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The game does not make use of lowercase letters. However, for reasons explained below, normal text is represented by lowercase characters for the purpose of text editing. The explanations given for values 24+ should be removed before using this list in a .tbl file.

00=0 01=1 02=2 03=3 04=4 05=5 06=6 07=7 08=8 09=9 0A=a 0B=b 0C=c 0D=d 0E=e 0F=f 10=g 11=h 12=i 13=j 14=k 15=l 16=m 17=n 18=o 19=p 1A=q 1B=r 1C=s 1D=t 1E=u 1F=v 20=w 21=x 22=y 23=z 24=_ (space) 25=~ (indent space) 26= (nothing?) 27= (nothing) 28=, (comma) 29=! (exclamation point) 2A='(apostrophe) 2B=& (ampersand) 2C=. (period) 2D=" (quotes) 2E=? (question mark) 2F=- (hyphen)

Some (probably most) messages in the game run more than one line. There is no singular "line end" command; each letter and character has a secondary form that tells the game to end the current line and begin a new one. These secondary forms are visually identical to their primary counterparts, but to make their presence obvious during text editing, they are represented here with capitals.

Secondary/Line-End Forms:

8A=A 8B=B 8C=C 8D=D 8E=E 8F=F 90=G 91=H 92=I 93=J 94=K 95=L 96=M 97=N 98=O 99=P 9A=Q 9B=R 9C=S 9D=T 9E=U 9F=V A0=W A1=X A2=Y A3=Z A4=_ (space) A5=~ (indent space) A6= (nothing?) A7= (nothing?) A8=, (comma) A9=! (exclamation point) AA=' (apostrophe) AB=& (ampersand) AC=. (period) AD=" (quotes) AE=? (qustion mark) AF=- (hyphen)