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{{Rammap|game=[[Super Mario RPG]]}}
40:3E00 - 40:3EFF  frame timer (256 bytes, each address = 2 frames)
40:3E00 - 40:3EFF  frame timer (256 bytes, each address = 2 frames)

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40:3E00 - 40:3EFF  frame timer (256 bytes, each address = 2 frames)

00:03CC physical field byte

00:04E4	current interactive object

00:3010 joypad register(s) simultaneous
00:3014 joypad register
00:3030	current area
00:3032 current # of party members
00:3051 current sound effect (event)
00:30DE timed hit variable
00:30F0 Game current score
00:30F4 Game hi-score
00:3112 menu accessibility (EF inaccessible, FF accessible)

7E:0044 damage accumulated by consecutive super jumps
7E:0048 current formation (2 bytes)
7E:004B battlefield BG

7E:0539 spell to use
7E:072C spell to use

7E:091C-0924 menu option 1-9
00   Equip
01   Item
02   Special
03   Status
04   Special Item
05   Map
06   Star Pieces
07   Switch
08   Game
7E:0926 # of party members
7E:0928 which menu option the cursor is on

7E:1D01 world map music

7E:2000 current background color (2 bytes)

7E:2940 item bytes

7E:7040 spell list in battle (6 bytes)

7E:D123 current formation

7E:E000 - 7E:E00F   variables used in battle scripts
7E:E010 Jump increment counter
7E:E012 Mystery Egg/Lamb's Lure counters
	Mystery Egg counter decrements from 10 to 0
	Lamb's Lure counter increments from 0 to 48
7E:E014 Lucky Jewel counter

7E:FA02 total XP gained from battle
7E:FA04 total coins gained from battle
7E:FA0C current FP
7E:FA0D max FP
7E:FA0E monster formation byte 2
7E:FA0F monster formation byte 1
7E:FA1E battle music

7E:FA80 mortal status
7E:FA81 character byte

7E:FA90 Level
7E:FA91 Current HP (2 bytes)
7E:FA93 Maximum HP (2 bytes)
7E:FA95 Speed
7E:FA96 Dttack
7E:FA97 Defense
7E:FA98 Magic Attack
7E:FA99 Magic Defense
7E:FA9A Current EXP (2 bytes)
7E:FA9C equipped weapon
7E:FA9D equipped armor
7E:FA9E equipped accessory
7E:FAA0 spell list (3 bytes)

7E:FAC0 status (ailments, if any)
7E:FAC1 reaction after being attacked (jarred while ducking, standing, etc.)
7E:FAC5 amount of damage to display

7E:FAF0 modified speed

7E:FB00-FB7F Slot 2
7E:FB80-FBFF Slot 3

7E:FC00 mortal status
	bit 6: disable target
	bit 7: remove target
7E:FC01 monster byte

7E:FC11 Current HP (2 bytes)
7E:FC13 Maximum HP (2 bytes)
7E:FC15 Speed
7E:FC16 Attack
7E:FC17 Defense
7E:FC18 Magic Attack
7E:FC19 Magic Defense
7E:FC1A Current FP
7E:FC1B Evade%
7E:FC1C Magic Evade%
7E:FC1D Special Flags
7E:FC22 entrance style byte
7E:FC2C coin animation
7E:FC2D flower bonus
7E:FC2E entrance style bits
7E:FC37 targetting cursor X coordinate
7E:FC38 targetting cursor Y coordinate
7E:FC3D elevation
7E:FC41 special defense (death/morph protection)
7E:FC45 amount of damage to display
7E:FC46 heal bit

7E:FC80-FCFF slot 2
7E:FD00-FD7F slot 3
7E:FD80-FDFF slot 4
7E:FE00-FFFF slot 5 - 8

7F:B6CE battle-prone sprites
7F:B6CF movement of monsters on screen

7F:F41C pointer to room byte

7F:8000-7F:AFFF	physical tile properties (1024 tiles, 12 bytes each)

7F:F800 current level
7F:F801 current HP (2 bytes)
7F:F803 maximum HP (2 bytes)
7F:F805 speed
7F:F806 attack
7F:F807 defense
7F:F808 magic attack
7F:F809 magic defense
7F:F80A experience (2 bytes)
7F:F80C equipped weapon
7F:F80D equipped armor
7F:F80E equipped accessory

7F:F814-7F:F827 Toadstool
7F:F828-7F:F83B Bowser
7F:F83C-7F:F84F Geno
7F:F850-7F:F863 Mallow

7F:F864-7F:F881 Equipment
7F:F882-7F:F89F Items
7F:F8A0-7F:F8AE Special Items

7F:F8AF Current Coins (2 bytes)
7F:F8B1 Current FP
7F:F8B2 Max FP
7F:F8B3 Current Frog Coins
7F:F8BD Jump increment power
7F:F8C0 Super Jump record

NOTE: SMRPG does not use an absolute address for storing final damage/health (i.e 7E:????).
      It uses a direct page, $C2, and subtracts/adds the result (after stat modifications) from
      current HP and uses difference/sum to determine outcome (this is all determined before
      the actual attack/spell animation and final damage digit display). Thus, it is impossible
      to directly edit the final damage through a PAR code.

7F:F40A Room 1 to Room 2 event
7F:F42E Room 1 to Room 2 screen darkening
7E:3944 Background Mould
7E:3942 Background screen wrap (bottom; on entrance)

0010   R
0020   L
0040   X
0080   A
0100   right
0200   left
0400   down
0800   up
1000   START
2000   SELECT
4000   Y
8000   B