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RAM Purpose
A100-A1FF related to active actors on screen like A200-A2FF
A200-A2FF active actors on the screen (enemies, bonuses, throwed coins, ...).

each actor take 32 bytes. there is a maximum of 8 actors.

enemies with throwable items (eg : boomerang) need a second actor to manage the item.

actors slots that are not used anymore (status = 00) are reused when need of a new actor.

only actors that have status = 02 are drawn.

          +00 : status 
                00 : inactive
                01 : out of screen (not visible) but still active
                02 : visible
          +01-02 : x position 
          +03-04 : y position 
          +0A : y position (relative to screen)
          +0B : x position (relative to screen)
          +0E : orientation (01 : right - 02 : left)
          +0F : animation counter
A375 writing something here terminate level (player is teleported to bonus screen)
A376 indicate if level exit (skull) is open (00 : closed, 01 : rising up, 02 : open)
A600-A6?? trigger sound effects and music
A805-A807 total player money
A808 hearts
A809 lives
A80A wario status (00 : small, 01 : normal, 02 : bull, 03 : eagle, 04 : dragon)
A80B rice beach completion.

each bit indicate if a specific level of the map have been completed

total number of bits used can be different for each world.

last bit generally indicate if world have been completed (a flag is then show on map)

A80C mt. teapot completion
A80D numbers of levels completed (shown on pipe at file selection screen)
A80E-A80F treasures collected (1 bit per treasure, since there is 15 treasures one bit is unused)
A810 stove canyon completion
A811 ss tea cup completion
A812 parsely woods completion
A813 sherbet land completion
A814 syrup castle completion
A815 indicate if level check point (skull) has been activated (00 : inactive, 01 : active). to use with A816.
A816 this value is overwritten everytime a level check point is activated. value seems different for each level.
A817 indicate if game have been completed at least once (pipe at file selection screen will blink)
A8C4 control level transition
      01 : show level title
      02 : warp player to start of level   
      03 : normal gameplay
      0A : warp to last door used (if no door entered, crashes)    
A900-A901 level scroll y
A902-A903 level scroll x
A905 game internal timer
A90F wario animation frame (when walking, swimming, ...)
A911-A912 player position y
A913-A914 player position x
A915 player animation frame (walking, swimming etc...)
A916 player horizontal or vertical flip, invert palette or half visible (bit 4-7)
A917 player blinking eyes timer (reset to zero if player make any move)
A93A screen shaking countdown timer
A94B wario invicibility countdown timer
A964-A965 remaining level time
A97A-A97B level coins collected
A998 wario flying countdown timer
AA0A flame thrower countdown timer
AC88 level animation counter (moving platform, water, ...)
AD00-AEFF this array maps level 16x16 blocks to hardware 8x8 tiles.

there is 128 blocks in total, each defined by the 4 indexes of 8x8 tiles.

AF00-AFFF 8x8 visible sprites for actors (4 bytes for each). wario seems to be always the first.
 +00 : x position
 +01 : y position
 +02 : sprite index
 +03 : h/v flip / palette
C000-DFFF all indexes of 16x16 blocks (for current level) are decompressed here. level is 256 x 32 blocks.