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  003186B0      2    Yorkist Deck Leader
  003186B0      2    Yorkist Deck Leader
  0033F574      2    Player Deck Leader
  0033F574      2    Player Deck Leader
0033F576      2    Player Deck Cost
0034F514      2    Enemy Deck Leader
0034F516      2    Enemy Deck Cost

{{Internal Data|game=Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses}}
{{Internal Data|game=Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses}}

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Note: to convert these to Cheat Engine addresses, add 0x20000000.

Address   Size      Description
--------  ------    ----------
0028F850       8    PRNG seed
00299E4E       4    Total win/loss record
00299E54      42    Individual win records
00299E94      42    Individual loss records
0029E830  106160    Fusion table
002BF080   17080    Card data
002D08D4      84    Treasure cards
00317670      80    Lancastrian deck
003176C0       1    Size of Lancastrian deck
003176C2     240    Lancastrian graveyard (up to 120 cards)
003177B2       1    Lancastrian graveyard size
003177C4       2    Lancastrian life points
003177CC       1    Lancastrian player ID
003177CD       1    Lancastrian cursor column
003177CE       1    Lancastrian cursor row
003177D1       1    Lancastrian summoning points
003177D4       1    Lancastrian Destiny Draw data
003179C0      80    Yorkist deck
00317A10       1    Size of remaining Yorkist deck
00317A12     240    Yorkist graveyard (up to 120 cards)
00317B02       1    Yorkist graveyard size
00317B14       2    Yorkist life points
00317B1C       1    Yorkist player ID
00317B1D       1    Yorkist cursor column
00317B1E       1    Yorkist cursor row
00317B21       1    Yorkist summoning points
00317B24       1    Yorkist Destiny Draw data
003182BC       2    Lancastrian Deck Leader
003186B0       2    Yorkist Deck Leader
0033F574       2    Player Deck Leader
0033F576       2    Player Deck Cost
0034F514       2    Enemy Deck Leader
0034F516       2    Enemy Deck Cost

Internal Data for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses

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