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Start End Description
001099 001341 bitmap font (unused)
00264b 00283f 3D Object Index Table (2-byte address per entry)
002840 002c3f Object Behavior Index Table (3-byte address + 1-byte object index per entry)
002c15 006900 Object Data (28-byte struct per entry)
0075C0 007FDF SNES Header (reference)
00D996 00E6B5 font (in-game text)
00F7DB 00FBD8 in-game text data
00FBD9 00FCF4 in-game text pointer table
018AAA 018AC9 ?? palette (2 bytes per entry)
018ACA 018AE9 space palette
018AEA 018B09 night palette
018B0A 018B2A day palette
028000 02803F Level Index Table (3-byte address per entry)
028040 02FFFF Level Data (Page 1)
068000 06FFFF Level Data (Page 2)
~06F4AE ~06F7D7 end credits sequence
090000 0A031F tileset
0A3EDA 0A48D9 end credits font
0A48DA A4E25 end credits text data
0BB7A4 0BE523 character graphics

Internal Data for Star Fox

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