The Legend of Zelda:Music Pointers

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Address Original Value Description
D60 $7D Overworld-A1 (purpose?)
D61 $B5 "Ganon Revealed/Defeated" fanfare
D62 $6E "Get Triforce Piece" fanfare
D63 $67 "Get Item" fanfare
D64 $7D Overworld-A1 (purpose?)
D65 $AD Level 9
D66 $64 Silence
D67 $64 Silence (purpose?)
D68 $75 Overworld-Z
D69 $7D Overworld-A1
D6A $85 Overworld-A2
D6B $95 Overworld-A3
D6C $7D Overworld-A1 (repeat)
D6D $8D Overworld-B
D6E $95 Overworld-A3 (repeat)
D6F $9D Underworld-1
D70 $A5 Underworld-2
D71 $BD Fairy Song (not continue/save screen)
D72 $C5 Credits-1
D73 $CD Credits-2
D74 $D5 Credits-3
D75 $DD Credits-4
D76 $DD Credits-4 (purpose?)
D77 $E5 Credits-5
D78 $ED Credits-6
D79 $24 Title-1
D7A $2C Title-2
D7B $34 Title-3
D7C $3C Title-4
D7D $44 Title-5
D7E $34 Title-3 (repeat)
D7F $4C Title-6
D80 $54 Title-7
D81 $5C Title-8
D82 $44 Title-5 (repeat)
D83 $F5 "Zelda Saved!" fanfare

  • Overworld Theme Sequence: Z-[A1-A2-A3-A1-B-A3]
  • Title Theme Sequence: 1-2-3-4-5-3-6-7-8-5