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0143 Cure Root
0143 Cure Root

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0143 Cure Root
0144 Cure Bulb
0145 Cure Tonic
0146 Cure Potion
0147 Mana Root
0148 Mana Bulb
0149 Mana Tonic
014A Mana Potion
014B Vera Root
014C Vera Bulb
014D Vera Tonic
014E Vera Potion
014F Acolyte's Nostrum
0150 Saint's Nostrum
0151 Alchemist's Reagent
0152 Sorcerer's Reagent
0153 Yggdrasil's Tears
0154 Faerie Chortle
0155 Spirit Orison
0156 Angelic Paean
0157 Panacea
0158 Snowfly Draught
0159 Faerie Wing
015A Elixir of Kings
015B Elixir of Sages
015C Elixir of Dragoons
015D Elixir of Queens
015E Elixir of Mages
015F Valens
0160 Prudens
0161 Volare
0162 Audentia
0163 Virtus
0164 Eye of Argon
0165 untitled
0166 untitled
0167 untitled
0168 untitled
0169 untitled
016A untitled
016B untitled
016C untitled
016D untitled
016E untitled
016F untitled
0170 untitled
0171 untitled
0172 untitled
0173 untitled
0174 untitled
0175 untitled
0176 untitled
0177 untitled
0178 untitled
0179 untitled
017A untitled
017B untitled
017C untitled
017D untitled
017E untitled
017F untitled
0180 untitled
0181 untitled
0182 Grimoire Zephyr
0183 Grimoire Teslae
0184 Grimoire Incendie
0185 Grimoire Terre
0186 Grimoire Glace
0187 Grimoire Lux
0188 Grimoire Patir
0189 Grimoire Exsorcer
018A Grimoire Banish
018B Grimoire Demolir
018C untitled
018D untitled
018E untitled
018F Grimoire Foudre
0190 untitled
0191 untitled
0192 untitled
0193 Grimoire Flamme
0194 untitled
0195 untitled
0196 untitled
0197 Grimoire Gaea
0198 untitled
0199 untitled
019A untitled
019B Grimoire Avalanche
019C untitled
019D untitled
019E untitled
019F Grimoire Radius
01A0 untitled
01A1 untitled
01A2 untitled
01A3 Grimoire Meteore
01A4 untitled
01A5 untitled
01A6 untitled
01A7 Grimoire Egout
01A8 Grimoire Demance
01A9 Grimoire Guerir
01AA Grimoire Mollesse
01AB Grimoire Antidote
01AC Grimoire Benir
01AD Grimoire Purifier
01AE Grimoire Vie
01AF Grimoire Intensite
01B0 Grimoire Debile
01B1 Grimoire Eclairer
01B2 Grimoire Nuageux
01B3 Grimoire Agilite
01B4 Grimoire Tardif
01B5 Grimoire Ameliorer
01B6 Grimoire Deteriorer
01B7 Grimoire Muet
01B8 Grimoire Annuler
01B9 Grimoire Paralysie
01BA Grimoire Venin
01BB Grimoire Fleau
01BC Grimoire Halte
01BD Grimoire Dissiper
01BE Grimoire Clef
01BF Grimoire Visible
01C0 Grimoire Analyse
01C1 Grimoire Sylphe
01C2 Grimoire Salamandre
01C3 Grimoire Gnome
01C4 Grimoire Undine
01C5 Grimoire Parebrise
01C6 Grimoire Ignifuge
01C7 Grimoire Rempart
01C8 Grimoire Barrer
01C9 untitled
01CA Bronze Key
01CB Iron Key
01CC Silver Key
01CD Gold Key
01CE Platinum Key
01CF Steel Key
01D0 Crimson Key
01D1 Chest Key
01D2 Chamomile Sigil
01D3 Lily Sigil
01D4 Tearose Sigil
01D5 Clematis Sigil
01D6 Hyacinth Sigil
01D7 Fern Sigil
01D8 Aster Sigil
01D9 Eulelia Sigil
01DA Melissa Sigil
01DB Calla Sigil
01DC Laurel Sigil
01DD Acacia Sigil
01DE Palm Sigil
01DF Kalmia Sigil
01E0 Colombine Sigil
01E1 Anemone Sigil
01E2 Verbena Sigil
01E3 Schirra Sigil
01E4 Marigold Sigil
01E5 Azalea Sigil
01E6 Tigertail Sigil
01E7 Stock Sigil
01E8 Cattleya Sigil
01E9 Mandrake Sigil
01EA untitled
01EB untitled
01EC untitled
01ED untitled
01EE untitled
01EF untitled
01F0 untitled
01F1 untitled
01F2 untitled
01F3 untitled
01F4 untitled
01F5 untitled
01F6 untitled
01F7 untitled
01F8 untitled
01F9 untitled
01FA untitled
01FB untitled
01FC untitled
01FD untitled
01FE untitled
01FF untitled