Super Mario Bros. 3:RAM map

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NOTE: All values in Table are Hexadecimal unless noted otherwise.

RAM Purpose
00ED Current Form: 00-Small, 01-Super, 02-Fire, 03-Racoon, 04-Frog, 05-Bear, 06-Hammer
03DD Power Meter in Status Bar, 7F is Full (Player Can Fly)
0552 Timer that is set after player is hit. Determine how long you flash (are invincible)
0577 Determines if Player is inside the Goomba Boot: 00-No, 01-Yes
05EE-05F0 Time remaining
0746 Mario's Form that he will start next level as. When the level is loaded this value gets transferred to 00ED.
0747 For Luigi; See 0746.
78D0-???? Each Byte Represents an Item that Mario is Carrying (Pressing 'B' while at Map Screen): 00-No Item, 01-Mushroom, 02-Flower, 03-Leaf, 04-Frog, 05-Bear, 06-Hammer Bro Suit, 07-Cloud, 08-P-Wing, 09-Star, 0A-Anchor, 0B-Hammer, 0C-Whistle, 0D-Music Box. 0E and above will most likely crash the game, not completley tested though.