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I cut my teeth trying to mod PC games that really didn't want to be modded. Now, I've moved onto consoles because they're much more fun. No obscure protection schemes to stop you, just plain ambiguity.

I thought I'd glance at this wiki again after a long time away to see if anything had been done about it's horrific spam problem, only to find to my pleasant surprise that it had been cleaned up!

Therefore I'll be bringing some Genesis information soon, as for some reason these games seem to be my flavour of the month and I've been collecting info on addresses recently. These games seem slightly tougher than the SNES to understand, not because of the processor but more because of the way that the games were written, and somehow that makes it more fun for me at least.

I've also been working on tools to hack specific games for the system. These will surface as and when I feel happy with them.

29th July 2008

I've noticed the lack of Genesis hacking information on the intermanets and think that it may be partly due to the fact that some games have some pretty annoying checksum routines that hinder the progress of beginning hackers. I've started to put together a tutorial, aimed at the beginner, that will describe the process of finding and eliminating these routines to open a ROM up for further experimentation. If you can kill off the checksum check, you already have the tools available to perform some really fun things with a ROM so it sounds like a good place for a newbie to start.

I've also been keeping an eye out for spam and vandalism, which seems to be almost non existent these days. Hats off to AnyoneEB for sorting it out.