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Offsets are from the beginning of the ROM. To get the offset from the beginning of an iNES (.nes) file, add 0x10 (16 decimal).

From To Description
185B shield sound pointer
185C boomerang stun pointer
185D rod sound pointer
185E pick up heart pointer
185F dialog sound pointer
1860 bomb placement pointer
1861 low hearts pointer
1862 low hearts sound
1877 shield sound
1882 rod sound
18A1 dialog sound (also affects arrow chirp)
18A7 boomerang stun sound
18B7 pick up heart sound
18C2 bomb placement sound
1EF9 1EFE stairs sound
1FB2 1FBB sword swoosh sound
1FBC 1FC0 boomerang swish sound
1FC1 1FD0 fire sound
1A3D 1A54 bomb explosion sound

Internal Data for The Legend of Zelda

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