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{{SNES| title = Zombies Ate My Neighbors
<div style='display:none;width=1px;'><a href=" http://jablonec.republika.pl ">jablonec.republika.pl</a>
|image = [[Image:ZAMN Title.PNG|center]]
<a href=" http://diebart.asp2.cz ">diebart.asp2.cz</a>
|name = Zombies Ate My Neighbors
<a href=" http://lile.asp2.cz ">lile.asp2.cz</a>
|company = Konami
<a href=" http://milano.asp2.cz ">milano.asp2.cz</a>
|header = SWC
<a href=" http://janisy.republika.pl ">janisy.republika.pl</a>
|bank = LoROM
<a href=" http://swechat.republika.pl ">swechat.republika.pl</a>
|interleaved = No
<a href=" http://koleso.asp2.cz ">koleso.asp2.cz</a>
|sram = 0 Kb
<a href=" http://silickon.yi.org ">silickon.yi.org</a>
|type = Normal
<a href=" http://jnkovi.php5.cz ">jnkovi.php5.cz</a>
|rom = 8 Mb
<a href=" http://opicak.yi.org ">opicak.yi.org</a>
|country = USA
|romspeed = 120ns (SlowROM)
|video = NTSC
|checksum = Good 0xF50C
|crc32 = 7CFC0C7C
|game = Zombies Ate My Neighbors
{{Extensively Hacked|name=Zombies Ate My Neighbors}}
There are only two known complete hacks of Zombies Ate My Neighbors
* [[Zombies_Ate_My_Neighbors:Ultimate_Zombies_Ate_My_Neighbors|Ultimate Zombies Ate My Neighbors]], with all 55 levels changed.
* [[Zombies_Ate_My_Neighbors:ZAMNHard|ZAMNHard]], which adds harder monsters to the original game's levels.
There have been demos released of other hacks, but only with a few playable levels.
==Known Dumps==
* Zombies (Beta)
* Zombies (E)
* Zombies Ate My Neighbors (U) [!]
==External Links==
* [http://acmlm.no-ip.org/archive2/thread.php?id=9051 Ultimate Zombies Ate My Neighbors]

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<a href=" http://jablonec.republika.pl ">jablonec.republika.pl</a>

<a href=" http://diebart.asp2.cz ">diebart.asp2.cz</a> <a href=" http://lile.asp2.cz ">lile.asp2.cz</a> <a href=" http://milano.asp2.cz ">milano.asp2.cz</a> <a href=" http://janisy.republika.pl ">janisy.republika.pl</a> <a href=" http://swechat.republika.pl ">swechat.republika.pl</a> <a href=" http://koleso.asp2.cz ">koleso.asp2.cz</a> <a href=" http://silickon.yi.org ">silickon.yi.org</a> <a href=" http://jnkovi.php5.cz ">jnkovi.php5.cz</a> <a href=" http://opicak.yi.org ">opicak.yi.org</a>