Vagrant Story:grips list

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01   Short Hilt
02   Swept Hilt
03   Cross Guard
04   Knuckle Guard
05   Counter Guard
06   Side Ring
07   Power Palm
08   Murderer's Hilt
09   Spiral Hilt
0A   Wooden Grip
0B   Sand Face
0C   Czekan Type
0D   Sarissa Grip
0E   Gendarme
0F   Heavy Grip
10   Runkasyle
11   Bhuj Type
12   Grimoire Grip
13   Elephant
14   Wooden Pole
15   Spiculum Pole
16   Winged Pole
17   Framea Pole
18   Ahlspies
19   Spiral Pole
1A   Simple Bolt
1B   Steel Bolt
1C   Javelin Bolt
1D   Falarica Bolt
1E   Stone Bullet
1F   Sonic Bullet