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(As i'll be sticking around I thought I'd add a user page)
(This website is now offline)
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== Contact TooDice ==
== Contact TooDice ==
Through [http://retro.spawncamper.com my website] or via [mailto:retrodice@spawncamper.com email].
Via [mailto:retrodice@spawncamper.com email].

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I cut my teeth trying to mod PC games that really didn't want to be modded. Now, I've moved onto consoles because they're much more fun. No obscure protection schemes to stop you, just plain ambiguity.

"Rom hacking is like being a kid in the rough playground your mom told you not to go near. It's more fun because it seems slightly rebellious, but if your balls aren't made of iron you're bound to get hurt."

I'm currently taking apart SNES roms in an attempt to create a hack that's somewhat different to the usual graphics and cheat hacks.

Contact TooDice

Via email.