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Froggy25 on tcrf and Smogon.
Froggy25 on tcrf and Smogon.<br>
Méga Lag on Stack Overflow.
==To Do List==
==To Do List==
===[[Final Fantasy IX]]===
===[[Final Fantasy IX]]===

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Froggy25 on tcrf and Smogon.
Méga Lag on Stack Overflow.

To Do List

Final Fantasy IX

  • Tetra Master stats evolution
  • Trance Kuja casting Meteor in some FR versions
  • There are areas specifically coded to have no random encounters, like bridges and the area in front of Daguerreo. Document this.

Pokémon Stadium

  • Coding at the moment: Editor for CPU and Player's Pokémon (GitHub)
    • Done
      • Read CPU Teams
      • Modify CPU Teams
      • Randomize CPU Teams
      • Read Rental Pokémon
      • Modify Rental Pokémon
      • Randomize Rental Pokémon
      • Read Pokémon data
      • Read Pokémon names and pointers
      • Read Pokédex entries and pointers
      • Read Move data
      • Read Move names and pointers
      • Read Weaknesses and Resistances
      • Modify Weaknesses and Resistances
      • Randomize Weaknesses and Resistances
      • Modify Pokémon data
      • Randomize Pokémon data
      • Modify Move data
      • Randomize Move data
      • Read Move Effects
      • Modify Move Effects
    • To do
      • Filter valid moves for a Pokémon
      • Modify Pokémon names and pointers
      • Modify Pokédex entries and pointers
      • Modify Move names and pointers
  • Need to have a look at armips to start posting stuff to the GitHub repo Will use CajeASM, more suited to n64.
  • Document the Hyper Beam + Sleep glitch
  • Document Haze mechanics changes from RBY
  • Trainer AI, in progress

Pokémon Trading Card Game

  • On hold, nightmare to fix: fixing the Lv. 68 Zapdos glitch. The problem is that the game reloads the field and saves the game state before checking if a winning condition is fulfilled.

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2

Skies of Arcadia

  • On hold: editor for enemies, spells and special attacks.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters / Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II

  • List possible cards in CPU decks
  • Document Exodia bug
  • Document the whole password mode

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories

  • Figure out how card illustrations work in this game
  • Currently working on the AI discarding Tremendous Fire instead of activating it. What could possibly go wrong ? The subroutine used to discard a Tribute monster while the hand is full is being called with a hand consisting of one spell card because the conditional statement is utterly fucked up.
  • Urrrh... The AI chooses to discard Swords of Revealing Light instead of activating it if there's no monsters on the field.
  • This game will drive me nuts : let's say the CPU has a Harpie's Feather Duster in hand, and you have a trap in play. You play a monster. The CPU activates Harpie's Feather Duster. Everything is all right, right ? NO ! If you don't play a monster and leave your field empty, the CPU attack without activating Harpie's Feather Duster because the check for an opponent trap card is made AFTER the check for "does my opponent have a monster ?" when deciding whether or not to attack.
  • Found the remnants of a debug mode. There is more than the sound test and chara viewer which were found earlier.
  • I found a major glitch, filling the player's deck with some data. Might be useable in a TAS. aaaaaaaaRRRRRRRR aaaaaaaaRRRRRRRR aaaaaaaaRRRRRRRR (Attacking directly with this monster causes the game to crash, as it doesn't have a proper illustration). Even the main characters find this pathetic.
  • Working on the AI so it can use Pot of Greed. Pointers nightmare.
  • Working on the AI so it doesn't discard Swords of Revealing Light anymore.
  • Adding the graveyard from DM4, and new effect monsters atm.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

  • Document the whole Battle RNG
  • Document the cheating AI and what triggers it

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2006

  • Currently working on the banlist password system.