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Remember - EarthBound, with a capital B.

[TheTruePrototype]I would like to make some alterations to this map, a few unclassified areas are actually known. 0x01E043 and 0x01E20F (sizes are guessed) are in battle ASM actions, both are in unclassified areas. 0x02879F-0x02A857,0x02AA18-0x02B5E5,0x02C33C-0x02C41E, and 0x02C6C0-0x02C8F0 are ALL battle ASM actions, sitting inside of #0215AC-0301FF(00ec54) = Unclassified Data

0101D5-0212E5 (011111) = Unclassified Data Was thinking of changing it to

  1. 0101D5-01E042 (00de6d) = Unclassified Data
  2. 01E043-01E0CB (000088) = Weapon Equip ASM
  3. 01E0CC-01E20E (000142) = Unclassified Data(ASM?)
  4. 01E20F-01E2C9 (0000ba) = Armor Equip ASM
  5. 01E2CA-0212E5 (00301b) = Unclassified Data

0215AC-0301FF (00ec54) = Unclassified Data Was thinking of changing it to

  1. 0215AC-02879E (0071f2) = Unclassified Data
  2. 02879F-02A857 (0020b8) = Enemy Action ASM
  3. 02A858-02AA17 (0001bf) = Unclassified Data
  4. 02AA18-02B5E5 (000bcd) = Enemy Action ASM
  5. 02B5E6-02C33B (000d55) = Unclassified Data
  6. 02C33C-02C41E (0000e2) = Enemy Action ASM
  7. 02C41F-02C6BF (0002a0) = Unclassified Data
  8. 02C6C0-02C8FA (00023a) = Enemy Action ASM
  9. 02C8FB-0301FF (003904) = Unclassified Data

Does anyone have any objections before I change it?