The Legend of Zelda:RAM map

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RAM Purpose
656 Cursor position for selecting Link's B item.
657 Current sword: 00-None, 01-Sword, 02-White Sword, 03-Magical Sword
658 Number of Bombs
659 Arrow status: 00-None, 01-Arrow, 02 Silver Arrow
65A Link has Bow if 01
65B Status of candle: 00-None, 01-Blue Candle, 02-Red Candle
65C Link has Whistle if 01
65D Link has Food if 01
65E Status of Potion: 00-None/Letter, 01-Life Potion, 02-2ND Potion
65F Link has Magical Rod if 01
660 Link has Raft if 01
661 Link has Magic Book if 01
662 Status of Ring: 00-None, 01-Blue Ring, 02-Red Ring. Note: Changing this value will not change Link's color.
663 Link had Step Ladder if 01
664 Link has Magical Key if 01
665 Link has Power Bracelet if 01
667 Link has Compass if 01
668 Link has Map if 01
66C Link has Clock if 01
66D Number of Rupees
66E Number of Keys
66F Bit0-3=how many hearts are filled. Bit4-7 = Number of heart containers - 1, 10 = 2 Heart Containers with none filled
670 The heart fowwling the last filled heart. 7F to FF = full, 00 = empty, and 00 to 7F = half full.

Gets decreased depending on enemy and what ring Link has.

671 Triforce pieces (when value is converted to binary, a 1 represents having the piece and a 0 represents not having it)

See this image for a visualization.

674 Link has Boomerang if 01. Note: 675 overrides this variable.
675 Link has Magical Boomerang if 01
676 Link has Magic Shield if 01