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Item codes are used in various places in The Legend of Zelda, including shop specifications and for the caves with the old man.

Code Item
00 bombs
01 wooden sword
02 white sword
03 magic sword
04 bait
05 recorder
06 blue candle
07 red candle
08 wooden arrow
09 silver arrow
0A bow
0B magic key
0C raft
0D stepladder
0E strange blinking moblin
0F 5-rupee
10 magic wand
11 magic book
12 blue ring
13 red ring
14 power bracelet
15 letter
16 compass
17 map
18 rupee
19 key
1A heart container
1B triforce piece
1C magic shield
1D boomerang
1E magic boomerang
1F blue potion
20 red potion
21 clock
22 heart
23 fairy
24-3E unused
3F nothing