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I'm currently working on two projects right now. The first is one I have spent several months on with breaks in between. My goal is to create source code for donkey kong. Not a simple decompile of it either. I am going to make it with variable and label names that make sense. All data will be grouped and commented and all the sub routines will be named and commented as well. Also nothing will have a set value making it easy to modify or expand to 32K.

The second project is a result of my first. I'm working on NES/6502 compiler and decompiler tools as well as other utilities to help with my first project. I know that Kent Hansen made NESREV wich does a pretty good job of decompiling nes files however it doesn't let you know wich labels are for sub and wich ones are for jumps(FYI: also some are used for both). His prog does work great though and I use it for a refrence all the time to check my results with his. I plan to post some of my work on the web when it's more complete. until then if your intrested in decoding DK or just curious I can E-mail you the notes I have so far in a text file. Also I have been slowly updating this wiki with all my DK knowledge.

Contact info: