 BNE $CE63 C0/CE4E: A71D LDA [$1D] C0/CE50: E61D INC $1D C0/CE52: D006 BNE $CE5A C0/CE54: E61E INC $1E C0/CE56: D002 BNE $CE5A C0/CE58: E61F INC $1F C0/CE5A: A404 LDY $04 C0/CE5C: C980 CMP #$80 C0/CE5E: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/CE5F: 297F AND #$7F C0/CE61: 8030 BRA $CE93 C0/CE63: C9F8 CMP #$F8 C0/CE65: B006 BCS $CE6D C0/CE67: 2907 AND #$07 C0/CE69: 18 CLC C0/CE6A: 08 PHP [Push Processor Status] C0/CE6B: 8026 BRA $CE93 C0/CE6D: 2907 AND #$07 C0/CE6F: 48 PHA C0/CE70: 0A ASL A C0/CE71: 0A ASL A C0/CE72: AA TAX C0/CE73: BD00FF LDA $FF00,X C0/CE76: A516 LDA $16 C0/CE78: E616 INC $16 C0/CE7A: 0A ASL A C0/CE7B: 0A ASL A C0/CE7C: AA TAX C0/CE7D: A512 LDA $12 C0/CE7F: 18 CLC C0/CE80: 6504 ADC $04 C0/CE82: 9D22FF STA $FF22,X C0/CE85: A513 LDA $13 C0/CE87: 9D23FF STA $FF23,X C0/CE8A: 68 PLA C0/CE8B: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/CE8D: 9D20FF STA $FF20,X C0/CE90: 4CAFCD JMP $CDAF C0/CE93: AA TAX C0/CE94: 88 DEY C0/CE95: B112 LDA ($12),Y C0/CE97: C080 CPY #$80 C0/CE99: 9013 BCC $CEAE C0/CE9B: 98 TYA C0/CE9C: 18 CLC C0/CE9D: 6514 ADC $14 C0/CE9F: A8 TAY C0/CEA0: C220 REP #$20 C0/CEA2: A512 LDA $12 C0/CEA4: 38 SEC C0/CEA5: E98000 SBC #$0080 C0/CEA8: 8500 STA $00 C0/CEAA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CEAC: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/CEAE: A404 LDY $04 C0/CEB0: 28 PLP [Pull Processor Status] C0/CEB1: B029 BCS $CEDC C0/CEB3: 1A INC A C0/CEB4: 9112 STA ($12),Y C0/CEB6: C8 INY C0/CEB7: C414 CPY $14 C0/CEB9: 9019 BCC $CED4 C0/CEBB: 48 PHA C0/CEBC: 98 TYA C0/CEBD: E514 SBC $14 C0/CEBF: A8 TAY C0/CEC0: 8504 STA $04 C0/CEC2: C220 REP #$20 C0/CEC4: A512 LDA $12 C0/CEC6: 18 CLC C0/CEC7: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/CECA: 8512 STA $12 C0/CECC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CECE: 68 PLA C0/CECF: C615 DEC $15 C0/CED1: D001 BNE $CED4 C0/CED3: 60 RTS

C0/CED4: CA DEX C0/CED5: 10DC BPL $CEB3 C0/CED7: 8404 STY $04 C0/CED9: 4C9BCD JMP $CD9B C0/CEDC: 3A DEC A C0/CEDD: 9112 STA ($12),Y C0/CEDF: C8 INY C0/CEE0: C414 CPY $14 C0/CEE2: 9019 BCC $CEFD C0/CEE4: 48 PHA C0/CEE5: 98 TYA C0/CEE6: E514 SBC $14 C0/CEE8: A8 TAY C0/CEE9: 8504 STA $04 C0/CEEB: C220 REP #$20 C0/CEED: A512 LDA $12 C0/CEEF: 18 CLC C0/CEF0: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/CEF3: 8512 STA $12 C0/CEF5: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CEF7: 68 PLA C0/CEF8: C615 DEC $15 C0/CEFA: D001 BNE $CEFD C0/CEFC: 60 RTS

C0/CEFD: CA DEX C0/CEFE: 10DC BPL $CEDC C0/CF00: 8404 STY $04 C0/CF02: 4C9BCD JMP $CD9B C0/CF05: 8A TXA C0/CF06: 8602 STX $02 C0/CF08: 38 SEC C0/CF09: 6504 ADC $04 C0/CF0B: C514 CMP $14 C0/CF0D: B01D BCS $CF2C C0/CF0F: 8504 STA $04 C0/CF11: C230 REP #$30 C0/CF13: 98 TYA C0/CF14: 18 CLC C0/CF15: 6500 ADC $00 C0/CF17: AA TAX C0/CF18: 98 TYA C0/CF19: 18 CLC C0/CF1A: 6512 ADC $12 C0/CF1C: A8 TAY C0/CF1D: A502 LDA $02 C0/CF1F: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/CF22: 547F7F MVN $7F,$7F C0/CF25: E230 SEP #$30 C0/CF27: A404 LDY $04 C0/CF29: 4C9BCD JMP $CD9B C0/CF2C: E514 SBC $14 C0/CF2E: 8504 STA $04 C0/CF30: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/CF32: 1A INC A C0/CF33: 18 CLC C0/CF34: 6502 ADC $02 C0/CF36: 8502 STA $02 C0/CF38: C230 REP #$30 C0/CF3A: 98 TYA C0/CF3B: 18 CLC C0/CF3C: 6500 ADC $00 C0/CF3E: AA TAX C0/CF3F: 98 TYA C0/CF40: 18 CLC C0/CF41: 6512 ADC $12 C0/CF43: A8 TAY C0/CF44: A502 LDA $02 C0/CF46: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/CF49: 547F7F MVN $7F,$7F C0/CF4C: A500 LDA $00 C0/CF4E: 18 CLC C0/CF4F: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/CF52: 8500 STA $00 C0/CF54: A512 LDA $12 C0/CF56: 18 CLC C0/CF57: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/CF5A: 8512 STA $12 C0/CF5C: E230 SEP #$30 C0/CF5E: C615 DEC $15 C0/CF60: D001 BNE $CF63 C0/CF62: 60 RTS

C0/CF63: A404 LDY $04 C0/CF65: F02A BEQ $CF91 C0/CF67: 98 TYA C0/CF68: C514 CMP $14 C0/CF6A: 9012 BCC $CF7E C0/CF6C: E514 SBC $14 C0/CF6E: 8504 STA $04 C0/CF70: C230 REP #$30 C0/CF72: A600 LDX $00 C0/CF74: A412 LDY $12 C0/CF76: A514 LDA $14 C0/CF78: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/CF7B: 3A DEC A C0/CF7C: 80CB BRA $CF49 C0/CF7E: C230 REP #$30 C0/CF80: A600 LDX $00 C0/CF82: A412 LDY $12 C0/CF84: A504 LDA $04 C0/CF86: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/CF89: 3A DEC A C0/CF8A: 547F7F MVN $7F,$7F C0/CF8D: E230 SEP #$30 C0/CF8F: A404 LDY $04 C0/CF91: 4C9BCD JMP $CD9B C0/CF94: A504 LDA $04 C0/CF96: 38 SEC C0/CF97: E502 SBC $02 C0/CF99: 8502 STA $02 C0/CF9B: B010 BCS $CFAD C0/CF9D: 6514 ADC $14 C0/CF9F: 8502 STA $02 C0/CFA1: C220 REP #$20 C0/CFA3: A500 LDA $00 C0/CFA5: 38 SEC C0/CFA6: E98000 SBC #$0080 C0/CFA9: 8500 STA $00 C0/CFAB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CFAD: A402 LDY $02 C0/CFAF: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/CFB1: A404 LDY $04 C0/CFB3: 9112 STA ($12),Y C0/CFB5: E602 INC $02 C0/CFB7: A502 LDA $02 C0/CFB9: C514 CMP $14 C0/CFBB: 9010 BCC $CFCD C0/CFBD: E514 SBC $14 C0/CFBF: 8502 STA $02 C0/CFC1: C220 REP #$20 C0/CFC3: A500 LDA $00 C0/CFC5: 18 CLC C0/CFC6: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/CFC9: 8500 STA $00 C0/CFCB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CFCD: C8 INY C0/CFCE: 8404 STY $04 C0/CFD0: C414 CPY $14 C0/CFD2: 9017 BCC $CFEB C0/CFD4: 98 TYA C0/CFD5: E514 SBC $14 C0/CFD7: A8 TAY C0/CFD8: 8504 STA $04 C0/CFDA: C220 REP #$20 C0/CFDC: A512 LDA $12 C0/CFDE: 18 CLC C0/CFDF: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/CFE2: 8512 STA $12 C0/CFE4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/CFE6: C615 DEC $15 C0/CFE8: D001 BNE $CFEB C0/CFEA: 60 RTS

C0/CFEB: CA DEX C0/CFEC: 10BF BPL $CFAD C0/CFEE: 4C9BCD JMP $CD9B C0/CFF1: A504 LDA $04 C0/CFF3: 38 SEC C0/CFF4: E502 SBC $02 C0/CFF6: A8 TAY C0/CFF7: B112 LDA ($12),Y C0/CFF9: B012 BCS $D00D C0/CFFB: 98 TYA C0/CFFC: 6514 ADC $14 C0/CFFE: A8 TAY C0/CFFF: C220 REP #$20 C0/D001: A512 LDA $12 C0/D003: 38 SEC C0/D004: E98000 SBC #$0080 C0/D007: 8500 STA $00 C0/D009: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D00B: B100 LDA ($00),Y C0/D00D: 8502 STA $02 C0/D00F: A404 LDY $04 C0/D011: 9112 STA ($12),Y C0/D013: C8 INY C0/D014: C414 CPY $14 C0/D016: 9017 BCC $D02F C0/D018: 98 TYA C0/D019: E514 SBC $14 C0/D01B: A8 TAY C0/D01C: C220 REP #$20 C0/D01E: A512 LDA $12 C0/D020: 18 CLC C0/D021: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/D024: 8512 STA $12 C0/D026: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D028: C615 DEC $15 C0/D02A: D001 BNE $D02D C0/D02C: 60 RTS

[] C0/D02D: A502 LDA $02 C0/D02F: CA DEX C0/D030: 10DF BPL $D011 C0/D032: 8404 STY $04 C0/D034: 4C9BCD JMP $CD9B C0/D037: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D039: 8B PHB C0/D03A: A97F LDA #$7F C0/D03C: 48 PHA C0/D03D: AB PLB C0/D03E: A59C LDA $9C C0/D040: 8512 STA $12 C0/D042: A59D LDA $9D C0/D044: 8514 STA $14 C0/D046: 6413 STZ $13 C0/D048: 6415 STZ $15 C0/D04A: C230 REP #$30 C0/D04C: A5C8 LDA $C8 C0/D04E: 8510 STA $10 C0/D050: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D053: 8618 STX $18 C0/D055: 9B TXY C0/D056: B110 LDA ($10),Y C0/D058: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/D05B: 0A ASL A C0/D05C: 0A ASL A C0/D05D: AA TAX C0/D05E: BD00B8 LDA $B800,X [] {Related to town building exits, collision type #$10?} C0/D061: 1004 BPL $D067 C0/D063: 2217B502 JSR $02B517 C0/D067: C8 INY C0/D068: C412 CPY $12 C0/D06A: 90EA BCC $D056 C0/D06C: A510 LDA $10 C0/D06E: 18 CLC C0/D06F: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/D072: 8510 STA $10 C0/D074: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/D077: C614 DEC $14 C0/D079: D0DB BNE $D056 C0/D07B: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D07D: A5A0 LDA $A0 C0/D07F: F03D BEQ $D0BE C0/D081: A5A0 LDA $A0 C0/D083: 8512 STA $12 C0/D085: A5A1 LDA $A1 C0/D087: 8514 STA $14 C0/D089: 6413 STZ $13 C0/D08B: 6415 STZ $15 C0/D08D: C230 REP #$30 C0/D08F: A5CA LDA $CA C0/D091: 8510 STA $10 C0/D093: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D096: 8618 STX $18 C0/D098: 9B TXY C0/D099: B110 LDA ($10),Y C0/D09B: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/D09E: 0A ASL A C0/D09F: 0A ASL A C0/D0A0: AA TAX C0/D0A1: BD00BC LDA $BC00,X C0/D0A4: 1004 BPL $D0AA C0/D0A6: 225AB502 JSR $02B55A C0/D0AA: C8 INY C0/D0AB: C412 CPY $12 C0/D0AD: 90EA BCC $D099 C0/D0AF: A510 LDA $10 C0/D0B1: 18 CLC C0/D0B2: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/D0B5: 8510 STA $10 C0/D0B7: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/D0BA: C614 DEC $14 C0/D0BC: D0DB BNE $D099 C0/D0BE: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D0C0: AB PLB C0/D0C1: 60 RTS

C0/D0C2: E210 SEP #$10 C0/D0C4: C220 REP #$20 C0/D0C6: A5AE LDA $AE C0/D0C8: 18 CLC C0/D0C9: 6500 ADC $00 C0/D0CB: C5C6 CMP $C6 C0/D0CD: 9002 BCC $D0D1 C0/D0CF: E5C6 SBC $C6 C0/D0D1: 29F007 AND #$07F0 C0/D0D4: 0A ASL A C0/D0D5: 0A ASL A C0/D0D6: 0A ASL A C0/D0D7: 65CA ADC $CA C0/D0D9: 8510 STA $10 C0/D0DB: A5AC LDA $AC C0/D0DD: 4A LSR A C0/D0DE: 4A LSR A C0/D0DF: 4A LSR A C0/D0E0: 4A LSR A C0/D0E1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D0E3: 8504 STA $04 C0/D0E5: C220 REP #$20 C0/D0E7: A500 LDA $00 C0/D0E9: 18 CLC C0/D0EA: 65B6 ADC $B6 C0/D0EC: 29F000 AND #$00F0 C0/D0EF: 0A ASL A C0/D0F0: 0A ASL A C0/D0F1: 090038 ORA #$3800 C0/D0F4: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/D0F6: A5B4 LDA $B4 C0/D0F8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D0FA: 4A LSR A C0/D0FB: 4A LSR A C0/D0FC: 4A LSR A C0/D0FD: 291E AND #$1E C0/D0FF: 48 PHA C0/D100: 05A4 ORA $A4 C0/D102: 85A4 STA $A4 C0/D104: 68 PLA C0/D105: 0A ASL A C0/D106: 6904 ADC #$04 C0/D108: 856F STA $6F C0/D10A: 38 SEC C0/D10B: E904 SBC #$04 C0/D10D: 493F EOR #$3F C0/D10F: 1A INC A C0/D110: 856E STA $6E C0/D112: EB XBA C0/D113: F004 BEQ $D119 C0/D115: A904 LDA #$04 C0/D117: 04A5 TSB $A5 C0/D119: A200 LDX #$00 C0/D11B: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D11D: A404 LDY $04 C0/D11F: 98 TYA C0/D120: 1A INC A C0/D121: 8504 STA $04 C0/D123: C5A0 CMP $A0 C0/D125: 9004 BCC $D12B C0/D127: E5A0 SBC $A0 C0/D129: 8504 STA $04 C0/D12B: B110 LDA ($10),Y C0/D12D: C230 REP #$30 C0/D12F: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/D132: 0A ASL A C0/D133: 0A ASL A C0/D134: 0A ASL A C0/D135: A8 TAY C0/D136: B900C8 LDA $C800,Y C0/D139: 9D00D1 STA $D100,X C0/D13C: B904C8 LDA $C804,Y C0/D13F: 9D44D1 STA $D144,X C0/D142: E8 INX C0/D143: E8 INX C0/D144: B902C8 LDA $C802,Y C0/D147: 9D00D1 STA $D100,X C0/D14A: B906C8 LDA $C806,Y C0/D14D: 9D44D1 STA $D144,X C0/D150: E8 INX C0/D151: E8 INX C0/D152: E04400 CPX #$0044 C0/D155: 90C4 BCC $D11B C0/D157: 60 RTS

C0/D158: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D15A: C220 REP #$20 C0/D15C: A5AE LDA $AE C0/D15E: 29F007 AND #$07F0 C0/D161: 8504 STA $04 C0/D163: 0A ASL A C0/D164: 0A ASL A C0/D165: 0A ASL A C0/D166: 65CA ADC $CA C0/D168: 8510 STA $10 C0/D16A: A5C6 LDA $C6 C0/D16C: 38 SEC C0/D16D: E504 SBC $04 C0/D16F: 4A LSR A C0/D170: 4A LSR A C0/D171: 4A LSR A C0/D172: 4A LSR A C0/D173: 8504 STA $04 C0/D175: A5AC LDA $AC C0/D177: 18 CLC C0/D178: 6500 ADC $00 C0/D17A: C5C4 CMP $C4 C0/D17C: 9002 BCC $D180 C0/D17E: E5C4 SBC $C4 C0/D180: 4A LSR A C0/D181: 4A LSR A C0/D182: 4A LSR A C0/D183: 4A LSR A C0/D184: 851A STA $1A C0/D186: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D188: 0510 ORA $10 C0/D18A: 8510 STA $10 C0/D18C: C220 REP #$20 C0/D18E: A5B4 LDA $B4 C0/D190: 18 CLC C0/D191: 6500 ADC $00 C0/D193: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D195: 4A LSR A C0/D196: 4A LSR A C0/D197: 4A LSR A C0/D198: 291E AND #$1E C0/D19A: 85A6 STA $A6 C0/D19C: EB XBA C0/D19D: 4A LSR A C0/D19E: A938 LDA #$38 C0/D1A0: 9002 BCC $D1A4 C0/D1A2: A93C LDA #$3C C0/D1A4: 85A7 STA $A7 C0/D1A6: A910 LDA #$10 C0/D1A8: 8500 STA $00 C0/D1AA: 6401 STZ $01 C0/D1AC: A5B6 LDA $B6 C0/D1AE: 4A LSR A C0/D1AF: 4A LSR A C0/D1B0: 29FC AND #$FC C0/D1B2: AA TAX C0/D1B3: C230 REP #$30 C0/D1B5: B210 LDA ($10) C0/D1B7: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/D1BA: 0A ASL A C0/D1BB: 0A ASL A C0/D1BC: 0A ASL A C0/D1BD: A8 TAY C0/D1BE: A510 LDA $10 C0/D1C0: 18 CLC C0/D1C1: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/D1C4: 8510 STA $10 C0/D1C6: C604 DEC $04 C0/D1C8: D006 BNE $D1D0 C0/D1CA: A5CA LDA $CA C0/D1CC: 051A ORA $1A C0/D1CE: 8510 STA $10 C0/D1D0: B900C8 LDA $C800,Y C0/D1D3: 9D80D2 STA $D280,X C0/D1D6: B902C8 LDA $C802,Y C0/D1D9: 9DC0D2 STA $D2C0,X C0/D1DC: E8 INX C0/D1DD: E8 INX C0/D1DE: B904C8 LDA $C804,Y C0/D1E1: 9D80D2 STA $D280,X C0/D1E4: B906C8 LDA $C806,Y C0/D1E7: 9DC0D2 STA $D2C0,X C0/D1EA: E8 INX C0/D1EB: E8 INX C0/D1EC: E04000 CPX #$0040 C0/D1EF: 9003 BCC $D1F4 C0/D1F1: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D1F4: C600 DEC $00 C0/D1F6: D0BD BNE $D1B5 C0/D1F8: 60 RTS

C0/D1F9: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D1FB: 4C81DA JMP $DA81 C0/D1FE: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D200: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D202: 245C BIT $5C C0/D204: 1001 BPL $D207 C0/D206: 60 RTS

C0/D207: A20006 LDX #$0600 C0/D20A: DA PHX C0/D20B: 2029D2 JSR $D229 C0/D20E: C230 REP #$30 C0/D210: FA PLX C0/D211: 8A TXA C0/D212: 18 CLC C0/D213: 690002 ADC #$0200 C0/D216: AA TAX C0/D217: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D219: 24ED BIT $ED C0/D21B: 3006 BMI $D223 C0/D21D: E00018 CPX #$1800 C0/D220: 90E8 BCC $D20A C0/D222: 60 RTS

C0/D223: E0000C CPX #$0C00 C0/D226: 90E2 BCC $D20A C0/D228: 60 RTS

C0/D229: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D22B: 8610 STX $10 C0/D22D: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/D230: D001 BNE $D233 C0/D232: 60 RTS

C0/D233: 30FD BMI $D232 C0/D235: BD36E0 LDA $E036,X C0/D238: F009 BEQ $D243 C0/D23A: DE37E0 DEC $E037,X C0/D23D: 3001 BMI $D240 C0/D23F: 60 RTS

C0/D240: 9D37E0 STA $E037,X C0/D243: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/D246: 3008 BMI $D250 C0/D248: BD08E0 LDA $E008,X C0/D24B: F003 BEQ $D250 C0/D24D: 20C2D2 JSR $D2C2 C0/D250: BD06E0 LDA $E006,X C0/D253: 851E STA $1E C0/D255: BD07E0 LDA $E007,X C0/D258: 851F STA $1F C0/D25A: A4A8 LDY $A8 C0/D25C: 8416 STY $16 C0/D25E: A4AA LDY $AA C0/D260: 8418 STY $18 C0/D262: BD89E0 LDA $E089,X C0/D265: 2903 AND #$03 C0/D267: 1A INC A C0/D268: 0A ASL A C0/D269: 0A ASL A C0/D26A: 18 CLC C0/D26B: 6906 ADC #$06 C0/D26D: 851A STA $1A C0/D26F: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/D272: 851B STA $1B C0/D274: 1008 BPL $D27E C0/D276: A4AC LDY $AC C0/D278: 8416 STY $16 C0/D27A: A4AE LDY $AE C0/D27C: 8418 STY $18 C0/D27E: C220 REP #$20 C0/D280: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X [Load X coordinate] C0/D283: 8512 STA $12 [Store into TempXCoordinate] C0/D285: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X [Load Y coordinate] C0/D288: 8514 STA $14 [Store into TempYCoordinate] C0/D28A: 20E0D2 JSR $D2E0 C0/D28D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D28F: A51F LDA $1F C0/D291: 051E ORA $1E C0/D293: D001 BNE $D296 C0/D295: 60 RTS

C0/D296: A610 LDX $10 C0/D298: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D29A: 24ED BIT $ED C0/D29C: 1006 BPL $D2A4 C0/D29E: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/D2A1: 0A ASL A C0/D2A2: 901A BCC $D2BE C0/D2A4: 204FD7 JSR $D74F C0/D2A7: B018 BCS $D2C1 C0/D2A9: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D2AB: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D2AD: A610 LDX $10 C0/D2AF: A500 LDA $00 C0/D2B1: 2904 AND #$04 C0/D2B3: D009 BNE $D2BE C0/D2B5: A501 LDA $01 C0/D2B7: 2907 AND #$07 C0/D2B9: F003 BEQ $D2BE C0/D2BB: 9D8EE0 STA $E08E,X C0/D2BE: 2090D8 JSR $D890 [Jump to X/Y movement handler] C0/D2C1: 60 RTS

[Z coordinate for rising/falling?] C0/D2C2: 300D + BMI $D2D1 {Hrm....} C0/D2C4: 18 CLC C0/D2C5: 7D45E0 ADC $E045,X C0/D2C8: 1012 BPL $D2DC C0/D2CA: 9E08E0 STZ $E008 C0/D2CD: A97F LDA #$7F C0/D2CF: 800B ++ BRA $D2DC {Above a certain point, just clear out a character's Z coordinate} C0/D2D1: + 18 CLC C0/D2D2: 7D45E0 ADC $E045,X C0/D2D5: 1005 BPL $D2DC C0/D2D7: 9E08E0 STZ $E008,X C0/D2DA: A900 LDA #$00 C0/D2DC: ++ 9D45E0 STA $E045,X C0/D2DF: 60 RTS

[] C0/D2E0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D2E2: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D2E4: A610 LDX $10 C0/D2E6: BD29E0 LDA $E029,X C0/D2E9: F02B BEQ $D316 C0/D2EB: 8901 BIT #$01 C0/D2ED: F004 BEQ $D2F3 C0/D2EF: 298A AND #$8A C0/D2F1: 641E STZ $1E C0/D2F3: 8902 BIT #$02 C0/D2F5: F004 BEQ $D2FB C0/D2F7: 2985 AND #$85 C0/D2F9: 641F STZ $1F C0/D2FB: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/D2FD: F007 BEQ $D306 C0/D2FF: EB XBA C0/D300: BD3AE0 LDA $E03A,X C0/D303: 851E STA $1E C0/D305: EB XBA C0/D306: 8908 BIT #$08 C0/D308: F007 BEQ $D311 C0/D30A: EB XBA C0/D30B: BD3BE0 LDA $E03B,X C0/D30E: 851F STA $1F C0/D310: EB XBA C0/D311: 2980 AND #$80 C0/D313: 9D29E0 STA $E029,X C0/D316: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D318: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/D31B: D071 BNE $D38E C0/D31D: BD1CE0 LDA $E01C,X C0/D320: D06C BNE $D38E C0/D322: A5F1 LDA $F1 C0/D324: 3068 BMI $D38E C0/D326: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/D328: F00F BEQ $D339 C0/D32A: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/D32D: 9006 BCC $D335 C0/D32F: E43A CPX $3A C0/D331: F05B BEQ $D38E C0/D333: D024 BNE $D359 C0/D335: E4D4 CPX $D4 C0/D337: F055 BEQ $D38E C0/D339: BD1BE0 LDA $E01B,X C0/D33C: D007 BNE $D345 C0/D33E: BD1AE0 LDA $E01A,X C0/D341: C902 CMP #$02 C0/D343: 9014 BCC $D359 C0/D345: A51E LDA $1E C0/D347: F006 BEQ $D34F C0/D349: 0A ASL A C0/D34A: A902 LDA #$02 C0/D34C: 6A ROR A C0/D34D: 851E STA $1E C0/D34F: A51F LDA $1F C0/D351: F006 BEQ $D359 C0/D353: 0A ASL A C0/D354: A902 LDA #$02 C0/D356: 6A ROR A C0/D357: 851F STA $1F C0/D359: BD48E0 LDA $E048,X C0/D35C: 8500 STA $00 C0/D35E: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/D360: F02C BEQ $D38E C0/D362: C9D0 CMP #$D0 C0/D364: D00C BNE $D372 C0/D366: 3C71E0 BIT $E071,X C0/D369: 1023 BPL $D38E C0/D36B: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/D36D: D01F BNE $D38E C0/D36F: 82D700 BRL $D449 C0/D372: C920 CMP #$20 C0/D374: F01B BEQ $D391 C0/D376: C930 CMP #$30 C0/D378: F063 BEQ $D3DD C0/D37A: C940 CMP #$40 C0/D37C: D010 BNE $D38E C0/D37E: A500 LDA $00 C0/D380: 290F AND #$0F C0/D382: 0970 ORA #$70 C0/D384: C595 CMP $95 C0/D386: F006 BEQ $D38E C0/D388: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/D38A: 228FD201 JSR $01D28F C0/D38E: 82F100 BRL $D482 C0/D391: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/D393: 2904 AND #$04 C0/D395: F01A BEQ $D3B1 C0/D397: A902 LDA #$02 C0/D399: 2500 AND $00 C0/D39B: F011 BEQ $D3AE C0/D39D: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/D39F: 4A LSR A C0/D3A0: B00C BCS $D3AE C0/D3A2: 4600 LSR $00 C0/D3A4: A51E LDA $1E C0/D3A6: F006 BEQ $D3AE C0/D3A8: B002 BCS $D3AC C0/D3AA: 4980 EOR #$80 C0/D3AC: 851F STA $1F C0/D3AE: 82D100 BRL $D482 C0/D3B1: A500 LDA $00 C0/D3B3: 2902 AND #$02 C0/D3B5: F01F BEQ $D3D6 C0/D3B7: A51E LDA $1E C0/D3B9: F018 BEQ $D3D3 C0/D3BB: 641E STZ $1E C0/D3BD: 641F STZ $1F C0/D3BF: 2495 BIT $95 C0/D3C1: 3010 BMI $D3D3 C0/D3C3: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/D3C6: F00B BEQ $D3D3 C0/D3C8: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/D3CA: 2907 AND #$07 C0/D3CC: D005 BNE $D3D3 C0/D3CE: A9EF LDA #$EF C0/D3D0: 2011BB JSR $BB11 C0/D3D3: 82AC00 BRL $D482 C0/D3D6: A51F LDA $1F C0/D3D8: D0E1 BNE $D3BB C0/D3DA: 82A500 BRL $D482 C0/D3DD: A500 LDA $00 C0/D3DF: 48 PHA C0/D3E0: 2082D4 JSR $D482 C0/D3E3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D3E5: 68 PLA C0/D3E6: 290F AND #$0F C0/D3E8: 48 PHA C0/D3E9: 4A LSR A C0/D3EA: 4A LSR A C0/D3EB: 1A INC A C0/D3EC: 8500 STA $00 C0/D3EE: 68 PLA C0/D3EF: 2903 AND #$03 C0/D3F1: F042 BEQ $D435 C0/D3F3: 3A DEC A C0/D3F4: F02B BEQ $D421 C0/D3F6: 3A DEC A C0/D3F7: F014 BEQ $D40D C0/D3F9: A51E LDA $1E C0/D3FB: 1003 BPL $D400 C0/D3FD: 497F EOR #$7F C0/D3FF: 1A INC A C0/D400: 18 CLC C0/D401: 6500 ADC $00 C0/D403: 1005 BPL $D40A C0/D405: 497F EOR #$7F C0/D407: 1A INC A C0/D408: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/D40A: 851E STA $1E C0/D40C: 60 RTS

C0/D40D: A51E LDA $1E C0/D40F: 1003 BPL $D414 C0/D411: 497F EOR #$7F C0/D413: 1A INC A C0/D414: 38 SEC C0/D415: E500 SBC $00 C0/D417: 1005 BPL $D41E C0/D419: 497F EOR #$7F C0/D41B: 1A INC A C0/D41C: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/D41E: 851E STA $1E C0/D420: 60 RTS

C0/D421: A51F LDA $1F C0/D423: 1003 BPL $D428 C0/D425: 497F EOR #$7F C0/D427: 1A INC A C0/D428: 18 CLC C0/D429: 6500 ADC $00 C0/D42B: 1005 BPL $D432 C0/D42D: 497F EOR #$7F C0/D42F: 1A INC A C0/D430: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/D432: 851F STA $1F C0/D434: 60 RTS

C0/D435: A51F LDA $1F C0/D437: 1003 BPL $D43C C0/D439: 497F EOR #$7F C0/D43B: 1A INC A C0/D43C: 38 SEC C0/D43D: E500 SBC $00 C0/D43F: 1005 BPL $D446 C0/D441: 497F EOR #$7F C0/D443: 1A INC A C0/D444: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/D446: 851F STA $1F C0/D448: 60 RTS

C0/D449: BD1CE0 LDA $E01C,X C0/D44C: 1D45E0 ORA $E045,X C0/D44F: D028 BNE $D479 C0/D451: C220 REP #$20 C0/D453: BD5BE0 LDA $E05B,X C0/D456: 85D4 STA $D4 C0/D458: 863A STX $3A C0/D45A: 641E STZ $1E C0/D45C: 9E06E0 STZ $E006,X C0/D45F: BD48E0 LDA $E048,X C0/D462: 9E48E0 STZ $E048,X C0/D465: 48 PHA C0/D466: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/D469: 8500 STA $00 C0/D46B: 68 PLA C0/D46C: 4A LSR A C0/D46D: 4A LSR A C0/D46E: 4A LSR A C0/D46F: 4A LSR A C0/D470: 29F00F AND #$0FF0 C0/D473: 0500 ORA $00 C0/D475: 226DE701 JSR $01E76D C0/D479: 60 RTS

C0/D47A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D47C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/D47E: 9D29E0 STA $E029,X C0/D481: 60 RTS

C0/D482: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D484: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D486: A610 LDX $10 C0/D488: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/D48B: B0ED - BCS $D47A [Branch back if it's an NPC] C0/D48D: BD1CE0 LDA $E01C,X C0/D490: 1D60E0 ORA $E060,X C0/D493: D0E5 - BNE $D47A [Branch back C0/D495: BD2FE0 LDA $E02F,X C0/D498: D05E + BNE $D4F8 C0/D49A: BD67E0 LDA $E067,X C0/D49D: D0DB - BNE $D47A C0/D49F: C220 REP #$20 C0/D4A1: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/D4A4: 896041 BIT #$4160 [Bit test for Petrification, Dummy 1, Engulf, Poison] {Or, Dummy 1 skips these} C0/D4A7: D0D1 - BNE $D47A C0/D4A9: 890484 BIT #$8404 [Bit test for Confusion, Tangled, Barreled] C0/D4AC: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/D4AE: F003 ++ BEQ $D4B3 [Branch ahead if none of those were found] C0/D4B0: 827E00 BRL $D531 C0/D4B3: ++ BD1DE0 LDA $E01D,X C0/D4B6: 8930 BIT #$30 C0/D4B8: F007 ++ BEQ $D4C1 C0/D4BA: 2980 AND #$80 C0/D4BC: 9D1DE0 STA $E01D,X C0/D4BF: 801F +! BRA $D4E0 C0/D4C1: ++ BD06E0 LDA $E006,X C0/D4C4: F00A ++ BEQ $D4D0 C0/D4C6: 3004 +@ BMI $D4CC C0/D4C8: A902 LDA #$02 [Load #$02 (Right) into Accumulator] C0/D4CA: 8011 +# BRA $D4DD C0/D4CC: +@ A982 LDA #$82 [Load #$82 (Left) into Accumulator] C0/D4CE: 800D +# BRA $D4DD C0/D4D0: ++ BD07E0 LDA $E007,X C0/D4D3: F00B +! BEQ $D4E0 C0/D4D5: 3004 BMI $D4DB C0/D4D7: A901 LDA #$01 [Load #$01 (Down) into Accumulator] C0/D4D9: 8002 BRA $D4DD C0/D4DB: A900 LDA #$00 [Load #$00 (Up) into Accumulator] C0/D4DD: 9D10E0 STA $E010,X [Store into Sprite Flags] C0/D4E0: +! A51E LDA $1E C0/D4E2: D01A BNE $D4FE C0/D4E4: A51F LDA $1F C0/D4E6: D016 BNE $D4FE C0/D4E8: BD29E0 LDA $E029,X C0/D4EB: 303D BMI $D52A C0/D4ED: 24ED BIT $ED C0/D4EF: 1009 BPL $D4FA C0/D4F1: BDEDE1 LDA $E1ED,X C0/D4F4: D004 BNE $D4FA C0/D4F6: A903 LDA #$03 C0/D4F8: + 802C BRA $D526 C0/D4FA: A900 LDA #$00 C0/D4FC: 8028 BRA $D526 C0/D4FE: EB XBA C0/D4FF: BD29E0 LDA $E029,X C0/D502: 1007 BPL $D50B C0/D504: 9E29E0 STZ $E029,X C0/D507: A908 LDA #$08 C0/D509: D01B BNE $D526 C0/D50B: 24ED BIT $ED C0/D50D: 100C BPL $D51B C0/D50F: BD1AE0 LDA $E01A,X C0/D512: 1D1BE0 ORA $E01B,X C0/D515: F004 BEQ $D51B C0/D517: A904 LDA #$04 C0/D519: 800B BRA $D526 C0/D51B: EB XBA C0/D51C: 297F AND #$7F C0/D51E: C903 CMP #$03 C0/D520: A901 LDA #$01 C0/D522: 9002 BCC $D526 C0/D524: A902 LDA #$02 C0/D526: 9D11E0 STA $E011,X C0/D529: 60 RTS

C0/D52A: 9E29E0 STZ $E029,X C0/D52D: A908 LDA #$08 C0/D52F: D0F5 BNE $D526 {Can handle Dummy Status 1?} C0/D531: A5FF LDA $FF C0/D533: D047 BNE $D57C C0/D535: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X [Load Status Effects[High]] C0/D538: 101C BPL $D556 [Branch ahead if Ghost isn't set] C0/D53A: A51E LDA $1E C0/D53C: 0A ASL A C0/D53D: C906 CMP #$06 C0/D53F: 9007 BCC $D548 C0/D541: A904 LDA #$04 C0/D543: 061E ASL $1E C0/D545: 6A ROR A C0/D546: 851E STA $1E C0/D548: A51F LDA $1F C0/D54A: 0A ASL A C0/D54B: C906 CMP #$06 C0/D54D: 9007 BCC $D556 C0/D54F: A904 LDA #$04 C0/D551: 061F ASL $1F C0/D553: 6A ROR A C0/D554: 851F STA $1F C0/D556: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X C0/D559: 1D91E1 ORA $E191,X C0/D55C: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/D55E: F01C BEQ $D57C C0/D560: A51E LDA $1E C0/D562: 0A ASL A C0/D563: C904 CMP #$04 C0/D565: 9007 BCC $D56E C0/D567: A902 LDA #$02 C0/D569: 061E ASL $1E C0/D56B: 6A ROR A C0/D56C: 851E STA $1E C0/D56E: A51F LDA $1F C0/D570: 0A ASL A C0/D571: C904 CMP #$04 C0/D573: 9007 BCC $D57C C0/D575: A902 LDA #$02 C0/D577: 061F ASL $1F C0/D579: 6A ROR A C0/D57A: 851F STA $1F C0/D57C: BD06E0 LDA $E006,X C0/D57F: F00A BEQ $D58B C0/D581: 3004 BMI $D587 C0/D583: A902 LDA #$02 [Right] C0/D585: 8011 BRA $D598 C0/D587: A982 LDA #$82 [Left] C0/D589: 800D BRA $D598 C0/D58B: BD07E0 LDA $E007,X C0/D58E: F00B BEQ $D59B C0/D590: 3004 BMI $D596 C0/D592: A901 LDA #$01 [Down] C0/D594: 8002 BRA $D598 C0/D596: A900 LDA #$00 [Up] C0/D598: 9D10E0 STA $E010,X C0/D59B: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/D59E: 100C BPL $D5AC C0/D5A0: A51E LDA $1E C0/D5A2: 051F ORA $1F C0/D5A4: C901 CMP #$01 C0/D5A6: A900 LDA #$00 C0/D5A8: 2A ROL A C0/D5A9: 827AFF BRL $D526 C0/D5AC: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/D5AE: F005 BEQ $D5B5 C0/D5B0: A904 LDA #$04 C0/D5B2: 8271FF BRL $D526 C0/D5B5: A51E LDA $1E C0/D5B7: 051F ORA $1F C0/D5B9: F002 BEQ $D5BD C0/D5BB: A904 LDA #$04 C0/D5BD: 8266FF BRL $D526 C0/D5C0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D5C2: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/D5C4: 5001 BVC $D5C7 C0/D5C6: 60 RTS

C0/D5C7: 8B PHB C0/D5C8: A97E LDA #$7E C0/D5CA: 48 PHA C0/D5CB: AB PLB C0/D5CC: 224ECD01 JSR $01CD4E C0/D5D0: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D5D2: A20000 LDX #$0000 [Load Boy Character Index] C0/D5D5: 20EDD5 JSR $D5ED C0/D5D8: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D5DA: A20002 LDX #$0200 [Load Girl Character Index] C0/D5DD: 20EDD5 JSR $D5ED C0/D5E0: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D5E2: A20004 LDX #$0400 [Load Sprite Character Index] C0/D5E5: 20EDD5 JSR $D5ED C0/D5E8: 20FED1 JSR $D1FE C0/D5EB: AB PLB C0/D5EC: 60 RTS

[] C0/D5ED: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D5EF: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D5F1: 8610 STX $10 C0/D5F3: BD0FE0 LDA $E00F,X C0/D5F6: F003 + BEQ $D5FB C0/D5F8: 3001 + BMI $D5FB C0/D5FA: - 60 RTS

C0/D5FB: + BD00E0 LDA $E000,X [Load Character Activation Flag] C0/D5FE: F0FA - BEQ $D5FA C0/D600: 30F8 - BMI $D5FA C0/D602: BD36E0 LDA $E036,X C0/D605: F009 + BEQ $D610 C0/D607: DE37E0 DEC $E037,X C0/D60A: 3001 ++ BMI $D60D C0/D60C: 60 RTS

C0/D60D: ++ 9D37E0 STA $E037,X C0/D610: + BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/D613: 3008 + BMI $D61D C0/D615: BD08E0 LDA $E008,X C0/D618: F003 + BEQ $D61D C0/D61A: 20C2D2 JSR $D2C2 C0/D61D: + BD06E0 LDA $E006,X C0/D620: 851E STA $1E C0/D622: BD07E0 LDA $E007,X C0/D625: 851F STA $1F C0/D627: A4A8 LDY $A8 C0/D629: 8416 STY $16 C0/D62B: A4AA LDY $AA C0/D62D: 8418 STY $18 C0/D62F: A90C LDA #$0C C0/D631: 851A STA $1A C0/D633: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/D636: 851B STA $1B C0/D638: 1008 BPL $D642 C0/D63A: A4AC LDY $AC C0/D63C: 8416 STY $16 C0/D63E: A4AE LDY $AE C0/D640: 8418 STY $18 C0/D642: C220 REP #$20 [8-bit emulation mode disabled] C0/D644: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X [Load X coordinate] C0/D647: 8512 STA $12 [Store into TempXCoordinate] C0/D649: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X [Load Y coordinate] C0/D64C: 8514 STA $14 [Store into TempYCoordinate] C0/D64E: 20E0D2 JSR $D2E0 [What is this?] C0/D651: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D653: A51F LDA $1F C0/D655: 051E ORA $1E C0/D657: F003 BEQ $D65C C0/D659: 205DD6 JSR $D65D C0/D65C: 60 RTS

C0/D65D: 20C8D6 JSR $D6C8 C0/D660: 204FD7 JSR $D74F C0/D663: B04C + BCS $D6B1 C0/D665: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D667: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D669: A610 LDX $10 C0/D66B: A5FF LDA $FF C0/D66D: 05D0 ORA $D0 C0/D66F: D024 BNE $D695 C0/D671: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/D674: F01F BEQ $D695 C0/D676: BD0EE0 LDA $E00E,X C0/D679: 301A BMI $D695 C0/D67B: A506 LDA $06 C0/D67D: DD4CE0 CMP $E04C,X C0/D680: F006 BEQ $D688 C0/D682: 9D4BE0 STA $E04B,X C0/D685: 9D4CE0 STA $E04C,X C0/D688: A501 LDA $01 C0/D68A: 2910 AND #$10 C0/D68C: F007 BEQ $D695 C0/D68E: 86D4 STX $D4 C0/D690: A980 LDA #$80 C0/D692: 9D4AE0 STA $E04A,X C0/D695: A900 LDA #$00 C0/D697: 9D2DE0 STA $E02D,X C0/D69A: A500 LDA $00 C0/D69C: 2904 AND #$04 C0/D69E: D009 BNE $D6A9 C0/D6A0: A501 LDA $01 [Load Temp1Buttons?] C0/D6A2: 2907 AND #$07 C0/D6A4: F003 BEQ $D6A9 C0/D6A6: 9D8EE0 STA $E08E,X C0/D6A9: 2090D8 JSR $D890 [Jump to X/Y movement handler] C0/D6AC: 206EDA JSR $DA6E C0/D6AF: 18 CLC C0/D6B0: 60 RTS

C0/D6B1: + C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D6B3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D6B5: A610 LDX $10 C0/D6B7: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/D6BA: 1D0AE0 ORA $E00A,X C0/D6BD: D007 BNE $D6C6 C0/D6BF: BD2DE0 LDA $E02D,X C0/D6C2: 1A INC A [Increment Accumulator] C0/D6C3: 9D2DE0 STA $E02D,X C0/D6C6: 38 SEC C0/D6C7: 60 RTS

C0/D6C8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D6CA: A5FF LDA $FF C0/D6CC: F001 BEQ $D6CF C0/D6CE: 60 RTS

C0/D6CF: A51E LDA $1E C0/D6D1: F03B BEQ $D70E C0/D6D3: 2062D9 JSR $D962 C0/D6D6: 9036 BCC $D70E C0/D6D8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D6DA: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D6DC: A610 LDX $10 C0/D6DE: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/D6E1: D004 BNE $D6E7 C0/D6E3: 641E STZ $1E C0/D6E5: 8027 BRA $D70E C0/D6E7: A511 LDA $11 C0/D6E9: F017 BEQ $D702 C0/D6EB: C902 CMP #$02 C0/D6ED: F00B BEQ $D6FA C0/D6EF: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D6F2: 20AED9 JSR $D9AE C0/D6F5: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/D6F8: 8011 BRA $D70B C0/D6FA: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D6FD: 20AED9 JSR $D9AE C0/D700: 8006 BRA $D708 C0/D702: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/D705: 20AED9 JSR $D9AE C0/D708: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/D70B: 20AED9 JSR $D9AE C0/D70E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D710: A51F LDA $1F C0/D712: F037 BEQ $D74B C0/D714: 20E8D9 JSR $D9E8 C0/D717: 9032 BCC $D74B C0/D719: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D71B: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D71D: A610 LDX $10 C0/D71F: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/D722: F028 BEQ $D74C C0/D724: A511 LDA $11 C0/D726: F017 BEQ $D73F C0/D728: C902 CMP #$02 C0/D72A: F00B BEQ $D737 C0/D72C: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D72F: 2034DA JSR $DA34 C0/D732: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/D735: 8011 BRA $D748 C0/D737: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D73A: 2034DA JSR $DA34 C0/D73D: 8006 BRA $D745 C0/D73F: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/D742: 2034DA JSR $DA34 C0/D745: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/D748: 4C34DA JMP $DA34 C0/D74B: 60 RTS

C0/D74C: 641F STZ $1F C0/D74E: 60 RTS

C0/D74F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D751: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D753: A97F LDA #$7F C0/D755: 850F STA $0F C0/D757: 850C STA $0C C0/D759: A51B LDA $1B C0/D75B: 300C BMI $D769 C0/D75D: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D760: 860A STX $0A C0/D762: A200B8 LDX #$B800 C0/D765: 860D STX $0D C0/D767: 800A BRA $D773 C0/D769: A20040 LDX #$4000 C0/D76C: 860A STX $0A C0/D76E: A200BC LDX #$BC00 C0/D771: 860D STX $0D [What's going on here?] C0/D773: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/D776: 861C STX $1C C0/D778: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D77A: A511 LDA $11 C0/D77C: C906 CMP #$06 C0/D77E: B02A BCS $D7AA C0/D780: AD01CF LDA $CF01 C0/D783: 4A LSR A C0/D784: B021 BCS $D7A7 C0/D786: A5FF LDA $FF C0/D788: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/D78A: F006 BEQ $D792 C0/D78C: A5E1 LDA $E1 C0/D78E: C905 CMP #$05 C0/D790: 9015 BCC $D7A7 C0/D792: A5F1 LDA $F1 C0/D794: 054E ORA $4E C0/D796: 300F BMI $D7A7 C0/D798: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/D79A: F00E BEQ $D7AA C0/D79C: AD0EE0 LDA $E00E C0/D79F: 0D0EE2 ORA $E20E C0/D7A2: 0D0EE4 ORA $E40E C0/D7A5: 1003 BPL $D7AA C0/D7A7: 824900 BRL $D7F3 C0/D7AA: 223EB901 JSR $01B93E C0/D7AE: 9007 BCC $D7B7 C0/D7B0: 60 RTS

C0/D7B1: C220 REP #$20 C0/D7B3: 641E STZ $1E C0/D7B5: 38 SEC C0/D7B6: 60 RTS

C0/D7B7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D7B9: A511 LDA $11 C0/D7BB: C906 CMP #$06 C0/D7BD: B034 BCS $D7F3 C0/D7BF: A51C LDA $1C C0/D7C1: F017 BEQ $D7DA C0/D7C3: A51E LDA $1E C0/D7C5: F02C BEQ $D7F3 C0/D7C7: A51F LDA $1F C0/D7C9: 851C STA $1C C0/D7CB: 641F STZ $1F C0/D7CD: 20C8D6 JSR $D6C8 C0/D7D0: B0DF BCS $D7B1 C0/D7D2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D7D4: A51C LDA $1C C0/D7D6: 851F STA $1F C0/D7D8: 8019 BRA $D7F3 C0/D7DA: A51D LDA $1D C0/D7DC: F015 BEQ $D7F3 C0/D7DE: A51F LDA $1F C0/D7E0: F011 BEQ $D7F3 C0/D7E2: A51E LDA $1E C0/D7E4: 851D STA $1D C0/D7E6: 641E STZ $1E C0/D7E8: 20C8D6 JSR $D6C8 C0/D7EB: B0C4 BCS $D7B1 C0/D7ED: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D7EF: A51D LDA $1D C0/D7F1: 851E STA $1E C0/D7F3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D7F5: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/D7F7: A51E LDA $1E C0/D7F9: C980 CMP #$80 C0/D7FB: C220 REP #$20 C0/D7FD: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/D800: B00B BCS $D80D C0/D802: 18 CLC C0/D803: 6512 ADC $12 C0/D805: C5C0 CMP $C0 C0/D807: 900F BCC $D818 C0/D809: E5C0 SBC $C0 C0/D80B: 800B BRA $D818 C0/D80D: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/D810: 38 SEC C0/D811: 6512 ADC $12 C0/D813: 1003 BPL $D818 C0/D815: 18 CLC C0/D816: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/D818: 4A LSR A C0/D819: 4A LSR A C0/D81A: 4A LSR A C0/D81B: 4A LSR A C0/D81C: 8508 STA $08 C0/D81E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D820: A51F LDA $1F C0/D822: C980 CMP #$80 C0/D824: C220 REP #$20 C0/D826: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/D829: B00B BCS $D836 C0/D82B: 18 CLC C0/D82C: 6514 ADC $14 C0/D82E: C5C2 CMP $C2 C0/D830: 900F BCC $D841 C0/D832: E5C2 SBC $C2 C0/D834: 800B BRA $D841 C0/D836: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/D839: 38 SEC C0/D83A: 6514 ADC $14 C0/D83C: 1003 BPL $D841 C0/D83E: 18 CLC C0/D83F: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/D841: 29F00F AND #$0FF0 C0/D844: 0A ASL A C0/D845: 0A ASL A C0/D846: 0A ASL A C0/D847: 0508 ORA $08 C0/D849: 8508 STA $08 C0/D84B: A8 TAY C0/D84C: B70A LDA [$0A],Y C0/D84E: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/D851: 8506 STA $06 C0/D853: 0A ASL A C0/D854: 0A ASL A C0/D855: A8 TAY C0/D856: B70D LDA [$0D],Y C0/D858: 8500 STA $00 C0/D85A: C8 INY C0/D85B: C8 INY C0/D85C: B70D LDA [$0D],Y C0/D85E: 8504 STA $04 C0/D860: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D862: A500 LDA $00 C0/D864: 2908 AND #$08 C0/D866: F00E BEQ $D876 C0/D868: 251B AND $1B C0/D86A: D022 BNE $D88E C0/D86C: A51B LDA $1B C0/D86E: 4988 EOR #$88 C0/D870: 29F8 AND #$F8 C0/D872: 851B STA $1B C0/D874: 8018 BRA $D88E C0/D876: A500 LDA $00 C0/D878: 2907 AND #$07 C0/D87A: C903 CMP #$03 C0/D87C: 9006 BCC $D884 C0/D87E: A51B LDA $1B C0/D880: 29F7 AND #$F7 C0/D882: 8008 BRA $D88C C0/D884: 8500 STA $00 C0/D886: A51B LDA $1B C0/D888: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/D88A: 0500 ORA $00 C0/D88C: 851B STA $1B C0/D88E: 18 CLC C0/D88F: 60 RTS

[Handles scrolling when X and Y coordinates are past certain points?] C0/D890: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/D892: E00006 CPX #$0600 [Compare CurrentCharacterIndex with #$0600] C0/D895: B017 + BCS $D8AE C0/D897: A51B LDA $1B [What is this?] C0/D899: 2908 AND #$08 C0/D89B: F011 + BEQ $D8AE C0/D89D: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X [Load Leader Flag] C0/D8A0: D00C + BNE $D8AE C0/D8A2: DA PHX C0/D8A3: A6BA LDX $BA C0/D8A5: 061B ASL $1B C0/D8A7: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/D8AA: 0A ASL A C0/D8AB: 661B ROR $1B C0/D8AD: FA PLX C0/D8AE: + A51B LDA $1B C0/D8B0: 9D0BE0 STA $E00B,X C0/D8B3: A504 LDA $04 C0/D8B5: DD4DE0 CMP $E04D,X C0/D8B8: F00B BEQ $D8C5 C0/D8BA: 9D4DE0 STA $E04D,X C0/D8BD: 9D48E0 STA $E048,X C0/D8C0: A505 LDA $05 C0/D8C2: 9D49E0 STA $E049,X C0/D8C5: A51E LDA $1E C0/D8C7: 8584 STA $84 C0/D8C9: F047 BEQ $D912 C0/D8CB: 3011 BMI $D8DE C0/D8CD: C220 REP #$20 C0/D8CF: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/D8D2: 18 CLC C0/D8D3: 7D02E0 ADC $E002,X [Add current X coordinate] C0/D8D6: C5C0 CMP $C0 C0/D8D8: 9015 BCC $D8EF C0/D8DA: E5C0 SBC $C0 C0/D8DC: 8011 BRA $D8EF C0/D8DE: C220 REP #$20 C0/D8E0: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/D8E3: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/D8E6: 38 SEC C0/D8E7: 7D02E0 ADC $E002,X [Add current X coordinate] C0/D8EA: 1003 BPL $D8EF C0/D8EC: 18 CLC C0/D8ED: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/D8EF: 9D02E0 STA $E002,X [Store into current X coordinate] C0/D8F2: E00006 CPX #$0600 [Compare CurrentCharacterIndex with #$0600] C0/D8F5: B017 + BCS $D90E C0/D8F7: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/D8F8: E516 SBC $16 C0/D8FA: B002 BCS $D8FE C0/D8FC: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/D8FE: 241D BIT $1D C0/D900: 1007 BPL $D909 C0/D902: C93800 CMP #$0038 C0/D905: B007 BCS $D90E C0/D907: 9009 BCC $D912 C0/D909: C9C800 CMP #$00C8 C0/D90C: B004 BCS $D912 C0/D90E: + E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-bit Emulation Mode] C0/D910: 6484 STZ $84 C0/D912: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D914: A51F LDA $1F C0/D916: 8586 STA $86 C0/D918: F047 BEQ $D961 C0/D91A: 3011 BMI $D92D C0/D91C: C220 REP #$20 C0/D91E: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/D921: 18 CLC C0/D922: 7D04E0 ADC $E004,X [Add current Y coordinate] C0/D925: C5C2 CMP $C2 C0/D927: 9015 + BCC $D93E C0/D929: E5C2 SBC $C2 C0/D92B: 8011 + BRA $D93E C0/D92D: C220 REP #$20 C0/D92F: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/D932: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/D935: 38 SEC C0/D936: 7D04E0 ADC $E004,X [Add current Y coordinate] C0/D939: 1003 + BPL $D93E C0/D93B: 18 CLC C0/D93C: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/D93E: + 9D04E0 STA $E004,X [ C0/D941: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/D944: B01B + BCS $D961 C0/D946: 38 SEC C0/D947: E518 SBC $18 C0/D949: B002 ++ BCS $D94D C0/D94B: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/D94D: ++ 241E BIT $1E C0/D94F: 1007 +! BPL $D958 C0/D951: C94800 CMP #$0048 C0/D954: B007 ++ BCS $D95D C0/D956: 9009 + BCC $D961 C0/D958: +! C9B000 CMP #$00B0 C0/D95B: B004 BCS $D961 C0/D95D: ++ E220 SEP #$20 C0/D95F: 6486 STZ $86 C0/D961: + 60 RTS

C0/D962: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D964: A51E LDA $1E C0/D966: C980 CMP #$80 C0/D968: C220 REP #$20 C0/D96A: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/D96D: B00C BCS $D97B C0/D96F: 8500 STA $00 C0/D971: 6512 ADC $12 C0/D973: C5C0 CMP $C0 C0/D975: 9012 BCC $D989 C0/D977: E5C0 SBC $C0 C0/D979: 800E BRA $D989 C0/D97B: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/D97E: 1A INC A C0/D97F: 8500 STA $00 C0/D981: 18 CLC C0/D982: 6512 ADC $12 C0/D984: 1003 BPL $D989 C0/D986: 18 CLC C0/D987: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/D989: 38 SEC C0/D98A: E516 SBC $16 C0/D98C: B002 BCS $D990 C0/D98E: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/D990: 241D BIT $1D C0/D992: 3007 BMI $D99B C0/D994: C9C800 CMP #$00C8 C0/D997: B009 BCS $D9A2 C0/D999: 18 CLC C0/D99A: 60 RTS

C0/D99B: C93800 CMP #$0038 C0/D99E: 9002 BCC $D9A2 C0/D9A0: 18 CLC C0/D9A1: 60 RTS

C0/D9A2: C220 REP #$20 C0/D9A4: A500 LDA $00 C0/D9A6: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/D9A9: 1A INC A C0/D9AA: 8500 STA $00 C0/D9AC: 38 SEC C0/D9AD: 60 RTS

C0/D9AE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D9B0: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/D9B3: F02D BEQ $D9E2 C0/D9B5: 302B BMI $D9E2 C0/D9B7: C220 REP #$20 C0/D9B9: A500 LDA $00 C0/D9BB: 18 CLC C0/D9BC: 100A BPL $D9C8 C0/D9BE: 7D02E0 ADC $E002,X [Add current X coordinate] C0/D9C1: 100E BPL $D9D1 C0/D9C3: 18 CLC C0/D9C4: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/D9C6: 8009 BRA $D9D1 C0/D9C8: 7D02E0 ADC $E002,X [Add current X coordinate] C0/D9CB: C5C0 CMP $C0 C0/D9CD: 9002 BCC $D9D1 C0/D9CF: E5C0 SBC $C0 C0/D9D1: 38 SEC C0/D9D2: E516 SBC $16 C0/D9D4: B002 BCS $D9D8 C0/D9D6: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/D9D8: C93800 CMP #$0038 C0/D9DB: 9006 BCC $D9E3 C0/D9DD: C9C800 CMP #$00C8 C0/D9E0: B001 BCS $D9E3 C0/D9E2: 60 RTS

C0/D9E3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/D9E5: 641E STZ $1E C0/D9E7: 60 RTS

C0/D9E8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/D9EA: A51F LDA $1F C0/D9EC: C980 CMP #$80 C0/D9EE: C220 REP #$20 C0/D9F0: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/D9F3: B00C BCS $DA01 C0/D9F5: 8500 STA $00 C0/D9F7: 6514 ADC $14 C0/D9F9: C5C2 CMP $C2 C0/D9FB: 9012 BCC $DA0F C0/D9FD: E5C2 SBC $C2 C0/D9FF: 800E BRA $DA0F C0/DA01: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/DA04: 1A INC A C0/DA05: 8500 STA $00 C0/DA07: 18 CLC C0/DA08: 6514 ADC $14 C0/DA0A: 1003 BPL $DA0F C0/DA0C: 18 CLC C0/DA0D: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/DA0F: 38 SEC C0/DA10: E518 SBC $18 C0/DA12: B002 BCS $DA16 C0/DA14: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/DA16: 241E BIT $1E C0/DA18: 3007 BMI $DA21 C0/DA1A: C9B000 CMP #$00B0 C0/DA1D: B009 BCS $DA28 C0/DA1F: 18 CLC C0/DA20: 60 RTS

C0/DA21: C94800 CMP #$0048 C0/DA24: 9002 BCC $DA28 C0/DA26: 18 CLC C0/DA27: 60 RTS

C0/DA28: C220 REP #$20 C0/DA2A: A500 LDA $00 C0/DA2C: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/DA2F: 1A INC A C0/DA30: 8500 STA $00 C0/DA32: 38 SEC C0/DA33: 60 RTS

C0/DA34: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DA36: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/DA39: F02D BEQ $DA68 C0/DA3B: 302B BMI $DA68 C0/DA3D: C220 REP #$20 C0/DA3F: A500 LDA $00 C0/DA41: 18 CLC C0/DA42: 100A BPL $DA4E C0/DA44: 7D04E0 ADC $E004,X C0/DA47: 100E BPL $DA57 C0/DA49: 18 CLC C0/DA4A: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/DA4C: 8009 BRA $DA57 C0/DA4E: 7D04E0 ADC $E004,X C0/DA51: C5C2 CMP $C2 C0/DA53: 9002 BCC $DA57 C0/DA55: E5C2 SBC $C2 C0/DA57: 38 SEC C0/DA58: E518 SBC $18 C0/DA5A: B002 BCS $DA5E C0/DA5C: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/DA5E: C94800 CMP #$0048 C0/DA61: 9006 BCC $DA69 C0/DA63: C9B000 CMP #$00B0 C0/DA66: B001 BCS $DA69 C0/DA68: 60 RTS

C0/DA69: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DA6B: 641F STZ $1F C0/DA6D: 60 RTS

C0/DA6E: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DA70: A5FF LDA $FF C0/DA72: F001 BEQ $DA75 C0/DA74: 60 RTS

C0/DA75: AD0E01 LDA $010E C0/DA78: 0D0F01 ORA $010F C0/DA7B: F0F7 BEQ $DA74 C0/DA7D: A51B LDA $1B C0/DA7F: 3035 BMI $DAB6 C0/DA81: A584 LDA $84 C0/DA83: F003 BEQ $DA88 C0/DA85: 20DADB JSR $DBDA C0/DA88: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DA8A: A586 LDA $86 C0/DA8C: F003 BEQ $DA91 C0/DA8E: 2018DC JSR $DC18 C0/DA91: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DA93: A584 LDA $84 C0/DA95: F00E BEQ $DAA5 C0/DA97: A220 LDX #$20 C0/DA99: 20EBDA JSR $DAEB C0/DA9C: B007 BCS $DAA5 C0/DA9E: 8584 STA $84 C0/DAA0: 2056DC JSR $DC56 C0/DAA3: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DAA5: A586 LDA $86 C0/DAA7: F00C BEQ $DAB5 C0/DAA9: A230 LDX #$30 C0/DAAB: 20EBDA JSR $DAEB C0/DAAE: B005 BCS $DAB5 C0/DAB0: 8586 STA $86 C0/DAB2: 2099DC JSR $DC99 C0/DAB5: 60 RTS

C0/DAB6: A584 LDA $84 C0/DAB8: F003 BEQ $DABD C0/DABA: 2056DC JSR $DC56 C0/DABD: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DABF: A586 LDA $86 C0/DAC1: F005 BEQ $DAC8 C0/DAC3: 2099DC JSR $DC99 C0/DAC6: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DAC8: A584 LDA $84 C0/DACA: F00E BEQ $DADA C0/DACC: A200 LDX #$00 C0/DACE: 20EBDA JSR $DAEB C0/DAD1: B007 BCS $DADA C0/DAD3: 8584 STA $84 C0/DAD5: 20DADB JSR $DBDA C0/DAD8: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DADA: A586 LDA $86 C0/DADC: F00C BEQ $DAEA C0/DADE: A210 LDX #$10 C0/DAE0: 20EBDA JSR $DAEB C0/DAE3: B005 BCS $DAEA C0/DAE5: 8586 STA $86 C0/DAE7: 2018DC JSR $DC18 C0/DAEA: 60 RTS

C0/DAEB: 8500 STA $00 C0/DAED: BD800A LDA $0A80,X C0/DAF0: D002 BNE $DAF4 C0/DAF2: 38 SEC C0/DAF3: 60 RTS

C0/DAF4: C901 CMP #$01 C0/DAF6: D015 BNE $DB0D C0/DAF8: A500 LDA $00 C0/DAFA: 297F AND #$7F C0/DAFC: 4A LSR A C0/DAFD: D008 BNE $DB07 C0/DAFF: FE810A INC $0A81,X C0/DB02: BD810A LDA $0A81,X C0/DB05: 2901 AND #$01 C0/DB07: 0A ASL A C0/DB08: 0600 ASL $00 C0/DB0A: 6A ROR A C0/DB0B: 18 CLC C0/DB0C: 60 RTS

C0/DB0D: C902 CMP #$02 C0/DB0F: D004 BNE $DB15 C0/DB11: A500 LDA $00 C0/DB13: 18 CLC C0/DB14: 60 RTS

C0/DB15: A500 LDA $00 C0/DB17: 0A ASL A C0/DB18: 0A ASL A C0/DB19: 0600 ASL $00 C0/DB1B: 6A ROR A C0/DB1C: 18 CLC C0/DB1D: 60 RTS

C0/DB1E: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DB20: A200 LDX #$00 C0/DB22: BD820A LDA $0A82,X C0/DB25: F015 BEQ $DB3C C0/DB27: C901 CMP #$01 C0/DB29: D005 BNE $DB30 C0/DB2B: 2048DB JSR $DB48 C0/DB2E: 800C BRA $DB3C C0/DB30: C902 CMP #$02 C0/DB32: D005 BNE $DB39 C0/DB34: 209EDB JSR $DB9E C0/DB37: 8003 BRA $DB3C C0/DB39: 2048DB JSR $DB48 C0/DB3C: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DB3E: 8A TXA C0/DB3F: 18 CLC C0/DB40: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/DB42: AA TAX C0/DB43: C940 CMP #$40 C0/DB45: 90DB BCC $DB22 C0/DB47: 60 RTS

C0/DB48: C230 REP #$30 C0/DB4A: BD8E0A LDA $0A8E,X C0/DB4D: 18 CLC C0/DB4E: 7D8A0A ADC $0A8A,X C0/DB51: 29FF03 AND #$03FF C0/DB54: 9D8A0A STA $0A8A,X C0/DB57: 8500 STA $00 C0/DB59: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DB5B: 4601 LSR $01 C0/DB5D: 9003 BCC $DB62 C0/DB5F: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/DB61: 1A INC A C0/DB62: C220 REP #$20 C0/DB64: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/DB67: 0A ASL A C0/DB68: A8 TAY C0/DB69: B922FD LDA $FD22,Y C0/DB6C: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DB6E: 8D1B21 STA $211B C0/DB71: EB XBA C0/DB72: 8D1B21 STA $211B C0/DB75: BD8C0A LDA $0A8C,X C0/DB78: 8D1C21 STA $211C C0/DB7B: AD3421 LDA $2134 C0/DB7E: 18 CLC C0/DB7F: 7D860A ADC $0A86,X C0/DB82: 9D860A STA $0A86,X C0/DB85: AD3521 LDA $2135 C0/DB88: AC3621 LDY $2136 C0/DB8B: 6900 ADC #$00 C0/DB8D: F00E BEQ $DB9D C0/DB8F: C909 CMP #$09 C0/DB91: 9002 BCC $DB95 C0/DB93: A908 LDA #$08 C0/DB95: 4601 LSR $01 C0/DB97: 9021 BCC $DBBA C0/DB99: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/DB9B: 801D BRA $DBBA C0/DB9D: 60 RTS

C0/DB9E: BD840A LDA $0A84,X C0/DBA1: C220 REP #$20 C0/DBA3: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/DBA6: 18 CLC C0/DBA7: 7D860A ADC $0A86,X C0/DBAA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DBAC: 9D840A STA $0A84,X C0/DBAF: BD850A LDA $0A85,X C0/DBB2: 1005 BPL $DBB9 C0/DBB4: EB XBA C0/DBB5: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/DBB7: 8001 BRA $DBBA C0/DBB9: EB XBA C0/DBBA: E000 CPX #$00 C0/DBBC: D005 BNE $DBC3 C0/DBBE: 8584 STA $84 C0/DBC0: 4CDADB JMP $DBDA C0/DBC3: E010 CPX #$10 C0/DBC5: D005 BNE $DBCC C0/DBC7: 8586 STA $86 C0/DBC9: 4C18DC JMP $DC18 C0/DBCC: E020 CPX #$20 C0/DBCE: D005 BNE $DBD5 C0/DBD0: 8584 STA $84 C0/DBD2: 4C56DC JMP $DC56 C0/DBD5: 8586 STA $86 C0/DBD7: 4C99DC JMP $DC99 C0/DBDA: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DBDC: A584 LDA $84 C0/DBDE: 301B BMI $DBFB C0/DBE0: C220 REP #$20 C0/DBE2: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/DBE5: 48 PHA C0/DBE6: 18 CLC C0/DBE7: 65A8 ADC $A8 C0/DBE9: C5C0 CMP $C0 C0/DBEB: 9002 BCC $DBEF C0/DBED: E5C0 SBC $C0 C0/DBEF: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/DBF1: 68 PLA C0/DBF2: 18 CLC C0/DBF3: 65B0 ADC $B0 C0/DBF5: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/DBF8: 85B0 STA $B0 C0/DBFA: 60 RTS

C0/DBFB: C220 REP #$20 C0/DBFD: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/DC00: 8500 STA $00 C0/DC02: A5B0 LDA $B0 C0/DC04: 38 SEC C0/DC05: E500 SBC $00 C0/DC07: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/DC0A: 85B0 STA $B0 C0/DC0C: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/DC0E: 38 SEC C0/DC0F: E500 SBC $00 C0/DC11: B002 BCS $DC15 C0/DC13: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/DC15: 85A8 STA $A8 C0/DC17: 60 RTS

C0/DC18: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DC1A: A586 LDA $86 C0/DC1C: 301B BMI $DC39 C0/DC1E: C220 REP #$20 C0/DC20: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/DC23: 48 PHA C0/DC24: 18 CLC C0/DC25: 65AA ADC $AA C0/DC27: C5C2 CMP $C2 C0/DC29: 9002 BCC $DC2D C0/DC2B: E5C2 SBC $C2 C0/DC2D: 85AA STA $AA C0/DC2F: 68 PLA C0/DC30: 18 CLC C0/DC31: 65B2 ADC $B2 C0/DC33: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/DC36: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/DC38: 60 RTS

[Related to screen scrolling relative to the Boy?] C0/DC39: C220 REP #$20 C0/DC3B: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/DC3E: 8500 STA $00 C0/DC40: A5B2 LDA $B2 C0/DC42: 38 SEC C0/DC43: E500 SBC $00 C0/DC45: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/DC48: 85B2 STA $B2 C0/DC4A: A5AA LDA $AA C0/DC4C: 38 SEC C0/DC4D: E500 SBC $00 C0/DC4F: B002 BCS $DC53 C0/DC51: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/DC53: 85AA STA $AA C0/DC55: 60 RTS

C0/DC56: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DC58: A5B9 LDA $B9 C0/DC5A: D001 BNE $DC5D C0/DC5C: 60 RTS

C0/DC5D: A584 LDA $84 C0/DC5F: 301B BMI $DC7C C0/DC61: C220 REP #$20 C0/DC63: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/DC66: 48 PHA C0/DC67: 18 CLC C0/DC68: 65AC ADC $AC C0/DC6A: C5C4 CMP $C4 C0/DC6C: 9002 BCC $DC70 C0/DC6E: E5C4 SBC $C4 C0/DC70: 85AC STA $AC C0/DC72: 68 PLA C0/DC73: 18 CLC C0/DC74: 65B4 ADC $B4 C0/DC76: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/DC79: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/DC7B: 60 RTS

C0/DC7C: C220 REP #$20 C0/DC7E: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/DC81: 8500 STA $00 C0/DC83: A5B4 LDA $B4 C0/DC85: 38 SEC C0/DC86: E500 SBC $00 C0/DC88: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/DC8B: 85B4 STA $B4 C0/DC8D: A5AC LDA $AC C0/DC8F: 38 SEC C0/DC90: E500 SBC $00 C0/DC92: B002 BCS $DC96 C0/DC94: 65C4 ADC $C4 C0/DC96: 85AC STA $AC C0/DC98: 60 RTS

C0/DC99: E230 SEP #$30 C0/DC9B: A5B9 LDA $B9 C0/DC9D: D001 BNE $DCA0 C0/DC9F: 60 RTS

C0/DCA0: A586 LDA $86 C0/DCA2: 301B BMI $DCBF C0/DCA4: C220 REP #$20 C0/DCA6: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/DCA9: 48 PHA C0/DCAA: 18 CLC C0/DCAB: 65AE ADC $AE C0/DCAD: C5C6 CMP $C6 C0/DCAF: 9002 BCC $DCB3 C0/DCB1: E5C6 SBC $C6 C0/DCB3: 85AE STA $AE C0/DCB5: 68 PLA C0/DCB6: 18 CLC C0/DCB7: 65B6 ADC $B6 C0/DCB9: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/DCBC: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/DCBE: 60 RTS

C0/DCBF: C220 REP #$20 C0/DCC1: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/DCC4: 8500 STA $00 C0/DCC6: A5B6 LDA $B6 C0/DCC8: 38 SEC C0/DCC9: E500 SBC $00 C0/DCCB: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/DCCE: 85B6 STA $B6 C0/DCD0: A5AE LDA $AE C0/DCD2: 38 SEC C0/DCD3: E500 SBC $00 C0/DCD5: B002 BCS $DCD9 C0/DCD7: 65C6 ADC $C6 C0/DCD9: 85AE STA $AE C0/DCDB: 60 RTS

C0/DCDC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DCDE: 8B PHB C0/DCDF: A97E LDA #$7E C0/DCE1: 48 PHA C0/DCE2: AB PLB C0/DCE3: AD00E8 LDA $E800 C0/DCE6: 85BC STA $BC C0/DCE8: C931 CMP #$31 C0/DCEA: B0FC BCS $DCE8 C0/DCEC: AD04E8 LDA $E804 C0/DCEF: 850F STA $0F C0/DCF1: 20A8E1 JSR $E1A8 C0/DCF4: 20FCDC JSR $DCFC C0/DCF7: 208BDD JSR $DD8B C0/DCFA: AB PLB C0/DCFB: 60 RTS

C0/DCFC: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/DCFE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DD00: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/DD03: 64BD STZ $BD C0/DD05: A5BC LDA $BC C0/DD07: 8504 STA $04 C0/DD09: D005 + BNE $DD10 C0/DD0B: A980 LDA #$80 C0/DD0D: 14E8 TRB $E8 C0/DD0F: 60 RTS

[Loads each segment into enemy spawn info] C0/DD10: +- 2055DD JSR $DD55 C0/DD13: C220 REP #$20 C0/DD15: A50D LDA $0D C0/DD17: 18 CLC C0/DD18: 690800 ADC #$0008 [Increment Babel Pointer by 8] C0/DD1B: 850D STA $0D [Store back into Babel Pointer] C0/DD1D: 8A TXA [Transfer X to Accumulator] C0/DD1E: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/DD1F: 691000 ADC #$0010 [Increment value by #$0010] C0/DD22: AA TAX [Transfer back to X] C0/DD23: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DD25: C604 DEC $04 C0/DD27: D0E7 - BNE $DD10 C0/DD29: A980 LDA #$80 C0/DD2B: 14E8 TRB $E8 C0/DD2D: D001 BNE $DD30 C0/DD2F: 60 RTS

C0/DD30: C220 REP #$20 C0/DD32: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/DD35: 9B TXY C0/DD36: B970CD LDA $CD70,Y C0/DD39: 9D0AC8 STA $C80A,X C0/DD3C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DD3E: B972CD LDA $CD72,Y C0/DD41: 9D0CC8 STA $C80C,X C0/DD44: C220 REP #$20 C0/DD46: 8A TXA C0/DD47: 18 CLC C0/DD48: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/DD4B: AA TAX C0/DD4C: C8 INY C0/DD4D: C8 INY C0/DD4E: C8 INY C0/DD4F: C09000 CPY #$0090 C0/DD52: 90E2 BCC $DD36 C0/DD54: 60 RTS

[Loads Enemy Spawn Information?] C0/DD55: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/DD58: C220 REP #$20 C0/DD5A: B70D LDA [$0D],Y [Corresponds with bank 8's Tower of Babel] C0/DD5C: 9D08C8 STA $C808,X C0/DD5F: C8 INY C0/DD60: C8 INY C0/DD61: B70D LDA [$0D],Y C0/DD63: 9D0AC8 STA $C80A,X C0/DD66: 48 PHA C0/DD67: C8 INY C0/DD68: C8 INY C0/DD69: B70D LDA [$0D],Y C0/DD6B: 9D0CC8 STA $C80C,X C0/DD6E: C8 INY C0/DD6F: C8 INY C0/DD70: B70D LDA [$0D],Y C0/DD72: 9D0EC8 STA $C80E,X C0/DD75: 68 PLA C0/DD76: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DD78: 4A LSR A C0/DD79: 8500 STA $00 C0/DD7B: EB XBA C0/DD7C: 2980 AND #$80 C0/DD7E: 0500 ORA $00 C0/DD80: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/DD82: 9D07C8 STA $C807,X C0/DD85: A901 LDA #$01 C0/DD87: 9D00C8 STA $C800,X C0/DD8A: 60 RTS

C0/DD8B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DD8D: A20006 LDX #$0600 C0/DD90: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DD92: A5ED LDA $ED C0/DD94: 0A ASL A C0/DD95: A909 LDA #$09 C0/DD97: 9002 BCC $DD9B C0/DD99: A903 LDA #$03 C0/DD9B: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/DD9E: 48 PHA C0/DD9F: A5BC LDA $BC C0/DDA1: 850C STA $0C C0/DDA3: 5A PHY C0/DDA4: 20EBE0 JSR $E0EB C0/DDA7: 20BEDD JSR $DDBE C0/DDAA: C220 REP #$20 C0/DDAC: 7A PLY C0/DDAD: 8A TXA C0/DDAE: 18 CLC C0/DDAF: 690002 ADC #$0200 C0/DDB2: AA TAX C0/DDB3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DDB5: 68 PLA C0/DDB6: 245C BIT $5C C0/DDB8: 3003 BMI $DDBD C0/DDBA: 3A DEC A C0/DDBB: D0E1 BNE $DD9E C0/DDBD: 60 RTS

C0/DDBE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DDC0: B900C8 LDA $C800,Y C0/DDC3: F008 BEQ $DDCD C0/DDC5: 3008 BMI $DDCF C0/DDC7: 20E3DD JSR $DDE3 C0/DDCA: 9003 BCC $DDCF C0/DDCC: 60 RTS


C0/DDCF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DDD1: C60C DEC $0C C0/DDD3: F0F8 BEQ $DDCD C0/DDD5: C220 REP #$20 C0/DDD7: 98 TYA C0/DDD8: 18 CLC C0/DDD9: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/DDDC: A8 TAY C0/DDDD: C90003 CMP #$0300 C0/DDE0: 90DC BCC $DDBE C0/DDE2: 60 RTS

C0/DDE3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DDE5: B907C8 LDA $C807,Y C0/DDE8: 2940 AND #$40 C0/DDEA: F008 BEQ $DDF4 C0/DDEC: 2257C702 JSR $02C757 C0/DDF0: B00E BCS $DE00 C0/DDF2: 900B BCC $DDFF C0/DDF4: 2257C702 JSR $02C757 C0/DDF8: 9005 BCC $DDFF C0/DDFA: 2085DF JSR $DF85 C0/DDFD: B001 BCS $DE00 C0/DDFF: 60 RTS

C0/DE00: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DE02: B90DC8 LDA $C80D,Y C0/DE05: C957 CMP #$57 C0/DE07: 9032 BCC $DE3B C0/DE09: C980 CMP #$80 C0/DE0B: B02E BCS $DE3B C0/DE0D: A980 LDA #$80 C0/DE0F: 855C STA $5C C0/DE11: C220 REP #$20 C0/DE13: B90AC8 LDA $C80A,Y C0/DE16: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/DE19: 0A ASL A C0/DE1A: 0A ASL A C0/DE1B: 0A ASL A C0/DE1C: 0A ASL A C0/DE1D: 8D0003 STA $0300 C0/DE20: B90BC8 LDA $C80B,Y C0/DE23: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/DE26: 0A ASL A C0/DE27: 0A ASL A C0/DE28: 0A ASL A C0/DE29: 0A ASL A C0/DE2A: 8D0203 STA $0302 C0/DE2D: B90DC8 LDA $C80D,Y C0/DE30: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/DE33: 220000C2 JSR $C20000 C0/DE37: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DE39: 38 SEC C0/DE3A: 60 RTS

C0/DE3B: A901 LDA #$01 C0/DE3D: 9D00E0 STA $E000,X C0/DE40: 9E01E0 STZ $E001,X C0/DE43: BD43E0 LDA $E043,X C0/DE46: F003 BEQ $DE4B C0/DE48: 20E1E2 JSR $E2E1 C0/DE4B: C220 REP #$20 C0/DE4D: DA PHX C0/DE4E: 5A PHY C0/DE4F: A03000 LDY #$0030 C0/DE52: - 9E02E0 STZ $E002,X [Related to enemy positions?] C0/DE55: E8 INX C0/DE56: E8 INX C0/DE57: 88 DEY C0/DE58: D0F8 - BNE $DE52 [Loops back if it's not equal to zero?] C0/DE5A: 7A PLY C0/DE5B: FA PLX C0/DE5C: B90EC8 LDA $C80E,Y C0/DE5F: 9D3EE0 STA $E03E,X [Store into Character Event] C0/DE62: B90CC8 LDA $C80C,Y C0/DE65: 9D3CE0 STA $E03C,X C0/DE68: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DE6A: 9E45E0 STZ $E045,X C0/DE6D: 9E60E0 STZ $E060,X C0/DE70: 9E61E0 STZ $E061,X C0/DE73: 9E69E0 STZ $E069,X C0/DE76: 9E00E1 STZ $E100,X C0/DE79: 9E04E1 STZ $E104,X C0/DE7C: 9E08E1 STZ $E108,X C0/DE7F: EB XBA C0/DE80: 9D80E1 STA $E180,X [Store into Character Type] C0/DE83: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/DE84: A9D2 LDA #$D2 [Load #$D2 into Accumulator] {Sprite Constructor Bank Byte} C0/DE86: B001 BCS $DE89 C0/DE88: 1A INC A C0/DE89: 9D33E0 STA $E033,X C0/DE8C: A900 LDA #$00 C0/DE8E: 9D83E0 STA $E083,X C0/DE91: 22CFDF01 JSR $01DFCF C0/DE95: C220 REP #$20 C0/DE97: AFF0FFD0 LDA $D0FFF0 [Table at the bottom of bank $10; why?] C0/DE9B: 9D2AE0 STA $E02A,X C0/DE9E: B90AC8 LDA $C80A,Y [X coordinate or Y coordinate?] C0/DEA1: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/DEA4: 0A ASL A C0/DEA5: 38 SEC C0/DEA6: 2A ROL A C0/DEA7: 0A ASL A C0/DEA8: 0A ASL A C0/DEA9: 9D02E0 STA $E002,X [And again...] [00deac lda $c80b,y [7ec80b] A:0164 X:0600 Y:0000 S:01f1 D:0000 DB:7e nvmxdIzc V:223 H: 268] C0/DEAC: B90BC8 LDA $C80B,Y [Other coordinate...] C0/DEAF: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/DEB2: 0A ASL A C0/DEB3: 38 SEC C0/DEB4: 2A ROL A C0/DEB5: 0A ASL A C0/DEB6: 0A ASL A C0/DEB7: 9D04E0 STA $E004,X C0/DEBA: 98 TYA C0/DEBB: 9D34E0 STA $E034,X C0/DEBE: 8A TXA C0/DEBF: 9902C8 STA $C802,Y C0/DEC2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DEC4: B907C8 LDA $C807,Y C0/DEC7: 9D44E0 STA $E044,X C0/DECA: A981 LDA #$81 C0/DECC: 9900C8 STA $C800,Y C0/DECF: BD3CE0 LDA $E03C,X C0/DED2: 48 PHA C0/DED3: 0A ASL A C0/DED4: 0A ASL A C0/DED5: 0A ASL A C0/DED6: 0A ASL A C0/DED7: 2980 AND #$80 C0/DED9: 9D0BE0 STA $E00B,X C0/DEDC: 68 PLA C0/DEDD: 48 PHA C0/DEDE: 0A ASL A C0/DEDF: 2A ROL A C0/DEE0: 2A ROL A C0/DEE1: 2903 AND #$03 C0/DEE3: C903 CMP #$03 C0/DEE5: D004 BNE $DEEB C0/DEE7: A902 LDA #$02 C0/DEE9: 8006 BRA $DEF1 C0/DEEB: C902 CMP #$02 C0/DEED: D002 BNE $DEF1 C0/DEEF: A982 LDA #$82 C0/DEF1: 9D10E0 STA $E010,X C0/DEF4: BD71E0 LDA $E071,X C0/DEF7: 2920 AND #$20 C0/DEF9: F005 BEQ $DF00 C0/DEFB: A900 LDA #$00 C0/DEFD: 9D10E0 STA $E010,X C0/DF00: A900 LDA #$00 C0/DF02: 9D11E0 STA $E011,X C0/DF05: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/DF07: 9D30E0 STA $E030,X C0/DF0A: 68 PLA C0/DF0B: 24ED BIT $ED C0/DF0D: 1003 BPL $DF12 C0/DF0F: 823300 BRL $DF45 C0/DF12: 2930 AND #$30 C0/DF14: 4A LSR A C0/DF15: 4A LSR A C0/DF16: 4A LSR A C0/DF17: 8500 STA $00 C0/DF19: BD8BE0 LDA $E08B,X C0/DF1C: 29F9 AND #$F9 C0/DF1E: 0500 ORA $00 C0/DF20: 9D8BE0 STA $E08B,X C0/DF23: 290E AND #$0E C0/DF25: 0A ASL A C0/DF26: 0A ASL A C0/DF27: 0A ASL A C0/DF28: 0A ASL A C0/DF29: C220 REP #$20 C0/DF2B: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/DF2E: 1A INC A C0/DF2F: 1A INC A C0/DF30: 9DF8E0 STA $E0F8,X C0/DF33: 2055DF JSR $DF55 C0/DF36: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/DF38: DA PHX C0/DF39: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DF3B: BD3DE0 LDA $E03D,X C0/DF3E: 222000C1 JSR $C10020 C0/DF42: FA PLX C0/DF43: 38 SEC C0/DF44: 60 RTS

C0/DF45: 2055DF JSR $DF55 C0/DF48: 221EE001 JSR $01E01E C0/DF4C: 2038E0 JSR $E038 C0/DF4F: 38 SEC C0/DF50: 60 RTS

C0/DF51: 2048DF JSR $DF48 C0/DF54: 6B RTL

C0/DF55: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DF57: BD3CE0 LDA $E03C,X C0/DF5A: 2907 AND #$07 C0/DF5C: C904 CMP #$04 C0/DF5E: B011 BCS $DF71 C0/DF60: A920 LDA #$20 C0/DF62: BD8BE0 LDA $E08B,X C0/DF65: 29CF AND #$CF C0/DF67: 0920 ORA #$20 C0/DF69: 9D8BE0 STA $E08B,X C0/DF6C: 2222DF01 JSR $01DF22 C0/DF70: 60 RTS

C0/DF71: 2903 AND #$03 C0/DF73: 4A LSR A C0/DF74: 6A ROR A C0/DF75: 6A ROR A C0/DF76: 4A LSR A C0/DF77: 4A LSR A C0/DF78: 8500 STA $00 C0/DF7A: BD8BE0 LDA $E08B,X C0/DF7D: 29CF AND #$CF C0/DF7F: 0500 ORA $00 C0/DF81: 9D8BE0 STA $E08B,X C0/DF84: 60 RTS

C0/DF85: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DF87: B90CC8 LDA $C80C,Y C0/DF8A: 2908 AND #$08 C0/DF8C: D024 BNE $DFB2 C0/DF8E: B90AC8 LDA $C80A,Y C0/DF91: 297F AND #$7F C0/DF93: 38 SEC C0/DF94: E504 SBC $04 C0/DF96: B002 BCS $DF9A C0/DF98: 659C ADC $9C C0/DF9A: C508 CMP $08 C0/DF9C: B012 BCS $DFB0 C0/DF9E: B90BC8 LDA $C80B,Y C0/DFA1: 297F AND #$7F C0/DFA3: 38 SEC C0/DFA4: E505 SBC $05 C0/DFA6: B002 BCS $DFAA C0/DFA8: 659D ADC $9D C0/DFAA: C509 CMP $09 C0/DFAC: B002 BCS $DFB0 C0/DFAE: 38 SEC C0/DFAF: 60 RTS

C0/DFB0: 18 CLC C0/DFB1: 60 RTS

C0/DFB2: B90AC8 LDA $C80A,Y C0/DFB5: 297F AND #$7F C0/DFB7: 38 SEC C0/DFB8: E506 SBC $06 C0/DFBA: B002 BCS $DFBE C0/DFBC: 659C ADC $9C C0/DFBE: C508 CMP $08 C0/DFC0: B0EE BCS $DFB0 C0/DFC2: B90BC8 LDA $C80B,Y C0/DFC5: 297F AND #$7F C0/DFC7: 38 SEC C0/DFC8: E507 SBC $07 C0/DFCA: B002 BCS $DFCE C0/DFCC: 659D ADC $9D C0/DFCE: C509 CMP $09 C0/DFD0: B0DE BCS $DFB0 C0/DFD2: 38 SEC C0/DFD3: 60 RTS

C0/DFD4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DFD6: A5FF LDA $FF C0/DFD8: 0552 ORA $52 C0/DFDA: D00A BNE $DFE6 C0/DFDC: A5E8 LDA $E8 C0/DFDE: 2904 AND #$04 C0/DFE0: D004 BNE $DFE6 C0/DFE2: A5BC LDA $BC C0/DFE4: D001 BNE $DFE7 C0/DFE6: 60 RTS

C0/DFE7: 2058E0 JSR $E058 C0/DFEA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/DFEC: A5BC LDA $BC C0/DFEE: 4A LSR A C0/DFEF: 4A LSR A C0/DFF0: 4A LSR A C0/DFF1: 1A INC A C0/DFF2: 850C STA $0C C0/DFF4: 18 CLC C0/DFF5: 65BD ADC $BD C0/DFF7: C5BC CMP $BC C0/DFF9: 9002 BCC $DFFD C0/DFFB: E5BC SBC $BC C0/DFFD: 85BD STA $BD C0/DFFF: C220 REP #$20 C0/E001: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/E004: 0A ASL A C0/E005: 0A ASL A C0/E006: 0A ASL A C0/E007: 0A ASL A C0/E008: A8 TAY C0/E009: 4CBEDD JMP $DDBE

[Related to Event Command 09] C0/E00C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E00E: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/E011: F006 BEQ $E019 C0/E013: 9E00E0 STZ $E000,X [0 out Master Activation Byte for the character/enemy] C0/E016: 20E1E2 JSR $E2E1 C0/E019: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E01B: 9E43E0 STZ $E043,X C0/E01E: A5BC LDA $BC C0/E020: 850C STA $0C C0/E022: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/E025: C220 REP #$20 C0/E027: 6404 STZ $04 C0/E029: 6406 STZ $06 C0/E02B: A9FFFF LDA #$FFFF C0/E02E: 8508 STA $08 C0/E030: 20BEDD JSR $DDBE C0/E033: 6B RTL

C0/E034: 2038E0 JSR $E038 C0/E037: 6B RTL

C0/E038: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E03A: DA PHX C0/E03B: BD3DE0 LDA $E03D,X C0/E03E: 223F00C0 JSR $C0003F C0/E042: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/E044: FA PLX C0/E045: 2019EA JSR $EA19 C0/E048: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/E04A: A614 LDX $14 C0/E04C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E04E: BD3DE0 LDA $E03D,X C0/E051: DA PHX C0/E052: 222000C1 JSR $C10020 C0/E056: FA PLX C0/E057: 60 RTS

C0/E058: C230 REP #$30 C0/E05A: A4BA LDY $BA C0/E05C: B906E0 LDA $E006,Y C0/E05F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E061: EB XBA C0/E062: D007 BNE $E06B C0/E064: EB XBA C0/E065: F014 BEQ $E07B C0/E067: 106A BPL $E0D3 C0/E069: 3074 BMI $E0DF C0/E06B: 1007 BPL $E074 C0/E06D: EB XBA C0/E06E: F04B BEQ $E0BB C0/E070: 303D BMI $E0AF C0/E072: 102F BPL $E0A3 C0/E074: EB XBA C0/E075: F050 BEQ $E0C7 C0/E077: 301E BMI $E097 C0/E079: 1010 BPL $E08B C0/E07B: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/E07D: 4A LSR A C0/E07E: 4A LSR A C0/E07F: 2903 AND #$03 C0/E081: F05C BEQ $E0DF C0/E083: 3A DEC A C0/E084: F04D BEQ $E0D3 C0/E086: 3A DEC A C0/E087: F032 BEQ $E0BB C0/E089: 803C BRA $E0C7 C0/E08B: C220 REP #$20 C0/E08D: A91206 LDA #$0612 C0/E090: 8500 STA $00 C0/E092: A90810 LDA #$1008 C0/E095: 807A BRA $E111 C0/E097: C220 REP #$20 C0/E099: A9F806 LDA #$06F8 C0/E09C: 8500 STA $00 C0/E09E: A90810 LDA #$1008 C0/E0A1: 806E BRA $E111 C0/E0A3: C220 REP #$20 C0/E0A5: A91206 LDA #$0612 C0/E0A8: 8500 STA $00 C0/E0AA: A9F810 LDA #$10F8 C0/E0AD: 8062 BRA $E111 C0/E0AF: C220 REP #$20 C0/E0B1: A9F806 LDA #$06F8 C0/E0B4: 8500 STA $00 C0/E0B6: A9F810 LDA #$10F8 C0/E0B9: 8056 BRA $E111 C0/E0BB: C220 REP #$20 C0/E0BD: A9FE14 LDA #$14FE C0/E0C0: 8500 STA $00 C0/E0C2: A9F806 LDA #$06F8 C0/E0C5: 804A BRA $E111 C0/E0C7: C220 REP #$20 C0/E0C9: A9FE14 LDA #$14FE C0/E0CC: 8500 STA $00 C0/E0CE: A91206 LDA #$0612 C0/E0D1: 803E BRA $E111 C0/E0D3: C220 REP #$20 C0/E0D5: A91206 LDA #$0612 C0/E0D8: 8500 STA $00 C0/E0DA: A9FE12 LDA #$12FE C0/E0DD: 8032 BRA $E111 C0/E0DF: C220 REP #$20 C0/E0E1: A9F806 LDA #$06F8 C0/E0E4: 8500 STA $00 C0/E0E6: A9FE12 LDA #$12FE C0/E0E9: 8026 BRA $E111 C0/E0EB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E0ED: A5BC LDA $BC C0/E0EF: 24ED BIT $ED C0/E0F1: 1010 BPL $E103 C0/E0F3: C904 CMP #$04 C0/E0F5: B010 BCS $E107 C0/E0F7: C220 REP #$20 C0/E0F9: 6404 STZ $04 C0/E0FB: 6406 STZ $06 C0/E0FD: A9FFFF LDA #$FFFF C0/E100: 8508 STA $08 C0/E102: 60 RTS

C0/E103: C90A90 CMP #$900A C0/E106: F0C2 BEQ $E0CA C0/E108: 20A9F8 JSR $F8A9 C0/E10B: 208500 JSR $0085 C0/E10E: A9F820 LDA #$20F8 C0/E111: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E113: EB XBA C0/E114: 8509 STA $09 C0/E116: A501 LDA $01 C0/E118: 8508 STA $08 C0/E11A: EB XBA C0/E11B: 8501 STA $01 C0/E11D: C220 REP #$20 C0/E11F: A5A8 LDA $A8 C0/E121: 4A LSR A C0/E122: 4A LSR A C0/E123: 4A LSR A C0/E124: 4A LSR A C0/E125: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E127: 18 CLC C0/E128: 2400 BIT $00 C0/E12A: 1008 BPL $E134 C0/E12C: 6500 ADC $00 C0/E12E: 100C BPL $E13C C0/E130: 659C ADC $9C C0/E132: 8008 BRA $E13C C0/E134: 6500 ADC $00 C0/E136: C59C CMP $9C C0/E138: 9002 BCC $E13C C0/E13A: E59C SBC $9C C0/E13C: 8504 STA $04 C0/E13E: C220 REP #$20 C0/E140: A5AA LDA $AA C0/E142: 4A LSR A C0/E143: 4A LSR A C0/E144: 4A LSR A C0/E145: 4A LSR A C0/E146: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E148: 18 CLC C0/E149: 2401 BIT $01 C0/E14B: 1008 BPL $E155 C0/E14D: 6501 ADC $01 C0/E14F: 100C BPL $E15D C0/E151: 659D ADC $9D C0/E153: 8008 BRA $E15D C0/E155: 6501 ADC $01 C0/E157: C59D CMP $9D C0/E159: 9002 BCC $E15D C0/E15B: E59D SBC $9D C0/E15D: 8505 STA $05 C0/E15F: C220 REP #$20 C0/E161: A5AC LDA $AC C0/E163: 4A LSR A C0/E164: 4A LSR A C0/E165: 4A LSR A C0/E166: 4A LSR A C0/E167: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E169: 18 CLC C0/E16A: 2400 BIT $00 C0/E16C: 1008 BPL $E176 C0/E16E: 6500 ADC $00 C0/E170: 100C BPL $E17E C0/E172: 65A0 ADC $A0 C0/E174: 8008 BRA $E17E C0/E176: 6500 ADC $00 C0/E178: C5A0 CMP $A0 C0/E17A: 9002 BCC $E17E C0/E17C: E5A0 SBC $A0 C0/E17E: 8506 STA $06 C0/E180: C220 REP #$20 C0/E182: A5AE LDA $AE C0/E184: 4A LSR A C0/E185: 4A LSR A C0/E186: 4A LSR A C0/E187: 4A LSR A C0/E188: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E18A: 18 CLC C0/E18B: 2401 BIT $01 C0/E18D: 1008 BPL $E197 C0/E18F: 6501 ADC $01 C0/E191: 100C BPL $E19F C0/E193: 65A1 ADC $A1 C0/E195: 8008 BRA $E19F C0/E197: 6501 ADC $01 C0/E199: C5A1 CMP $A1 C0/E19B: 9002 BCC $E19F C0/E19D: E5A1 SBC $A1 C0/E19F: 8507 STA $07 C0/E1A1: 60 RTS

C0/E1A2: C220 REP #$20 C0/E1A4: 20A8E2 JSR $E2A8 C0/E1A7: 6B RTL

[Looks like...9 NPCs can be on the screen, E600 through F600, with F800 starting a different memory segment] [Clears out sections of character memory 2 bytes at a time] C0/E1A8: C230 REP #$30 C0/E1AA: AD02E8 LDA $E802 C0/E1AD: 850D STA $0D C0/E1AF: A90000 LDA #$0000 [Load #$0000 into Accumulator] C0/E1B2: A2FE11 LDX #$11FE [Load backward count from just before 1200 into X] C0/E1B5: - 9D00E6 STA $E600,X C0/E1B8: 9D00E6 STA $E600,X C0/E1BB: CA DEX C0/E1BC: CA DEX C0/E1BD: 10F6 - BPL $E1B5 [Branch backward if positive? Hrm] C0/E1BF: A2FE00 LDX #$00FE [Load backward count from just before 100 into X] C0/E1C2: - 9D00C8 STA $C800,X C0/E1C5: 9D00C9 STA $C900,X C0/E1C8: 9D00CA STA $CA00,X C0/E1CB: CA DEX C0/E1CC: CA DEX C0/E1CD: 10F3 - BPL $E1C2 C0/E1CF: A23E00 LDX #$003E C0/E1D2: 9D00CB STA $CB00,X C0/E1D5: CA DEX C0/E1D6: CA DEX C0/E1D7: 10F9 BPL $E1D2 C0/E1D9: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E1DB: 24ED BIT $ED C0/E1DD: C220 REP #$20 C0/E1DF: 1057 BPL $E238 C0/E1E1: A9600E LDA #$0E60 C0/E1E4: 8D6EE6 STA $E66E C0/E1E7: A9C00E LDA #$0EC0 C0/E1EA: 8D6EE8 STA $E86E C0/E1ED: A9200F LDA #$0F20 C0/E1F0: 8D6EEA STA $EA6E C0/E1F3: A9600D LDA #$0D60 C0/E1F6: 8D6CE6 STA $E66C C0/E1F9: A9B00D LDA #$0DB0 C0/E1FC: 8D6CE8 STA $E86C C0/E1FF: A9000E LDA #$0E00 C0/E202: 8D6CEA STA $EA6C C0/E205: A9400A LDA #$0A40 C0/E208: 4598 EOR $98 C0/E20A: 8D8AE6 STA $E68A C0/E20D: A9C808 LDA #$08C8 C0/E210: 4598 EOR $98 C0/E212: 8D86E6 STA $E686 C0/E215: A9680C LDA #$0C68 C0/E218: 4598 EOR $98 C0/E21A: 8D8AE8 STA $E88A C0/E21D: A9EC08 LDA #$08EC C0/E220: 4598 EOR $98 C0/E222: 8D86E8 STA $E886 C0/E225: A9A00E LDA #$0EA0 C0/E228: 4598 EOR $98 C0/E22A: 8D8AEA STA $EA8A C0/E22D: A92009 LDA #$0920 C0/E230: 4598 EOR $98 C0/E232: 8D86EA STA $EA86 C0/E235: 4CA8E2 JMP $E2A8 C0/E238: A9600E LDA #$0E60 C0/E23B: 8D6EE6 STA $E66E C0/E23E: A9800E LDA #$0E80 C0/E241: 8D6EE8 STA $E86E C0/E244: A9A00E LDA #$0EA0 C0/E247: 8D6EEA STA $EA6E C0/E24A: A9C00E LDA #$0EC0 C0/E24D: 8D6EEC STA $EC6E C0/E250: A9E00E LDA #$0EE0 C0/E253: 8D6EEE STA $EE6E C0/E256: A9000F LDA #$0F00 C0/E259: 8D6EF0 STA $F06E C0/E25C: A9200F LDA #$0F20 C0/E25F: 8D6EF2 STA $F26E C0/E262: A9400F LDA #$0F40 C0/E265: 8D6EF4 STA $F46E C0/E268: A9600F LDA #$0F60 C0/E26B: 8D6EF6 STA $F66E C0/E26E: A94008 LDA #$0840 C0/E271: 4598 EOR $98 C0/E273: 8D8AE6 STA $E68A C0/E276: 18 CLC C0/E277: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/E27A: 8D8AE8 STA $E88A C0/E27D: 691800 ADC #$0018 C0/E280: 8D8AEA STA $EA8A C0/E283: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/E286: 8D8AEC STA $EC8A C0/E289: 691800 ADC #$0018 C0/E28C: 8D8AEE STA $EE8A C0/E28F: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/E292: 8D8AF0 STA $F08A C0/E295: 691800 ADC #$0018 C0/E298: 8D8AF2 STA $F28A C0/E29B: 690800 ADC #$0008 C0/E29E: 8D8AF4 STA $F48A C0/E2A1: 691800 ADC #$0018 C0/E2A4: 8D8AF6 STA $F68A C0/E2A7: 60 RTS

C0/E2A8: C230 REP #$30 C0/E2AA: A9A200 LDA #$00A2 C0/E2AD: A498 LDY $98 C0/E2AF: F003 BEQ $E2B4 C0/E2B1: 498000 EOR #$0080 C0/E2B4: 8DF8E6 STA $E6F8 C0/E2B7: 18 CLC C0/E2B8: 692000 ADC #$0020 C0/E2BB: 8DF8E8 STA $E8F8 C0/E2BE: 18 CLC C0/E2BF: 692000 ADC #$0020 C0/E2C2: 8DF8EA STA $EAF8 C0/E2C5: A98200 LDA #$0082 C0/E2C8: A498 LDY $98 C0/E2CA: F003 BEQ $E2CF C0/E2CC: 498000 EOR #$0080 C0/E2CF: 8DFAE6 STA $E6FA C0/E2D2: 18 CLC C0/E2D3: 690A00 ADC #$000A C0/E2D6: 8DFAE8 STA $E8FA C0/E2D9: 18 CLC C0/E2DA: 690A00 ADC #$000A C0/E2DD: 8DFAEA STA $EAFA C0/E2E0: 60 RTS

C0/E2E1: C220 REP #$20 C0/E2E3: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X C0/E2E6: 4A LSR A C0/E2E7: 4A LSR A C0/E2E8: 4A LSR A C0/E2E9: 4A LSR A C0/E2EA: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/E2ED: 8500 STA $00 C0/E2EF: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X C0/E2F2: 4A LSR A C0/E2F3: 4A LSR A C0/E2F4: 4A LSR A C0/E2F5: 4A LSR A C0/E2F6: EB XBA C0/E2F7: 29007F AND #$7F00 C0/E2FA: 0500 ORA $00 C0/E2FC: 5A PHY C0/E2FD: BC34E0 LDY $E034,X C0/E300: 990AC8 STA $C80A,Y C0/E303: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E305: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/E308: 2980 AND #$80 C0/E30A: 4A LSR A C0/E30B: 4A LSR A C0/E30C: 4A LSR A C0/E30D: 4A LSR A C0/E30E: 8500 STA $00 C0/E310: B90CC8 LDA $C80C,Y C0/E313: 29F7 AND #$F7 C0/E315: 0500 ORA $00 C0/E317: 990CC8 STA $C80C,Y C0/E31A: B900C8 LDA $C800,Y C0/E31D: 297F AND #$7F C0/E31F: 9900C8 STA $C800,Y C0/E322: 7A PLY C0/E323: 60 RTS

C0/E324: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E327: 6B RTL

C0/E328: 202CE3 JSR $E32C C0/E32B: 6B RTL

C0/E32C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E32E: A5ED LDA $ED C0/E330: 48 PHA C0/E331: A940 LDA #$40 C0/E333: 85ED STA $ED C0/E335: 2055E3 JSR $E355 C0/E338: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E33A: A901 LDA #$01 C0/E33C: 857D STA $7D C0/E33E: 647C STZ $7C C0/E340: A910 LDA #$10 C0/E342: 855A STA $5A C0/E344: A901 LDA #$01 C0/E346: 8559 STA $59 C0/E348: 208EE3 JSR $E38E C0/E34B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E34D: 68 PLA C0/E34E: 85ED STA $ED C0/E350: 60 RTS

C0/E351: 2055E3 JSR $E355 C0/E354: 6B RTL

C0/E355: C230 REP #$30 C0/E357: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/E35A: A9FFE0 LDA #$E0FF C0/E35D: 9D0008 STA $0800,X C0/E360: E8 INX C0/E361: E8 INX C0/E362: E8 INX C0/E363: E8 INX C0/E364: E00002 CPX #$0200 C0/E367: 90F4 BCC $E35D C0/E369: E230 SEP #$30 C0/E36B: A23F LDX #$3F C0/E36D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/E36F: 9D000A STA $0A00,X C0/E372: CA DEX C0/E373: 10FA BPL $E36F C0/E375: 647C STZ $7C C0/E377: 647D STZ $7D C0/E379: 645A STZ $5A C0/E37B: A901 LDA #$01 C0/E37D: 6459 STZ $59 C0/E37F: 4CD7E8 JMP $E8D7 C0/E382: 3A DEC A C0/E383: 3A DEC A C0/E384: 9D0FE0 STA $E00F,X C0/E387: 3003 BMI $E38C C0/E389: C901 CMP #$01 C0/E38B: 60 RTS

C0/E38C: 18 CLC C0/E38D: 60 RTS

C0/E38E: 221DE601 JSR $01E61D C0/E392: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E394: 8B PHB C0/E395: A97E LDA #$7E C0/E397: 48 PHA C0/E398: AB PLB C0/E399: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/E39B: AC7E05 LDY $057E C0/E39E: F00E BEQ $E3AE C0/E3A0: 88 DEY C0/E3A1: 88 DEY C0/E3A2: BE4005 LDX $0540,Y C0/E3A5: 5A PHY C0/E3A6: 20CFE3 JSR $E3CF C0/E3A9: 7A PLY C0/E3AA: 88 DEY C0/E3AB: 88 DEY C0/E3AC: 10F4 BPL $E3A2 C0/E3AE: AC3E05 LDY $053E C0/E3B1: F00E BEQ $E3C1 C0/E3B3: 88 DEY C0/E3B4: 88 DEY C0/E3B5: BE0005 LDX $0500,Y C0/E3B8: 5A PHY C0/E3B9: 20CFE3 JSR $E3CF C0/E3BC: 7A PLY C0/E3BD: 88 DEY C0/E3BE: 88 DEY C0/E3BF: 10F4 BPL $E3B5 C0/E3C1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E3C3: 245C BIT $5C C0/E3C5: 1006 BPL $E3CD C0/E3C7: C220 REP #$20 C0/E3C9: 220C00C2 JSR $C2000C C0/E3CD: AB PLB C0/E3CE: 60 RTS

C0/E3CF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E3D1: 8614 STX $14 C0/E3D3: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/E3D6: 9026 BCC $E3FE C0/E3D8: 245C BIT $5C C0/E3DA: 1022 BPL $E3FE C0/E3DC: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/E3DF: F022 BEQ $E403 C0/E3E1: E0000C CPX #$0C00 C0/E3E4: B00A BCS $E3F0 C0/E3E6: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/E3E9: F005 BEQ $E3F0 C0/E3EB: DA PHX C0/E3EC: 20C1E4 JSR $E4C1 C0/E3EF: FA PLX C0/E3F0: C220 REP #$20 C0/E3F2: 8A TXA C0/E3F3: 38 SEC C0/E3F4: E90006 SBC #$0600 C0/E3F7: 4A LSR A C0/E3F8: EB XBA C0/E3F9: 220600C2 JSR $C20006 C0/E3FD: 60 RTS

C0/E3FE: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/E401: D001 BNE $E404 C0/E403: 60 RTS

C0/E404: 30FD BMI $E403 C0/E406: DA PHX C0/E407: 200EE4 JSR $E40E C0/E40A: FA PLX C0/E40B: 825203 BRL $E760 C0/E40E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E410: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/E413: 102E BPL $E443 C0/E415: C220 REP #$20 C0/E417: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X C0/E41A: 38 SEC C0/E41B: E5AC SBC $AC C0/E41D: 9D20E0 STA $E020,X C0/E420: B00A BCS $E42C C0/E422: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/E424: C98001 CMP #$0180 C0/E427: B003 BCS $E42C C0/E429: 9D20E0 STA $E020,X C0/E42C: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X C0/E42F: 38 SEC C0/E430: E5AE SBC $AE C0/E432: 9D22E0 STA $E022,X C0/E435: B038 BCS $E46F C0/E437: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/E439: C94001 CMP #$0140 C0/E43C: B031 BCS $E46F C0/E43E: 9D22E0 STA $E022,X C0/E441: 802C BRA $E46F C0/E443: C220 REP #$20 C0/E445: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X C0/E448: 38 SEC C0/E449: E5A8 SBC $A8 C0/E44B: 9D20E0 STA $E020,X C0/E44E: B00A BCS $E45A C0/E450: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/E452: C98001 CMP #$0180 C0/E455: B003 BCS $E45A C0/E457: 9D20E0 STA $E020,X C0/E45A: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X C0/E45D: 38 SEC C0/E45E: E5AA SBC $AA C0/E460: 9D22E0 STA $E022,X C0/E463: B00A BCS $E46F C0/E465: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/E467: C94001 CMP #$0140 C0/E46A: B003 BCS $E46F C0/E46C: 9D22E0 STA $E022,X C0/E46F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E471: BD0FE0 LDA $E00F,X C0/E474: F006 BEQ $E47C C0/E476: 2082E3 JSR $E382 C0/E479: 9001 BCC $E47C C0/E47B: 60 RTS

C0/E47C: BD0EE0 LDA $E00E,X C0/E47F: F031 BEQ $E4B2 C0/E481: 0A ASL A C0/E482: B0F7 BCS $E47B C0/E484: 2906 AND #$06 C0/E486: F02A BEQ $E4B2 C0/E488: DE39E0 DEC $E039,X C0/E48B: D00A BNE $E497 C0/E48D: BD0EE0 LDA $E00E,X C0/E490: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/E492: 9D0EE0 STA $E00E,X C0/E495: 801B BRA $E4B2 C0/E497: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/E499: 4A LSR A C0/E49A: B016 BCS $E4B2 C0/E49C: BD0EE0 LDA $E00E,X C0/E49F: 48 PHA C0/E4A0: 2901 AND #$01 C0/E4A2: 5D20E0 EOR $E020,X C0/E4A5: 9D20E0 STA $E020,X C0/E4A8: 68 PLA C0/E4A9: 2902 AND #$02 C0/E4AB: 4A LSR A C0/E4AC: 5D22E0 EOR $E022,X C0/E4AF: 9D22E0 STA $E022,X C0/E4B2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E4B4: BD61E0 LDA $E061,X C0/E4B7: F008 BEQ $E4C1 C0/E4B9: 24ED BIT $ED C0/E4BB: 7004 BVS $E4C1 C0/E4BD: 22C1C302 JSR $02C3C1 C0/E4C1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E4C3: BD84E0 LDA $E084,X C0/E4C6: 290F AND #$0F C0/E4C8: 8502 STA $02 C0/E4CA: F01C BEQ $E4E8 C0/E4CC: 24ED BIT $ED C0/E4CE: 301B BMI $E4EB C0/E4D0: 7016 BVS $E4E8 C0/E4D2: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/E4D5: B011 BCS $E4E8 C0/E4D7: BD2FE0 LDA $E02F,X C0/E4DA: D077 BNE $E553 C0/E4DC: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/E4DF: D00F BNE $E4F0 C0/E4E1: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/E4E4: 89C5 BIT #$C5 C0/E4E6: D06B BNE $E553 C0/E4E8: 82DB03 BRL $E8C6 C0/E4EB: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/E4EE: F063 BEQ $E553 C0/E4F0: C9E0 CMP #$E0 C0/E4F2: D003 BNE $E4F7 C0/E4F4: 4C8AE8 JMP $E88A C0/E4F7: C920 CMP #$20 C0/E4F9: F058 BEQ $E553 C0/E4FB: C940 CMP #$40 C0/E4FD: F028 BEQ $E527 C0/E4FF: C980 CMP #$80 C0/E501: F024 BEQ $E527 C0/E503: BD0EE0 LDA $E00E,X C0/E506: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/E508: F007 BEQ $E511 C0/E50A: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/E50C: 4A LSR A C0/E50D: 9002 BCC $E511 C0/E50F: B0D7 BCS $E4E8 C0/E511: BD10E1 LDA $E110,X C0/E514: C905 CMP #$05 C0/E516: 9008 BCC $E520 C0/E518: 3C14E1 BIT $E114,X C0/E51B: 5003 BVC $E520 C0/E51D: 82AF01 BRL $E6CF C0/E520: BD28E0 LDA $E028,X C0/E523: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/E525: D055 BNE $E57C C0/E527: C220 REP #$20 C0/E529: BD18E1 LDA $E118,X C0/E52C: 18 CLC C0/E52D: 7D20E0 ADC $E020,X C0/E530: 8504 STA $04 C0/E532: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/E535: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/E538: 18 CLC C0/E539: 7D45E0 ADC $E045,X C0/E53C: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/E53F: 38 SEC C0/E540: 7D1AE1 ADC $E11A,X C0/E543: 7D22E0 ADC $E022,X C0/E546: 8506 STA $06 C0/E548: 8A TXA C0/E549: 09D0E0 ORA #$E0D0 C0/E54C: AA TAX C0/E54D: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E550: 827303 BRL $E8C6 C0/E553: BD24E0 LDA $E024,X C0/E556: 100D BPL $E565 C0/E558: C220 REP #$20 C0/E55A: 8A TXA C0/E55B: 09D0E0 ORA #$E0D0 C0/E55E: A8 TAY C0/E55F: 20F5E5 JSR $E5F5 C0/E562: 826900 BRL $E5CE C0/E565: 20CEE5 JSR $E5CE C0/E568: C220 REP #$20 C0/E56A: A614 LDX $14 C0/E56C: BD84E0 LDA $E084,X C0/E56F: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/E572: 8502 STA $02 C0/E574: 8A TXA C0/E575: 09D0E0 ORA #$E0D0 C0/E578: A8 TAY C0/E579: 827900 BRL $E5F5 C0/E57C: 8910F0 BIT #$F010 C0/E57F: 2FC220BC AND $BC20C2 C0/E583: 0CE1BD TSB $BDE1 C0/E586: 18 CLC C0/E587: E118 SBC ($18,X) C0/E589: 7920E0 ADC $E020,Y C0/E58C: 8504 STA $04 C0/E58E: B974E0 LDA $E074,Y C0/E591: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/E594: 18 CLC C0/E595: 7945E0 ADC $E045,Y C0/E598: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/E59B: 38 SEC C0/E59C: 7D1AE1 ADC $E11A,X C0/E59F: 7922E0 ADC $E022,Y C0/E5A2: 8506 STA $06 C0/E5A4: 8A TXA C0/E5A5: 09D0E0 ORA #$E0D0 C0/E5A8: AA TAX C0/E5A9: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E5AC: 821703 BRL $E8C6 C0/E5AF: C220 REP #$20 C0/E5B1: BD18E1 LDA $E118,X C0/E5B4: 18 CLC C0/E5B5: 698000 ADC #$0080 C0/E5B8: 8504 STA $04 C0/E5BA: BD1AE1 LDA $E11A,X C0/E5BD: 18 CLC C0/E5BE: 697000 ADC #$0070 C0/E5C1: 8506 STA $06 C0/E5C3: 8A TXA C0/E5C4: 09D0E0 ORA #$E0D0 C0/E5C7: AA TAX C0/E5C8: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E5CB: 82F802 BRL $E8C6 C0/E5CE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E5D0: A614 LDX $14 C0/E5D2: BD0EE0 LDA $E00E,X C0/E5D5: F009 BEQ $E5E0 C0/E5D7: 0A ASL A C0/E5D8: 1006 BPL $E5E0 C0/E5DA: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/E5DC: 4A LSR A C0/E5DD: 9001 BCC $E5E0 C0/E5DF: 60 RTS

C0/E5E0: C220 REP #$20 C0/E5E2: BD83E0 LDA $E083,X C0/E5E5: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/E5E8: 8502 STA $02 C0/E5EA: F0F3 BEQ $E5DF C0/E5EC: A514 LDA $14 C0/E5EE: 099000 ORA #$0090 C0/E5F1: 0900E0 ORA #$E000 C0/E5F4: A8 TAY C0/E5F5: A614 LDX $14 C0/E5F7: BD20E0 LDA $E020,X C0/E5FA: 8504 STA $04 C0/E5FC: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/E5FF: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/E602: 18 CLC C0/E603: 7D45E0 ADC $E045,X C0/E606: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/E609: 38 SEC C0/E60A: 7D22E0 ADC $E022,X C0/E60D: 8506 STA $06 C0/E60F: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E611: BD0DE0 LDA $E00D,X C0/E614: F029 BEQ $E63F C0/E616: 38 SEC C0/E617: E910 SBC #$10 C0/E619: 9D0DE0 STA $E00D,X C0/E61C: B007 BCS $E625 C0/E61E: A900 LDA #$00 C0/E620: 9D0DE0 STA $E00D,X C0/E623: 801A BRA $E63F C0/E625: 4A LSR A C0/E626: 900B BCC $E633 C0/E628: 48 PHA C0/E629: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/E62B: 2901 AND #$01 C0/E62D: 0A ASL A C0/E62E: 4504 EOR $04 C0/E630: 8504 STA $04 C0/E632: 68 PLA C0/E633: 4A LSR A C0/E634: 9009 BCC $E63F C0/E636: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/E638: 2901 AND #$01 C0/E63A: 0A ASL A C0/E63B: 4506 EOR $06 C0/E63D: 8506 STA $06 C0/E63F: BB TYX C0/E640: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E642: A47C LDY $7C C0/E644: C00002 CPY #$0200 C0/E647: B019 BCS $E662 C0/E649: A900 LDA #$00 C0/E64B: EB XBA C0/E64C: BD0100 LDA $0001,X C0/E64F: C220 REP #$20 C0/E651: 1003 BPL $E656 C0/E653: 0900FF ORA #$FF00 C0/E656: 18 CLC C0/E657: 6506 ADC $06 C0/E659: 3008 BMI $E663 C0/E65B: C9E000 CMP #$00E0 C0/E65E: 9008 BCC $E668 C0/E660: B05F BCS $E6C1 C0/E662: 60 RTS

C0/E663: C9F0FF CMP #$FFF0 C0/E666: 9059 BCC $E6C1 C0/E668: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E66A: 990108 STA $0801,Y C0/E66D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/E66F: EB XBA C0/E670: BD0000 LDA $0000,X C0/E673: C220 REP #$20 C0/E675: 1003 BPL $E67A C0/E677: 0900FF ORA #$FF00 C0/E67A: 18 CLC C0/E67B: 6504 ADC $04 C0/E67D: 3007 BMI $E686 C0/E67F: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/E682: 9007 BCC $E68B C0/E684: B03B BCS $E6C1 C0/E686: C9F0FF CMP #$FFF0 C0/E689: 9036 BCC $E6C1 C0/E68B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E68D: 990008 STA $0800,Y C0/E690: EB XBA C0/E691: F010 BEQ $E6A3 C0/E693: A900 LDA #$00 C0/E695: EB XBA C0/E696: A55A LDA $5A C0/E698: A8 TAY C0/E699: B9000A LDA $0A00,Y C0/E69C: 4559 EOR $59 C0/E69E: 99000A STA $0A00,Y C0/E6A1: A47C LDY $7C C0/E6A3: C220 REP #$20 C0/E6A5: BD0200 LDA $0002,X C0/E6A8: 990208 STA $0802,Y C0/E6AB: 98 TYA C0/E6AC: 18 CLC C0/E6AD: 690400 ADC #$0004 C0/E6B0: A8 TAY C0/E6B1: 847C STY $7C C0/E6B3: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E6B5: A559 LDA $59 C0/E6B7: 0A ASL A C0/E6B8: 0A ASL A C0/E6B9: 9004 BCC $E6BF C0/E6BB: E65A INC $5A C0/E6BD: A901 LDA #$01 C0/E6BF: 8559 STA $59 C0/E6C1: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E6C3: C602 DEC $02 C0/E6C5: F007 BEQ $E6CE C0/E6C7: E8 INX C0/E6C8: E8 INX C0/E6C9: E8 INX C0/E6CA: E8 INX C0/E6CB: 8272FF BRL $E640 C0/E6CE: 60 RTS

C0/E6CF: C905 CMP #$05 C0/E6D1: D031 BNE $E704 C0/E6D3: A614 LDX $14 C0/E6D5: BD16E1 LDA $E116,X C0/E6D8: 290F AND #$0F C0/E6DA: 8502 STA $02 C0/E6DC: C220 REP #$20 C0/E6DE: BD20E0 LDA $E020,X C0/E6E1: 8504 STA $04 C0/E6E3: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/E6E6: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/E6E9: 18 CLC C0/E6EA: 696000 ADC #$0060 C0/E6ED: 7D45E0 ADC $E045,X C0/E6F0: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/E6F3: 7D22E0 ADC $E022,X C0/E6F6: 8506 STA $06 C0/E6F8: A514 LDA $14 C0/E6FA: 09D0E0 ORA #$E0D0 C0/E6FD: AA TAX C0/E6FE: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E701: 82C201 BRL $E8C6 C0/E704: BD16E1 LDA $E116,X C0/E707: 48 PHA C0/E708: 290FC9 AND #$C90F C0/E70B: 0690 ASL $90 C0/E70D: 02A9 COP #$A9 C0/E70F: 0585 ORA $85 C0/E711: 0268 COP #$68 C0/E713: C220 REP #$20 C0/E715: 900D BCC $E724 C0/E717: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/E71A: E90500 SBC #$0005 C0/E71D: 0A ASL A C0/E71E: 0A ASL A C0/E71F: 69D000 ADC #$00D0 C0/E722: 8003 BRA $E727 C0/E724: A9D000 LDA #$00D0 C0/E727: 0514 ORA $14 C0/E729: 0900E0 ORA #$E000 C0/E72C: A8 TAY C0/E72D: BD28E0 LDA $E028,X C0/E730: 293000 AND #$0030 C0/E733: C93000 CMP #$0030 C0/E736: D006 BNE $E73E C0/E738: C220 REP #$20 C0/E73A: BD0CE1 LDA $E10C,X C0/E73D: AA TAX C0/E73E: BD20E0 LDA $E020,X C0/E741: 8504 STA $04 C0/E743: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/E746: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/E749: 7D45E0 ADC $E045,X C0/E74C: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/E74F: 7D22E0 ADC $E022,X C0/E752: 8506 STA $06 C0/E754: A614 LDX $14 C0/E756: 2254AB02 JSR $02AB54 C0/E75A: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E75D: 826601 BRL $E8C6 C0/E760: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E762: A0F8FF LDY #$FFF8 C0/E765: 8404 STY $04 C0/E767: BD0FE0 LDA $E00F,X C0/E76A: F001 BEQ $E76D C0/E76C: 60 RTS

C0/E76D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E76F: AD01CF LDA $CF01 C0/E772: 8906 BIT #$06 C0/E774: F00F BEQ $E785 C0/E776: 8904 BIT #$04 C0/E778: F006 BEQ $E780 C0/E77A: E4D4 CPX $D4 C0/E77C: F0EE BEQ $E76C C0/E77E: D005 BNE $E785 C0/E780: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/E783: 90E7 BCC $E76C C0/E785: BD0EE0 LDA $E00E,X C0/E788: 30E2 BMI $E76C C0/E78A: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/E78D: 10DD BPL $E76C C0/E78F: 640E STZ $0E C0/E791: BD8EE0 LDA $E08E,X C0/E794: F006 BEQ $E79C C0/E796: 0A ASL A C0/E797: 0A ASL A C0/E798: 0A ASL A C0/E799: 0A ASL A C0/E79A: 8003 BRA $E79F C0/E79C: BD8BE0 LDA $E08B,X C0/E79F: 2930 AND #$30 C0/E7A1: 850F STA $0F C0/E7A3: BD89E0 LDA $E089,X C0/E7A6: 2903 AND #$03 C0/E7A8: F008 BEQ $E7B2 C0/E7AA: 3A DEC A C0/E7AB: F010 BEQ $E7BD C0/E7AD: 3A DEC A C0/E7AE: F023 BEQ $E7D3 C0/E7B0: 8037 BRA $E7E9 C0/E7B2: C220 REP #$20 C0/E7B4: A90002 LDA #$0200 C0/E7B7: A0F8FF LDY #$FFF8 C0/E7BA: 824A00 BRL $E807 C0/E7BD: C220 REP #$20 C0/E7BF: A90202 LDA #$0202 C0/E7C2: A0F0FF LDY #$FFF0 C0/E7C5: 2007E8 JSR $E807 C0/E7C8: C220 REP #$20 C0/E7CA: A90242 LDA #$4202 C0/E7CD: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/E7D0: 823400 BRL $E807 C0/E7D3: C220 REP #$20 C0/E7D5: A90402 LDA #$0204 C0/E7D8: A0F0FF LDY #$FFF0 C0/E7DB: 2007E8 JSR $E807 C0/E7DE: C220 REP #$20 C0/E7E0: A90442 LDA #$4204 C0/E7E3: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/E7E6: 821E00 BRL $E807 C0/E7E9: C220 REP #$20 C0/E7EB: A90602 LDA #$0206 C0/E7EE: A0E8FF LDY #$FFE8 C0/E7F1: 2007E8 JSR $E807 C0/E7F4: C220 REP #$20 C0/E7F6: A90802 LDA #$0208 C0/E7F9: A0F8FF LDY #$FFF8 C0/E7FC: 2007E8 JSR $E807 C0/E7FF: C220 REP #$20 C0/E801: A90642 LDA #$4206 C0/E804: A00800 LDY #$0008 C0/E807: 0598 ORA $98 C0/E809: 8402 STY $02 C0/E80B: 050E ORA $0E C0/E80D: 8500 STA $00 C0/E80F: A504 LDA $04 C0/E811: 18 CLC C0/E812: 7D22E0 ADC $E022,X C0/E815: 3006 BMI $E81D C0/E817: C9E000 CMP #$00E0 C0/E81A: 900D BCC $E829 C0/E81C: 60 RTS

C0/E81D: C9F0FF CMP #$FFF0 C0/E820: B007 BCS $E829 C0/E822: 65C2 ADC $C2 C0/E824: C9E000 CMP #$00E0 C0/E827: B0F3 BCS $E81C C0/E829: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E82B: 8508 STA $08 C0/E82D: C220 REP #$20 C0/E82F: A502 LDA $02 C0/E831: 18 CLC C0/E832: 7D20E0 ADC $E020,X C0/E835: 3006 BMI $E83D C0/E837: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/E83A: 900D BCC $E849 C0/E83C: 60 RTS

C0/E83D: C9E0FF CMP #$FFE0 C0/E840: B007 BCS $E849 C0/E842: 65C0 ADC $C0 C0/E844: C90001 CMP #$0100 C0/E847: B0F3 BCS $E83C C0/E849: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E84B: A47C LDY $7C C0/E84D: C00002 CPY #$0200 C0/E850: B0EA BCS $E83C C0/E852: 990008 STA $0800,Y C0/E855: A508 LDA $08 C0/E857: 990108 STA $0801,Y C0/E85A: EB XBA C0/E85B: F010 BEQ $E86D C0/E85D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/E85F: EB XBA C0/E860: A55A LDA $5A C0/E862: A8 TAY C0/E863: B9000A LDA $0A00,Y C0/E866: 4559 EOR $59 C0/E868: 99000A STA $0A00,Y C0/E86B: A47C LDY $7C C0/E86D: C220 REP #$20 C0/E86F: A500 LDA $00 C0/E871: 990208 STA $0802,Y C0/E874: 98 TYA C0/E875: 18 CLC C0/E876: 690400 ADC #$0004 C0/E879: 857C STA $7C C0/E87B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E87D: A559 LDA $59 C0/E87F: 0A ASL A C0/E880: 0A ASL A C0/E881: 9004 BCC $E887 C0/E883: E65A INC $5A C0/E885: A901 LDA #$01 C0/E887: 8559 STA $59 C0/E889: 60 RTS

C0/E88A: C220 REP #$20 C0/E88C: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/E88F: 0514 ORA $14 C0/E891: A8 TAY C0/E892: 22069101 JSR $019106 C0/E896: 9003 BCC $E89B C0/E898: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E89B: C220 REP #$20 C0/E89D: A91000 LDA #$0010 C0/E8A0: 0514 ORA $14 C0/E8A2: A8 TAY C0/E8A3: 22069101 JSR $019106 C0/E8A7: 9003 BCC $E8AC C0/E8A9: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E8AC: C220 REP #$20 C0/E8AE: A92000 LDA #$0020 C0/E8B1: 0514 ORA $14 C0/E8B3: A8 TAY C0/E8B4: 22069101 JSR $019106 C0/E8B8: 9003 BCC $E8BD C0/E8BA: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E8BD: 22179001 JSR $019017 C0/E8C1: 9003 BCC $E8C6 C0/E8C3: 2040E6 JSR $E640 C0/E8C6: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E8C8: A614 LDX $14 C0/E8CA: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/E8CD: 9004 BCC $E8D3 C0/E8CF: 245C BIT $5C C0/E8D1: 3003 BMI $E8D6 C0/E8D3: 82F8FC BRL $E5CE C0/E8D6: 60 RTS

C0/E8D7: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/E8D9: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E8DB: 8B PHB C0/E8DC: 0B PHD C0/E8DD: A97E LDA #$7E C0/E8DF: 48 PHA C0/E8E0: AB PLB C0/E8E1: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/E8E4: 8C3E05 STY $053E C0/E8E7: 8C7E05 STY $057E C0/E8EA: A00016 LDY #$1600 C0/E8ED: 24ED BIT $ED C0/E8EF: 1007 BPL $E8F8 C0/E8F1: 245C BIT $5C C0/E8F3: 3003 BMI $E8F8 C0/E8F5: A0000A LDY #$0A00 C0/E8F8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E8FA: B900E0 LDA $E000,Y C0/E8FD: D004 BNE $E903 C0/E8FF: C220 REP #$20 C0/E901: F028 BEQ $E92B C0/E903: B90BE0 LDA $E00B,Y C0/E906: 4A LSR A C0/E907: C220 REP #$20 C0/E909: A90005 LDA #$0500 C0/E90C: 9003 BCC $E911 C0/E90E: A94005 LDA #$0540 C0/E911: 5B TCD C0/E912: B922E0 LDA $E022,Y C0/E915: A63E LDX $3E C0/E917: F00A BEQ $E923 C0/E919: D51E CMP $1E,X C0/E91B: B019 BCS $E936 C0/E91D: CA DEX C0/E91E: CA DEX C0/E91F: D0F8 BNE $E919 C0/E921: F013 BEQ $E936 C0/E923: 9520 STA $20,X C0/E925: 9400 STY $00,X C0/E927: E63E INC $3E C0/E929: E63E INC $3E C0/E92B: 98 TYA C0/E92C: 38 SEC C0/E92D: E90002 SBC #$0200 C0/E930: A8 TAY C0/E931: 10C5 BPL $E8F8 C0/E933: 2B PLD C0/E934: AB PLB C0/E935: 60 RTS

[I hate you, Nasir Gebelli.] C0/E936: E43E CPX $3E C0/E938: F0E9 BEQ $E923 C0/E93A: 861E STX $1E C0/E93C: 48 PHA C0/E93D: A53E LDA $3E C0/E93F: 38 SEC C0/E940: E51E SBC $1E C0/E942: 4A LSR A C0/E943: 3A DEC A C0/E944: F012 BEQ $E958 C0/E946: C90800 CMP #$0008 C0/E949: B01F BCS $E96A C0/E94B: C90400 CMP #$0004 C0/E94E: B00F BCS $E95F C0/E950: C90200 CMP #$0002 C0/E953: B006 BCS $E95B C0/E955: 828400 BRL $E9DC C0/E958: 828900 BRL $E9E4 C0/E95B: F077 BEQ $E9D4 C0/E95D: 806D BRA $E9CC C0/E95F: F063 BEQ $E9C4 C0/E961: C90600 CMP #$0006 C0/E964: 9056 BCC $E9BC C0/E966: F04C BEQ $E9B4 C0/E968: 8042 BRA $E9AC C0/E96A: F038 BEQ $E9A4 C0/E96C: C90C00 CMP #$000C C0/E96F: B009 BCS $E97A C0/E971: C90A00 CMP #$000A C0/E974: 9026 BCC $E99C C0/E976: F01C BEQ $E994 C0/E978: 8012 BRA $E98C C0/E97A: F008 BEQ $E984 C0/E97C: B51A LDA $1A,X C0/E97E: 951C STA $1C,X C0/E980: B53A LDA $3A,X C0/E982: 953C STA $3C,X C0/E984: B518 LDA $18,X C0/E986: 951A STA $1A,X C0/E988: B538 LDA $38,X C0/E98A: 953A STA $3A,X C0/E98C: B516 LDA $16,X C0/E98E: 9518 STA $18,X C0/E990: B536 LDA $36,X C0/E992: 9538 STA $38,X C0/E994: B514 LDA $14,X C0/E996: 9516 STA $16,X C0/E998: B534 LDA $34,X C0/E99A: 9536 STA $36,X C0/E99C: B512 LDA $12,X C0/E99E: 9514 STA $14,X C0/E9A0: B532 LDA $32,X C0/E9A2: 9534 STA $34,X C0/E9A4: B510 LDA $10,X C0/E9A6: 9512 STA $12,X C0/E9A8: B530 LDA $30,X C0/E9AA: 9532 STA $32,X C0/E9AC: B50E LDA $0E,X C0/E9AE: 9510 STA $10,X C0/E9B0: B52E LDA $2E,X C0/E9B2: 9530 STA $30,X C0/E9B4: B50C LDA $0C,X C0/E9B6: 950E STA $0E,X C0/E9B8: B52C LDA $2C,X C0/E9BA: 952E STA $2E,X C0/E9BC: B50A LDA $0A,X C0/E9BE: 950C STA $0C,X C0/E9C0: B52A LDA $2A,X C0/E9C2: 952C STA $2C,X C0/E9C4: B508 LDA $08,X C0/E9C6: 950A STA $0A,X C0/E9C8: B528 LDA $28,X C0/E9CA: 952A STA $2A,X C0/E9CC: B506 LDA $06,X C0/E9CE: 9508 STA $08,X C0/E9D0: B526 LDA $26,X C0/E9D2: 9528 STA $28,X C0/E9D4: B504 LDA $04,X C0/E9D6: 9506 STA $06,X C0/E9D8: B524 LDA $24,X C0/E9DA: 9526 STA $26,X C0/E9DC: B502 LDA $02,X C0/E9DE: 9504 STA $04,X C0/E9E0: B522 LDA $22,X C0/E9E2: 9524 STA $24,X C0/E9E4: B500 LDA $00,X C0/E9E6: 9502 STA $02,X C0/E9E8: B520 LDA $20,X C0/E9EA: 9522 STA $22,X C0/E9EC: 68 PLA C0/E9ED: 9520 STA $20,X C0/E9EF: 9400 STY $00,X C0/E9F1: 8233FF BRL $E927 C0/E9F4: 2019EA JSR $EA19 C0/E9F7: 6B RTL

C0/E9F8: E220 SEP #$20 C0/E9FA: 8B PHB C0/E9FB: A97E LDA #$7E C0/E9FD: 48 PHA C0/E9FE: AB PLB C0/E9FF: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/EA01: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/EA04: 2019EA JSR $EA19 C0/EA07: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/EA09: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/EA0C: 2019EA JSR $EA19 C0/EA0F: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/EA11: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/EA14: 2019EA JSR $EA19 C0/EA17: AB PLB C0/EA18: 60 RTS

C0/EA19: 8614 STX $14 C0/EA1B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EA1D: 9E84E0 STZ $E084,X C0/EA20: 9E0CE0 STZ $E00C,X C0/EA23: 2041EA JSR $EA41 C0/EA26: C220 REP #$20 C0/EA28: A94000 LDA #$0040 C0/EA2B: 8508 STA $08 C0/EA2D: A400 LDY $00 C0/EA2F: 6400 STZ $00 C0/EA31: A9D400 LDA #$00D4 C0/EA34: 2299C501 JSR $01C599 C0/EA38: 22E48501 JSR $0185E4 C0/EA3C: 60 RTS

C0/EA3D: 2041EA JSR $EA41 C0/EA40: 6B RTL

[Handles wielded weapons, eh?] C0/EA41: 5A PHY [Push Y onto the stack] C0/EA42: 9B TXY [Transfer X to Y, eh?] C0/EA43: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-bit emulation mode] C0/EA45: BDE3E1 LDA $E1E3,X [Load Wielded Weapon'] C0/EA48: 29FF00 AND #$00FF [Clear out all but the first weapon, assuming you're a player character?] C0/EA4B: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2] C0/EA4C: 0A ASL A [Again, by 2] C0/EA4D: 8500 STA $00 [Store it into $00 as a temporary value] C0/EA4F: 0A ASL A [Multiply by 2 yet again] C0/EA50: 0A ASL A [And yet again] C0/EA51: 38 SEC [Set the carry flag] C0/EA52: E500 SBC $00 [Subtract the x4 result from the x8 result] C0/EA54: AA TAX [Transfer result to X for use as an index for the weapons table] C0/EA55: E220 SEP #$20 [8-bit emulation mode] C0/EA57: B969E0 LDA $E069,Y [Load Weapon Palette] C0/EA5A: D007 + BNE $EA63 [Branch ahead if it has one already] C0/EA5C: BF0410D0 LDA $D01004,X [Load WeaponData[4] (Palette)] C0/EA60: 9969E0 STA $E069,Y [Store into Weapon Palette] C0/EA63: + BF0010D0 LDA $D01000,X [Load WeaponData[0] (Weapon Type)] C0/EA67: 9968E0 STA $E068,Y [Store into Weapon Type] C0/EA6A: EB XBA [Exchange A and B registers] C0/EA6B: BF0310D0 LDA $D01003,X [Load Weapon Projectile Type] C0/EA6F: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/EA71: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator] {Push 3 onto the stack} C0/EA72: 98 TYA [Transfer Y to A] C0/EA73: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/EA74: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/EA75: 4A LSR A [Shift Right] C0/EA76: AA TAX [Transfer A to X] C0/EA77: 68 PLA [Pull Accumulator] C0/EA78: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/EA7A: 9D30D0 STA $D030,X C0/EA7D: C904 CMP #$04 [Compare #$04] C0/EA7F: 9004 + BCC $EA85 C0/EA81: 18 CLC C0/EA82: 6912 ADC #$12 C0/EA84: EB XBA C0/EA85: + EB XBA C0/EA86: C220 REP #$20 C0/EA88: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/EA8B: C00006 CPY #$0600 C0/EA8E: B01E BCS $EAAE C0/EA90: 48 PHA C0/EA91: B968E0 LDA $E068,Y C0/EA94: EB XBA C0/EA95: 2900FF AND #$FF00 C0/EA98: 8500 STA $00 C0/EA9A: EB XBA C0/EA9B: 0A ASL A C0/EA9C: 0A ASL A C0/EA9D: 0A ASL A C0/EA9E: 0A ASL A C0/EA9F: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/EAA2: 1A INC A C0/EAA3: 18 CLC C0/EAA4: 6500 ADC $00 C0/EAA6: 18 CLC C0/EAA7: 7977E0 ADC $E077,Y C0/EAAA: 9965E0 STA $E065,Y {} C0/EAAD: 68 PLA C0/EAAE: 48 PHA [Pull Accumulator] C0/EAAF: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/EAB0: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/EAB1: AA TAX [Transfer A to X] C0/EAB2: BF00C0D4 LDA $D4C000,X [What is this?] C0/EAB6: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/EAB7: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/EAB8: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/EAB9: 8500 STA $00 C0/EABB: 0A ASL A C0/EABC: 18 CLC C0/EABD: 6500 ADC $00 C0/EABF: 8500 STA $00 C0/EAC1: BF02C0D4 LDA $D4C002,X C0/EAC5: 996AE0 STA $E06A,Y C0/EAC8: 68 PLA C0/EAC9: C00006 CPY #$0600 C0/EACC: 900E BCC $EADC C0/EACE: B9E3E1 LDA $E1E3,Y [Load Wielded Weapon] C0/EAD1: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/EAD2: B97BE0 LDA $E07B,Y C0/EAD5: 9025 BCC $EAFC C0/EAD7: B97DE0 LDA $E07D,Y C0/EADA: 8020 BRA $EAFC C0/EADC: 48 PHA C0/EADD: C90800 CMP #$0008 C0/EAE0: 9003 BCC $EAE5 C0/EAE2: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/EAE5: EB XBA C0/EAE6: C00004 CPY #$0400 C0/EAE9: 9004 BCC $EAEF C0/EAEB: 18 CLC C0/EAEC: 690008 ADC #$0800 C0/EAEF: 694010 ADC #$1040 C0/EAF2: 997EE0 STA $E07E,Y C0/EAF5: 68 PLA C0/EAF6: 0A ASL A C0/EAF7: AA TAX C0/EAF8: BFD0FFD0 LDA $D0FFD0,X [End Table #3] C0/EAFC: BB TYX C0/EAFD: 9D2AE0 STA $E02A,X C0/EB00: 7A PLY C0/EB01: 60 RTS

C0/EB02: 2045F6 JSR $F645 C0/EB05: 6B RTL

C0/EB06: E230 SEP #$30 C0/EB08: 8B PHB C0/EB09: A97E LDA #$7E C0/EB0B: 48 PHA C0/EB0C: AB PLB C0/EB0D: 2018EB JSR $EB18 C0/EB10: 208CEE JSR $EE8C C0/EB13: 208FFB JSR $FB8F C0/EB16: AB PLB C0/EB17: 60 RTS

C0/EB18: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/EB1A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EB1C: A54E LDA $4E C0/EB1E: F003 BEQ $EB23 C0/EB20: 2025F0 JSR $F025 C0/EB23: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/EB26: 2036EB JSR $EB36 C0/EB29: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/EB2C: 2036EB JSR $EB36 C0/EB2F: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/EB32: 2036EB JSR $EB36 C0/EB35: 60 RTS

C0/EB36: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EB38: BD0FE0 LDA $E00F,X C0/EB3B: D0F8 BNE $EB35 C0/EB3D: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/EB40: F0F3 BEQ $EB35 C0/EB42: 30F1 BMI $EB35 C0/EB44: BD61E0 LDA $E061,X C0/EB47: F004 BEQ $EB4D C0/EB49: 2221C202 JSR $02C221 C0/EB4D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EB4F: BDEDE1 LDA $E1ED,X C0/EB52: F014 BEQ $EB68 C0/EB54: 8500 STA $00 C0/EB56: BD1CE0 LDA $E01C,X C0/EB59: 89A0 BIT #$A0 C0/EB5B: D00B BNE $EB68 C0/EB5D: A500 LDA $00 C0/EB5F: 3A DEC A C0/EB60: 9DEDE1 STA $E1ED,X C0/EB63: 20B6EB JSR $EBB6 C0/EB66: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EB68: BD00E1 LDA $E100,X C0/EB6B: 1003 BPL $EB70 C0/EB6D: 2008ED JSR $ED08 C0/EB70: BD04E1 LDA $E104,X C0/EB73: 1003 BPL $EB78 C0/EB75: 20D7ED JSR $EDD7 C0/EB78: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/EB7B: F005 BEQ $EB82 C0/EB7D: 223A8301 JSR $01833A C0/EB81: 60 RTS

C0/EB82: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/EB84: 7020 BVS $EBA6 C0/EB86: BD0AE0 LDA $E00A,X C0/EB89: F01C BEQ $EBA7 C0/EB8B: 3A DEC A C0/EB8C: 9D0AE0 STA $E00A,X C0/EB8F: D015 BNE $EBA6 C0/EB91: 9D11E0 STA $E011,X C0/EB94: 9D42E0 STA $E042,X C0/EB97: 9D06E0 STA $E006,X C0/EB9A: 9D07E0 STA $E007,X C0/EB9D: 9D08E0 STA $E008,X C0/EBA0: 9D64E0 STA $E064,X C0/EBA3: 9D62E0 STA $E062,X C0/EBA6: 60 RTS

C0/EBA7: BD64E0 LDA $E064,X C0/EBAA: 3009 BMI $EBB5 C0/EBAC: BD62E0 LDA $E062,X C0/EBAF: F004 BEQ $EBB5 C0/EBB1: 3A DEC A C0/EBB2: 9D62E0 STA $E062,X C0/EBB5: 60 RTS

C0/EBB6: 48 PHA C0/EBB7: C220 REP #$20 C0/EBB9: 8A TXA C0/EBBA: EB XBA C0/EBBB: 0A ASL A C0/EBBC: 0A ASL A C0/EBBD: 0A ASL A C0/EBBE: A8 TAY C0/EBBF: A91728 LDA #$2817 C0/EBC2: 99560A STA $0A56,Y C0/EBC5: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EBC7: 68 PLA C0/EBC8: D03D BNE $EC07 C0/EBCA: BD63E0 LDA $E063,X C0/EBCD: 18 CLC C0/EBCE: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/EBD0: 9D63E0 STA $E063,X C0/EBD3: 29F0 AND #$F0 C0/EBD5: F011 BEQ $EBE8 C0/EBD7: FEEDE1 INC $E1ED,X C0/EBDA: C940 CMP #$40 C0/EBDC: D006 BNE $EBE4 C0/EBDE: 5A PHY C0/EBDF: 22F1C901 JSR $01C9F1 C0/EBE3: 7A PLY C0/EBE4: A900 LDA #$00 C0/EBE6: 801F BRA $EC07 C0/EBE8: 99500A STA $0A50,Y C0/EBEB: 99510A STA $0A51,Y C0/EBEE: 99520A STA $0A52,Y C0/EBF1: 99530A STA $0A53,Y C0/EBF4: 99540A STA $0A54,Y C0/EBF7: 38 SEC C0/EBF8: 2204CA01 JSR $01CA04 C0/EBFC: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/EBFF: D001 BNE $EC02 C0/EC01: 60 RTS

C0/EC02: A9A6 LDA #$A6 C0/EC04: 4C11BB JMP $BB11 C0/EC07: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/EC0B: A964 LDA #$64 C0/EC0D: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/EC11: C220 REP #$20 C0/EC13: 8A TXA C0/EC14: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EC16: EB XBA C0/EC17: 4A LSR A C0/EC18: 8500 STA $00 C0/EC1A: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/EC1C: 2903 AND #$03 C0/EC1E: C500 CMP $00 C0/EC20: F001 BEQ $EC23 C0/EC22: 60 RTS

C0/EC23: A964 LDA #$64 C0/EC25: 38 SEC C0/EC26: FD89E1 SBC $E189,X C0/EC29: 4A LSR A C0/EC2A: 18 CLC C0/EC2B: 6932 ADC #$32 C0/EC2D: 8500 STA $00 C0/EC2F: C220 REP #$20 C0/EC31: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/EC35: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/EC39: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EC3B: A500 LDA $00 C0/EC3D: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/EC41: A914 LDA #$14 C0/EC43: 99500A STA $0A50,Y C0/EC46: 1A INC A C0/EC47: 99540A STA $0A54,Y C0/EC4A: 20B1EC JSR $ECB1 C0/EC4D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EC4F: A502 LDA $02 C0/EC51: 18 CLC C0/EC52: 6908 ADC #$08 C0/EC54: 99510A STA $0A51,Y C0/EC57: A501 LDA $01 C0/EC59: 18 CLC C0/EC5A: 6908 ADC #$08 C0/EC5C: 99520A STA $0A52,Y C0/EC5F: A500 LDA $00 C0/EC61: 18 CLC C0/EC62: 6908 ADC #$08 C0/EC64: 99530A STA $0A53,Y C0/EC67: C220 REP #$20 C0/EC69: 98 TYA C0/EC6A: 4A LSR A C0/EC6B: A8 TAY C0/EC6C: AF041D00 LDA $001D04 C0/EC70: 892000 BIT #$0020 C0/EC73: D010 BNE $EC85 C0/EC75: AF007ED2 LDA $D27E00 C0/EC79: 990C06 STA $060C,Y C0/EC7C: AF027ED2 LDA $D27E02 C0/EC80: 990E06 STA $060E,Y C0/EC83: 800E BRA $EC93 C0/EC85: AF007ED2 LDA $D27E00 C0/EC89: 990CDE STA $DE0C,Y C0/EC8C: AF027ED2 LDA $D27E02 C0/EC90: 990EDE STA $DE0E,Y C0/EC93: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EC95: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/EC98: B016 BCS $ECB0 C0/EC9A: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/EC9D: F011 BEQ $ECB0 C0/EC9F: BDEDE1 LDA $E1ED,X C0/ECA2: C902 CMP #$02 C0/ECA4: 900A BCC $ECB0 C0/ECA6: BD00E1 LDA $E100,X C0/ECA9: 3005 BMI $ECB0 C0/ECAB: 18 CLC C0/ECAC: 2204CA01 JSR $01CA04 C0/ECB0: 60 RTS

C0/ECB1: A90B LDA #$0B C0/ECB3: 8500 STA $00 C0/ECB5: 8501 STA $01 C0/ECB7: 8502 STA $02 C0/ECB9: A965 LDA #$65 C0/ECBB: 38 SEC C0/ECBC: EF144200 SBC $004214 C0/ECC0: C965 CMP #$65 C0/ECC2: 9002 BCC $ECC6 C0/ECC4: A964 LDA #$64 C0/ECC6: C90A CMP #$0A C0/ECC8: B003 BCS $ECCD C0/ECCA: 8500 STA $00 C0/ECCC: 60 RTS

C0/ECCD: 20F1EC JSR $ECF1 C0/ECD0: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/ECD4: 8500 STA $00 C0/ECD6: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/ECDA: C90A CMP #$0A C0/ECDC: B003 BCS $ECE1 C0/ECDE: 8501 STA $01 C0/ECE0: 60 RTS

C0/ECE1: 20F1EC JSR $ECF1 C0/ECE4: AF164200 LDA $004216 C0/ECE8: 8501 STA $01 C0/ECEA: AF144200 LDA $004214 C0/ECEE: 8502 STA $02 C0/ECF0: 60 RTS

C0/ECF1: 8F044200 STA $004204 C0/ECF5: A900 LDA #$00 C0/ECF7: 8F054200 STA $004205 C0/ECFB: A90A LDA #$0A C0/ECFD: 8F064200 STA $004206 C0/ED01: EA NOP C0/ED02: EA NOP C0/ED03: EA NOP C0/ED04: EA NOP C0/ED05: EA NOP C0/ED06: EA NOP C0/ED07: 60 RTS

C0/ED08: E220 SEP #$20 C0/ED0A: 8500 STA $00 C0/ED0C: A5F4 LDA $F4 C0/ED0E: 2903 AND #$03 C0/ED10: F001 BEQ $ED13 C0/ED12: 60 RTS

C0/ED13: A500 LDA $00 C0/ED15: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/ED17: F00F BEQ $ED28 C0/ED19: BD03E1 LDA $E103,X C0/ED1C: EB XBA C0/ED1D: BD01E1 LDA $E101,X C0/ED20: BCF8E0 LDY $E0F8,X C0/ED23: 88 DEY C0/ED24: 88 DEY C0/ED25: 828000 BRL $EDA8 C0/ED28: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/ED2A: D02A BNE $ED56 C0/ED2C: BD03E1 LDA $E103,X C0/ED2F: DD02E1 CMP $E102,X C0/ED32: 901C BCC $ED50 C0/ED34: 4600 LSR $00 C0/ED36: B008 BCS $ED40 C0/ED38: BD01E1 LDA $E101,X C0/ED3B: 9D03E1 STA $E103,X C0/ED3E: 8034 BRA $ED74 C0/ED40: 3A DEC A C0/ED41: 9D03E1 STA $E103,X C0/ED44: 48 PHA C0/ED45: BD00E1 LDA $E100,X C0/ED48: 4940 EOR #$40 C0/ED4A: 9D00E1 STA $E100,X C0/ED4D: 68 PLA C0/ED4E: 8024 BRA $ED74 C0/ED50: 1A INC A C0/ED51: 9D03E1 STA $E103,X C0/ED54: 801E BRA $ED74 C0/ED56: BD03E1 LDA $E103,X C0/ED59: DD01E1 CMP $E101,X C0/ED5C: F002 BEQ $ED60 C0/ED5E: B010 BCS $ED70 C0/ED60: 1A INC A C0/ED61: 9D03E1 STA $E103,X C0/ED64: 48 PHA C0/ED65: BD00E1 LDA $E100,X C0/ED68: 4940 EOR #$40 C0/ED6A: 9D00E1 STA $E100,X C0/ED6D: 68 PLA C0/ED6E: 8004 BRA $ED74 C0/ED70: 3A DEC A C0/ED71: 9D03E1 STA $E103,X C0/ED74: BCF8E0 LDY $E0F8,X C0/ED77: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/ED7B: A91E LDA #$1E C0/ED7D: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/ED81: A9C8 LDA #$C8 C0/ED83: 850F STA $0F C0/ED85: C220 REP #$20 C0/ED87: A90010 LDA #$1000 C0/ED8A: 18 CLC C0/ED8B: 6F164200 ADC $004216 C0/ED8F: 850D STA $0D C0/ED91: A90F00 LDA #$000F C0/ED94: 850A STA $0A C0/ED96: A70D LDA [$0D] C0/ED98: 990007 STA $0700,Y C0/ED9B: E60D INC $0D C0/ED9D: E60D INC $0D C0/ED9F: C8 INY C0/EDA0: C8 INY C0/EDA1: C60A DEC $0A C0/EDA3: D0F1 BNE $ED96 C0/EDA5: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EDA7: 60 RTS

C0/EDA8: 840E STY $0E C0/EDAA: C220 REP #$20 C0/EDAC: 48 PHA C0/EDAD: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/EDB0: 0A ASL A C0/EDB1: 18 CLC C0/EDB2: 650E ADC $0E C0/EDB4: A8 TAY C0/EDB5: 68 PLA C0/EDB6: EB XBA C0/EDB7: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/EDBA: 0A ASL A C0/EDBB: 18 CLC C0/EDBC: 650E ADC $0E C0/EDBE: 850E STA $0E C0/EDC0: B90007 LDA $0700,Y C0/EDC3: 48 PHA C0/EDC4: B90207 LDA $0702,Y C0/EDC7: 990007 STA $0700,Y C0/EDCA: C8 INY C0/EDCB: C8 INY C0/EDCC: C40E CPY $0E C0/EDCE: 90F4 BCC $EDC4 C0/EDD0: 68 PLA C0/EDD1: 990007 STA $0700,Y C0/EDD4: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EDD6: 60 RTS

C0/EDD7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EDD9: 8500 STA $00 C0/EDDB: BD47E0 LDA $E047,X C0/EDDE: 89F0 BIT #$F0 C0/EDE0: F017 BEQ $EDF9 C0/EDE2: 48 PHA C0/EDE3: 290F AND #$0F C0/EDE5: 3A DEC A C0/EDE6: 3006 BMI $EDEE C0/EDE8: 68 PLA C0/EDE9: 3A DEC A C0/EDEA: 9D47E0 STA $E047,X C0/EDED: 60 RTS

C0/EDEE: 68 PLA C0/EDEF: 4A LSR A C0/EDF0: 4A LSR A C0/EDF1: 4A LSR A C0/EDF2: 4A LSR A C0/EDF3: 1D47E0 ORA $E047,X C0/EDF6: 9D47E0 STA $E047,X C0/EDF9: A500 LDA $00 C0/EDFB: 8920 BIT #$20 C0/EDFD: F00D BEQ $EE0C C0/EDFF: BD07E1 LDA $E107,X C0/EE02: EB XBA C0/EE03: BD05E1 LDA $E105,X C0/EE06: BCFAE0 LDY $E0FA,X C0/EE09: 829CFF BRL $EDA8 C0/EE0C: 8940 BIT #$40 C0/EE0E: D02A BNE $EE3A C0/EE10: BD07E1 LDA $E107,X C0/EE13: DD06E1 CMP $E106,X C0/EE16: 901C BCC $EE34 C0/EE18: 4600 LSR $00 C0/EE1A: B008 BCS $EE24 C0/EE1C: BD05E1 LDA $E105,X C0/EE1F: 9D07E1 STA $E107,X C0/EE22: 8034 BRA $EE58 C0/EE24: 3A DEC A C0/EE25: 9D07E1 STA $E107,X C0/EE28: 48 PHA C0/EE29: BD04E1 LDA $E104,X C0/EE2C: 4940 EOR #$40 C0/EE2E: 9D04E1 STA $E104,X C0/EE31: 68 PLA C0/EE32: 8024 BRA $EE58 C0/EE34: 1A INC A C0/EE35: 9D07E1 STA $E107,X C0/EE38: 801E BRA $EE58 C0/EE3A: BD07E1 LDA $E107,X C0/EE3D: DD05E1 CMP $E105,X C0/EE40: F002 BEQ $EE44 C0/EE42: B010 BCS $EE54 C0/EE44: 1A INC A C0/EE45: 9D07E1 STA $E107,X C0/EE48: 48 PHA C0/EE49: BD04E1 LDA $E104,X C0/EE4C: 4940 EOR #$40 C0/EE4E: 9D04E1 STA $E104,X C0/EE51: 68 PLA C0/EE52: 8004 BRA $EE58 C0/EE54: 3A DEC A C0/EE55: 9D07E1 STA $E107,X C0/EE58: BCFAE0 LDY $E0FA,X C0/EE5B: 8F024200 STA $004202 C0/EE5F: A90A LDA #$0A C0/EE61: 8F034200 STA $004203 C0/EE65: A9D1 LDA #$D1 C0/EE67: 850F STA $0F C0/EE69: C220 REP #$20 C0/EE6B: A900F6 LDA #$F600 C0/EE6E: 18 CLC C0/EE6F: 6F164200 ADC $004216 C0/EE73: 850D STA $0D C0/EE75: A90500 LDA #$0005 C0/EE78: 850A STA $0A C0/EE7A: A70D LDA [$0D] C0/EE7C: 990007 STA $0700,Y C0/EE7F: E60D INC $0D C0/EE81: E60D INC $0D C0/EE83: C8 INY C0/EE84: C8 INY C0/EE85: C60A DEC $0A C0/EE87: D0F1 BNE $EE7A C0/EE89: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EE8B: 60 RTS

C0/EE8C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EE8E: A54E LDA $4E C0/EE90: F00C BEQ $EE9E C0/EE92: A5D5 LDA $D5 C0/EE94: 2907 AND #$07 C0/EE96: F036 BEQ $EECE C0/EE98: C902 CMP #$02 C0/EE9A: F044 BEQ $EEE0 C0/EE9C: 8054 BRA $EEF2 C0/EE9E: A5F1 LDA $F1 C0/EEA0: F001 BEQ $EEA3 C0/EEA2: 60 RTS

C0/EEA3: A5D9 LDA $D9 C0/EEA5: 290F AND #$0F C0/EEA7: F008 BEQ $EEB1 C0/EEA9: 4A LSR A C0/EEAA: B022 BCS $EECE C0/EEAC: 4A LSR A C0/EEAD: B031 BCS $EEE0 C0/EEAF: 8041 BRA $EEF2 C0/EEB1: A5DA LDA $DA C0/EEB3: 290F AND #$0F C0/EEB5: F008 BEQ $EEBF C0/EEB7: 4A LSR A C0/EEB8: B014 BCS $EECE C0/EEBA: 4A LSR A C0/EEBB: B023 BCS $EEE0 C0/EEBD: 8033 BRA $EEF2 C0/EEBF: A5DB LDA $DB C0/EEC1: 290F AND #$0F C0/EEC3: F008 BEQ $EECD C0/EEC5: 4A LSR A C0/EEC6: B006 BCS $EECE C0/EEC8: 4A LSR A C0/EEC9: B015 BCS $EEE0 C0/EECB: 8025 BRA $EEF2 C0/EECD: 60 RTS

C0/EECE: C230 REP #$30 C0/EED0: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/EED3: A00002 LDY #$0200 C0/EED6: 8414 STY $14 C0/EED8: A00004 LDY #$0400 C0/EEDB: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/EEDE: 8022 BRA $EF02 C0/EEE0: C230 REP #$30 C0/EEE2: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/EEE5: A00004 LDY #$0400 C0/EEE8: 8414 STY $14 C0/EEEA: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/EEED: A90002 LDA #$0200 C0/EEF0: 8010 BRA $EF02 C0/EEF2: C230 REP #$30 C0/EEF4: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/EEF7: A00002 LDY #$0200 C0/EEFA: 8414 STY $14 C0/EEFC: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/EEFF: A90004 LDA #$0400 C0/EF02: 85BA STA $BA C0/EF04: 8612 STX $12 C0/EF06: BD02E0 LDA $E002,X C0/EF09: 851C STA $1C C0/EF0B: BD04E0 LDA $E004,X C0/EF0E: 851E STA $1E C0/EF10: BD06E0 LDA $E006,X C0/EF13: 297F7F AND #$7F7F C0/EF16: 8516 STA $16 C0/EF18: A54E LDA $4E C0/EF1A: D008 BNE $EF24 C0/EF1C: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/EF1F: 290800 AND #$0008 C0/EF22: F006 BEQ $EF2A C0/EF24: 6418 STZ $18 C0/EF26: 641A STZ $1A C0/EF28: 8027 BRA $EF51 C0/EF2A: A94000 LDA #$0040 C0/EF2D: 8518 STA $18 C0/EF2F: A94000 LDA #$0040 C0/EF32: 851A STA $1A C0/EF34: A516 LDA $16 C0/EF36: F019 BEQ $EF51 C0/EF38: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/EF3B: F00B BEQ $EF48 C0/EF3D: A516 LDA $16 C0/EF3F: 29007F AND #$7F00 C0/EF42: D00D BNE $EF51 C0/EF44: 641A STZ $1A C0/EF46: 8009 BRA $EF51 C0/EF48: A516 LDA $16 C0/EF4A: 29007F AND #$7F00 C0/EF4D: F002 BEQ $EF51 C0/EF4F: 6418 STZ $18 C0/EF51: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EF53: A5F1 LDA $F1 C0/EF55: 254E AND $4E C0/EF57: 300E BMI $EF67 C0/EF59: B92CE0 LDA $E02C,Y C0/EF5C: 191CE0 ORA $E01C,Y C0/EF5F: 1960E0 ORA $E060,Y C0/EF62: 1967E0 ORA $E067,Y C0/EF65: D05C BNE $EFC3 C0/EF67: B900E0 LDA $E000,Y C0/EF6A: F057 BEQ $EFC3 C0/EF6C: 3055 BMI $EFC3 C0/EF6E: B90AE0 LDA $E00A,Y C0/EF71: D050 BNE $EFC3 C0/EF73: C220 REP #$20 C0/EF75: B902E0 LDA $E002,Y C0/EF78: 850C STA $0C C0/EF7A: B904E0 LDA $E004,Y C0/EF7D: 850E STA $0E C0/EF7F: 5A PHY C0/EF80: 2024F1 JSR $F124 C0/EF83: C230 REP #$30 C0/EF85: 7A PLY C0/EF86: A506 LDA $06 C0/EF88: D00A BNE $EF94 C0/EF8A: 9906E0 STA $E006,Y C0/EF8D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EF8F: 992DE0 STA $E02D,Y C0/EF92: 801B BRA $EFAF C0/EF94: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EF96: B92DE0 LDA $E02D,Y C0/EF99: C906 CMP #$06 C0/EF9B: 900B BCC $EFA8 C0/EF9D: A900 LDA #$00 C0/EF9F: 992DE0 STA $E02D,Y C0/EFA2: 2229B701 JSR $01B729 [Collision Shit?] C0/EFA6: 8007 BRA $EFAF C0/EFA8: C220 REP #$20 C0/EFAA: A506 LDA $06 C0/EFAC: 9906E0 STA $E006,Y C0/EFAF: C220 REP #$20 C0/EFB1: A518 LDA $18 C0/EFB3: F005 BEQ $EFBA C0/EFB5: A98000 LDA #$0080 C0/EFB8: 8518 STA $18 C0/EFBA: A51A LDA $1A C0/EFBC: F005 BEQ $EFC3 C0/EFBE: A98000 LDA #$0080 C0/EFC1: 851A STA $1A C0/EFC3: C230 REP #$30 C0/EFC5: A414 LDY $14 C0/EFC7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/EFC9: A5F1 LDA $F1 C0/EFCB: 254E AND $4E C0/EFCD: 300E BMI $EFDD C0/EFCF: B92CE0 LDA $E02C,Y C0/EFD2: 191CE0 ORA $E01C,Y C0/EFD5: 1960E0 ORA $E060,Y C0/EFD8: 1967E0 ORA $E067,Y C0/EFDB: D047 BNE $F024 C0/EFDD: B900E0 LDA $E000,Y C0/EFE0: F042 BEQ $F024 C0/EFE2: 3040 BMI $F024 C0/EFE4: B90AE0 LDA $E00A,Y C0/EFE7: D03B BNE $F024 C0/EFE9: C220 REP #$20 C0/EFEB: B902E0 LDA $E002,Y C0/EFEE: 850C STA $0C C0/EFF0: B904E0 LDA $E004,Y C0/EFF3: 850E STA $0E C0/EFF5: 5A PHY C0/EFF6: 2024F1 JSR $F124 C0/EFF9: C230 REP #$30 C0/EFFB: 7A PLY C0/EFFC: A506 LDA $06 C0/EFFE: D00A BNE $F00A C0/F000: 9906E0 STA $E006,Y C0/F003: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F005: 992DE0 STA $E02D,Y C0/F008: 801A BRA $F024 C0/F00A: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F00C: B92DE0 LDA $E02D,Y C0/F00F: C906 CMP #$06 C0/F011: 900A BCC $F01D C0/F013: A900 LDA #$00 C0/F015: 992DE0 STA $E02D,Y C0/F018: 2229B701 JSR $01B729 [Collision Shit?] C0/F01C: 60 RTS

C0/F01D: C220 REP #$20 C0/F01F: A506 LDA $06 C0/F021: 9906E0 STA $E006,Y C0/F024: 60 RTS

C0/F025: 9C67E0 STZ $E067 C0/F028: 9C67E2 STZ $E267 C0/F02B: 9C67E4 STZ $E467 C0/F02E: A5D5 LDA $D5 C0/F030: D01C BNE $F04E C0/F032: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/F034: 3005 BMI $F03B C0/F036: AD2CE2 LDA $E22C C0/F039: D003 BNE $F03E C0/F03B: 20C6F0 JSR $F0C6 C0/F03E: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/F040: 3005 BMI $F047 C0/F042: AD2CE4 LDA $E42C C0/F045: D003 BNE $F04A C0/F047: 20E8F0 JSR $F0E8 C0/F04A: 644E STZ $4E C0/F04C: 803A BRA $F088 C0/F04E: C902D0 CMP #$D002 C0/F051: 1C24F1 TRB $F124 C0/F054: 3005 BMI $F05B C0/F056: AD2CE0 LDA $E02C C0/F059: D003 BNE $F05E C0/F05B: 20BEF0 JSR $F0BE C0/F05E: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/F060: 3005 BMI $F067 C0/F062: AD2CE4 LDA $E42C C0/F065: D003 BNE $F06A C0/F067: 200AF1 JSR $F10A C0/F06A: 644E STZ $4E C0/F06C: 801A BRA $F088 C0/F06E: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/F070: 3005 BMI $F077 C0/F072: AD2CE0 LDA $E02C C0/F075: D003 BNE $F07A C0/F077: 20E0F0 JSR $F0E0 C0/F07A: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/F07C: 3005 BMI $F083 C0/F07E: AD2CE2 LDA $E22C C0/F081: D003 BNE $F086 C0/F083: 2002F1 JSR $F102 C0/F086: 644E STZ $4E C0/F088: A6D4 LDX $D4 C0/F08A: BD10E0 LDA $E010,X C0/F08D: 8D10E0 STA $E010 C0/F090: 8D10E2 STA $E210 C0/F093: 8D10E4 STA $E410 C0/F096: BD0BE0 LDA $E00B,X C0/F099: 8D0BE0 STA $E00B C0/F09C: 8D0BE2 STA $E20B C0/F09F: 8D0BE4 STA $E40B C0/F0A2: BD8EE0 LDA $E08E,X C0/F0A5: 8D8EE0 STA $E08E C0/F0A8: 8D8EE2 STA $E28E C0/F0AB: 8D8EE4 STA $E48E C0/F0AE: A5FF LDA $FF C0/F0B0: D00B BNE $F0BD C0/F0B2: C220 REP #$20 C0/F0B4: 9C06E4 STZ $E406 C0/F0B7: 9C06E2 STZ $E206 C0/F0BA: 9C06E0 STZ $E006 C0/F0BD: 60 RTS

C0/F0BE: AD00E0 LDA $E000 C0/F0C1: F002 BEQ $F0C5 C0/F0C3: 1008 BPL $F0CD C0/F0C5: 60 RTS

C0/F0C6: AD00E2 LDA $E200 C0/F0C9: F014 BEQ $F0DF C0/F0CB: 3012 BMI $F0DF C0/F0CD: AD02E0 LDA $E002 C0/F0D0: CD02E2 CMP $E202 C0/F0D3: D008 BNE $F0DD C0/F0D5: AD04E0 LDA $E004 C0/F0D8: CD04E2 CMP $E204 C0/F0DB: F002 BEQ $F0DF C0/F0DD: 68 PLA C0/F0DE: 68 PLA C0/F0DF: 60 RTS

C0/F0E0: AD00E0 LDA $E000 C0/F0E3: F002 BEQ $F0E7 C0/F0E5: 1008 BPL $F0EF C0/F0E7: 60 RTS

C0/F0E8: AD00E4 LDA $E400 C0/F0EB: F014 BEQ $F101 C0/F0ED: 3012 BMI $F101 C0/F0EF: AD02E0 LDA $E002 C0/F0F2: CD02E4 CMP $E402 C0/F0F5: D008 BNE $F0FF C0/F0F7: AD04E0 LDA $E004 C0/F0FA: CD04E4 CMP $E404 C0/F0FD: F002 BEQ $F101 C0/F0FF: 68 PLA C0/F100: 68 PLA C0/F101: 60 RTS

C0/F102: AD00E2 LDA $E200 C0/F105: F002 BEQ $F109 C0/F107: 1008 BPL $F111 C0/F109: 60 RTS

C0/F10A: AD00E4 LDA $E400 C0/F10D: F014 BEQ $F123 C0/F10F: 3012 BMI $F123 C0/F111: AD02E2 LDA $E202 C0/F114: CD02E4 CMP $E402 C0/F117: D008 BNE $F121 C0/F119: AD04E2 LDA $E204 C0/F11C: CD04E4 CMP $E404 C0/F11F: F002 BEQ $F123 C0/F121: 68 PLA C0/F122: 68 PLA C0/F123: 60 RTS

C0/F124: E210 SEP #$10 C0/F126: C220 REP #$20 C0/F128: 6406 STZ $06 C0/F12A: A200 LDX #$00 C0/F12C: A51C LDA $1C C0/F12E: 38 SEC C0/F12F: E50C SBC $0C C0/F131: 1006 BPL $F139 C0/F133: A280 LDX #$80 C0/F135: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/F138: 1A INC A C0/F139: 0A ASL A C0/F13A: C5C0 CMP $C0 C0/F13C: 900D BCC $F14B C0/F13E: 8500 STA $00 C0/F140: 8A TXA C0/F141: 498000 EOR #$0080 C0/F144: AA TAX C0/F145: A5C0 LDA $C0 C0/F147: 0A ASL A C0/F148: 38 SEC C0/F149: E500 SBC $00 C0/F14B: 38 SEC C0/F14C: E518 SBC $18 C0/F14E: 301A BMI $F16A C0/F150: F018 BEQ $F16A C0/F152: 4A LSR A C0/F153: C90400 CMP #$0004 C0/F156: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F158: 9008 BCC $F162 C0/F15A: A516 LDA $16 C0/F15C: C903 CMP #$03 C0/F15E: B002 BCS $F162 C0/F160: A903 LDA #$03 C0/F162: E080 CPX #$80 C0/F164: 9002 BCC $F168 C0/F166: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/F168: 8506 STA $06 C0/F16A: C220 REP #$20 C0/F16C: A200 LDX #$00 C0/F16E: A51E LDA $1E C0/F170: 38 SEC C0/F171: E50E SBC $0E C0/F173: 1006 BPL $F17B C0/F175: A280 LDX #$80 C0/F177: 49FFFF EOR #$FFFF C0/F17A: 1A INC A C0/F17B: 0A ASL A C0/F17C: C5C2 CMP $C2 C0/F17E: 900D BCC $F18D C0/F180: 8500 STA $00 C0/F182: 8A TXA C0/F183: 498000 EOR #$0080 C0/F186: AA TAX C0/F187: A5C2 LDA $C2 C0/F189: 0A ASL A C0/F18A: 38 SEC C0/F18B: E500 SBC $00 C0/F18D: 38 SEC C0/F18E: E51A SBC $1A C0/F190: 301A BMI $F1AC C0/F192: F018 BEQ $F1AC C0/F194: 4A LSR A C0/F195: C90400 CMP #$0004 C0/F198: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F19A: 9008 BCC $F1A4 C0/F19C: A517 LDA $17 C0/F19E: C903 CMP #$03 C0/F1A0: B002 BCS $F1A4 C0/F1A2: A903 LDA #$03 C0/F1A4: E080 CPX #$80 C0/F1A6: 9002 BCC $F1AA C0/F1A8: 0980 ORA #$80 C0/F1AA: 8507 STA $07 C0/F1AC: 38 SEC C0/F1AD: 60 RTS

C0/F1AE: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F1B0: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/F1B2: 8B PHB [Push Bank Byte] C0/F1B3: A97E LDA #$7E [Load #$7E] C0/F1B5: 48 PHA [Push Accumulator] C0/F1B6: AB PLB C0/F1B7: A20002 LDX #$0200 [Load #$0200] {Girl} C0/F1BA: 20CFF1 JSR $F1CF C0/F1BD: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/F1BF: A20004 LDX #$0400 [Load #$0400] {Sprite} C0/F1C2: 20CFF1 JSR $F1CF [Jump Sub. to ] C0/F1C5: AB PLB C0/F1C6: 60 RTS

[] C0/F1C7: C230 REP #$30 C0/F1C9: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/F1CC: 4CCFF1 JMP $F1CF {Most superfluous jump ever}

09] <furrykef> Enker -- most likely they were two separate routines and the programmer wanted to guard against something being interposed between them later in the development process]
42] <DahrkDaiz> I've honestly have never seen a JMP in place of a JSR
42] <DahrkDaiz> at least lot in MM3, MM2, Pac Man, SMB1, 2, 3, Metroid, Kid Icarus
43] <DahrkDaiz> Wrecking Crew

[] C0/F1CF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F1D1: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/F1D3: 8614 STX $14 C0/F1D5: BD2FE0 LDA $E02F,X C0/F1D8: D041 + BNE $F21B C0/F1DA: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/F1DD: F031 ++ BEQ $F210 C0/F1DF: 24ED BIT $ED C0/F1E1: 3005 +3 BMI $F1E8 C0/F1E3: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/F1E6: B024 +4 BCS $F20C C0/F1E8: +3 C920 CMP #$20 C0/F1EA: F02F BEQ $F21B C0/F1EC: 228F8101 JSR $01818F C0/F1F0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F1F2: A9D4 LDA #$D4 [Load #$D4] C0/F1F4: 8512 STA $12 [Store into FilePointer[Bank]] C0/F1F6: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/F1F9: 29E0 AND #$E0 C0/F1FB: 100A + BPL $F207 C0/F1FD: C612 DEC $12 [Decrement FilePointer[Bank]] C0/F1FF: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/F201: B004 + BCS $F207 C0/F203: A9D0 LDA #$D0 C0/F205: 8512 STA $12 C0/F207: + BD0CE0 LDA $E00C,X C0/F20A: D018 BNE $F224 C0/F20C: - 9E0CE0 STZ $E00C,X C0/F20F: 60 RTS

{ANIMATION SHIT} C0/F210: ++ BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/F213: 89C5 BIT #$C5 C0/F215: D004 BNE $F21B C0/F217: 24ED BIT $ED C0/F219: 10F1 BPL $F20C C0/F21B: + BD0CE0 LDA $E00C,X C0/F21E: F0EC - BEQ $F20C C0/F220: A9D4 LDA #$D4 C0/F222: 8512 STA $12 C0/F224: 9E0CE0 STZ $E00C,X C0/F227: C220 REP #$20 C0/F229: 18 CLC C0/F22A: BD6AE0 LDA $E06A,X [Load Bank 14 pointer] C0/F22D: 7D26E0 ADC $E026,X [Add read position] C0/F230: 8510 STA $10 [Store into FilePointer] C0/F232: A710 LDA [$10] [Load [FilePointer]] [Used with spells, too: 00f232 lda [$10] [d36882]] C0/F234: 8510 STA $10 [Store into FilePointer] C0/F236: 8A TXA C0/F237: 0A ASL A C0/F238: 0A ASL A C0/F239: 0A ASL A C0/F23A: 18 CLC C0/F23B: 690020 ADC #$2000 C0/F23E: 850A STA $0A C0/F240: BC6CE0 LDY $E06C,X C0/F243: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F245: 6401 STZ $01 C0/F247: A710 LDA [$10] C0/F249: E610 INC $10 [Increment FilePointer[Low]] C0/F24B: D002 BNE $F24F C0/F24D: E611 INC $11 [Increment FilePointer[Mid]] C0/F24F: 9D24E0 STA $E024,X C0/F252: 8504 STA $04 C0/F254: 0A ASL A C0/F255: 0A ASL A C0/F256: 8505 STA $05 C0/F258: A504 LDA $04 C0/F25A: 290F AND #$0F C0/F25C: 9D84E0 STA $E084,X C0/F25F: D015 BNE $F276 C0/F261: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/F264: 297F AND #$7F C0/F266: 8503 STA $03 C0/F268: BD28E0 LDA $E028,X C0/F26B: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/F26D: 8502 STA $02 C0/F26F: 829701 BRL $F409 C0/F272: 9E84E0 STZ $E084,X C0/F275: 60 RTS

C0/F276: C90B CMP #$0B C0/F278: B0F8 BCS $F272 C0/F27A: 0A ASL A C0/F27B: 0A ASL A C0/F27C: 8500 STA $00 C0/F27E: C220 REP #$20 C0/F280: A600 LDX $00 C0/F282: A710 LDA [$10] C0/F284: 898000 BIT #$0080 C0/F287: D01F BNE $F2A8 C0/F289: E610 INC $10 C0/F28B: EB XBA C0/F28C: 29007F AND #$7F00 C0/F28F: C9007F CMP #$7F00 C0/F292: D005 BNE $F299 C0/F294: A900CB LDA #$CB00 C0/F297: 8005 BRA $F29E C0/F299: 4A LSR A C0/F29A: 4A LSR A C0/F29B: 4A LSR A C0/F29C: 650A ADC $0A C0/F29E: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/F2A1: C8 INY C0/F2A2: C8 INY C0/F2A3: CA DEX C0/F2A4: D0DC BNE $F282 C0/F2A6: F051 BEQ $F2F9 C0/F2A8: E610 INC $10 C0/F2AA: E610 INC $10 C0/F2AC: 894000 BIT #$0040 C0/F2AF: F021 BEQ $F2D2 C0/F2B1: 48 PHA C0/F2B2: 293F00 AND #$003F C0/F2B5: 8502 STA $02 C0/F2B7: 68 PLA C0/F2B8: 29007F AND #$7F00 C0/F2BB: 4A LSR A C0/F2BC: 4A LSR A C0/F2BD: 4A LSR A C0/F2BE: 650A ADC $0A C0/F2C0: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/F2C3: C8 INY C0/F2C4: C8 INY C0/F2C5: CA DEX C0/F2C6: F031 BEQ $F2F9 C0/F2C8: C602 DEC $02 C0/F2CA: 30B6 BMI $F282 C0/F2CC: 18 CLC C0/F2CD: 692000 ADC #$0020 C0/F2D0: 80EE BRA $F2C0 C0/F2D2: 48 PHA C0/F2D3: 293F00 AND #$003F C0/F2D6: 8502 STA $02 C0/F2D8: 68 PLA C0/F2D9: 29007F AND #$7F00 C0/F2DC: C9007F CMP #$7F00 C0/F2DF: D005 BNE $F2E6 C0/F2E1: A900CB LDA #$CB00 C0/F2E4: 8005 BRA $F2EB C0/F2E6: 4A LSR A C0/F2E7: 4A LSR A C0/F2E8: 4A LSR A C0/F2E9: 650A ADC $0A C0/F2EB: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/F2EE: C8 INY C0/F2EF: C8 INY C0/F2F0: CA DEX C0/F2F1: F006 BEQ $F2F9 C0/F2F3: C602 DEC $02 C0/F2F5: 10F4 BPL $F2EB C0/F2F7: 3089 BMI $F282 C0/F2F9: C230 REP #$30 C0/F2FB: A614 LDX $14 C0/F2FD: BD84E0 LDA $E084,X C0/F300: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/F303: A8 TAY C0/F304: 8506 STA $06 C0/F306: BD28E0 LDA $E028,X C0/F309: 29C000 AND #$00C0 C0/F30C: 8502 STA $02 C0/F30E: BD86E0 LDA $E086,X C0/F311: 850C STA $0C C0/F313: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F315: BD93E0 LDA $E093,X C0/F318: 2930 AND #$30 C0/F31A: 050D ORA $0D C0/F31C: 850D STA $0D C0/F31E: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/F321: 297F AND #$7F C0/F323: 8503 STA $03 C0/F325: BD25E0 LDA $E025,X C0/F328: D004 BNE $F32E C0/F32A: 850A STA $0A C0/F32C: 8016 BRA $F344 C0/F32E: 48 PHA C0/F32F: 290F AND #$0F C0/F331: C908 CMP #$08 C0/F333: 9002 BCC $F337 C0/F335: 09F0 ORA #$F0 C0/F337: 850A STA $0A C0/F339: 68 PLA C0/F33A: 4A LSR A C0/F33B: 4A LSR A C0/F33C: 4A LSR A C0/F33D: 4A LSR A C0/F33E: C908 CMP #$08 C0/F340: 9002 BCC $F344 C0/F342: 09F0 ORA #$F0 C0/F344: 850B STA $0B C0/F346: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/F349: F036 BEQ $F381 C0/F34B: 48 PHA C0/F34C: A930 LDA #$30 C0/F34E: 040D TSB $0D C0/F350: 68 PLA C0/F351: C9E0 CMP #$E0 C0/F353: D018 BNE $F36D C0/F355: BD10E1 LDA $E110,X C0/F358: C904 CMP #$04 C0/F35A: D009 BNE $F365 C0/F35C: C220 REP #$20 C0/F35E: 8A TXA C0/F35F: 4A LSR A C0/F360: 1D1CE1 ORA $E11C,X C0/F363: 8004 BRA $F369 C0/F365: C220 REP #$20 C0/F367: 8A TXA C0/F368: 4A LSR A C0/F369: AA TAX C0/F36A: 828406 BRL $F9F1 C0/F36D: C9C0D0 CMP #$D0C0 C0/F370: 1024 BPL $F396 C0/F372: 0510 ORA $10 C0/F374: 0CBD10 TSB $10BD C0/F377: E1C9 SBC ($C9,X) C0/F379: 05D0 ORA $D0 C0/F37B: 0522 ORA $22 C0/F37D: CA DEX C0/F37E: AB PLB C0/F37F: 0260 COP #$60 C0/F381: C220 REP #$20 C0/F383: A710 LDA [$10] C0/F385: E610 INC $10 C0/F387: E610 INC $10 C0/F389: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F38B: EB XBA C0/F38C: 0A ASL A C0/F38D: 6601 ROR $01 C0/F38F: EB XBA C0/F390: 0A ASL A C0/F391: 6601 ROR $01 C0/F393: C980 CMP #$80 C0/F395: 900E BCC $F3A5 C0/F397: 2405 BIT $05 C0/F399: 7001 BVS $F39C C0/F39B: 6A ROR A C0/F39C: 18 CLC C0/F39D: 650B ADC $0B C0/F39F: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F3A1: 300E BMI $F3B1 C0/F3A3: 1011 BPL $F3B6 C0/F3A5: 2405 BIT $05 C0/F3A7: 7001 BVS $F3AA C0/F3A9: 4A LSR A C0/F3AA: 18 CLC C0/F3AB: 650B ADC $0B C0/F3AD: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F3AF: 1005 BPL $F3B6 C0/F3B1: 18 CLC C0/F3B2: 690F ADC #$0F C0/F3B4: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F3B6: EB XBA C0/F3B7: 100F BPL $F3C8 C0/F3B9: 2405 BIT $05 C0/F3BB: 7002 BVS $F3BF C0/F3BD: 38 SEC C0/F3BE: 6A ROR A C0/F3BF: 18 CLC C0/F3C0: 650A ADC $0A C0/F3C2: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F3C4: 700E BVS $F3D4 C0/F3C6: 5011 BVC $F3D9 C0/F3C8: 2405 BIT $05 C0/F3CA: 7001 BVS $F3CD C0/F3CC: 4A LSR A C0/F3CD: 18 CLC C0/F3CE: 650A ADC $0A C0/F3D0: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F3D2: 5005 BVC $F3D9 C0/F3D4: 18 CLC C0/F3D5: 690F ADC #$0F C0/F3D7: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F3D9: C220 REP #$20 C0/F3DB: 9DD0E0 STA $E0D0,X C0/F3DE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F3E0: A501 LDA $01 C0/F3E2: 4502 EOR $02 C0/F3E4: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/F3E6: 050D ORA $0D C0/F3E8: 9DD3E0 STA $E0D3,X C0/F3EB: A50C LDA $0C C0/F3ED: 9DD2E0 STA $E0D2,X C0/F3F0: 18 CLC C0/F3F1: 6902 ADC #$02 C0/F3F3: 8910 BIT #$10 C0/F3F5: F006 BEQ $F3FD C0/F3F7: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/F3F9: 9002 BCC $F3FD C0/F3FB: E60D INC $0D C0/F3FD: 850C STA $0C C0/F3FF: E8 INX C0/F400: E8 INX C0/F401: E8 INX C0/F402: E8 INX C0/F403: 88 DEY C0/F404: F003 BEQ $F409 C0/F406: 8278FF BRL $F381 C0/F409: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F40B: A614 LDX $14 C0/F40D: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/F410: F01A BEQ $F42C C0/F412: C9C0 CMP #$C0 C0/F414: D00D BNE $F423 C0/F416: 9E14E1 STZ $E114,X C0/F419: 2405 BIT $05 C0/F41B: 1006 BPL $F423 C0/F41D: 2280A402 JSR $02A480 C0/F421: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F423: A900 LDA #$00 C0/F425: 9DC2E0 STA $E0C2,X C0/F428: 9DC3E0 STA $E0C3,X C0/F42B: 60 RTS

C0/F42C: 2404 BIT $04 C0/F42E: 50F3 BVC $F423 C0/F430: A00100 LDY #$0001 C0/F433: A910 LDA #$10 C0/F435: 2404 BIT $04 C0/F437: F027 BEQ $F460 C0/F439: A710 LDA [$10] C0/F43B: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F43D: 1003 BPL $F442 C0/F43F: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F441: 1A INC A C0/F442: 38 SEC C0/F443: E503 SBC $03 C0/F445: FD45E0 SBC $E045,X C0/F448: 5002 BVC $F44C C0/F44A: A980 LDA #$80 C0/F44C: 9DC1E0 STA $E0C1,X C0/F44F: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F451: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F453: 5003 BVC $F458 C0/F455: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F457: 1A INC A C0/F458: 9DC0E0 STA $E0C0,X C0/F45B: C8 INY C0/F45C: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F45E: 803A BRA $F49A C0/F460: A710 LDA [$10] C0/F462: 48 PHA C0/F463: 290F AND #$0F C0/F465: C908 CMP #$08 C0/F467: 9002 BCC $F46B C0/F469: 09F0 ORA #$F0 C0/F46B: 0A ASL A C0/F46C: 0A ASL A C0/F46D: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F46F: 5003 BVC $F474 C0/F471: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F473: 1A INC A C0/F474: 9DC0E0 STA $E0C0,X C0/F477: 68 PLA C0/F478: 4A LSR A C0/F479: 4A LSR A C0/F47A: 4A LSR A C0/F47B: 4A LSR A C0/F47C: C908 CMP #$08 C0/F47E: 9002 BCC $F482 C0/F480: 09F0 ORA #$F0 C0/F482: 0A ASL A C0/F483: 0A ASL A C0/F484: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F486: 1003 BPL $F48B C0/F488: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F48A: 1A INC A C0/F48B: 38 SEC C0/F48C: E503 SBC $03 C0/F48E: FD45E0 SBC $E045,X C0/F491: 5002 BVC $F495 C0/F493: A980 LDA #$80 C0/F495: 9DC1E0 STA $E0C1,X C0/F498: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F49A: 48 PHA C0/F49B: 290F AND #$0F C0/F49D: 0A ASL A C0/F49E: 0A ASL A C0/F49F: 9DC2E0 STA $E0C2,X C0/F4A2: 68 PLA C0/F4A3: 4A LSR A C0/F4A4: 4A LSR A C0/F4A5: 293C AND #$3C C0/F4A7: 9DC3E0 STA $E0C3,X C0/F4AA: 60 RTS

[Animation updates for the player characters?] C0/F4AB: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F4AD: 8B PHB C0/F4AE: A97E LDA #$7E C0/F4B0: 48 PHA C0/F4B1: AB PLB C0/F4B2: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/F4B4: A20000 LDX #$0000 C0/F4B7: 20CBF4 JSR $F4CB [Jump Sub. to ] C0/F4BA: A20002 LDX #$0200 C0/F4BD: 20CBF4 JSR $F4CB [Jump Sub. to ] C0/F4C0: A20004 LDX #$0400 C0/F4C3: 20CBF4 JSR $F4CB [Jump Sub. to ] C0/F4C6: 20C7F1 JSR $F1C7 [Jump Sub. to C0/F4C9: AB PLB C0/F4CA: 60 RTS

[] C0/F4CB: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/F4CD: 8614 STX $14 C0/F4CF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F4D1: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/F4D3: 700D BVS $F4E2 C0/F4D5: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/F4D8: D009 BNE $F4E3 C0/F4DA: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/F4DD: 9003 BCC $F4E2 C0/F4DF: 4CD4DF JMP $DFD4 C0/F4E2: 60 RTS

[] C0/F4E3: 3016 BMI $F4FB C0/F4E5: BD43E0 LDA $E043,X C0/F4E8: F011 BEQ $F4FB C0/F4EA: 300F BMI $F4FB C0/F4EC: 48 PHA C0/F4ED: DA PHX C0/F4EE: 20D4DF JSR $DFD4 C0/F4F1: FA PLX C0/F4F2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F4F4: 68 PLA C0/F4F5: DD43E0 CMP $E043,X C0/F4F8: F001 BEQ $F4FB C0/F4FA: - 60 RTS

[] C0/F4FB: BD41E0 LDA $E041,X C0/F4FE: F009 + BEQ $F509 C0/F500: 3A DEC A C0/F501: 9D41E0 STA $E041,X C0/F504: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/F506: 9D30E0 STA $E030,X C0/F509: + 22898001 JSR $018089 {} C0/F50D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F50F: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/F512: 30CE - BMI $F4E2 C0/F514: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/F517: 1D1CE0 ORA $E01C,X C0/F51A: 1D60E0 ORA $E060,X C0/F51D: D00E BNE $F52D C0/F51F: BD0AE0 LDA $E00A,X C0/F522: 1D64E0 ORA $E064,X C0/F525: 1D62E0 ORA $E062,X C0/F528: D003 BNE $F52D C0/F52A: 20B3F8 JSR $F8B3 C0/F52D: C220 REP #$20 C0/F52F: A9D100 LDA #$00D1 C0/F532: 8502 STA $02 C0/F534: BD10E0 LDA $E010,X C0/F537: DD30E0 CMP $E030,X C0/F53A: 9D30E0 STA $E030,X C0/F53D: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F53F: F04F BEQ $F590 {} C0/F541: 9E5DE0 STZ $E05D,X C0/F544: 9E36E0 STZ $E036,X C0/F547: 9E5AE0 STZ $E05A,X C0/F54A: 290F AND #$0F C0/F54C: 8503 STA $03 C0/F54E: 6404 STZ $04 C0/F550: BD1CE0 LDA $E01C,X C0/F553: F01F BEQ $F574 C0/F555: 9E13E0 STZ $E013,X C0/F558: EB XBA C0/F559: 1007 BPL $F562 {Using $E075,X with an AND #$007F} C0/F55B: C220 REP #$20 C0/F55D: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/F560: 8018 BRA $F57A {Using $E065,X} C0/F562: C220 REP #$20 C0/F564: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/F567: 8500 STA $00 C0/F569: 0A ASL A C0/F56A: 6500 ADC $00 C0/F56C: 6503 ADC $03 C0/F56E: 0A ASL A C0/F56F: 7D65E0 ADC $E065,X C0/F572: 8011 BRA $F585 {Using $E075,X with an XBA and an AND #$00FF} C0/F574: C220 REP #$20 C0/F576: EB XBA C0/F577: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/F57A: 8500 STA $00 [Store into TempVal] C0/F57C: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/F57D: 6500 ADC $00 [Add TempVal] C0/F57F: 6503 ADC $03 C0/F581: 0A ASL A C0/F582: 7D75E0 ADC $E075,X {Endpoint} C0/F585: 8500 STA $00 [Store into FilePointer] C0/F587: A700 LDA [$00] [Load [FilePointer]] C0/F589: 9D18E0 STA $E018,X C0/F58C: 8500 STA $00 C0/F58E: 8011 BRA $F5A1 {} C0/F590: BD12E0 LDA $E012,X C0/F593: F005 BEQ $F59A C0/F595: 3A DEC A C0/F596: 9D12E0 STA $E012,X C0/F599: 60 RTS

[Animation handling?] C0/F59A: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F59C: BD16E0 LDA $E016,X [Some kinna pointer] {D15C06} C0/F59F: 8500 STA $00 [Store into AnimFilePointer] C0/F5A1: - E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F5A3: A700 LDA [$00] {Example: [d15c23]} C0/F5A5: 1005 + BPL $F5AC C0/F5A7: 200BF9 JSR $F90B [Jump to Interpret Animation Command?] C0/F5AA: B0F5 - BCS $F5A1 {} C0/F5AC: + C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F5AE: A500 LDA $00 [Load FilePointer] C0/F5B0: 1A INC A [Increment] C0/F5B1: 1A INC A [Increment] C0/F5B2: 9D16E0 STA $E016,X {Incremented before finally getting stored back here. A file pointer?} C0/F5B5: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F5B7: FE0CE0 INC $E00C,X C0/F5BA: BD10E0 LDA $E010,X [Load Sprite Flags] C0/F5BD: 0A ASL A [Shift Left] C0/F5BE: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F5C0: A700 LDA [$00] C0/F5C2: E220 SEP #$20 [Enable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F5C4: 9002 + BCC $F5C8 C0/F5C6: 4920 EOR #$20 C0/F5C8: + 48 PHA C0/F5C9: 0A ASL A C0/F5CA: 9D28E0 STA $E028,X C0/F5CD: 68 PLA C0/F5CE: 2907 AND #$07 C0/F5D0: C904 CMP #$04 C0/F5D2: 9007 + BCC $F5DB C0/F5D4: 2903 AND #$03 C0/F5D6: 9D89E0 STA $E089,X C0/F5D9: A900 LDA #$00 C0/F5DB: + 9D12E0 STA $E012,X C0/F5DE: A9D1 LDA #$D1 C0/F5E0: 8505 STA $05 C0/F5E2: BD41E0 LDA $E041,X C0/F5E5: F004 + BEQ $F5EB C0/F5E7: BD40E0 LDA $E040,X C0/F5EA: EB XBA C0/F5EB: + EB XBA C0/F5EC: C220 REP #$20 C0/F5EE: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/F5F1: 48 PHA C0/F5F2: 0A ASL A C0/F5F3: 9D26E0 STA $E026,X [Store into this goddamn thing] C0/F5F6: 18 CLC C0/F5F7: 7D2AE0 ADC $E02A,X C0/F5FA: 8500 STA $00 C0/F5FC: 68 PLA C0/F5FD: 18 CLC C0/F5FE: 7D7EE0 ADC $E07E,X C0/F601: 8503 STA $03 C0/F603: A700 LDA [$00] {d12096} C0/F605: 48 PHA C0/F606: EB XBA C0/F607: 29FF00 AND #$00FF C0/F60A: 0A ASL A C0/F60B: 8500 STA $00 C0/F60D: 68 PLA C0/F60E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F610: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/F612: EB XBA C0/F613: BD41E0 LDA $E041,X C0/F616: C901 CMP #$01 C0/F618: EB XBA C0/F619: B003 + BCS $F61E C0/F61B: 5D28E0 EOR $E028,X C0/F61E: + 9D88E0 STA $E088,X C0/F621: A900 LDA #$00 C0/F623: E00000 CPX #$0000 C0/F626: F007 BEQ $F62F C0/F628: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/F62B: B002 BCS $F62F C0/F62D: A703 LDA [$03] C0/F62F: 9D25E0 STA $E025,X C0/F632: BD33E0 LDA $E033,X [Contains a bank byte] C0/F635: 8502 STA $02 [Used for indirect addressing soon] C0/F637: 8512 STA $12 C0/F639: C220 REP #$20 C0/F63B: BD72E0 LDA $E072,X [Character index? Seems to be used as an offset for sprite sets] C0/F63E: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/F63F: 6500 ADC $00 [Add character index to bank 12 pointer] C0/F641: 8500 STA $00 [Store back into bank 12 pointer] C0/F643: A700 LDA [$00] [Load the contents of said pointer] C0/F645: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F647: A614 LDX $14 C0/F649: 8510 STA $10 [Store into FilePointer] C0/F64B: BD80E0 LDA $E080,X [Character Sprite Set Pointer] C0/F64E: 850A STA $0A [Important to this subroutine] C0/F650: BC6EE0 LDY $E06E,X [Animation index?] C0/F653: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F655: 6401 STZ $01 C0/F657: A710 LDA [$10] [Reading from Bank 12 sprite construction table] {0a7a} C0/F659: 8504 STA $04 [Store into TempSpritePointer] C0/F65B: 290F AND #$0F [And with #$0F] C0/F65D: D002 + BNE $F661 [Branch ahead if nonzero] C0/F65F: A901 LDA #$01 [Load #$01] C0/F661: + 9D83E0 STA $E083,X [Store into this thing] {Sprite animation frames?} C0/F664: 0A ASL A C0/F665: 0A ASL A C0/F666: 8500 STA $00 C0/F668: C220 REP #$20 C0/F66A: E610 INC $10 C0/F66C: A600 LDX $00 {Produces the source addresses used by VRAM Sprite Placement (01/950D)} C0/F66E: - A710 LDA [$10] [Pointer related to sprite frames loaded into memory] {Running over the same old ground, indeed} C0/F670: 3014 + BMI $F686 C0/F672: E610 INC $10 C0/F674: E610 INC $10 C0/F676: 29F03F AND #$3FF0 C0/F679: 0A ASL A C0/F67A: 650A ADC $0A C0/F67C: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/F67F: C8 INY C0/F680: C8 INY C0/F681: CA DEX C0/F682: D0EA - BNE $F66E C0/F684: F03A ++ BEQ $F6C0 C0/F686: + E610 INC $10 C0/F688: E610 INC $10 C0/F68A: 48 PHA C0/F68B: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/F68E: 8502 STA $02 C0/F690: 68 PLA C0/F691: 0A ASL A C0/F692: 1018 BPL $F6AC C0/F694: 29E07F AND #$7FE0 C0/F697: 18 CLC C0/F698: 650A ADC $0A C0/F69A: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/F69D: C8 INY C0/F69E: C8 INY C0/F69F: CA DEX C0/F6A0: F01E BEQ $F6C0 C0/F6A2: C602 DEC $02 C0/F6A4: 30C8 BMI $F66E C0/F6A6: 18 CLC C0/F6A7: 692000 ADC #$0020 C0/F6AA: 80EE BRA $F69A C0/F6AC: 29E07F AND #$7FE0 C0/F6AF: 18 CLC C0/F6B0: 650A ADC $0A C0/F6B2: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/F6B5: C8 INY C0/F6B6: C8 INY C0/F6B7: CA DEX C0/F6B8: F006 BEQ $F6C0 C0/F6BA: C602 DEC $02 C0/F6BC: 10F4 BPL $F6B2 C0/F6BE: 30AE BMI $F66E C0/F6C0: ++ C230 REP #$30 C0/F6C2: A614 LDX $14 C0/F6C4: BD83E0 LDA $E083,X C0/F6C7: 290F00 AND #$000F C0/F6CA: A8 TAY C0/F6CB: 8506 STA $06 C0/F6CD: BD8AE0 LDA $E08A,X C0/F6D0: 850C STA $0C C0/F6D2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F6D4: 6401 STZ $01 C0/F6D6: BD8EE0 LDA $E08E,X C0/F6D9: F01B BEQ $F6F6 C0/F6DB: C904 CMP #$04 C0/F6DD: B00B BCS $F6EA C0/F6DF: 38 SEC C0/F6E0: 6601 ROR $01 C0/F6E2: C902 CMP #$02 C0/F6E4: F010 BEQ $F6F6 C0/F6E6: A930 LDA #$30 C0/F6E8: 8008 BRA $F6F2 C0/F6EA: 2903 AND #$03 C0/F6EC: 0A ASL A C0/F6ED: 0A ASL A C0/F6EE: 0A ASL A C0/F6EF: 0A ASL A C0/F6F0: 4920 EOR #$20 C0/F6F2: 450D EOR $0D C0/F6F4: 850D STA $0D C0/F6F6: BD88E0 LDA $E088,X C0/F6F9: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/F6FB: 8502 STA $02 C0/F6FD: BD74E0 LDA $E074,X C0/F700: 297F AND #$7F C0/F702: 8503 STA $03 [Huge loop here] C0/F704: C220 REP #$20 C0/F706: A710 LDA [$10] C0/F708: E610 INC $10 C0/F70A: E610 INC $10 C0/F70C: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F70E: EB XBA C0/F70F: 0A ASL A C0/F710: 6600 ROR $00 C0/F712: EB XBA C0/F713: 0A ASL A C0/F714: 6600 ROR $00 C0/F716: C980 CMP #$80 C0/F718: 9007 BCC $F721 C0/F71A: 6A ROR A C0/F71B: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F71D: 3007 BMI $F726 C0/F71F: 100A BPL $F72B C0/F721: 4A LSR A C0/F722: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F724: 1005 BPL $F72B C0/F726: 18 CLC C0/F727: 690F ADC #$0F C0/F729: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F72B: EB XBA C0/F72C: 1008 BPL $F736 C0/F72E: 38 SEC C0/F72F: 6A ROR A C0/F730: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F732: 7007 BVS $F73B C0/F734: 500A BVC $F740 C0/F736: 4A LSR A C0/F737: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F739: 5005 BVC $F740 C0/F73B: 18 CLC C0/F73C: 690F ADC #$0F C0/F73E: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F740: C220 REP #$20 C0/F742: 9D90E0 STA $E090,X C0/F745: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F747: A500 LDA $00 C0/F749: 100F BPL $F75A C0/F74B: 2401 BIT $01 C0/F74D: 100B BPL $F75A C0/F74F: 2940 AND #$40 C0/F751: 4502 EOR $02 C0/F753: 050D ORA $0D C0/F755: 18 CLC C0/F756: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/F758: 8006 BRA $F760 C0/F75A: 2940 AND #$40 C0/F75C: 4502 EOR $02 C0/F75E: 050D ORA $0D C0/F760: 9D93E0 STA $E093,X C0/F763: A50C LDA $0C C0/F765: 9D92E0 STA $E092,X C0/F768: 18 CLC C0/F769: 6902 ADC #$02 C0/F76B: 8910 BIT #$10 C0/F76D: F006 BEQ $F775 C0/F76F: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/F771: 9002 BCC $F775 C0/F773: E60D INC $0D C0/F775: 850C STA $0C C0/F777: E8 INX C0/F778: E8 INX C0/F779: E8 INX C0/F77A: E8 INX C0/F77B: 88 DEY C0/F77C: F003 BEQ $F781 C0/F77E: 8283FF BRL $F704 C0/F781: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F783: 24ED BIT $ED C0/F785: 3001 BMI $F788 C0/F787: 60 RTS

C0/F788: A614 LDX $14 C0/F78A: A960 LDA #$60 C0/F78C: 2404 BIT $04 C0/F78E: D00C BNE $F79C C0/F790: C220 REP #$20 C0/F792: A90000 LDA #$0000 C0/F795: 9DCAE0 STA $E0CA,X C0/F798: 9DCEE0 STA $E0CE,X C0/F79B: 60 RTS

[] C0/F79C: A00000 LDY #$0000 C0/F79F: A940 LDA #$40 C0/F7A1: 2404 BIT $04 C0/F7A3: F07D BEQ $F822 C0/F7A5: A910 LDA #$10 C0/F7A7: 2404 BIT $04 C0/F7A9: F029 BEQ $F7D4 C0/F7AB: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F7AD: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F7AF: 1003 BPL $F7B4 C0/F7B1: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F7B3: 1A INC A C0/F7B4: C8 INY C0/F7B5: 38 SEC C0/F7B6: E503 SBC $03 C0/F7B8: FD45E0 SBC $E045,X C0/F7BB: 5002 BVC $F7BF C0/F7BD: A980 LDA #$80 C0/F7BF: 9DC9E0 STA $E0C9,X C0/F7C2: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F7C4: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F7C6: 5003 BVC $F7CB C0/F7C8: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F7CA: 1A INC A C0/F7CB: C8 INY C0/F7CC: 9DC8E0 STA $E0C8,X C0/F7CF: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F7D1: C8 INY C0/F7D2: 803C BRA $F810 C0/F7D4: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F7D6: C8 INY C0/F7D7: 48 PHA C0/F7D8: 290F AND #$0F C0/F7DA: C908 CMP #$08 C0/F7DC: 9002 BCC $F7E0 C0/F7DE: 09F0 ORA #$F0 C0/F7E0: 0A ASL A C0/F7E1: 0A ASL A C0/F7E2: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F7E4: 5003 BVC $F7E9 C0/F7E6: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F7E8: 1A INC A C0/F7E9: 9DC8E0 STA $E0C8,X C0/F7EC: 68 PLA C0/F7ED: 4A LSR A C0/F7EE: 4A LSR A C0/F7EF: 4A LSR A C0/F7F0: 4A LSR A C0/F7F1: C908 CMP #$08 C0/F7F3: 9002 BCC $F7F7 C0/F7F5: 09F0 ORA #$F0 C0/F7F7: 0A ASL A C0/F7F8: 0A ASL A C0/F7F9: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F7FB: 1003 BPL $F800 C0/F7FD: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F7FF: 1A INC A C0/F800: 38 SEC C0/F801: E503 SBC $03 C0/F803: FD45E0 SBC $E045,X C0/F806: 5002 BVC $F80A C0/F808: A980 LDA #$80 C0/F80A: 9DC9E0 STA $E0C9,X C0/F80D: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F80F: C8 INY C0/F810: 48 PHA C0/F811: 290F AND #$0F C0/F813: 0A ASL A C0/F814: 0A ASL A C0/F815: 9DCAE0 STA $E0CA,X C0/F818: 68 PLA C0/F819: 4A LSR A C0/F81A: 4A LSR A C0/F81B: 293C AND #$3C C0/F81D: 9DCBE0 STA $E0CB,X C0/F820: 8008 BRA $F82A C0/F822: A900 LDA #$00 C0/F824: 9DCAE0 STA $E0CA,X C0/F827: 9DCBE0 STA $E0CB,X C0/F82A: A920 LDA #$20 C0/F82C: 2404 BIT $04 C0/F82E: D009 BNE $F839 C0/F830: A900 LDA #$00 C0/F832: 9DCEE0 STA $E0CE,X C0/F835: 9DCFE0 STA $E0CF,X C0/F838: 60 RTS

[] C0/F839: A910 LDA #$10 C0/F83B: 2404 BIT $04 C0/F83D: F028 BEQ $F867 C0/F83F: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F841: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F843: 1003 BPL $F848 C0/F845: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F847: 1A INC A C0/F848: C8 INY C0/F849: 38 SEC C0/F84A: E503 SBC $03 C0/F84C: FD45E0 SBC $E045,X C0/F84F: 5002 BVC $F853 C0/F851: A980 LDA #$80 C0/F853: 9DCDE0 STA $E0CD,X C0/F856: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F858: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F85A: 5003 BVC $F85F C0/F85C: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F85E: 1A INC A C0/F85F: C8 INY C0/F860: 9DCCE0 STA $E0CC,X C0/F863: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F865: 803B BRA $F8A2 C0/F867: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F869: C8 INY C0/F86A: 48 PHA C0/F86B: 290F AND #$0F C0/F86D: C908 CMP #$08 C0/F86F: 9002 BCC $F873 C0/F871: 09F0 ORA #$F0 C0/F873: 0A ASL A C0/F874: 0A ASL A C0/F875: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F877: 5003 BVC $F87C C0/F879: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F87B: 1A INC A C0/F87C: 9DCCE0 STA $E0CC,X C0/F87F: 68 PLA C0/F880: 4A LSR A C0/F881: 4A LSR A C0/F882: 4A LSR A C0/F883: 4A LSR A C0/F884: C908 CMP #$08 C0/F886: 9002 BCC $F88A C0/F888: 09F0 ORA #$F0 C0/F88A: 0A ASL A C0/F88B: 0A ASL A C0/F88C: 2402 BIT $02 C0/F88E: 1003 BPL $F893 C0/F890: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/F892: 1A INC A C0/F893: 38 SEC C0/F894: E503 SBC $03 C0/F896: FD45E0 SBC $E045,X C0/F899: 5002 BVC $F89D C0/F89B: A980 LDA #$80 C0/F89D: 9DCDE0 STA $E0CD,X C0/F8A0: B710 LDA [$10],Y C0/F8A2: 48 PHA C0/F8A3: 290F AND #$0F C0/F8A5: 0A ASL A C0/F8A6: 0A ASL A C0/F8A7: 9DCEE0 STA $E0CE,X C0/F8AA: 68 PLA C0/F8AB: 4A LSR A C0/F8AC: 4A LSR A C0/F8AD: 293C AND #$3C C0/F8AF: 9DCFE0 STA $E0CF,X C0/F8B2: 60 RTS

[] C0/F8CD: BD0FE0 LDA $E00F,X C0/F8D0: D01B BNE $F8ED C0/F8D2: BD91E1 LDA $E191,X C0/F8D5: 3016 BMI $F8ED C0/F8D7: 244E BIT $4E C0/F8D9: 100E BPL $F8E9 C0/F8DB: 9E67E0 STZ $E067,X C0/F8DE: 800D BRA $F8ED C0/F8E0: BD44E0 LDA $E044,X C0/F8E3: 3008 BMI $F8ED C0/F8E5: E43A CPX $3A C0/F8E7: F004 BEQ $F8ED C0/F8E9: 2242D901 JSR $01D942 C0/F8ED: 60 RTS

C0/F8EE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F8F0: A9FF LDA #$FF C0/F8F2: 9D30E0 STA $E030,X C0/F8F5: BD2CE0 LDA $E02C,X C0/F8F8: 1D60E0 ORA $E060,X C0/F8FB: D008 BNE $F905 C0/F8FD: BD64E0 LDA $E064,X C0/F900: 1003 BPL $F905 C0/F902: 20B3F8 JSR $F8B3 C0/F905: C220 REP #$20 C0/F907: 68 PLA C0/F908: 4C2DF5 JMP $F52D

[Something handling a lot of crap for animations and Bank 11] C0/F90B: C9FF CMP #$FF C0/F90D: D067 + BNE $F976 C0/F90F: A900 LDA #$00 [Load AnimFilePointer] C0/F911: 9D12E0 STA $E012,X C0/F914: BD5DE0 LDA $E05D,X C0/F917: F00C ++ BEQ $F925 C0/F919: 9E5DE0 STZ $E05D,X C0/F91C: C220 REP #$20 C0/F91E: BD5EE0 LDA $E05E,X C0/F921: 8500 STA $00 [Store into AnimFilePointer] C0/F923: 38 SEC C0/F924: 60 RTS

C0/F925: BD1CE0 LDA $E01C,X C0/F928: F0C4 - BEQ $F8EE C0/F92A: 101D + BPL $F949 C0/F92C: 9E1AE0 STZ $E01A,X C0/F92F: 9E1BE0 STZ $E01B,X C0/F932: - BD61E0 LDA $E061,X C0/F935: D01E ++ BNE $F955 C0/F937: 9E9BE1 STZ $E19B,X [What] C0/F93A: A964 LDA #$64 C0/F93C: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/F93D: FD89E1 SBC $E189,X [Subtract Agility] C0/F940: 4A LSR A [Divide by 2] C0/F941: 18 CLC [Clear Carry] C0/F942: 6932 ADD #$32 [Add #$32] C0/F944: 9DEDE1 STA $E1ED,X [Store into Attack Bar Percentage?] C0/F947: 800C ++ BRA $F955 C0/F949: + C920 CMP #$20 C0/F94B: F0E5 - BEQ $F932 C0/F94D: C930D0 CMP #$D030 C0/F950: 04A5 TSB $A5 C0/F952: D0D0 BNE $F924 C0/F954: 18 CLC C0/F955: ++ 9E1CE0 STZ $E01C,X C0/F958: 9E11E0 STZ $E011,X C0/F95B: 9E41E0 STZ $E041,X C0/F95E: 9E42E0 STZ $E042,X C0/F961: 9E06E0 STZ $E006,X C0/F964: 9E07E0 STZ $E007,X C0/F967: 9E08E0 STZ $E008,X C0/F96A: 8281FF BRL $F8EE C0/F96D: C220 REP #$20 C0/F96F: BD18E0 LDA $E018,X [Load ovearching pointer?] C0/F972: 8500 STA $00 C0/F974: 38 SEC C0/F975: 60 RTS

[Related to animation info in Bank 11?] [] C0/F976: C9FE CMP #$FE C0/F978: D00D + BNE $F987 C0/F97A: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X [Load Status Effects[Low]] C0/F97D: 297B AND #$7B [AND with #$7B] { C0/F97F: D026 ++ BNE $F9A7 C0/F981: - C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/F983: E600 INC $00 [Increment AnimFilePointer] C0/F985: 38 SEC [Set Carry] C0/F986: 60 RTS [Return]

[] C0/F987: + C9FB CMP #$FB C0/F989: 903B + BCC $F9C6 C0/F98B: D006 ++ BNE $F993 C0/F98D: 221DBF02 JSR $02BF1D C0/F991: 80EE - BRA $F981 {} C0/F993: ++ C9FC CMP #$FC C0/F995: D019 BNE $F9B0 C0/F997: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X [] C0/F99A: 2940 AND #$40 C0/F99C: D009 BNE $F9A7 C0/F99E: BD90E1 LDA $E190,X [Load Status Effects] C0/F9A1: 2903 AND #$03 [] C0/F9A3: D002 BNE $F9A7 C0/F9A5: 80DA BRA $F981 {} C0/F9A7: C220 REP #$20 C0/F9A9: A500 LDA $00 C0/F9AB: 9D16E0 STA $E016,X C0/F9AE: 68 PLA C0/F9AF: 60 RTS

[] C0/F9B0: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/F9B3: F0CC BEQ $F981 C0/F9B5: C920 CMP #$20 C0/F9B7: D0EE BNE $F9A7 C0/F9B9: C220 REP #$20 C0/F9BB: A500 LDA $00 C0/F9BD: 9D16E0 STA $E016,X C0/F9C0: 68 PLA C0/F9C1: 22078701 JSR $018707 C0/F9C5: 60 RTS

[] C0/F9C6: C9B0 CMP #$B0 C0/F9C8: B00D + BCS $F9D7 C0/F9CA: 22C0D501 JSR $01D5C0 C0/F9CE: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F9D0: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/F9D3: F0D2 BEQ $F9A7 C0/F9D5: 38 SEC C0/F9D6: 60 RTS

[] C0/F9D7: + C9F0 CMP #$F0 C0/F9D9: B006 + BCS $F9E1 C0/F9DB: 22DCD601 JSR $01D6DC C0/F9DF: 38 SEC C0/F9E0: 60 RTS

{} C0/F9E1: + C9F8 CMP #$F8 C0/F9E3: B006 + BCS $F9EB C0/F9E5: 222AD501 JSR $01D52A C0/F9E9: 38 SEC C0/F9EA: 60 RTS

{} C0/F9EB: + 228DD401 JSR $01D48D C0/F9EF: 38 SEC C0/F9F0: 60 RTS

[] C0/F9F1: C220 REP #$20 C0/F9F3: A710 LDA [$10] [Some kinna pointer. Interesting.] C0/F9F5: E610 INC $10 C0/F9F7: E610 INC $10 C0/F9F9: E220 SEP #$20 C0/F9FB: EB XBA C0/F9FC: 0A ASL A C0/F9FD: 6601 ROR $01 C0/F9FF: EB XBA C0/FA00: 0A ASL A C0/FA01: 6601 ROR $01 C0/FA03: C980 CMP #$80 C0/FA05: 900E BCC $FA15 C0/FA07: 2405 BIT $05 C0/FA09: 7001 BVS $FA0C C0/FA0B: 6A ROR A C0/FA0C: 18 CLC C0/FA0D: 650B ADC $0B C0/FA0F: 2402 BIT $02 C0/FA11: 300E BMI $FA21 C0/FA13: 1011 BPL $FA26 C0/FA15: 2405 BIT $05 C0/FA17: 7001 BVS $FA1A C0/FA19: 4A LSR A C0/FA1A: 18 CLC C0/FA1B: 650B ADC $0B C0/FA1D: 2402 BIT $02 C0/FA1F: 1005 BPL $FA26 C0/FA21: 18 CLC C0/FA22: 690F ADC #$0F C0/FA24: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/FA26: EB XBA C0/FA27: 100F BPL $FA38 C0/FA29: 2405 BIT $05 C0/FA2B: 7002 BVS $FA2F C0/FA2D: 38 SEC C0/FA2E: 6A ROR A C0/FA2F: 18 CLC C0/FA30: 650A ADC $0A C0/FA32: 2402 BIT $02 C0/FA34: 700E BVS $FA44 C0/FA36: 5011 BVC $FA49 C0/FA38: 2405 BIT $05 C0/FA3A: 7001 BVS $FA3D C0/FA3C: 4A LSR A C0/FA3D: 18 CLC C0/FA3E: 650A ADC $0A C0/FA40: 2402 BIT $02 C0/FA42: 5005 BVC $FA49 C0/FA44: 18 CLC C0/FA45: 690F ADC #$0F C0/FA47: 49FF EOR #$FF C0/FA49: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/FA4B: 9D00C0 STA $C000,X C0/FA4E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FA50: A501 LDA $01 C0/FA52: 4502 EOR $02 C0/FA54: 29C0 AND #$C0 C0/FA56: 050D ORA $0D C0/FA58: 9D03C0 STA $C003,X C0/FA5B: A50C LDA $0C C0/FA5D: 9D02C0 STA $C002,X C0/FA60: 18 CLC C0/FA61: 6902 ADC #$02 C0/FA63: 8910 BIT #$10 C0/FA65: F006 BEQ $FA6D C0/FA67: 6910 ADC #$10 C0/FA69: 9002 BCC $FA6D C0/FA6B: E60D INC $0D C0/FA6D: 850C STA $0C C0/FA6F: E8 INX C0/FA70: E8 INX C0/FA71: E8 INX C0/FA72: E8 INX C0/FA73: 88 DEY C0/FA74: F003 BEQ $FA79 C0/FA76: 8278FF BRL $F9F1 C0/FA79: A614 LDX $14 C0/FA7B: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FA7D: BD10E1 LDA $E110,X C0/FA80: C904 CMP #$04 C0/FA82: F003 BEQ $FA87 C0/FA84: 82FC00 BRL $FB83 C0/FA87: BD84E0 LDA $E084,X C0/FA8A: 0A ASL A C0/FA8B: 0A ASL A C0/FA8C: 9D13E1 STA $E113,X C0/FA8F: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/FA91: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/FA94: 8500 STA $00 C0/FA96: DA PHX C0/FA97: 8A TXA C0/FA98: 4A LSR A C0/FA99: 8502 STA $02 C0/FA9B: BC6CE0 LDY $E06C,X C0/FA9E: BD1CE1 LDA $E11C,X C0/FAA1: 0A ASL A C0/FAA2: 0502 ORA $02 C0/FAA4: AA TAX C0/FAA5: B90000 LDA $0000,Y C0/FAA8: 9D60C0 STA $C060,X C0/FAAB: E8 INX C0/FAAC: E8 INX C0/FAAD: C8 INY C0/FAAE: C8 INY C0/FAAF: C600 DEC $00 C0/FAB1: D0F2 BNE $FAA5 C0/FAB3: FA PLX C0/FAB4: DA PHX C0/FAB5: BD23E1 LDA $E123,X C0/FAB8: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/FABB: 8500 STA $00 C0/FABD: BD2CE1 LDA $E12C,X C0/FAC0: 0A ASL A C0/FAC1: 0502 ORA $02 C0/FAC3: AA TAX C0/FAC4: BD60C0 LDA $C060,X C0/FAC7: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/FACA: C8 INY C0/FACB: C8 INY C0/FACC: E8 INX C0/FACD: E8 INX C0/FACE: C600 DEC $00 C0/FAD0: D0F2 BNE $FAC4 C0/FAD2: FA PLX C0/FAD3: DA PHX C0/FAD4: BD33E1 LDA $E133,X C0/FAD7: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/FADA: 8500 STA $00 C0/FADC: BD3CE1 LDA $E13C,X C0/FADF: 0A ASL A C0/FAE0: 0502 ORA $02 C0/FAE2: AA TAX C0/FAE3: BD60C0 LDA $C060,X C0/FAE6: 990000 STA $0000,Y C0/FAE9: C8 INY C0/FAEA: C8 INY C0/FAEB: E8 INX C0/FAEC: E8 INX C0/FAED: C600 DEC $00 C0/FAEF: D0F2 BNE $FAE3 C0/FAF1: FA PLX C0/FAF2: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FAF4: BD13E1 LDA $E113,X C0/FAF7: 18 CLC C0/FAF8: 7D23E1 ADC $E123,X C0/FAFB: 7D33E1 ADC $E133,X C0/FAFE: 4A LSR A C0/FAFF: 4A LSR A C0/FB00: 9D84E0 STA $E084,X C0/FB03: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/FB05: BD13E1 LDA $E113,X C0/FB08: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/FB0B: 3A DEC A C0/FB0C: 3A DEC A C0/FB0D: 18 CLC C0/FB0E: 7D1CE1 ADC $E11C,X C0/FB11: 0502 ORA $02 C0/FB13: A8 TAY C0/FB14: B900C0 LDA $C000,Y C0/FB17: 29FF01 AND #$01FF C0/FB1A: 8504 STA $04 C0/FB1C: BD23E1 LDA $E123,X C0/FB1F: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/FB22: 4A LSR A C0/FB23: 4A LSR A C0/FB24: 8500 STA $00 C0/FB26: BD2CE1 LDA $E12C,X C0/FB29: 0502 ORA $02 C0/FB2B: A8 TAY C0/FB2C: A504 LDA $04 C0/FB2E: 18 CLC C0/FB2F: 690200 ADC #$0002 C0/FB32: 891000 BIT #$0010 C0/FB35: F003 BEQ $FB3A C0/FB37: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/FB3A: 8504 STA $04 C0/FB3C: B902C0 LDA $C002,Y C0/FB3F: 2900FE AND #$FE00 C0/FB42: 0504 ORA $04 C0/FB44: 9902C0 STA $C002,Y C0/FB47: C8 INY C0/FB48: C8 INY C0/FB49: C8 INY C0/FB4A: C8 INY C0/FB4B: C600 DEC $00 C0/FB4D: D0DD BNE $FB2C C0/FB4F: BD33E1 LDA $E133,X C0/FB52: 297F00 AND #$007F C0/FB55: 4A LSR A C0/FB56: 4A LSR A C0/FB57: 8500 STA $00 C0/FB59: BD3CE1 LDA $E13C,X C0/FB5C: 0502 ORA $02 C0/FB5E: A8 TAY C0/FB5F: A504 LDA $04 C0/FB61: 18 CLC C0/FB62: 690200 ADC #$0002 C0/FB65: 891000 BIT #$0010 C0/FB68: F003 BEQ $FB6D C0/FB6A: 691000 ADC #$0010 C0/FB6D: 8504 STA $04 C0/FB6F: B902C0 LDA $C002,Y C0/FB72: 2900FE AND #$FE00 C0/FB75: 0504 ORA $04 C0/FB77: 9902C0 STA $C002,Y C0/FB7A: C8 INY C0/FB7B: C8 INY C0/FB7C: C8 INY C0/FB7D: C8 INY C0/FB7E: C600 DEC $00 C0/FB80: D0DD BNE $FB5F C0/FB82: 60 RTS

C0/FB83: B009 BCS $FB8E C0/FB85: C901F0 CMP #$F001 C0/FB88: F9224C SBC $4C22,Y C0/FB8B: 9201 STA ($01) C0/FB8D: 60 RTS

C0/FB8E: 60 RTS

C0/FB8F: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/FB91: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FB93: A2000A LDX #$0A00 C0/FB96: 24ED BIT $ED C0/FB98: 3003 BMI $FB9D C0/FB9A: A20016 LDX #$1600 C0/FB9D: DA PHX C0/FB9E: 20B0FB JSR $FBB0 C0/FBA1: C230 REP #$30 C0/FBA3: FA PLX C0/FBA4: 8A TXA C0/FBA5: 38 SEC C0/FBA6: E90002 SBC #$0200 C0/FBA9: AA TAX C0/FBAA: E00006 CPX #$0600 C0/FBAD: B0EE BCS $FB9D C0/FBAF: 60 RTS

C0/FBB0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FBB2: BD00E0 LDA $E000,X C0/FBB5: 30F8 BMI $FBAF C0/FBB7: F0F6 BEQ $FBAF C0/FBB9: 24ED BIT $ED C0/FBBB: 1032 BPL $FBEF C0/FBBD: 245C BIT $5C C0/FBBF: 301C BMI $FBDD C0/FBC1: BD61E0 LDA $E061,X C0/FBC4: F004 BEQ $FBCA C0/FBC6: 2221C202 JSR $02C221 C0/FBCA: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FBCC: BDEDE1 LDA $E1ED,X C0/FBCF: F004 BEQ $FBD5 C0/FBD1: 3A DEC A C0/FBD2: 9DEDE1 STA $E1ED,X C0/FBD5: BD00E1 LDA $E100,X C0/FBD8: 1003 BPL $FBDD C0/FBDA: 2008ED JSR $ED08 C0/FBDD: BD04E1 LDA $E104,X C0/FBE0: 1003 BPL $FBE5 C0/FBE2: 20D7ED JSR $EDD7 C0/FBE5: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/FBE8: F005 BEQ $FBEF C0/FBEA: 223A8301 JSR $01833A C0/FBEE: 60 RTS

C0/FBEF: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FBF1: 24F1 BIT $F1 C0/FBF3: 7029 BVS $FC1E C0/FBF5: 245C BIT $5C C0/FBF7: 3025 BMI $FC1E C0/FBF9: 202EFC JSR $FC2E C0/FBFC: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FBFE: BD0AE0 LDA $E00A,X C0/FC01: F01C BEQ $FC1F C0/FC03: 3A DEC A C0/FC04: 9D0AE0 STA $E00A,X C0/FC07: D015 BNE $FC1E C0/FC09: 9D11E0 STA $E011,X C0/FC0C: 9D42E0 STA $E042,X C0/FC0F: 9D06E0 STA $E006,X C0/FC12: 9D07E0 STA $E007,X C0/FC15: 9D08E0 STA $E008,X [Rising?] C0/FC18: 9D64E0 STA $E064,X C0/FC1B: 9D62E0 STA $E062,X C0/FC1E: 60 RTS

C0/FC1F: BD64E0 LDA $E064,X C0/FC22: 3009 BMI $FC2D C0/FC24: BD62E0 LDA $E062,X C0/FC27: F004 BEQ $FC2D C0/FC29: 3A DEC A C0/FC2A: 9D62E0 STA $E062,X C0/FC2D: 60 RTS

C0/FC2E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FC30: BD44E0 LDA $E044,X C0/FC33: 2940 AND #$40 C0/FC35: D017 BNE $FC4E C0/FC37: A5D0 LDA $D0 C0/FC39: D013 BNE $FC4E C0/FC3B: E43A CPX $3A C0/FC3D: F00F BEQ $FC4E C0/FC3F: A5BC LDA $BC C0/FC41: 24ED BIT $ED C0/FC43: 1005 BPL $FC4A C0/FC45: C904 CMP #$04 C0/FC47: B006 BCS $FC4F C0/FC49: 60 RTS

C0/FC4A: C90A CMP #$0A C0/FC4C: B001 BCS $FC4F C0/FC4E: 60 RTS

C0/FC4F: 9E43E0 STZ $E043,X C0/FC52: C220 REP #$20 [Disable 8-Bit Accumulator] C0/FC54: BD20E0 LDA $E020,X C0/FC57: 3008 BMI $FC61 C0/FC59: C94001 CMP #$0140 C0/FC5C: 9008 BCC $FC66 C0/FC5E: 821700 BRL $FC78 C0/FC61: C9C0FF CMP #$FFC0 C0/FC64: 90F8 BCC $FC5E C0/FC66: BD22E0 LDA $E022,X C0/FC69: 3007 BMI $FC72 C0/FC6B: C92001 CMP #$0120 C0/FC6E: 9007 BCC $FC77 C0/FC70: B0EC BCS $FC5E C0/FC72: C9C0FF CMP #$FFC0 C0/FC75: 90E7 BCC $FC5E C0/FC77: 60 RTS

C0/FC78: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FC7A: BD32E0 LDA $E032,X C0/FC7D: F007 BEQ $FC86 C0/FC7F: 9E00E0 STZ $E000,X C0/FC82: 9E32E0 STZ $E032,X C0/FC85: 60 RTS

C0/FC86: A901 LDA #$01 C0/FC88: 9D43E0 STA $E043,X C0/FC8B: 60 RTS

C0/FC8C: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/FC8E: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FC90: 8B PHB C0/FC91: A97E LDA #$7E C0/FC93: 48 PHA C0/FC94: AB PLB C0/FC95: 24ED BIT $ED C0/FC97: 1008 BPL $FCA1 C0/FC99: A20006 LDX #$0600 C0/FC9C: 2007FD JSR $FD07 C0/FC9F: AB PLB C0/FCA0: 60 RTS

C0/FCA1: A20006 LDX #$0600 [Load #$0600 (Enemy 1) into X] C0/FCA4: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FCA7: A20008 LDX #$0800 [Load #$0800 (Enemy 2) into X] C0/FCAA: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FCAD: A2000A LDX #$0A00 [Load #$0A00 (Enemy 3) into X] C0/FCB0: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FCB3: AB PLB C0/FCB4: 60 RTS

C0/FCB5: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/FCB7: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FCB9: 8B PHB C0/FCBA: A97E LDA #$7E C0/FCBC: 48 PHA C0/FCBD: AB PLB C0/FCBE: 24ED BIT $ED C0/FCC0: 1008 BPL $FCCA C0/FCC2: A20008 LDX #$0800 C0/FCC5: 2007FD JSR $FD07 C0/FCC8: AB PLB C0/FCC9: 60 RTS

C0/FCCA: A2000C LDX #$0C00 [NPC 4] C0/FCCD: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FCD0: A2000E LDX #$0E00 [NPC 5] C0/FCD3: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FCD6: A20010 LDX #$1000 [NPC 6] C0/FCD9: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FCDC: AB PLB C0/FCDD: 60 RTS

C0/FCDE: C210 REP #$10 [Disable 8-Bit Registers] C0/FCE0: E220 SEP #$20 C0/FCE2: 8B PHB C0/FCE3: A97E LDA #$7E C0/FCE5: 48 PHA C0/FCE6: AB PLB C0/FCE7: 24ED BIT $ED C0/FCE9: 1008 BPL $FCF3 C0/FCEB: A2000A LDX #$0A00 C0/FCEE: 2007FD JSR $FD07 C0/FCF1: AB PLB C0/FCF2: 60 RTS

C0/FCF3: A20012 LDX #$1200 C0/FCF6: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FCF9: A20014 LDX #$1400 C0/FCFC: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FCFF: A20016 LDX #$1600 C0/FD02: 201FFD JSR $FD1F C0/FD05: AB PLB C0/FD06: 60 RTS

C0/FD07: 245C BIT $5C C0/FD09: 100C BPL $FD17 C0/FD0B: BD60E0 LDA $E060,X C0/FD0E: 300C BMI $FD1C C0/FD10: C220 REP #$20 C0/FD12: 220300C2 JSR $C20003 C0/FD16: 60 RTS

[] C0/FD17: 20CBF4 JSR $F4CB C0/FD1A: A614 LDX $14 C0/FD1C: 4CCFF1 JMP $F1CF

[Endpoint] C0/FD1F: 4CCBF4 JMP $F4CB

[What the hell is all of this crap?] C0/FD22: 0000 C0/FD24: 02 #$02 [DANGER] C0/FD25: 0003 BRK #$03 C0/FD27: 0005 C0/FD29: 0006 C0/FD2B: 0008 C0/FD2D: 0009 C0/FD2F: 000B C0/FD31: 000D C0/FD33: 000E C0/FD35: 0010 C0/FD37: 0011 C0/FD39: 0013 C0/FD3B: 0014 C0/FD3D: 0016 C0/FD3F: 0018 C0/FD41: 0019 C0/FD43: 001B C0/FD45: 001C C0/FD47: 001E C0/FD49: 001F C0/FD4B: 0021 C0/FD4D: 0022 C0/FD4F: 0024 C0/FD51: 0026 C0/FD53: 0027 C0/FD55: 0029 C0/FD57: 002A C0/FD59: 002C C0/FD5B: 002D C0/FD5D: 002F C0/FD5F: 0030 C0/FD61: 0032 C0/FD63: 0033 C0/FD65: 0035 C0/FD67: 0037 C0/FD69: 0038 C0/FD6B: 003A C0/FD6D: 003B C0/FD6F: 003D C0/FD71: 003E C0/FD73: 0040 C0/FD75: 0041 C0/FD77: 0043 C0/FD79: 0044 C0/FD7B: 0046 C0/FD7D: 0047 C0/FD7F: 0049 C0/FD81: 004A C0/FD83: 004C C0/FD85: 004D C0/FD87: 004F C0/FD89: 0050 C0/FD8B: 0052 C0/FD8D: 0053 C0/FD8F: 0055 C0/FD91: 0056 C0/FD93: 0058 C0/FD95: 0059 C0/FD97: 005B C0/FD99: 005C C0/FD9B: 005E C0/FD9D: 005F C0/FD9F: 0061 C0/FDA1: 0062 C0/FDA3: 0063 C0/FDA5: 0065 C0/FDA7: 0066 C0/FDA9: 0068 C0/FDAB: 0069 C0/FDAD: 006B C0/FDAF: 006C C0/FDB1: 006D C0/FDB3: 006F C0/FDB5: 0070 C0/FDB7: 0072 C0/FDB9: 0073 C0/FDBB: 0075 C0/FDBD: 0076 C0/FDBF: 0077 C0/FDC1: 0079 C0/FDC3: 007A C0/FDC5: 007B C0/FDC7: 007D C0/FDC9: 007E C0/FDCB: 0080 C0/FDCD: 0081 C0/FDCF: 0082 C0/FDD1: 0084 C0/FDD3: 0085 C0/FDD5: 0086 C0/FDD7: 0088 C0/FDD9: 0089 C0/FDDB: 008A C0/FDDD: 008C C0/FDDF: 008D C0/FDE1: 008E C0/FDE3: 0090 C0/FDE5: 0091 C0/FDE7: 0092 C0/FDE9: 0093 C0/FDEB: 0095 C0/FDED: 0096 C0/FDEF: 0097 C0/FDF1: 0098 C0/FDF3: 009A C0/FDF5: 009B C0/FDF7: 009C C0/FDF9: 009D C0/FDFB: 009F C0/FDFD: 00A0 C0/FDFF: 00A1 C0/FE01: 00A2 C0/FE03: 00A4 C0/FE05: 00A5 C0/FE07: 00A6 C0/FE09: 00A7 C0/FE0B: 00A8 C0/FE0D: 00AA C0/FE0F: 00AB C0/FE11: 00AC C0/FE13: 00AD C0/FE15: 00AE C0/FE17: 00AF C0/FE19: 00B1 C0/FE1B: 00B2 C0/FE1D: 00B3 C0/FE1F: 00B4 C0/FE21: 00B5 C0/FE23: 00B6 C0/FE25: 00B7 C0/FE27: 00B8 C0/FE29: 00B9 C0/FE2B: 00BA C0/FE2D: 00BC C0/FE2F: 00BD C0/FE31: 00BE C0/FE33: 00BF C0/FE35: 00C0 C0/FE37: 00C1 C0/FE39: 00C2 C0/FE3B: 00C3 C0/FE3D: 00C4 C0/FE3F: 00C5 C0/FE41: 00C6 C0/FE43: 00C7 C0/FE45: 00C8 C0/FE47: 00C9 C0/FE49: 00CA C0/FE4B: 00CB C0/FE4D: 00CC C0/FE4F: 00CD C0/FE51: 00CE C0/FE53: 00CF C0/FE55: 00CF C0/FE57: 00D0 C0/FE59: 00D1 C0/FE5B: 00D2 C0/FE5D: 00D3 C0/FE5F: 00D4 C0/FE61: 00D5 C0/FE63: 00D6 C0/FE65: 00D7 C0/FE67: 00D7 C0/FE69: 00D8 C0/FE6B: 00D9 C0/FE6D: 00DA C0/FE6F: 00DB C0/FE71: 00DC C0/FE73: 00DC C0/FE75: 00DD C0/FE77: 00DE C0/FE79: 00DF C0/FE7B: 00E0 C0/FE7D: 00E0 C0/FE7F: 00E1 C0/FE81: 00E2 C0/FE83: 00E3 C0/FE85: 00E3 C0/FE87: 00E4 C0/FE89: 00E5 C0/FE8B: 00E5 C0/FE8D: 00E6 C0/FE8F: 00E7 C0/FE91: 00E7 C0/FE93: 00E8 C0/FE95: 00E9 C0/FE97: 00E9 C0/FE99: 00EA C0/FE9B: 00EB C0/FE9D: 00EB C0/FE9F: 00EC C0/FEA1: 00ED C0/FEA3: 00ED C0/FEA5: 00EE C0/FEA7: 00EE C0/FEA9: 00EF C0/FEAB: 00EF C0/FEAD: 00F0 C0/FEAF: 00F1 C0/FEB1: 00F1 C0/FEB3: 00F2 C0/FEB5: 00F2 C0/FEB7: 00F3 C0/FEB9: 00F3 C0/FEBB: 00F4 C0/FEBD: 00F4 C0/FEBF: 00F5 C0/FEC1: 00F5 C0/FEC3: 00F5 C0/FEC5: 00F6 C0/FEC7: 00F6 C0/FEC9: 00F7 C0/FECB: 00F7 C0/FECD: 00F8 C0/FECF: 00F8 C0/FED1: 00F8 C0/FED3: 00F9 C0/FED5: 00F9 C0/FED7: 00F9 C0/FED9: 00FA C0/FEDB: 00FA C0/FEDD: 00FA C0/FEDF: 00FB C0/FEE1: 00FB C0/FEE3: 00FB C0/FEE5: 00FC C0/FEE7: 00FC C0/FEE9: 00FC C0/FEEB: 00FC C0/FEED: 00FD C0/FEEF: 00FD C0/FEF1: 00FD C0/FEF3: 00FD C0/FEF5: 00FE C0/FEF7: 00FE C0/FEF9: 00FE C0/FEFB: 00FE C0/FEFD: 00FE C0/FEFF: 00FF C0/FF01: 00FF C0/FF03: 00FF C0/FF05: 00FF C0/FF07: 00FF C0/FF09: 00FF C0/FF0B: 00FF C0/FF0D: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/FF0F: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF11: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF13: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF15: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF17: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF19: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF1B: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF1D: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF1F: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF21: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF23: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF25: ED00ED SBC $ED00 C0/FF28: 00EE BRK #$EE C0/FF2A: 00EE BRK #$EE C0/FF2C: 00EF BRK #$EF C0/FF2E: 00EF BRK #$EF C0/FF30: 00F0 BRK #$F0 C0/FF32: 00F1 BRK #$F1 C0/FF34: 00F1 BRK #$F1 C0/FF36: 00F2 BRK #$F2 C0/FF38: 00F2 BRK #$F2 C0/FF3A: 00F3 BRK #$F3 C0/FF3C: 00F3 BRK #$F3 C0/FF3E: 00F4 BRK #$F4 C0/FF40: 00F4 BRK #$F4 C0/FF42: 00F5 BRK #$F5 C0/FF44: 00F5 BRK #$F5 C0/FF46: 00F5 BRK #$F5 C0/FF48: 00F6 BRK #$F6 C0/FF4A: 00F6 BRK #$F6 C0/FF4C: 00F7 BRK #$F7 C0/FF4E: 00F7 BRK #$F7 C0/FF50: 00F8 BRK #$F8 C0/FF52: 00F8 BRK #$F8 C0/FF54: 00F8 BRK #$F8 C0/FF56: 00F9 BRK #$F9 C0/FF58: 00F9 BRK #$F9 C0/FF5A: 00F9 BRK #$F9 C0/FF5C: 00FA BRK #$FA C0/FF5E: 00FA BRK #$FA C0/FF60: 00FA BRK #$FA C0/FF62: 00FB BRK #$FB C0/FF64: 00FB BRK #$FB C0/FF66: 00FB BRK #$FB C0/FF68: 00FC BRK #$FC C0/FF6A: 00FC BRK #$FC C0/FF6C: 00FC BRK #$FC C0/FF6E: 00FC BRK #$FC C0/FF70: 00FD BRK #$FD C0/FF72: 00FD BRK #$FD C0/FF74: 00FD BRK #$FD C0/FF76: 00FD BRK #$FD C0/FF78: 00FE BRK #$FE C0/FF7A: 00FE BRK #$FE C0/FF7C: 00FE BRK #$FE C0/FF7E: 00FE BRK #$FE C0/FF80: 00FE BRK #$FE C0/FF82: 00FF BRK #$FF C0/FF84: 00FF BRK #$FF C0/FF86: 00FF BRK #$FF C0/FF88: 00FF BRK #$FF C0/FF8A: 00FF BRK #$FF C0/FF8C: 00FF BRK #$FF C0/FF8E: 00FF BRK #$FF C0/FF90: 0000 BRK #$00 C0/FF92: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF94: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF96: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF98: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF9A: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF9C: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FF9E: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFA0: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFA2: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFA4: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFA6: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFA8: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFAA: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFAC: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFAE: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFB0: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFB2: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFB4: 0100 ORA ($00,X) C0/FFB6: 0101 ORA ($01,X) C0/FFB8: 0001 BRK #$01 C0/FFBA: 0001 BRK #$01 C0/FFBC: 0001 BRK #$01 C0/FFBE: 0100 ORA ($00,X)

[Cartridge Information] [Game Title in ASCII: "Secret of MANA "] C0/FFC0: 536563726574206F66204D414E4120202020202020 C0/FFD5: 21 [Rom Makeup Byte: HiROM (#$01), not sure about #$20] C0/FFD6: 02 [ROM Type] C0/FFD7: 0B [ROM Size] C0/FFD8: 03 [SRAM Size] C0/FFD9: 01C3 [Creator License ID Code] {01 - USA, C3(195) Square} C0/FFDB: 00 [Version Number] C0/FFDC: 03AE [Checksum Complement] C0/FFDE: FC51 [Checksum] C0/FFE0: FFFFFFFF {Buffer} C0/FFE4: FFFF $FFFF [Native Mode COP Vector] C0/FFE6: FFFF $FFFF [Native Mode BRK Vector] C0/FFE8: FFFF $FFFF [Native Mode Abort Vector] C0/FFEA: 0001 $0100 [Native Mode NMI Vector] C0/FFEC: 0480 $8004 [Native Mode Reset Vector] C0/FFEE: 0401 $0104 [Native Mode IRQ Vector] C0/FFF0: 0000 {Unused} C0/FFF2: 0000 {Unused} C0/FFF4: 0000 $0000 [Emulation Mode COP Vector] C0/FFF6: 0000 {Unused} C0/FFF8: 0000 $0000 [Emulation Mode Abort Vector] C0/FFFA: 0000 $0000 [Emulation Mode NMI Vector] C0/FFFC: 0480 $8004 [Emulation Mode Reset Vector] C0/FFFE: FFFF $FFFF [Emulation Mode IRQ/BRK Vector]