Tales of Phantasia

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Tales of Phantasia (J)
Tales of Phantasia Title.PNG
Name Tales of Phantasia
Company Namco Ltd.
Header Nonw
Bank Extended HiROM
Interleaved No
SRAM 64 Kb
Type Normal + Batt
ROM 48 Mb
Country Japan
Video NTSC
ROM Speed 120ns (FastROM)
Revision {{{revision}}}
Checksum Good 0x7C57
CRC32 E9946B84
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Tales of Phantasia has not been extensively hacked.
This article refers to the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom version of the game.


No known utilities exist specifically for editing Tales of Phantasia. Supposedly, two savestate editors are known to been written.

  • "Tales of Phantasia Save State Editor" -by [[The_Fake_God].
  • "Tales of Phantasia Save State Editor 2" by Nightmare Zero, though a specific name for that user's editor is unknown.


No complete hacks of Tales of Phantasia are known.


Known Dumps

  • Tales of Phantasia (J) [!]


  • Bisqwit made a Finnish translation for the game.
  • Dejap Translations worked on the English translation of the game.
  • Traducciones Magno completed the Spanish version for it (script based on Dejap's translation). Traducción al español por Magno.
  • Top Italian Team Complete Italian translation of Tales of Phantasia. The project leader was yuumeikai, who translated the game with the aid of a small group of Italian translators (|GeO|, mentz, Vash and Evrain).

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