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* Returner's ZSNES ([[Returner's ZSNES|R-ZSNES]])  
* Returner's ZSNES ([[Returner's ZSNES|R-ZSNES]])  
* Geiger's [[SNES9x Tracer]].
* Geiger's [[SNES9x Tracer]].
* The DOS version of [ ZSNES]

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES is a 16-bit video game console based on the Western Design Center's 65c816 processor. The Super Nintendo utilized ROM cartridges for gameplay. In Japan the console was known as the Super Famicom.


See Games for this system


More non-ROM hacking specific information can be found at Wikipedia's Super Nintendo Entertainment System#Technical_specifications article.


The following emulators are versions of popular SNES emulators modified with debugging capabilities, perfect for ROM hacking.

For more information on SNES emulators go to Zophar's Domain

ROM Images

ROM images are software copies of ROM cartridges that are created by using copier hardware.

A short list of SNES copiers (there are many more):

SNES ROM images generally have the extension .SMC, though both .SFC and .FIG are also common. The .SMC format was supported by most copiers.