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Addresses below apply to the (US) SNES version of The Lion King.

$7E0056 $0001 Fade in/out flag, set negative to fade out, positive (non-zero) to fade in $7E0057 $0001 Brightness, 0=black, $0F=full

$7E005A $0002 Filtered controller inputs $7E005C $0002 Current controller inputs

$7E0062 $0002 Current inputs after rebinding

$7E00FA $0002 Exile cutscene check ???

$7E0A00 $0002 IRQ jump pointer (bank $C0/00) $7E0A02 $0001 Index into IRQ position tables

$7E0A08 $0002 Register mirror for $4200 $7E0A0A $0002 NMI Counter (every frame) $7E0A0E $0002 Cleared at NMI, used to wait until next frame

$7E0A40 $0002 Progress during Stampede, ends at $1068 $7E0A42 $0003 Related to RNG, STA $0A42 : STZ $0A43 (a16) ???

$7E0A4E $0002 Title screen check ???

$7E0A89 $0002 Pause flag, 0=unpaused 1=paused $7E0A8B $0002 Pause allowed flag, 0=disabled

$7E0AD7 $0002 Set to $0F when pausing, silences music when back to zero

$7E1E00 $0003 RNG seed $7E1E03 $0002 Flags related to inputs, #$8000=Demo ???

$7E1E0F $0002 Backup of controller option during demo playback $7E1E11 $0002 Backup of difficulty option during demo playback

$7E2000 $0002 Simba age, $0000=cub $00FF=adult $7E2002 $0002 Simba roar $7E2004 $0002 Simba health $7E2006 $0004 Code in RAM, MVN and RTL, used during loading screens $7E200A $0002 Simba lives drawn on HUD

$7E2430 $0002 Bug Hunt flag $7E2432 $0002 Bug Toss flag

$7EA68C $0002 DP pointer $7EA68E $0002 First byte of RNG seed returned each cycle, high byte is zero (??? is that right? needs double checking)

$7EA692 $0002 Triggers loading a level when non-zero, MSB loads from $7FFFA0

$7EA6BA $0002 Flag to skip death animation, set to $FFFF when falling in water

$7EA6C2 $0001 Set to 1 when Scar thrown off-screen, overwritten by writes to $A6C1 $7EA6C4 $0002 Flag to trigger the Pridelands cutscene, set to $FFFF to skip it

$7EA6EA $0002 Set to $FFFF while Scar is dazed

$7EB21B $0002 Simba X position $7EB21D $0002 Simba Y position

$7EB259 $0002 Invincibility frames

$7EB213 $2980 Object RAM ???, $80 bytes per slot

+$0000  $0002  Previous slot ???
+$0002  $0002  Next slot ???
+$0004  $0003  Long pointer to data

$7EBBC1 $0002 Bug Hunt III timer

$7EC0C1 $0002 Bug Hunt I timer

$7ECB41 $0002 Bug Hunt II timer

$7EF93A $0002 ??? $7FFF9E +1 during level loading

$7F8000 $0800 BG3 tilemap during options menu

$7FFF90 $0002 Upside-down mode flag, 0=disabled $7FFF92 $0002 Difficulty setting, 0=easy 1=normal 2=difficult $7FFF94 $0002 Music setting, 0=off 1=stereo 2=mono $7FFF96 $0002 Sound effects flag, 0=off 1=on $7FFF98 $0002 UNUSED ??? $7FFF9A $0002 Controller configuration, 0=ABY 1=BAY 2=YAB 3=AYB 4=BYA 5=YBA $7FFF9C $0002 Infinite health flag $7FFF9E $0002 Current level $7FFFA0 $0002 Next level to load, used during bonus minigames and cutscenes $7FFFA2 $0002 Set during loading if level is being repeated, always reset after loading $7FFFA4 $0002 Checkpoint X position $7FFFA6 $0002 Checkpoint Y position $7FFFA8 $0002 Continues $7FFFAA $0002 Simba lives $7FFFAC $0002 Simba max health $7FFFAE $0002 Simba max roar

$7FFFB4 $0002 BG2 vertical scrolling