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40, 41, 5D, 5E, and 5F are not used at dialogues.
02 to 15, 17 to 1F, D3 to E4, and E6 to FE are not used in battle dialogues.
The kanjis and MTEs are complete, but aren't 100% accurate (mostly taken from the hiragana FF5A script, not seen in-game).
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00 - Endstring, wait for response.
01 - Linebreak, 4 at most per message at dialogues, waiting for a response to clean the box and keep going.

Main Dialogue

02 - Bartz name, since he is the only one that can be renamed.
08, 09, and 0A - tabulation, range according to characters' names.
0C - Pause with one byte.
0F - Automagically closes the box.
10, 11, 12 - Common variables, for gil, item, and abilities respectively.
17 - Pause, later byte tells how many time it takes.

Battle Dialogue

05 - Tabulation, later byte tells how many space it takes.
16 - Same as 02 from Main Dialogue.