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Name Zoop
Company Viacom New Media
Header none
Bank HiROM
Interleaved No
Type Normal
ROM 4 Mb
Country USA
Video NTSC
ROM Speed 120ns (FastROM)
Revision 1.0
Checksum Good 0xC23E
CRC32 06F0E94C
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Template:Not Extensively Hacked

Game Description

Zoop is a simple puzzle game, where you must shoot continually accumulating pillars of multicoloured blobs.


There are no utilities


No known hacks exist.


The amount of blobs you must destroy in each level are stored in two bytes in the ROM. Level one starts at 0x202BB, level 25 starts at 0x202EC. After level 25, the game just increments the amount of blobs to destroy by 5. If you want to stop the increments, change the three bytes starting at 0x1B88 to A9 01 00.

Despite claims on the box of 99 levels, the game continues after that. The level counter does not change after level 99.

Known Dumps

  • Zoop (U) (CRC32: 06F0E94C)
  • Zoop (E) (CRC32: AFD45D27)
  • Zoop (USA Beta) (CRC32: 3758068A)

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