Wario Land 3:RAM map

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  • 0xCA04 = Coins (first digit)
  • 0xCA05 = Coins (last two digits)
    • Note: This value is stored as a decimal value; for example, when you have 99 coins, this is stored as 99 in hex, not 63 as you might expect.
  • 0xCA06 = Current Level
  • 0xCA3B = Day/Night (day when bit 0 = 0; night when bit 0 = 1)
  • 0xCA3C = Wario's power-ups (values 0A-0C do not affect Wario, but they do change the Action Help screen to the special screens for certain situations)
  • 0xCA5B = Keys
This is a 4-bit binary value. The format is as follows:
xxxx.... - Unused
....x... - Blue Key
.....x.. - Green Key
......x. - Red Key
.......x - Gray Key
This value is then translated into hex.
Example 1: You have only a gray key. The binary value would be 00000001. In hex, this would be 01.
Example 2: You have both the blue and green keys. The binary value would be 00001100. In hex, this would be 0C.
Example 3: You have all the keys. The binary value would be 00001111. In hex, this would be 0F.
  • 0xCA5C = Musical Coins