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Object Locations

0xA004 is the first Goomba.

Enemy Data/Object Data

00 Goomba 01 Flattened Goomba 02 Pirahna Plant 03 SURPRISE! Invisible Flying Bat thing(prolly from another level) that appears out of nowhere after a few seconds and flips around like a mad man! 04 Turtle 05 Exploding Turtle Ball 06 Punching Hand 07 Rising Platform that you step on and it rises. 08 1-3 Boss! Pretty weird! 09 Fugged up....thing....Killable by jumping on it. 0A Falling Platform (Could be Up and Down platform....Gotta test it some more) 0B Left to Right Platform 0C Falling Tile from 1-2 (Falls as you pass by it) 0D Nothing? 0E Jumping Bat thing... 0F Death of Jumping Bat thing... 10 Jumping Fish (Messed up Tiles in 1-1 *Need to test in other level*) 11 Nothing? 12 Nothing? 13 Same as 07 14 Uhh...Same as 07....but it rises on its own! 15 Hear the JBT death noise... 16 Uhh...Fireballs? But not Fireballs? Maybe im confused... 17 Half of 1-3 boss that kinda....Went in a Counter-Clockwise motion and then vanished... 18 Kinda like 16...but waits to attack... 19 Same as 15 1A Cue the 2-3 Water boss...But it keeps rising. Probobly needs walls to stop it. That, and it is supposed to center on a "Swimming" Mario. 1B Higher Fireball! 1C Nothing? 1D Jumping Spynx-like enemy 1E Lower Fireball! 1F Flying Boss Ball 20 ...Get back to this later...Could be part of another tileset....(JBT) 21 Explosion that shoots 2 bullets(Water level) 22 Low Boss Ball 23 Bouncing Ball? 24 Really high jumping thing (From another level) 25 Whoa? Something that rises when you go by it and you can jump on it and kill it. Then it makes that death noise! 26 Nothing? 27 Explosion? 28 Quite odd...Its a Right Moving Mushroom that is passthroughable 29 Same as 28 but Left Moving 2A Right Moving Heart: Passthroughable.... 2B Left Moving Heart: Passthroughable.... 2C Right Moving Star...Dont know if its getable....Its too fast to catch. (Most likley passthroughable) 2D Flower (Passthroughable) A little ways off the ground. 2E Flower (Passthroughable) On the ground. 2F It start as one thing, then splits into three. (This is from another level. Which one im not sure...2-2?) 30 Something that scoots across the ground. Unkillable? 31 Moving really fast thing (From another level) 32 Cue a boss. Which one im not sure yet. 33 Starts flipping around like a mad man! Not sure what it is.... 34 Left Moving Star (Passthroughable) 35 Falling....object.... 36 Falling Object from the end of levels 37 Nothing? 38 Diagonal Right Moving Platform 39 Diagonal Left Moving Platform 3A Up to Down Two ball platform. 3B Left to Right Two Ball platform. 3C Some jumping enemey. Later level.... 3D Death of 3C 3E Death Sound? 3F Fireball shooting Sphynx 40 Death of 3F 41 Death Sound? 42 Flying Bee 43 Death of 42 44 Death Sound? 45 Falling Arrow 46 Explosion? 47 Jumping thing...Stand on it. 48 Boss music....And some moving thing. 49 Bullet Shooter from Pipe 4A Bullet 4B Low Bullet 4C Uh...One of those 36 sprites, but it like...raises and carrys Mario to the end of the level...But also PAST the end... 4D Same as 4C but rises on its own. 4E Nothing. 4F EXPLOSION! lol. 50 Right Diagonal Bullet 51 Rises then falls and kills. Some ball.... 52 Moves on ground and rises and shoots back a bullet...Not sure what enemy it is... 53 Some thing that jumps around.... 54 Fireball going around in a circle. 55 Upside Down Pirhana Plant 56 Jumping (Fly but I think its a Tileset issue) and dies but comes back to life! 57 Same as 56 but its dead first...then it jumps. 58 Low moving fast fireball 59 Something invisible that you run over and Mario hops up and gets 800 points. 5A Diagonal Left Bullet 5B Cue FINAL Boss 5C Fireball explosion spewing Fireballs from Final Boss 5D Upper Fireball from Fireball explosion from Final Boss 5E Middle Fireball from Fireball explosion from Final Boss 5F Lower Fireball from Fireball explosion from Final Boss 60 ...Um. Final Boss...But uh....Different music...And faster too! 61 Another Boss...Not sure what one yet. 62 Um. Explosion and then Final Boss. 63 HOLY CRAP! Diagonal left Goomba (Most likely Tileset) going the speed of light!!!! 64 Like 63 but it goes Up and drops something... 65 A Goomba...Pass by and it turns into a rising platform...This ones a weirdo. 66 Nothing? 67 Boss Music with thing that jumps around and flies away when contact with Mario... 68 Like 64 but it falls back down. 69 Not moving thing (Goomba but I doubt it) 6A Thing...Kills you and likes to change sprites randomly. 6B Diagonalish thing...Touch it and it turns into a star...But you cant get it. 6C Thing...Jumps on ground...Dies or something eventually. 6D Thing that rises and then Boss Music starts. 6E Like 69 6F Like 6C but keeps going. 70 Dosnt move. Kills you. 71 Dosnt move. Hit it and it explodes and shoots two fireballs. 72 Like 6F 73 Like 71 74 Like 71 75 Like 72 76 Like 6A 77 Not moving. Jump and it "Dies" and shoots out a fireball. 78 Like 6F 79 Boss Music. Thing that kills you if you walk into it. 7A Dosnt move. 7B Like 6F but slower. 7C Not Moving 7D Like 6A 7E Thing that dosnt move.

Note: Objects 80-FF are Hard Mode enemys, and not yet documented. Note2: These were all tested in the first level, 1-1, so TileSets may be an issue, therefore the object data stated here that is "buggy" or "glitchy" may work in other levels.

Level Map Structure

"Structure: The first byte is split in two parts. The high 4 bits are a y-component(y) and the low 4 bits are a lenght(x). The game draws x tiles to y + 2(because of the status bar at the top of the screen). If there is a FE byte it goes to the next row. I'm not sure, but FF tells the game, that it is the end of the tile map." -Quoted from Coolman.

The first Level Map (1-1) is located at Map 1-1: 0xA2BE