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I'm am programming hobbyist and musician that really likes math. I stumbled across this site one day while looking for a Bubble Bobble level editor after doing some RAM mapping work on the game. It's nice to see something like and this and it encourages me even more to study and document the background runnings of games. I've never had any official training in any programming or anything; I know what I know from picking up what I can. Right now, I am particularly looking forward to mapping more RAM information for NES games.

While at work, I can access the site, but can't do any game playing/testing, so I like to go around and clean up the pages. I like to make charts and format things a certain way. If anyone feels that I am infringing on their work, please give me feedback on that. I'd just like to make this site easier to read, formatted, and nicer in general, especially for lower-level hackers such as myself.

Rycona's Contributions