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[[Category:Super Mario Land 2]]
[[Category:Super Mario Land 2]]
[[de:Super Mario Land 2]]
[[de:Super Mario Land 2]]
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Super Mario Land 2
Super Mario Land 2 Title.PNG
Internal Name MARIOLAND2
Region Code U.S.A. & Europe
Type Grayscale Spiel
SGB Support No
Cartridge Type ROM + MBC1 + RAM + Battery
License Code 01 (NINTENDO)
ROM Size 4 Mbit
ROM Checksum 0xFAEE
SRAM Size 64 Kbit
Header Checksum 0x11
ROM map | RAM map | Text table | Notes | Tutorials

Super Mario Land 2 has been hacked quite extensively.


There is only one tool so far: MarCas


There are no hacks so far.Template:Super Mario