Tetris (NES):ROM map

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All addresses are in CPU address space, not iNES file space. You'll have to convert addresses for use in iNES, UNIF, or any other file format.

; Code:

reset           = $FF00
main            = $8000
soundWaitVBL    = $AA45  ; Run sound code and wait for vblank NMI
turnOnNMI       = $AA6B  ; Turn on interrupt at scanline 241
turnOffNMI      = $AA78  ; Turn off interrupt at scanline 241
clearNametable  = $AA82  ; Clear nametable whose base address is A
clearVRAM       = $AC1C  ; If A < $1F, clear Y pages of VRAM to X
                         ; Otherwise, clear 4 pages of VRAM to X and clear attribute table to Y
clearRAM        = $AC6A  ; Clear pages X to Y of CPU RAM to value in A
switch          = $AC82  ; Jumps to the Ath 16-bit address in the following jump table,
                         ; similar to the "magic jump" in Super Mario Bros.
playSound       = $E000  ; Appears to be sound code, called every frame

; Data:
initHiScores    = $AD67  ; High score table, copied to $0700 on boot